Report : Beyonce Readies Tell All Documentary

Published: Thursday 2nd Aug 2012 by TGJ

To say the last year has been busy for Beyonce would be a huge understatement.

Releasing the Multi-Platinum LP ‘4’ last June, announcing her pregnancy in August and welcoming her daughter Blue Ivy to the world in January, she is also set to start work on the Clint Eastwood directed ‘A Star Is Born’ later on this year.

So in a bid to give fans insight into her new world, Carter is reportedly readying a tell all documentary which she is to both direct and star in.

As of now, reports indicate she is shopping the project to a number of Hollywood studios and if they are to believed, it is likely to be produced by her ‘Parkwood Pictures‘- which she runs with a Mr. Faisel Durrani.

Curious to see what a Beyonce documentary would look like?

Peep ‘Year Of 4‘ above…


Your thoughts?

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  1. CaRIRIbean August 2, 2012

    Im yawning already.

    “My life is so beautiful.”
    “I was just so inspired”
    “It was my mama who told me to…”
    “When I wrote this I was…”
    “I was in the bathroom when I invented breastfeeding”

  2. Matthew Charlery-Smith August 2, 2012

    @Caribbean! Haha! I know! Someone on Twitter just slammed her saying how she could document anything: poverty, homelessness, developing countries, education and crime in the ghetto but NOOOO, it has to be about her!

    Mathew Knowles’ really seemed to instill in her the importance of being #1. She won’t let it go and just be normal! Oh well, here come the Beyonce stans excited they’ll have more from their “god” to worship!

  3. whats that smell? August 2, 2012

    must be CARIRIBEAN chicken….

  4. Mya August 2, 2012

    @CARIRIBEAN I see you’re the FIRST one to comment lmao! U rushed here see Beyonce’s next move

  5. iSpeaksTheTruth August 2, 2012

    There are many crimes out there that people commit such as Murder, R*** and a lot of other bad things…….but Beyonce gets SO MUCH HATE just for living out her dreams and making people happy with her music. What the f*ck?

    And Beyonce is doing something POSTIVE for OTHERS on August 19th for World Humanitarian Day. Saying that she only cares about herself is truly in understatement. 🙁

  6. king August 2, 2012

    She is not the first and wouldn’t be the last to have documentaries, but she is the first to get the hate from her positivity. WE HAVE STARS OUT THERE DOING NOTHING BUT STRIPPING, using obscene languages, dismissing interviewers, does nothing to rule their careers, full puppets but the one person who is just trying to satisfy her fans, egtting involved in her career is being hated on. I guess it is better for the blogs to tell you about her life right? Well news for yall, it won’t stop now. keep hating. The worst was at the beginning of her career and she conquered it. YESS. more of beyonce 2013 and beyond. stay tuned.

  7. Yesss August 2, 2012

    You Gotta Love The BeyHive They Will Sting The S*** Out Of You Lol. Im Pround To Be Apart Of Them <3 #BEYHIVE #BEYHIVELOVE

  8. Hello August 2, 2012

    People who hate her seem to be the first to comment on everything WASP! Love Bey and would love to see a documentary Katy Pery did it, Justin Beiber did it why can’t Bey?

  9. Matthew Charlery-Smith August 3, 2012

    The difference is that Justin B and Katy P have been around less than 5 years. Beyonce has 15. She only ever does things that pertain to her career. We know she does humanitarian work but her public face seems to be all about music, concerts, self-promotion, being glamourous, the House of Dereon etc. By contrast, Nicheaj Jackson at his peak was doing so much for charities and raising awareness about A*** with Ryan White and appealing to the Clinton administration to do more etc. Let me also throw in how through his songs he raised millions for charities and donated ALL the proceeds from his Dangerous tour to charity. Of course, not every artist has to do this as much as MJ but it’d be nice if we had at least one song on each album dedicated to humanitarian issues and social ills rather than Egos, Video Phones, and Partys.

    Beyonce has a good career, we know that. But if she really wants to “Leave her footprints in the sands of time” she needs to leave something worth remembering. Not Revel Beach concerts and Elements of 4, Mama Time’s costumes or a great weave. Neither should she leave behind a “hive” of stand who have replaced the meaning of the term Worship God with Beyonce. Some of you stand really need to get a life worth living. Here’s the truth, Beyoncé doesn’t save!

    Love and peace always!

  10. Matthew Charlery-Smith August 3, 2012

    Typo’s all over the place but don’t judge me, I’m using Beyonce’s old phone!

  11. Owen August 3, 2012

    what is this documentary going to be about because its not like there is something we dont already know about her, we already knowj everything

  12. Cocogoddess21 August 3, 2012

    Wamp wamp wamp! Boringgggg!!!!! The same ol boring story about her boring life!

  13. KANG-YONCÉ(catch the shade) August 3, 2012

    I CAN’T WAIT 😀

  14. Hello August 3, 2012

    @Matthew Blah Blah Smith you just essentially typed a whole lot of nothing, what you typed still does not validate your reasoning as to why Bey shouldn’t make a documentary. Bey isn’t MJ and why should she be obligated to dedicate songs to humanitarian issues does Mariah, Aretha, Janet, or Rihanna put songs like that on every album? You’re just nitpicking, artist aren’t obligated to try & save the world. Instead of asking Beyonce to donate and make songs for charity or talk about social issues why don’t you? You have a voice just as any entertainer why don’t you start an organization, or write a letter to congress, or even donate to kids in poverty check yourself before you check others.

  15. Champ J August 4, 2012

    I loved the moment at the end when she cried. I keep replaying it. Probably one of the realest moments she’s ever had on camera!

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