Must-See: Misha B Performs Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ On The Splash!

Published: Thursday 18th Oct 2012 by Sam

Easily one of the industry’s most exciting prospects, X Factor star Misha B shows no signs of slowing in her steady rise to the top.

The Manchester bred songstress is gearing up for the release of her new single ‘Do You Think Of Me’, which serves as the follow-up to her debut effort  ‘Home Run’ which was all sorts of a Summer smash.

Due out on November 4th via Relentless/Sony Music, ‘Do You’ has been praised for its unique “stadium soul” sound, which the 20 year old brought to That Grape Juice’s ‘The Splash’ this week.

In the weeks leading up to the track’s release, we’ll be sharing one new performance from Misha’s rousing set. The first? A spine-tingling take on Rihanna‘s latest hit ‘Diamonds’.

Watch Misha shine bright on ‘The Splash’ above!

Click here to pre-order ‘Do You Think Of Me’:

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  1. muzicreview October 18, 2012

    AMAZING! Far better than the original!

    • Rihanna black madonna October 18, 2012

      Her version VS Rihanna , who would have the smash hit?

      • geezz October 18, 2012

        no offense but it was horrible, next stop lying to her,rhi is the star that made the song shine,if misha did that song first u and i will not hear it

  2. Robot October 18, 2012

    WOW, beautiful voice, I really love this version of Diamons!

  3. My hip, my back October 18, 2012

    sounds great.

  4. Beyonce’s Weave October 18, 2012

    S*** The guy playing the guitar is so f****** hot. Him and Casper, my day would be complete.

  5. RiQky October 18, 2012

    Im sorry, Im no talent-basher, but i missed the “spine-tingle” in this performance. sounded very much like a simple, lifeless talentshow performance. I would perfer the bajan-esque texture of the original. Thanx!

  6. Ugh October 18, 2012

    Nice cover. Great voice

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      When I read comments like this it make Me be
      ever so Proud of Rihanna and what Shes Stands for because all of Us who enjoy the BLOGGIN EXPERIENCE here at That Grape Know that I do not go into ATTACK MODE
      UNLESS they are going over board with their b/s and we all tripps from time to time It’s the Nature Of the Blogging Beast….

      This Comment from A General from BHive,,,,,

      That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) Replied
      October 18th, 2012 at 3:26 pm
      Well Lax you sound like a hypocrite saying noone is forcing anyone to support her when u always insult people if they say something bad about your fave.

      Now this is said by some one who tries to ride Rihanna’s Back like Rih is TRIGGER….and this bloggers BHive Curses, slander, and throw all the shyt they can pull from their ass along with their Hive at Rihanna trying their damnest to try and make it stick and its bull shyt and they all know this,,,,simply Amazing coming from the BHive,,,would some one tell the BHive that Folks who live in Glass Houses should not throw Rocks,,,,

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Comments like these from….That B*tch is a clear
        wxample of them always “Passing First Blood” and then when they get that booty TAPPPPPPED, they scream like a
        fool with no control.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      Nov 18,2011 Talk That Talk the album
      Aus 1xplatium
      Ger gold
      Ire 3xplatium
      Nz 1xplatium
      Swi 1xplatium
      Uk 2xplatium
      Us 1xplatium
      We Found Love
      Aus 5xplatium
      Ger gold
      Nz 3xplatium
      Swi 2xplatium
      Uk gold
      Us 4xplatium
      You Da One
      Nz gold
      Us 1xplatium
      Ttt ft Jay
      Aus gold
      Us gold
      B/Cake ft Chris
      US gold
      Where Have You Been
      Aus 2xplatium
      Nz 1xplatium
      Uk gold
      Us 1xplatium

      I Am not trying to be this or that but We must post the FACTS from time to time and WHILE I know that Rihanna can not and will not Ever Win them all because to Me and the biggest/best that Rihanna’s NAVY has to offer do know this much and that is : Rihanna might not be at the top, but RIHANNA sure in the hell is in this game to keep doing the very best that she can do. And no amount of your name calling and nasety ass vile comments is going to stop or slow Rihanna down from her part that she is “Playing To The Hilts In The Game”, Bastards, Suckers, ass holes, naysayers, and Doubters,,,,

  7. JJFan1814 October 18, 2012

    In the mean time, Diamonds jumps from 18 to 11 on the BB hot 100…and also serves as Rihanna’s fastest rising single of her career.


