Must See: Brandy Live In West Hollywood

Published: Sunday 7th Oct 2012 by David

 Just in case you weren’t aware, Brandy‘s ‘Two/Eleven’ hits stores October 16th.

Already well received via the scorching numbers ‘Let Me Go’ and ‘Put It Down‘, October 5th saw the star arrive in West Hollywood to perform material from the release.

Well rehearsed and arming those vocals, Brandy’s set left us hoping she’s booked a slot at the forthcoming ‘American Music Awards’. For, as you’ll see yourself, her new stage show is a sight all should behold.

Find out what we mean below…


Many thanks our pals over at Brandy Daily.

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  1. Criss October 7, 2012

    BRANDY RIPPED THIS PERFORMANCE TO SHREADS. Such confidence. And she s*** as hell.

    • Rihanna Navy October 7, 2012

      And she look fresh to death, i love the styling and the music is boss. i’m so buying her album plus one for my mom and my best friend.

  2. 2/11 in stores 16 Oct. Songscribe October 7, 2012

    She is very talented. And her new song called No Such Thing as Too Late is all sorts of Epicnesss!!

  3. Lax October 7, 2012

    Talented and making great waves and to Me a clear
    Triple Threat, and besides that there’s room for all
    of them so why not push and pull for all of them who
    work hard for their Money. It don’t matter who’s at the
    top because in life there’s always some one who’s
    going to be number One through ninety nine therefore
    let them all be great, and We should accept the fact
    that life deals Us all a hand and We can either play
    that hand or throw it back in and do nothing, at all!

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 7, 2012

      i agree 😀

    • jaiyah October 7, 2012

      I also agree that there is room for everybody.

      • James227 October 7, 2012


        AGREE 100%

  4. sweetnothings78 October 7, 2012

    As usual she looks STUNNING and she has ambushed me with this confidence.

    Loving this era.

    Sam ur a star

  5. GAslickmouf October 7, 2012

    Its lookin like the stars are flying much higher then the doves could ever fly, as it shuld be any way

    • Quan October 7, 2012

      Now don’t be disrespectful! Worry about the f****** Starz and thats it. Its comments like this and people like you that keep bs going between the two. And lets not get to above ourselves now. Why I do agree I admire the passion and unity of your fan clique, there is no need to be rude. Enjoy your time to shine because unlike you, we’ve been here plenty of times before. Your girl is “FINALLY” starting to get the credit she deserves!

      • notsuoh October 7, 2012

        absolutely true!!! I hate when the #STARZ just started offending other fan groups for no reason! We are here for BRAN!!!! STOP sturring up s***! brandy f***** killed this s***
        i cant even think of any other fans!!

      • Ayo October 7, 2012

        I agree wid u to an extent, but please don’t discount Brandy like this is her first time being in this position she’s been here plenty a time as well

  6. GAslickmouf October 7, 2012

    Brandy has been killin it but where is the video. Its not really much promo out there. Only gay club appearances.

    Wildest dreams was a fail for 2nd single choice. That song wuld never compare to all the rick ross and 2chains that radio play along with all I want for my bday is a big booty.

    2nd single culdve been better. Makibg us wait for the video is not helping either.

    • Criss October 7, 2012

      Wildest Dreams is slowly gaining on radio. Things seem to be late this era when it comes to songs being sent to radio and video releases, but it all seems to work out in the end. Just like w/ PID which is a future #1 smash on Urban radio.

      • James227 October 7, 2012

        Right! Brandy PR team ain’t about that Payola s*** but I bet she will have the #1 album in the world tho.

  7. DOSSOME October 7, 2012

    I vowed 2 buy 15 copies for me & my loved ones,i’ll do just that….this girl brought her A++ game this era….you gotta love Brandy

  8. GAslickmouf October 7, 2012

    She looked really good

    She danced her ass off

    She was ver ready.

    Brandy culd easily b back on top with better song and also live vocals!

    Im a huge Brandy fan but all of the pre recorded tracks will catch up to her soon, as it did in the past.

    I love Brandy but Brandy and her team shuld be more aggressive then wat it is now. Still no video and live shows on tv.

    Very weak.

    • Ayo October 7, 2012

      Please, Brandy always sings live.

