Watch: Rita Ora Rocks ‘Ryan Seacrest’ With Live Set

Published: Tuesday 9th Oct 2012 by David

As 2012’s breakout star, there isn’t a venue or outlet that hasn’t been graced with Rita Ora‘s promo presence.

This week, she hit Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show for a live performance of two cuts from her debut album ‘ORA‘. Flaunting the vocals the UK and Australia have already fallen in love with, peep Rita performing ‘Shine Ya Light’ and ‘R.I.P’ below…

In what really is a testament to Rita’s talent, her ability to deliver acoustic versions just as exciting as their upbeat counterparts is why she has no choice but to succeed States Side…in time.

For while her popularity in the nation has been a slow but steady race, the above performance is sure to strike a positive chord with any who tuned in, and proving the comparisons to a certain Rihanna are baseless, as far as talent is concerned.

In short… she killed it!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Divo October 9, 2012

    At least she can sing unlike r****

    • Lax October 9, 2012

      @DIVO ,,,,You can say what ever……

      Rihanna named Billboard’s Queen of Pop for the Last 20 Years…..

      Posted: Monday, October 8,

      Rihanna has just been announced as Billboard’s Top Pop Artist of the last 20 years, a title based solely on her “Pop Songs” chart performance.
      The singer’s achievements on the chart include 34 total appearances – with 21 top ten hits and nine number one songs – all since the pop songs chart began on Oct. 3, 1992.
      The top ten was dominated by solo women singers, with Usher the only male, and Black Eyed Peas the only group.
      Pink is in second place, followed by Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey.
      Rounding out the top ten were Usher in seventh, followed by Black Eyed Peas, Janet Jackson and Madonna.

      Keep right on trying yo hands at shyt talking each and everything Rihanna does so that she keep right on getting yo hating asses blessings. Haters looses their blessing to those who work hard and or humble, #Stay bitter, pressed and by all means keep accusing Rih of not being in this race.

  2. Suicide Blonde October 9, 2012

    So unoriginal, she has nothing to offer, well maybe for the UK.


    where is rihanna
    …… i mean just google kelsnetwork………….

  4. JJFan1814 October 9, 2012

    She’ll never make it. Rihanna owns USA

    • whyohwhy October 9, 2012

      No!!! Rihanna does not, she is #10 on Itunes in the US and going down as we type, she made it too #1 in the UK for a day just before Adele snatched that wig off. Rita is pure talent and stop talking about original when Rihanna does the same thing all the time cause she has limits (no talent). Rita is another you can strip everything off and still have talent. Go Rita!!!

  5. OK October 9, 2012

    In today’s musical climate, “time” isn’t something new artists have a lot of, unfortunately. I don’t know if Roc Nation’s pockets are deep enough to give her more than a year, if that, to really make a splash on this side of the pond.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      You are right. Rita Ora has been given three years worth of Promo/

      2009 – Drake video for Over
      2009 Face of Jayz skull candy head phones
      2009 – Calvin klein photo shoot with Cassie
      2010 – front row at louis vuitton paris fashion week
      Jay Z video Forever young ( rihanna was in a memphis bleek vid back in 05)
      signed to select models
      2010 japanese vogue and elle
      2011 front cover of sunday times fashion magazine
      2011 being put in the DJ fresh track

