Rihanna Unveils Official ‘Unapologetic’ Tracklisting / Collaborations

Published: Tuesday 6th Nov 2012 by Sam

Ever keen to bring you the Lipton first, That Grape Juice last week reported the tracklist for Rihanna‘s seventh studio album ‘Unapologetic’.

Having just wrapped recording for her latest collection of microwave hits (two weeks before releasing them), the Bajan stage parader has revealed an identical list, this time with collaborations.

Let’s just say one track title and feature is sure to raise both eye-brows and concern from some pockets of people.

‘Unapologetic’ tracklist awaits after the jump…

Unapologetic Tracklisting

1. Fresh Out the Runway
2. Diamonds
3. Numb (ft. Eminem)
4. Pour It Up
5. (Loveeeeeee Song (ft. Future)
6. Jump
7. Right Now
8. What Now
9. Stay (ft. Mikky Ekko)
10. Nobodies Business (ft. Chris Brown)
11. Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary
12. Get It Over With
13. No Love Allowed
14. Lost in Paradise
15. Half of Me (Bonus)


Preceded by the still-video-less ‘Diamonds’, ‘Unapologetic’ hits stores on November 19th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Alex November 6, 2012


    • Alex November 6, 2012

      Fail 🙁

      • FAF November 6, 2012


      • Lax November 6, 2012


      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Think on these things,,,,,,
        Too many people get caught up in what could be instead of appreciating what is. Don’t fall into that trap. Appreciate what you have and who you have, because the future can take it all away from you.

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  2. Prince November 6, 2012

    Rihanna needs Grammar check

    • Prince November 6, 2012

      S/O to whoever it was at TGJ HQ who altered my comment from what it was originally…. (-_(-_(-_-)_-)_-)……

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Lifton First and there name is Rihanna!!!!!!

      • James227 November 6, 2012

        With Chris Brown’s & Eminem’s fans this album should be #1.

      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Rihanna need to be left alone.

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Think on these things,,,,,
      Do whatever makes you happy, but do it now. Live life for the moment cause everything else is uncertain. Take advantage of what’s right in front of you.

  3. IKNOWTHETRUTH November 6, 2012

    The title of the album and the Chris Brown collaboration are all kind of expected and predictable. I liked the title ‘Side Effects’ better, it’s just got much more of an edge to it.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 6, 2012

      “Side Effects” would have been a GREAT title!

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        The Title itself says it All!!!!!!

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Lames with all of their Toxic Agenda’s.

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Think on these things,,,,,,
      There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they’re the way they are. They aren’t just like that because they want to. Something in the past created them, and it’s not a matter of what can fix it, but who.

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  4. HOTSTUFF November 6, 2012

    After selling more than 37 million Albums and a whopping 146 million singles (the best selling digital artist of all time) Rihanna, the executive producer and song-writer comes back with her unique versatile voice on her much anticipated album UNAPOLOGETIC.


    • the real xoxo November 6, 2012

      did you just call rihanna a SONGWRITER lmao thanks i needed that laugh this morning.

      • Buru Buru November 6, 2012

        Rihanna is a GRammy award winning song writer so you will learn to deal

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Rihanna Micro Wave Music is Hot and Ready
        For all of Us who love and support her efforts
        After seeing that she have been in the game
        for going well on 7 whole years, and that is
        something to write about because shes still
        giving it all shes got, and as we all can see &
        read Rih is in it to win it!!!!!!

    • sisa sly November 6, 2012

      how did rihanna sell 37 million, i need you to get me receipts and calculations

      • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) November 6, 2012

        Yes gurl, thank you!
        Right before the release of RR she recieved an award for selling 12 million CD’s worldwide. You can even look it up.
        RR only sold about 3.5 million
        Loud sold about 6.8 million
        TTT sold about 3.7 million.
        How does that add up to 37 million?

