Must See: Rita Ora Takes Winning Streak To ‘GQ’

Published: Thursday 23rd Aug 2012 by David

Extending her lead as Pop’s most stylish newbie this week is Rita Ora, in these snaps taken from her recent shoot with GQ magazine.

Looking almost as fierce as her UK chart run, the Eastern European stunner’s spread in the publication is reportedly set to coincide with the US launch of her debut album ‘ORA‘.

So, until it arrives in its entirety, peep more from the said spread below…

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  1. White girl mob August 23, 2012

    TGJ here is kreayshawn album track listing she told me to tell ya to post it…

    Somethin bout kreayshawn album tracks listings

    1. Blasé Blasé
    2. Ch00k Ch00k Tare (feat. Chippy Nonstop)
    3. Gucci Gucci
    4. Summertime (feat. V-Nasty)
    5. Left Ey3
    6. Like It or Love It (feat. Kid Cudi)
    7. K234ys0nixz
    8. Bff (Bestfriend)
    9. Twerkin!!! (feat. Diplo & Sissy Nobby)
    10. Breakfast (Syrup) (feat. 2 Chainz)
    11. Go Hard (La.La.La)
    12. The Ruler
    13. Luv Haus

    People are calling this album a classic there saying its on a nas type level people also are saying its going to sell over 200,000 it’s first week… Kreayshawn has some believers man n***** are really behind this album being a classic. Pre-orders almost crash her site cause so many people are ordering this classic ass album. I’m telling ya kreayshawn is going straight to number one and I’m going to be laughing in all the haters faces I can’t wait haha sept.18 mark ya s***

    S*** MTV is saying this is going to be the biggest debut album of the year that’s big MTV said that WOW! Kreayshawn is on here way on being on eminem level.. MTV just gave kreayshawn some props yup kreayshawn you making big girl

    White brick mob is going to the bank with this one

    • Dustin August 23, 2012

      i can’t wait for when this album gets certified tin.

      • ty August 23, 2012


      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) August 23, 2012


    • Nika August 23, 2012

      U LIES and refusing to live in reality just makes me laugh. The only ppl that will be buying this FLOP of an album will be THE WHITE GIRL MOB, LOL. ….so funny, can’t breathe.

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) August 23, 2012

      U white b****!!!!

    • MJ Lover August 23, 2012

      b**** shut up i am so tired of your s*** white girl mob. Shut up flop c*** h** b****.

  2. RIH&BEY August 23, 2012

    She looks like a clown in the second pic… Leave the Fierce poses to Rihanna and Beyonce boo boo, mkay?

  3. WaitUrTurn88 August 23, 2012


  4. WTF August 23, 2012

    I quite like the first picture but the second one makes her look like a ladyboy.

    • RIH&BEY August 23, 2012


  5. Rihanna Navy August 23, 2012

    I like the first look, she looks like a true NAVY.

  6. DOSSOME August 23, 2012

    If only she could foresee where her career was heading,she would have gotten rid of the horrible make up and get married to Sam’s illegitimate father & begin raising her brats

  7. kelly August 23, 2012

    What is the point of doing this spread for GQ USA to coincide with her album. She is not a new act in America, she has released TWO singles in America which have flopped – why would American’s buy her LP? This spread would of been better off when HWD was launched in JUNE. We ( america ) are over this girl WHY WHY WHY WHY are they still forcing her on us?

  8. slimsexy August 23, 2012

    Watch me from the sidelines
    While I roc the life.
    Cute pics.She is s*** and she knows it!

  9. Mob: operation kill that [email protected]# 5head now August 23, 2012


    Remember when RihFUND was somewhat attractive like this girl? Rita is a TRUE talent. She’s pretty, fun, interesting and is making her way on her own two feet and not the back of an ex-TEENAGE BOYFRIEND!

    Go Rita!!

    • jamilaa August 23, 2012

      shut tha f*** up u vomit! disease! making her way how?

      • Mob: operation kill that [email protected]# 5head now August 23, 2012

        No you shut the f*** up as*wipe! She is depending on her TALENT! That’s how she is making her way in the business! The GIRL CAN ACTUALLY SING AND SING WELL!

