Usher Announces ‘Euphoria Tour’ Of Europe With Rita Ora

Published: Tuesday 18th Sep 2012 by Sam

He’s one of the biggest established acts, she’s one of the biggest newcomers, hence it’s only fitting that Usher and Rita Ora join forces for a major trek of one the industry’s biggest markets – Europe.

Details after the jump…

Today saw the the superstar announce a 21-date tour of Europe, titled the ‘Euphoria Tour’ in honor of the fan-favourite song on his latest opus ‘Looking 4 Myself’.

Beginning in Amsterdam on January 18th 2013, the jaunt – which sees Ora serve as a special guest – will journey on to various other major cities in region including London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham and Manchester.

UK  dates and ticket info below…

Jan. 27             London, UK                  O2 Arena                                  On sale 9/21
Jan. 29             Glasgow, UK                SECC                                       On sale 9/21
Jan. 30             Birmingham, UK          LG Arena                                  On sale 9/21
Feb. 02             Sheffield, UK                Motorpoint Arena                     On sale 9/21
Feb. 13             Nottingham, UK            Capital FM Arena                      On sale 9/21
Feb. 15             Manchester, UK            MEN                                         On sale 9/21

Tickets go on-sale 9am on Friday 21st September and are available from or


Needless to say, a dual-win for both Usher and Ora. In both cases, most of their successes over the last year has been concentrated in Europe, so why not capitalize on it and make major coin on the way. We’ll be attending…will you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Roman September 18, 2012

    Yup. I’ll just be arriving an hour late to miss Rihta BORa’s set

    • KELLY September 18, 2012

      Lol b**** plz we know your ass aint going

  2. slimsexy September 18, 2012

    Yeah!usher!Rita rocs!so happy for her.At least those saying she needs to beg Rhianna to tour with her can now shut up!

    • Lax September 18, 2012

      @SLIMSEXY…Rihanna is a Made woman from the ground up and she and her navy do not give a single Phuck about this Ms. Piggy Look a like, bumb bytch.
      Hense i see that through all of the Shitty Comments and
      Post on Rihanna that is Laced with NEGATIVITY RIH has Out Sold Jay, West and Mary J, Chris, and all the Others who have dropped around the time she dropped her last album and not to mention that she also caught up to Beyonce’s “4” and passed her in sales .
      Keep trying to shyt talk Rih because yo talk will not stop or slow her Row, Bytches.


        Get em lax!!!! Let the H**’S KNW BOUT RIHANNA!!!!

  3. Elite Navy S*** September 18, 2012


  4. MELODY2012 September 18, 2012

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Usher is finished. Justin Bieber killed him.

  5. MJ Lover September 18, 2012

    Roc nation ain’t playing.


      The usa and everyone outside the uk aint playin either when we wont buy her wack music!!!!

  6. N September 18, 2012

    [user known as Sooryya]

    Good, finally she’s starting to work. I wish the Rita Ora’s keep it cute with their SUPERIORS and don’t start to talk elephant s***.

  7. DERAS September 18, 2012

    Just what we need , 2 flops.

  8. Blue September 18, 2012

    as long its only in the uk i support this.
    damn this rita girl getting major push. Problem is that she is getting this major promo now with an album thats only mildly successful in the uk, when they do start targeting the rest of the world she would have been old news, check adele when she went ww she was still relatively a new artist.

    • Lax September 18, 2012

      @BLUE cosign!


      Tell em blue!!!

  9. White girl mob September 18, 2012

    Kreayshawn debut album is number 14 on the pop charts yessss! And ya b**** ass n***** said she would not chart b**** ya better sit ya wild ass monkeys down. Kreayshawn made it she prove ya n***** wrong Oakland we made finally we on the charts hahaha n***** is made as hell f*** ya n*****.

    • MELODY2012 September 18, 2012

      Kreayshawn is number 77 on itunes and she will be lucky if she sells 5 000 copies first week. Carly Rae with a smash world wide hit single is number 8 on US Itunes and she will be lucky if she sells 50 000 first week. Rita Ora without any hit single in the US will be lucky to sell 2 000 copies first week.

  10. White girl mob September 18, 2012

    Oakland city stand up we made it n***** made they didn’t think kreayshawn could do it she on the iTunes album pop charts at number 14. We finally made it nicki Minaj watch out kreayshawn is coming hahaha pop bottles for the white girls all over the world n***** didn’t think we was gonna make Oakland we made it. Kreayshawn debut album is getting nothing but good reveiws we made Oakland.

    • Lax September 18, 2012

      @WHITE GIRL,,,Get lossed you Crossed eye, Bytch!

  11. MELODY2012 September 18, 2012

    Carly Rae with a smash world wide hit single is number 8 on US Itunes and she will be lucky if she sells 50 000 first week. I wonder how many will Rita Ora sell in her first week.

