Must See: Michael Jackson – ‘Bad 25’ Documentary

Published: Friday 23rd Nov 2012 by Sam

Long Live The King!

In life Michael Jackson thrilled, and in death he (continues) to inspire. The late, great King of Pop is honored by a host of his contemporaries in the captivating ‘Bad 25’ documentary, the feature presentation in ABC’s primetime Thanksgiving line-up.

Produced by the incomparable Spike Lee and featuring words from the likes of Mariah Carey and Kanye West, the documentary chronicles the superstar’s life during the “era” of his 1987 album ‘Bad’ – as well as the album itself.

That Grape Juice were on-hand at the London premiere back in September (which saw both Spike Lee and the Michael Jackson Estate give speeches on the project). Hence, we can relay with all certainty that this is an essential watch –  not just for MJ fans, but for lovers of the art of music.

Michael was not just an artiste, he was a visionary. Delve into the mind and world of one of the greatest talents to grace this planet below…

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Be sure to pick up your copy of ‘Bad 25’ – which also includes the ‘Bad Tour – Live From Wembley’. It’d make an amazing festive gift, right? Click here to buy!

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  1. JAKE November 23, 2012



    GOD BLESS & R.I.P.


  2. Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2012

    Only commenting first to say: When your fave can make music to THIS high quality and have it endure, sounding timeless for a quarter of a century and beyond, THEN I will believe when you accuse “others” of being “Legends”. Which other artist from this era has music that’s still sounds so good, undated and revolutionary…even WITHOUT seeing the short films he made for them them?

    I will return when I’ve watched!

  3. Hop-Scotch November 23, 2012

    …And Oprah has the MOTHERFUCKING audacity to compare Justine Bieberetta to this LEGEND?


    • mobwife: Damnit it aint nobody’s business now stfu! November 23, 2012

      Come on it’s “H**-prah” (I can’t remember who said this but it’s a damn classic) Windfrey can you expect anything less from a sellout witch like her?

      *There will NEVER BE another Michael J. Jackson dead or alive. Jstin Babble is just the latest media creation. We’ve seen them come and we’ve watched them GO trust and believe Babble is no different!

  4. DOSSOME November 23, 2012

    Michael will NEVER die.If only those clowns imitating his dance moves could also imitate his art of making music that lives through generations,then music would’ve been in a far much better place now…

    • mobwife: Damnit it aint nobody’s business now stfu! November 23, 2012

      Now who eactly are you referring to? Usher, CB & Ne-yo are very good in their own right and ey are the only ones that I’ve really seen carrying on MJs dancing legacy in any true artistic form. All three have produced music that will continue IMO!

      • DOSSOME November 23, 2012

        All of the above and include jason derulo and the likes…I know you stand by CB no matter what but you are too intelligent to ignore the fact that FORTUNE is a joke compared to the marterpiece that was GRAFITTI (which underperformed for obvious reasons that you and i know) just as Looking 4 Myself is a joke compared to anything Usher ever did…I won’t bother with Ne-Yo or derulo but when you are inspired by mj to the depth of usher and chris,you shouln’t be giving me ”hit or miss” songs when you have been around long enough to showcase growth and creativity..Don’t you get pissed when you listen to usher making techno music when a decade earlier he was churning out classic after classic just because usher wants commercial relevance???

  5. njkhkj November 23, 2012

    ‘study the greats and become greater’!!! not study the greats and copy and paste while stealing from lessor knowns, beyonce…

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2012

      Well, as much as I am NOT on the Beyonce Worship Wagon I have to admit most of us didn’t know Michael had taken so many ideas from all these people: Mavis Staples, Frank Sinatra and those old Hollywood Classic films, even his fashion sense. The difference is Michael studied the greats and DID become greater, merging his knowledge with talent and an ability to execute it with great effectiveness. Copycats like Beyonce do it for fame, and don’t really have the talent, insight or knowledge to execute it as well that’s the reason she puts her name on things she has written the bare minimum (or nothing) on.

      Anyone notice Michael DID NOT take a writing credit fro “Man in the Mirror”. Same with many of his other hits too. Integrity secures the quality of your legacy.

