Hot Shot: Christina Aguilera Unveils ‘Lotus’ Album Cover

Published: Friday 5th Oct 2012 by David

While Mariah Carey continues to exhibit signs of passive aggression over at ‘American Idol’, her long time rival Christina Aguilera shows her how a comeback is really made with the release of this shot.

A shot, which will serve as the cover for her forthcoming LP ‘Lotus‘. Just as triumphant as the icon’s launch single ‘Your Body’, the artwork arrived courtesy of Christina herself this evening.

She tweeted:

Your thoughts?

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  1. D October 5, 2012

    thought it was linda hogan

    • king z October 5, 2012


      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 5, 2012

        #buried chile!!!

    • RI-GANJA October 5, 2012

      i can’t lol

    • JJFan1814 October 5, 2012



    • JER October 6, 2012


      • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare October 6, 2012

        * hops in casket & closes it shut *

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      What?? Are you confused ?

    • Öz Firdevs October 7, 2012


  2. the real xoxo October 5, 2012

    you can see her fadge if you tilt your screen back.

    • sweetnothings78 October 5, 2012

      Ha ha properly daft comment but made me laugh ha ha

    • Haute Hottie October 5, 2012

      *Tilts Screen 90 degrees* OMGASPS! You really can!

    • JJFan1814 October 5, 2012


      • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

        What did you see ??

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 6, 2012

        Her p****

      • Öz Firdevs October 7, 2012

        uhhhhh :/

      • Öz Firdevs October 7, 2012

        does closeup Xtinas picture ** 🙂

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

      I Feel like such a loser for trying but you really can see it.

      • Y U MAD October 5, 2012

        That’s because you are a loser

    • Sarah Says October 5, 2012

      She clearly waxes

      • Öz Firdevs October 7, 2012

        all women should do waxing is the best choice

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 5, 2012

      Well i’ll b fuckn damned…u REALLY CAN!!

  3. Sarah Says October 5, 2012

    Okay Christina…. i see you

  4. Suicide Blonde October 5, 2012

    Beautiful…i love it….Like a flower.

    • Lax October 6, 2012

      @SUICIDE BLONDE,,,Me to! Xtina is a great Vocalist & Artist
      and since many want to do the COMPARE this one with that One i am curious to see how Xtina compares up aganist all the Others that is dropping New Music!

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      Lotus !!

  5. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 5, 2012

    It’s beautiful. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but it’s grown on me. It stands out from all the generic album covers and I’m glad it’s not just a basic face shot 🙂

    But to be honest, when it comes to Christina, the actual music always shines brighter than the visuals and the artwork. It’s all about the context of the album, rather than its cover. Can’t wait to BUY ‘Lotus’ the first DAY it’s released!!

    • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 5, 2012


    • small_angel October 5, 2012

      I AGREE! She has a very nice songs…

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      agree !

  6. XtinaRebirth October 5, 2012

    Beautiful cover as always! Strong…Fierce… Artistic…
    She’s coming back stronger than ever! Get ready!

    • Öz Firdevs October 7, 2012

      as always !

  7. Robinoost October 5, 2012

    Artistic and different ! Thats why i like here !!! Soft and smoothing and still the curves !!!
    Rock on !!!! Can’t wait for Blank Page !

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      Yap !

  8. prettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

    Just yes in every way. She’s giving me a godly stripped this era.

    • small_angel October 5, 2012

      stripped is by far her best work to date. I hope LOTUS is really the part 2 of it, as she promise. I’ll by this album a 10 copies for me. PROMISE!

      • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

        She is s***

  9. Rihanna Navy October 5, 2012

    I like it

  10. truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 5, 2012

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! OINK in a blanket chile!!! Chrissy…giiiirlll(curls tongue) i’m your friend giiiirrlll and only a good friend can say this to you. i keep telling you you are built like a pear….YOUR A PEAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!

    • Y U MAD October 5, 2012


    • mr.m October 6, 2012

      Hello, black negro

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 6, 2012

        (speaks in christina language chile) OINK OINK OINK snork OINK OINK OOOIIIINK chile!

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      Next !

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 6, 2012


  11. monstarebel October 5, 2012

    Photoshoped for the GAWDS

    • prettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

      She’s not the first nor the last…

      • JER October 6, 2012

        just the most

      • PrettigurlrockD October 6, 2012

        Yeah becuase you work behind the scenes to know what happens the MOST. Bye.

      • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

        Every Picture is photoshoped….we all know that, whats the point now ??

  12. Auntie_Jackie October 5, 2012

    I know people will dislike this, but I’m not feeling it. She looks pleasantly plump. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Christina is was overweight. Curvy is NOT the same thing as OBESE. Curves refer to SHAPE, not weight. B**** doesn’t have to be rail thin, but this is just gross.