    • JBvanilla October 8, 2012

      Um I was there… and she sang ALL THE WAY live….!


  9. DaHotNig October 7, 2012

    Yes and maaaaaaam! She’s hungry!

  10. GAslickmouf October 7, 2012

    as much is We fans like to think she is live we can clearly tell that she’s not.

    Beyonce has never been my b****, but I deal cuz she is live 90% OF THE time. Beyonce talks s*** while singing and etc while live at the same time. Brandy wuld never b able to talk s*** while singing live because she is not live 90% of the time.

    Brandy really she sing live more and im a huge fan of hers. I speak the truth whether they’re my favorite or not.

    Its called keeping it real.

    • KNUCK October 7, 2012

      B**** you’re not a fan. You can’t cover up all of the past comments you’ve made. A simple google search of your screen name will uncover your fake ass “constructive” comments. “Oh I love Brandy, BUT…” followed by a read.

      Plus your tea is clocked as a Ciara fan. The nerve to even mention lipsynching. stfu

      • James227 October 7, 2012



      • IDK October 8, 2012

        Say that s*** KNUCK!!!!

    • Ayo October 7, 2012

      She is live

  11. GAslickmouf October 7, 2012

    She did really well it was good to see her bout damn time. I just need live vocals, that is all.

    I hope she dont tour with pre recorded tracks all over the place.

    Bspears and jlo can do that. They never been singers frm the start. Brandy as always been a singer.

    on the other hand brandy killed it. She looked good in all the black, on point with the dancin. She looked very ready.

    Hope she do well.

    • trillafood October 7, 2012

      Get a life f**. Brandy is shitting on the bitc u stan for damn sure.

    • Ayo October 7, 2012

      She is live, she just sounds that good, why is it so hard to believe

      • IDK October 8, 2012

        Right Ayo

  12. GAslickmouf October 7, 2012

    Wonder wats shes gona do for blk girls rock?

    see can’t do put it down because put it down is not a girl empowerment song. no 1 knows wildest dreams but the queens.

    this is going to be interesting. although she killed the Whitney tribute. the rumors of her lip sinking came right after.

    Wateva she does, I hope she delivers.

    • KNUCK October 7, 2012

      Hun are you ok? You left like 5 separate comments, some of it constructive and some of it attempted reads. Go join a forum and some actual people can reply to you.

      You’re not a real STAR, so please stop posing. I know your comments from youtube and blogs all over the internet.

      And this wasn’t lipped.

      • IDK October 8, 2012

        say that s*** KNUCK!!!!!!!

  13. Rihanna Navy October 7, 2012

    YASSSS Confidence on 100, MUSIC on a 100, Styling on a 100, Fierceness on a 100 , Dancing on a 100, PUT DOWN IT DOWN SLAYING ME ALL TYPE OF WAYS. B ROCKA B******!!

  14. Jessy October 7, 2012

    Two Words: She’s Back!!!

  15. Chile… October 7, 2012

    She did good but lipsynced both of her songs. The samething at the BET Awards. She did not sing live. She sung over a pre recorded track. I guess if Beyonce can do it so can she.

    • notsuoh October 7, 2012

      she used a backing track as most artist do! Bran is from the 90’s NO lip-syncing here!!! pay attention! people always trying to find some way to put Brandy down! She Put it down tonight an exuding everything shes been missing! and yall still find a way to hate!

  16. KNUCK October 7, 2012

    I was there and she was not pre-recorded!! There are certain pieces that come from the backing track, but you can clearly tell. You can actually tell when they fixed her mic level at the end of Put It Down. There are cell phone videos which pick up the vocals a lot better than this video. This camera must have been behind the monitors some kind of way. I mean the actual runs that she does are so “different” and intricate there is no way she could memorize that stuff.. What you know about improv?

    But yasss for the confidence AND the vocals.. Her dancing on “Wildest Dreams” was so s*** and c*** lol..

    • Chile… October 7, 2012

      My friend went to the concert as well and is a huge Brandy fan & she said she did sing over a back track to Put It Down & Wildest Dream. I know she aint gonna lie about tht! She was upset about it…

  17. wrinkle flop ora October 7, 2012

    Rihanna has debuted at number 1 in the UK

  18. coko chanel October 7, 2012

    Once I realized she was lipping, I turned it off.