  8. Lax October 18, 2012

    Real good and great to see…

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @Haters, BHive, Lames & Loosers
        Global Archives,,,Is As Following,,,
        Global Charts,,,,,,,Archives……2006….Year End Sales…
        #9 Shakira 3,349,000 Oral Fixation
        #10 Pink 3,230,000 I’M Not Dead
        #12 Bey 3,113,000 B’Day
        #24 Rih 2,406,000 A Girl Like Me

        Proof That Rihanna can and is selling albums also.

        Global Charts,,,,,2007
        Global Charts Archives
        #11 Alicia 3,222,000 As I Am
        #13 Rih 3,218,000 Gggb
        #27 Bey 1,815,000 B’Day
        @Rihanna Haters these or Album sales for the year of 2007 Through 2011…
        Then all of the artists went on to sell what ever their tallies or, But…..and yo asses know this but chooses to act a dam fool! Regardless.
        Global Charts,,,,2008 year end sales
        #7 Rih 3.7 million Gggb
        #17 Bey 2.3 million I Am Sasha Fierce
        #37 KATY 1.5 million One Of The Boys
        Global Charts,,,,,2009
        #4 Taylor 4.2 million
        #10 Bey 3.2 million I AM Sasha Fierce
        These are Albums
        Global Charts….2010
        #1 Gaga 5.9 million Fame (Monster)
        #5 Taylor 3.5 million Speak Now
        #11 Akeys 2.3 million Elements Of Freedom
        #13 Rih 2.2 million Loud
        Global Charts,,,2011,,,,,Albums Folks
        #1 Adele 15.3
        #2 Gaga 5.4 million
        #3 Rih 3.4 million
        #7 Adele 2.8 million
        #10 Bey 2.1 million


    • Rihanna black madonna October 18, 2012

      HI LAX,

      I saw your lovely, warm message. I am glad you enjoy reading my post, I enjoy reading your FACTUAL POST too! You and I evoke fear in these m************, cos we speak the truth.

      In terms of our girl, Rih, she is now outselling Adele in the USA AND THE UK. Adele may be a Alanis morissette – a One breakout wonder.

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @Rihanna Black Madonna….
        Thanks very much “RBM” because u r so right on, people (Mofo’s) Hates the truth and they would not give Rih Credit if she was crapping gold bricks and they was getting One of them. They talk about how often She drops albums, but yet there’s proof that Her 6-albums do not Out number the 4-albums Bey has dropped and mixed for a total of 9-albums to Rih’s total of 8-albums with remixes and things like that .

        They says that Beyonce has did this and did that and yet If Rihanna drops a album they goes Nutts…. When in Reality Beyonce’s Solo Career started in 2003 and from then to persent day Beyonce has dropped 4 albums and
        Remix, deluxed, Night at the Winn, Rose room, Tour album for a Total of 9 albums and the proof is in the writing on the wall….
        And I keep repeating My self But Rih has dropped 6-albums for a total of 8 and if i am wrong I will Recant that…

        On the list of Best Selling Artist You see “Lil Ms Sunshine”
        Shinning bright with 80million Albums
        Beyonce with 75 million Albums
        And Destiny Childs with 50million Albums
        Which is great but then when these loose booty Bytches see Rihanna and Her total sales they say Its because She have DROPPPPED more Albums when In Reality Beyonce has still dropped more albums for her REMIXES
        drops,,,, And Rihanna started Her Career in n 2005
        and since Beyonce Solo Career was Two years before Rihanna’s first drop Speaks to the Kind of a Mega Star Jayz Helped Rihanna to Be and If the Bey Hive is mad then they need to take the Phucking Spite out on Jayz’s Black Ass Not Rihanna’s But I love how Jelous and envious The Bey Hive Stays with Rihanna’s Mega Super Star TIGHT, S*** ASS..