      And her LP only sold 40k first week in the UK

      • Lax October 9, 2012

        @Kelly i hear you and this chick copies Rih’s style.
        you know Kelly the Hive is always talking about how
        none of Rih’s Songs are Memorable, well they can think
        about how big the Waves Rihanna has made in Music Phuck remembering a song, i bet they will remembr that Rih has more Youtube views then any olther dang female, ever, I bet they will Remember the chick who came to America from the Caribbeans and became the most popular entertainer daed or alive. They will Remember that Rihanna sold that 02
        arena full 10 times and they can talk till their asses falls off and Billboard still named Rihanna the Pop Queen and #1 for the last 20 years, and you see Sam did not post it, but hey it’s okay with Me because Rihanna is still Winning and right about now i don’t give a Phuck one way or the other and let me get off this Midget post before i have to read a bytch the riot act.
        Kelly i see Kelly Rowland struggling to try and make it and just think about how many years she stood behind Beyonce’s ass and sing back up and still can’t seem to get any traction and that is a phucking shame. And another thing to tell the truth i don’t believe Beyonce’s $$$$$ count is all Her’s i think Jay fatten the pot to make Beyonce seem bigger then She is , i don’t give a phuck about that either, because no matter how much money you have got there’s some things out there that you still can’t buy, like health, happiness, heart, your mind, brain and you dang show can’t but class.
        Kelly i am sort of put out by all of the negativity and the back and forward, perhaps going to the dentist today have got me in a Shitty mood, today.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      Her USA promo started in FEB….when JAY took her to z100

  6. slim s*** October 9, 2012

    Please people rita is signed to sony coloumbia who houses talents like Adele,beyonce and one trust me their pockets are dip.Am very sure that Rita would eventualy conquer the states.PS roc nation is just her management not her label.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      Sony and the rest of the music industry have been in decline since the napster days in 99. There is no money left in music; consumer habits and piracy saw to that. Sony budget is reserved for acts who make them money – like all business. It is a profit game. So adele budget will not go on Rita who is a liability. Read the Financial times… will understand business better. Like a white person.

      Rita Ora will not conquer the USA because she is seen as a clone of a bigger act and is not even as talented as Jordan Sparks.

      She is signed to ROC Nation – they were the only label interested. Roc nation is owned by a white parent company, Sony, But they will pull the plugs on ROC as no one sells on that flop label.

      Her management is A uk based company who mange Conrad Maynard.

      No money coming in, plus millions pouring out equates and Doanld Trump ” you’re fired ” pink slip.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      Rita Ora was struggling in the UK for years and ALL THE LABLES IN THE UK turned her down – even though she done Eurovison and had a track with Craig david.

      UK labels said that Rita Ora has an attitude and sounds like Jessie J ( jessie j wannbe )

      The only label that reached out to her was……roc nation – the same label wanting a Rihanna clone. So, there u have it!

      Rihanna had several major lables wanting her.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      In fact, Rihanna did not have to struggle and hustle like Rita Ora. The industry came to Rih. That is what star quality does for ya…..lOL LOL LOL LOL

  7. nunu October 9, 2012

    Oh no here we go again with the comparisons :/ Anyhow she maybe have a great voice. But there’s no way she cant beat rihanna thats a fact. Diamonds at top ten in nearly six countries i dnt think rita can achieve that

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      Go and read the daily mail Single white female has been called out for stalking Rihanna.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      I do not think she has a great voice. She has a voice, bit it is no different to American idol contestants ( minus fantasia, Kelly C and Jordan )

  8. kelly October 9, 2012

    The daily:

    Rih – visting all her looks! Rita Ora stalks Rihanna in the style stakes with her copycat fashion.

    …..After months of copycat dressing it is clear that the London – born singer is trying to emulate Riri in the style stakes. The 21 yr old singer has been sporting a whole host of almost identical ensembles shortly after Rihanna.

    The daily mail go on to do a side by side of Rita Copying the fashion Rihanna had worn months years before.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      The daily mail

  9. Benron (King Of The Navy) October 9, 2012

    Anyone can perform an acoustic set, even Cassie.

    Nobody cares about talent.

  10. kelly October 9, 2012

    Overrated and Overhyped
    heavily promoted
    Shoved, forcefully down our throats
    Shading Rih
    Single white female obsession
    Copying Rih exact moves, poses, Twitter, pics, love life
    Copying her clothes AFTER she has worn them
    rejected Rih tracks
    bland, coarse vocals – no dancing or writing ability
    fat, short and old looking

    Yes, we can see why she is a star.

  11. kelly October 9, 2012

    She goes on the most famous radio show, with most famous DJ and she cannot even get a TOP 50 hit. Most of the interview was dedicated to Rob Kardahsian – even trying to copy Rih love life. Only Rob is not chris brown in looks, fame or success.

