“Welcome Home”: Rita Ora Receives Warm Welcome In Kosovo

Published: Saturday 8th Sep 2012 by David

As one of the nation’s brightest stars, Rita Ora in many respects has become an national treasure in Kosovo.

The above was all too evident when the chart topper returned to her homeland hours ago, receiving what we’d call an epic welcome- days after gracing the MTV Video Music Awards in LA and the ‘Made In America Fest’ in Philadelphia.

Moving footage below…

Reports indicate she is to shoot the video for ‘Shine Ya Light‘ during her stay in the country.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Slayara September 8, 2012

    And people say she’s not a star?! This girl was destined to be a mega star and in the end TALENT always wins. Stick with Beyonce and you’ll be fine girl.

    • 16Grammys. September 8, 2012

      ooooooh the navy are here. thumbing down comments already. Why are you jealous of Reuh. Cos she’s down with the Kang and the only Rihanna is down for is two balls and a pinata stick? Is that it?

      • Aaliyah Is Queen B**** September 8, 2012

        Exactly! What did Rita do to them? Rita Ora and Rihanna are supposedly cool with each other, so why the unnecessary negativity? I guess it’s true what they say, It isn’t the people in the forefront causing problems it’s the people behind those in the forefront. Very childish!

    • ++++ September 8, 2012

      go rita i cried with u as if i know u …… very happy for u girl and continue to stick with beyonce u will get far

      go rita go

    • BEYHIVE September 8, 2012

      why does she need body guards?? all i see is few rug rats running around the place. #STAGED

      • James227 September 8, 2012

        All artists need bodyguards. Stop being so hateful

      • BEYHIVE September 9, 2012

        @James227 how am i being hateful, why would she need a bodyguard. people hardly know this chick outside TGJ :/

      • kiara September 12, 2012

        She needed the bodyguard for what would go down later – crowds of people in the hundreds:


    her country folks clearly love her……… i wonder what language she was speaking…

    • NANA Yaw September 8, 2012


      • NANA Yaw September 8, 2012


    • Sarah Says September 8, 2012

      Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian or Croatian…. maybe one of those.

      • LIKICA September 8, 2012

        Serbian, Bosnian or Croatian are the same language, even though they are all have different names 😉 Serbian and Albanian are official languages of Kosovo (which is the heart of Serbia) xD

      • berti September 8, 2012

        she speak albanian end she is from kosovo

      • Bella September 8, 2012

        Serbian, Bosnian or Croatian might be the same language, but serbian IS NOT the official language of KosovA, te serbs went to war with albania and claim that, and for your information LIKICA, KOSOVA IS NOT THE HEART OF SERBIA!!

      • kiara September 12, 2012

        She is speaking Albanian, and not maybe for I can clearly understand her. Also, Serbian is NOT an official language of Kosovo but Serbs live off of lies, it’s their modus operandi. The official language of Kosovo is Albanian.

  3. BeyWhoUR September 8, 2012

    Yes b****!! Giving me Evita teas. Im so happy shes getting the recognition she deserves and that Jay z is cosigning her. Had enough of goat sounding b******.

    • James227 September 8, 2012

      I’m also happy for her thanks to Jay-z he will make her a star or even a mega star.

  4. KPussy September 8, 2012

    at least rita gets love in her country. everyone in Barbados thinks rihanna’s a s***.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 8, 2012

      Yes, which is why they named her the ambassador of Youth and Culture, because they want their children to grow up to be s**** like her

      Who was even talking about Rihanna?

    • Truth September 8, 2012


    • kelly September 8, 2012

      That is all u have. Calling her a s***. But where are ya numbers?

      Rita Ora will be perceived as s*** sucking off black men to get signed and tracks, and that will sicken racist eastern europeans even more than anything Rih has done.

  5. KeriBirdson September 8, 2012

    how funny.
    look at the order in the most juicy section.

    Beyonce and Rita at the top, Beyonce after and then Rihanna is the lowest of the three. Definitely a sign haha.