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Beyoncé has 9 albums and 41 songs which made it to the charts as of week 10/2003. The songs spend a total of 5879 weeks on the charts, and the albums a total of 2786 weeks.

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        Rihanna has 8 albums and 53 songs which made it to the charts as of week 10/2003. The songs spend a total of 11504 weeks on the charts, and the albums a total of 4207 weeks.

    • LEX October 18, 2012


      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @LEX ……gtfo…

  9. Rih4lyphe October 18, 2012

    This makes me realize how unique Rihanna’s sound is.

    Its not about who has the best voice anymore… its about the best sound

    doesn’t hurt to b hot as f*** either

    • Rihanna black madonna October 18, 2012

      And that is why LA reid signed her. She takes songs and makes it her own. This why she ended Beyonce’s career and stopped Rita bland vocals Ora dead in her tracks.

      With those looks, she was gonna win!

    • Lax October 20, 2012


  10. King yolk October 18, 2012

    I realized this a long time ago people some people may have bigger voices but nobody can sing a rhianna song better then rhianna.if rhianna wasn’t the singer on diamonds it would not even make the charts

    • Rihanna black madonna October 18, 2012

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. This is why she had made it and so called Singers like Rita Ora are flops. SHE HAS A ONE OF A KIND UNIQUE TONE TO HER VOICE. M************ say she cannot sing – SHE CAN! Cassie, Christina Millian, spice girls, cheryl cole, one direction are all examples of folks who cannot SING.

      I can imitate Rih’s singing style which is mostly her bajan accent. SHE CAN SING. She takes songs and makes it her own.

      That fat, blueberry colored girl sounds wack singng Diamonds and never ever ever would make it , if she was given the song.

      Unless you can sing like Whitney, mariah and Celine – shut the f*** up. Rihanna is the best singer, because she is one – of – a kind.

      • whyohwhy October 18, 2012

        She sings off key, no pitch, the tune and that hollaring she does is not unique for some one who is suppose to have talent. What this woman with talent just did was show Rihanna how to sing her song live (God for bid). Unique, now I know y’all done gone crarzy, Rihanna UNIQUE way too funny. I do agree with the one of a kind but not like you…

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @whyohwhy it matters a dam it’s still Rihanna’s song,
        and less see how it keep doing on the charts, because that’s what matters.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @KING so very true and to ME all
      Rih is guilty of is giving it Her best
      shot, Shes just happy to be doing
      what She has always dreamed of
      doing and It’s very Clear To Me
      that there or those who hates Her
      For Working Hard to Me…
      They hate Her Navy for Telling it like it Is….

  11. Jer October 18, 2012

    B**** get your own damn song

    • Rihanna black madonna October 18, 2012

      This b**** wishes she was Tall, skinny and fairskin like Rihanna, She is not! She is just short, fat, dark and ugly. Compare her debut to Rihanna and you can see why Misha is jealous of green eyed redbone Queen Rih.

      • Britbutnotproud October 19, 2012

        WoW rantings of a raving lunatic.

  12. Sarah Says October 18, 2012

    When is Jennifer Hudson releasing her new album? I haven’t liked the two singles so far

  13. Auntie_Jackie October 18, 2012

    That was an amazing cover. Diamonds is very simple, almost in a silly way, but it is ripe for a beautiful, emotional performance like that. As with most Rihanna songs, the studio version is nice, but when you hear a strong vocalist cover it, it gets blown to bits.

  14. monstarebel October 18, 2012

    Boring…. I can’t wait to see queen Rihanna perform it live..

    • whyohwhy October 18, 2012

      She will be half naked and trying to sing like this one just did..

