Hot Shot: Rita Ora Hangs With TGJ

Published: Tuesday 14th Aug 2012 by Sam

That Grape Juice caught up with chart-topper Rita Ora in London town yesterday. Hold tight for the interview.

In the meanwhile, peep the ROC star pose it up above!

Ms. Ora’s latest UK single ‘How We Do’ is poised to hit #1 on the Official UK Singles Chart this Sunday; a feat, which if achieved, would mark the 22 year old’s third consecutive turn at the top of the tally.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Say what? August 14, 2012

    One word…Annoying!!!

  2. Kat August 14, 2012

    She looks the part of some legenday singer….too bad she just isnt…in all honesty…

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      I know she is walking the walk without talking the talk.

  3. monstarebel August 14, 2012

    Generic ass b****!

    • Say what? August 14, 2012

      Lol.. She lookin like lil Kim…all that dam makeup!!!

    • Rita Slays August 14, 2012

      Says someone who stans for Katy, Rihanna, and Nicki. Girl bye

      • Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        I love rihanna so much.

  4. slimsexy August 14, 2012

    Rita rocs.she deserves all the sucess she is getting.I wish her well.three consecutive #1 singles all in one year is not too shaby for a new bee.thumbs up to her.and to kat ,Rita is just starting so the too bad she isn’t a
    legend diss is uncalled for.No one. Knows 2mrw.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 14, 2012

      And all three flopped in the US…#WhatReallyMatters

      • Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        No b****, only How We Do has been released in the U.S so far. R.I.P was just released to iTunes today. Get your facts straight before you talk s*** c***

      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 14, 2012

        Oop, excuse me b****, WILL flop like “How We S***.”

    • Sarah Says August 14, 2012

      Although an achievement it is due to some very basic pop by numbers Katy Perry-esq generic sounding $hit music. She will NEVER live up to they hype she was given, 3 no: 1 singles and even an album later.

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        You are right. Her songs are basic number 1, it is not like the are breakout.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Rihanna is more of a legend than Rita will ever be.

  5. I Judge Flops August 14, 2012


    • B_STANNING August 14, 2012

      I know right I thought the same thing

    • SdotB August 15, 2012


  6. owen August 14, 2012

    This chick really likes c*** riding other artists, DO YOU gal!

    • SdotB August 15, 2012

      why is she c*** riding? because she’s doing well for a brand new artist and is becoming successful?


  7. JJFan1814 August 14, 2012

    That’s why TGJ all up on this girl!!! She gives them the time of day when Rihanna doesn’t!


  8. ENOUGH ONIKA August 14, 2012

    THIS is why TGJ been d*ck riding the hell outta this generic chic! Wanted her irrelevant ass for an interview…I already know what she’s gonna talk about and it has nothing to do with her OWN music…

    • FAF August 14, 2012


      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 14, 2012

        Did anyone mention Rihanna? This post is about Rita’s plain jane ass

    • LTM August 14, 2012

      For someone who dislikes Rita you sure do find your way on to alot of her posts………

      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 14, 2012

        Yep, because it’s a BLOG site were people say what the hell they want, when they want and how often they want. Like I told another Rita c*** rider yesterday, YOU don’t like people talking truth about Rita, go to her self ran fan site. Other than that, shut the f*ck up and deal.

    • Luis August 14, 2012


      • FAF August 14, 2012


      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 14, 2012

        Yet the album is selling more than Rita’s NEW overly promoted crap single? And Rihanna’s album been out a year? Hmm, thats weird….#iDoNotStanForRihanna just stating facts..

  9. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? August 14, 2012

    She has 3 consecutive #1 singles yet none of them are #1 outside of the UK. This is the only country she’s relevant in.
    I’m really trying to like Rita but she needs to find her own niche and identity in the music industry.
    Nonetheless, I think she has a lot of potential if she can stop name dropping.

    • SdotB August 15, 2012

      umm…a lot of artists from other countries are more popular in their country…give her time to establish herself in the US…her album hasnt even come out yet…

      just like rihanna and everyone else…they weren’t all that hot when they first came out…it took them a while to find their niche and what works for them as an artist…

      and what name dropping has she done??

