That Grape Juice Interviews Rickey Smiley

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 20 years.

That’s how long comedian Rickey Smiley has been the source of laughter for audiences all over the world.  From stages to cd collections, the Birmingham-born funnyman has seen his name atop bills that have kept him in mention with comedy’s best performers.

Now, after coming to, seeing, and conquering stand-up and regular sit-downs on his nationally syndicated morning radio show, Smiley has new reasons to smile – his own TVOne sitcom. 

Just halfway through the season and already boasting the channel’s highest ratings ever, Rickey dishes exclusively with That Grape Juice to give us dibs on his new hilarious hit!  As ever, you won’t want to miss this…

Rickey Smiley Shouts Out That Grape Juice!

Click here to read the interview!

Click here to read the interview!

Click here to read the interview!


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