Hot Shots: Rihanna Grubs At The Grove

Published: Wednesday 19th Sep 2012 by David

We wonder what’s wrong with Rihanna?

Snapped outside ‘Du-par‘s in LA’s The Grove, the ‘Diamonds’ singer looked a little down in the company of her bodyguard and a close friend, who joined her some time later.

This, days after she enjoyed multiple nods upon the release of the 2012 EMA nominations tally, launched before the arrival of her seventh studio album.

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Didn’t get an invite to The Carter fundraiser Riri?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Blue The Real Hive September 19, 2012

    43years old women

  2. kim September 19, 2012

    She didn’t get an invite? You had to pay 40 k. She doesn’t have that Mugh money to pay for a dinner, and furthermore her type of class is not suitable.

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      Or maybe she wants mitt rommney in and obama out.Many do.

    • rihannanavy September 19, 2012

      What’s your point she is not an American.ll why would she give Obama money and who are you to ca unsuitable b**** jay z is an ex drugged and beyonce is high school dropout so who is unsuitable here dirty b**** shut up ll

    • Blue The Real Hive September 19, 2012

      Obama don’t chill with H***!!! They never want someone like her near their 2 BEYTIFUL kids

      • Lax September 19, 2012

        @Blue Son You Read just like a Wood Head
        Chicken With Saw Dust Brains,,, anywhoo Rih
        Looks like She’s saying to Herself I know something
        these Hating Mofo’s Don’t Know,,,looooool

      • James227 September 19, 2012


        One picture of a fake smile. Yea right ok

      • Lax September 19, 2012

        Blue & James you two Fools running around like
        a chicken with His/Her Head rung off trying to shyt
        talk the Navy. Beyonce and Jay isn’t the only people
        who’ helping the Obama, Fool…

      • Lax September 19, 2012

        @Blue, James and broke ass loosers bytches….
        After nearly four weeks of fundraising, President-elect Obama’s inauguration committee has raised almost $10 million, in part through donations from Hollywood stars like Sharon Stone and Samuel L. Jackson.

        In an unprecedented move this week, the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) unveiled an online searchable database of donors who have given more than $200. Jackson and Stone each gave $50,000, the maximum amount for individuals and the most common donation amount, Bytches…

    • Lax September 19, 2012

      @Kim that is Okay ther has been Other Funraisers for Obama, i thi k it’s a nice thing to do for the Election.
      However every One can not always be Invited to these Event, Deery.
      Case N Point I was at this Funraiser On Security Duty, you know Working with a Team Of Law Enforcement…

      George Clooney’s fund-raiser for President Obama on Thursday night was a Hollywood hit, with the event delivering a whopping — and record-breaking– $15 million into the commander-in-chief’s campaign coffers.

      About 150 A-Listers forked over $40,000 a piece to attend the dinner at Clooney’s Los Angeles mansion, including singer Barbra Stresiand, actors Robert Downey Jr., Tobey Maguire, Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, Salma Hayek and Jack Black, and designer Diane Von Furstenberg.
      For your information i have two Friends who Worked , The Security Details when The President was at Tyler Perrys
      for a Big Fundraiser, and the List included some of the Biggest in the Entertainment Industry.
      Even We was all Working and not Invited to attend it was still a Grand Affair.

      • James227 September 19, 2012

        Never mind all that, but Rihanna invited to any of the fundraiser affairs?

  3. James227 September 19, 2012

    Rihanna has been looking VERY sad lately.

    • Blue The Real Hive September 19, 2012

      Chris has officially DUMPED HER

    • Lax September 19, 2012

      @James Realllllly!

      • James227 September 19, 2012


        I used to seeing Rihanna smiling and here lately she either have a fake smile or she look very sad. You can talk that really s*** if you want to, just remember it’s my opinion.

      • Lax September 19, 2012

        @James Only a Idiot would be chinning and grinding all of the
        dam time for yo ass.

  4. Roman September 19, 2012

    DIVAAAA. Which b**** u know aint afraid to go out and enjoy life???

    Sam only stalks Rihanna cos he can’t stalk Beyawning (she don’t go out of their house with that counterfeit alien they bought.)

    You and I, were diamonds in the skyyyy….

    • Monstarebel September 19, 2012


  5. kelly September 19, 2012

    The full set of pictures on the daily mail, show her laughing with her uber cool buddy. Go to the white blogs to see the full pics, she is happy and enjoying life. On monday night, she came out of the studio at 3am, looking amazing ( real bad b**** ) AND LAUGHING AND SMILING. sHE SEEMED VERY HAPPY AT 3AM.

