Watch: Rihanna Reunites With Chris Brown At VMAs

Published: Friday 7th Sep 2012 by David

For fans watching MTV’s live All Access stream at last night’s VMAs, it’s safe to say what didn’t make the live show paled in comparison to what was available view in ‘behind the scenes’ stream.

Capturing many a telling moment, from One Direction’s manic arrival  to Rihanna and Katy Perry brushing past Rita Ora backstage without saying a word to her, this footage also picked up a scene many already have a lot to say about.

Find out what we mean below…

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  1. Todd September 7, 2012

    oh God,this needs to end! She built her whole career upon scandals and mentioning the poor boys name.

    • Attention seeking h** September 7, 2012

      agree,,,, I used to be a big Rih fan, i went hard for her but now all i see she s attention seeker

      • ++++ September 7, 2012

        u guys need to let this s*** go….. let her be her

    • truth tea September 7, 2012

      we are letting her go, but she and chris keep shoving it in our faces for attention.

      • Mobwife September 7, 2012

        That’s a goddamn LIE!

        Chris Brown has yet to WILLING DO AN INTERVIEW discussing Rihanna (see every damn interview starting with that b**** on her death bed, Robin Roberts)! He has tried to move on and focus on his career. Rihanna has been the one who has used his name to stay relevant! He has been her safety net – sure bet whenever she needed to sell a single, CD, or a damn magazine article!

      • Deal with it September 7, 2012

        @Mobwife you are going to hell for saying Robin Roberts death bed making fun of someones health it’s not that serious and it is too shove down our throats whether by rih and who ever you completely missed the point. >>>>>>>>> Have a row of seats. Have a blessed day chile 🙂

  2. king bey September 7, 2012

    Chris brown body laungage is very diffrent from rihanna in tht video and hw can u tell they kissed on lips

  3. Offspring September 7, 2012

    Errrm, Imma need credit for pointing you in the direction of the video TGI!!!!!!

    • Offspring September 7, 2012

      oppps… TGJ

      • OVO September 7, 2012

        err. not really. i follow one of their staff members and he was tweeting about the kiss as it happened.

      • Offspring September 7, 2012

        Maybe, but I showed them the where to get the video footage, Ya Dig! 😀

        Anyway I’m just playing wid them!

  4. MsThing485 September 7, 2012

    When they eventually reunite (and you know they will) and he eventually slaps her upside the head (and you know he will), I won’t feel the slightest bit sorry for her. Rihanna and Chris may as well quit the music industry and take their dysfunctional asses over to VH-1 or E! for a trashy reality show.

    • Mobwife September 7, 2012

      STFU you fool!

      Chris and Rihanna were two kids in a TEENAGE RELATIONSHIP! There are not:
      -Ike & Tina Turner
      -Eminem & Kim Mathers
      -Tommy Lee & Pam Anderson
      -Mickey Rourke & Carrie Otis
      -Glenn Cambell & Tanya Tucker
      -Jeff Goldbloom & Gina Davis
      -Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne OR
      -Jayz & Foxy Brown

      They were very young and got into a heat of the moment sistuation in which they hit each other upside the damn head! They have publically acknowledged (well CB has) they were wrong and at 23 & 24 are trying to move past the crazy. I WISH YOU FOOLS WOULD LET THEM!

      • James227 September 7, 2012



    • GREG September 7, 2012

      Yea, i truly believed at the time that Rhianna was pressured to play the victim of domestic abuse. And if it wasn’t for the many people who were calling for the killing of Chris Brown, she would have forgiven him and gone back in the very beginning. Stuff happens in relationships, and Chris does deserve a second chance…

  5. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 7, 2012

    Well, I guess people aren’t really shocked after the ‘BC’ remix. Personally, I’m much more shocked about how boring and low quality the whole show was than I am about the fabricated dramas and the tabloid stories…

    • Mabs September 7, 2012

      We sometimes don’t agree, but I must say, I’m with you 100 %…..People really dont care about their ‘reuniting’, as we all know what’s inevitable.

  6. MinajMonstah September 7, 2012

    oooh so i wasnt the only who clocked the shade rihanna and katy thrw ReUh.

