New Video: Little Mix – ‘DNA’

Published: Friday 19th Oct 2012 by Sam

Pop quad Little Mix continue their rapid rise with new single ‘DNA’ – the video for which premiered moments go on VEVO.

The anthemic cut serves as the third single to be lifted from the group’s debut album of the same name and functions as the direct lead-in single for the LP ahead of its November 19th release.

Peep the Sin-City styled clip after the jump…

Not bad. Indeed, stylistically the video is a welcome and well-executed depature from the same ol’, same ol’. That said, we’re still waiting to be wow’ed be the group as a collective vs just Perrie vocally. Baby steps, ay?

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  1. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) October 19, 2012

    Its a nice video .. I like that it had a kinda theme to it ..

    On another note, they need to stop trying, Misha B has already proven she was the winner LOL ..

    • WTF October 19, 2012

      HELL NOOO! these girls can sing all Misha B-itch face c*** can do is shut her way through every song she cant even sing a Rihanna song a freaking Rihanna song hahaha sorry mate she is S***.
      p.s. she is far from a winner she cant even reach number 1…

      • MATT101 October 19, 2012

        “Misha B-itch face “DWL !!!! LMAO !!!!! …..but i disagree …MIsha is awesome … Misha and Little Mix styles are different, both great in their own way

    • FK October 19, 2012

      How is Misha B the real winner? What has she achieved? Not even a top 10 hit.

  2. damn October 19, 2012

    Not even being funny…the first girl tht sings sounds exactly like rita ora!!

    • yeah October 19, 2012

      i was saying the same thing only difference her voice doesn’t boring as Rita’s does

  3. the realest October 19, 2012

    same same. Could be any other girl group. Reminds me of a rubbish danity kane (bad girl video).

    Much preferred the first single…

  4. Aysenur October 19, 2012

    Music is perfect but video can be better. Those girls can make perfect things but i dont like this music video

  5. YouKnowIt October 19, 2012

    SLAYING. I like Leigh-Anne’s (rapping?) part followed by the gospel harmony best, I still don’t see why people see Perrie as the lead, she’s like my least fave.

  6. foei October 19, 2012

    It’s all about Jade. She sounds the best in the song and looks the best in the video.

  7. NOBITCHASSNESS October 19, 2012

    Video concept reminded me of Danity Kane’s “Bad Girl” for a second…

    They all sound good especially Jade.

  8. RihNaj Dior October 19, 2012

    LOVE this SONG/VIDEO best yet!! think this should have been first single tho! Urban Music suits them!! <3

  9. Dustin October 19, 2012

    I think Perrie is a fine vocalist but to me she isn’t the best in thegroup. She is a bit too throaty for me. I find jade to be themost impressive vocalist. Her tone is incredible. Jesy’s vocal affectations are annoying in this song. It’s supposed to be a s*** and seductive track and she is neither of those things when she sounds like that. Great song though.

  10. the real xoxo October 19, 2012

    reminds me of a danity kane video and spice girls “spice up your life” except without the personality or originality.

  11. RihNaj Dior October 19, 2012

    Btw I LOVE the SinCity Effects thing <3 lol

  12. monstarebel October 19, 2012

    Little Nobody’s

  13. bibi93 October 19, 2012

    Good song, respect

  14. buttamilk October 20, 2012

    Good girls all this lacked was choreography.
    I agree with comments on Jades vocals but Perrie has most edge to it. Jade more soulful voice. Jesy needs to calm the vibrato abit but sound unique so no such a bad thing.

  15. antertain October 20, 2012

    Im liking they’ve studied some girl groups n tapping into elements to strengthen them as a group.

    Quite different for a UK girl group to go this route with vid so glad they tapped into that side of things.

    They defo jus missed a trick not having a routine for the hook but yep baby steps.

    Someone in their team are taking notes from past girl groups and implementing it in2 little mix to eventually mold them into a great group. Wise move n will help.

    Liked their songs so far so I’m happy for them to be doing well at this point.

    Keep going & progressing.
    Perrie sounds so rich vocally when starting off the song. Jade defo another vocalist, who getting stronger.

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