  6. MinajMonstah September 8, 2012

    This b**** has got the Titanic girls shook up cos they know she’s about to give Chris Brown’s b**** a run for her coins.

    Get to running b****. you wanna throw shade at nicki when she has two number one albums and you dont even have one.

    • BlueIvysGrammy September 8, 2012

      shade her!!
      b**** coming for young money but shows love to fistopher.

      • BEYHIVE September 9, 2012

        lol these b****** delirious.

  7. coco September 8, 2012

    This made me cry, i think she deserves everything….

  8. Sarah Says September 8, 2012

    Is that it!!!
    I mean, its hardly One Direction in NYC, Rihanna in Paris! This is your own country. She was better off going to either Westfield’s as she would’ve seen more “fans”
    Some unknowns just want relevance. Yeah, she’s putting Kosovo on the map but who else where they looking to, to do it? I guess it gives them poor kids hope – modelling and music.
    Maybe now they can confiscate her passport.
    Considering Kosovo had issues with radiation its slightly distasteful to film a music video to a song with that name there

    • 16Grammys. September 8, 2012

      oh would you f*** off. The Hive have heard about the attacks Rita is getting on here and it stops today. Try us an see what happens.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 8, 2012

        The hive doesen’t care about Rita, they use her as a pawn. They hate Rihanna and really want this girl to get rid of her but they don’t actually want to support her.

      • Sarah Says September 8, 2012

        @ 16Grammy. Sorry, who are you? Certainly not the king (or any authority) over me.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 8, 2012

      “Considering Kosovo had issues with radiation its slightly distasteful to film a music video to a song with that name there”


    • berti September 8, 2012

      f*** off sarahhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Idk September 8, 2012

    Thatcuntjuice get off this girl top damn u post her every foot steps

  10. MC September 8, 2012

    Is this really post worthy?

    • 16Grammys. September 8, 2012

      just as post worthy as janets floppy disk discipline.

      • MC September 8, 2012

        Lol I am not a Janet fan/stan so what you say doesn’t affect me. I just like dedicating my avi to icons and legends (paying respects to the greats), which you know nothing about as you stan for a stealing “inspired” fake b****.

      • MooRiah Sucks! (PIGRIAH CAREY HATER) September 8, 2012


  11. There is enough place for every artist – Stans stop hating others September 8, 2012

    Albania and Kosovo are two different countries…

  12. 16Grammys. September 8, 2012

    so here for Re Uh.

  13. kelly September 8, 2012

    She is running back to claim Kosovo, because Britain – the only country dumb enough to buy into her hype, has awoken! People on the UK blogs think she is rihanna / jessie J / beyonce/ gwen stenfani wannbe with wack style.

    She ran to Kosovo because , on Sunday, the sales figures for Ora come out. And we all know, that her super heavily promoted album is crashing out of the chart, after taking only 41k. Rihanna’ MOT took 69K ; went gold in USA / UK in 5 months and spent 35 weeks on the American chart. And they say know one was checking for rihanna in 2005? How many singers do that now? Even MOT shitted all over over hyped Frank Ocean.

    LOL LOL Shame for you MTV, serves you right! MTV used RIP / Rita for the VMA commercial and allowed her to present an award …..What were the viewing figures for MTV? 6 mil the lowest in history. That is what u get MTV, when you endorse flops – you flop too!

    RIP has now been officially cancelled in America LOL LOL This girl has been out 7 months – what does she have to show?

    Rihanna at 7 months had a gold seliing LP in the UK / USA AND Two monster platinum smash worldwide hits. Not band for a teen who made an LP in less than 12 months.

    • Noel September 8, 2012

      YOU are an idiot. Like how do you even function in the real world. Do you have friends or a life? It’s not healthy..really.