    Shade your friend but kiss your abuser on the lips? gurl bah!

    • GREG September 7, 2012

      how did this become about reuh?…..and why do they have to jump for joy when that girl is around….just because im not doing flips when i see you coming does not mean im throwing you shade, calm down.

  7. NOBITCHASSNESS September 7, 2012

    I’m happy they’re friends again. I know some people are mad at her but it’s time to move on… it’s been how long now!? And it IS her decision to make. #teamBREEZY #RihannaNavy

  8. JJFan1814 September 7, 2012

    Wow! What a grand discovery! I’m shocked!!!’

    Lol not! Did any of you b****** did not see the Oprah interview?!!! Rihanna and Chris are still friends! She still loves him! They still meet up and Hang out! So why is this a big deal?

    You bum b****** are just desperate to talk about something! Get on your knees and bask in the glory of We Found Love winning the most important VMA!

    • NaQu September 7, 2012

      Sweetheart, no one cares about that VMA MTV gave Rihanna for simply showing up. The network doesn’t even air videos anymore and the VMA’s haven’t been relevant ever since they were forced to reduced the show from 3 hrs to 2 because no one watches anymore and they can’t get as much sponsorship. WFL’s win is a :roll:. Unimpressive.

      That being said, Rihanna is a damn fool and you know it. Her little display with Chris only proved for the umpteenth time that she’s walking trash. She’s a Jerry Springer guest set to a cheesy dance beat.

      • bedstuyfly September 7, 2012


      • GREG September 7, 2012

        So she is trash because she has love in her heart and chose to forgive???…wow then i guess what the bible teaches us to do makes us all trash.

  9. Mother September 7, 2012

    Omg where is the vid/proof of Katy and Rihanna snubbing Rita? Giving me mean girls tease LMAO love it!!!

    • Airplanes September 7, 2012

      go on david grapejuices timeline on twitter. he was talking about it but a few of my friends saw it too.

      rihanna and katy were backstage after she won video of the year and katy told rihanna something then rihanna put her arm around katy, then a few seconds later rihanna sees the back of ritas head and walks past her. then you saw what looks rita asking someone she was with if that was rihanna who just walked past.

    • James227 September 7, 2012

      If anthing Rihanna was throwing her nose up at Drake. He gets on stage and saying the B**** word.

  10. Blue September 7, 2012

    They r nt getting back together that is clear from both of them, this was her silencing the issue and moving on, just showing they can be happy for each other and she had to go to him and not the other way around

    it was a long time comming from not fight the removal of the probation to the remix to the twitter friendship to the oprah interview. And cause it was her just congratulating him other then an shock of a performance makes it more real and sincere and it wasnt just a stunt.

    so all this fans need to stop tripping
    they have been in contact for a long time now and have met alot of times if they wanted to stay do u really think they wouldnt be together already?

  11. Blue September 7, 2012

    when were rih and rita friends? They knweach other and thats it, nt even label mates

    rih and katy where the only current big names there girlfriends could afford to be mean girls

  12. Attention seeking h** September 7, 2012

    She could have congratulated him backstage but she did it on public!!! She knows damn well what shes doing!!!!!! Its not showing of LOVE its PR!!!!!!!!!!! Good job riri u made ppl remember about ur ass once again

    • king bey September 7, 2012

      Looking at the video rihanna holding tightly on to him but he gave her hug her with one hand u notice she always makes the first move never him its all onesided rihanna biggest mistake is convincing herself chris could only ever love her she makes a fool outta herself cme tmz will see pics of chris stepping out with kae

      • Attention seeking h** September 7, 2012

        Ha true!!!!

  13. the real xoxo September 7, 2012

    such an obvious publicity stunt. these are 2 of the most attention seeking overrated artists in the game, they have been using eachother all year for publicity, its what you have to do when you dont have any real talent.