      Looking forward to the extended edition of this when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray. Great work though, it’s just a shame there’s not more of MJ working in the studio and telling his musicians what he wanted. No mention on this edit of “Speed Demon” or “Just Good Friends”.

      • Erickane November 23, 2012

        The television broadcast was so wack. The theatrical /Blu-Ray/DVD will delve deeper into the mind of Michael’s vision for Bad. Such a talent and perfectionist. That’s the problem with “talent ” nowadays. The quick buck and 15 minutes of fame are more important rather than legacy.

  6. MC November 23, 2012

    Wow. Michael was such a funny man. Anyways, the king will always live on and pressed b****** liker Oprah will have to deal with it. What Mariah said was also true….

  7. Prince November 23, 2012


  8. Suicide Blonde November 23, 2012

    F****** awesome, what a wonderful artist, a great singer, fantastic performer, he was out of this world, All Hail The King!

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2012

      Were you the one who made that statement about “You know who” being better than MJ? YOu know who I’m referring too, that royal title bearer…

      • Suicide Blonde November 23, 2012

        Prince must be the most talented musician ever but that doesn’t mean that MJ has not talent, he had everything.

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2012

        Some people have said that “Bad” is MJ’s best attempt at rivalling Prince. I need some references. The lack of his music on the internet has made it impossible to really keep up with what was he was and what he became.

        I don’t think it’s really fair to compare them as Michael was not a musician. We can only compare them as artists and I believe MJ was FAR ahead of Prince in that respect. In MJ’s defense, he GREW as a musician. He went from being able to play nothing/very little (with Randy having to help compose his demos on piano) to playing some instruments on “Scream” to playing most on “You Rock My World”. THAT’S the hallmark of a true artist, growth. Respectfully, I don’t really see how Prince grew after the 80’s. He put out some good songs but it was still a bit neither-here-nor-there whereas MJ explored new genres like NJS and Classical etc.

        As for my opinion of Prince, I could never really get into him. As I was born in 1983 I remember his peak and he was/seemed very strange, quiet, arrogant, overtly feminine etc. I didn’t like his whiny singing voice and you couldn’t really get down and dance to his songs the same way you could with Michael’s. The litmus test is that Prince’s stuff sounds like a relic whereas Michael’s still sounds so fresh and “Bad” is the perfect album to prove that.

      • Suicide Blonde November 23, 2012

        @Matthew Charlery-Smith
        No, Prince is artistry is better, MJ didn’t grow up as an artirts, Prince has done album that MJ could have never done, Prince plays multiples instruments, MJ don’t play any of them and is well known that he didn’t play Piano, he only did a Pepsi add when they show him playing piano and even his brothers say that he was faking that, he was a great show man, great dancer, an innovator in so many things but Prince is a musical genius, his music is still fresh, Prince didn’t want to be famous anymore, that’s why, you don’t se his music in youtube, he is against that, sadly, don’t get me wrong i love MJ but let’s be honest, Prince is untouchable when it comes to be a musician, MJ was a better performer and entertainer IMO.

      • DOSSOME November 23, 2012

        @Matthew Charlery-Smith…..i’ll agree with suicide blonde on this issue.if you were one who followed prince closely,you’ll realise that after his DIAMONDS AND PEARLS album,he stopped gunning for commercial success and during the 90s he was just releasing albums annually and sometimes twice a year not caring how they sell…Prince didn’t need songwriters,instrumentalists,arrangers,producers to make an album,he did all that himself if you check his credits…as for artistic growth,i don’t think an artist can grow beyond where prince was,not even prince himself.he was just the pinnacle of where an artist can reach.his music was not really for the general masses but for music lovers and deep thinkers…i’m glad we are having this discussion by the way

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2012

        MJ didn’t grow up as an artist? What? Wasn’t he signed to Steeltown at 8 and then by Motown at 10/11 releasing his first solo album at 13? You say that Prince did albums MJ could never but which ones are these? Names please. I know Sign O’ the Times is highly rated but I still don’t see how Prince’s music transcended it’s era. I’ll admit, I don’t know a whole lot about his music but just because he can play multiple instruments that doesn’t make him a “better” artist. There’s no point in playing 26 instruments if you can only express yourself (or allow the instrument to express itself) on 2 or 3 really well. Whether he played a particular instrument or not MJ STILL had every piece of music express itself to it’s fullest: the strings, the horns, the percussion. It was intense AND beautiful. Prince’s songs to me often sound quite messy and over funky; hs music has not transcended time.

