Watch: Mutya Keisha Siobhan Attend Q Awards / Talk Reunion

Published: Monday 22nd Oct 2012 by Sam

The original line-up of the Sugababes have been fairly quiet since announcing their comeback and new moniker Mutya Keisha Siobhan this Summer. 

However, the ladies reunion train seems to have finally left the station; the trio walked their first red carpet together in over 10 years at the Q Awards in London last night.

Watch below as the talk to BBC Newsbeat about their return, new album, and the current line-up of the ‘Babes below…

Needless to say, it’s great to have the ladies back. For while the return of fellow Brit-Pop collective Girls Aloud is exciting (if only for the hype), MKS’ resurgence brings with it the three incredibly gifted talents. Can’t wait for the single!

Randomness: Anyone catch the shade in the answer last question? Priceless.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jonathan October 22, 2012

    AHAHAHAHA shaaaade. God I love these 3. Can’t wait to hear what they bring to the table.

  2. bibi93 October 22, 2012

    LOVE for you

  3. BRANDY MOESHA October 22, 2012

    They are DESPERATE for this. The shade is they weren’t even big with the Sugababes name until HEIDI came.

    But this site is INFESTED with ADS. You can’t come here and listen to anything without trying to sell you a slice of pizza.

  4. MKS Fan October 22, 2012

    Is it me but Keisha is hogging the mike? She got on my damn nerves with her constant interruption. To be honest, Mutya and Siobhan have the skills. Plus let them speak.

    • toohotfortv October 23, 2012

      I have to agree.

      • Britbutnotproud October 23, 2012

        I was thinking the exact same thing…nothing has changed so we will see how long this union last.

  5. WTF October 22, 2012

    I don’t know why people are getting so excited over the “original sugababes” when Siobhan only done one out off seven albums Heidi Range is more of a sugababe then she is don’t get me wrong I do like Siobhan and I think she has the best voice out of the “original sugababes” but don’t forget why she left after one album cos the other two slags where bulling her.
    Keisha can sing or dance for s*** & Mutya has a s*** voice as well along with a identity crisis the girl thinks she is a black woman and wants to be Misha B and has never had a solo number 1 hahaha
    This whole new group is a JOKE and I can’t wait for them to FLOP.
    Bring on the NEW Sugababes Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah & Jade Ewen who can sing circles around them other whores.

    • bips October 22, 2012

      U just STFU u don’t even know what u talking about!!!! If u don’t why don’t ask…..i’m so tired of these little b****** who act as if they know s*** about music ….have a nap!!!
      Jade is a good vocalist ,but doesn’t match in that band as 4 amelle she’s a trouble maker…..sugababes are the business the first line up was off the hook,and the second one too…without Mutya and Keisha there will not be Sugababes…to begin with so what the hell are u talking about stupid b****!!!!

      • WTF October 23, 2012

        First of go and suck ur daddys c*** b**** second how was what I wrote wrong and me not knowing music what part of that wasnt facts honey just cos u cant take s*** u dont have to cry about it boo boo

      • Tosh October 25, 2012

        I just get why so many of you like to critsize Keisha so much. Like seriously rather yall like her as person or not she is technically a stronger vocalist than Heidi, Amelle, Siobhan, or Mutya. Theres no taking that away from her, rather she may be a b**** or not who knows

    • K.I.S.S. October 23, 2012

      You stupid little c***…. speaking of number one’s Misha B stalled at number 11. Keisha and Mutya both have voices far superior to Heidi and Amelle. Jade is gifted but she’s such a f****** try-hard. She couldn’t cut it as a eurovision solo act so she joined a group that was combustible at the seams.

      The music industry and critics are already praising MKS. They ARE the real Sugababes. Nobody is checking for Heidi’s rough looking ass anymore or Amelle’s sad stories about “bullying”.

      Kick rocks.

      • bips October 23, 2012

        @ K.I.S.S amen that child need to be educate that tranny ass ….act as if she/ he knows something about music its comments itself reveals how stupid and dumb that w**** is….shitty ears :-)))))

        your analysis is exactly what i’m talking about ,jade is gifted but why did she feel the need to join a band while she could have a sollo career?!!!! as 4 amelle she’s a drama b****!!! nobody is stupid enough to believe that she can be bullied !!!!! nexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxttttttt

    • bips October 23, 2012

      u ‘re s stupid b**** that’s all we need to know:-))) yakking your mouth as if what u know tea about music….your comment speak for itself b**** !!!!
      go hang yourself!!! it’s because of stupid haters like u who doesn’t know s*** ,that there’s not good music anymore
      you sound so miserable wasting your time spreading hatred on a band that you don’t like??? damn it just go kill yourself if i could i will do it for ya !!!!:-)
      if the new line was so good why did they end the promo of the new project before even started??!!!! i guess u’re alike so good but misunderstood……b**** egt out of here!!!!:-)

  6. Oggie ‘Singer’ October 22, 2012

    Very very excited as anyone who has the One Touch album knows it was there most mature, cutting edge and my opinion best work. remember there no longer the Sugababes so anyone who has a Heidi issue they have a new name now and can start from scratch as they see fit! If you know anything about Siobhan also you’ll know she is one of the best Singer?Songwriters in the business and as for Mutya she is a the orginal Bad Girl who vocals are rare and precious, Most of all Keisha deserves the upmost respect she is the understated glue that kept that group together for years she wrote a lot fothere singles and is a brilliant singer the 3 together are out of this world and there music will speak for itself!

  7. antertain October 23, 2012

    Keisha did talk abit much, but the end look was priceless. SHADEEEEEEEEE LOL.

    They’ll have a fresh music sound so I’m looking forward to it.

    MKS I hope really gel for years.

  8. Cheerful Cynic XD October 23, 2012

    I stopped listening to their music when Mutya left the group

    • Well..! October 23, 2012

      Thats when I started LOL

  9. Tosh October 25, 2012

    I didnt understand that last question that caused the shade, what did she say?

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