      • kelly September 8, 2012

        That all you have b****. You do not know me. That is all u have. Where are ya numbers? I got Rihanna numbers, where are your sales figures? NAAH, you aint got numbers. LOL LOL

        POOR DAT

      • Noel September 8, 2012


        You obviously need to go back to school…are you a dropout or something? You’re not going to find any real job with that type of grammar. There are some really good grammar sites you could check out, though. Try them! 🙂

    • ENOUGH ONIKA September 8, 2012

      I’m not even gonna lie, Kelly may seem a tad bit much at times but she comes hard with those facts which I like. It’s not the typical “she’s an ugly b*tch” or opinionated posts about what YOU think is a flop, she uses legitimate figures to back up her statements as to why Rita’s a flop and it’s true. Point blank. You may like her but the truth is in the numbers and the general public reception doesn’t lie…#Sorry

      • kelly September 8, 2012

        People lie

        Senators lie

        Presidents lie

        NUMBERS DON’T!

    • zzzzgg September 8, 2012

      Mtv 6 million views wow! I heard Rita sing but her voice is to bland for me. She is an OK Singer I guess but she is no Beyonce or Rihanna. People love to hype up Rita because they hate Rihanna.Rihanna might not be a powerhouse but her voice is distinctive. Remember Rihanna MOTS era was not based on controversy yet she still managed to have hits and gold album.Rita using Beyonce to get her name out there.At least Rihanna wasn’t shoved down our throats when she was a newbie.What reason is Rita presenting awards?

  14. kelly September 8, 2012

    She also ran back to Kosovo because she has been shitted all over by a REAL TALENT: Emeli Sande, so she is not even the queen of the UK girls.

    So now, she is going to a country where she can shine – cos she cannot shine in teh UK. And we all know she will never make it in America, no matter how hard she keeps forcing. Now, she is just a desperate, basic b**** with millions to recoup.

    And the budget to make a video with her crew in Kosovo….? IT IS ALL ON HER TO RECOUP. It is not coming out of Rihanna’s money.

    • AlreadyHere3 September 8, 2012

      did she steal your boyfriend, you seem pressed.

      Rita isnt a great singer but she comes from a class of singers like Kelly (clarkson not rowland) who are actually musicians. what can rihanna except play with her v***** and sing esther dean songs.

      • kelly September 8, 2012

        That all you have b****. You do not know me. That is all u have. Where are ya numbers? I got Rihanna numbers, where are your sales figures? NAAH, you aint got numbers. LOL LOL

        POOR DAT

  15. THE GAME September 8, 2012

    Kelly, guuuurl….lol

  16. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 8, 2012

    Ritabots are so desperate. Up on twitter calling Rih a b**** because she doesen’t like Rita, which is apparently mandatory. And now there bashing Rih per usual because she stands RIGHT in their faves way.

    The navy is litterally just arriving, Im commenting after Kelly did like 10 minutes ago, she is the only one who will even give Rita the time of day. Too bad its only t olet everyone know how bad she is flopping #POORDAT

    • kelly September 8, 2012

      And they think my taking personal shots at me or even threatening is gonna change the fact that this flop WILL GETTING DROPPED. LOL LOL

      • MooRiah Sucks! (PIGRIAH CAREY HATER) September 8, 2012


      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 8, 2012


  17. HBF82 September 8, 2012

    Kosovo is still part of Serbia. The partially recognised Republic of Kosovo declared itself an independent state in 2008, and has control over most of the territory, although North Kosovo, the largest Serb enclave, is largely under the control of institutions of the Republic of Serbia or parallel structures subsidised by Serbia. Serbia and a number of other countries do not recognise the unilateral secession of Kosovo and consider it a UN-governed entity within its sovereign territory.
    Kosovo je srce Srbije.

    • Dann September 9, 2012

      You f****** stupid serbs never grew up, you are still watching the world through Slobodanj Miloshevic glasses thinking this way,

      And who was talking about politics in here you serbian dicksucker.