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        @THAT B*TCH,,,,,The truth will set you free, Hater.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        @THAT B*TCH Show Us where you got your
        NUMBERS From, show Us the money Deery. If you got
        proof that others sold as much as they have , then we will believe yo ASSES when you show Us yo Source,,,,
        Shyt talking the Navy will not help you, because according to
        World Global charts all of the Artist Listed with their Year End Sales are the rought draft of what each artist did for that year. And then other sales and Tallies are added on as the sales come in.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Looser & Lames,,,,,,
        And since the Bey Hives says that the numbers don’t represent actual album sales then I wonder how in the hell is the Global Charts are correct for GaGa, Adele, Taylor, Alicia well all of them but wrong for RIHANNA SALES??????
        You Dummy!!!!

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Lames & Loosers,,,,,,
        Its hard for the BHive to accept that Rih is here to stay and shes not going no dam where, but up.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Lames, Blah, blah, blah..

  5. D November 6, 2012

    another song with chris brown? girl just no

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      She can do a song with Chris if shes want to,
      what in the hell is wrong with yo Ass?

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Rihanna haters and Bey Hive why not learn how to tell
      the Truth & Start Shaming the Devil?

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        The Bey Hive Raves on and on about Beyonce’s
        Performances at Glastonbury and the crowd that
        she Performed in front of ,,,,,Rihanna Performed
        in Rio when she was on her tour to a crowd of 100,000 people.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Rihanna is doing her dam thing, and 7 Albums
        in 7 years is something that sounds great and
        looks good for a artist her age.

    • James227 November 6, 2012

      Yes another song with Chris as with another song with Eminem. If Birthday Cake was released it w ould have been #1 on the Mai iTunes chart. But instead it went #2 for weeks on R&B Billboard chart. So u can go f*** yourself.

      • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

        PREACH!! 🙂

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      Why b*tch what’s it to you?

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Another song with Chris, Rih do yo
      thing its yo life and nobody can live
      it but you.

      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Think on these things,,,,,,
      I think that’s what I find most strange about this world, nobody ever says how they feel. They hurt, but they don’t cry out. they’re happy, but they don’t dance or jump around. And they’re angry but they hardly ever scream, because they feel ashamed. Nothing’s worse than that. So we all walk around with our heads looking down and never look up and see how beautiful the sky is.

  6. DTG November 6, 2012

    “Rihanna is cliche of everything that has ever been disingenuous about the music business. A soulless Barbie Doll, with plastic doll parts, who was plucked off the streets of no where and put on–simply because the outfit was her size. In other words: commerce…created and puppet mastered by money grubbing music executives as a tool to co-opt what is currently popular for fast cash, and pandered to the dingiest of music listeners who are not discerning enough to care.

    You have to give the label, the management, the A&R people, the songwriters, the producers, the directors and the thousand other magicians involved their credit for being savvy enough to outfit this garden-variety debutante with material and promotion to keep her afloat…but let’s be real, there is nothing ‘special’ or ‘unique’ about Rihanna, herself. She has little talent, no personality or strong image, nor does she command the stage. Anyone could have been cast in the role Rihanna plays; she just lucked out. For all intents and purposes, Rihanna is akin to a can of Hormel Chili; basically a canned product with a label (and a ‘sell by’ date) on it.

    The bottom line is that Rihanna was not built to last and is very “replaceable.” This is why she does not take breaks, and repetitiously puts out a generic by-the-numbers pop album every year. Being that she has little ‘star power,’ in order to sustain her momentum she has to continually strike while the iron is hot, while employing a multitude of petty ‘stunts’ to get attention (tacky wigs, brothel attire, referencing her tumultuous relationship Chris Brown years later.) The moment she sits down to catch her breath, ten more record label assembled chippies will be thrown into the ring and the last two standing will be the next “Rihanna.”