  10. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 14, 2012

    the best thing about this post is beyonce and adele. I didnt even watch Ritard Ora cuz adele and bey took my attention.

  11. Exposed August 14, 2012

    If only you guys knew the arrangement that stale juice has with roc nation to push this girl. Ching ching.

    • Multiple personality disorder tourette syndrome having bish August 14, 2012

      Not surprised. Other blogs are paid to promote certain artists by always posting about them. Whenever I see somebody getting shoved down my throat I always wonder how much their team is paying for that promo, lol.

  12. Rita Slays August 14, 2012

    Rita and Beyonce look stunning in that pic. Cant wait for the interview!

    • winneRITA SLAYS August 14, 2012

      Oh i forget to mention the real queen adele.

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        No I didnt. F*** that fat b****

  13. Darkness August 14, 2012

    Im starting to like this chick. Love her song Roc the Life. I think she should go for more of an urban rock type sound like that song or R.I.P. Less generic songs like How We Do. She is vocally talented too, so I how she does some ballads. A power rock ballad would be dope.

  14. Multiple personality disorder tourette syndrome having bish August 14, 2012

    It wasn’t wise to post a pic of her sitting underneath Bey and Adele cuz they take the focus away from her. I guess she trying to say she wanna be like them by sitting like that? Maybe a pic of Jessie J woulda been more accurate cuz I don’t see her making it big in the U.S.

  15. Suicide Blonde August 14, 2012

    Thatgrapejuice please stop with this girl she is more boring than Beyonce.

    • Benron (DAT RIHANNA REIGN…) August 14, 2012

      Hew is this Beyonce? I keep hearing her name everywhere. Is she the reborn doll collecter or the reknown theif?

      • Suicide Blonde August 14, 2012


      • Back2Business August 14, 2012

        @Benron Beyonce is the CLASSY WOMAN with 4 consecutive #1 albums and 16 Grammys and also the one Rihanna stans for… The most beautiful woman in the world! You may know her as Slayonce The Wig Snatcher Knowells- Carter!

    • BLUE August 14, 2012

      Since when Veyonce s boring?

      • winner August 14, 2012

        beyonce boring/ lol jokes r**** bored talentless h**

      • winner August 14, 2012


      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 14, 2012

        Winner aka Rita Slays, why have multiple names?? lmao

  16. MC August 14, 2012

    this b**** is overshadowed by pictures of Beyonce and Adele in the background….lol

  17. DOSSOME August 14, 2012

    YAAAY!!you’ve finally got an interview.tgj ain’t a flop after all.

    • Suicide Blonde August 14, 2012

      Lmao! but she is an unknown singer.

  18. BLUE August 14, 2012

    She just need a legend s picture behind her Beyonce of course Sasha Fierce 34times platnuim world wide Adelle 24 times platnuim world wise Rita rocks r**** s replacer plus she sound better live than r****

    • winner August 14, 2012

      r****** is dead already

      • BLUE August 14, 2012


    • Rita Slays August 14, 2012

      Blue and rihanna is the best of the best.

      • winner August 14, 2012


  19. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 14, 2012

    Ritard Ora + Rihanna= syntax error

  20. flawda August 14, 2012

    Why do you simple minded h*** argue over the dumbest things, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Rita Ora are apart of the same team (Roc Nation). Stop acting like stans, you can like what you like without hating on the next artists. Stop being petty!

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      But anyone of these girls can get dropped if they do not sell. The music business is not about loyalty and family. It is business. Also, Rih is signed to def jam.

  21. kelly August 14, 2012

    She is really is looking like a A list superstar, with the Rolex watch, cartier love ring, cartier bangle, Hermes bangs, raybans aviators That is nearly $100k alone – then she is rocking clothes FRESH off the runway. I will give her credit ; this is the first time I have seen a singer, model or actress brand new walking around all swagged up like this. Usually, people wait till they actually MAKE IT BIG before they are all show.

    I mean, what is the point of looking A list without being A list. How much of her advance has she spent on Birken bags and jewels – I can see her going broke every quickly.