  14. Blue September 7, 2012

    Walking trash for forgiving someone? For not wanting to be the reason for his failure? Turner was a great artist b4 the whole abuse thing with tina but bcuz of that he died an abuser and nothing more. Because even after all the years tina never publically forgave him.

    they r young so its only right. And even if she does get back with him one can only pray that he has truely changed and they can be happy, what evil will make u want him to beat her? Has he been with-whats-her-face for a while now and there hasnt been talk or signs?

    that said i pray to god she doesnt get back with him just cause i dont like him much.

  15. CzarM September 7, 2012

    Rihanna is a 2 trick pony. When she needs attention, she make some sort of mention of or reference to Chris, or changes her hairstyle. If you took those 2 ploys away from her, she wouldn’t be able to promote herself. So lame.

    • Blue September 7, 2012

      then rih must be a fool for putting this chris thing to rest or disensatizing it. How is she gonna use it in the future nw? S*** and she just made peace with her dad… Thank god she stil got hair! Then. Or she and chris could always get married at the grammies and have f*** on the ama stage next year

    • James227 September 7, 2012

      Just what kind of attention is Rihanna throwing? This seen last night could cost her career to go downhill. This is a risk she took. Cut the b******* about her doing this for attention. Attention to what because you kids don’t understand being an adult. Grow the f*** up already.

      Also got up this morning and they showed this clip on the Today Show and they was not saying nothing bad about them either.

  16. Attention seeking h** September 7, 2012

    btw did Nicki really said to rih “sit the f..K down”??????????? i love ha then

  17. Blue September 7, 2012

    and what would congratulating backstage have accomplished? What spread more rumours? Have ppl say they r hiding?
    this way she showed the public that she was proud of him. Yes it was planned and staged but so is everything else in that industry. Doesnt take away from the emotion and purpose of it. She was happy for him, and she had to make it public and what better way then on stage as he received his award? (Or if he hadnt won) mention him her acceptance speech or be pictured together backstage.?

    • James227 September 7, 2012

      Now this right here right on point

  18. aishaaguilerakeys September 7, 2012

    Am I the only one who noticed the “good boy” pet she gave him on the head ?! CB, let her go !

    • Offspring September 7, 2012

      I clocked that…. patting him like he’s her dog

    • Mobwife September 7, 2012

      She always ALWAYS, ALWAYS gave him that head pat. If you go back in time at look at video or pictures of them from theirpast young relationship that was a signiture move she always made to him! ……check for yourself don’t just believe me!

      But yes, he should let her go.

  19. Blue September 7, 2012

    Get attention for what? Dont u think she would have waited to do this when she was releasing a new album? Or new single of new era? And do u think chris and his team r so stupid(chris maybe) to let her and her team use him like that? Please! Get some sense, u myt hate but use logic in ur hateful hating thought process.

    • king bey September 7, 2012

      Chris pr team aint s*** they denied rih n chris meeting up in st. Tropez buh rih admitted they did they also said chris wasnt attending vmas buh he did i think they still mite be feelings n rihanna side buh both tryna move on media wnt let em

      • Mobwife September 7, 2012

        First, His PR Team had not idea Chris and Rihanna would run into each outher in St. Tropez. He did not go to FRANCE JUST TO MEET UP WITH Rihanna. Chris Brown went on BUSINESS!

        Second, you’re DAMN SKIPPY” aka RIGHT his PR Team said he would not be attending the VMAs. They did what they needed to do to keep the thirsty, racist, hateful ass media off his SCROTUM!

      • James227 September 7, 2012


        Hello!!! You better PREACH!

  20. Monstarebel September 7, 2012

    **Rihanna and Katy Perry brushing
    past Rita Ora backstage without
    saying a word to her**
    Lmao that’s what there supposed to do like really who tf is Rita ora? They don’t give a f*** about her!!

    • king bey September 7, 2012

      Yea buh u dnt do tht to someone its nasty rita shuld not get abuse for tryna live out her dream just like rihanna has a right to live out her dreams will see how cocky rihanna is once hov gets wind of this

  21. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 7, 2012

    She wants the ppl to Forgive Chris Brown So badly , If u can’t see that , then you are simply a dumb c***. She Doesn’t wanna be back to him as to Lovers , she just wanna have him as a “friend” , of course CB doesn’t want that , he want to be her lover as back in the day , so i see from where the complexity come. She want ppl to forgive Cb and tried , more than one time , to get the message through she forgave him.

