Hot Shot: Rihanna Debuts New Short ‘Do Ahead Of VMA’s

Published: Thursday 6th Sep 2012 by Sam

With there being a 90% chance of Rihanna‘s performance at tonight’s VMA’s being a train-wreck, the stage parader appears eager to divert attention from the inevitable.

So, digging into her usual bag of  tricks, the 24 year old unveiled a new super-short hair do as she entered rehearsals.

We’re liking what we see. Keep it locked on That Grape Juice tonight to see if the same can be said for her performance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. riri /gaga fan September 6, 2012

    rihanna looks hottttt and SAM you shall deal.rita is a flop man lookalike w****

    • RIH September 6, 2012


    • KATY KATS September 6, 2012

      UGH I LOVE IT SHE always looks good with short buzz cut. ughh you know new hair style = new album. ahhhhhhhhhh

      • GURL September 6, 2012


    • wendy September 6, 2012

      The patten never changes when dropping a new album. 1) Talk about Chris 2) Change hair style lol

  2. Queen Bey September 6, 2012

    An obv. way of her trying to divert from that fact that she sounds like a goat live.They shouldve called Queen Bey to teach this h** how its done!


      Really!!! So performing w a fake baby bump is how to Get better attention!!!

      • virtuoso intellect September 6, 2012

        no puttng on a spectacular performance is a way to get every celeb and their mama praising you to the heavens eg Run the world live at BBMA 2011 not half-asssed walks back n forth on the stage like a dead alive. they might as well have a robot open the show ….. then again, they sorta do

    • RIH September 6, 2012

      They weren’t interested in your alleged queen! #MAYBENEXTYEAR

    • Girrrl September 6, 2012

      Whatever Rih needs to teach Bey how to have a hit.

      RIP 4lop

      • Queen Bey September 6, 2012

        Queen Bey networth High! R**** networth so low! ya’ll cant take that! 4 went number 1,R**** never got a num.1 album! ya’ll food stamp h*** can keep trying. while QUEEN BEY reign supreme!

      • virtuoso intellect September 6, 2012

        Queen Bey has plenty of hits u air-headed moron. Any monkey can record forgettable generic dance songs, send it to radios and get a hit. Bey is a real artist

      • Luis September 6, 2012

        Too bad Queen Bey can’t do what “any monkey” can though… :/

  3. Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 6, 2012

    Dead at the shade sam. Lmfao!

    • RIH September 6, 2012

      His shade is becoming weaker and weaker…

      • truth(THEREALISTUBITCH) September 6, 2012

        lol ikr but he soooooo funny tho cause he shades OBVIOUS stars who are dong the damn thang. he just funny to me lol

      • truth(THEREALISTUBITCH) September 6, 2012

        and by the i LOOOOOVE Rhi AND King B but sometime Sam make me lmfao at his shade

  4. jawon September 6, 2012

    Sam ur sick!, u need help seriously! 🙁

  5. What? September 6, 2012

    did she cut it herself with crayola scissors?

    • Bey Fan September 6, 2012


  6. mobwife September 6, 2012

    Ah that’s right the VMAs are tonight…LOL! I almost forgot considering there will be no truly memorable performances.

    I wonder why they decided to hold the MTV VMAs during the American President’s Official (DNC) Nomination Acceptance Speech? Ummm, I wonder what’s really going on 0_O? *side-eye*

    • truth(THEREALISTUBITCH) September 6, 2012

      just know this chile, IT WILL BE RERAN 1000 TIMES!!! so i’m watching Barak and dvr’ing VMA Awards. even if i DIDN’T have DVR i would just watch the VMA’s when they rerun it…which will be IMMEDIATELY after it goes off. They will run VMA’s back to back tonight so F*** THEM for trying shade our prez chile..( sits back and puff on blunt)

      • mobwife September 6, 2012

        LOL 🙂

        IKR? I’ll be watching the President’s speech thank you very much! The DNC has had such amazing speakers this week. It has been quite a contrast from the RNC gathering last week. I try to give everyone an equal chance to make a good case for my vote. 🙂