      We listen to serbian singers on daily basis and that doesn’t mean that we will ever forgive you for 15,000 civilians slaughtered and masacreded just 12 years ago, among them 800 children under the age of 5 killed. and you still use those glasses,

  18. RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

    Get it Rita….you are a star, the Navy is so pissed off and PRESSED leave Rita alone

    • zzzzgg September 8, 2012

      The only thing that pisses the navyyy off is when people shade Rihanna to make Rita look good.It has nothing to do with Rita becoming a star. Its about the hate for Rihanna.People are literally forcing themselves to like Rita because of Rihanna hate.

  19. kelly September 8, 2012

    Beyonce is so bitter and jealous. HWD peaked at 62 in America. RIP was at 535 on itunes and has now been cancelled Ora opened at 41k. So, those with any common sense, should know that, you will naturally lose your deal because of it. A label cannot support someone who just is not making any money. It would of happen to Britney, gaga, Em etc too. Even Rihanna and Usher would of got dropped if she did those numbers.

    Not only has the girl not been dropped, she be treated like a movie star – going Jimmy Kimmel show, hosting award, appearing in magazines, billings on music festivals etc. That is so suspect. There have been many, who have outsold Rita, but get dropped. Jay Z and Beyonce, you are so sad it not even funny.

    The gig is up, their plan will explode in their face. Hopefully Rita Ora get pregnant by Jay Z and destroy that marriage.

    • kelly September 8, 2012

      I can’t believe Ciara – a proven platinum singer – who has had hits got dropped for having one poor selling LP, while this no name is being treated like she is a movie star

    • RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

      you just mad cause rihanna wasn’t treated like this when she first came out……you will be alright

      • kelly September 8, 2012

        You are just mad that Rita ora is not selling like 17 yrol Rihanna LOL LOL You will alright. Rita will not…..when sony drop HER LOL LOL

      • RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

        learn how to type you sound so GHETTO

    • Britbutnotproud September 8, 2012

      If Rita flops its because of the over hyping by Roc Nation. Even the (and I hate to admit I read this gutter press) Daily Mail readers and other tabloid readers are now getting fed up of seeing Rita in the press. Comments like “wanting to make her happen” and shoving her down our throat” is commonly quoted every time there is an article about Rita. Message to Jay Z “stop pushing Rita down our throats and maybe she will start to happen.

      • kelly September 8, 2012

        i have told u from say one. It has nothing to do with Rihanna fans. Even the white blogs can see right through this overrated generic ass. EVEN THAT DAILY mail readers – who do not like Rihanna too – say she is a Wannabe Rihanna. People are sick of her. The only people who claim to ‘ like ‘ her and are ‘ fans ‘ are those who hate rihanna.

  20. kelly September 8, 2012

    HI haters,

    Where have you bee and WFL are on the AMERICAN ITUNES CHART

  21. WaitUrTurn88 September 8, 2012


  22. Spot Love September 8, 2012

    lol @KELLY you went in on these fools

    • kelly September 8, 2012

      That is why the attack me personally.,

      Telling me to kill myself

      Calling me names

      saying I am ugly

      I am not in the real world

      LOL LOL I love it, cos it means, I am speaking the truth, they no I am right, and it hurts.
      Did rita take my man etc They can say that, they do not know who I am

      Bottom line, they can diss me all they want on the net, she is still gonna get dropped.

      • Dann September 9, 2012

        Who gives a sheet if she Rita is gonna get dropped you stupid b****, she is very smart intelligent girl and she did some very good music, I just simply like her songs and what I like the most of her is that she is a great person just listen to her interviews, she is a very distinctive person for me, and remember common people do not give a sheet about numbers, they can just like you or not,

        F*** off with all the hate and the s*** you are spreading over here NEGATIVE girl..!

  23. kelly September 8, 2012

    All these Ritabots who really just hate Rihana say we are attacking Rita. No we are not

    She came in with 41k – not n attack – fact

    HWD peaked at 62 – not an attack – fact

    RIP never even charted on itunes top 100 – not attack – fact\

    Emeli Sande has murdered her in the UK – NOt an attack – FACT!


