Lady GaGa Confirms ‘ARTPOP’ Album Title

Published: Monday 6th Aug 2012 by Sam

Following fervent speculation, superstar Lady GaGa has confirmed that her fourth studio album is indeed titled ‘ARTPOP’.

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Taking to Twitter yesterday, the 26 year old wrote…

Needless to say, we can’t wait for the new material (and the fabulously outrageous meanings she’ll no doubt have for the album). That said, we’re fasting and praying that’s more ‘The Fame (Monster)’ than ‘Born This Way’, because the latter just wasn’t the business.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Azooz B August 6, 2012

    yesssssssssss <3

    • @teamfoxydondiva August 6, 2012

      Gaga yess!

      • Azooz B August 6, 2012

        indeed ^^
        i luv her sooo Much <3

  2. Lax August 6, 2012

    Talented, artistic and creative!

  3. KD August 6, 2012

    She looks gorgeous in that pic.

  4. justsomekid August 6, 2012

    LOL. Really though?! “Art Pop”?
    How original! Oh yeah I forgot, nothing she has done thus far in her career has been original so I can’t exactly be surprised.
    How long is she planning on making a mockery of performance art by butchering Warhol though? I mean she’s already had 2 albums of this s*** followed by an era in which she thought that after 3 years she was the new Madonna which only served as proof of her delusions.
    Pathetic as always.
    This entire generation of Pop artists are. Their fan bases can keep mocking the likes of Madonna, Britney, BSB, Janet, Mariah etc but the truth is your opinion is irrelevant when you refer to the likes of Gaga, Nicki, Bieber and 1D as pop royalty. Educate yourself and quit worshipping false idols plz. kthxbai.

    • neveo August 6, 2012

      Amen i agree with EVERYTHING you just said you just educated some delusional people who refuse to see the truth it really is Pathetic for people to worshipping false idols of today smh sadly they will never know real music magic

      • Suicide Blonde August 6, 2012


  5. Wacky O August 6, 2012

    As long as she ain’t doing the whole gay god mother s*** I’ll hopefully enjoy the album. So let this gay be! I don’t need reassurance from GAGA!

    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012


  6. christinastherealtalent August 6, 2012

    Yawn Christinas already done this before. Her style and sound now Gagas jacking that. But why chose now to reveal the title and talk about the album? What a coincidence she chooses now to talk all this s*** when Christinas new single is scheduled drop soon. Why not wait till October or November or closer to 2013 to talk this s***? Her new album isn’t due till spring. Gaga is the most caddy, tacky, tactless b**** I’ve ever known in the recent years in music. Just like her, her monsters are full of pure s*** and delusion if they think she’s SOOOOOOOO creative with the title, sound, and style. I have a feeling this b**** is going to try to start that whole controversy again to get some kind of attention. Just fall back b****, work on your concert and new music and let another female take over for a bit. I’m not scared of anything I just think Gaga is a cold hearted b**** with ulterior.motives. up to her old tricks again.

    • stay mad August 6, 2012

      bionic, hit you like a rocket, yeah.

      • christinastherealtalent August 6, 2012

        B**** that came out over 2 years ago move on from that s***. I’m not frontin on Bionic no more. Try again w****!

      • FAF August 6, 2012

        gaga already has done more than Christina & has more albums… try again LOL

    • MC August 6, 2012

      I am not a fan of Gaga, but I never thought of Gaga’s music or style corresponding with Christina A., I mean its just….. When I think Gaga I see Madonna, Grace, etc not Christina. How do you figure?

  7. the real xoxo August 6, 2012

    im here for this album on 2 conditions
    1. let the music speak for itself, stop the holier than thee act.
    2. do not overproduce, less is more.

  8. christinastherealtalent August 6, 2012

    @ wacky o

    She played the whole gay Godmother role last time because she needed a gimmick to sell and the gay community fell for it. Let’s see how much of the gay community she acknowledges this time around.

    • FAF August 6, 2012

      Shut the f*** up.. Lady Gaga has ALWAYS championed for the gay community.. u need a hobby ASAP

  9. stony August 6, 2012


  10. stony August 6, 2012


  11. DTG August 6, 2012

    Behind the ludicrous and attention-seeking Halloween costumes, the obnoxiously overblown music videos, the swagger jacking of Madonna’s personality, and the conspicuous plot to manipulate the socially awkward and misfits of society into thinking that they have a voice (and are empowered) through her, is a bunch of banal and contrived gibberish heavily propped by media hype that does not live up to it. What began as a bouncy, pixyish, one-woman-show-esque version of what the Spice Girls did in the late 90s has now become an egotistical, overproduced–yet still oddly generic–mess of grating sounds that is irritating to listen to and takes itself too seriously.