    I see Roc nation are begging AMERICA to get RIP in the American top 20 – so sad a career based of desperation to ruin another person career.

    • winner August 14, 2012


      • ENOUGH ONIKA August 14, 2012

        Rita Slays…..stfu. Anyway, she can PLAY the part of “celebrity” all she want with her wanna be high end ass (you can tell she didn’t come from much) but the clothes can’t make her career happen….

  22. kelly August 14, 2012

    I wonder when all this Rita Ora hype is gonna end? Cos, we have all had enough. I mean there are so many new singer who deserve the shine. Elle Varner etc Rita Ora cannot sing, yeh, she sings better than Rihanna, Briteny, but that is no feat. She is no Mariah or Celine Dion.

    Her waqlking around with her shades on like she some diamond selling act is a joke. One thing, Rita Ora has more style Beyonce. Beyonce cannot dress.

    Rihanna should now cut her ties with Roc nation, she does not need them adn Jay Brown is to invested in making a cheap, poor man clone try and replace her, she needs to cut them out of her life. There are a ton more music managers she can sign with, plus she is A list.

    One last note, I though Beyonce was very classless posting that picture with her, rita ora and Rita’s sister on tumblr. It was a sad move on beyonce part. Like is she trying to make Rihanna jealous? Why did she not help any of the black singers on roc nation?

    Beyonce is proving to be very jealous and intimidated by the superstar rise of a younger, sexier black girl. Beyonce better get used o it, she is getting old and there are younger / hotter girls ready . I am glad Rih played the laws of power back to beyonce by tweeting a picture calling beyonce a beauty. That is how you destroy your haters

    • winner August 14, 2012


      • kelly August 14, 2012

        Rita will die first before that happens.

  23. kelly August 14, 2012


    You said Rihanna career is over? So why I am watching styled to rock on sky 1? It is a really good show as well. That Rih reign just won’t let up.

    • winner August 14, 2012

      IT SHOWS HOW S*** SHE SIS R******

  24. BLUE August 14, 2012

    Album sales have fallen to a new low after Rihanna topped the UK chart with a weekly sale of fewer than 10,000 copies RIHANNA MADE HISTORY HAS THE WORST UK ALBUM SALE
    Talk That Talk, released last year, returned to the number one slot with sales of 9,578 CDs and downloads.
    It is the lowest weekly sales recorded since records began in 1994. The previous record low was the 11,981 set by The Cranberries’ Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? 947 weeks ago.
    The Olympics was cited as contributory factor to low sales. But it is part of a trend with album sales falling quickly, down 13.8% in the first half of 2012.
    The record industry hopes that Sunday night’s Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, now an iTunes album, will ne a big seller. This Autumn artists such as Robbie Williams, The Killers and Mumford & Sons, might make up for some of this year’s lost sales.

    • LIKICA August 14, 2012

      4 is a floppppppppppppppppppppppppp, it’s not even in top 100 even though it’s discounted as well LMAO

  25. theman August 14, 2012

    She just lacks something. She tries way too hard to be fashionable. She also tries to cling on to other artists for attention. I can see her having moderate success. She’ll perhaps get a gold album, and platinum will be stretching it. But she comes off as forced…

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      It is all so contrived.

  26. slimsexy August 14, 2012

    Don’t uderstand why the Navy is intimidated by Rita,a girl they claim is”irrelevant”.Imagine navy taking this post to Atrl.I want navy to understand that what will be will be.if rita is meant to be a star it would happen .no amount of hatred or mean words would stop rita from getting to the top.So navy give up or else you would end up looking like fools if she suceeds.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Rita is intimidated by Rih…she talks about her in all interviews and tries to live he life like Rih. Is Rob K meant to be her Chris brown? LOL LOL

      You are right, it is the will of god that Rih made it and nothing can stop / change that. I wonder how u look if Rita gets dropped, which is more likely than Rihanna.

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        Rob never beat Rita’s ass. And she hardly talks about him. Unlike Rifund who name drops Chris everytime she releases an album.

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        She does talk about Rob K, but no 1 currs – that is the problem! Would any give a s*** if Rob K beat up Rita? Me thinks not!

