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Mashonda Tells Alicia Keys: “Swizz & I Were Together”

031312 music love triangles alicia keys swizz beatz mashonda Mashonda Tells Alicia Keys: Swizz & I Were Together

Via ‘She Is Diva’:

Afternoon Divas!

Last week, ‘Karma’ singer Alicia Keys generated momentum for her new LP when she gave an very open interview to ‘JET‘ Magazine, discussing her relationship with world renown producer Swizz Beatz.

In the mag, she explained that despite numerous reports, he was indeed separated from his then wife Mashonda when he ‘got together’ with her.

Problem is…. Alicia is the only one who shares that point of view. For this week, three years after echoing similar sentiments, Mashonda has revealed that she was still with Beatz when he began- what she describes as- an affair with Ms. ‘Girl On Fire’.

Full story here!


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