    Once upon a time this character that is ‘Lady Gaga’ may have provided a cheeky and quirky contrast to what had been the model of what was popular, and it may have been quasi-endearing, but when pop stars infuse that much camp into their image, at a certain point the irony *will* get old and lose its charm. In the meantime, this woman has literally crammed about a decades worth of gimmicks, put-on’s and media saturation into a three year span. We have seen her show up kite high, in meat dresses, with horns attached to her head, dressed as a man, with discharged gay soldiers as her escorts, etc., etc. The ‘shtick’ is old. There are only so many heavy-handed stunts you can use to dumbfound the public into noticing before they become either hostile or jaded, and a backlash ensues.

    Lady Gaga has always been a ‘character’ for show, but she has become a caricature and a parody of herself. No longer is it “refreshing,” abstract or inventive; it is now tired and dated. Overexposure is killing the cat and quite frankly Gaga is losing her relevance. By making herself into such a sneaky little cartoon who is force-fed to the public in obscene dosages, she has backed herself into a corner. The only thing left for her to do at this point is to throw on a pair of jeans and act normal, but how boring would that be for someone who named herself ‘Lady Gaga’ and made being strange her ticket to fame? She was here; she dominated the world of music and got her press, but the milk is now sour. The writing was on the wall when dowdily dressed and anything-but-flashy Adele c*** blocked what was supposed to be a Gaga-dominating 2011. Kids do not listen to her, it is not “cool” to be a walking freak show…and quite frankly it is not cool to like Lady Gaga now.”

    • neveo August 6, 2012

      Amen continue to speak the truth

    • mobwife August 6, 2012


      The entire 1st paragraph pretty much sums it all up nicely!

  12. IStanForBey August 6, 2012

    Love or hate Lady Gaga but this gal sure knows how to get hype around her albums,u Christinah fans might get mad but i for one havent anything about Xtina’s new single so if Gaga shits on yr fave just be mad at your fave.

    • mobwife August 6, 2012

      Xtina has the following of the very successful reality show “The Voice” coupled with the fact she can actual song. I think she will be just fine but I guess we will have to wait and see.

  13. DIGGER BEY August 6, 2012

    Cant wait to hear it!

  14. RAMKYSTER00135 August 6, 2012



    • kimberly August 6, 2012


    • FAF August 6, 2012

      DEAD @ J.Lo & Katy Perry & Nicki NOT being original but Bitchonce is?? U got the game REAL f***** up Ms. Sued & settled out of court is NO ONE’S originality..

    • mobwife August 6, 2012


      ADELE woud probably be considered the ONLY “supreme” person on either side of your list! Mariah is ok but Whitney Houston ( in her prime) was always better. Gaga is a gimmick and a thief (see Madonna’s entire career). Some have also accused Beyonce of stealing or as she states being “inspired” by other’s work. And I actually like Bey!

      Funny, you not only compared a mix bag of musical genres (R&B, Pop, Rap) but females to males 0_O! “LMFAO, KE$HA, JLOW, JUSTIN BIEBER” are gimmicks and media creations (also see Taylor Swift, Carley Rae Jesup, Miley Cirus & 1 Direction). The others you listed actually have a myriad of talent and ability.

  15. WATCH YO’ MOUFF August 6, 2012

    Her, along with Beyonce, Adele, Frank Ocean, are the LEGENDS of this decade. Whether your ass deals with it or not.

    The name of her album, though, got me all warm inside. I don’t know it’s……just so strange.

    • justsomekid August 6, 2012

      Well if that’s the case then this generation is beyond a failure in comparison to past generations.
      The fact that you just mentioned Frank Ocean has nearly made me vomit a little in my mouth.
      I mean besides the fact that he’s one of the first black male artists to come out as gay – what is it about his music/artistry that makes him a legend? ‘Cas when you’re talking LEGENDS within the music industry, and you look at Michael Jackson, Elvis, Kurt Cobain, Tupac, Madonna, Cher, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Whitney, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears etc…I don’t really see how people like Lady Gaga and Frank Ocean serve as the obvious successors. What you teeny bopper sheep fail to realize is that this generation has no LEGENDS. “Whether your ass deals with it or not” 🙂

      • Debbie August 6, 2012

        Frank Ocean’s name is only being mentioned due to his unique standing as a gay, black, R&B singer. I don’t see how his coming out qualifies him to be a legend?