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        No she doesnt c***. You keep up to date on all things Rita so you of all people should know she always dodges questions about him.

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        Who gives a s*** if she talks about Rob or not, c***.

        F*** you, Rob and Rita.

  27. slimsexy August 14, 2012

    Please queen B is not classless for posting rita’s pic she was just Beign nice
    . Rita reps Beyonce any where she goes the least beyonce could do and did is to acknowledge a young artist that has shown her enuf respect.Ps beyonce doesn’t owe riri anything afterall riri slept with. Jay z.and riri before now never reped beyonce as much as rita is doing now

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Oh please, you are so dumb and naive. Beyonce nice? Yeh,l tell that to the ex members of destiny chlld! Does she even support her own sister effort in making a hit LP? NO! She is sucking up to rita because she wants this white girl to take out her black rival. You have no proof that Riri slept with jay and I believe that Rita Ora sleeps with jay z. I can see that – even rita ora sister can sleep with jay.

      Rih does not owe anything to beyonce either. Who is beyonce? Nothing, she is just another rival. Rita is only repping beyonce because they both ( beyonce and rita ) want Rihanna out the game. Rita wants to BE rihanna and Beyonce does not want a black girl to compete with her.

      When Rita LP flops ( when the numbers come in, versus all the promotion ) Beyonce will suddenly stop taking Rita’s call. Hollywood is fale like that. Beyonce will be on the nuts on the next new roc nation singer who they think will take Rih out the game.

      I know it is hard to be an aging Diva; not be that hot 21 who had the world in her palms, but it comes with the standings. I am not sure what Beyonce real age – gabriel union said she was born in 1974 – anyway, beyonce is not 20 something anymore, she is a 30 something mom and she should deal with it!

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        Its not up to Beyonce to make sure everyone from DC became as successful as her. Stop being foolish. Beyonce is nice and likes Rita

  28. kelly August 14, 2012

    So what has happened to J cole, Bridget kelly, Alexis Jordan, Willow and Santigold? Are Roc nation signing any other singers?

  29. kelly August 14, 2012

    It is confirmed! RIP is being released in America. They are not going with radioactive. Remember when RITA said with her OWN mouth she was going to make a video in new york for radioactive? Sony shut that down! Why? because they have gone over budget pushing this poor man’s Rihanna.

    So RIP is getting released with tinie tempah on it. They are not even wasting money paying $30k for an American guest rapper. All the begging on twitter by roc nation is so sad to watch.

  30. slimsexy August 14, 2012

    Ha ha ha kelly your hatred for Rita has beclouded your sense of reasoning.get this Rita and riri are not enemies didn’t u c d pics they took on twitter?infact riri and rita both love beyonce didn’t u c d pic riri posted of queen B?please stop rambling like a demented fool.your hatred for rita is laughable.infact its not even funny anymore you should be reported to the authorities before u harm urself infact Rita is not safe with loonies like you lurking around the corner.take your meds baby it would do you a lot of good.calm down!

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      HA HA HA Slim s*** your hatred for Rihanna is comical. I do not care what fake, phoney picture was on twitter, I know Rita is envious of Rihanna’s fame. Rih does not love beyonce.

      You are the demented fool who needs to be in jail, You claim Rih slept with Jay Z, I guess you go thirough Jay Z garbage and sniff the comdoms, you sick nasty loser. You are the one3 who kill yourself when Rita gets dropped by Sony.

      LOL LOL I am glad my comments made u crack, time to commit suicided RITA IS DONE

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      I cannot wait for beyonce to turn 40 an 18 yr to come on the scene. That will drive beyonce mad with envy.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Report me to the cops, I would like to see you try. Rit Ora will be dropped and Rihanna will just get even more bigger and bigger. and Slim s*** will just have live with it. Or die. We all prefer the latter.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      I love it! That how you destroy your enemies. Whenever you use the FACTS ANND Truth about Rita Ora, they losers who support get angry and abusive. That is how you destroy someone. Hit them with the facts and let them unleash their inner beast and self destruct.

      Slim S***, while you are getting rageful, abusive etc, I am sipping a drink, blogging all chilled loving the Olympic vibe.

