Azealia Banks Reignites Nicki Minaj Twitter Feud

Published: Wednesday 1st Aug 2012 by David

It would appear The Mermaid has a bone to pick with  The Barbie.

Indeed, despite growing up in the same city, attending the same school and sharing a common enemy in Hip Hop darling Lil Kim, there seems to be no love lost between ‘212‘ gem Azealia Banks and ‘Roman Holiday‘  genius Nicki Minaj.

Find out why below…

On Monday, Ms.Banks found herself in embarrassing territory when she claimed she had been invited on Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday World Tour‘, only to be labelled a liar when the MC tweeted “#ManTheseB*tchesDelirious” in response.

So in retaliation, Azealia took to Twitter minutes ago to spew the following:


Though their spat may appear to have come out of the blue, members of Banks’ fan base ‘The K*ntz’ seem to have taken offence when her rival refused to acknowledge her existence in interviews following Summer Jam 2012.

For, when discussing the night’s events with DJ Funkmaster Flex and Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ subsequently, Minaj referred to herself as ‘the only woman on the bill’- despite Azealia taking to the stage just hours before.

All this, after Azealia ruffled feathers when she told VIBE in March:

I think a lot of the things she started doing with her look were distracting.

I think she’s talented enough to sustain a very fruitful career without the ugly wigs and ugly costumes.

In response to Banks’ tweets, social networking users  have chimed in with:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Honestly Speaking August 1, 2012

    Did TGJ really just call Nicki “My Ass Is Too Big” Minaj a rap genius? I should have stopped reading after that. Lies Detected.

    • Honestly Speaking August 1, 2012

      I never have understood this whole “feud” if you could call it that. Azealia is more talented and much more Hip-Hop than Nicki could ever hope to become. However, they’re both equally messy and if there really was an offer made for her to join the tour, if she couldn’t attend due to prior commitments then what was really behind her motivation to go on Twitter and say anything about it in the first place? this whole thing just reeks of two thirsty b****** trying to get a little promotion and attention.

      • Itsbarbie November 18, 2012

        Ok leave how the f*** is azealia more hip hop her whole mixture tape is weirdo hipster dance tracks. Nicki has has 3 hip hop mix tapes 1 hip hop album 1 half hip hop album and the ReUp is dropping on Monday not to mention all the hip hop legends nicki has worked with. Plus azealia is a crazy b**** she lied about Kim wanting to do a track with her and now she’s liens about nicki inviting her on tour, I mean if there really was emails she would of posted them no doubt.

    • Love on top August 1, 2012

      You stan for I cannot sing for s*** rihanna You have lost all rights to shade anyone LOL

      • Honestly Speaking August 1, 2012

        I do not stan for anyone but I am a supporter of Rihanna and her music. I think she is probably one of the most genuine female artists out there right now simply becase she has never claimed to be the best at singing or dancing but her music is fun and it’s genuinely good Pop music. You stan for a thief with little to no talent so your shading license should have been revoked somewhere around 2006-onward.

      • lordmir August 1, 2012

        you call rihanna a genuine artist lol. And after that you said beyonce is a no talent. Must be a joke!!!!

        You can hate beyonce but call her her a no talent show how you’re immature and sorely lacking in argument. Remember you love in many post that beyonce is a thief like many others in this business (rihanna, gaga) and a lot of big tubes of beyonce have been no cases of plagiarism (crazy in love, baby boy, single ladies ) you stan for a real non-talent singer who would certainly not known if it was not a nice ass. Rihanna does not compose, do not write and sing well live only once on 10, then call it a true artist does not make you gain credibility. The facts are there .

        I hope for you that you are 14 years because otherwise, it is ignorance and believe me it is worse than weakness

      • Realist August 1, 2012

        The HOODHIVE is so pressed of rihanna’s success. i find it funny how the topic at hand it base on two rappers but you’re so bitter that you some how manage to bring rihanna into mix who dosen’t have anything pertaning to the situation. it just shows how Rihanna have ya’ll rolling in ya’ll sleep. Don’t be mad at the world for supporting rihanna, be mad at yourselves.

      • Zoe101 August 1, 2012




      • Quetta August 2, 2012

        I agree with lordmir. @HonestlySpeaking you most def need to change your name. I love rihanna(music) but she has NO talent. Yet, you say beyonce has little to no talent? You need to start giving credit where it’s due…at least the beyhive can give credit unlike you stains. *Hands False Speaking a rope* Make it quick please.