        I agree with your overall point. I would however, caution that many of the legends you mentioned weren’t always considered to be legends. Perceptions change over time as an entertainer leaves a body of work by which to better judge.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 6, 2012

      I adore Beyonce, Adele, and Frank Ocean but they are NOT legends. Beyonce, of the three, is closest to legendary status. Adele only has two albums. & Frank is BRAND new. “channel/Orange” is fantastic , in my opinion, but it takes much more than 1 great mixtape and 1 great album to make a legend.

      & Gaga…legend? NO. Pop cultural force? Yes.


        F*** BEYFLOP!!!

  16. Matthew Charlery-Smith August 6, 2012

    Sounds a bit bland. Gonna have to have some good visuals for this to sell and not out-there, hard to relate to concepts like Born This Way.

    “Too much, too soon?” That should probably be the next article you guys publish on Gaga!

  17. YepYep August 6, 2012

    People who throw around the word “art” annoy me. They’re almost always pretentious idiots. I hope she delivers musically with this album. If it is “art,” she shouldn’t have to proclaim it. I’m curious about how it will sound.

    • FAF August 6, 2012

      How? it’s ART…LOL why can’t she call it what it is? EPIC

      • justsomekid August 6, 2012

        Oh I guess we didn’t realize that changing the widely-known term “Pop Art” into “ARTPOP” was um…art.

      • FAF August 6, 2012

        worry about your faves sales & why they can’t see the likes of gaga & nicki etc. NEXT!

      • GagaFraud August 6, 2012

        FAF, NO YOU need to worry about your fav, Gaga and her sales because Born This Way was a flop it was suppose to sell 17 million albums(because of SO much promotion) but sold 7 milllion. Rihanna and Katy Perry didn’t do as much promo as Gaga and still were close. #howsad

  18. Peter Griffin August 6, 2012

    I’ll be the first to call it ‘ARTFLOP’ if it’s an anticlimax!

    • monstarebel August 6, 2012


    • FAF August 6, 2012

      if you want to call yourself peter griffin, atleast be funny…

      • Peter Griffin August 6, 2012

        My mama called me Peter Griffin. I think this maybe some beef you need to take up with her…

  19. monstarebel August 6, 2012

    if this album is anything like born this way she can just keep that s*** no ones here for it

    • Saetana August 7, 2012

      No-one like the 6 million people who bought the album? Yeah right ;o)

  20. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. August 6, 2012

    Maybe He will sell this album for 50 cents 🙂

  21. monstarebel August 6, 2012

    I’m pretty sure he will we all know he’s pathetic and will doing to sell an album

  22. B. Hill August 6, 2012

    Far as I’m concerned, this album is already garbage. Gaga’s music is generally lame and she is wack. She can keep her Fartplop.

  23. kimberly August 6, 2012

    yall can say what yall want about lady gaga but she is talent and everyone knows that. At first it was all the gimmicks but behind the gimmicks she can stand on her own. Leave her alone.All those commenting are fans of artist that cannot hold a note, cannot dance, entertain, write, produce, cannot do s*** in music today, rely on social media, but walk to a studio with an engineer.
    One thing I must add it is interesting how artist abck in the day sold music and the world knew who they were based without SOCIAL MEDIA. Some artist would be nothing without begging on social media, including gaga.
    I love some of her music but cannot deny her talent. She likes attentiona nd she does not sstand alone when we have katty perry, justin beiber, niki and especially rihanna doing the most with the privatepubliclife

    • hopiy August 6, 2012

      blah blah blah B*******!!!

  24. christinastherealtalent August 6, 2012

    @ FAF

    Wow you are truly delusional because there’s no way in Hell somebody whose been out only 4 years has done more than somebody whose been out 14 years. Christinas also has more albums so don’t even try to argue that. You’re probably a teenager barely beginning puberty. Christinas getting ready to release her 5th studio album, (10th altogether including all Spanish, Christmas, greatest hits, and a soundtrack). Fall back b****

  25. Caca is Garbage August 6, 2012

    The Empress of Pretentiousness is back! Wonder how many artists she will swagger-jack in this garbage…uhm album (with apologies to the garbage of the world. Garbage & trash, you are better than Caca). Legend of this generation? Then this generation is going to the dumps with taste like that. I’m sure the little cretins who do not think for themselves (because of lack of brains) will eat this s***. Go ahead, eat everything that comes out of Caca’s ass. How much is it gonna sell now? 50 cents? Or as a freebee when you buy some teacups from target, so you can use this disk as a saucer. Have a fun day, cretins, and wallow in your shallowness.

    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

      Yeah but she’s rich and talented. What are you doing with your life?

      • XoMoDe August 6, 2012

        Gaga may be rich, but she’s anything but talented. She’s as manufactured as a block of cheese.

