Hot Shots: Rita Ora ‘Kicks’ It At Mahiki

Published: Thursday 23rd Aug 2012 by David

Get into these snaps of UK Chart Royal Rita Ora leaving London’s Mahiki with one member of Brit duo Rizzle Kicks.

Hitting the club following an intense week of ‘ORA‘ promo, the singer/model hit the club with members of her spirited entourage, likely to be celebrating the star’s third consecutive UK #1 single.

All the fun below…

Many thanks to our friends over at I Heart Rita.

Pre-order ‘ORA’ here!

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  1. i’m not throwing shade, but… August 23, 2012

    Anywhoo, she needs a bra for that dress. Not looking forward to the album due to the clips but will listen when released.

  2. RitasLipstick August 23, 2012

    NOT her friend literally showing her ass to get some camera time. SMH.

  3. SweeterThanARiceCake August 23, 2012

    Rihanna would never! Look how drunk they all look and this is the standard of girl Oralite is hanging around with nowadays?

    • LOL the SHADE August 23, 2012

      Now let’s not start talking crazy rihanna is a lot of things but she be showing her a** too and then some

    • veronica August 26, 2012

      they dont look drunk shes getting in the car with a camera up her ass?!! how the f** wud u look? LOL…dont even wana know! and um yes rihanna wud hence her naked photos…

  4. BionicBody August 23, 2012

    Classy girls (!)

  5. Nubian Queen Sista Soul August 23, 2012

    PATHETIC.COM but then how can you expect her associates 2 be any different from her…he desperate friend seeking attention tragic!!!

  6. C.I.T.Y August 23, 2012


    • LOL the SHADE August 23, 2012

      Not funny n**** -__- As if your the most beautiful person in the world shut your a** up

      • C.I.T.Y August 23, 2012

        f*** you punk

    • MadameDeuxVisage August 23, 2012

      you’re a hater. lets see what you look like.

      • C.I.T.Y August 23, 2012

        i look betta then your mama b****

    • Lax August 23, 2012


  7. Crow LeNz August 23, 2012

    In the pic above she look like she sayin guuuuuurrrrrrl not today Lmao!

    • LOL the SHADE August 23, 2012

      More Like gurl bye…..

  8. LOL the SHADE August 23, 2012

    But for real she didn’t need to put her a** all up in the cameras like that..that was so unnecessary

  9. MadameDeuxVisage August 23, 2012

    Rita is slaying it! she’ll definitely be number one in the UK when the album comes out and she will definitely have about two more number one singles by the time its 2013.
    but who’s the drunk girl on her lap though.

    • AzealiaBankable August 23, 2012

      probably a fan.

  10. Lax August 23, 2012

    i am waiting to see how well Rita does world wide
    with her first album.

    • kelly August 23, 2012

      i have checked every single Itunes charT AROUND THE WORLD. None of her singles have made a dent. She released RIP in canada and America last week on itunes – drowned like the titanic. She went BACK to Germany for the second time this summer – cannot even break into the top 40 German chart ( makes me wonder why she keeps going out there! ) ONLY THE UK is buying into this hype. SO, IF your $0.59c singles cannot bump, who will spend $12 on the lp?

      Give it the end of the year and they will drop this girl. Do not even worry about being number in the UK – they still drop em when they fail to repeat that. Lilly Allen, Duffy, Joss Stone, All Saints, Eternal, Alexandra Burke , Sclub7, Blue, Another level, East 17, Liberty X, Hearsay, Girls Aloud etc have all bee HOT in the UK – THEN VOOM!, they get dropped. They drop them easily in the UK. IF RITA cannot sustain this in the UK or exceed this – she will be another washed has been. Just like the girls from All Saints.

      • veronica August 26, 2012

        Kelly its you again! suprise suprise! maybe if you put all your effort into your own life instead of wishing s*** on others u we would give a s*** what you have to say?! u sound like failed singer…. lets put it this way she the only artist on rocnation worked n that aint thatnks to jayz its cuz ppl wnaa see her…. deal with it!

  11. kelly August 23, 2012

    Rita Ora told the music magazine ” I feel like Beyonce little sister ”
    She is right, she is Beyonce’s little sister: She is ugly, even with talent will never make it, and will always live in the shadow of Beyonce……who now lives in the shadow of RIHANNA! YUP! Rita Ora is Beyonce’s little sister.

    • beyonce August 24, 2012

      she said what??????!!!! she’s trying to get that knowles money……

  12. C.I.T.Y August 23, 2012

    Wow it is amazing to see how emotional people are getting about my previous comment. TBH I don’t give a f****** s***, you defending this desperate fame w**** is only encouraging her to behave as though her behaviour is expectable. carry on sucking her crack that what she showed it 4. RITA ORA IS A FLOP….AND TBH from watching her performance on Jonathan Ross she deserves to take a seat with all the other FLOPS….PEACE OUT B******!!!!

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