    And Where the F*** is this karrueche ?!! Yeah , she’s just a gold digger , she doesn’t love Chris , she’s just using him to get a career and to be famous , A Gold-digger.

    And F*** rita Ora , Why Rih will be friends with her clone ? Madonna isn’t friends with her clone “lady gaga” , Lil Kim is not friends with her clone ” onika maraj” , and Inevitably Rih won’t be friends with her clone , this UK act as well.

    • king bey September 7, 2012

      U so deluded if kae wanted a career out this dont u think she would be giving interviews magazine shoots etc have u ever even heard kae spk and how can u say chris wants to be lovers with rih wen its her who reached out to him for bc remix and it was her crying and admitting she still love him on oprah and its her hugging n squeezing him at vmas u r full of s***

    • Mobwife September 7, 2012

      WTF 0_o?

      I think you meant to phrase that differently! Chris Brown is not on anyones TV, Radio or Magazine proclaiming HIS LOVE for Rihanna. It is Rihanna who is breaking down, miserable and alone missing that GOOD GOOD! Let’s not forget it was Rihanna that dealt the cards and played whatever hand she thought would win her fame and fortune. She choose to toss him aside and pretend as though she didn’t want or need him. He mourned then moved on.

      • James227 September 7, 2012


        PREACH! PREACH! PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ZANIA September 7, 2012

        CB AND RIH love each other and people needs to accept it and move on, and concentrate on their music. Rihanna maybe expressing her love for CB opening, but don’t be fools CB is behind the scene expressing her love for her. Do you really think she would risk the backlash if she didn’t think he felt the same.

      • mobwife September 7, 2012

        @james227 – You know they got me hot with some of these crazy comments! 🙂

        @ZANIA – Chris had expressed his feeing for her publicly (see Crawl & a half a dozen other songs he recorded for and about her) but when she kept throwing him under the bus he “gave up the ghost”! Rihanna is just now beginning to understand 2 things: 1) The femiNAZIs used the hell out of her to promote their cause concerning “abuse” & 2) After seeing how happy the ppl around her are, from Kanye – Kim to Jayz – Beyonce, she has come to realize that Chris loved her and she was a fool to give up on him and that love! IMO

    • Suicide Blonde September 7, 2012

      LMAO!, i agree about Riri, she wants people to forgive him.

      • James227 September 7, 2012


        Don’t matter, get mad because your comments are on point. They talked more about Chris & Rihanna than Frank Ocean whose voice was cracking all over the place. The audience just was not into Frank.

  22. truth tea September 7, 2012

    why do they keep saying “ohh it was 3 years ago” “ohh let it go”
    when these 2 keep shoving it in our faces every 2 minutes?
    desperate attention seekers.

    • Mobwife September 7, 2012

      And you keep typing the same sh*t! Are you sure your not one of the “desperate attention seekers” you claim Chris Brown to be? Here you go —> __/

  23. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? September 7, 2012

    Bunch of fame whores. This is the only way for Rihanna to get some publicity.

    • Offspring September 7, 2012

      It is odd, that she announced her tour after all of this publicity about her new hair and Chris Brown

  24. Bey Fan September 7, 2012

    They’re friends….. they’re first lovers….. I dont think its a big deal.

  25. Mobwife September 7, 2012

    Ummm, I had to dutifully watch my President and the DNC this week as I dutifully watched the RNC last week, so I missed it all. Did Breezy win? Other than this kiss, Rihanna rocking that hair & outfit, and Breezy looking GORGEOUS in that gray suit, I really don’t give f*ck and I’m tired of the back forth! I wish the femiNAZI’s, racist males, and stupid boot kissing blacks would find two new targets cause this constant picking on these two is getting old!

    • Girrrl September 7, 2012

      Breezy won

  26. pat September 7, 2012

    rita ora is to rihanna and katy what kim kardashian is to beyonce

  27. Speak Truth September 7, 2012

    Chris needs to check that chick.

    Look it’s been old.