      • lordmir August 2, 2012

        Realist , no, no, no, it’s a rihanna fan who brings beyonce on the topic, not beyhive. And i’m fed up with honestly speaking and his non sense argument, always the same thing. so i responded.

        RICHANDBEAUTIFUL, where did I say that beyonce had written crazy in love and co. So delusional. You must be 14 years also .

        Sure, rihanna is the most appreciate girl in the business mwahahaha.

        Basically, I have nothing againsthert, but you fans are about Who we hate it. Rihanna, a true vocalist, a genuine artist rihanna, rihanna a great dancer. It would be the model, with the number of photos to a half naked she does. it’s sad to settle for such a low level of talent in 2012

      • Realist August 2, 2012

        @lodmir WHUT? keep crawling out your keyboard.

      • lordmir August 2, 2012

        @Realist i love u too b****

      • Huh? August 2, 2012

        Y’all kill the f*** outta me. Rihanna can’t do this, rihanna can’t do that, all she has is looks. So why the hell is thousands of people paying to see her perform? mind boggling. I’m pretty sure they didn’t pay just cause of her looks. Or didn’t pay knowing she has no talent. Either she has fairy dust inside that cookie hypnotizing the crowd or the b**** is doing something

  2. Seriously August 1, 2012

    LOL, Azealia Banks obviously doesn’t want a career.

    • GURL August 1, 2012

      LMAO SAMM YOU’RE KILLING ME ——> “Roman Holiday‘ genius Nicki Minaj “. #slapthedelusional

      • FAFRELOADED August 1, 2012

        chick is so pressed.. it’s sad b/c she’s talented

  3. TAYLOR August 1, 2012

    Lol this is comedy, the funny thing is both of them aren’t saying nothing really their making open statements that can mean or be to anybody, whose to say its to each other. but even if its a little beef between them it will be funny they kinda of have the same since of humor.

    • iCant August 1, 2012

      Azealia @ her (Nicki Minaj)! If you look on her page. Nonetheless, she’s being a messy queen!

      • TAYLOR August 1, 2012

        Your saying A.banks is being messy?

      • iCant August 1, 2012

        Yes! A messy queen!

  4. Love on top August 1, 2012

    Azealia banks mouth is unfortunately gonna end her career She lies and seems very bitter

  5. quetta August 1, 2012

    Damn, Azealia is cray!!! I bet nicki lookin STOOOPIDDD!! haha

    • FAFRELOADED August 1, 2012

      when you’re 2 x platinum #1 in over 18 countries, on tour with a #1 movie, countless endorsements, you learn to keep your mouth shut… #takenotes #haveaseat

      • quetta August 2, 2012

        Why would I take notes from someones who’s flopping? made a guest appearance on an already successful movie? and having to ship the rest of their albums to become platinum on top of that her flop album struggled to get gold. So, I’d rather take notes from my thieving fav and no talent sit you ragedy ann ass #DOWN

      • FAF August 2, 2012

        you respond nonetheless.. #TEAM NICKI

      • Quetta August 2, 2012

        Yeah, I dragged your ass.. You dont have s*** to keep it moving —–>>>

  6. Sleazy August 1, 2012

    “Use GOOD texturizer on them naps, welfare Ariel.”

  7. MACHIAVEL August 1, 2012

    This Supposed Feud Is Irrevelant Since They Are Both Liars And Hip Hop’Punk Who’s Making Name Because They Do Pop Music While Proclaming To Be A Mc!!!!!!!!!!

  8. TAYLOR August 1, 2012

    Truth be told A.Banks thought she could say that she was invited basically as a stamp of approval by Nicki, and she thought Nicki would have went along with it because it would have made Nicki look like she’s for female unity, But her plan back fired and Nicki said what she said. A.banks did the same thing with Kim acting like Kim wanted to work with her.

    • Diamond Princess August 2, 2012

      I agree she made up lies about doing a record and now going on tour with an MC. I actually like her music but she’s making herself look desperate because Kim and Nicki claim that they don’t even know her lol! It reminds me of middle school where kids lied about who they dated or were friends with just to seem cool. It’s EMBARRASSING!

  9. IT’S TEAM LIL KIM BITCHHHHHH August 1, 2012

    She started with kim and now she’s starting with nick. she just wants ATTENTION.