        Go Rita!!

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 23, 2012

      Why are you obsessed with Rihanna you stan for a known crimminal, excuse her for being asked to remind people he almost killed her.

      • Lax August 24, 2012

        Mob is pressed and stressed beyond relief.

  10. kelly August 23, 2012

    I would not be surprise if Beyonce is using her own personal money to play for RITA non stop, forceful push – that no one is the world cars about. I have seen Beyonce new video….SHE IS DONE! She is now a faded diva, resting on laurel from yesteryear. She has a corny ballad that no on will buy; her video is cliche. In the video, she is fat and has the same old tired ass lacenet. Same old style from 2003 – only now more fatter, unfashionable and old. I have been on all the credible fashion sites – everyone is making fun of her new house of deron ad. They say, she should stop trying to swagger Rihanna’s edge, she does not have the body or style to compete with Rihanna fashion rule. No one care about Blue IVY, they only care about Angelina whike kids and Suri cruise.

    You can see why Beyonce is mad.

    • ty August 23, 2012


      • jamilaa August 23, 2012

        lol! co sign! dis heffa cray! buhahahahahhaha lmao

      • jamilaa August 23, 2012

        don’t like rita but c** on man! bey is the epitome of DIVA!

      • kelly August 23, 2012

        F*** yo feelings b****

      • Lax August 24, 2012

        TY no u need to be checked out KELLY
        is fine.

    • OK August 23, 2012

      I agree. I think Beyonce IS hoping for Rita to outshine Rihanna by contributing major $$$$ to her promo machine, since Rihanna is more popular than Bey at the moment, and is poised to get even bigger while Beyonce is fast becoming a has-been.

      Personally, I don’t think Rita will big outside the UK, not unless Jay & Bey plan to spend most of their earnings buying up her albums and paying for her singles to be #1.

      • kelly August 23, 2012

        Thanks. I will ignore the juvenile rants of those who are accusing me of murder and mental illness because I type a (popular ) opinion ( fact ) that they don’t share. In fact, I do it even more. I am in that ‘ f*** yo feelings mode’.

        The reason why Beyonce is financing Rita, is because she need Rita to take Rih out the game. Why? Because, white society never allows TWO black women on the top – there can only be one black woman. This happened with Tyra banks and Naomi Campbell. Halle berry was the number black hollywood actress, now Zoe saldana is the number 1 black girl.

        From 2000 – 2008 – Beyonce was the number 1 black girl who the whites ‘ accepted ‘ She got the mens mgas, fashion mags, beauty mags , deals, movies E! coverage, papped etc. That has all changed. Rihanna gets all that and more – She is the only black girls, who’s personal life can be on the front cover on US weekly, people intouch etc. The press never care who black women date – Rihanna is the only one.

        Beyonce is use to having it her own way…in DC all the girls had to bow down to make way for beyonce to shine, her daddy made sure. They cannot do that with Rih, so she is using her hubby and this white girl ( she thinks white is superior ) Look at her! She old, fat and is not s***, she cannot dress. Why should the media care, anymore?

        You are right, Rih is killing the game and taking all the attention. She has the hot music videos, music, s*** body, bad girl riri wackiness, the movies, TV show, fashion line, model deals, covers, personal dating life, fashion, tours, shows, twitter chat etc. So much is going on with that Island chick – we cannot get enough, that why she has beyonce, Rita Ora types trying to take her shine.

        Rita ORA is NOT big outside the uk – and I still feel she will be dropped.




    • veronica August 23, 2012

      kelly are you bridgit kelly by any chance? if you didnt notice ritas the only artist to work on rocnaion, not even willow worked with her superstar parents, thats not down to beyonce or jay or they all would have worked, that is down to RITA… take it or leave it its a fact..stay mad lol

      • Lax August 24, 2012

        Richandblack Rihanna is bigger then beyonce right now,
        and you and you bullies know this very well. Look at the tour, the popularity and who are we talking about, boo, boo.