    • Rihanna Navy September 6, 2012

      lmao you’all very well know that you’ll not gonna be watching no president speech. ya’ll be glued to your tv screens when the VMA’S air. #TRUST

  7. Sleazy September 6, 2012

    Why does rihanna stans always mention rita ora Like seriously it looks sad

    • Rihanna Navy September 6, 2012

      we don’t ,you beyonce stans always come on her post talking s*** and that’s how we talk about her plus SAMANTHA is the instigator so go figure. at the end of the day we don’t give two f**** as what she or the lessors does.

    • Bon Qui Qui September 6, 2012

      @rihanna navy THIS!

  8. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? September 6, 2012

    Yes Sam, yes. Rihanna’s performance will be a trainwreck.
    Anyways, Rihject girl, no!!!! That mullet is not cute.

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 6, 2012

    How do you know it’s a new ‘do and not just her natural hair without a weave/ wig on? It’s not like she made a high profile appearance with this look, she was just rehearsing her performance.

    • wendy September 6, 2012

      First of all Rihanna’s forehead is to f***** big for that hair style.

  10. WJ September 6, 2012

    Since she won’t be the best performance of the night, she’s smart doing something else to get attention.

  11. THE GAME September 6, 2012

    I swear this girl can rock any haircut! With that face, it’s easy!

    • truth(THEREALISTUBITCH) September 6, 2012

      i hate it from the looks of it hee. Maybe on the awards she will slay the hairdo tho.

  12. Offspring September 6, 2012

    Rih really trying to get Chris Brown back huh. Reverting back to her 2009 image to give Breezy flashbacks of that old S***… hahaha, I JOKE, she looks nice, but she needs a longer bang.

    • mobwife September 6, 2012

      OMG….LOL, why was I thinking the same thing?! 🙂

      Honestly, the GGGB era was her cutest IMO. Everything else has been manufactured to support some dumb image of strength or weakness or whatever “dumbness” her PR Team & Jayz’s disgusting a$$ has suggested she try.

    • wendy September 6, 2012

      Yup she do need longer bangs to cover that big ass forehead of hers. Oh well that’s the forehead she was born with so

  13. Orlaigh September 6, 2012

    She looks like a lesbian. 😮

  14. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 6, 2012

    I have always loved her with short hair , I want her to Adopt the hair-do’s she did in ” if i never see you again/rehab/take a bow” Again !!! Those were her best looks IMO ” plus anything from the LOUD era of course”.

    • Monstarebel September 6, 2012

      I loved her look in the LOUD ERA>>

    • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 6, 2012

      I loved her in the LOUD era. LOUD era was my favorite era.

  15. JJFan1814 September 6, 2012




  16. Spot Love September 6, 2012

    She looks cute as hell……. Hey guys check out this funky song I just found out about called Paradise by this dude named Shaton the song is REALLY CATCHY and FUN, I was dancing to it lolol

  17. RITANATION September 6, 2012

    Rihanna when you’er done with whatever you are doing.. Please give Rita back her Jordan’s you swagger jacker ass b****.


      What!!! Rita was still working retail when rihanna was rocking jays when pon de replay was out imma need u to focus on y rita cant get a hit outside the uk!!!

  18. Roman September 6, 2012

    Lol the shade is sad though. We all know Sam lurrrvs him some RihRih … She makes his p**** wet …

    Anyway can’t wait to see Rihanna perform and take home most of her nominations 🙂

    #Competion? #ION #CNE

    • Offspring September 6, 2012

      The VMA’s isn’t a serious award show though… Lets be real! 🙂


        Really? Then y do celebs attend and perform a d reveal fake pregnancies?

      • Offspring September 6, 2012

        @i’mBeyonce’sSurrogate: Are you saying that because celebs attend, that it’s serious? It’s called promo hunny.
        The fact that you bought up Beyonce pregnancy proves my point even further, you remember shows ridiculous antics, opposed to the talent and winners.