    • RELLY August 1, 2012

      U mean she started with Iggy, then TI, then Kim, now Nicki, who next Bieber? this b**** needs to take a seat

    • Truth(IM GOIN IIIINNN ON THIS B****) August 2, 2012

      Ok ur name alone show u a dizzy b****

  10. monstarebel August 1, 2012

    ugh she’s starting to annoy me like gur people bearly know you, You need to CHILL TF OUT!!! as for nicki I do feel like she doesn’t have to do the over the top s*** like the retarded wigs n Halloween costumes she’s a lyrical genius!!!

  11. THE LEGENDARY LAX August 1, 2012


  12. c’mon now August 1, 2012

    I LOVE them both!! But this sh!t is messy, Azealia needs media training ASAP!!!! She’s taking it back with these grade school antics and its only making her look petty & late as f^ck. Honey booboo chile, put out a album first! Her mixtape was bomb but Nicki’s name rings bells, unlike her who’s still trying to differentiate herself from Iggy (who she also beef’d with).

    Nicki is just feeding her “barbs” drama b/c that’s all they crave. She doesn’t name drop b/c subliminals hit all ‘hating’ targets at once.

  13. haterzstaypressed August 1, 2012

    The problem with Azealia Banks is the fact that she needs to court and cause controversy in order to get her name out there. She had to pick fights with Lil’ Kim who says she doesn’t nor ever have spoken to her or known her – Iggy who has the bigger buzz and of course Nicki who is now a superstar. Azealia Banks needs to watch her mouth… she’s gone through various managers and labels. No one is going to touch her if she doesn’t quit this madness.

    She can’t talk about multi colored wigs because she wears them. She can’t talk about ANYONE in the game because she’s not in the game yet… The sad thing is that this girl has talent!!! But she won’t get anywhere unless she becomes a bit more professional. She knew exactly what she was doing by tweeting that s*** to Nicki. The problem is Nicki Minaj responded and fell into her trap. Same with Lil’ Kim – Same with Iggy. They all fell for Banks’ b******* blah.

    • ImMadAsHell August 1, 2012

      I don’t remember Kim responding to Ms. Banks, only time Kim talked about Ms. Banks was when 105.1 ask her about it & that’s what a few months later.

      Now the question is, She’s going to go back to following Kim?

      • Mickie August 1, 2012

        Probably not. The Kim stans hate her, the Nicki stans hate her and the Iggy stans hate her.

      • Truth(IM GOIN IIIINNN ON THIS B****) August 2, 2012

        At mickie…no man, kim has NO stans anymore. She can goto.hell for all we care chile

  14. Alex August 1, 2012

    Nicki really ain’t s*** tho. I don’t know why people claim to see her as a threat

    • miranda August 1, 2012

      She’s a superstar now.. f*** you talking about she not a threat lmao

      • FAFRELOADED August 1, 2012

        LOL @ not a threat

  15. That B*tch August 1, 2012

    Something doesn’t sit right with me. I don’t think Azealia would lie like that knowing that it would cause her embarassment.
    Nicki needs to have a seat with her skin lighteners, bird nest blonde weave, rhinoplasty, and blue colored contacts….this b**** is a disgracee.

    • iCant August 1, 2012

      not her skin lighteners!! LMAOOOO

    • lala August 3, 2012

      shame if she like those things then thats her all i hear is haters just cuz she do that dont mean u have to so what the problem

  16. Benron (F*** you h**) August 1, 2012

    Azealous tweeted she wont post emails between her and her booking agent. Its very hillarious that Nicotine Garbaj is in no control of that part of her career, but claims she knows everything #DUMBBITCH.

    Nicki claims she is a barbie because she is as plastic and brainless as one. They even have the same ugly wig! #GreatComparrison

    • OpD2 August 1, 2012

      and you have a brain,man you silly b-tch.

      • FAFRELOADED August 1, 2012

        No, b/c barbies make bank.. not sit up online hating #get a hobby, u jealous, pressed hater…

      • FAF August 2, 2012

        Nicotene Garbaj??? Did it take you all day to come up w/ that?? LOL

      • FAF August 2, 2012

        Nicki doesn’t hear u dusty queens…

  17. Sleazy August 1, 2012

    Say What bout Nicki She is an established artist Don’t Call her a Popstar cus She didn’t become famous for doing “starships” I love Nicki and even azealia But she is staryting off she needs to stop b4 she ruins her career

    • quetta August 1, 2012

      Your right she became famous for superbass..

      • Brandon Likewhoa Gilliam August 2, 2012

        Exactly! Bubble gum pop pop poppin.Just a mess.