    • king bey rihanna swag September 8, 2012

      Do u have a life outside rita ora u r so pressed I thought u were a navy member u say same thing over n over even navy members think u nuts

      • RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

        Don’t mind that fool it is CRAZY

      • kelly September 8, 2012


    • Likica September 8, 2012

      omg, you are so annoying. stop repeating the same s*** over and over.

  24. RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

    to the Navy if rihanna is as good as y’all say why worry about RITA

    • kelly September 8, 2012

      we DO NOT EVEN WORRY ABOUT LADY GAGA OR EMELIE SANDE. You Emelie Sande – she is the one who murdered and slay RITA ORA IN ENGLAND

      • RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

        what are you talking about , I like how you avoided the question.

    • Likica September 8, 2012

      kelly is a lifeless pressed h**. she makes me like Rita Ora 😀
      btw miss this song 😀


        Awww!!! Look at bey and her b*** pads!!!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA September 8, 2012


      • kelly September 8, 2012

        Wow, that is a very overweight, sloppy woman. How old was bEYONCE AT THIS TIME? Surely she has just has her baby…she cannot be under 30 with a body like that? I mean, with all the money, personal trainers etc this is how she looks?

      • kelly September 8, 2012

        Beyonce was 22 when she done this video. Look at what she is wearing, this ghetto pink tina knowles crap. Look at the video! No art direction or cinematography. Just one big ghetto mess.

        Rihanna at 22 was wearing Marchesa, Agent provocateur , Alexander Mcqueen in Only girl

        Rihanna at 22 was making videos in Jamaica, that had an actual story line and concept. Rihanna at 22 was sexually teasing like Madonna, in SNM, being inspired by avante garde photographers like Dave lachapelle.

        No wonder beyonce is jealous and mad, and wants rita to take rih out the game. Compare them by age and you will a 22 yr old Rihanna would of s*** over a 22 beyonce.

  25. kelly September 8, 2012

    Can anyone try and guess what this flop has to recoup? S***. Who wants to be in her shoes? Damm…run into millions!

  26. kelly September 8, 2012

    All they have is personal verbal abuse blah blah. Well I thinking like the head of sony………I WANT TO SEE NUMBERS, F*** WHAT SAY, SHOW ME THE NUMBERS!

  27. kelly September 8, 2012

    Let us not talk about Rih cos this flop cannot even do what Rih did at 17. Let us talk about Emeli Sande. Unlike Rih, they know they cannot say Emelie can’t sing or write.

    Emelie released her debut album and guess what she opened with? 111,319 – the second fastest selling debut after, guess who? LANA DEL RAY – ANOTHER REAL talented newcomer. LOL LOL Oh s***, Lana del ray and Emeli have shitted all over Rita even before her LP dropped.

    In fact, Lana del ray debut became the best selling first week debut for a female, since Susan Boyle. Do Rih fans fear lana and emeli? NO.

    Rita is a over hyped, flop in the UK. Emelie Sande is releasing an delux version of er LP in october. WATHC IT F*** UP RITA wack album sales.

    Her only big selling singles was the one with tiny tempah and the dj fresh.

    HWD crashed out after one week and it will not even be top 1 this week/

    So u see, all this flop was, was nothing but name dropping and hype. Cos when tally up the numbers…….she aint s*** – even in the UK

    • kelly September 8, 2012

      Oh yeah.

      Remove the name dropping, hype and that huge multi million pound promo campaign and this girl would not of ven got i to the top 100. There is not talent or substance. Everyone ( even folks in the uk ) can see right through this basic ass generic flop b**** who;s wig got snatched by littler Cher lloyd , Carley Rae, Karmin etc. The amount of B list singers who snatched this flops wig is too funny. She got beat by Cher lloyd from X factor. Cher L is on course to sell a million singles in America.