        I personally believe the true test of genius is something that is very hard to make (like an automobile or electronic device) but is received without confusion by consumers. That would include things from an aircraft, to a mobile phone and even music. When you have to get “so deep” into something to understand it it means the execution is poor. Also, MJ showed better musicianship (or respect for musicians) by working with OTHER people. Like a true artist he knew how to get the best out of people and get the best out of himself. Prince seems narcissistic about his work to the point where even if he could get a better person to come along he’d still do it himself.

        Artistry represented though singing, songwriting, musical diversity, staging & live performances, music videos, production and engineering quality, legacy and cultural impact MJ wins hands down.

        Until I see some real receipts I can’t agree that Prince is better.

        Credits for “You Rock My World” and “Scream” among others state MJ played instruments. Unlike “some” artists who steal credits I don’t think Michael was lying!

      • DOSSOME November 23, 2012

        @Matthew Charlery-Smith….Sign O’ the times and Diamonds and Pearls are two of his albums i’m sure you’ll enjoy…If you need receipts,take a day and dedicate it to listening to Prince’s music.I agree he was hardly a likable person,to others he was plain arrogant and full of himself but does that take away his music prowess?HELL NO…thing is,until you understand his music,you’ll never appreciate the brilliance he brought to music as an art,blending pop,soul,rock,funk and blues to create what the likes of suicide blonde and myself have come to love,appreciate and respect…Like i said,Mj had the whole package,he was an all-round entertainer unlike Prince who was more of a musician.Personally i grew up listening to alot more Mj than Prince but when i started understanding his artistry,i realised that Prince was better musician,Mj better entertainer

      • mobwife: Damnit it aint nobody’s business now stfu! November 23, 2012

        @Suicide Blonde

        Prince wihout question is and always has been AMAZING but so were the ppl he learned from — Rick James, James Brown, Johnny Guitar Watson, Jimi Hendrix, Ohio Players etc.

      • Suicide Blonde November 23, 2012

        When i say MJ didn’t grow up as an artists it is because he was in his comfortable zone and he didn’t leave it, all of his records sounds the same, same beat, same sound, i mean we recognize his music because is was a brand, Prince is very respected, even MJ was a fan of him, do you mean that you don’t know albums like “Purple Rain”, i understand that MJ was more appealing to the masses but he failed to make a masterpiece album like even Madonna has done, his album are great Pop records with amazing songs but what album on his discography is better artistically than Prince’s The Gold Experience, Emancipation, Around the World in a Day, Sign “O” the Times, Purple Rain, Diamonds and Pearls, Love Symbol Album, ect, ect…His discography is a treasure waiting to be discovered by music lovers, i don’t like this topic because i feel like i’m making MJ looks like an untalented musician but it’s just that lots of MJ fans don’t know nothing about this genius, sorry but when it comes to artistry Prince beats MJ and any other male singer except David Bowie.

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2012

        @Suicide Blonde

        So “Off the Wall” sounds like “Dangerous” to you then?

        And of course he would use his own sound. Was he supposed to borrow somebody else’s?

        Still can’t see how you think the music and vocals of “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” sounds like “Jam”. Anyway, Mariah? The whisper, belt, whistle formula that she’;s been using since “Honey”!

        Respectfully, I do wonder if you either make, produce, compose music or even sing. If you do you should understand how a Pop artist maintains the interest of their core fanbase whilst widening their sound. True artistry is being able to keep your followers and gain new ones. MJ did and he GREW which is why he has the respect of Disco, RnB, Pop, Rock, Classical and Dance purists.

        Who’s fave could ever?

      • gayjake November 24, 2012

        Suicide Blonde pls go kill yourself you are too dumb …mj was more than a musician and entertainer

    • DOSSOME November 23, 2012

      Prince is a greater musician than michael but michael is a greater entertainer than prince could ever be…mj had the whole package.the fact that prince is/was the only artist that could compare to mj despite thriller alone having outsold prince’s entire discography just means that prince as an artist was a phenom

      • Suicide Blonde November 23, 2012

        My point exactly, is not that MJ has not talent is that Prince has so much talent, as a musician MJ can’t touch Prince but MJ had charisma and his music is more mainstream.