  18. ImMadAsHell August 1, 2012

    This funny 30 yr old Nicki needs to let the real young girls shine. Her p**** is creaky. Come on Nicki fans, Nicki had a good two years now it time for others that are really young to shine over her old wrinkle creaky p****.

    Damn I love throwing Nicki corny lyrics back at her.

    • haterzstaypressed August 1, 2012

      Your comments are irrelevant. LOL. Nicki ain’t going nowhere so you and your jealous ass will deal. two back to back platinum albums, ridiculous amount of BB top 100 hits, and endorsement deals – oh a number one album! Nicki is here to stay until she voluntarily leaves this industry. She will retire with the crown cause these bum b****** aint hot enough to snatch it.


      • ImMadAsHell August 1, 2012

        I don’t give a f***, Nicki is an old ass b****, & now Ms. Banks is going after her. Now she knows how Kim felt. But I don’t give a f*** about both of these b****** because they both are phony & messy.

        That HS they both went didn’t know they are messy these two chicks are.

      • quetta August 1, 2012

        Uhm, Her Old Ass Is Done And You Will #DEAL

      • FAFRELOADED August 1, 2012

        Her commercial just debuted!! It’s on TV NOW!! hurry up go watch, f**! LOL

      • Brandon Likewhoa Gilliam August 2, 2012

        Sorry but Nicki’s star is slowly lowering. She and her wigs are on the decline. She needs to tar a break and regroup.

    • quetta August 1, 2012


      • FAF August 2, 2012

        Nicki is 29 banks is 21… DEAD @ that being old

    • ImMadAsHell August 2, 2012

      If ya’ll calling Kim old because that what’s 30 yr old Nicki taught ya’ll. I can throw her age back at her. She’s 8 or 9 year older then Ms. Bank. & Kim is 6 or 7 years older then Nicki.

      Now who got the old creaky p****, Nicki in this battle. & Nicki can’t use the word old or creaky to diss Ms. Banks. I can’t wait to see what her responds going to be to Ms. Banks.

  19. Tina August 1, 2012

    Both these h*** are wack.

  20. Sleazy August 1, 2012

    Dead at that FAT GUY sean essence whatever Avi Ugly and you saying nicki 30? Shading but you like that Gorl seat please

    • Sleazy August 1, 2012


    • ImMadAsHell August 1, 2012

      Nicki was born in 1982, how old does that makes her?

      • msteefromdc August 6, 2012

        nicki is 30..she’s old now..have a seat b****

    • Godron August 1, 2012

      When azealia “liqourice” flopped I was DONE that song was hit worthy people are just not interested *kanye shrug*

      • FAFRELOADED August 1, 2012

        Nicki is 29 going on thirty, and your point? Azealia is 21 & acts every bit of 12….

  21. LMAO August 1, 2012

    There is no mercy for Azealia on Twitter now. First the Kim stans, now the Nicki stans. Too harsh.

    “Hip Hop darling Lil Kim” This made me laugh for some reason.

  22. Lola August 1, 2012

    Nicki Minaj Ain’t Ending No One’s Career With Her Wack Ass Nursery Rhymes. Pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    • ImMadAsHell August 1, 2012

      Nicki career ended when PFRR came out. I think Ms. Banks know Nicki isn’t hot anymore & that’s why she’s going at Nicki.

      • OpD2 August 1, 2012

        both of you delusional wh-res keep dreaming….banks album is coming out thats why she is starting sh-t.

      • Godron August 1, 2012

        How did nicki career end with RR it only isn’t selling well in the states which aren’t even bad sales considering today climate…. Azealia Knows Nicki name Gonna get her attention and on blogs that girl like controversy use your brain

      • ImMadAsHell August 2, 2012

        After four months this is what she sold @chartnews US album sales: #31 @NickiMinaj, Pink Friday 2: Roman Reloaded 9,900 (598,000)

        Nicki start power will come to a end if not this year then the next.

    • FAFRELOADED August 1, 2012

      LOL @ u …. STILL here making comments??? Oh ok

  23. hh August 1, 2012

    I like them both. BUT AB needs to stop starting s***. that subtweet couldve been fowarded to someone else. still like both of their music tho. just azealia is MESSY.

  24. Godron August 1, 2012

    R.I.P to azealia banks Career 2012 -2012

  25. gio88 August 1, 2012

    someone should tell to azealia banks to shut up!!! she has beefs against everyone!!!!