    Rihanna loves Chris. She wants to protect Chris. She feels bad for Chris.

    I will never say a bad thing about the behavior like a year or so after the abuse…but this girl’s actions have really pushed me into believing she’s using him for publicity.

    Chris don’t even want to hug the girl in the vid…you’re thirsty Rihanna. You know when the new album comes there’ll be 4 songs about him hitting you on it. Stop holding Thr boy hostage and get some dignity.

    • king bey September 7, 2012

      Thank u someone with sense

    • All About The Truth September 7, 2012

      Rihanna thinks that Teambreezy will run out and buy her new album and get it that #1 she always wanted. U see Teambreezy will go out and buy Rihanna album just by watching this VMA’s clip where as the Navy will never buy even a single from Chris let alone his album. Teambreezy wants to move on from all this hate where as the Navy wants to keep this hate between Chris & Rihanna alive. Now if we only get the real story of what really happened that night this story will be complete. We don’t need no more media,tmv’s keep tearing down our young blacks where the whites can do the same and they get a 1million tv show.

      • mobwife September 7, 2012

        Damn, caller are you there? LOL 🙂 I agree with you 100%! I don’t think that TeamBreezy will auomatically run out and purchase her music as TB has seen the Navy turn their nose up an n ot support Chris. I would like to see all of this foolishness come to and end but the media is forever instigating and hatin’!

      • James227 September 7, 2012

        I don’t think so either. Teambreezy love to see people treat Chris nice and if it’s Rihanna so be it. Lord I knew this day was coming people and wait there will be more shocking news from Rihanna that should stop all the hate on Chris. You same clowns will really feel stupid.

        You kids keep listening to tmz, they were the ones whom photoshoped Rihanna’s picture just to bury a young black male. I’m willing to bet that Chris mugshot will surface.

  28. Mobwife September 7, 2012

    I’m going to say this and let it go! Many of you are sad that they could one day get back together. STOP IT for it’s just not that deep! Stop believing he media’s bullsh** lies about absue and all that crap. These two had 1 fight. She hit and he hit. They were both wrong. The media should have never handled the mistake they made in their young lives in the manner that they did!

    Ppl keep telling both to “RUN & STAY” away from one another but I think its hard for them to really let go. Remember they NEVER ENEDED their relationship EVERYONE & THEIR MOTHER DID IT FOR THEM! It’s difficult to go from speaking and seeing a person EVERYDAY to never seeing or speaking to them again! It’s amost like a DEATH when you think about it!

  29. All About The Truth September 7, 2012

    In the video was that Melissia walking by them LOOKING! Good I hpe it was her watching them kiss and hug.

  30. CBE September 7, 2012

    Chris brown signing with DEF JAM just WATCH!!!!

    Pieces are falling in place, new manager and now this + his single is doing well on Itunes 100, Welcome back to the mainstream chris the powers are taking you back in.

    • mobwife September 7, 2012

      NOOOOOO he will sign with Atlantic Records before Def Scam although I know Russell Simmons would love for it to happen!


    I’m not suprised by the flame between them…. i mean just google kelsnetwork

  32. Suicide Blonde September 7, 2012

    LMAO!…Katy Perry ignoring Rita Ora haha she probably think she was an extra, you know a Rihanna double.

  33. sha September 7, 2012

    am happy they just put it pass them some ppl on her need to do the same and let them be.

  34. Littleton September 7, 2012

    LOL looks like Rita desperately wants to be mentioned with iconic figures like Rihanna and Katy Perry. The only way she gets praised is on TGJ. Why was she even at the MTV music awards? She has no hit singles and nobody cares to see her live.She has no nomination.At least Rihanna was snatching awards during mots era and Rihanna wasn’t pushed down our throats during that time.u

  35. Smurf September 7, 2012

    Ok TMZ get it right. Karruchue was not at the VMAs with Chris

  36. sheesh September 7, 2012

    Yes his GF definitely wasnt there TMZ gotta chill.

  37. Foreal… September 8, 2012

    first off that was not even a real kiss. that was like “hey how you doing” and keep it pushing.. and secondly that was NOT karruche next to chris.. She want there.

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