  12. White girl mob September 18, 2012

    Kreayshawn album is 59 on iTunes charts & 14 on pop album charts. N***** said that kreayshawn would not chart well ya b**** ass n***** ain’t saying s*** now huh? Oakland city stand up.. bay stand up we finally made it. Shout out to all the white girls around the world popping bottles for kreayshawn debut album getting good reviews. We made it n***** stop us we mobbin

    • Lax September 18, 2012

      @White girl,,,, why don’t you wash yo Dirty ass and get yo teeth cleaned! You Snaggggggget Tooth Heffier.

      • That B*tch September 18, 2012

        Lmao @ Lax!
        I see you draggin these h*** today.

  13. kelly September 18, 2012

    I thought Rita Ora was the biggest thing in the UK? Why is her album being out sold by Jay Z and Kanye west WTT which came out last year? Rihanna MOT went gold in the UK after only 4 months. Rita is in her first month and she is at 51 on itunes.

    week 1 – 40k
    week 2 – 17, 460
    week 3 – cannot find the figure, but she dropped to number 11
    week 4 – 51 on itunes

    The new rihanna? yeah right!

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      This ORA album has not even sold 60k. It will not go gold in the UK. So after all that hype, and all those singles that went to number 1, and all that promotion; TV commercials, tv appearances, album signings etc. The album tanked in the UK.

      I thought she had the best voice since mariah?

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      And the released the album in Australia……………….. FLOP/

      THe album comes out in the USA next week on 25 / 09. Let us all see.

      • Lax September 18, 2012

        @Kelly Cosign!

    • Lax September 18, 2012

      Hmmmmmm Rihanna’s Song with EMINEM has Out paced and out sold this Rita Chick’s whole career and many others if you want to know the truth about it . I mean how many have
      got a Single that has gone Platium 17x and counting Bytches
      And should i even mention what Rih’s We Found Love Has sold Bumb Bytches.
      You Worthless Crossed eyed Snagger Tooth Bumb Bytches will learn that You don’t try to Fight a Fire Which Is “The Power Of Rihanna” with Fire You fight a Fire like Rihanna with Water, Bytches!

      • Lax September 18, 2012

        Heeeey Bytches call Rihanna all of the colorful names and keep saying that she’s not on Beyonce’s level but Rita isn’t on Beyonce’s level either. But at the End of the DAY RIH
        has still accomplished some of the same things as Beyonce has and so phucking what bum bytches…
        In reality then none of the “DC” Artists are on beyonce’s level and find their names on this Billboard List Bytches.

      • Lax September 18, 2012

        Hmmmmmm and of course Rih has also accomplished many things that Beyonce have not like sold over 20 million units of Music in the UK.
        Rihanna has had 5 number One Hits in five Consecutive Years and the last Person to Accomplish that in the UK was Elvis back in the day.
        Reality is a Mofo isn’t it Ass WIPES!

      • kelly September 18, 2012

        Rihanna has that effect. TI has never had a hit in Europe. Til he worked with Rihanna. JAYZ only number 1, was WE RUN THIS TOWN.

      • kelly September 18, 2012

        drake’s biggest hit in Europe / USA? What’s my name iwth rihanna. Even rappers sell globally, when they work with Rihanna. Yes, Em song with Rih, shits on Rita Ora career.



  14. CzarM September 18, 2012

    Now she’s touring with Usher. Damn. Roc Nation is on a hustle with Rita. Setting her with all kinds of glamorous gigs and high profile promo left and right.


    Rita is the real Princess of the Roc.

    • Lax September 18, 2012

      While Rita might be the princess of the Roc,,,but know this if you don’t know nothing else….You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him Drink,,,,case n Point keep trying to low rate Rih and shyt talk her and her Navy and see if you can make Rihanna shine go away. See if you have got it you have got it and all the money in the World can’t buy People’s love and dedication to yo ass if people are not feeling yo ass. There’s Countless Artist who can sing their Asses off but where are they? I mean they talk tons of s*** about Rihanna and always talking about what Levl Rihanna isn’t on and shyt talk about Rihanna can’t dance as good as Beyonce, and all of that dah, dah, dah when in REALITY rihann’s ass has out sol and out Paced many of the so called big Girls and “Ever Last One Of You Know That” and that is why RIHANNA gets all of the NEGATIVE BULL SHYT Written about her and Rihanna is still working her ass off.
      If Rihanna drops 6 albums and beyonce has dropped 4
      Rihanna has a total of 8 albums with her 6 albums and Beyonce has a total of 9 albums with her 4 albums Sooo
      Who has dropped more Albums Bumb Bytches….ANYWHOO Jay dropped 10 albums in 10 Years and i don’;t see yo assses yapping about his ass and his sales and who can out sing and out dance His ass Because EMINEM has dropped less Albums than Jay has and has still Out sold Jay almost two to one.
      Oh and by the way all of you who tries with every ounce of yo Being to Discredit each and every move Rihanna makes can Kiss my Red Ass In Advance, Bytches!

