New Video: Sammie – ‘Tryna’ Fall Asleep’

Published: Monday 29th Oct 2012 by David

“Just received a text from my ex…”

Sammie’s caught between two lovers in clip for ‘Tryna’ Fall Asleep‘, lifted from his critically acclaimed mix tape ‘Insomnia’ today.

Directed by Quincy and shot in NYC, the moving clip- which we’d say is a little short- comes courtesy Songbook Entertainment/ StarCamp Music

Enjoy below…

Download ‘Insomnia’ here!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lola October 29, 2012

    Mmm Sammie ^.^

  2. Monstarebel October 29, 2012

    his body looks so good in that pic to bad I don’t care enough to watch his video

    • Pressed H*** Like yourself October 29, 2012

      Please h** you probably watching it right now

  3. rainbowslim October 29, 2012

    this did it for me!! beautiful song!!

  4. mobwife:” take it to the mattresses” October 29, 2012

    It’s not a bad song it’s just all over the damn place! He sounds like Ne-yo, Usher & Trey Songz at different points.

    …….”It’s loney at the top”….LOL how would you know Sammy? 🙂

  5. PR EXPERT (HWOOD PUBLICIST) October 29, 2012

    Beautiful song and great body! Did I mention his body? I see great things in his future.

    Thank you in advance for your comment. Please click “like” above if you do not agree with my comment.

    ~-Hollywood PR Expert-~

  6. credits October 29, 2012

    Voice sounds too much like trey songz.

  7. gee October 29, 2012

    damn only 7 comments?? [not including me] thats not a good sign.

  8. bibi93 October 29, 2012

    Good job

  9. truth(chile i PATS MY PHAT P**** like Rhi at haters and funky nicki stans hun-TAE)) October 30, 2012

    HEEEEYYYYY DAMMIE(pops tongue chile)

    • truth(chile i PATS MY PHAT P**** like Rhi at haters and funky nicki stans hun-TAE)) October 30, 2012


  10. CURLY SUE October 30, 2012

    OMG he looks amazing! I Can’t believe that this is the same Sammie that I used to bump in elementary school! About to watch the video now….I loooove his voice! “Come With Me” is one of my favorite songs!

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