        Anyway remember to keep an eye on the DNC tonight instead of Rih’s hairstyle.
        I’m Out!!!!!!

  19. Monstarebel September 6, 2012

    Oh yaaaas b**** she is getting ready to SLAY!!!

  20. the real xoxo September 6, 2012

    i guarantee this time next week nobody will be talking about any of the performances.

  21. DareToDeal September 6, 2012


    • Bon Qui Qui September 6, 2012

      for a “hater” you be staying knowing what’s going on with her hair and what not 😉

  22. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** September 6, 2012

    ………………Rihanna your style always slay but what the f*** is thissssssssss!!!!!!! Anyway I”m only watching her performance to see how she looks not for her voice.

  23. I’m not throwing shade, but? September 6, 2012

    Is it a mullet? Is it longer at the back?

  24. Pres. Obama tonight, not the VMA September 6, 2012

    I cant decide on this do yet. I need better pics of it, a closeup and from another angle. Im on the fence leaning hard against it right now because Im thinking I dont like it.

  25. ENOUGH ONIKA September 6, 2012

    New era, new Rihanna. I guess it’s time for the lesbian Rih. She probably fed up with dudes hence her background and wants to add tuna fish tacos to the menu. I ain’t mad at her though, she knows just what to do to get that money.

  26. kelly September 6, 2012

    Oh Sam,

    Gwan Ma Riri keep killin em. This is why she is the baddest b****, she keeps giving us something to talk about. Her hair and fashion game has always been was defines her legacy. This short hair will slay and every girl from London to Baltimore wiil be rocking it. Hot new hair, hot new fashion, hot new swag. BTW, Rita Ora tried to do the hair swag ( she cut her hair ) Nope, still not checking for ya.

    HA HA HA HA HA I have just checked, this weeks Billboard, Rihanna is still in the top 20 – been there for 20 weeks.

    She is also on every itunes chart in every country around the world so go suck ya mudda dry.

    What happened to Rita Ora? I see her LP is getting f*** up chief keef style by a ton of indie acts and Emelie Sande LOL LOL LOL LOL

    PS: Look how sad Beyonce, So jealous that Rih runs the game, she will not stop this Rita NOW they got this flop b**** performing in Jimmy Kimmel next week ! A flop Jimmy Kimmel? That is how u know beyonce sucked Jimmy’s d*** to pull that off

    • Rihanna Navy September 6, 2012

      kelly i love your comments since you favour riri but if you notice the other rihanna stans that comment on this site don’t even bother mentioning rita ora so i suggest you let it rest. just ignore sam’s b******* and antics cause no one is checking for her.

      • kelly September 6, 2012

        I hear you, but this site and same Shade Rih, but do not point out the failings of this. girl too. It also hurts, because I use to look up to Beyonce and to see beyonce spend her money , time and energy to ride for Rita, to destroy a fellow black woman……does not sit well with me. So, I write on what I think is the facts. I mean, When you look on itunes…… do not even see Rita Ora. They keep showing Rita’s LP on the TV commercials, but her LP is getting f***** up on the LP chart. Sam refuses to mention it, so I have to don it for him.

        The level of his bias is the worst of any black or white blog. He did not post up Rita’s sales figure or her made in america video. Why?

  27. mobwife September 6, 2012

    “digging into her usual bag of tricks” <—LOL, stop it!! 🙂

  28. Beyonce’s Bush September 6, 2012

    Announcing Fake pregnancies is more gimmicky than cutting your hair. Imagine Beyucki in that hairdo. Rih is gorgeous.

  29. kimberly September 6, 2012

    OMG she exposed the long neck AGAIN?