    • yes love October 7, 2012

      she not she just that talented cant you tell the difference from live to recorded

    • GREG October 7, 2012

      Even if she is, sometimes i give em a pass if they are dancing….

  19. Cado the kid October 7, 2012

    YESSSS BRAN!!!! Of course the vocals were on a million, but the confidence that she is oozing lately is blowing my mind!!! Nothing short of flawless…Brandy Brandy Brandy!! You betta WORK!! 🙂

  20. Sarah Says October 7, 2012

    I couldn’t tell if she was singing live or not, but who cares! It’s not a concert, it’s a club night, if she was on a major stage I maybe vexed but why waste vocals on a club might when you plan to go on tour, that just makes sense, so I’m not too fussed. She looked good and moved well, looking forward to the album. I might have to buy this one instead of the Tulisa album

  21. REALTALKBSWALK October 7, 2012

    Brandy makes Monica look like a fool, Brandy is an amazing performer and she sounds so freaking good live I mean she gives me evrytghing on stage and her voice never cracks you can tell she dont smoke like some artist that sounds like they are out of breath and off key, I love you Brandy and will be buying your album if your reading this lol

    • credits October 8, 2012

      I agree with everything you said about brandy except for the part when you say she makes monica look like a fool. I love brandy but you can’t deny when monica released still standing and sold 180,000 copies in her first week, singing ‘everything to me’ on every daytime and morning show just killing it, spending a few weeks at number 1. ‘love all over me’ went to the top of the r&b charts too. Monica’s voice is on par with the greats don’t every discredit that because Brandy is getting her shine again. 2/11 october 16th, i’m getting my copy.

  22. anano October 7, 2012

    Absolutely amazing!!!!

  23. Quan October 7, 2012

    I think this performance was amazing. I am not one of her starz at all, but I give credit when credit is due! That’s who I am. I always “liked” brandy but I just have always preferred Monica over brandy. Nonetheless, brandy’s swag and energy was on point. I also admire the love her fans give her to help boost her confidence as well. She is a talented artist and deserves her shot. But how do I feel about pre-recorded tracks….hey do whatever you have to at this point. People will argue about whether it was live or not. But at the end of the day obviously those people who were there did not mind, so neither do I lol.

  24. LouLou October 7, 2012

    Omg just realized how she flipped the bird at y’all at 9:43. That was gangsta! Lol

  25. GAslickmouf October 7, 2012

    Ok well maybe I understand a little more now about pre recorded tracks.

    Brandy has no room for error, so if she needs to lip sing it to b perfect then she gotta do what she gotta do.

    At da end of the day its still her voice anyway right?

    So she is doin da damn thing I guess. Other ppl lip sing as well, I wonder why it a big deal whn it comes to Brandy?

    It is what it is. Good luck tho bran bran keep doing ya thang.

  26. Nick October 7, 2012

    I was there right up front., touched her hand & all. I must say her PR suck tho, tere were 4 of us there early waitin as she did sound check, that’s when u take your true fans & meet them, yes it was $5 to get in but still, I made a shirt just for this event & another guys drew a beautiful portrait for her, we. Fans who love & support u just show us some type of love, she killed it tho love her to death but a little disappointed with the wait, there @ 830, doors opened @ 1030, she didn’t go on stage til 1am., come on nah

  27. Millhouse October 7, 2012

    I was there and idk Why everyone is saying she is lip synching? Clearly she is singing live…. She sings the verses and adlibs… and she dances during the hook… Thats the same thing Beyonce does…. Lip Synching is when you mouth the words to a song but nothing is coming out of your mouth… Clearly you can tell she is singing into the mic… I swear some people are just haters yo… I was only a couple of feet away from her and she was deffinitly live… She killed that s***. Her voice and control is amazing. All the CiCi and RiRi fans are mad cuz their chicks cant sing even while standing still. They are so used to seeing BS that when true talent comes along they think its lipsynched…. SMH ——– GO Brandy, i got you girl

    • Teflon Boy October 8, 2012

      Loool that is so true! So used to mediocre acts that they genuinely believe ‘God-given talent’ must be some kind of a fairytale…, like mermaids and pixie-dust.