    She looked great during the Stripped Era when she was bigger than ‘Back to Basics’ and her other albums, but this is just plain lazy!

    • prettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

      it’s cuz she doesn’t have a neck here. I think that might be making her look “plump”. The cover still looks good though. So who cares.

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      I really dont agree with ya, she is by far not fat, but she is no any longer skinny Christina. I think she could lose some weighs, but she looks still beautiful, like a real women does

  13. shade October 5, 2012

    Lol at the shade: “Just as TRIUMPHANT as the icon’s launch single ‘Your Body’”

    Haha dnt worry, mimi will reign superior again soon..

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      dream on , dream on … 🙂

  14. MC October 5, 2012

    Sam, your passive-aggressive shade fails every time. Instead of spending so much time on shading Mariah you should dedicate the time to do some credible research, proof-reading your articles, correcting your grammar, and being an “unbiased” journalist.

    Anyways I like the cover. At first I wasn’t sure but now that I see it, it will do. Keep on coming hard Xtina.

    • Suicide Blonde October 5, 2012


    • prettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

      True what you said about Sam BUT no one is here for flopumphant. Um BYE.

      • MC October 5, 2012

        Obviously you and Sam are since its all that you mention. Sit your ass down.

      • prettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

        Well I’m not Sam and I’ma continue telling it like it is like you go in on nicki. The song sucks and her debut performance was even wacker. And if I cared I would have bought the single which I didn’t cuz it’s terrible.

        #onyourway 😀

      • MC October 5, 2012

        Well you chose to post 5000 comments supporting Gimmick Garbaj’s 5 years old style tantrum so I’ll set you straight. But you feel free to hunt down my comments. #Keepitcoming #staycheckingformore 😀 😀 😀

      • Öz Firdevs October 7, 2012

        lol !!!

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

      Guess what I watched part of two days ago on T.V. Part of Mariah Careys 2006 tour DVD. She performed like 3 osngs (including one with Missy Elliot) In a robe, push-up bra and hot pants (All black and sparkle-encrusted) and at one point she was actually dancing (just a bit). I immediately thought of you!

      • MC October 5, 2012

        YAY!!! As much as your shadey ass gets on my nerves sometimes you are one of my fave people on this site (the only NAVI member) right along JohnVidal, Suicide, Pop and Dossom (sp?). The only few people I check for.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        I check for you too. And I always keep myself from shading Mariah because I dont wanna get into it with you and I think Pop and Suicide are in the navi aswell. Pop just isn;t as big anymore cuz Rih blocked him on twitter or some s***.

        But do you know what performance I was talking about?

      • MC October 5, 2012

        Yeah the one where she performed “Shake it off” on right?
        This? I noticed a lot that you have been nice towards Mariah and I too have tried to be nice back about Rihanna.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        I’ve noticed your niceness. And do not try and act like you will not Drag sombody to the pits of hell if you’re not in the mood. (In regards to the “Shady ass’ comment) And yes that performance. with about 2 other songs I saw.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        I died.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 5, 2012


      • FAF October 5, 2012





      • Lax October 6, 2012

        @MC,,,You have been acting like a person
        with a real working brain , Unlike many Others who find it hard to give Others a nice comment.

      • Öz Firdevs October 7, 2012

        damn MC is almost naked

  15. Lookgood October 5, 2012

    Madonna. Ray of Light. David LaChapelle.

    • Suicide Blonde October 5, 2012

      Oh no!..b**** you did it and i was trying not to say anything.

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      He ?

  16. Honey CHILD please October 5, 2012

    The lord said if you don’t believe in me, than when i rise again your wigs shall be snatched! This album cover is the evidence faint hearts have waited for. It’s the second coming y’all. Thy savior has come to save us from the trash, and potatoe head b****** that threaten to destroy the music we once knew. *Get’s on my knees* repent repent!

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 5, 2012


      • all4u1 October 11, 2012

        What’s dead is you’re brain! You ignorant b****!!!!

  17. tits mcgee October 5, 2012

    The shot is simply stunning! Kudos Christina!

    • FAF October 5, 2012





      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 5, 2012


    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      agree with ya

  18. cde October 5, 2012

    When did MC and CA become long time rivals? TGJ you stay pressed on MIMI. MC is in a different league of any Top 40 woman out today and mentioning her in a CA post was asinine and unnecessary. MC=LEGEND.. please stand up then fall back in your chair and take a seat.

    • Öz Firdevs October 7, 2012


  19. christinastherealtalent October 5, 2012

    I love that Christina always gives us more than just a simple face shot with her album covers.

    When I first saw this, it just tool my breath away.

    I was just thinking today, here we are a month away from its release and she hasn’t released the cover yet then low and behold there it was!

    This cover has so many different meanings. It looks like she’s being reborn from a lotus and its F****** beautiful!

    This album cover shits on all your faves album covers.