      • Flopnet August 7, 2012

        How about you? What are you doing with your life? Stanning for garbage & being brainwashed? Lovely.

  26. Debbie August 6, 2012

    I’m not a big Lady Gaga fan but I will give “artpop” a listen.

  27. Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 6, 2012

    She is now struggling to try to be “different”. Ran out of idiotic stunts? Because these seem stale!

    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

      Yeah but she’s rich and talented. What are you doing with your life?

      • Benron (In Rihanna’s panties) August 6, 2012

        What your doing, not being her.

  28. Realest August 6, 2012

    I hope with this album she worries more about the music than the so called image of the music.. I’m kinda over her image being in front of her music she is too talented of a singer to let tacky wigs, outrageous costumes and bells and whistles distract from her genius.. Leave that up to lesser talented folks like Nicki Minaj and Riri

    • prettigurlrockD August 6, 2012

      Very true.

  29. Suicide Blonde August 6, 2012

    Honestly, i don’t know what to think about her right now, everything she does is annoying me so much lately, since The Fame Monster she is morphing into Madonna, the ego is growing, nothing bad if you ask me but if you gonna be arrogant at least make something that nobody can compare to. She’s very talented but too much obsessed with being better than everybody in the Music industry, get ready for the hype, this is gonna be the album of the millenium, she will break Michael Jackson’s record for the longest video ever, her video will be 60 minutes long and let’s see in which style of Madonna she will inspire. She should be admitted to a psychiatric clinic for treatment for her obsession with Madonna, that’s been said, i hope i’m all wrong and she proves to be original for once, who knows maybe she reflected about it after the already classic shades of The Queen of Pop “Reductive” a new word to younger wannabes and don’t forget the slap in the face without hands of her mashup Express Yourself/ Born This Way/ She’s Not Me, that is how you shade someone, she killed her with tha, anyway good luck to her and her new album, she’s very talented and deserve respect just for that.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 6, 2012

      that Avi looks nice , Kurt from nirvana , right ?!

      • Suicide Blonde August 6, 2012


  30. D.C. Slim August 6, 2012

    Cant wait to hear it. Lady GaGa is a unique performer
    for her style and individuality. She writes and performs
    her own music.

    • EIEIO August 7, 2012

      You mean she steals her music…

  31. Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 6, 2012


    • Suicide Blonde August 6, 2012

      Look it Up

      • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 6, 2012

        no need , it became too mainstream cuz madge made it so ..

      • Suicide Blonde August 6, 2012


  32. Jer August 6, 2012

    Shut the F*** up. Born This Way was life. It was so sickening it was devestating.

    The Fame was four singles and the rest was full of filler. “Boys boys boys” “Brown Eyes” “starstruck” “money honey” “paper gangster” “eh, eh” . . . Those songs straight sucked. CHILE PLEASE on anyone who thinks that Vengaboys bubblegum s*** was hot

    The Monster album only had what 8 songs and still had a few duds. “So Happy I Could Die” “Dance In the Dark” and “Alejandro” are a mess.

    Born This Way was amazing, even the bonus tracks were great “Fashion if His Love” remix is my jammm. Samantha grrrrrl put the crackpipe and the hohos down you is a damn fool

    • MonsterDNA August 6, 2012

      Thank you.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare August 6, 2012


      @Jer, I’m with you on “Born This Way” slaying “The Fame.” Yes.

      But “So Happy I Could Die” & “Dance in the Dark” are the songs that actually MADE me a fan b/c I did not like “The Fame” at all.

      Oh well, it’s cool to see Gaga fans meet from different directions. & I adore the original “Fashion Of His Love.” It’s SO early Whitney. Haven’t heard the remix yet but will check it out.

      • JER August 6, 2012

        yeah no shade i’m just spilling because i’m so OVER these hos trying to downplay Born This Slay over The Fame JUST BECAUSE The Fame had bigger singles and was a bit more groundbreaking for pop music at the time #overit

    • XoMoDe August 6, 2012

      JER, you’re corny (and stupid) as f***.

      BTW didn’t “slay” anything except for the budget that it took to record and promote that left all involved in the RED because it didn’t sell as well as it was supposed to.

      Gaga is trash. I can’t believe in 2012, people are still pondering the potential of this 2009 cartoon novelty.


        ALL OF YOU ARE F***!!!

  33. GagaFraud August 6, 2012

    Lol ARTPOP. She’s so arrogant with her basic piano skills, mediocre vocals, even worse music. Sit your ass down Gaga. Her Album GenericPop will flop when it does I will throw it in all her fans(with Kindergarten IQs) faces.