  28. ENOUGH ONIKA October 7, 2012

    Why does complimenting someone always have to be combined with insulting another artist who’s perceived as “competition.” Anyway, I liked the performance!!! But I can’t lie and say I’m not nervous about the new albums release though…I think she has better songs that could’ve been made singles before PID and WD…

  29. ChrisFierce October 7, 2012

    Never thought I’d see the day where Brandy and Beyonce performed at the same time and I caught more life from Brandy lol I just might get that album

    • JBvanilla October 8, 2012

      Beyonce’s performance didn’t give you as much life because the videography of whoever directed the Barclay video was straight AWFUL! its like they didn’t know what she was going to do at ALL… like they didn’t even get the mic drop at the end…. #Rude!…. but Im a STAR first and for most…lol…

  30. Millhouse October 7, 2012

    The sound in this video is not good, thats why it may look like shes lip synching… Watch the other videos of this same performance and you will see what i mean. In this video its almost like someone’s hand is covering up the audio recording hole on their camera…. but like i said i was there, front row, and there was no lip synching… This was a club setting so if she was lip synching we all would have noticed

  31. Millhouse October 7, 2012

    & Brandy sings so well live because she takes she takes short shallow breaths in through her nose… This keeps her larynx open so that she is able to stay on key with perfect tone and pitch…. Its not easy to breathe through your nose while singing… it can take years for some people to perfect that technique… its better then taking in breaths through your mouth becasue when you breathe in through your mouth it causes your larynx to drop witch causes strain and it becomes harder to hit certain notes… Clearly Brandy does not play when it come to her vocal training… She even said herself that it takes a lot of practice practice practice to get her vocals ready for a performance… Kelly Rowland ld take notes

    • Chile… October 7, 2012

      U need to thank twice about what u just said bcuz ya girl was not singing live! She was singing over a back track! My friend said she was! She was there last night and was very upset about it. How dare you bring Kelly up in this! Unlike Kelly atleast she sing & performs live. She may struggle to keep her notes due to dancing but thts ok bcuz every performance will not be perfect. Brandy just betta get all her shine on now cause when Kelly videos in new material start being released she can say good bye to the little buzz she does have. Which isn’t much… no one knows she has an album coming out other then those on twitter. Yall tlk all this trash but didn’t even by her single wildest dreams and I doubt her album will come even close to selling 60k.

      • kidNe’roStylez October 7, 2012

        BRandy can sing live! Damn dummys ! Brandy did not lip this I’m sorry you are a hater! But Brandy is on Point!!!!!!

      • Millhouse October 7, 2012

        Uhhh like i said I was there, and clearly your friend was not. I dont get you people. Did you want the girl to sing the background vocals too? ur a f***** idiot. of course there is a backing track. there are no background singers to sing live u idiot… im an engineer and when someone needs a track for their live performances what i will do is mute out the lead vocals in the verses and mute the adlibs… the hook and background vocals will stay on there…. if there are background vocals running through the verse then i will leave those un-muted too… clearly she needs a backing track because there are no background singers there to perform with her… did you just want her to perform to an instrumental? She is singing live… she sings all the lead vocals and the adlibs… and she does it effortlessly. Some of you have no common sense. if some of your favs would get some vocal lessons maybe they would be able to sing just as well.. -_-

      • JazThatBoi October 7, 2012

        I was there and she was singing live. Trust. for one her mic kept messing up in the beginning and also I heard her sound check…so yea…i was live

    • JBvanilla October 8, 2012

      I was there also and it was live… So looks to me like you and your deaf friend are out numbered….


      • Chile… October 8, 2012

        It was not live honey stop lying to yourself! That doesn’t take away Brandys ability to sing but she did not sing live! She lip sync to pre recorded vocals! She always have performed her upbeat songs to a pre recorded track and sing her ballads without it. She has always done that over the years obviously u dn’t know much about Brandy the way you think you do boo. Don’t get mad bcuz you can’t tell rather she did or not. U just don’t know…. say that oppose to saying im wrong. I know when I see someone singing to pre recorded tracks and my friend knows exactly what she see’s and hears. Stop making yourselves look worser then you already do!