    She looked dope that the recording studio; her style is of the chain and even at 3am she can look better than most b****** on the red carpet. I am glad she is recording in the studio, unlike TTT which was recorded in hotels all over europe. She has been in the studio with Pharelle and Sia is meant to be the one who has written the 1st single.

    They slay queen is on her way. I like this relaxed look, so fresh and pretty.

    • James227 September 19, 2012

      Oh honey I seen those fake smile pictures. Have a seat.

  6. rihannanavy September 19, 2012

    You all act like beyonce is all that because she has money she is fake person as if her life is perfect you wait until jay z gets tired of her fake ways trust me its coming u can’t portray perfection and not fall because no one on this planet is perfect. She put pictures out there swinging on a swing with jay pushing her and a dog in the background she fake as Hell she is no ones role model they have skeletons in their closet so stop f****** judging rihanna and comparing this non intelligent person the reason why j and b up there is because they ass buy their way into high society I bet they laughing at them b**** please

  7. Suicide Blonde September 19, 2012

    This site is a stalker.

    • Monstarebel September 19, 2012

      b**** u ain’t never lied>>> #respect>>

      • Lax September 19, 2012

        @SUICIDE u r So Right On and no matter what
        the Web Master Does from here on Out We all know that these blog Sites need the Artist , Not the Other way around.

  8. JJFan1814 September 19, 2012

    Rihanna is from barbados….Why would she support an American event? You f****** stupid clown, Sam.



    • James227 September 19, 2012

      What so you’re saying that just because Rihanna is from Barbados she should not support an American event? Well why the hell is she in this country for using Americans for their money. Oh I get it now

      • Lax September 19, 2012

        James….Rihanna gives back and was Honored with an Award this very Year…

        Rihanna honored at DKMS Linked Against Leukemia Gala…
        DKMS Linked Agaisnt Leukemia held their 5th annual Gala this evening at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City and the non-profit organization honored both Rihanna and Michael Clinton for their dedication and tireless work in the fight against leukemia. The event also attracted celebrities who support DKMS and work hard in the fight agaisnt leukemia, such as Pharrell, Mary J. Blige, Eva Mendes and Leighton Meester.

        From Rihanna: “Anyone can be affected by leukemia. It is the number one disease children in the U.S. die of and we can chancge that. I encourage people to become bone marrow donor with DKMS. If we have more donors, we can save more lives.

        So if she was Honored for Her contribution to the cause
        and this is a Big Deal, LEUKEMIA is a very serious Illiness.

  9. 16GrammysAndALacefrontToSnatch September 19, 2012

    Obama doesn’t associate with loose women. This is why Beyonce did not invite Rihanna.

    • Lax September 19, 2012

      @16 Grammy’s Sooooooo It’s safe to
      say that the Obama’s feel great being
      Friends with a Ex Drug Dealer, Right?

      • James227 September 19, 2012

        LMFAO because if Rihanna supported Obama he would gladly take that money even if his family don’t like her.

  10. RitasLipstick September 19, 2012

    Didn’t see you the invite? It said no h*** allowed.



    • Lax September 19, 2012

      @RITALIPSTICK Sooooo ius that why yo ass and
      Ms Piggggggggy’s , oooooops i mean Rita was not
      there, Right!

  11. RitaSlayra September 19, 2012

    Poor Rihanna. Chris probably sent her this text:

    Dear Rihanna
    I know it was you who hacked into Karrueche’s Facebook account and I’m really disappointed in you. I thought we agreed after a wild night at the Video music awards that it was completely over. I know I’ve got that good d***. I know I’ve got a good look, better yet a good look, but you have to get over me. It’s over between us and I’m in love with Rit I mean Karrueche.

    Please move on with your life like I have moved on with mine.

    You gave me the crabs.

    • Monstarebel September 19, 2012

      PS.Rita Eats Rihannas SHITS!

    • Blue The Real Hive September 19, 2012

      Ahahahhahaha lol ur funny

    • Stephen September 19, 2012


      No No No it probably went like this. Dear Rihanna going on Oprah really made it bad for me. You see the people are not looking at what you said on Oprah but they are angry of you ever talking to me again. So now they are again attacting me.