      • mobwife: Damnit it aint nobody’s business now stfu! November 23, 2012

        “Prince is a greater musician than michael but michael is a greater entertainer than prince could ever be…mj had the whole package”

        THIS……..Although Prince puts on a great show, MJ use to burn down the damn stage! 🙂

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2012

        Suicide Blonde for you to say that MJ’s records sounded the same takes away ALL your credibility. I don’t even know much about Prince but what I do know is enough to hear that he could diversify himself. MJ started with the Soul of Motown which was very samey, then he moved onto Disco/Funk with Off the Wall/Triumph and then continued to add new elements to each subsequent album such as Rock, Gospel, New Jack Swing, Operatic Pop, Classical, Electronic even Country style songs like “Don’t Walk Away” and the Latino Rock “Whatever Happens”. MJ was merging RnB with Electropop before others, see “Heartbreaker” and “Threatened”.

        “MJ didn’t make a masterpiece album”. Like seriously, are you from Earth? “Off the Wall”, “Thriller”, “Bad” and “Dangerous” didn’t revolutionize Pop, RnB and even give Rock music a new face? And you throw MADONNA in? Please! I seriously don’t think there’s much else to say now. Anyone who can discredit MJ’s album legacy and use Madonna as an example must be smoking crispy chicken wraps laced with Kool Aid!

        Production of When Doves Cry less than Billie Jean any day! Get good speakers!

      • Suicide Blonde November 23, 2012

        @Matthew Charlery-Smith
        That’s MJ fans biggest problem, they can’t take a critic, as i say, his albums, all of them are good but at the same time there is no much diversity, of course he makes Rock, Pop..ect, ect. but always with his own sound and Madonna’s music don’t have to impact you but i think you are a little bit misinformed about Madonna’s discography, she like MJ is a Pop star, most of her albums sounds the same too because of the mainstream (meaning that they’re stay in the line of what made them famous.) but albums like “Like a Prayer”, “Ray of Light” and “American Life” stand out of the rest because of the artistry, MJ’s Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HS and Inv. all connected each other because there is little change, even Mariah was brave to change her sound, don’t get me wrong MJ’s legacy is precious but he failed to make that transition, revamp his music career with something that we can’t relate with his iconic past works.

  9. Let’s Be Real November 23, 2012

    I love it! They showed where his inspirations came from and how he evolved a Beyoncé stan that is what she misses.she has executed it well in videos like Deja Vu and Sinvle Ladies. But in today’s day and age collaborative efforts aren’t nearly as organic as they were during the era of MJ,Madonna, Prince etc. There’s so much pretense nowadays. Mj had the voice the moves and above all the INNOVATION! the music industry today pales in comparison to this genius

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2012

      Yep, I agree. Hopefully the rest of the Hive won’t see you as a traitor for stating the truth! Innovation is missing, but I believe it’s triggered by inspiration which in turn is triggered by looking outside of yourself. Bey does do this but she seems quite obsessed with herself, seeing stardom as her main goal rather than leaving truly meaningful artistry behind.

      • DOSSOME November 23, 2012

        Beyonce is probably the greatest performer of her generation but her music is just waaaaaaaaay too beneath what she should be doing..nobody will be here for sweet dreams,run the world,single ladies,diva,if i were a boy in a music lover,i get pissed when all she does is hooking up with the ”it” producers of the moment to ”cook up” another hit that will most probably lack lyrical depth or inspiration…years down the line we’ll remember her as ”the woman who slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed the hell out of our faves ” and made serious money in the bizzness but with no music to show for all the hype

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith November 23, 2012

      I think the songs on Sasha Fierce show her most durable material. She’s kind of done a Donna Summer, with many songs that you may not remember but then several that you really will and IASF shows that. In 20 years I believe all the songs on that album with the exception of Video Phone, Radio, Disappear and Satellites show a very solid set of material that an artist of her calibre and durability should be performing. These were the songs that showed her as a better vocalist able to handle ALL types of genres such as Folk, Soul, Ballads, Adult Contemporary etc.