  26. MC August 1, 2012


  27. Damn August 1, 2012

    @AZEALIABANKS said she wouldn’t show the emails between her & nicki manager cus its “unprofessional” but what she is doing now is far worst

    • haterzstaypressed August 1, 2012

      She said the same about showing emails regarding Kim, too. There’s a pattern here and I hope people start to notice. AB is all talk and dat about it.

  28. …. August 1, 2012

    Lol So azealia bankrupt waited till TWO freaking days after s*** died down so she could start talking again.. she is THIRSTY for attention.. Flop ass h**

  29. BEYONCE’S WEAVE (& HER “HIVE” OF HEAD-LICE) August 1, 2012

    Azealia Banks GURL Sit your ass on the floor in the corner, you’re far too irrelevant to be picking fights.

    Nicki Gurl, sit your FAT ASS in the corner, you’re far too old to be picking fights.

  30. kelly August 1, 2012

    Can we have the chart?

  31. WERK August 1, 2012

    Who the hell is Azul?

    Anyway… Whoever this b**** is needs to sit ALL THE F*** WAY DOWN. /


    Nicki is more relevent than your ass and you are only starting s*** with other relevant artist to get your name OUT THERE! No the F****** BODY knows WHO THE F*** YOU ARE! I HATE when B****** USE RELEVENT NAMES TO BE IN THE F****** NEWS!!! You CLEARLY want some ATTENTION! Azul is a THRISTY B****! Someone feed her some WATER!! I NEVER heard of this B**** before, and if I never heard your name in the news before and you are clearly BEEFING with a RELAVENT ARTIST, you are IRRELVANT and you are only doing this to get your ASS in the SPOTLIGHT!!!!!

  32. jamir21 August 1, 2012

    F****** ATRL wants to banned me from there site until September 1st because i was spreading the truth about Chick fil a and their gay issue..

  33. Suicide Blonde August 1, 2012

    Both are insignificant.

    • OpD2 August 1, 2012

      yes in your delusional work anything is possible,an sorry to break it to you but you wasn’t born that was[gaga voice].

      • URBAN August 2, 2012

        Girl, you should commit Suicide..

      • URBAN August 2, 2012

        @Suicide FLOP..

  34. Iconic Iggy August 1, 2012

    Hmmm. Iggy fans hate her. Kim fans hate her. Kreayshawn fans (yes she has fans) hate her. Now Nicki fans hate her. She has basically disrespected every relevant female in the game. The only ones she hasn’t disrespected are Trina and M.I.A. I honestly don’t see her having a career. Too many people hate her too early on in her career.


      Iggy had fans? Lol who knew!!

      • #Boom August 1, 2012

        Rihanna has no talent?….
        Who knew?….Everyone but the f** navy…

  35. Zizz August 1, 2012

    Bunch of sissies arguing over females
    I swear to god..what is the world coming to?
    Neither is talented
    Nicki wasn’t pretty until she had surgery (Check her pics out…shes like the fat,dirty version of what she is today)
    The banks chick is wack and ugly.
    Neither hold a candle lyrically
    Real female rappers are Lauryn Hill,MissyElliot,Lil Kim,Qeen Latifah,Jean Grey,Mc Lite, list goes on.
    Plus Nicki is a flop anyway….stop with the lies her album isn’t selling s***
    Seriously though too many f*** on this site

    • FAFRELOADED August 2, 2012

      Jizzz who are u? DEAD @ Sissies commenting on TGJ yet you comment.. What a f** who offends women versus defends them… and P.S. u need receipts, dear

      What’s YO status @ the bank….. ?

      • URBAN August 2, 2012

        It’s so inferior that you added your selection.. and your moniker is fitting.. ZITT
        you POPPED owt the game, F***!
        Nicki don’t hear u ……..

      • URBAN August 2, 2012

        U ugly, nappy headed wide nose f**** will do anything to try to ampu up that ugly d*** jean grae.. where was her chart position.. Nickis selling over them ugly black b******……STOP TELLING LIES LIES LIES! THEM H*** WISH THEY COULD HAVE SUCESS & CROSSOVER APPEAL LIKE THE QUEEN!!! LOLOLOL

    • FemaleWeezy August 2, 2012

      Enough of these lies… The queen is already spoken for, spooky .. NOW USE THOSE SMOKY BLACK FINGERS TO TYPE OUT A TANGIBLE RESPONSE.