    • Lax October 6, 2012

      @CHRISTINA,,,You read good until you typed
      the last line,,,Deery. You just can’t let well enough do, you just have to throw a Monkey Ranch off into the Mix, don’t You!
      When comments are topped off with she.s better, she shits, that is such a GETTOA ASS COMMENT, TO ME…JUST SAYING AND I AM NOT TRYING TO FIGHT WITH YOU, JUST OBSERVING….

    • Lax October 6, 2012

      Cool music video, xtina.

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      X-tina is always the one delivering new things !!!

  20. all4u1 October 5, 2012

    I love how beautiful and elegant she is on the album cover. This demonstrates how a Lotus flower blossoms, despite of it’s struggles and hard times.

    I’m waiting so impatiently for this album!! November can’t get here any quicker!

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      Yap !!

  21. Letruth October 5, 2012

    If only that was her body. The Photoshop probably cost more than the album will sell.

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      Hmmm nooo, its Xtina b*tch

  22. JOHNVIDAL October 5, 2012

    What the hell is this ridiculous article?????????
    Xtina and Mariah long time rivals? Why now? Isn´t this about a new and too important album from Christina?
    You clearly wrote this for hits cos you can´t be that stupid for sure
    Xtina teaching how a comeback is done?????????? To Mariah Carey????? LMAO
    Wasn´t Your Body going to be #1 on Billboard hot100 for sure? The video was already released and it doesn´t seem to help. Not even the hottest producers of the moment and the music radio wants to play nowadays are enough for Xtina to get a real hit it seems. Mariah always does it her way, radio friendly at the moment or not, and she usually finds great success. So please. Last Xtina hit? Around 2003? Ok

    No shade to Xtina, I can´t wait to hear one of the most interesting albums in the coming months. It´s TGJ´s fault. Sorry

    • prettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

      Triumphant still sucks though. Bye.

      • JohnVidal October 5, 2012

        That´s all you´ve got? As if Your Body (made by producers, not her) were a masterpiece. It´s not even to become what it seemed it was going to, a easy hit. So stay pressed

      • prettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

        Mostly every song in the music industry is molded by a producer. That’s not a good point. Whitney, Celine, MC, etc. It’s still a good song and it’s catchy and her vocals slay. And I guess I could say the same about flopumphant. Oh MC is legendary, that song was sposed to be big right? WRONG. #oop

      • Absolved October 5, 2012

        Despite all of what you just wrote, “Your Body” is still performing BETTER than “Triumphant.” MC fans all across the internet were predicting that it was going to be massive…then everybody heard it, and well…no….

      • JohnVidal October 5, 2012

        Wow you two don´t get it. Mariah could try and have an easy hit on readio with one of these producers Rihanna and Xtina uses. And guess what she would probably succeed, unlike Xtina it seems
        And I didn´t see many people saying Triumphant was going to be a hit. On the othe rhand everybody was saying it about Your Body (including me)
        You are missing the point anyway. My problem was with TGJ throwing shade at Mariah for no reason on this post, when she destroys Aguilera in every point they discussed on this post. Of course they know it and that´s why they wrote it like that. So anybody with common sense (not like you two it seems) could leave a comment denying their words, so they could have another hit with this post
        Do u get it now???

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        I am not a fan of Mariah but Triumphant < You Body.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012


    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      Queentina !!! Mariah who ?

      • MC October 9, 2012

        Mariah your faves idol, that’s who.

      • all4u1 October 11, 2012

        No, her idol is Whitney Houston and Etta James ( corrections)!!!!

  23. Gilberto October 5, 2012

    I don’t even need to say nothing bad about this cover, ’cause it speaks for itself. Xtina is the who’s bringing her down.

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      Yes Yes Yes Baby !

  24. Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

    Christina aguilera is NOOOOOOT Curvy, or plump. She is overweight and out of shape. Rihanna, Beyawnce and Catty Perry used to be bigger but you can tell they had muscle. Christina has a good 75 pounds on the biggest one of them and has no muscle at all she is fat.

    No, I do not beleive that all girls should be skinny. I actually like thicker girls, but Christina AgimmemorePizza is OVERWEIGHT. At leats if she looked good with her heavyweight set like Mariah Carey or something than it would be acceptable but she is shaped like the white madea. How can someone be 300 pounds and have the boobs of a nine year old boy?

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      whatever, who cares about what you say 🙂 Im sure Xtina not 🙂

  25. JOHN October 5, 2012

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

    The album cover is mediocre. I cannot wait for Rihanna to slay these b****** with her untitled album cover. Since TGJ has no receipts for its name + date I wiill ignore heir poorly written info. But Diamonds is looking like its gonna be her next smash! This will really push everyone to understand SHE is the current icon, XXXLTina, BeSeenNowhereOnTheCharts, Incestra Snora, Gimmicki Garbaj, and Mariah Carey are all incapable of matching her album/single sales. She is advancing while they are struggling, thats the buisness of holywood.

