Hot Shot: Rita Ora Takes ‘Party’ To ‘Capital’

Published: Wednesday 15th Aug 2012 by David

Love her or hate her, we challenge anyone to question Rita Ora‘s status as the UK’s leading Pop Princess.

Set to enjoy her third consecutive #1 single in the country this Sunday, the trendsetter was snapped on her way out of London’s Capital FM this morning after taking to the station to push her latest effort ‘How We Do‘.

This, after she invited members of the British press to a listening party held for debut LP ‘ORA’ last week, and gave That Grape Juice an exclusive preview of material she is gearing up to release later on in the year, on Monday.

Still haven’t picked up your copy of ‘Party‘?

Download here.

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  1. Judge August 15, 2012

    I’m not a huge Rihanna fan, but she is who she is
    Rihanna’s getting single white female by the chick ha ha hah

  2. Judge August 15, 2012

    CHALLENGES That Grape Juice’s notion that she is leading “pop princess”
    the people will have the final say on who the UK’s pop “princess is”
    not some corporate propaganda wing of roc nation

    let the people’s voices be heard

    • Lax August 15, 2012

      What will this title make Jesse j, Jojo and Chreyl
      cole Ranking’s Be, I Wonder!

    • Lax August 15, 2012

      @JUDGE cosign
      Rihanna performing at the Brits award in Timbo’s
      and Adele is in the crowd.

  3. I’m having fried rice for lunch August 15, 2012

    I don’t live in the UK, but I think calling Rita the UK’s “leading pop princess” is a bit much. Her album hasn’t even been released yet. Those #1 singles won’t mean much if ‘ORA’ flops. Why not wait and see how well her album does first?

    As for Rita, I like the sweater dress, but she should lose the boots, necklace, and backpack.

    • INCAS August 15, 2012

      she’d look a bit silly bare foot

      • libragal91 August 15, 2012

        I’m sure that person means Rita should wear a different pair of shoes, not go barefoot.

  4. ty August 15, 2012


    • SdotB August 15, 2012

      so she’s lame b/c she prefers to wear sneakers and timbs with her outfits??

      so if u don’t like what someone wears, they’re lame to u?

      • ty August 15, 2012


  5. Ugh August 15, 2012

    She looks nice. i like this look

  6. My hip, my back August 15, 2012

    Eww Rita get rid of the lesbian soccer mom do

  7. toohotfortv August 15, 2012

    what the hell is she wearing? people just put on everything in their closets nowadays and say its style. no ma’am… that is tacky. llike, wtf!

  8. IOTA August 15, 2012




  9. YOOSONDALOOSE August 15, 2012

    Trying to copy Marina and the Diamonds.

    I really don’t like her, her music is overrated and generic, BUT when she did MTV Live her performance of ‘Roc The Life’ was really good, but her studio version is a mess.

    Overproduced, generic album.

  10. Judge August 15, 2012

    Looks like That Roc Nation Juice Staff are Red thumbing Comments


  11. BLUE August 15, 2012

    RITA FLOP!!!!

  12. kelly August 15, 2012

    2007 Rihanna cuts her hair to a hot edgy new short cut to launch her new sound and LP.

    2012 – THE poor man version, Rita Ora cuts her hair off to launch her Rihanna sounding LP.

    And they say this bish is not tryin copy Rihanna? Man, Jay z is obsessed with Rihanna. Now they wanna copy every last detail of Rih’s lfe. I mean she copied the high fashion clothes, songs, men’s magazine pose, haircut, famous boyfriend ( only her BF is no star ) Even befriending the exact same people who know Rih ( chris brown, drake kanye ) the jewels, haute couture etc. And yet, NONE OF IT LOOKS AS GOOD AS RIH.

    Iman the supermodel, said clothes look better on tall thin people. Rita ( 5ft ) is too short and chubby to wear most of the clothes. You need long legs and long torso.

    The haircut will not do for her, what Rih black bob did for her. Rita haircut is bland and boring, Rih hair is fire. Black hair is versatile.

    The one thing Rihanna has that she will never BE ABLE to imitate is HEIGHT. She can never make herself, naturally 5ft8 ( model height) Rihanna is the tallest pop star. She will always be a short knome looking up at amazonia Rihanna.

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      Rihanna is the Naomi Campbell of this music game. Rita is one of the seven dwarfs They can both wear Givenchy ( rih fave ) But Rih will kill it because she has the Naomi Campbell Body and Rita is just humpty dumpty. With her short fat neck and legs.

      • Lax August 15, 2012

        The “Where Have You Been” singer also may have inspired Ora in the exotic fauna department. Nearly a year after Ri-Ri stepped out in an Antonio Berardi ostrich-feathered top, the British climber debuted her own take on the look for a trip to BBC radio.
        We can only wonder what Rita’s bikini closet must look like.