    • GURL September 6, 2012

      i know ahhhhhhhhh i love her swan like figure ughh so elegant 🙂

  30. Marlena Evans September 6, 2012

    At the end of the day, winning vmas mean s***. Winning grammies also mean s***. Bey has more grammies than Nirvana. Does that make her a better artist than Cobain? Nope it doesn’t. She has more grammies than Mariah. Does that make her richer? Nope, Mariah is. She has more grammies than Madonna. Does that mean she had more cultural impact than Madge? Nope it doesn’t

    • GURL September 6, 2012

      same goes for MJ, WHITNEY, BOB MARLEY, ETC ETC

  31. kelly September 6, 2012

    Beyonce is done. Old, fat and washed up. have u seen how she now looks? She has huge bags and mouth lines. Because she is to scared to go head to head with 24 Rih and even lady gaga – she is pushing this Rita. I am shocked that girl with 2 flops in a row is allowed to go on Jimmy Kimmel while Elle Varner had a number 2 LP and she has not been invited . Bey0once must of f***** jimmy without a condom to pull that off.

    Had J cole even been on Jimmy Kimmell? What the f*** is going on at Roc nation?

    Rita, IMO, has one last chance. They are filming a video for radioactive ( usa ) as one last ditch attempt to try and get America to give a f***. Radiaactive will not be a hit. It is just another over produced dance song, and by the looks of billboard, Dance does not do very well, unless a huge A lister is singing it. Rita’s voice gets lost on radiactive, you cannot tell who is singing. RIP was her best chance and she blew it. Drake should of given that track to an American singer; even Ciara would of killed it.

    Rihanna voice may not be great, but you know it is her. With Rita, you do not know who the singer, and she cannot sang snag like Mariah or Whitney. So her voice is basic.

    • Britbutnotproud September 6, 2012

      Preach sister preach. Dear Kelly you have really grown on me and I so enjoy reading your post even though it is often below the belt, however you you speak the truth.

  32. kelly September 6, 2012

    Can an educated person, who understands business, explain to me what is going on?

    I don’t wanna argue ( even though I will turn chief keef on a m*********** if they try me )

    I need answers to the following:

    After to high profile flops, why is Rita Ora going on Jimmy Kimmell?
    Why was she on Made in America ? She is not american or has American hits
    Why is she getting an MTV unplugged over the group fun or Franck ocean?Guys who sell!

    Why is she attending the MTV VMAS

    WHy did they put her in the VMA commercial when she is not cared about in the USA?

    Has this been done before to a singer or rapper who flops hardcore?

    • barbie September 6, 2012

      hmmm….done with Rihanna every single year!!!! Where do you think Rihanna’s hype comes from? She is really not all that if you subtract all the distractions. Think about that teh next time you try to attack ri ora.

  33. Marlena Evans September 6, 2012

    Poor rita ora is going to be sitting all alone isolated trying to fit in and act like a celebrity.

    • barbie September 6, 2012

      same happened with rihanna when she just came out.

      • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 6, 2012

        Rihanna did not have the budget Rita has. Rihanna worked hard because no one at Roc Nation or Island DefJam was interested. Her LP was full of demo’s from C-List producers and she slayed, she was damn serious. There is a huge difference between Rita’s situation and what was Rihanna’s. Rita has what seems as an endless budget, Rihanna didn’t.

  34. lolax September 6, 2012

    she looks cute but i prefer her with brown and long hair like in sos video

    • mobwife September 6, 2012

      She actually was cute on the SOS video but I liked the straight long black (flat iron) hair best.

  35. R****** Navy : Broke, Ugly & bitter September 6, 2012

    LMAO @ pressed Navy! Mentioning Beyonce or Rita isn’t going to change the awful year Rihfund is having. Flop Movie, FLop Tv show, a flop album(struggling to scan a million in america) even with it’s forgettable hit songs. Poor thing still is only gettin 6% out of all her deals. Meanwhile Jay-z is using all that money to buy Blue Ivy with the latest designer diaper bags and yacht cruises. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • kelly September 6, 2012

      And let us round up Beyonce’s 2012: Ugly ass baby, no hits, no covers, no movies, no fashion, do tour, no hits.

      Rita Ora 2012 – no global hits, low selling number 1 LP which only spent one crappy weak at number 1, 3 forgettable number 1’s in just one country LOLOL , having to recoup millions and millions.