    In 2012, no more do we need windup doll acts like Rihanna getting on camera and posing like an androidian cast-off from America’s Next Top Model, while vapidly bleating over an empty dance track, hanging around longer than the fifteen minutes that is typically allotted for manufactured pop stars such as her. It’s just getting sad now, and the quality is dipping. Gone are the pseudo-interesting songs like “Umbrella,” now she is peddling random, monotonous dead air like “We Found Love.” The girl has run her course; at this point she is on autopilot and is fast becoming the equivalent of a skipping record.”

    • HOTSTUFF November 6, 2012

      ‘anybody can replace Rihanna’ not everybody can sing : pop, dance, r’n’b, alternative, reggae. Beyonce, gaga, katy, kesha, icki minaj, Ciara, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, Britney CANT ( and this is not about who is better blablabla…) #fact .She has hits in Pop, dance, r’b’n not only in Dance music.
      Also what is the guarantee to be successful by dropping an album every year ? Rihanna did it cause she was able to, she possesses the vocal ability to sing in different genres and have a hit ,congrats to her ….Rihanna has a unique versatile voice and her own style that Rita Ora wanna steal for example….and do you think her management , A&R people etc tell her to cut her hair off and post pics on twitter of her smoking ??? B**** sit, Rihanna is UNAPOLOGETIC, she has her career in her hands ! Also look up at the credits on her previous albums, she is credited as a song-writer (for co-writing many songs) and the executive producer. I think your article is more appropriate for Britney Spears.

      • Uhoh12 November 6, 2012

        LOL you said Rihanna possess vocal ability. In that case, so do I and so does my neighbors dog.

        The truth is that Rihanna can’t sing a lick and has no style. She’s a simpleton who is 100% manufactured by label, management and producers. Like the OP said, her career exists off the back of a bunch of petty gimmicks and a bag of cheap tricks that they are in never ending supply of.

        Far as Britney Spears goes, Rihanna is a basically a black version of her (except Britney’s biggest selling album has just about outsold all of Rihanna’s put together.) Both have atrociously bad singing voices, both make cheese-tastic dance fluff that no one with a triple digit IQ would appreciate, neither is the creative/driving force of their own career, both use stunts (like immature relationship drama…Britney with Justin and K-Fed…Rihanna with Chris) to make up for the lack of attention they get for their lack of real discernible talent. Well, to be fair, Britney at one point could actually dance…something RIhanna can’t do. Ultimately Rihanna is a complete and utter puppet who is only as good as the producer she’s working with.

      • zzzzg November 6, 2012

        Brittney Spears can’t sing like this and you know it Rihanna has vocal talent.Get over it.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 6, 2012

        You just told the truth
        Basic b******

      • FAF November 6, 2012

        Lies, britney can sing !

    • TruestT November 7, 2012

      I ain’t like rita ora but in no way did she copy rihanna, rihanna came wit some imitation underground alternative east london tomfoolery, and rita ora did the same, infact maybe ora was doing it long before, seeing as the b**** came from her debut still rocking that style, Rihanna the lightskin madonna, she changes her style with each new project to keep herself in the lime, making tunes that are actually good but with no artistic integrity of her own, if she were to stop making music and have a seat for a moment, she’d be forgotten. there would be no comeback four year down the line. B****** like adele can go take breaks come back and pick up where she left off.

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  7. The real xoxo November 6, 2012

    Eminem why?? Losing respect for him!
    And nobody’s business is the driving publicity stunt behind this album.
    If it’s nobody’s business, then stop shoving it down our throats!

    • FAF November 6, 2012

      That’s how I feel about Rihanna…. summed up in 4 sentences

      Always “THUG LIFE” “PHUCKYOFEELINGS” but u presenting it to the public??????


    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Nobody is shoving nothing down your
      throat and no one have got a gun to yo
      head, and no one asked yo ass to hit click!

      @FAF U R STUPID !

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      STFU! It’s not like Chris or Rihanna are flapping their gums (in particularly as of late). It is the MEDIA who focus on them every single damn day.