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        She might have killed out Fave but the song is still Rihanna’s sond, Deery…

      • Lax October 20, 2012


      • Lax October 20, 2012

        whyohwhy I know yo ass isn’t letting yo lips/wood head say jack shyt about being Naked when Beyonce has been showing them big ass flat screen ass like since day one you can run but yo ass can not hide from the Fact that yo Fave shows Her big box ass morfe then the Strippers shows their asses,,,
        And the best thing about Rihanna if Shes showing Her ass She got a lot of it from Beyonce…Beyonce on a stage with a Mic and when Her ass moves into Motion on a Stage Beyonce looks like Shes Screwing standing straight, in other words Beyonce on stage always Dry Hump all of Her Songs and Performances…The reason I say Performances Is because to Me Beyonce is One of the BEST PERFORMERS TO EVER GRACE A STAGE, EVEN WITH HER DRY HUMPING, BUT….On the other HAND Rihanna is one of the “BEST ENTERTAINERS OF ALL TIMES”, DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRY~

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @WHYOHWHY,,,,Rihanna naked as a jay bird and wearing
        nothing but a smile and getting the ATTENTION in time square,,,could this be why RIHANNA Called H**, and s*** so often….
        And speaking of Rihanna wanting ATTENTION??????????
        What Better way to get ATTENTION then to get naked on a Billboard in Time Square wearing nothing but a smile, Bytches…..

        Keep trying to talk RIHANNA down from Her Career climb, Keep the Nasety Vile names coming, Keep right on
        ACCUSING Her of Sleeping around with EVERY MAN with a PLUSE BEATING STRONG,,,,Just keep it up because Hey Its so much Fun Reading You many of you is cleary “Hooked On Stupid” and going no place but this Message Board, Fast….

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @WHYOHWHY,,,,Did you say Naked, trying to perfer to
        Rih, Deery?….

        Here is what Rih and other Young artist SEE and is so
        INSPIRED BY only they do it with class and style Not
        GETTO, Fablous, You know….
        Wht did I say about those who live in glass housed and their throwing Rock at Rihanna and Others…

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @Wwhyohwhy….less talk about Naked
        Rihanna isn’t the only One showing Her
        Ass ,,,,Beyonce does it to….and just because
        Bey’s ASS is married to Jayz who’s a Mogul
        does not erase the fact that Bey shows her
        Natural ASS, RIGHT long,,,,,Deery! See…
        Beyonce is on a stage doing Her thing and you don’t
        read the Navy CALLING HER H** AND DAH, DAH, DAH
        DO you bytches thing that Beyonce is above the Law because Jay Put a 5-million dollar ring on it….

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! October 18, 2012

      LIVE?!?!?!?!….No thank you!!!.. She killed your favorite on her own s***!hahaha

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        And keep laughting , since that is all u have got while Rihanna’s Song Remains # 4 On World Singles Charts…

  15. Oh Yeah!!! October 18, 2012

    Misha B why you Embarass Rihanna like that?? You know she can’t sing her own songs Live!!!

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      She might have embrassed Rih to you since you have got
      saw dust for brains and Rihanna is working with a working Brain and so is Her Navy,,,And while Misha is in the studio seeing how good she can sing Rihanna’s Diamonds,,,,then Diamonds is still performing in Rihanna’s favor on the uk & usa charts, deery….

      Today is October, 20, 2012….Keep laughting and making fun it looks good on you Lames & Loosers…Rih nor Her Navy gives a Care,,,,, we just love going Back & Forward with yo looser asses…Jealous, Envious Bum bytches..

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      OH YEAH,,,,the BHive Generals or in the house it is
      so wonderful that they can’t keep Rihanna’s song from selling like Shes selling with this singles which is still doing it’s own thing, And “Diamonds” Says it don’t give a dam who sings Me Says Diamonds I am Still The Sould Property of
      “Lil Ms Sunshine You Ass Wipes ooooops i mean Bhive.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @OH YEAH Where have u been love , been missing all of your ATTACK COMMENTS toward Rihanna’s ass love..