      I was watching Rihanna hot new TV show – adding ratings , making her bank account even bigger – she executive produced the show LOL LOL LOL

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Rita is not safe with loonies lurking about? Yes she is, she be used to it when Roc nation drop her and she back working at the sneaker store, so better get used to it.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Rambling Fool? You cannot even write or string a sentence together , you hood booga. In terms Rihanna loving beyonce? Wrong! She loves God, fans and her family – she does not love Beyonce. I doubt she gives a f*** about beyonce, Beyonce is just another singer in the game. As is Alicia Keys and Keisha Cole.

      Like who the f*** is beyonce? Last time I checked, mariah murders her record sales.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Let me make myself clear! If you do not like what the f*** like……………GO ON ANOTHER BLOG. No one is forcing you be on this site.

      And do not tell me what f*** to write – or not write. You are NOT paying no bills or tax up in here – and even if you were – You cannot tell ME WHAT THE F*** TO SAY.

      F*** outta here! I know you aint tryna order me about! YOU? And who the f*** are you?

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        I write

    • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

      Kelly, You really are a sick twisted little f***. The majority of the comments on this article come from YOU. You crazy b****, why do you feel the need to comment EIGHT F****** TIMES to the same post? Like really b****? Get a hobby, some d*** in your life, a job, something. You havent hit anyone with facts dumb f***, you just post senseless b******* that everyone on TGJ is tired of seeing.

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        BLAH BLAH BLAH C***. I will write, what I like, when I like. So f*** you bum b**** * in my evelyn lodoza voice*

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        Because I am pissing you off. I am gonna step it up and write more – as long as Make u mad, I down for it.

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        Hmmmmm. On second thought, keep the posts coming 😀 The more you comment, the closer this article comes to being one of the top 5 storys on TGJ. Thus, giving Rita more promo. So hey, keep the post coming Kelly, I dont mind anymore. Even when your hating your supporting Rita. Your a fan just like me

  31. kelly August 14, 2012

    The Rita Ora stans are furious, abusive and angry. Why? Because deep down they are not sure Rita can last – ala 5years on top and they are scared in case she is dropped. That is why they hurling all kinds of abuse to people they do not even know. If ( when ) Rita Ora gets dropped it is not my fault; It is not Rihanna’s fault, it is not any Rihanna’s fault.

    It is Rita Ora’s fault if they( when ) terminate her contract. End OF!

    • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

      Your the one posting multiple ESSAYs on Rita you dumb f****** c***. Do you see Rita fans posting multiple essays on Rifund articles? No. Why? Because we dont care about that talentless w**** back or her over used p****. Lmao you hypocritical slag, you’ve been hurling abuse at Rita for months now and you dont know her. Practice what you preach crazy ass

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        You do care about Rih, I read your post dissing her going back months. Shame Rih out sells Rita Ora WILL BE DROPPED BY THE END OF THE YEAR. Not months, I have just been on this blog since summer. You have been on Rih for nearly all year. And yet Rih is still a superSTar all over the world LOL LOL.

        You are the dumb ugly wrinkle f****** c***, How does it feel to have wrinkles like 32 yr Rita Ora?

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        Do you see me posting essays on Rifund? No boo, I comment once and keep it moving. You on the other hand post multiple times. Your comments are senseless and full of complete b*******. I just started coming here in July you flop c*** so idk what post Ive been commenting on for “almost a month” as you claim. You really are delusional. How sad

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        I see ytou going around hurling verbal abuse at people like a wild animal. People like you end up on deathrow. You are not civilized. You are a wild beat who deserves to be in jail.

        You have verbally abused everyone who u do not agree with. Luckily we still have the death penalty in America.

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        The only person I verbally abuse here is you. And you deserve it. Your crazy and horrible. Rita did nothing to deserve your hate other than existing and wanting to chase your dreams. What a sad pathetic life you live. You only came here to hate on Rita. You support Rihanna on the side. I came here to support Rita and occasionally diss Rihanna on the side.