      Funny how you can like a SERIAL WIFE BEATER like Eminem who not only beat his wife but has made multiple songs bragging about it. He has also made songs advocating his ex-wife’s death butI guess tha’s cool with you too 0_o? ……… damn, freak of nature

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Think on these things,,,,,,
      The essence of life is not being perfect, impressing people, or succeeding at everything. The essence of life is simply making mistakes and learning from them,

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012

      you that she did a nother song with him before

  8. leo November 6, 2012


    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  9. tuchi November 6, 2012

    shes the best ! Love her or hate ! she’s just good at what she’s doing, producing quality music since 2005 haters have several seats !

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      What many don’t seem to understand
      is that Rih caters to her Navy and they
      want her to be this one or that one when
      Rihanna only want to be herself. And
      beside that what’s really strange is with
      Rihanna people gives her bad grades for
      doing good.

      @TUCHI,,,,I Agree with you.

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Think on these things,,,,,,
      surrounding yourself with people that love you when you’re being yourself, and getting through the failures so that you can continue improving.

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012

      she is a super star

  10. HOTSTUFF November 6, 2012

    @ pressed h** copy-paste hater DTG

    here’s the real deal:

    ‘anybody can replace Rihanna’ not everybody can sing : pop, dance, r’n’b, alternative, reggae. Beyonce, gaga, katy, kesha, icki minaj, Ciara, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, Britney CANT ( and this is not about who is better blablabla…) #fact .She has hits in Pop, dance, r’b’n not only in Dance music.
    Also what is the guarantee to be successful by dropping an album every year ? Rihanna did it cause she was able to, she possesses the vocal ability to sing in different genres and have a hit ,congrats to her ….Rihanna has a unique versatile voice and her own style that Rita Ora wanna steal for example….and do you think her management , A&R people etc tell her to cut her hair off and post pics on twitter of her smoking ??? B**** sit, Rihanna is UNAPOLOGETIC, she has her career in her hands ! Also look up at the credits on her previous albums, she is credited as a song-writer (for co-writing many songs) and the executive producer. I think your article is more appropriate for Britney Spears

    • the real xoxo November 6, 2012

      Umm yes they can e.g if Ciara had Rihannas team, she would still be relevant providing she had a publicity stunt every few weeks and dropped an album every year with catchy pop music.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        Ciara can’t work with a benny blanco or Mikky Ekko, she does not even have it in her. Ciara cannot do a rude boy or Umbrella. Ciara is only ghetto RNB

      • commanderofthedancefloor November 6, 2012

        lies upon more lies, even if ciara had the exact same producers she would not be were rihanna is today, ciara had a much bigger start too. rita had the same producers rihanna but she didnt have a big start??

    • Bad b**** November 6, 2012

      If Ciara Got beaten by Bow wow during the Evolution era and Milked it like rihanna she would still be big. But she is just not that kinda person she is an ARTIST a REAL PERFORMER something rihanna will never know only good thing she is goo at performing is Oral s** … Hotstuff we all know you Lax and Kelly

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        No one gives a f*** about ciara, to care if she is beaten. Rih is a sexiest woman alive, so people cared when she was beaten. Ciara is nothing.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        Rih is an artist. Mikky Ekko and Emelie Sande only work with Artist. Which rules out Ciara ATL HOOD RAT.

      • FAF November 6, 2012

        Thank u @Bad b**** ! They always wanna bring up Ciara

        Ciara & Rishitta not in the same LEAGUE Ciara is a dancer on the level of Janet Jackson !

        Rishitta cant even perform!

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        Rihanna is the new janet jackson. Rihanna can make a velvet rope; Rih can make an RN1814; rih can make a control; rih can make a janet. Ciara has never made a conceptual album in her life. janet was not just about dance, she sang rock, s**, ballad, hiphop, soul. Just like Rih – only rih can do reggae and janet cant. As for the dance, Mya could dance like that too. Janet changes her hair – just like Rih. Janet worked with the iconic photographers just like rih. Janet was a international s** symbol – juts like Rih. Janet videos had concept and creativity – JUST LIKE RIH.