      And no money, has she has to recoup and barely sell. She has not even sold a million record.

      • Britbutnotproud September 6, 2012

        Come on Kelly quit calling the baby names. She is not ugly.

  36. R****** Navy : Broke, Ugly & bitter September 6, 2012

    Girl…Rita is getting her life and enjoying her success(#1 hit album, #1 songs) and endorsement deals( an upcoming modeling gig with Calvin Klein)

    Meanwhile R****** can’t even maintain an endorsement deal, getting fired by Nivea. Poor thing

    • JJFan1814 September 6, 2012



      • barbie September 6, 2012

        of course and almost killed herself in the process.

    • kelly September 6, 2012

      Rita does not have a deal with calvin klen, she was in an ad with Casse – the other flop

  37. PrettigurlrockD September 6, 2012

    Looks like a boy and I can’t see the hairstyle very well in the back so Im not very impressed right now. She had some good short do’s in the rated r and good girl gone bad days. Ever since then her fashion has been subpar. Get it right!

  38. Matt101 September 6, 2012

    Hahahahha I love my Rih but that was hella funny !

  39. spokentruth September 6, 2012

    Sam lets be honest and keep it real. Rihanna has always shown her craft in being a good opener for the Awards Shows. Now during her concerts I will not agree with how she performs because she’s just ok, but opening for the Awards Show she never disapoints.

    • virtuoso intellect September 6, 2012

      r u kidding? she opend AMAs two years ago and it was a disaster. that was their lowest rated show ever

      • kelly September 6, 2012

        Not becuse of Rih, because MTV dont play music vidz anymore.

  40. kelly September 6, 2012

    It is not the Rita Ora’s music is wack ( even though many people think ) it is that she is wack, so so she waste and spoils song. Her voice is not unique or mariah like.; she does not have a style or sound: she has no writing ability like adele.

    I will speak on Rita, cos Sam makes fun of Rih, but does not mention any Rita failures?

    How we do would of been a hit if Katy Perry sung it.

    RIP ( what a waste of a good track ) would of been a killaq smash if Rihanna and drake sung it ( I know drake is regretting giving that away. Ciara would of killed RIP and I think Christina Millian would of killed RIP too.

    I think Kelly Rowland would of smashed RIP TOO.

    • Rihanna Navy September 6, 2012

      here we go again SMDH

      • kelly September 6, 2012

        F*** u b****, do not ever read or respond to my comments again.

    • barbie September 6, 2012

      @kelly sit down. rita has shown more skill and artistry in the short time that she has been out than Rihanna. I have never heard a sensible comment about Rihanna when she speaks about her music….always sounds like generic rehearsed answers. Rita Ora does write and as she develops she will be given more control over her albums. If ever Rih was on Charlie Rose and was asked to create something on the spot, she would not know what to do. Subtract her writers, producers and stylist and she is pretty much a Jane Doe.

    • ty September 6, 2012


  41. Anon September 6, 2012

    Jeesh. TGG you are guys are rude and disrespectful towards artists now. When this site first opened, you were never as disrespectful to artists as you are now. We all have opinions on entertainers but at least be professional about it.

    • kelly September 6, 2012

      Most of the hatred is at Rihanna, hence why I speak out. No other blog is has this much hatred against Rihanna like TGJ.

      Perez Hilton said sorry for his hatred and said he done it because he was unhappy in life. Sam is very unhappy in life

      • ENOUGH ONIKA September 6, 2012

        Absolutely, Sam is jealous of Rihanna for some reason (I still thinks it’s because she dated his boo Chris). And the “stanning for Rita” crap is because he thinks stanning for Rihanna’s rival (even though TGJ propaganda created it) is really doing something.

      • kelly September 6, 2012

        Enough Onika,

        You have got it! It seems that most of Rita’s fans don’t really like Rita, they just hate Rihanna .