  11. kelly August 23, 2012

    These pictures are not even GQ standard. My dad reads GQ. The women pose in elegant, s*** underwear, and s*** little black dresses. Think EVa mendes or Meagan fox / jessica alba. This looks like a crazy drag queen posing in tatoo magazine. When Rih doese GQ she shuts it down in her bikini and s*** underwear. She got a supermodel body – long legs and ass. This thing’s body is covered up because she is fat and short.

    • mel August 23, 2012

      wait for the full pictures before you go completely nuts LOL

      • kelly August 23, 2012

        I have seen the full pictures. WACK! Her body and s** appeal ( lack of ) cannot compete with Rih. Even Cassie – Even 40 yr old Gabriel Union.

    • veronica August 23, 2012

      kelly are you mentally ok? lol you write on all her posts… are you obbssed?

      • Lax August 24, 2012

        @kelly Keep schooling the lessors.They know
        the truth but refuses to accept it and that is that
        Rihanna is a hard act to follow even by beyonce hood standards.

      • veronica August 24, 2012

        @kelly kelly are you bridgit kelly by any chance? if you didnt notice ritas the only artist to work on rocnaion, not even willow worked with her superstar parents, thats not down to beyonce or jay or they all would have worked, that is down to RITA… take it or leave it its a fact..stay mad lol

  12. i’m not throwing shade, but… August 23, 2012

    I’m sorry, i just don’t find her attractive. I’m glad to see that she isn’t wearing the red lipstick that really doesn’t suit her.

  13. White girl mob August 23, 2012


    • Nika August 23, 2012

      U finally tell the truth – HAHAHAHAHA!

    • Suicide Blonde August 23, 2012

      Wow!…you make me laugh with this.

      • White girl mob August 23, 2012

        Who ever that negro is posing as me better stop.. S*** I will never pull some dumb s*** as in dissing kreayshawn. So who ever that stupid negro is better have some f****** seats s*** f****** dumb ass fool

  14. Suicide Blonde August 23, 2012

    Another look copy this time from Beyonce.

    • ty August 23, 2012

      thats not even beyonce u goon u r so obessed with king bey u claim ur fav is madonna yet beyonce on ur mind 24/7 u r n kelly r the same take ur damme meds

      • kelly August 23, 2012

        If you do not like what we say about your faves…..why the f*** do u read the comments? If idid no like I read – I WOULD NOT READ THEM, B****!

        Cos guess what? We are still gonna voice our opinion whether your ass likes it or not. So……..f*** u!

        # f*** yo feelings

      • Lax August 24, 2012

        ty you really do try very hard and u r not even
        making a dent yo ass and the likes and reads
        you got are pointless especially when you want
        to try and join many in trying to beat Rihannas wheels off because you see Rih’s goodness and hard work will keep right on shining through, deery.

    • kelly August 23, 2012

      OK! She is copying Beyonce, Rihanna, Gwne stefani.

      • Lax August 24, 2012

        what i want to see is Rita album sales , less see
        just how far beyonce and jay’s $$$$$ will go to
        try and make Rihanna kiss their asses.


    She looks nice …no shade from me I like RITA

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 23, 2012

      Shes copying when your fave copied Rihanna, I thought you would shade her cuz bey did it first (second)


        they all copy each other so whats the big deal….bUT keep in mind BEYONCE DID IT 1ST

      • Lax August 24, 2012

        Less see if rita can copy Rihanna’s singles and album sales since so many seem to think that Rihanna is at the bottom of the barrel and she made 53 million this pass
        year and i do not see another chick like Rita especially even REMOTELY close to the “HBIC’ that have got a STRANGLE hold on the compition. And Rita needs to out sale and out do Jessie j and all of those chicks before she tries to come after Rihanna. You don’t see Rihanna trying to take nobody’s crown all Rihanna does is keep working hard and living her life like it’s golden because Rihanna keeps right on paying the cost to be the Boss.