    • SdotB August 15, 2012

      i’m sorry but u sound str8 up stupid and delusional…

      so she’s tryin to be like Rihanna b/c she has some mutual friends, she wears high fashion clothes, she changed her hairstyle, she poses in magazines, and she sings songs (none of her songs sound similar to rihanna)??

      in other words, with that reasoning, every single female singer is a rihanna clone…that’s basically what ur saying…

      you have spent way too much time making far-fetched and broad speculations…This has actually ALWAYS been Rita’s style…if anything, Rihanna may have been inspired by Rita…u just saw Rihanna first b/c she’s already famous…and just b/c Rihanna cut her hair all the way back in 2007, does that mean that Rita shouldn’t cut hers down in 2012? like wtf? And neither of the hairstyles look alike…

      ur comment seems very biased…Rita is new so let her establish herself as an artist..Ri Ri wasn’t always the fashion and music star she is now, she had time to grow and develop as a musician/artist/and celebrity in general.

      I understand ppl are entitled to their opinions, but some of u act like ur the Fasion Police and act like someone can’t do this or that b/c so and so did this and that 5+ years ago…lol smdh

      • kelly August 15, 2012

        Actually you f***** dumb ugly ass b****. She is copying Rihanna. She talks about how she wants to be like Rih, do what rih has done. She had a fight with Rob; she happens to be friends with Rihanna; she worked withe EVERY WRITE AND PRODUCER that rih worked with; RIP was a rejected Rih track; ROC da life is a knock off of hard and sounds like breaking dishes; she has a reagge song?WHERE DOES REGGAE COME FROM? she speaks patois and talksw about the west indies like she is from their; she copies Rih exact looks and magazine has shown this.

        This is not her style, watch the craig david video. She was not edgy back in the day.

        So fuc u, c***. She wants to be Rih. Now she wants to do movies and a fashion line.

      • kelly August 15, 2012

        happens to be friends with chris brown…..out of all the singers, she is friends with chris brown. Next she will be friends with negrus from Barbados

  13. kelly August 15, 2012

    Rihanna is Naomi Campbell and Rita Ora is a short fat girl who is too old who could not even get past the first casting for America’s next top model.

    • Lax August 15, 2012

      We’re talking about Rihanna, who never met a bikini she didn’t love and prefers skirts that reveal exactly when she last shaved. But occasionally the singer wears a killer piece of actual cloth, and when that happens, Rita Ora is watching and taking notes.
      Check out the British singer as she, apparently, copies a couple of Rihanna’s recent looks.
      Check out photos of Rihanna’s partying hard in Barbados!
      Back in February, the Bajan beauty was in love with a $3,795 pair of Louboutin boots. RiRi paired hers with a $629 McCartney pullover. While several months later, Ora snatched up the boots, but ditched the shirt and opted for a looser, hospital gown thing and an even bigger red Birkin

    • Ayo August 16, 2012

      Good thing she ain’t competing in ANTM then

  14. Rita who ? Oh you mean Rihanna August 15, 2012

    WTF did she do to her hair ?!

  15. Exposed August 15, 2012

    That roc nation juice

  16. monstarebel August 15, 2012

    The OutFit is ridiculously ugly!!! she needs a new stylist asap!!

  17. Suicide Blonde August 15, 2012

    She looks horrible, what happen to her hair, the oufit eww and if that is the UK Pop Princess i feel sorry for British with a Princess like that.

  18. INCAS August 15, 2012

    How We Do is really big in the UK right now, I hear it everywhere

    • Rihanna’s Tired P**** August 15, 2012

      I think you maybe talking about some other UK because I have only heard it twice in London, England, UK! People with sense know that Roc Nation and obsessive pre/early teens who are fooled into thinking she’s the next big thing buy her generic s*** to number 1. Without Jay spending millions, people wouldn’t have bat an eye lid!

      • kelly August 15, 2012

        I agree. I came to London for the summer. Rita song was at the bottom of the radio 1 A list playlist, this song tanked in America, and now suddenly she goes in at number 1? The video was barely played on MTV compared to RIP. I have studied marketing. The things that go one the behind the scene……Roc nation, jay z and beyonce are using their money to buy up her singles to make it appear she is the biggest thing to hit pop since LADY Gaga.

        That is why I know Rita will be dropped, having number 1’s mean nothing if the label spend million to push you and have to buy up most of the song.

      • kelly August 15, 2012

        They spend millions to keep this Rita train moving; this has been going on for three years. Every song she released she has this huge – in – your – face – million – dollar – promotional campaign. I mean they claim Rita voice is amazing, if so, why do they need an intense promo campaign? Once again she is on all the shows, radio etc – but RIP just came out/

        They do not even need to do that Rihanna.

