Report: VEVO ‘Unveils’ Alicia Keys & Nicki Minaj Duet

Published: Saturday 1st Sep 2012 by David

If information uploaded to VEVO this evening is anything to go by, fans of Pop belles Nicki Minaj and Alicia Keys have a lot to look forward to in the coming days.

For, in what is sure to generate even more a buzz for the latter’s new single ‘Girl On Fire‘, they have unveiled a collaboration between the two on a scorching remix to the cut.

Details below…

The above- which confirms the duet- was unearthed by fans of the ‘Whip It‘ Rapper upon searching for content on VEVO, later verified upon That Grape Juice‘s discovery of this link.

Unfortunately, it isn’t yet possible to hear the number on the website but keep it locked on TGJ for it as soon as it becomes available.

Until then, peep Keys’ commercial for her set at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo September 1, 2012

    nicki minaj hasnt spit a hot verse since 2010.
    the novelty of her funny voices wore off a long time ago and without that she is nothing because her lyrics have always been sub-par.
    hopefully she doesnt ruin this song with her laughably weak bars.

    • mimi September 1, 2012

      stay pressed.

      • the real xoxo September 1, 2012

        having an opinion is being pressed?
        you must be born after 1995.

      • mimi September 1, 2012

        No, commenting on a post about someone you OBVIOUSLY dislike is pressed. You must have no life.

      • FAF September 1, 2012


    • the real xoxo September 1, 2012

      im an alicia keys fan, and i used to like nicki but she lost me as a fan a long time ago.

      • Os September 1, 2012

        THE REAL XOXO You always have an excuse to justify you,er hate for Ms Minaj,same thing you did on that B.O.B out of my mind video,claiming you are is fan and you never mention is name in your first comment,you just went for Nicki,s neck right out the gate…then try to make it seems like a plain old opinion when people check you on you,er hateful tip,the more thumbs up you get the worse you get[like them sad b-tches over by n-coles b-tchie,sigh it,s getting so old..dumbo works for peanut and some works for thumbs simple minded.

    • trillafood September 1, 2012

      I agree. Nicki sucks ass now.

    • mob September 1, 2012

      It’s TRUE!! Folks can be mad all the like but what the BIASED MEDIA keeps lauding as genius is really closer to a joke at this point.

      The “Female Rap Game” requires COMPETITION. If ppl want to see an improvement, there needs to be some encouragement in producing more quality FEMCEES! I don’t dislike Nicki, (Lil Kim is Queen Bee however), but she alone cannot continue to carry the entire genre, her skills and abilities are not that great or that versitile!

  2. THE GAME September 1, 2012

    With Nick Minaj? Like really?

    Oh maybe it’s hot! we’ll see.

  3. Play September 1, 2012

    What? That clown needs to stay away from an Alicia Keys track.

    • mimi September 1, 2012

      Um, you’re acting like Nicki asked to be on this song. Its the other way around sweetie.

    • FAF September 1, 2012


      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

        YAAAAAAWNNNN u b****

      • mob September 1, 2012

        LOL 🙂

        I like Alicia Keys but >>>> let’s just hope for the best!

  4. Roman September 1, 2012

    Well there seems to be 2 versions of the song. I doubt Nicki Minaj will be performing the Inferno version with Alicia at the VMAs. Plus the VMAs never that a secret…

    Either way, I’m looking forward to both versions. That promo is HOTTTT….

    • RDK September 1, 2012

      Remember it,s nicki we are dealing with seeing her up there performing it at the VMA,s won’t be a surprise to me,nicki is well verse like that…i new she was up to something she bin so silent on twitter the other day and spending some time in the studio.

      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

        B**** shut yo stankn ass up that W**** is a flop…just like yo momma p****, h**. Stay pressed u b****

  5. The Chosen One September 1, 2012

    I HOPE NICKI TAKES IT BACK TO HER SENTIMENTAL DAYS on this one! (Moment 4 Life, The Best, Here I Am)

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

      B**** stfu! U sound fuckn stoopid, u c***.

  6. Belladonna September 1, 2012

    Cant wait to here it, it should be hot! But I hope Nicki performs her own s*** at the VMAs because what she did at the Grammys would be right what the VMAs is going to need! And I know most people hated that but thats what the VMAs is all about makeing people think like the god loving church people that were mad as s*** at the Grammys( that was funny) The VMAs and the Brits are the best Award Shows,I hate the BET awards. Lol

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

      B**** just kill yoself

  7. Monstarebel September 1, 2012

    Truth be told Alicia needs nicki I bet you nicki version will be the one that slays!! But then again nicki and boring Alicia dont seem like a good mix at all!!

    • Tracy September 1, 2012

      Are you insane? Alicia needs NO ONE!! more than likely if you are a Nikki fan you could never really appreciate Alicia Keys Music, when you grow up it will all be unveiled to you honey.

    • RDK September 1, 2012

      Sigh people like you really know how to get other people to hate on Nicki especially these hating crows who hover around on these blogs looking for a reason,none of them needs each other they are just two artist who decided to work on a track together simple as that…it,s people like you that makes regular people thinks that nicki fans are some collective retards..i am a Nicki fan and i would never spew some ignorant sh-t like what you have just written and i am a Alicia-Keys fan too so this is a match made in my opinion,i can’t wait to hear this.