  12. Rihanna’s Body October 9, 2012

    She needs to just go away already short ugly man lookalike loser

  13. Nahjee October 9, 2012

    Lol,I thought of kelly when I read that.OMG you are like Rita’s worse nightmare.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      Her worst nightmare? So it is my fault that she has wasted tens of millions and flopped?

  14. Richgal October 9, 2012

    Lol,I thought of kelly when I read this on daily mail,you are like Rita’s worse nightmare OMG!

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      The daily is not the only place , Rita generates hatred. It the same on Perez, Just jared etc. She is not likeable.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      I do not work for the daily mail. ThEY CHOSE TO WRITE that article on Rita, because the whole knows she is an untalented overhyped Rih wannbe. Maybe the readings have ben writing in to the daily mail, so they had to FINALLY address it. Rita is the most hated new act of all time.

  15. James227 October 9, 2012

    No matter what I love Rita and her strong voice. Now she’s at Ryan’s radio station where we all know he will pass her son along & play the s*** out of it. Rita going to Ryan’s radio station is the same thing Rihanna has been doing forever. Ryan has alot of pull and I bet he’s going to make sure Miss Rita’s songs get passed around with alot of airplay.

    • James227 October 9, 2012

      pass her songs along ^^^

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      This was from about 2 / 3 weeks ago. I live in LA – They dont play. Why? Cos Cali folk don’t request this flop.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      No, It is Ryan job to play the songs the public want to here. They dont want to hear this clone, they want Diamonds and Rihanna.

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      Rih went to Ryan with HITS that USAa want to hear and BUY!

  16. bibi93 October 9, 2012

    Good talent Rita!!

  17. whyohwhy October 9, 2012

    Name one thing Rihanna was original in or on?

    • kelly October 9, 2012

      COMMON NOW RITA ORA…. Rihanna is tall, you are short. Rihanna is from the Caribbean, you are from Bosnia. Rihanna has Chris Brown and Drake on a leash, you have Rob Kardashian. Rihanna is pretty, well….you get the idea !!
      – Anthony Hamilton,

      This is my fave comment cos is sums up this whole rita ora

  18. dyllypickles October 9, 2012

    Yes Rita!

    That bridge on RIP is siiiiick

    Can can can u u u feel feel my heart heart beat beat…


  19. ENOUGH ONIKA October 9, 2012

    @Kelly I understand you don’t like Rita, I get it and I agree with your statements, but why do you continue to come for this girl knowing she already flopped, no ones checking for her and if Rihanna’s not worried why are you? Like I said before I like that you bring facts to the table to back up your statements, but girl…’re beating a dead horse!! lol! Rita can barely put her own wig on straight let alone try and snatch someone else’s! I wrote this in a previews post but I’ll reiterate it here, Rihanna is the ONLY person who can snatch Rihanna’s wig at this point in the game. She is her only downfall. Not Beyonce, not Christina Milian and God himself knows not Rita Ora. Chill girl, it’s ok 🙂 Put that Rita horse to rest..

  20. RUDE NAVY October 9, 2012

    I Wish Her Luck , but Rihanna is not the solution @sam , remember , regardless of your opinion on Rih , she has her own fanbase who support her and continued to do it 7 years strong , Rita is yet to build her US fanbase , and US navy is not as strong as international navy , BUT rihanna has enough fans in there , Rita will just go on the right process when she stand out , now she has no chance , what is so special about her for the average american to show interest ?! Blonde hair ?!! Red Lipstick ? good voice ?!!! pop songs ? the average american listener already saw a lot of those !!! what make her stand out ?! if u answered this dear @sam , you will understand !! what make rihanna standout is her relatable Fun personality if u wanna ask !! and things like “twitter” highlighted it and made the best of it !! and of course her Unique tone and her beauty assets 😛

  21. Lolax October 9, 2012

    Love her and here voice cant wati for ORA

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