        Janet and Rih are like sisters. Ciara has nothing in common with janet.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        @Bad Bytch,,,,????????

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Think on these things,,,,,,
      If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never get it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.

  11. MinajBoomBoom November 6, 2012

    I’m getting tired of this gimmicky b****. You say it’s Nobody’s Business but call the paparazzi to photograph you when you and Fistopher are together.

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      That GIMMICKY B**** says ,,,,if you are
      tried, then knock yourself all the way

      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Rihanna is dam good with what
      and how she do things.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Think on these things,,,,,,
        After a while, you learn that you don’t need anyone else in order to survive. No one is ever going to always be there, no matter what they say or what they promise. You just gotta suck it up, accept it and keep moving on.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Think on these things,,,,,,
        With a new attitude, everything can change, make it how you want it to be. Staying mad, why do that? Give yourself a break laugh about it and you’ll see that life’s what you make it.
        Life is like riding a bicycle in order to keep your balance you must keep moving

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Think on these things,,,,,,
      Every day the opportunity exists to change your life. But most days, the idea of having to change the bad things in life just seems like too much work. Should I lie on the couch & watch a movie, or should I confront my personal demons? You get the point.

  12. EasyBreezyBeautiful November 6, 2012

    “He was soulless, dead behind the eyes.”
    To think it was just three years ago that this two faced b**** tried to destroy him and now she uses him for publicity so much he’s too blind and stupid to see it. WAKE THE F*** UP AND SEE THAT SHE IS USING YOU.

    Did she want to work with you when Robin Roberts attacked him on ABC or when stores wouldn’t sell your album? NO. But now she needs the attention she’s calling your ass.

    • jamie November 6, 2012

      I feel you. Hes such a DUMBASS. She wasnt with him when he was doing MIXTAPES to try to get back into the industry. Ever since FAME era and he got some of his success back thats when she decided to hop back on the chris brown wagon. Unfortunetly hes too blind to see that or I should say “STUPID IN LOVE”

      • FAF November 6, 2012

        Exactly ! Chris is an idiot ! Leaving a good girl to be back w/ a W**** so she can use him… typical n***** smh….

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Bytchs nobody is putting Chris and Kae in a
        bad light Chris is full dang grown and he know
        what he want , Rih don’t have a gun to his head,
        and since you all can’t understand Chris and Rihanna
        being friends then think what ever you want to think.
        ‘I thought he and Kae made a cute couple and they was
        good together, but hey the young manwant to be friends
        with Rihanna and there you have it.

        @FAF,,,,,Rih is a dam good Ho and don’t
        you let Yo Ass Forget it.

        @FAF,,,,Rihanna might be a Ho, so tell me how do yo
        ass feel since lil wayne’s a h** too and have got a
        cazillion babies by that many women so how do yo ass describe Him. Is wayne a H** or what?

    • i&i(yardie) November 6, 2012


      • Lax November 6, 2012

        @jamie see that’s what that “Whip” of
        Rihanna can do to You!

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        I will tell many of you one thing , and that is if I was Chris
        Rihanna is some one I’d definitely be wanting to be friends wit, and for more reasons then I can name.

      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Easy three years ago they was in love, they
      had a fight. it got out of hand But deep down
      they love each other as friend and bed if
      they so decide to why is that so bad!

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Rihanna is a Show Stopper and from all indication as far
        as Rih’s music being Micro Wave, Generic or other wise I bet you Jayz and Eminem, kayne, ne yo, coldplay, Jeezy, TI, JCole, Dream, Calvin Harris, Def Jams, Roc Nation and mannny others tend to think that Rihanna is a great artist and have showed her nothing but Love, so knock yourselves out, U Lames.