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @Haters, BHive, Lames & Loosers Do u all feel a need to Label Rihanna a s***, ho, s**** and Acusses Rihanna Of Sleeping around with every Man that is Breating iS PART OF IT BECAUSE rIHANNA fLAUNTS hER sTUFF AND sHE embraces Her Sexuality? You know no matter how you slice it for all of the times many have called Her Big Head, and for all of the times Her Navy Has Had to Defend Her, All of you do know that Rihanna Embraces her big head and Her Image and it’s called Having that Inner Strength that helps her stay the course even whrn the Gossip, lies and Slander
        fog’s the way ahead of Her, Rihanna still keep Her Focus and She does not waver she know j=how to let the Lies & Gossip, Slander run off Her back like Water Off A Ducks Back and It’s “Keep On Trucking,,, Beacues its clear the Rih, Rih Knows How to Make Shyt Happen, Bytches…

  16. A October 18, 2012

    GREAT version. She has a beautiful voice. Hope to hear more music from her, and hopefully by bigger producers each time

  17. xedos October 18, 2012

    she needs to find a job. to quote Snoop dog ” ugly people don’t sell music”

    • LEX October 18, 2012

      WOW….. This girl is far from ugly. And judging by Snoops face and his amazing record sells, I’d say that his theory is way off. Hell even look at Jay Z

      • Lax October 20, 2012

        @XEDOS AND while that was funny and i laught, But let Us get real theres many who or not beauty birds and can still sell Records and make it in the Industry, See they call Rihanna names too and I don’t want to get it TWISTED Becasue I love all people I even have love for Beyonce, and Her BHive who calls RIHANNA waaaaaaay more thing then your comment ever did. And these Bytches who are YAPPPPPIN are the main Ones whi tries to Hang Rihanna On the Cross without a Prayer BECAUSE they can’s stand
        seeing RIHANNA doing the dam thing,,,,
        @XEDOS Always speak your mind and while I want speak on Misha’s Looks I will say this YOUR comment was Mild in COMPARISON TO the slanderous, lies they spread on/about RIHANNA ON A DAILY…..
        That is why Misha did the cover that is a way to try and Show Up Rihanna’s Talent since so many feel like Rihanna just keep right on doing Her thing and even through the fog of their shyt RIHANNA IS STILL STANDING STRONG “Aganist All Odds”…. These hating ASS BYTCHES….Right on down this thread ,,,,look real close and you will read this CLOWN whyohwhy,,,Talking

    • CRUZ CONTROL October 18, 2012

      JAY Z?? i rest my case and this girl is far from ugly. let me see your face f**

    • Lax October 20, 2012


    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @Loosers, Lames, loosers Since many of You or always saying thtat Rihanna does things for ATTENTION well if she wants ATTENTION, she is getting in in time square.
      I wonder If RIHANNA getting Naked is part of why Shes called so many Slanderous Names?

      And if Little Ms. Sunshine Decides that She wants to DOMINATE SHYT this is how She Does it,,,,Bytches.
      HATERSSSSSSS this is how Rihanna DOMINATES.

      Stay as Pressed, Pissy and Salty as ever Bytches…

  18. Vegas Girl October 18, 2012

    Why are some on here talking about skin color? What does calling this girl names and boasting about Rihannas skin color have to do with her voice? Petty petty s*** , vile and disgusting.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @Vegas Girl Unless you live under a rock where or these words when they are cursing, slandering, and lying on Rihanna, Deery
      And all of the calling Rihanna h**, s***, shes’ sleeping around with every man who they can find with a Pluse that is Beating Strong, Bytxh,,,GTFO…& STFU ..