  28. RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

    Rita is giving me LIFE in this pic ….she is pretty girl

    • BEYHIVE September 9, 2012

      lo lreally tho, well if this is giving you clearly have no life. no wonder you’re on this s*** 24/7. if the shoes fi ti suppose you wear it lmao

      • RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 9, 2012

        In order for you to know I’m on her 24/7 means you on her 24/7 …..suck my c*** from a distance, better yet suck my ass hole lips …

    • RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 9, 2012


  29. Nai September 8, 2012

    I like Rita and I think that she is holding her own very well amidst all the hate. She interviews well and she seems very thoughtful when it comes to interacting with her fans. I thought “Ora was a solid release as a debut album. A few of her tracks are reminiscent of Rihanna tracks but I think that’s a Roc Nation thing. They (Roc) use the same producers and writers to create a certain sound for a certain demographic so the similarities can’t be ignored. There are also a few tracks on “Ora” that sound similar to tracks Cheryl Cole did for her “Million Lights” album. That is probably because Rita’s team was trying to capitalize on her UK roots. And show that she is comparable to artists such as Cole (and when I say comparable, I don’t mean talent wise I mean comparable as in building a brand or making Rita appear to have star appeal similar to Cole). I think that part of Rita’s problem is her image. Outside of her blonde hair she lacks a unique and identifiable style. I am all for edgy and quirky or bold and colourful but Rita looks like she doesn’t think before she puts an outfit on. Regardless of how old you are, there are certain outfits that are more appropriate than others depending on the event that you are attending/performing at.

  30. RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

    Rita is giving me LIFE in this pic ….she is pretty girl no shade

  31. IOTA September 8, 2012

    I love how staged this looks

    • RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

      it did look a lil staged , I was thinking the same thing

    • kiara September 12, 2012

      Yea, look how staged the crowd in the hundreds looks:

      So staged huh?

  32. kelly September 8, 2012

    Let is not even compare this Z list flop to AAA list Rihanna. That is like comparing diamonds to poo.

    Let us talk about Lana Del ray, emeli, Carly rae, karmin, cher L, Jessie J.

    Lana del ray sold 50k in her first DAY – SHE S*** ALL OVER RITA WEEKS SALES IN ONE DAY. LANA had sold 2 million copies worldwide. LANA has not had a number 1 album in america – so that blows your Rih does not have a number 1 in the USA logic. Lana debut done better than rihanna – but is Lana a superstar like Rih? No, she is not even on Rih level. Lana, however, murdered Rita.

    In fact, Lana’s album sold half a million copies ( 500k ) in the UK in 6 months. Rita Ora is crashing out of the UK chart as we speak after one week. LOL LOL What a waste of money on this basic b****.

    Rihanna LP has not gone number 1 in the UK? Jessie J lp has not gone number 1 in the UK, and we all know jessie J shits all over Rita ora.

  33. rich September 8, 2012

    Very staged,am sure they picked some random kids around to act excited.Anything to turn her into this big star I guess.

    • RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

      I wouldn’t say all that

    • kiara September 12, 2012

      Baby boo is this staged too:?

  34. kelly September 8, 2012

    Jessie J debut LP – THE one that did NOT go number 1 in the UK has sold 2.5 million copies worldwide. Even jessi canot f*** with Rihanna.

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Lana del ray – an american sold more in her 1st DAY in the UK than Rita did in the first week. LOL LOL

  35. SDF September 8, 2012

    Well,Albanians stole Kosovo from Serbia,but Kosovo it is,and it will always be a part of Serbia.Albanians came to Kosovo decades ago because they were like nomads and now they want to take Serbia’s land, but it doesn’t belong to them.One thing that is important for Albanians is that they stick together like hell.They are all over the world ,connected.No wonder why Rita Ora became popular so fast.I’m not sayin’ she has no talent,cause she has,but I think that Albanian lobby helped her a lot.

    • Britbutnotproud September 8, 2012

      Mother Theresa of India was Albanian (May she RIP).

    • kiara September 12, 2012

      You damn delusional Serbs never learn. Kosovo has ALWAYS been inhabited by Albanians. It’s because the Treaty of Versailles & the partition of lands at the end of WWI & the delineation of borders in the Balkans was unfair to the Albanians leaving the majority of them outside of Albania because France and England knew nothing about the Balkans. You Serbs are the nomads from the Carpathian mountains who in the 7th century AD (thousands of years after Albanians were there) wandered down to the Balkans from your Slavonic lands and settled there. GTFO with your twisted agitprop crap. You’re the only “Europeans” to commit genocide at the dawn of the 21st century, killing women and children – THAT’s YOU, brickheaded SERBS!