  32. slimsexy August 14, 2012

    No kelly ur demented,I take what isaid about riri back.but u kelly are realy demented cos u hate rita so much and yet u stalk her,how come you know so much about her every move? You are like a walking encyclopedia with so much info on rita damn u even know more than the ritabots. My advice to you is for u to calm down its not that r so obsessed with. Rita it not even funny. Anymore,

    U focus more on rita than your fav.take it easy b4 u kill somebody.have a nice day and remember to take your meds.hope rita has enough bodyguards
    Also I hope she prays for God’s protection
    cos with psycos like you we never no the lengths you might go to hurt rita.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      You are the demented stalker – you know who jay z has slept with – In guess you hang around watch who he creeps with. BLAH BLAH BLAH If you do not like what I say, why are you on the blog? It is a public blog? Make your blog, with your views and I think u would kill Rihanna if you had the chance, but Rih praised JAH and has the best bodyguards – meaning evil people like u, who study her s** life cannot get near.

      You always talk about Rih sleeping with jay – you sound like nast rapist perv. Bet u wish it was u who was sleepi8ng with Rih.

      I do not / will not hurt Rita. I am sure she will destroy her own life in one way or the other. I am just gonna support Rih and other good acts and enjoy their work. I wlll also sit back and feel knowing Rih fame is detroying you and your Rita.

      PS: I will give my take just TO P*** U OFF! Watch this space!

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      And even if I hate Rita Ora and like Rih… what? I can! I will like and hate who the f*** I want and you, SliM scary cannot do s*** about it. I am gonna spend my money and support Rih, I will never ever spend a dime on Rita. Now what b****? Now what?

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      And another thing….whether it is Gabby Douglas or Rih…..I will always support BLACK WOMEN DOING well over any other race.

      SO CHOKE ON THAT, B****!

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        Rifund aint even black dumb c***. Your f****** delusional.

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        What a stupid dumb piece of s***. Rih is not black? OH, I guess she is white, then! Rih has no lines or wrinkles – unlike Rita hoera – black don’t crack.

        You are f****** delusional – but not as delusional as Rita OLDRA trying to pas for 21, with her 45 yr old look face.

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        That b**** is from a damn island. That doesnt count as black you racist

    • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

      Kelly is a crazy b****. Dont even bother

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        I take it you never went to school. You are racist. Well let me educate your tralier park ass. The white man took the African slaves to America and the west indies , and that is how Jay Z, beyonce and Rihanna ended up being born there.

        Get it now you dumb, uneducated piece of s***? And you before you try and claim Rih as mixed, like Obama and Halle – one black of black blood means U ARE BLACK!

        SUCK ON THAT.

        You hate to see a black woman do well. WELL TOUGH!

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        I hate to see a hard black woman do well? I am black and I support Beyonce and Ciara. I support talent crazy ass. Skin color is irrelevant to me. Ciara has talent. Rita has talent. Beyonce has talent. Rihanna doesnt. Its that simple.

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        You are not black. No black person would want Rihanna to die – You used your fake name and said you wished she would die. No black person will hate the fact that she gets magazine covers in white magazines, whether she can sing or not. You also said she is not black – NO BLACK PERSON WOULD EVER SAY RIH IS NOT A BLACK WOMAN and that west indians are not black.

        You are prolly a bitter old hag racist eastern european.

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        I never said I wanted Rihanna to die crazy ass. Im not old or European or racist. I just dont consider people from islands black. Would you call Jamaicans black? No, you would call them Jamaican. Rihanna is from the Barbadoes. She is Barbadian. For someone who claims to be RihannaNavy I’d expect you know that

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        Yed, I would call a Jamaican black. Usain Bolt is a black man from Jamaica. Nationality and Ethnicity are not the same thing. Her passport is bajun – HER RACE IS BLACK.

        YOU ARE SO STUPID. So Russian people are not white, because they are Russian?

  33. slimsexy August 14, 2012

    Hope you are through?when ur done please take your meds you need them now more than ever.Don’t worry kelly am not mad at you,its not your fault that you are demented.Its just a pity that yourr dementia is caused by your obssesive hatred for RITA ORA

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      OK then ! I still like Rih ( among others ) and Hate Rita Ora. There. The end!