    I hope you all like Rihanna because SHE is TRULY the next legend.

    • LaLa October 5, 2012

      How can everyone like Rihanna if you (her fans) talking crap about other artists?


      • prettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

        @Lala exactly.

      • FAF October 5, 2012





      • Lax October 6, 2012

        @LALA,,,Benron has a opening because the commenter
        @CHRISTINA,,,back up there toward the top their last line where they says Christins shyt’s on your FAVE, see you all love to say that the navy starts the shyt first and that isn’t TRUE,AT ALL…
        I Don’t mean to say that the Navy is squeaku clean but hey it is what it is…AND to add to that this CHRISTINA poster is always on the Rihanna post dropping shitty comments and leaving, the board. BETTA ask somebody, yall or something else trying to correct Others when you clearly change yo names and go in on all of RIHANNA’S post to star shyt..

    • prettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

      Gaga only been in the game shorter than rihanna and she is closer to being an icon/legend than rihanna will ever be so DEAD. Someone didn’t hesitate to pop their delusional pills today.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        I did not even MENTION GAGA. And please her album probably will not come till like JUNE, Rihanan will have neough time to slay. Gaga’s next song will flop, and her album will pull a Madonna and go to number one then fall of 6 weeks later.

      • Lax October 6, 2012

        @prettigurl and ADELE has been in the industry shorter then Beyonce and Adele cleaned Beyonce’s dam clock for Her.
        AND WE WILL NEVER SEE BEYONCE dropping music when any of the Others drop BECAUSE she ALWAYS PLAYS IT SAFE, DANG BEAN BAG…..
        So, Who Finally Topped The 2011 Best-Selling Albums Chart? Beyonce Or Rihanna?
        Dec 30, 2011 By HelloBeautifulStaff Neither. Adele did! The results are finally in and 2011′s World Wide Year-End chart is available for all to see. The figures are based on the album sales made within the year – even if the album, itself, wasn’t released then.

        Holding the #1 spot is Adele, whose 21 album sold 15.3 million copies. (She also holds the #7 spot with her 19 album – despite it being released three years ago – with 2.8 million copies.)

        Lady Gaga technically nabbed the #2 spot, but she is still very far behind Adele in sales; her Born This Way album sold 5.4 million copies.

        Rihanna sits pretty at the #5 spot with her LOUD album selling 3.4 million copies.

        Beyonce, however, just made the cut. She achieved the final spot in the Top 10 with her 4 album selling only 2.1 million copies this year.

        Carry on this was for 2011…

      • PrettigurlrockD October 6, 2012

        @Lax I have no problem with Adele cuz she’s actually musically gifted. And no she hasn’t wiped anybody’s plate. Beyonce, STILL the better singer and performer despite adele’s success with 21.

    • JohnVidal October 5, 2012

      Mariah Carey is incapable of matching Rihanna´s album/singles sales???? That´s new LMAO

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        *Looks at Mariah latest stats*

        Yes, is your watch still set to 1995? Because you might need new batteries…

      • JohnVidal October 5, 2012

        Mariah´s latest stats??? Gols in two months with a f****** Xmas album
        When is Rigoat going to make it after 20 years of her debut and with non generic radio friendly easy pop songs??? NEVER. It doesn´t get any more basic than Rihanna, Katy perry and nicki minaj

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        Radio friendly And generic. You mean like Mariah’s discography, I’ve heard her songs, none of them are anything to call home about.

        And if Rihanna keeps putting out albums like Mariah Im sure she will still be “Making it” by selling 1million worldwide. Dang EVERY RIH ALBUM has beat Mariahs last s***. #POORDAT.

      • MC October 5, 2012

        @Benron (King Of The Navy)

        Lol! come again? I know you gotta be kidding me because “if Rihanna keeps putting out albums like Mariah Im sure she will still be ‘Making it’ by selling 1million worldwide.” Rihanna puts out albums every year.

        “Radio friendly And generic. You mean like Mariah’s discography” You are so right Benron! Obviously songs like Butterfly, Hero, We belong together, When you need a friend, can’t let go, hate u, etc are so generic. Get real.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        MC, No I meant her song with Missy elliot, and songs like “Obsessed” and “Triumphant” Lets nto act like Mariah Crrey is not RADIO freindly.

      • MC October 5, 2012

        @Benron (King Of The Navy)
        Oh, I see. Why do I still like you? I have no idea.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        Im sorry :/

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        I’ve always wanted a stan so feel free.

    • LaLa October 5, 2012

      Let me tell you @Benron. You are the type of fans that DESTROY the reputation of your own Idol (for now & in the future).

      Why you promote Rihanna in a bad way in Xtina’s post? damn, irl they (Xtina & Rih) don’t even have a clash. but instead, they like/respect each other.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        Rihanna is not my idol, because I am not an idol worshipper.