  34. GagaFraud August 6, 2012

    @DC There’s no way in hell you’re black. Any black person knows she’s a horrible performer, can’t dance worth a damn. Good dancers do not look like their twitching, the choreography is also bad, let’s also remember Gaga does not come up with s*** her Haus does, a director comes up with ideas for her performance she’s not creative to do that. I have yet to see an outfit of “hers” to be original everything she does is unoriginal. Even her perfume(she lies and say no perfume has ever been like this) is unoriginal.

  35. john August 6, 2012

    madonna is not original. her whole image is based off of betty davis and marglyn monroe. her vidoes are based off of old movies. beyonce is not original either a lot of her videos and performances are rip off, off of othefr ppl performances and videos.

    people these days uses the words icon, icon, and legend to loosely. who ever said that adele and frank ocean are legends needa to sit down

    • Flopnet August 7, 2012

      You haven’t watched all of Madonna’s videos then, imbecile. What movie was Frozen based? Bed Time Stories? Gaga is not original either. Alejandro? Oh, from Vogue & Express Yourself. The beat? Ace of Bass. Sit all the way down back at the dumpsters.

  36. CRAMPED August 6, 2012

    Love Gaga!! But why does she always release the name of her albums so early?

  37. john August 6, 2012

    madonna is not original. her whole image is based off of betty davis and marglyn monroe. her vidoes are based off of old movies. beyonce is not original either a lot of her videos and performances are rip off, off of othefr ppl performances and videos.

    people these days uses the words icon, icon, and legend to loosely. who ever said that adele and frank ocean are legends needa to sit down. they havient even been in the business long enough to even be considered legends. dont get me wrong. i know talent when i see it. but they havient even earned thier stripes. frank ocean is one helluva songwriter. he and lady gaga can ger get pretty deep in their songs. youll think they talking about one thing. but when you pull out their cd booklet and read their lyrics you realize they talking about something else totallt totally diffrent. you might as well call poet/author isiah hurts a legend cause he lady gaga and frank ocean been in the business for about the same years.

    • Pop Royalty ( F*** Yo Fav) August 6, 2012

      gaga’s songs are Deep ?!!

      i wanna take a ride your disco stick , Judas jud2aaas , judaas gaga , oh la la , want your bad romance , just dance, gonna be okay are deep ?


  38. DIGGER BEY August 6, 2012

    Why are Rihoeanna c**** here, talking about gimmicks lol. RIHOEANNA = GIMMICKS! U c**** cant say anything about any singer. As long as u stan for Rihoeanna. Gaga is an True artist. She doesnt have to dress n weird costumes to sell. She has an award winning voice, unlike Rihoeanna. Rihoeanna have to dress like a s*** to sell. She has no voice! And thats called GIMMICKS! To bad the next record will FLOP worser than RATED FLOP & TALK THAT FLOP. #LMAOOOOO

    • Benron (In Rihanna’s panties) August 6, 2012

      Did you really just say Lady gaga doesent need outfits to sell *cries laughing*

      You have horrible grammar and are making insults at someone you don’t even know. If taking off your clothes is a gimmick, MooRiah, Beyawnce, Lady Floppa, Kathy perry, and many more are gimmicky



      • Truth August 7, 2012

        LOL! RR and TTT are flops. Since when is 3 million worldwide supposed to be an impressive number? Get back to me when the untalented tramp manages to produce an album that sees double digit millions. Until then, she’s a flop.

  39. MACHIAVIEL August 6, 2012

    Yeeeees You Go Lady G Your Real Fans Will Enjoy You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. CrazyCandice August 6, 2012

    i loved BORN THIS WAY

    I Dont Know What ThatGrapeJuice Is Talking About.

    But Im Still Excited For Her Next Album. 🙂


  41. Belladonna August 7, 2012

    She the Queen and People know it that’s why people hate her so much know one ever gave a f*** when Britney came out or when Xtina was big because they new that Brit and X didn’t have what it takes to take Madonnas place but everyone saw how big and powerful Gaga has become from Glee,Time Magazine,Forbes, Her tours, Gay Right, CNN Opening The 2011 VMAs her Albums, have over 28million followers on twitter
    – Everything, That’s way people don’t like her because they know shes the new Queen and her being the new Queen of Pop let’s them know that there old and shouldn’t be on this Blog!lol

    • Truth August 7, 2012

      There were enough spelling and grammatical flubs in your post to make an idiot stew. Shut your queeny ass up and go read an English book. You effeminate dumb-ass, you.

    • Flopnet August 7, 2012

      Queen of Copycats that is. If this is how articulate Gaga stans are, then God bless this f***** up generation.

  42. MRDIVABITCH August 7, 2012

    Mother Monster ready for slayage pt. 3!!!

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