        Rihanna with Eminem has over 17x platium sales,,,,
        Rihanna and TI,,,,,OVER 5X platium and to add to that these singles are these Two Artist best selling Singles, Ever and that speaks Volumes as to the kind of artist Rihanna is.

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  13. Jer November 6, 2012

    4 collaborations? Gurl bye. Rihanna i thought you were breaking away from collaborations. Her two bigest aongs, We Found Love and Umbrella both have pointless features and Whats My Name sis not need Drake. Again its a gurlbye on that one. The ONLY Rihanna song that the feature sounds tight is Hard because Jeezy brought the grit with his rhymes. Im sure the stans will make edits and remove the features GOD willing

    • truth tea (take a sip) November 6, 2012

      Calvin Harris wasnt a “pointless feature” he produced and wrote the f****** song!

      • Jer November 6, 2012

        Sit your ass down. The writer and producer is not the singer or the artist!!!!! There is no Michael Jackson featuring Quincy Jones or Whitney Houston featuring Clive Davis. Have evey seat in every stadium b****

      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      But these collabo are not just basic ass rappers like what Rita Ora done.

      Chris brown is personal

      Future is a hot new atl Haitian rapper

      Em – f*** you, he is the greatest alive

      Mikky Ekko is a rock singer songwriter tipped by EVERYONE TO BE THE NEXT CHRIS MARTIN OR THOM YORKE OF RADIOHEAD. F*** YOU rih worked with him first.

      Rock collabo
      ATL west indian collabo

      RNB collabo

      and the Greatest rapper alive.


      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


    • Lax November 6, 2012

      @JER,,,,,Collabs is money in the bank and if you don’t
      believe Me then Ask Jay,,,,,

  14. Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 6, 2012

    Oh gawd she would put Chris on the album…. and I’m excited to here another Rihanna and eminem collabo Nov 19th b****** xoxo

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      So true,,,,,

  15. Hilly November 6, 2012

    Lol, of course a duet with Chris Brown, how shocking? She needs the buzz as usual! 🙂

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Hilly you got that Right, and that is always great for
      business,,,,,Yes Chris on there is the reason she
      is the most Popular Artist ever dead or alive.

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012

      she has it

  16. tits mcgee November 6, 2012

    This sounds like a winner. Rihanna is stuntin on em!

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Cosign You!

  17. mike November 6, 2012

    everyone just relax.the girl is making great music nd ts a bit unfair to say she cant sing..nd OH with a personality lnd music like that shes definately nt easily replaceable..cant wait to hit the festive season wit her music in my car…#much luv no hate ppl

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      @Mike ,,,,They want her to go away, her making
      music are walking accross a street Pisses her
      many haters all the way off.

      And to let them tell it Rih can’t pour P*** out of a Boot
      Yet Rihanna has sold more Digitial Downloads then any
      one else , Ever but that make them start SLOBBING
      At the mouth and having to wear theirBibs to catch the Slobs,,,

  18. Anyon November 6, 2012

    Yeah I think it’s going to be an average pop/rnb album like all her albums are she’ll release a dance track, some urban tracks and they will all do okay in the charts like all he singles do but it won’t be groundbreaking. I’m looking forward to hearing the 3 tracks on the album that aren’t fillers.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      What about her working the next big thing, Rick singer songwriter, Mikky Ekko? Don’t sleep on that?

      Oh,and it more groudbreaking than anything ANY BLACK SINGER HAS DONE IN THE LAST DECADE. Don;t compare Rih trend setting sound to ghetto RNB Brandy or Neyo.

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Rihanna Struting accross a stage and picking
      Up a Mic and BREATHING on it is Ground-

  19. Bad b**** November 6, 2012

    How long is she gonna milk this “Chris brown” thing for publicity . How sick is it that you milking your abuse situation rihanna? You have no shame

    • Lax November 6, 2012


      • Lax November 6, 2012

        @Bad B**** Forever or as long as it Take.