  36. Auntie_Jackie September 8, 2012

    Adorable! I like her, and people are trashing her just because she has the support and respect of some of the biggest stars in the music industry. She’s a sweet heart, talented and out to make her own mark–she will in time. Hopefully she’ll break in the U.S.

    P!nk, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani are her idols — she isn’t competing with Rihanna, and it’s getting old, the NAVY trying to rip her to shreds.

  37. Honey CHILD please September 8, 2012

    Damn i feel bad for her. There are like less than 12 people there. i think her entire fan base came out that day…

    • kiara September 12, 2012

      Watch the the other video posted by the same person where there are hundreds of people outside at night cheering her on as she starts filming. Don’t worry so much, you’ll age that way.

    • kiara September 12, 2012

      Really, cuz it’s like in the hundreds here. 😀 Don’t worry baby gurl.

  38. Arie September 8, 2012

    Rita will not get droped, Rocnation owes Rita had they not marketed her as the new Rihanna she might have had a shot. Beyonce endorsing her did not help her cause it simply highlighted the strained relationship between Beyonce and Rihanna and how Jay z is caught in the middle.Rita will unfortunately be recognised as the Rihanna clone.


      Beyflop hasnt had a hit since she stoled that song from BC JEAN!!! RITA WILL NEVER BE A HIT IN THE US!!!! SHE SUCKS AND SHE IS UGLY!!! WITH A PANCAKE BOOTY TO MATCH!!!

      • RICHNBLACK11(BEYONCE KEEP EM MAD) September 8, 2012

        what are you talking bout . YOU MAKE NO SENSE

    • kelly September 8, 2012

      Roc nation owes her? No, she owes them – they call it recouping.

  39. ENOUGH ONIKA September 8, 2012

    DEAD at the 35 people in the crowd and that little girl looked forced to play that song in the beginning, so staged. Anyway, I’m not gonna lie, if Rita marketed herself as that Albanian b**** and owned it instead of trying to imitate Rihanna and Gwen, I could’ve taken a liking to her. She could’ve brought an urban pop sound with an albanian swag to it and it would’ve been unique and interesting…Oh well, too late :/

  40. Suicide Blonde September 8, 2012

    I have an Albanian friend, he is white, blonde with blue eyes, no way this girl is 100 % Albanian, they are similar to Greek people, even those with a darker skin tone, have caucasian features.

    • MC September 8, 2012

      Not everyone from one country has the same features…..

    • kiara September 12, 2012

      Well guess what, I am Albanian and I am a brunette just like Rita.

  41. kelly September 8, 2012

    So what was the prognosis for Rita Ora appearing in that MTV award singing RIP? As well as presenting an award?

    THE MTV VMA ratings hit the lowest ratings in MTV history – it got 6 million, that was only because RIHANNA HAD save it’s face.


    I have no sympathy for MTV, that is what you get for allowing Roc nation to force you to over indulged in this global flop, who’s wig get’s snatched in the UK by many singers, even an American, Lana del ray, who is not even that big in America.

    Serves u right, MTV

    • James227 September 8, 2012

      Rihanna did not save s***. It been said that Rihanna was the worst lipsync they ever had before. It was said that her performance was wack as hell. Dude feeling her b*** this is what they the industry think of her. SMH

      • James227 September 8, 2012

        Also people are saying if they had GaGa,Beyonce,Justin Beiber, Chris Brown, Usher & Cold Play singing alone the show rating would have been high. But their lineup was wack as hell. People want to see a performance that they would remember for days,weeks or even months and this award show did not do it at all.

        The best part that we didn’t see until after was Rihanna giving Chris a kiss in the lips, hug and a pat on the head.