        I am not be COMPLETELY serious, take half the things I say very lightly because Im not actually trying to say these things are true. I do not take my comments on here too seriously and I aplogize if I am destroying Rihanna’s reputation with jokes.

      • LaLa October 5, 2012

        oh… really??? but it seems like you made Rihanna altar beside your PC.

        excuse me. I am not completely serious. just joking. I guess talking bad about others is making you feel better about yourself… Am I right?

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        No, little girl, I am just sarcastic and poking fun at her. I do it to everyone, even my freinds and people I LIKE. I do NOT need to explain myself to your offended ass because this wasn’t even a world ending problem.

        But I cant knack you sense of direction, you’re so close, all you need to do is open another tab, go to and purchase BIONIC or YOURBODY, TWO MAJOR FLOPS.

      • LaLa October 5, 2012

        LoL… not you accusing me as little girl?? I bet I’m alot older than you bb. I only can SMH that you need to explain more with this poking fun at everyone. you know what, your type of people is the cause of world gonna end earlier. Talking crap & making accusation, spread negative things, etc…

        You like to poke a fun at Xtina & others, but you cannot handle me poking fun out of you?? lol

        & sorry, but I purchase the real copy of Bionic CD. & tbh I ain’t afraid if Xtina not selling. Been there done that with Bionic. As long she delivered awesome music. I will appreciate her, by buying her records.

        Now.. you can go to Kesha post & poking fun at how amazing her single on Billborad 100. Ciao~

        lol just kidding. don’t take me so seriously 😉

      • Y U MAD October 5, 2012

        @LaLa @Benron (King Of The Navy) is a 15 yrs old just ignore him

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        @Y U MAD.

        Im 15 but I can formulate a proper sentance… #OOP!

      • ES EL Q October 5, 2012

        You misspelled the word sentence, and didn’t use an apostrophe in the word ‘I’m.’ These are things that are taught to kids when they are in the third grade. yet you have the audacity to gloat about your grammar. I wouldn’t be surprised if, at fifteen, you were held back a few times and are still in middle school.

        It’s no wonder you are a Rihanna fan; you are as stupid as she is. Apparently dumb birds flock together.


        It’s way past your bedtime, child. You have no business still being up.

      • Lax October 6, 2012


      • Lax October 6, 2012

        @ES EL Q Yes i love it when commenters like you or trying to CHECK the Navy when on this blog, the HATERS run like FLIES ON SHYT to a RIHANNA POST to try to beat RIHANNA’S wheels ,,,STFU,,,,and if you are going to Preach , tell it to the choir because yo ass is definitely not trying to PROMOTE PEACE ON ANY OF THE PHUCKING RIHANNA POST…A/H

      • LaLa October 6, 2012


        excuse me, but I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 6, 2012

        EL ES Q,, There are a fair amount of mistakes in you rant aswell. The extra space before the i, the not capitilizing you.

        And really, comparing me to a sucsessful millionare? Im so offended?

  27. LaLa October 5, 2012

    I like it. But imo, it might be better in full body, just like the anime pose (Sailor Moon)

  28. Enrikee October 5, 2012

    I THOUGHT SHE LOVED HER CURVES… haha well that cover shows me something else

  29. Realest October 5, 2012

    How is Christina showing Mariah how to make a comeback when this is ONLY her fifth cd and she’s ‘coming back” from “Stripped” when by Mariah’s 5th cd (Butterfly) she was transcending into different musical realms, and solidifying her spot as the premier diva bishh!? Not to mention Mariah had pretty much the most historical comeback with “the emancipation” which garnered “we belong together” which is a bigger hit than X-tina has and will ever have.. X-tina can’t compare AT ALL!

    • Absolved October 5, 2012

      [email protected] you MC stans keep clinging to that lame ass Mimi album for backup. That was almost 10 years ago now and Mariah hasn’t had another album since then that has performed even half as well.

      • MC October 5, 2012

        Just like how Xtina hadn’t had a seller album since “Stripped”. Notice how every Xtina album sells less than 1/2 of the last. Her debut “Christina Aguilera” sold 9 x platinum in the U.S., “Stripped” sold 4x platinum, “B2B” sold platinum, and “Bionic” hasn’t even sold gold yet. Obviously Xtina stans are stuck in 2001/2002

      • Realest October 6, 2012

        who said i was a stan? i’m merely a fact stater there is nothing biased about what i said, merely cold hard fact, you will deal..

    • small_angel October 5, 2012

      music business nowadays is not like when we are still on our 80’s.
      STRIPPED is by far one of the best album of the past decade.
      I don’t care about MC, i don’t hate her, but also i don’t love her.
      -Nicki Minaj

      • FAF October 5, 2012

        ^^ YESS B**** READ !