  19. Steph October 18, 2012

    And this is the person that was thrown out of X – FACTOR! Ms. Kelly saw talent for sure! Keep shining Misha 🙂

  20. tyme October 19, 2012

    I like it and it was just simple. I mean the original singer didn’t do much vocally either. She could’ve went all melisma on it and out do Rihanna like she did just by doing it simple.
    To try to go in on her skin color and her being a little chubby means that you accept the fact that rihanna won’t be able to do it a fraction as good as this chick. I’d love to see you all lovely faces. I’m sure if I did I’d die of freight.
    Rhianna hasn’t ruined anyone’s career btw….

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      TYME Shut yo ass up they go hard on everything Rihanna and yo ass is one
      of the main One’s Just like all of you haters are saying that Misha sings Better then Rih well it don’t matter one little shyt because Misha had Better Get Her Own Song Because Sounding Good, Better or Best on a Rihanna Song will not get you a “Pay Check” and I don’t give a dam about how great anybodys ass sounds…
      There are many who can Out Holler, and out Belt Rihanna But at the end of the Day Rihanna is doing something right BECAUSE she Have come this far and it wasn’t because Beyonce, Misha can/could sing better then Rihanna can, Deery.

  21. Yea Okay October 19, 2012

    Srry just ain’t happenin captain

  22. LSZ October 19, 2012

    She’s got a basic singing voice with ordinary vocal skills. That performance didn’t move me at all. She’s just OK.

    • Lax October 20, 2012

      @LSZ tHAT IS A S*** PICTURE…

  23. Lax October 20, 2012

    @BHive, Haters, Lames and Loosers,,,,Don’t get Me wrong If
    You will notice I try Very Hard to not find Myself saying that Rihanna
    is good, better or best but what I do say all of the time off and on is this,,,
    Rihanna Deserves a Chance to be Good in Her Career just like all of the Other Artist that is out there Working their Asses off. Its just that the differences comes up when
    Many of Her Haters don’t want to Give Her a Chance to do good, They are always saying She Can’t, Want, She is not as Good as Beyonce is and Bey was further ahead when She was Rihannas Age…. Well that might be But Beyonce started in 2003 and Rihanna came two years later and if Beyonce came out 9 years ago that would Make Beyonce be 22 years of age and at 22 years old , BEYONCE DID
    NOT Have as many Accomplishments and His-to-Rih as much as Rihanna has
    If that be the case All one would have to do is take the age and look at the Cnharts and Beyonce’s Impact on them and theres nothing to say that Beyonce was near as Popular and had sold as much as Rihanna has now sold, no way hosea…If Bey started in 2003 which She would have been 22 and 2004 Bey 23 years of age and 2005 beyonce would have been 24 years Young…. and for the years of 2003-2004-2005 is well Documented and there for all to see, read and share and as you all know Thje Truth Will Set Yo Asses Free….
    Now look up Beyonce’s Achievenments for 2003, 2004 and 2005 the year Lil Ms Sunshine Came on the Scenes,,,,, I mean Rihanna is far from being the Best artist But Rih Isn’t at the top and She dam sure isn’t at the bottom All I can say to
    Rihanna’s Many HATERS IS THIS,,,,,,Jay Picked Her And all I got say about that is
    Blame Beyonce’s Honey for Picking/pulling that “Ace”…

    Jay is One of the Lucliest men Ever He Married One Of the Hottest Chicks in the game and then He has Trained, Taught, and Guided The SUCCESSFUL CAREERS OF ONE OF THE BIGGEST MEGA INTERNATIONA ARTIST, EVER,,,,,,

    Beyonce in Action and Rihanna keep right on Being INSPIRED by Bey….

  24. mediacannibale October 20, 2012


    ONLY RIHANNA HATERS and jealous of her success (= Beyonda’s stans) can enjoy this more than the punchy and playfull original version by RIHANNA the real queen of pop

  25. Quin’003 October 21, 2012

    Not too bad I like it 🙂 But I wouldnt say it’s better than the original though O_o

  26. Os October 21, 2012

    She did her thing.

  27. X October 22, 2012

    no1curr about this basic ho

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