  37. Viciousss August 1, 2012

    Oh…Azealia Banks is fighting with a female rapper on Twitter and making claims she’s not proving?

    Must be a Wednesday because this b**** is beefing with someone every weak.

    Smh. Oh Banks…you’ll go down in rap history for shortest career. You’ve pissed off damn near every female rapper fanbase and you don’t even have something significant to show for it.

    You didnt get Iggy’s magazine cover. You don’t have Nicki’s success. You don’t have Kim’s legacy in the business.

    You ARE delirious, and sadly you’re going through management faster than beefs. Proof you may have talent but not able to actually succeed or handle the demands of being successful.

    • gaia August 2, 2012

      It’s like AB is her own worst enemy she’s so talented so sad.

  38. Queen Brit Brit August 1, 2012

    Lol no one likes Azealia. Her 3 month career is pretty much dead. Poor pressed girl, her album wont even pass 20k

    • FAF August 2, 2012

      If she ever releases an album.. .she stay stalkin chicks on twitter… #PRESSED

  39. ENOUGH ONIKA August 1, 2012

    I’m not trying to throw shade, but I truly don’t get the appeal for this Banks girl…

  40. Roman August 2, 2012

    Well #1 in context, delirious still fits … #2 Nicki is gettin endorsement after endorsement, she does more than make music, she’s on the verge of her 2nd world tour. Sooo —> __/

  41. quetta August 2, 2012

    Honestly, if you really look at the situation she didn’t start with nicki. She just said what she read in her “E-mails* Nicki’s the one that called her delirious and when azealia replies..for some reason she’s in the wrong? Oh, and by the way she favorited my tweet,

  42. the real xoxo August 2, 2012

    Nicki is turning 30 in a few months and dresses like a f****** fruit loop.
    This beef could be really good for female rap. Azealia would demolish nicki in my opinion. not as hard as lil kim “black friday” demolished nicki though

    • FemaleWeezy August 2, 2012

      Lil kim’s black friday got her making sandwiches in a diner.. She can’t even have a hit let alone demolish anyone.. u sound delusional… ugly flop

  43. Trini_Minaj August 2, 2012

    Azealia is so bloody stupid, @#ManTheseBitchesDelirious is a line in her song Come On A Cone on Roman Reloaded. B**** si too stupid to live!

    • ImMadAsHell August 2, 2012

      Which Nicki took from Kim song.

  44. Realistically August 2, 2012

    The comments on here are so cruel. Don’t be an Internet bully. Both Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks are beautiful, talented black women who I want to be successful. Azealia is young, and has probably never been taught how to properly communicate. It isn’t yet in her personality to “hold her tongue”, and I believe that’s how she’s always been. So it may be hard to just turn that off all of a sudden now that she’s in the industry. Problem is, it’s affected her career by severely limiting her fan base. Nicki has one of the most strongest, loyal fan bases, behind Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, so you’re only asking for trouble when you diss her in any way. I don’t know how she can reverse what she’s done, because Team Minaj doesn’t forget anything, but I would suggest that she just keeps it cool until the whole thing dies down. Focus on the music, stay off Twitter, and do your job.

  45. Black kupid August 2, 2012

    Lol at dis chick she wen after KIM hoping to score massive point, well KIMMY acted like a boss lady for once by ignoring her , nikkiy and pets were too quick to embrace her . Now see what she is dishing out ! EAT barbie ! Eat

  46. FAF August 2, 2012

    Nicki >> Female Rap those categories are not alive w/o her.. so hate all you want on this blog.. LOL

    • FAF August 2, 2012

      LMFAO @ Azealia not having any chart positions
      DEAD @ Nicki being “old” when that line is used w/ lil kim everyone says she isn’t
      DEAD @ Nicki having 3 grammy noms and #1s under her belt w/ 2 Platinum albums, 2 MAC campaigns, an OPI line, a perfume, a clothing line in the works, a Pepsi ad, jeremy scott adidas commercial, and Ice Age 4
      ALL IN 3 years!! #ICANT

  47. honeydip August 2, 2012


  48. URBAN August 2, 2012

    you f**** will believe anything… smh

  49. TALES FROM THE KRIMBERLY August 2, 2012


  50. The Queen August 2, 2012

    I mean Shouldn’t Nicki be compared to Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry ??

  51. Sierra September 16, 2012

    lmao @ nicki minaj = the whole female rap existance. #1, she’s a popstar, not a mc and two, she been around what, 2 years? b**** please sit the f*** DOWN.

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