      • Realest October 6, 2012

        Stripped was a great cd… Sad that since then her music is just sub par and nothing in comparison to Stripped.. But still nothing compared to Mariah’s music..

    • Magina October 6, 2012

      We belong together was only HUGE in the US, in the rest of the world it was an Hit but not to the nearly to the degree of her earlier hits! WW, Without You and Hero are By FAR her biggest hit! In the rest of the World outside the US Beautiful was a MUCH bigger hit than We Belong Together, you can check Beautiful vs we Belong to together sales outside the USA. Beautiful>>>>We belong Together

      • Realest October 6, 2012

        lol i’m not really concerned because out as a whole we know who is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> in and outside of the USA in general. Christina hasn’t been much of anything since Stripped. I dunno what happened to her I think it was her stank ass attitude that jinxed her music but here’s to her actually selling something for a change this time around

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 6, 2012

        You’re not REALLY comparing accomplishments between Mariah and Christina r u? I mean foreal u not STUPID enuf to do THAT right?

      • Magina Monroe October 7, 2012

        No i wasnt just certain songs! whos’ bigger is not much of a debate! just sad that Mariahs fans have this obsession with Xtina! posting on every article related to her. and @ Realest Back to Basics did great WW esp for a jazzy album it did beter than all Britneys albusm since ITZ, and had one of the highest grossing and most profitable tours of all time by a female! but i agree her career peak was def Stripped! everything bout that era was amazing

  30. Matthew Charlery-Smith October 5, 2012


    There’s. No doubt it’s quite intetesting but it fails on several fronts.

    Artwork: The album is called Lotus, therefore there should have been slightly more focus on the flower and not just her. The beauty and strength of the lotus is lost with her body provocatively taking over the entire shot.

    Colour: Pale pink and white are not striking enough, especially for the bold music, character and voice of Christina. Add the pale skin and platinum blonde hair and I’d walk past this on the street. Lotus’ are pink and green and are surrounded by water, that should give an idea as to how striking this cover could have been. Consider MJ’s Dangerous album cover; whether you were a fan or not you wanted to pick it up as it was intriguing, this isn’t.

    Font: She’s stated how important her return to music is to her and fans and what this album means to her…so she squeezes the title and her name in the bottom right hand corner? No.

    Physical expression: No. Relating to all she’s said about this album being a rebirth and the durabilty of the Lotus flower, she could have conjured up more mystery with her facial expression, body and arms position and hair. She could have taken a leaf from Mariah’s Emancipation cover, Triumphant cover, or even her own Your Body cover. This looks like a soft p*** ad from a 70’s men’s magazine! I’m sure Raquel Welch did something similar!

    Hopefully the deluxe offers a bit more…if there is one. BRANDY got her album cover RIGHT! (the deluxe was the miss)

    • LaLa October 5, 2012

      resemblance? are you kidding me? lol

      • Slick October 7, 2012

        No not at all, Im not throwing any shade either. I think Xtina is a GREAT artist.

  31. @THE_MALEMADONNA October 5, 2012

    People are really going AGAINST Legendtina… Why tho? Shes super talented and deserves the most suppourt …

    • all4u1 October 5, 2012

      Girl, people on this site go against any and everyone, nothing new!! I just read the comments and keep it moving.

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      Yaps !!

  32. Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

    And can we just talk about how cheap this is, they didn’t have to buy clothes, her hair is the same just straight and she is just standing there.

    10$ For flat iron
    10$ For makeup from Wal-Mart
    40$ To trade a local hobo dinner for usage of his amatuer photoshop “skills”
    10,000$ To buy enough food to feed XXXXLTINA for the 10 minutes the shoot took.

    Total: $10,060.

    Coming up next: Will CrispyChicken AgooeygooeyBrownies be able to profit this money or will she pull another BIONIC and flop harder than last time. More from this after the commercial break.. Or not, Crembule AgimmeMorePizza ha made it onto our set and is eating the lights and even our telempromter.

    • mr.m October 5, 2012

      $10,060 to sell Rihanna to the negro shop ..

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        Rihanna is a superstar. What is Christina again, a Janitor for the voice? All I keep hearing about her is that she cleans her plate.

      • mr.m October 5, 2012

        LOL! a manufactured super b****!
        that what Rihanna is #TRUTH #DEAL
        Once she flop now with her pop-corn songs
        her label will kick her ass and find another .. #FACT
        Xtina is a REAL artist .. her fart >>> Rih whole career
        No matter what she does .. Her voice will live forever!
        Don’t Compare a LEGEND to a an ugly goat, negro!

      • Lax October 6, 2012

        @CHRISTINAS Fans christina is a great Vocalist, performer, and through all of xtina’s greatness Rihanna can/will hold Her own.
        I love christina as a person and i Respect Her Hustle and some of HER FANS OR AS SILLY AS HELL MR M, LALA,Them or FAKERS TRYING TO GET TROUBLE STARTED…Bring It On Bytches….because many of Us love christina, no matter what.