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      On a lighter note………Rih new fashiom show aired on Sky 1 in the UK. It is a great reality show aimed at stylist.

      No doubt , you will be watching, or is your hatred and envy for Rih to strong ?

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Are you a black man?

  34. kelly August 14, 2012

    All these Rita fans ( AKA roc nation interns ) verbally abusing me. Time will if Rita becomes the star they think she will be. By Dec, we will se if she rocked out this year……or if she will be dropped – as I predict.

    • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

      Kill yourself

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        Kill yourself. No, hopefully someone will kill you.

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012


  35. kelly August 14, 2012

    Yep, just seen it, Rita slays is winner and slim s***. The smame person, an abusive, overworked angry, underpaide ( not even paid ) Roc nation intern.

    Dude / b**** is mad because they have to promote wack rita, but THEY are not making any money doing this tired intern BS.

  36. The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

    Lmao, Slim S*** has been here longer than me I believe, and Winner is some weirdo impersonating me under the name Rita Slays too. They never post as a new comment because they know the pic wont be the same as mine and they will be exposed. So they only impersonate me to reply to comments. So Ive changed my screen name and email.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Whatever you say, Slimsexy.

  37. slimsexy August 14, 2012

    Oh. Kelly I see that your dementia has also turned you into a fake oracle predicting the downfall of oh my ur dementia is even worse than I thought!you should be locked up in a mad house.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Whatever you say, The real Rita slays.

  38. kelly August 14, 2012

    Whatever you say, the real Rita Slays

  39. kelly August 14, 2012

    The real rita slays AKA SLIM S***. Try and be a bit original! Take an improv class. We all know you are the person. Be more inventive if you want convince us you are more than one Rita stan. Also, posting a minute after gives the game away. Allow space, next time.

    • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

      How would I type paragraphs within a minute? Please explain that. We dont even type the same. Lol try again boo.

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        YOU are slim s***. We all know it.

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        There must be only one violent, abusive, animalistic nut that loves Rita and hates Rih. The game is up. Others have figured you out too! As I have take an improv class to help to develop more characters.

        Cos we don;t believe you, you need more people

      • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

        You completely failed to prove how I would write and post a full paragraph within a minute. Maybe you should take a detective class

  40. kelly August 14, 2012

    Roc nation are really on their wacky grind! They have stans doubling up – pretending to be more than one stan; they got the payola going on and they have buy Rita records to make it seem she is number 1 on fan basis when we all know she has no real fans. Just Rih haters.

    • The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

      LMFAO!!!! So Roc Nation is paying me to be Slim S***, Myself, and Winner who is impersonating me? I guess they pay me to be What Would Rita Do and Rita’s Redlipstick too huh? Lol. And they are buying all of Rita’s songs to make it look like shes number one? What would be the point? They wouldnt make any money. And if they buy her singles why didnt they buy How We Do in the U.S? There are holes in your theory. P.S believe it or not, there are plenty of #Ritabots who like Rihanna too.

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        We will see where Rita ends up. Won’t we?

      • kelly August 14, 2012

        Trust me! Labels buy up singles. What would be the point? If Rita Flops, the A and R who signed her is out of a job and has their reputation tarnished. That is the point.!


  41. The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

    Good job Kelly! You and I got this article to almost 120 comments! Just 100 more and it will be one of the top 5 stories on TGJ! LOL!!!!!!!!!

  42. The Real Rita Slays August 14, 2012

    Kelly is a racist white man who wishes he was a black woman

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      I am a racist white man? I was male and white, I would ride for the white girl. I think you are one of those bitter black men who hate too black women do well.

    • kelly August 14, 2012

      Actually I am biracial woman. I have green eyes just like Rih and one of my parents is blonde hair and blue eyes.


  43. Dollar$ign$kills August 14, 2012

    These comments………….smh. I only came here to read Kelly’s delusional ass posts. Pure comedey 😀

  44. BLUE August 14, 2012


  45. slimsexy August 14, 2012

    Lol at kelly claiming me and Rita slays are one and the same are realy delusional.Bet you didn’t know that Rita has fans that can defend her.I see you’ve finaly taken your meds,atleast now you are calm.Thank goodness!

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