      • kelly August 15, 2012

        You are right. Go on the radio 1 playlist Rita is not even in the top 10 in the A list – in fact she never has been. RoC nation will spend £30k of beyonce money to buy up the tracks. The music industry is shady – Look at payola ? Where they PAY dj’s to play records.

  19. slimsexy August 15, 2012

    If Rita maintains her chart lead till the weekend she’ll make historih.

  20. slimsexy August 15, 2012

    Rhianna copied the short hair style from style icon Victoria beckham who by the way is from the stop acting like rhianna is so original. And please stop quoting articles from tabloids that are obviously on Riri’s payroll it makes you guys sound desperate
    Meanwhile rita will make historih this weekend.

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      Actually you dumb piece of s***. Rihanna and her stylist were in a hotel room in paris watching Aeon Flux with Charlize theron – who, at that time had a short edgy black cut , and went for it. She did not copy posh spice in anyway. Rih may not be original, but Rita ORA is not original in any way shape or form.

      I cannot wait for the album sales for Rita Ora to come in.

      • SdotB August 15, 2012

        and how the hell do u know that’s where her inspiration came from? are u part of Rhi’s crew? are u riding her klit 24/7? (probably so)…

        Rihanna hasn’t created anything…she just wears things that her STYLIST came up with and she wears them well, aside from the fact that she’s famous and has a following when it comes to the styles she wears…

        And why are u trying to bash Rita by saying she’s not original in any way shape or form? U must have really have something against this girl to just talk so much negativity…

        are u some insecure fat chick who wishes she looked like Rita? If you hate her that much then why spend so much time commenting on her post? Oh i get it, ur an “undercover” stan…lmao


      • kelly August 15, 2012

        She told Allure magazine in 2007 where her it came from, you f****** idiot. I will bash who the f*** I want, and what b****? B**** I maq biracial and tall and thin. Rita wishes she looked like me I am Halle berry skintone with green eyes. Rita wants to look like us mixed chicks because black dont c crack and Rita will that aging burn in a few years v- she looks more than 21.

        You a nappy ass who wishes you can have a tenth of Rihanna’s bank balance.

      • kelly August 15, 2012

        You are mad because Rihanna at 24 is super rich and your mom at 64 is flat broke. Rih has money and YOU WILL ENEVR HAVE MONEY. No black girl or mixed wants to look like Rita Ora – we do not want skin cancer or cracks lines and wrinkles.

  21. slimsexy August 15, 2012

    Oh kelly the demented soul,how many times will I remind you to take your meds?since you eat,sleep and drink Rhianna when next you see her ask her where she got her GGB bad style.And please stop arguing like an Idiot u stupid c***

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      LOL hey rotten c***. How does it feel to live, breathe and eat a losers who has not sold a million records? LOL In the UK, many acts go number 1, but cant sell an LP. Glad you are feeling suicidal, not knowing if Rita will make it to the end of the year.

      RITA GONNA GET DROPPED this year and she end back in the gutter with you, slim s***, no wonder u stan for her – you are a loser just like her and you deserve each other.

      Her GGGB style was not from Rita, that is for sure LOL LOL LOL Suck on that, just Rita sucking on d*** to stay in the game.

  22. MACHIAVEL August 15, 2012

    I Like The New Hair!!!

  23. slimsexy August 15, 2012

    Kelly you are such a silly cockroach.keep on hating on rita but while you are at it why don’t you eat a BOWL of BIG BLACK UGLY D****.Silly fat cow.

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      RITA ORA SEES BLACK UGLY D**** THAT I EVER WILL. Hopefully she will catch something to go for it. LOL LOL LOL LOL RITA ORA FAT – AS IS YOU.

      Biracial, 5ft11, thin, long hair don’t care AKA. LOL LOL LOL

      YOu hate on Rihnanan, so clapback time!

      • Lax August 15, 2012

        @KELLY preach, and Slim,,,screw yourself
        because yo loose booty ass us always on a rih post talking
        shyt, that you gets straight from yo loose booty!

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      You cab hurl abuse, trade insults and threaten…..the bottom line is: RIHANNA IS A PROVEN SUPERSTAR WHO HAS MADE ” IT ” . Rita is yet to do so…..the album drops on monday, so we will see if this is the biggest thing in pop who will send Rih back to Bridgetown.

      All these stans are all fired up and on edge, why? Like I have said, the LP drops on monday…….so we will all see

      • Lax August 15, 2012

        @Kelly u r so right that is why here on the
        grape Rihanna is hated on so dam hard.
        From the negative vibes that is ADDED
        to what ever it is that is posted on Rih!
        Rihanna+what the post is about+ the
        negative spin the grape adds to the article+
        Rihanna haters+ Bey Hive+navy+ Rihanna will
        never win on “That Grape” even if she was made
        over and had blonde hair and blue eyes and could
        Dance better then, mj. janet, britney, chris, beyonce, ciara, usher, jlo she will always be ATTACKED here for just being alive and well and a hard working young black
        woman from the Caribbeans who have made America
        her home.
        Go navy……

  24. kelly August 15, 2012

    Touching, what another Intelligent blogger said about Roc nation making it seem she is bigger than she is. That is the same in all genre’s . Estee lauder, Clinique, and other skin brand pay top beauty magazines to write great reviews about their products – beauty editors get money, freebies, all kinds of gifts like trips to spa’s , louboutin shoes vacations, you name it.