  16. Chachanana12 August 23, 2012

    Rihanna has no ass what r y’all talking about beyonce dresses more subtle. She has a child n husband she isn’t to worried about her clothes I mean as long as it matches what’s the point. I do remember that outfit she had in Paris was nice with the pink jeans. But y continue to compare r&b to pop. When it comes to Beyonce and Rihanna it’s who’s MUSIC u like better. If u like Rihanna u probably like her little pop if u like Bey more u probably more into rnb. Beyonce can’t continue to do little pop songs like single ladies n maybe freakum dress because she’s DONE IT. Then y’all would say y she doing the same stuff. She can’t win. Rihanna has been in the game since 2005 I think or 04 beyonce as a solo artist 03 or 02 not much of a difference from dil bday iasf n 4 she’s grown it seemed as I’d Rihanna went down what happened to there’s a thug in my like n if it’s loving that u want etc. now it’s all corny pop mess. She should do more ballad/ mid tempos like we all want love n stuff n a little pop no one remembers u unless u r Britney with pop. Basically thus what I’m saying there un comparable I mean at least compare her to someone who does pop so it can b pop vs pop. Geesh. Rihanna in short is being questioned if she can sing can not dance or doesn’t n overall performance level and performances consist of jumping up n down while walking back n forth. Beyonce is a great singer who can and dancer n do both at the same time while in heels n has been called the female micheal Jackson of today n even considered a legend among peers. She has performed with Prince and Tina and praised by Diana Etta Mary Janet Michael etc. the greats that came before her love her. The white house n UN even .People today don’t even note rihanna all artist that came after beyonce have said something about weather she’s their idol or get work ethic performances etc. Rihanna will be remembered but not the way her fans think n she may not be remembered at all 10 years from now. Because she has to do something memorable. Not just some number one pop songs. Not to many people note deon warrick I don’t know if she can sing but she’s not really mentioned I imagine bey being like in the group looking back 15 years from now with Adele people which equals the micheals b Madonnas b Whitney’s etc n Rihanna with the Dionne warrick group they r remembered but after beyonce n Adele b stuf n Alicia etc



    • Lax August 24, 2012

      @CHAC,,,,,,please put a sock in it, Rihanna has made His-To-Rih. Rihanna name get mentioned with the great’s dead and alive yo ass had better ask somebody. Rihanna is already in the music books the music HISTORINAS is writing about the CARIBBEAN who have come from such Humble beginning’s and made it big in the United States and around the world and is one of the BIGGEST pop artist Ever. And just so you’d know a few things like….
      Having the most #1 at a younger age then Mariah
      Like biggest digital seller
      Like selling over 20 million records i the UK
      Like being Social Networking Queen
      Like her and Chris Incident
      Like being called the biggest ho in the world, by hood Rats
      Like having 5 #1’s in five consecutive yrs and that has not been done since ELVIS did it very long ago
      Like having more songs in the top 40 like Aretha
      And the list of FIRST goes on so tell/type and talk shyt to
      the big oak trees out side because YO SHYT IS NOT SELLING HERE, WE KNOW BETTER BOO, BOO, TRY AGAIN.
      THATS a great read and yo ass have got it full
      with bull shyt, right on boo, boo.yeaaaah we will
      along with the WORLD & UNIVERSE will always and
      forever REMEMBER THE CARIBBEAN who came to america and kicked asses and took names, boo, boo,u mad? well try again to taint the caribbeans His-To-rih
      Making Career.

  17. Chachanana12 August 23, 2012

    What is beyonce a flop. I never undetstood mmmmm let’s c 4-300,000+ TTT-198,000 mmmmm who’s the flop 4-Platnium TTT- gold well about 900,000 mmmm who’s the flop. I’m just gonna assume u r a big pop person but love on top and party were urban hits n countdown was played time 2 time n I just heard dance 4 u on the radio yesterday n best thing I never had was played a little. I don’t c y people call beyonce a flop considering she sold more than Rihanna. Maybe cause Rihanna had that one big song. Idk maybe that’s what y’all call a “SUCESS” It don’t matter if Rihanna sell 500 as long as she got a single that’s a hit but most her singles come and go the only ones she’s really credited 4 are umbrella and what’s my name those r the major ones. But no stans no fans honestly y do y’all consider Rihanna this queen even though beyonce sold more. All jokes aside honestly tell me. N beys crown is still there Rihanna is just a little singles queen those come n go. Singles don’t make u the whole 360 succes. So 2 questions y is Rihanna do successful n y b a flop