      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

        I really can respect your comment altho I caint stand the b****

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

      Why the F*** werent u aborted? Cause u’s a stoopid h**

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 1, 2012

    Well, if being featured on an Alicia Keys lead single does not inspire Nicki to write 16 decent bars and spit them with a tight flow without funny voices, self-fabricated alter ego’s and other similar nonsense, then I don’t know what will. As a massive fan of 2009-2010 Nicki, I admit this track is my last hope for a good Nicki verse at this point…*sigh*

    • FAF September 1, 2012


      • Whoa Now… September 1, 2012

        Oh I’m sorry what was Nicki Minaj’s last #1?

      • Michelle September 1, 2012

        are you referring to the number 1 that spent 15 weeks at number one from her last album? Child have a seat. Ask about a Nikki song in about 2 years and see what happens, everyone remembers EVERY Alicia Keys song as if it came out yesterday, stop the disrespect.

      • TheLeader September 1, 2012

        First off, her name is spelled Nicki, second thing, I got one word for you: Superbass. Need another? Starships

      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

        @ the leader- yes, but go over there–,——->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and say it…u b****

      • Whoa Now… September 2, 2012

        Um Starships and Superbass were never #1 in US. However, Alicia Keys has been #1 in the Billboard 100 and Billboard 200 at least three times. Sorry Alicia is the bigger star.

  9. Lax September 1, 2012

    nicki usually looks great to me but she is looking
    like a real life clown right her, and kisss my ass in advance to
    whom ever got something to say.

    • FAF September 1, 2012


      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

        What yo momma look like u F***!!!

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

      Lololol slayed!

  10. facekick September 1, 2012

    OMG that picture of her with those big eyes is SOOOOOO GAGA from Bad Romance. This girl is trying so hard to be Gaga. I’m so done with this wack wannabe pop star.

    • RDK September 1, 2012

      you are d-mb as a f-cking horse.

      • FAF September 1, 2012


      • facekick September 1, 2012

        It’s the truth b****….sip on it.

  11. dstrock September 1, 2012

    Personally, I can’t see them meshing well together, but you never know. It’ll be interesting to see what each of the versions are like though.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 1, 2012

      Hi, welcome to the TGJ navy!

  12. Haute Hottie September 1, 2012

    Well Swizz ain’t givin her no hits, he can’t even get himself a hit. . . . last thing he put out that did anything was Check On It for Beyonce way back when. . . Alicia puttin out album covers with gel slick backs. . . . she betta put Nicki on it so id does better than wood certification in the US and Gold Certification in Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand.

    • jussaying September 1, 2012

      …uhhh, did you miss all of the drake/swizz beatz collabs. Oh you fancy, huh? that is all.

      • haute hottie September 1, 2012

        Ehhh. That didn’t hit nearly as hard as Beyonce. . . dust yourself off and try again. . . .

  13. Chachanana12 September 1, 2012

    Oh yeah I remember check on it. Me n my sister watched that video over n over n always heard it on the radio. N it went number 1 which is something a lot of people dont know but nicki n Alicia I don’t know. I could defiantly c it. Omg a song is Playing in my head literally with them both yeah it could defintaly work but what I’m thinking of isn’t Alicia’s style but u know its her n her music just a diffrent flare. If its like unthinkable no one sleeping with broken heart no but if nicki does something like champion 4 a regular Alicia keys song it could work that way 2

  14. IRDGAF September 1, 2012

    This isn’t going to mesh well. Unless we get a real hardcore rap verse from Nikki.
    I just don’t want it to be like put it in a love song… Beyonce stole the show…nikki might steal the spotlight….alicia stick with what you know…beautiful soul music…stop listening to swizz

  15. Whoa Now… September 1, 2012

    I really love and trust Alicia Keys but there is no doubt in my mind that Nicki Minaj will bring her down. Yall can say she hasn’t had a hit in years or whatever but Alicia is the bigger star, Nicki just has more buzz, period.

  16. Anne September 1, 2012

    I respect AK as a talented artist though I can’t say that I feel the same about NM but this makes AK seem desperate for relevancy. Many said the same thing about Madonna. AK should have waited until one of her new solo efforts solidified the new album before releasing a duet with one of the current ‘it’ girls. I guess she doesn’t want to take any chances. However I doubt this will work to her advantage, they just don’t seem like a good fit.

  17. Mike September 1, 2012

    Hey VEVO! Why don’t you release Put It In A Love Song! It would probably be more popular than “another nicki song”.

  18. Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 1, 2012

    Alright Sam enuf reportn on this funky clown lookn sweaty p**** B****. No one check for the h** no more. That is all

  19. credits September 1, 2012

    Can you imagine in her over exaggerated voice, the way she drags her lines sometimes: “this girl is on FIIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *gasps to catch breath*

  20. aishaaguilerakeys September 2, 2012

    Don’t do it, Alicia.

  21. mob September 2, 2012

    I miss INDIA ARIE!

  22. Roman September 2, 2012

    Some ppl that comment on these blogs are rude as f*** …. Grow the phuck up and stop sitting in the public libraries with the free Wi-Fi and do something worthwhile with ur life … Don’t attack ppl that are always on the grind and getting money when ur stank ass hasn’t bathed in a week? K

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) September 2, 2012


  23. Thatssoraven September 2, 2012

    Nicki Minaj has fallen off her RAP game and became more of a pop star, I don’t really like her anymore because pop music just isn’t something I like but at the same time I can’t be mad at her because she is still making money no matter what route she takes but as the them keeping her in the “Rap Category” I think that is just because she is big right now and without her in that category it would fall apart and become the least important category on an award show. However I do believe that Azealia Banks can beat Nicki at her own game you will probably hear more of her when her album drops in Feburary of 2013 but after that Nicki Minaj will be facing tough competition because Azealia Banks is no joke!!

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