    Do not be shocked if all the magazine’s in the UK write glowing reviews for Rita’s LP, hailing it the best thing since thriller.

  25. slimsexy August 15, 2012

    Well kelly if what you say about roc nation is true then that means they also used the same tactics to make rhianna appear bigger.oh kelly you level of stupidity confounds me.your such a nit wit .silly coackroach.

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      She is not signed to roc nation – never was – never will be. She is on a real label, Def Jam, that was run by real EXEC, LA REID. So there, c***! You are that one that is stupid, because you cannot see for act, Rita will be dropped, you learn how business works.

      They did not need to pay radio to play Rihanna – the fans loved SOS, Pon de replay, unfaithful – no one, except your dumb ugly wrinkly ass likes that botox up h**. BTW, Rihanna show is making her money, where is your money at c***?

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      HA HA HA You fell right into that. Def jam do not need to spend millions shoving Rihanna down our throats, the fans love Rih. The reason why Roc nation is spending millions forcing us to accept Rih, is because they know Rita cannot happen without force. Rita on her own is not good enough.

      They are on twitter ( roc nation ) begging and pleading to buy Rita song. Def jam did not need to do that for Rih – the public had her back.. Something to choke you stinky african

      • Lax August 15, 2012

        @SLIMSEXY Find yo self a tall cliff and take a Dive!!!!

      • Lax August 15, 2012

        @SMILSEXY Thank goodness KELLY
        have carefully and real cool like, have
        “Corked And Screwed” yo pressed, looser scum bag Ass!

  26. slimsexy August 15, 2012

    Kelly again you are displaying your crass ignorance.Rita and Rhianna are managed by roc nation but Rita’s label is coloumbia records.please stop making a fool of yourself .you are such a dumb skull.

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      Once again, mother dumb ugly ass. Rihanna is only managed by roc nation, but like JLO ( who fired many mangers before ) Rih can fire their ass – and she WILL, she is now a young woman and she don’t need wack roc nation management. Time for fresh blood and a team that is invested, solely on Rih, not one trying to clone her. I know Rih will fire Jay brown from Rocd nation and he will be crying everyday, they will never have an act as big as Rih again.

      Look at that failure label. Not a single platinum act on it. Rih must be ashamed. Making a fool of yourself, slim stinky? LOL LOL LOL LOL

      Rih will fire Jay brown / roc nation and Rita will get dropped, and slim stinky will remain a bitter shitted on losers, watching, while Rih gets this Hollywood money.

      Don’t worry Slim stinky, you will meet Rita soon…..when she is back working in the sneaker store in west london.

      • kelly August 15, 2012

        You and Rita will be getting sneakers from the back room, while Rh latest global smash is blasting out the shop window.

  27. slimsexy August 15, 2012

    Dumb mullato kelly ,rhianna can’t fire anybody.if she leaves roc where will she go?maybe she will hire rookie management cos no mgt company worth its salt would be stupid enough to invest soley in a wack product like your fave.I mean roc and def jam have already lost tons of money by selling her eight month album for #3.

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      SHE is ALIST B**** , managers will come to her. Sorry but she will hire white people next, those hood boogers are beneath Rihanna. If rihanna has $72 million, I know def jam make even more.

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      Rih can fire and hire who the hell she wants, you dumb african negroe. Roc nation are not the only managers in the world.

  28. slimsexy August 15, 2012

    You c why I call u silly?how can you brag about someone elses money?you reason like a 5yr said roc are begging for rita at least they are proud of her.On the other hand riri is so wack and talentless that def jam are even ashamed of beign seen begging for her so they let her degrade herself by doing it herself.Have you forgotten how she begged for common vevo views record?which little justine broke with a snap of his fingers without having to degrade himself.I swear kelly you are such a dumb c***.

    • kelly August 15, 2012

      Roc nation do not have a choice, they are not proud, if RITA DOES NOT SELL, THEY DROP HER ASS. YOU THINK THEIR IS LOYALTY IN BUSINESS? If riri was wack and not talented, they would not of signed . DUH! She is theri biggest act duh!

      Begging is desperation, that is not a good sign. YOU ARE DUMB C***, you make it out that def jam hate her, well who else on def jame sells units? WHO ELSE ON ROC NATION IS A GLOBAL, NOT RITA OR WILLOW.




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