      • DOSSOME November 23, 2012

        I agree to some extent IASF was probably her strongest outing yet but i really doubt her material can last 20yrs tbh…i respect her as a vocalist and performer but she needs to find more depth.there can only be so much girl power,male-bashing and ego-feeding songs people will listen to before they get tired..i want her to broaden her horizon,sing about spirituality,death,violence,inspiration etc,subjects that we’ll reflect on beyond the dance-floor.i know she can do it but she just seems scared to take artistic risks and thats why 10yrs after bills,bills,bills and bug-a-boo she’s still singing run the world (girls) coz thats what she tested and stuck on it…

  10. mkigz November 23, 2012

    THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RIP MJ. And to think that when MJ died and even when Whitney died, is when I began really appreciating their music more. Since MJ’S death I have been updating my ipod with ALL of his music! I love his music!!!!!!!

  11. Let’s Be Real November 23, 2012

    The same can also be said a out lady see Michael and Madonnas inspiration were a lot of old Hollywood abd early rock and roll legends as well as off beat entertainers who weren’t as well known.the mimicked elements and blended it with their own.that’s what the best artists do.Beyoncé, doesn’t realize that being has the ability to do it but she too will need producers and people who want to make genuine music (not the dream or neyo) new, hungry and out the box.she has the voice, the rhythm and stage control but is in need of a revamp.songs like Save the Hero,Poison, Rather Die Young were phenomenal but not pushed..Michael was of course one of a KIND! but his blueprint is clearly defined.its also really sad that our male pop and rnb artist don’t come even close to demonstrating his excellence

  12. mobwife: Damnit it aint nobody’s business now stfu! November 23, 2012

    “Spike Lee and featuring words from the likes of Mariah Carey and Kanye West”

    –> AND CHRIS BROWN! Stop hating @TJG LOL 🙂

    I love and miss Mr. Michael J. Jackson. The man was a TRUE LEGEND & ICON. He shaped and transformed music and what a delight! We have Usher, Chris Brown, JT, Ne-Yo, Beyonce, Ciara, and so many others who have learned from MJ and carry on his legacy of music and dance!!


  13. BILL November 23, 2012

    KING MJ!!

  14. MACHIAVEL November 23, 2012

    Yeeeeeeeeeah B****** This Is A Mother F****** Fact: Nooooooo F***** One Will Be Yhe King Of POP And The Queen Of POP Beside Michael And Madonna And You Will DEAL H***!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. JER November 24, 2012

    I’m sorry but I’m getting tired of all the praise and worship of Michael and Whitney just because they died recently. It’s so cliche and very pathetic that both Michael and Whitney were laughed at and made fun of months before they died yet suddenly everyone was THE BIGGEST FAN and always was….. please. The same people trying to honour and remember Michael were the same people living off his name thru tabloids and propaganda for decades making him out to be a joke. Now they’re making money off his dead name it’s really disgusting

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 24, 2012

      You’re a fool. Yes, the greedy industry and labels are always gonna make money off of post humous artists such as Aaliyah and etc. BUT Whitney and MJ have always been respected in the music industry for their talents and have had an array of fans. Just because they’ve gotten bad press in the tabloids doesn’t take away from their greatness. Their deaths have only been a reason for people to remember what great talent the music industry lost. The same with every artist who dies. It’s the life remembered. Not their deaths. Have several seats.

  16. eric November 24, 2012

    This doc focused too much on people’s thoughts, ideas and opinions, and for no other reason than to try and convey intelligence and increase their fan base. The whole thing was a selfish money grab and showed only very short clips of Michael.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 24, 2012

      People are always gonna find a way to make money off of artists but why do you choose to focus on that instead of celebrating the life of a talented legend??? That’s what I don’t get. You’re not better than the others always focusing on the negative.

  17. prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 24, 2012

    It doesn’t matter if the media were mean to him while he was alive. Everybody is always gonna hate. People still hate on him now that’s he’s dead. Does that mean we cannot recognize a legend still?? Wow people grow up. He was talented and will be missed just stop with the negativity. His personal life has nothing to do with the longevity of his career. RIP Michael.

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