  15. MELODY2012 September 18, 2012

    Rita 3rd week sells 3000 copies HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      Did u find it? I knew it would be around 1000 to maybe, just over three, on the basis of how the, the top 10 sold. I mean the act number 1, sold 58 TO DEBUT AT number 1, and the sold 52k – all higher than Rita Ora’s debut.

    • RIH September 18, 2012

      DAMN!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. kelly September 18, 2012

    Here have her UK sales.

    Week 1 – 40k
    Week 2 – 17, 460
    Week 3 – 3000.
    Week 4 number 51 on itunes being outsold by jayz / kanye WTT.

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      In total she has sold, 60, 460k. of her debut album .

  17. kelly September 18, 2012

    3000 copies in week 3? That is really bad. Like, something is not right, cos she has had number 1’s and is down with beyonce / jayz etc. She is famous in the UK and over promoted. Then! She meant to have the voice of all voices…… AND! she wis white and blonde, not dark skin. So how do u sell 3000 copies in week three?

    With an Album that took three years; recorded in LA, NYC, VEGAS, MIAMI, LDN with Huge A listers like The dream, Drake, Stargate, Chase and Status, Fraser T smith ( adele producer ) Sia, Will I AM, Esther dean, Makeba Riddick ( rihanna’s main songwriters ) etc

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      The runners, Madame buttons, Bonnie Mckee. All the biggest producers and Songwriters in the game.

  18. That B*tch September 18, 2012

    This is probably the big break Rita needs to make it in the U.S.
    Congrats Rita.

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      It is a European tour fool

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      She already went on a European tour with Coldplay – who s*** all over usher in album sales. She has never had a top hit in any european country.

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      They have given her a lot of big breaks in America:
      Glamour magazine shot by patrick dermachlier
      GQ USA
      Made in America festival
      MTV AWARDS – presenting best male; Performing at all 5 afterparties

      VMA commercial with her and her song playing
      Doing two songs on jimmy kimmell
      Interview with Ryan seacreast radio show in LA
      MTV unplugged without a single hit

      The f*** u mean? She has been given way too much. No other act in history has had that!

  19. kelly September 18, 2012

    I am an America, and I have the right to air my opinion. She has been given the best of the best: The best clothes; the best songwriters / producers; the best videos filmed in LA etc; the best promotion of any act ( even lady gaga ) the best hype; all the time in the world. As Look magazine said, it is unheard of to get 3 years – there is no money.

    She has bee given the best support. Jayz, Beyonce coming to the studio; coldplay guy picking LP tracks; bruno mars giving support; whole of sony roc nation giving 100% attention. She does not have anymore to give. THIS IS HER BEST. Her voice is not gonna go from what it now to Etta James; her songwriting is not gonna be Freddie mercury. With all the money, time etc in the world, this is all she has.

    Rihanna got better, when they gave her more money. They have given Rita all the money in the world and she is getting worse. There are no bigger producers than the ones she worked with.

    She will get dropped from both her UK and USA deal.

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      They have frozen the whole of roc nation for this one act – and she sells 3000 in her 3rd week?

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      I am glad LA did not give Rihanna all the best of the best at 16 – she would of peaked to early and not learn to develop her hunger. I am glad LA made her EARN IT! It proves she is an artist. Unlike that girl

  20. kelly September 18, 2012

    At least with Rih, she was only 16 / 17. She did not have all money for the fashion and big names. Her first big name producer that she worked with was JR Rotem, and he done SOS which was a global smash. Even then, they still did not give Rih the big budget videos or expensive designer clothes. They have given Rita Ora all the big s***, even before she dropped a record….and this all she can do?

  21. Mathew September 18, 2012


  22. kelly September 18, 2012

    If LA reid had given a 16 yr olf Rihanna the best of the best like Rita and she flops, then LA would drop Rih. But, cos he started with basic package and she EARNED HER STRIPES, IT PROVED THA SHE WAS THE REAL DEAL.

  23. kelly September 18, 2012

    rita ora: the biggest joke in the music industry. Ever. Trust a black man to behind it!

  24. kelly September 18, 2012

    Roc nation read this website. Wikepedia has her first week sales, of 40k of the site and her USA release date of 25TH of september 2012.

    I have gone all her Wiki page and they ( roc ) got rid of the 40k and the USA album release date for 25 / 09. LOL LOL OL They are scared,that when folks google Rita and go to Wikipedia, they will see her UK album sales and think what a basic b****.

    It terms of the USA release date – it was meant to be next week – that is why she is Back IN AMERICA. But now………..???????????? Who knows when this LP comes out in America. Sadly, Gaga, Rih and Kesha are dropping in the next month or so. Maybe she will release her LP is the USA next year with her buddy Beyonce.

  25. Monstarebel September 18, 2012

    Really? she must be a cheap act or something or rock nation is paying usher bank to have this flop ass b**** on his tour!

  26. Arie September 18, 2012

    Rita has already toured Europe, what is she gonna be bringing to the table this time? Its a good opportunity for Rita but this will not benefit Usher in any way.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 18, 2012

      The same no backup dancers, no intresting clothes, no lights and no presence as last time.

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