    • kiara September 12, 2012

      You wacky broken record of an English r*****. This year’s VMA’s were scheduled in the same time slot as the Democratic National Convention. Most people were watching Obama speak and now and then switched to the VMA’s. Shut your wacky trap already. You really are coming off as having a personal vendetta against Rita.

  42. kelly September 8, 2012

    Rita ora is just Jessie J, dress like Gwen stefani; thinking she is Beyonce, wishing she was Rihanna.


  43. Rick September 8, 2012

    CHile…. that “Army” of 5 fans. LOL

    • kiara September 12, 2012

      5 fans, huh? More like thousands 😀

  44. StarBey September 8, 2012

    Rihanna fans need to shut the f*** up like seriously yall act like Rihanna started out big b**** she was just like Rita only thing was Rihanna had a top ten in the US but she had to build her fan base and so is Rita. The Navy forget that Rihanna only became a mega star with the Good Girl Gone bad era/ Chris brown fight so shut the f*** up and let the gurl shine gosh

    • kelly September 8, 2012

      A top 10 in over 20 countries withy both songs. This girl songs cannot even get into itunes, MOT went gold in the uk / usa in 5 months. I will be watching ORA sales after 5 months.

    • kelly September 8, 2012

      Lana del ray came out in 2012 and she has sold 2.5 million albums. You were saying about debuts?

    • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 8, 2012

      No one is slamming this Rita Chick besides one person. I personally pity her for the way Jay-Z is ruining the poor girl. The best thing for her is to have either LA Reid or Jimmy Iovine on speed dial so she can leave Roc Nation because Roc Nation is not going to make her happen. Just saying.

    • James227 September 8, 2012

      The Chris Brown fight got Rihanna to where she is now.

      • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 8, 2012

        And Good Girl Gone Bad???

  45. BLUE the real HIVe September 8, 2012

    Navy r here madly thumbing down!!!! They r mad at beyonce for winning another VMA that makes the queen 12 massive VMAS and makes her video more iconic and classy than R****!!! Beyhive thumb up Navy I’m expecting the thumb down !!! PHUCK this Rita s soooo heartful jheeez nearly cried

    • StarBey September 8, 2012

      The BrokeNavy is just pressed i mean they wont let Rita shine at all and they are just pressed that Beyonce is more powerful and successful than Rihfund … KINGBEY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RIHANNA AND HER NAVY

      • kelly September 8, 2012

        It is Rihanna fans fault that emelie sande ( a name ritabots hate to hear ) and Lana del ray have shitted all over Rita in teh UK all year?

        You blame Rihanna that she failed to get a hit in Germany, even after going there twice?

        The only person stopping Rita’s shine – is herself. That is what happens when you try and be like another artist.

  46. StarBey September 8, 2012

    Rita gurl I hope you Promote Radioactive good cause that song has f****** potential 😉

    • kelly September 8, 2012

      Y’all said that about RIP. I remember this blog going nuts when RIP got a USA releases – Y’ALL said that because it was number 1 in the UK it will slay – the song was cancelled in America.

      Y’all said that HWD was gonna be that summer jam – it peaked at 62/

      You can blame Rihanna / fans… will blame Rita and A+R who signed and wasted three years and millions on generic boring wannabe

  47. Teacher September 8, 2012

    That’s what you call ‘epic’? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    Gurl bye w/ them 5 fans!

    Cute tho! lol


    • kiara September 12, 2012

      Gurl, click for more videos of her reception. The crowd gathered in the hundreds at night, going mad and cheering her on. Get yourself to youtube and watch the rest of her stay there – it was EPIC.

  48. ENOUGH ONIKA September 8, 2012

    In other news. Let Brandy take you all to church for a moment…

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    • rita qollaku October 5, 2012

      ritaaaaaaaaaa please look at you

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  55. Mitch March 20, 2013

    Who said Serb and Albanian are the same language.. F..Kin idiots.. F..k Rita ora too..
    Kosovo is serbia.. Fu..kin Albanian terrorist..will never win

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