      • LaLa October 6, 2012


        what the hell your problem mentioned my name???? What made you think I’m silly/fakers? Have I made stupid comment like BENRON above???? & When did I ever started some trouble????

        Who is the b****? it’s you accusing me out of no where. If you think so… RECEIPT pls? if you got no proof, then shut up! thx.

      • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012


    • Rancor October 5, 2012

      Man, you’re gay as hell. Seriously, all your posts read queeny as f***. I bet you wear tight pants and get called a q**** constantly.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 5, 2012

        And you’re…. 0/2.

        Would you like to try again?

    • Lax October 6, 2012

      @BENRON go on and take their heads off because they or begging for IT.
      if christina fans will go after GAGA, RIHANNA’S Fans then they or begging for a fight. AND THAT shitty MR M. is always on a Rih post r=trying to talk Shyt, They want to fight with the Navy and that is why they or always on a RIHANNA pOST WITH THEIR SHITTY COMMENTS, Let them try their same SHITTY COMMENTS with the MOSNTERS and less see what happens… They are BEGGING for a fight with the Navy because they don’t want to fight with the MONSTERS, AT ALL.

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 6, 2012


  33. Matthew Charlery-Smith October 5, 2012

    I like cover.

  34. mr.m October 5, 2012

    She always KILL everyone with her album cover <3
    X is here to SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stay pressed haters, Stripped 2.0 is coming for you fav's wig

    • Lax October 6, 2012

      Mr m Fake ass Beyonce fan who goes from post to post trying to start shyt.

  35. crazy October 5, 2012

    LoVVEE iT. She kills me everytime. Cant wait for the Lotus. Nov 13!!!

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      Yes !!!!

  36. HoneyB October 5, 2012

    Love it <3

  37. all4u1 October 5, 2012

    Christina is always talked about, good or bad. That’s what makes her so relevant. So keep talking, haters!!!!

    • FAF October 5, 2012

      YES B****!!!! LET THEM TALK!!!!




    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

      🙂 thats for sure

  38. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 5, 2012

    she just ahead of her other peers , i like her type of artistry , she always had a clear concept for every album she release and the themes always complement the vibe you get when you listen to her music.

    and i wanna ask @sam , is your ipod ran out of memory or something ?! u can’t handle 2 talented vocalists like MC and X in your iPod ? u can’t enjoy them together without igniting wars and stans Bs everytime you post about Xtina ?

    i know you are pissed that MC , one of the deadly 7 , put your clown b**** in her right place ? you want to use xtina and her fans “fighters” to drag Mc in a post which can not be related to MC even remotely ?!! why all that ? for hits ? f*** you queen , you are just a sad gay creature !!!

    the above album cover is QUALITY , this post has nothing to do with MC , MC is a Legend and will always be respected whether her latest 14676878 singles flopped all together or not. ➡

    *hits play on skyfall by my sweet Adele*

    • MC October 5, 2012

      Thank you @pop for taking a more mature route than Sam and many people on this site. On every Xtina post, I try to post something positive or give my opinion honestly without being rude to Xtina or her fans, but sometimes Sam and people on this site get the best of me (unfortunately).

      Skyfall by Adele is selling like s***. I enjoy it simply because its simply typical Adele.

    • PrettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

      Sam was clowning mc’s song way before the nicki vs mc thing on AI. And you were laughing at Sam’s shade but now that MC is against Nicki, you are all the sudden on MC’s side? Oh okay….fake rihanna and mc supporter. 😀

      Nicki not that talented but still got more money than your closet gay ass. So BYE.

      • FAF October 5, 2012

        DEAD 🙂





      • PrettigurlrockD October 6, 2012

        Lol. I believe Pop also called MC a sellout too. Now he takes her side. What a loser! Smh.

  39. ROMAN RELOADED October 5, 2012


  40. PrettigurlrockD October 5, 2012

    If flopumphant wasn’t supposed to be a hit y were them lambs and PR hyping that s*** up? And y put Rick Ross and meek mills on the track?? Flopumphant had nothing to do with being an easy hit. It failed cuz no one liked it. Her last hit was “0bsessed”. Come harder with excuses. I always give credit where it’s due but not this time. Your body>triumph

    • Lax October 6, 2012

      @PRETTIGURL,,,WHY or you always Bitter????why???
      Who or you name calling now, because the truth is thin is in and fat is where it’s at Therefore we all can fit into that circle, DEERY.
      Fat of skinny Both of these Women will go down in His-To-Rih.

      • PrettigurlrockD October 6, 2012

        LAX, the ride or die rihanna stan, the naive and annoying poster on TGJ site, do you ask y so bitter to the Rihanna stans that come after Beyonce?? NO? Thought SO. Stfu…


    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 6, 2012

      Christina and Mariah are both irrelivant to this generation, but at least MIMI is a legend. XXXLTna is a flop both ways.