      • ENOUGH ONIKA September 6, 2012

        Exactly, thats why every one of their comments has to discredited Rihanna in some way, including Sam’s ridiculous postings. It’s getting old and really hurting Rita in the long run. She has little to no US following because of the comparisons to Rihanna. If Rita was smart, she would’ve nip that sh*t in the bud from the beginning and read Samantha her rights during her interview. But she played right along with the media, naming dropping every chance she got and ultimately lost any chance of differentiating herself in the industry. Oh well, lessoned learned for the next ROC gimmick after Rita’s dropped :/

  42. kelly September 6, 2012


    If you do not like Rih, just do not have her on your blog. It is that simple.

  43. kelly September 6, 2012


    I have just read that u hate Rih with a passion because she dated Chris brown and u wanted him.

    LOL LOL Sam……..Chris is not gay. Secondly, he only dates attractive, young people – which rules u out.

    Third: He does not find dark skin people good looking; you are very very dark blue black

    • James227 September 6, 2012

      I thought Sam was an old white man

  44. kelly September 6, 2012


    You are to old to have fantasy. Chris will never come to the UK to date a 35 blue black man! He would date Cheryl Cole ( i think u hate her too ) over you! Please understand and accept this.

  45. Gilberto September 6, 2012

    This show is going to be straight ass ugly flop. Read my word, b******. No King Bee, no Lady Godga, no Lipsyncey Spears = no ratings. Mark my words!!! Alicia OffKeys, Fake Swift, Dr!nk, One Direction to Pits Of Hell and R******. OMG! They really don’t want us to watch this crappy award. I’m done.

    • Rihanna Navy September 6, 2012

      yet you’ll be the first to tune in (that’s if you have a T.V) to clock that Rihanna performance. *sips tea*

  46. mc the place to be!! September 6, 2012

    Sam and his hate for Rihanna and mariah Carey is unhealthy!! He needs help seriously can’t someone report him or something?

    • ENOUGH ONIKA September 6, 2012

      I’ve tried convincing him to seek therapy, I think I’ve even googled links for psychiatric facilities in the UK he could check into lol, but like most people with a severe illnesses, he chooses not to get the help he so desperately needs…it’s sad to see someone live that unhappy the way he does…

  47. JER September 6, 2012

    Ok shut the fuxk up with the whole WHOS SHEMALE IS COMING. Its so tired. And NOBODY is trending your flop s***. Put it on ice Samantha

  48. Girrrl September 6, 2012

    Rihanna is going to slay and she won’t need a taco bell camel baby to do it.


    • ty September 6, 2012

      hating on a baby whos diapers probs cost more than u r worth

  49. James227 September 6, 2012

    People say they love Rihanna with short hair. Yes she looks good with short hair but this style and color is not becoming.

  50. ty September 6, 2012


  51. Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 6, 2012

    She looks bloody stunning. Gorgeous Riri, LOVE HER….L-O-V-E HER.

  52. Suicide Blonde September 6, 2012

    I love her short hair, she reminds me of Madonna in the True Blue Era.

  53. I almost crashed my car into Rihanna’s forehead September 6, 2012


    #tis all.

  54. TBT September 6, 2012

    Another week, another lame hairstyle change. I guess when you’re TALENTLESS as Rihanna, you focus on menial s*** like this. She looks a mess.

  55. Bey Fan September 6, 2012

    Ummm dont know how Beyonce name came up….maybe ONE Beyonce fan said something, so ppl got excited cuz that get a chance to recycle all the s*** they been saying for the past 10 years…..

    To Kelly….. ummm you calling Beyonce old and fat…. but she out performs Rihanna by light years…. what does that say about Riri???

    The Beyonce vs riri is old and tired anyway….Beyonce is HAPPY…. #NuffSaid

  56. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 6, 2012

    She is hopefully in between wigs.

  57. whyohwhy September 6, 2012

    She is so original too where it’s scary (winks both eyes). Attention W**** to the bone, trying to look like a good girl. Rihanna is scared to death of loosing another endorsement after her little drunk rant in London.. FAKE!!!!

  58. Stav September 6, 2012

    She looks stupid.

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