    • Lax August 24, 2012

      @CHAC,,,More reason’s u r “All Blow” and No Go,,,
      These are Crown snatchers, Throne Takers , and things
      that make you COMMENTS NULL & VOID, ALMOST SEE
      There are some things that will stand in Court and some that will not and yo Case aganist Rihanna has HOLES, DEERY
      first….try to deny this…
      She’s been in the music business just six years, but Rihanna is the Only Girl (In the World) when it comes to digital sales.
      The Barbados singer has moved nearly 50 million digital downloads, according to Nielsen Soundscan.
      That’s more than any other artist in history and five million more than second best sellers, The Black Eyed Peas.

  18. Chachanana12 August 23, 2012

    N roseland sold out in 22 seconds n she added a extra day to revel I think 4 the people who where mad cause they were waiting at their computers n didn’t get to c her at roseland. Nobody’s saving their coins to c Rihanna unless they r a Stan because what they c on awards shows she pretty bad getting better though….

    • Lax August 24, 2012

      @CHAC,,,,And while u r doing the roasting and using Beyonce as yo Guide just know that there are some things in life that can’t be denied and the proof is in the puddingthis say’s it all and Taps Yo Well Deery, but hey keep trying to Pit Rih & Bey when the World all know that Beyonce has been in the Industry two times longer then Rih and has had all kinds of Formal Traning to get to where she is and RIHANNA HAS STEPPED out of Beyonce’s Shadow long, long ago and it shows big time.
      all Rihanna has toi do is try and keep living her life and she’s well on her way of cleaning up her personal life in a big way and the sky will/is the limits for Rih and i don’t care what you say think are Type, boo, boo.

      • Lax August 24, 2012

        This is just the tip of where i am coming from, boo, boo.
        and you want get no fight out of me because i know what you and the likes of you love trying to do, and that’s swept shyt that RIHANNA does Great UNDER the rug as Nothing and build the likes of beyonce and this Rita chick up but not so fast HOMIE DON’T PLAY THAT….LET ME SEE YOU TRY AND SWEEP, PUSH THIS UNDER A RUG TO HIDE, WHILE ALL THE TIME TALKING ABOUT HOW GREAT, GOOD BEYONCE DID, WELLLL,,,

        The Official Charts Company‘s Managing Director, Martin Talbot says: “Rihanna‘s record, in selling more than 20 million singles and albums in the space of seven years, is truly staggering. There certainly must have been something in the water when she – and Adele three months later – was born in Spring 1988!”

        And if all that’s not enough of a CV for somebody who is still only 24 YEARS OLD, Rihanna is also the only female artist in the history of the Official Charts to have featured on five Number 1 singles in five consecutive years (2007′s Umbrella, 2008′s Take A Bow, 2009′s Run This Town, 2010′s Only Girl In The World, and 2011′s We Found Love), and is the 10th bigest selling artists in the 60-year history of the Official Singles Chart.

      • Lax August 24, 2012

        @CHAC,,,,The world will remember RIHANNA
        for things like this and why you say RIHANNA want be Remembered that is yo ass, keep holding yo breath and talking out yo ass, because Rih is selling singles and albums and i don’t give one single care about how many albums she have dropped JAYZ ass dropped album after album one year apart For ten years straight and Eminme ha still out slod him so you can keep PULLING shyt out of yo ass and keep praying that RIHANNA WANT BE remembered and the only artist who,s going to be remembered is beyonce’s ass, boo, boo
        Albums & singles,,,,

        Rihanna has achieved record sales of 20 million in the UK with six million albums and 14 million singles sold.
        Rihanna has sold 20 million records in the UK.
        The 24-year-old singer has sold six million albums and 14 million singles since her debut, ‘Music of the Sun’ in 2005.
        Haters keep right on talking out of yo asses fine by me , navy, rihanna!

  19. Hd live August 24, 2012

    Rita rocks once again

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