      • Millhouse October 8, 2012

        This is how I know you are a hater… A bunch of people just told you they were there (which you were not) and that she sung live… and you still think she is lip syncing. SMH… next time you see a Brandy post, dont click that s***… Take your fat funky ass to the next post -_-

  32. SLW1 October 7, 2012

    wassup with the pre recorded tracks thoughts? Ive seen her live and she does sing live…I guess some people just believe that only certain artist can sing live…guess what Brandy is one of those who case sing live!!! GET EM B!!!!

  33. Beyonce’s Kryptonite October 7, 2012

    She slayed. That is all.

  34. bitchpleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 7, 2012


  35. Teacher October 7, 2012

    Yasss Brandy! B**** u betta werrrK!!!!!!

  36. bibi93 October 7, 2012


  37. Totin_Sabroso October 7, 2012

    This has 2 b 1 of the Best LIVE preformances I’ve seen this year by any artist as a whole, this woman looks fkn AMAZING & basically everything about her execution sounds far superior, perfected & polished compare to 99% of the r&b peers, Brandy is on top right now, talent & success wise, can’t wait 2 get #TwoEleven o Oct 16, all the tracks I’ve her so far sounds fkn brilliant!

  38. Bran Star October 7, 2012

    If anything, it’s looks like she’s singing the verses and ad libs and the rest is a backing track, so it’s like a mixed vocal. Who doesn’t do that? She’s live, but there’s a backing track to fill up the voids or space, which is perfectly fine! That does NOT take away from Brandy’s vocal ability, she is more than capable of smashing a live vocal.

    Besides, if you knew anything about her music, Brandy’s vocal arrangements are so intricate and detailed, there’d be NO POSSIBLE WAY that she could sing all those overlapping parts by herself, especially on Put It Down…She’d be out of breath…

  39. Millhouse October 7, 2012

    Its Barbie B****. This is the Original Barbie

    • Diva October 8, 2012

      Barbie?? LMAO! More like a Avatar character! Idk anybody who thinks she’s attractive.

      • Millhouse October 8, 2012

        Maybe you dont remember but Brandy was a Cover Girl waaaay before RiRi and the rest of them came along… Mattel thought she was attractive cuz they gave her her own Barbie. Disney thought she was attractive cuz they made her the First Black Cinderella… She is Beautiful…

        & for the record the Avatars were the white people in the movie… I think you meant to say that Brandy looks like the NAVI people… and I dont know what you are talking about but they looked beautiful to me… Brandy is not your average beauty, she is exotic… If you cant tell by this video, Brandy aint playin with her looks this time around…. so stop hatin b****

      • Millhouse October 8, 2012

        Its BRANDY b*****

  40. all4u1 October 7, 2012

    Brandy did the damn thing!!!! She worked the hell out of that stage!!

  41. leela October 8, 2012

    ok but when is she coming down south….. did she & Ciara forget they were from the south were MOST of thier peep live… if u know what I mean…. come do a show down south girl….. Memphis, Savannah, Houston, Atl, Richmond, Greensboro, Charlotte, etc…. waiting for u….. but sing live tho.

    dont forget ur southern roots by going too Hollywood girl…. love ya

  42. Insatagram Classickiddjones64 October 8, 2012

    She’s Back This Was On Point Two/Eleven Baby Swagg!!!!!!!!

  43. RnbGenius October 8, 2012


  44. credits October 8, 2012

    I’m beginning to speculate, that the filming and release of the wildest dreams video is dependent on the success of the album….

    • Millhouse October 8, 2012

      Me too. I dont even think they filmed the video yet… THat video should have been scheduled to drop tomorrow (tuesday), especially sincee the album is coming next week… People who only drop one video before their album comes out usually end up flopping…. Im crossing my fingers… Lets hope Brandy’s team is cookin up something behind the scenes…. I know she will be on Wendy, GMA, and 106 next week…. Lets just hope there is a video out sooner than later

  45. Millhouse October 8, 2012

    LETS give FRANK GATSON a f***** round of applause… He has really brought the inner DIVA out of Brandy… If she continues to perform like this, I will be buying tickets to see her on tour!!! Im officially a STAN… I think I watched this video 20 time already*

  46. IDK October 8, 2012

    BRandy!!!!! Im so proud of you! You ended 2012! and 2013 is yo year! I hope when you tour you come to the land!!! I will be first in line!

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