  41. caramelboi October 5, 2012

    Yessssssssssss I am luvin dis album cover christina……..she is back to slay and take her a spot at the top with brandy and ciara this era. I want those 3 to shut u naysayers asses up. To u haters she is not fat….just a little chunky. I wonder what y’all ass look like sittin behind those computers. Why its got to be all about image when it comes to being an singer and entertainer. U can still carry a little meat on ur bones and still look beatiful. So xtina u look fierce and futuristic and when nov 13 come u will have a big payday along with the other 2 I just named.

  42. Nichole October 5, 2012

    Xtina’s teaching Mariah how to make a real comeback? Hmm…lets see here.

    Christina’s newest single is a huge flop on Itunes, as well as radio. The general public hasn’t paid Chrissy much attention since B2B. Even after the video release of Your Body, the buzz quickly died out.

    Mariah is not making a comeback. She already pulled that off with TEOM, which garnered 2 #1 BB Hot 100
    singles, the biggest hit of the last decade with WBT which broke media base records, TEOM has sold over 12 million copies WW and is of the biggest selling albums of the last decade. Not to mention the biggest selling album of 2005, and earned Mariah two grammy awards.

    Mariah has already made her comeback, and has been dubbed the Queen of Comebacks. Yet she needs to take tips from Xtina of all people? Christina could learn a thing, or two from Mariah on how to make a successful comeback. F***** dumbass.

    • Nichole October 5, 2012

      By the way, that album cover is so bland and weak. Not strong enough for a comeback album.

      Plus it looks just like the single cover.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2012

      You are absolutely right! it´s obvious
      Only one thing: Mariah won 3 grammys, not 2 🙂

  43. danny b October 5, 2012

    Stripped Part II. But I like it.

  44. Leepy-loop October 5, 2012

    Passive agressive…Hmmm pot calling the kettle black?

  45. Stan for the one you love October 5, 2012

    I love it. I love Christina’s new body…so much sexier than that “stick figure” look the lamestream media is always trying to put forth! Go XTINA!

    • JER October 6, 2012

      XXLtina loves her new body too, she paid a photoshop team a lot of money to get it

  46. ENOUGH ONIKA October 5, 2012

    Eeehhh, I feel there’s something missing. Maybe with more of an “artsy” designed background with a different font would really do it for this cover. Not quite there though..

  47. RG2 October 5, 2012


  48. ERIC October 5, 2012

    Would’ve looked better with a more graceful approach; a pretty white gown perhaps.

  49. JER October 6, 2012


    It’s nice to see XXLtina doing something different, instead of the usual 30 pounds they shave off her, they took a risk and went ahead and photoshopped 45 pounds off. Serving Chad Michaels puffy REALNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Likica October 6, 2012

      I like her Back to Basics era, it was very different and unique. This is the best record of past decade undoubtly. No one has a great song/video like this, so emotional, touching.

  50. Likica October 6, 2012

    She’s a great singer and she deserve her success. I can’t believe that S****** Spears has sold more records than Xtina when her music is predictable and repetitive, nothing innovative. No one has a record/video like this. This song is a masterpiece.

    • LaLa October 6, 2012

      well, Britney had her success because of her charm & significant dance pop music. therefore her fans didn’t have to adjust with different type of persona or genres, like what Xtina did (bubblegum pop – soul/RnB – oldies – etc). so it’s easy for Brit fans to stick with her. while Xtina fans may come & go.

      • irene46 October 7, 2012

        britney gets constant and consistent hype no matter what she’s doing or isn’t doing. her name is always thrown out on every type of broadcast from entertainment tonight to the view. even christina being on a highly successful tv show and a new album coming out she’s still so far treated as non existent.

        i haven’t seen any media source even bring up the honor for her feed the hungry charity.

        it’s sad but i don’t know if she’s going to be able to overcome the hatefest unleashed on her in 2010. what the hell, i’ll be buying her new album non the less.

  51. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare October 6, 2012

    LOVE X but I don’t love this cover. Doesn’t matter b/c I definitely buying the new album.

    & I LOVE “Hurt” ^^^^^^^^^ One of my favorites. 🙂

  52. Donnell October 6, 2012

    Love it. Period.

    • Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012


  53. JuanR October 6, 2012

    I don’t know… bad photoshop
    it’s too bright and light and it can be better! Still I can’t wait to hear the MUSIC!

  54. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** October 6, 2012

    such a shame Your body fell down the charts but im loving the cover pigggy. <3

  55. Jay October 6, 2012


  56. My opinion October 6, 2012

    Miss Piggy born from a flower and censoring his d*** with a torch?

  57. Will October 6, 2012


  58. Öz Firdevs October 6, 2012

    Stripped 2.0

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