JoJo Performs US National Anthem At Nascar Sprint Cup

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Proving once again that she possesses one of the most premium voices in the industry, JoJo soared to the skies and beyond at the Nascar Sprint Cup yesterday (November 11th).

The Boston beauty took centre-stage, delivering a must-see rendition of the US national anthem, ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.

A notoriously tricky song to sing, it immediately begs the question of “how did the 21 year old fare”? See for yourself after the jump…

Demonstrating power, range, and control well beyond her years, JoJo showed that not only is she many laps ahead of the competition, but that she deserves so much more. Here’s hoping the months and year ahead bring with it what her army of loyal fans have been patiently awaiting – a new album!

Your thoughts?