Hot Shot: Rihanna Dines At The Montage Hotel

Published: Thursday 16th Aug 2012 by David


Rihanna hit The Montage Hotel last night, enjoying a dinner at the location’s world renown Scarpetta restaurant.

In Beverly Hills to continue work on her seventh studio album, the former Fefe Dobson impersonator reportely dined at the upmarket spot with a number of close friends.

This, before her tell all interview with Oprah Winfrey airs this Sunday on the OWN Network.

More from Not Rita below…

Peep the trailer for this Sunday’s tell all here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. chase August 16, 2012

    why would she want to be RITA when she is RIHANNA a global Mega Star that has sold internationally 85 Million Records and has earned over 281 Awards

    lets see Rita has 3 number ones in the U.K and that is about it even through i like her just dont compare



      this f***** is so desperate for blog hits that he can’t go a day without mentioning rita’s name in her post…and you m************ fall for it every time. smdh

      • righterthanleft August 16, 2012

        I know that, but his extreme comments to generate hits people actually take as gospel and start doing themselves.

        This site is full of actual fans that come to defend their artist, and Sam thrives on that much like Perez when he started off. Except Sam isn’t cashing in on the celeb thing like Perez did, he could be a good role model to the gay community in the UK by turning around like Perez did but he hasn’t.

        I feel sorry for Rihanna though, first come out compared to those before her (Beyonce) then successful in her own right and compared to those that come after (Rita)- The rita comparison should be other way around

      • Lax August 16, 2012

        @I spent my time……so true.

    • Lax August 16, 2012

      What is going on with FEFE as of late, i wonder.

  2. RIHNATION’S BLOG August 16, 2012

    You’re damn right this NOT Rita… This here is a SUPERSTAR!!! Hi Hater!

  3. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

    Rihanna is a Big flop. Move over b**** Azealia album coming out and gone slay the f***** charts!!!!! #KuntBrigade your fav could never!!!

    • Lax August 16, 2012

      @TEAM,,,,Yes we know that’s why she is
      number 3 of the hughest paid under 30
      years of age, deery!

      • Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

        Azealia will be there next year after her album slays and goes platinum in its first week and debuts @ #1. Haha Rihanna could never

      • Lax August 16, 2012

        Rihanna was spotting leaving dinner at Scarpetta at Montage restaurant in Beverly Hills last night. The Bajan singer was carrying a limited edition Gucci USA GG flag collection Boston bag ($895) with a brown jacket , blue denim shorts, and red sandals.

  4. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

    Anyway I think Rita is way better than Rihanna, because Rita actually has TALENT!!!! But Azealia slays them both.

    • Lax August 16, 2012

      And i think Nicki is waaaaaaay betta then Azealia
      because she has REAL TALENT!!!!!!!

      • Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

        Are you pressed? Or? Cause the last time I checked I didn’t ask for your opinion.

    • Lax August 16, 2012

      @TEAM why so PRESSED, Deery?
      It’s only $$$$$$ and Rihanna have
      got her share of it, soooooooooooo
      just give Azelia and Rita some more
      times on the clock they will get there.
      are yo ass can keep right on PISSING
      in the wind as far as i give HALF a

      • Lax August 16, 2012

        When ever ther’s a RIHANA post there’s always
        a new “Looney Tune, Clown” coming after her,
        this is just awesome and show the power that is
        Rihanna. The SINGLE BLACK CHICK who does
        a super great job of keeping her HATERS, AND
        THEIR GANG OF “Shyt Talker’s” Corked & Screwed,

    • MB92 August 16, 2012

      If it wasn’t for this website and rihanna, who would know rita ora?? and rihanna might lack the vocal control and prowess that some artist have, but the talent is definitly there, which she has been proving with her performances as of late

  5. irritated August 16, 2012

    Thatgrapejuice really needs to stop making references from rihanna to rita. Just love both girls for what they are! F****** irritatetes me

    • Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

      Actually Rita is so much better and she’s talented!!!! And it’s rumored that Rita and Azealia will be doing a song together!!!

      • Lax August 16, 2012

        Acutually Nicki is soooooo much betta
        then Azelia, it’s being rumored that Nicki
        is getting even more endorsements than
        she have gotten already!

  6. HOTSTUFF August 16, 2012

    i knew a rihanna post had to come up ! look at the other posts, there’re practically no comments ! *THAT RIHANNA JUICE*

    • RIHNATION’S BLOG August 16, 2012

      LOL, that’s always the case. Rihanna keeps this blog running!

  7. FASHION914.COM August 16, 2012

    She looks very casual…

  8. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

    Y’all Rihanna fans sound REAL THIRSTY right now… Y’all mad cuz Azealia giving us new music and Rihanna ditched y’all ass to go on a vacation?

    • That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 16, 2012

      LMFAO @ your name!

    • Lax August 16, 2012

      You two azelia fans are hungry for some BUZZZZ on Azelia’s
      nappy heades ass and it shows, big time Rihanna do’t have
      jack shyt to prove from the lessors are the big girls, just ask beyonce.

      • Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

        Spell my faves name right b****….. Anyway see you here after Azealia has the #1 spot on billboard!!! #aslaylea banks

      • Lax August 16, 2012

        @TEAM You are to weak and need more people Ass Hole!
        you are pulling shy from yo ass and it don’t “Mean Jack Shyt” to me, betta ask somebody! NEWBIE!

  9. letruth August 16, 2012

    Rihanna sucks live but makes good music. Rita Ora slays live but makes terrible music.

    • Lax August 16, 2012

      That’s yo opinion and over 47 million digitals
      sells says you are a lying Ass!

      • letruth August 16, 2012

        Goon! when her album is platinum in the US than you can say something. she only put out 3 songs that only made it big in the UK.

      • Lax August 16, 2012

        lettruth, ass hole she’s a star without a #1 album and kisss
        moby d**** ass and quietly keep clawing away at me because “It Don’t Mean” Jack shyt to me, see i know very
        well what Rih is capable of and shes the talk around the globe right about now, like i said “Go Bump Yo Self”, okay!

        letruth go and read a book are do something worth while because coming after me about Rihanna’s number one’s is not a debate, argument nor is it a debate because you see theres a click you can go to on the net and it will tell you all of Rihanna’s accomplishments thus far and what you say is like throwing shy to the wind to me, just saying.
        And beside’s that RIHANNA has a outstanding record in the UK that will stand up aganist the best of them, bytch!

      • letruth August 16, 2012

        LMAO you mad! I was never hating on anyone. Just stating the truth goon!

  10. DOSSOME August 16, 2012

    I ain’t a navy but it seems rihanna is directly responsible 4 sam’s paycheque..shading her 4 simply dining in a restaurant.ordinarily this ain’t news but 4 TGJ,this is their lifesaver.

    • Lax August 16, 2012

      So true…

  11. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 16, 2012

    Of course Rita is more talented but unlike Rih she has little to no personality. And y’all know I don’t like Rihanna but it’s the truth. Rita tries too hard to fit in while Rihanna just marches to the beat of her own drum, which I respect.
    However, I do wish Rita a lot of success.
    On another note, Rih gurl, I’m glad you got rid of that raggedy ass weave.

    • Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 16, 2012

      She didnt D: She just pinned it up D :

  12. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

    Sam why did you delete my comments about beyonce fat ass? Are you pressed that at this current moment Azealia’s career is more successful than beys? FOH

    • Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

      Who run the world Ms.Banks Ms.blunt Ms.CutiePie- Azealia banks| beyonce could never slay someone’s life like Azealia can!!!!!!

  13. Hi5 August 16, 2012

    My eyes went straight for that bag she got. Love it! Is it made in USA though? It looks like a Louis Vitton bag but may be Chanel.

  14. That Bajan Juice August 16, 2012

    Rihanna should demand royalties from this site every time they mention her name for quick ‘n easy hits. Even if TGJ makes just a sly reference to her, Rih-Rih should collect a check.

    Bish would be richer than she is now, as many times as this undercover Rihanna stan site likes to bring her up.

  15. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade August 16, 2012

    Look, n***** really wanna beat they chest
    For B.A.N.K.S.
    These n***** be gorillas for the pin-k flesh
    These n***** be vanilla the chips be legitimate
    They just want the pumpernickel sis in the linens with em

    Yes slay these b****** single handedly

    • Lax August 16, 2012


    • Die, Troll! August 16, 2012

      You sound like the idiot who used to constantly troll with off-topic comments about Kreayshawn. Matter of fact, you’re probably the SAME person!

  16. Lax August 16, 2012

    Rihanna was seen arriving at Tokyo Narita airport few hours ago (Thursday evening local time). Rihanna will perform at one of the biggest stadium event Summer Sonic in Tokyo and Osaka in two days!

    • Lax August 16, 2012

      The superstar Colombian singer has signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation for management, has learned. The news definitely marks a coup for Roc Nation. With worldwide appeal, Shakira has sold more than 60 million albums and won 12 Billboard Latin Music Awards, eight Latin Grammy Awards and two Grammy Awards. With the signing to Roc Nation for management, Shakira joins the likes of Rihanna, Wale, Santigold and Melanie Fiona, who are all signed under Roc Nation’s management umbrella. Managed producers under Roc Nation include Jahlil Beats, No I.D. and S1. Signed Roc Nation artists of course include the company’s founder, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Jay Electronica, Rita Ora and Willow Smith, the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. (XXL Mag)

  17. truth tea August 16, 2012

    glad to see she is having fun on vacation while her songwriters and producers are hard at work.

  18. Monstarebel August 16, 2012

    Sam your are beyond pathetic like no one was thinking about Rita so why even bring her up this site IS SO PETTY

  19. IOTA August 16, 2012

    WTF is a Rita Ora

    NOBODY CHECKS FOR HER. It’s sad too because it’s her first album and if it flops that’ll be her last one more than likely

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