  12. Monstarebel September 19, 2012

    She just needs a blunt she’ll be straight love u riri



    • Monstarebel September 19, 2012

      Boy she looks gorgeous after waking up from an intense drolling sleep the b**** is fierce!!!

  14. White girl mob September 19, 2012

    *message to that Kelly chick* this wannabe b**** wanna come on this site and troll like a b**** with no life she on here talking bout some light skin b**** 24/7. B**** shut you’re stink p**** self up damn I’m getting tired of seeing you’re ass.. You can’t be like me there is only one me b**** I come in the comment section and call the f****** shots b****. You’re dumb ass better fall back I’m getting tired of these fake ass wannabe b****** coming on here talking s*** about a b**** that ain’t paying you’re damn bills. Kelly just sit you’re little monkey ass down and download kreayshawn debut album that is in the top ten of pop charts haha. ANYBODY ELES WANT BEEF???

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      Make me.

  15. me September 19, 2012

    i swear this rihanna woman is GORGEOUS. it hurts sam that she is more gorgeous than him. whether she supports politics or not its her choice. not urs. u call that freedom of choice so let her have hers

  16. MC&TB4LIFE September 19, 2012

    The Crater’s Fund Raise??? LMAOOOO are u serious. Rihanna is BIGGER than that. She just shot back to back US Vogue! I dont even know what else to say about this pathetic site. ya’ll are done. Beyonce has died and is not coming back, she gon have to come good next year cause with Xtina, GaGa, Mariah, Alicia and Rihanna on her ass next year, she mite as well pack up and leave. She must have been mad at Jay for signing Rihanna who would went on to be her BIGGEST nightmare. Beyonce is a flaming w**** and she’s done. As we would say in Jamaica “a Rihanna a bring di swing”

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      i Agree with everything u have said.

    • Lax September 19, 2012

      Because you can’t argue with all the fools in the world. It’s easier to let them have their way, then trick them when they’re not paying attention.

  17. MC September 19, 2012


  18. Lax September 19, 2012

    Yeaaaaah things looks P*** Poor for RIHANNA’S Haters because Rihanna says She Is going to go Hard or go Home and i See she is still On America Soil, so it’s
    safe to say that She Have Only Just Begun.

    • kelly September 19, 2012

      wow! did she say that? LOL LOL not wonder the Haters of Rihanna ( beyonce / rita ora stans ) are s*** scared.

      I love that famine style hunger in Rihanna great. ” Go hard or Go home”. What a great way to keep that fire burning.

      PS: Did u see the picture of beyonce with Obama? Beyonce looked just like michelle Obama, fat, large hippo hipped and old. I cannot believe Beyonce is tryna claim 31 – she is at least 40. I know she has lied about her age, but now, it is starting to show as she enters her 40’s and her metabolism and skin collagen has slowed down.

      • Lax September 19, 2012

        @Kelly Cosigns you always….

      • Lax September 19, 2012

        @Kelly Beyonce was Chinnnnnnin @ Mr. President like a Dog on a Bone, Her big Countrfied Ass Wish She Could.
        I notice that Her Hair is extremely Light, She must be shooting new ads for Loreal You know Beyonce Has to keep Her Hair Bleached Light because Lorel wants Her not Looking like a Houston Getto Clown.

  19. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 19, 2012

    Oh my f****** gosh. Who wants to see Beyonce and Jay-z’s ghetto asses with the president? She was over here sending out emails to EVERYBODY AND THEIR MAMA! Rihanna didn’t want to go.

    And for all you chris/rita stans. They’re both ATTROCIOUS looking ,chris has horrible tatooos, looks like a crack addict and has cotton blue whisps on his head. Rita look like a man with a man-ish neck, adams apple and fat legs that are shapeless like a guys.

    So both ugly children are PERFECT for each other.

    • James227 September 19, 2012

      Look the world loves Beyonce & Jay so you can just cut the bull.

      • Lax September 19, 2012

        Yeeeeah Jame we know that’s why RIHANNA
        Over 1.9 Billion Youtube Views Over 25 million Twitter
        followers and UMBTEEN Shouts out all over the world.

  20. Teacher September 19, 2012

    She’s from Barbados!!!

    Sam can u tell us what Kelly is doing…or Rita? Get off Rih since u don’t like her!!!

    And Michelle didn’t even attend the event lol!!!!!!

  21. MACHIAVEL September 19, 2012

    I Really Do Love Her With Short Hair, She Look Bad And Innocent At The Same Time!!!!!! Lovely!

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