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      She was not abused so there is nothing to milk! Stop hating… and never mention Chris’ name in vain…

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Any time yo ass can do a single with one of the greatest RAPPERS of all times and it stays on top for so long and sales it’s ass of that is called “The Business End” of Music.

      These bytchs who keep bringing up Chris name
      or trouble makers ans deep down they dislike Chris just like they dislikes Rihanna.

  20. Belladonna November 6, 2012

    Good for her! As long as she’s happy with her music and life much power to her!

  21. BABY T November 6, 2012

    Posing naked on the cover and collaborating with Chris Brown. Yep this album is going to have flop sales in the US.

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      Baby,,,,you got that right.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Posing Naked is the Business and if you
        don’t believe me then ask Beyonce.

  22. nana November 6, 2012

    Nobodies Business is a remake of MJ’s The Way You make Me Feel

    • FAF November 6, 2012

      For real? -_-

  23. mr.m November 6, 2012

    She’s using Chris brown for publicity again ..
    Gurrr both of your remixes songs flopped hard !!
    She’s belting all of her career out of hype and fakeness ..
    I really hope Chris will murder her .. I seriously hope she’ll die soon
    That negro is a disgusting human being to live

    • BEYONCE CARTER November 6, 2012

      Now that was extremely ignorant. Never wish death on anyone. It’s sad because you don’t even personally know this woman, yet you wish she would die. Just know wishing such a thing can backfire on you and something may happen to your mother for instance. Get help and get well soon.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      Thank god, you will die first. But, thankfully, no gives a s***.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      Your mom or dad will be dead by the end of the week

      Cheers to that

    • i&i(yardie) November 6, 2012

      I dont like the gal but this right here is a damn mess. Psycho maniac

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      Damn, I hope you get MURDERED FIRST! Now that would be a great gift to us all….you dumbass psychopath!

    • Lax November 6, 2012


      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  24. Nikol99 November 6, 2012

    Just go ahead and admit that you and Chris are back together and the next time he beats your dumbass to a pulp, I won’t feel the slightest twinge of sympathy for you.

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      STFU they had 1 fight, she started it by beating on him 1st, it happened years ago, they are over it now STFU and worry about your own worthless life!

    • Lax November 6, 2012


  25. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) November 6, 2012

    Lol @ her making a song called “Nobody’s business” with none other than Chris Brown. It’s nobody’s business yet you went on Oprah crying and professing your love for him for the whole world to see. It’s business yet you choose to make it your job to talk about him in every interview you get. It’s nobody’s business yet it was Chris Brown’s dumb idea to make a video claiming his love for both you and Kae Tran.
    This screams desperate for media attention.
    I can’t wait till this flops. The only people that knows she’s releasing a new CD are people on music blogs, and her stans.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      You should kill yourself within the next two weeks, cos you Rih is about own every chart on the planet.

      Enjoy hell and the devil i said F*** you!

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      Whatever….. he was drunk…..s*** happens… goes the f*** on hater!!

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      THAT B*TCH ,,, Since you are so bitter why don’t
      you stop slowly killin yourself worrying yo self to
      death over what Rihanna & Chris is going to be doing
      right now and in the near future, Bitter Bytch. Why not
      get the f** outta here and let these ARTIST LIVE THEIR LIVES.

  26. That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) November 6, 2012

    On another note, all U.S. citizens age 18 and older, please go out and vote today!!!

    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      I voted for Mitt. Our next prez

      • MC (Benron is a drag queen) November 6, 2012

        ” Our next prez” Girl, aren’t living in Sweden? Stop lying so f****** much. Racist, psychopathic b****.

      • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) November 6, 2012

        Lol @ MC.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        I have a parent who was born in sweden. You do know what the term, first generation means h**? Sticky african

      • MC (Benron is a drag queen) November 6, 2012

        @Rihanna black madonna

        lol!! Just admit that you are a psychopathic liar that has multiple personalities, Sybil. For your information, everyone has a common African ancestor so you can swallow that “Sticky african” argument. I bet your racist ass thinks your white, but you are considered black in case you didn’t know this lol……

        I hope this helps you baby girl.

      • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) November 6, 2012

        She also said she lives in England too MC.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        I am half white, which means I have family all over the world, unlike your ghetto ass. A lot of swedes live and earn top dollar in London. Most bankers in london are swedish. Your hood ass knows nothing about that.

      • That B*tch (Rihllama’s downfall) November 6, 2012

        Hood? Woops. Thats where you’re wrong.
        Im from the suburbs of upstate NY.
        You never adressed the fact that one minute you’re American, the next minute you’re British, yet again a minute later you were born in Sweden.
        GTFOH with that.

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      Fianlly, you said something I can agree with 🙂


  27. Jada November 6, 2012

    *Rolls Eyes @ the Chris Brown song*

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      @JADA,,,,Keep rolling yo eyes, because not to give
      Rihanna and Chris a chance to be friends, and work together
      is really saying that you don’t Believe in Forgiving and
      forgetting, Right?

  28. Oh.. November 6, 2012

    BYE at people saying she’s using Chris Brown for publicity. Cos when I look at Fortune sales, he NEEDS the publicity…

    • BEYONCE CARTER November 6, 2012


    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      Who is Chris brown? They don’t know him Germany and France.

      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012

        germany knows him

    • luster November 6, 2012

      the nobody’s business. aight?

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      If Chris Brow bothered to promote his CD the he would be just fine….LOL. Unlike the rest he is not on the cover of every magazine, on every day, eveningor late night show. All over the damn radio. He jus doesn’t give a f*** about the media and it’s constantly lying!!

      His coming tour will take care of his CD promotion!!

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      ,,,OH I HEARD THAT..

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  29. RENEGADE November 6, 2012

    I smell a lot, lot, lot of “Live Ya Life” and “Run This Town”, and just that “BLACK N’ REAL” groove, much like my husband Frank Ocean.

    Hopefully no “COCKINESS (LOVE IT)” on it, no more low-budget production, no more disappointing, extremely-autotuned vocals, no more corny lyrics.

  30. Mario November 6, 2012

    People think i hate rihanna but when i speak it is from a place of love.I so want her win and evolve musically but her lack of effort does not help.Rihanna could have such a good voice if she were to train it efficently because she does have an interesting tone to it.Also, she could work on her live performance.I don’t hate her i just want to see growth but it ccmes off like she doesn’t care and that puts me off.

    • BEYONCE CARTER November 6, 2012

      No one cares about how you feel. Trust, Rihanna isn’t losing any sleep because you don’t approve of her talent or lack of.

  31. I mop the floor with your faves weave November 6, 2012

    I have no words for this horny Caribbean s***..

    • andel morrison November 6, 2012

      f*** you side wayz and worship the queen that is rihanna and the Caribbean rocks u heifer!!!!!

      • FAF November 6, 2012


    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  32. andel morrison November 6, 2012

    now who the f*** is beyonce, that rihanna reign just wont let up huh!!!!!!

    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      You know, rude bwoy / gal

  33. BEYONCE’S WEAVE November 6, 2012

    Well I’m satisfied, can’t wait.

  34. Girrrl November 6, 2012

    Her album leaked!!!

    But I won’t spread the link

  35. zzzzg November 6, 2012

    But When it comes down to it Rihanna will do what she wants and continue to make her music.If you don’t like her don’t check for her. With or without CB Rihanna would have been a huge superstar. Don’t act like AGLM didn’t sell records.Rihanna was selling records before him.Umbrella,GGGB,JayZ is what boosted her fame.If anything Rihanna made him famous. Worldwide CB was a non factor.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      Chris brown is nothing. He only got known to whites BECAUSE OF RIHANNA. CB is a nobody in Europe. CB should thank Rih for making him famous.

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      B**** f*** you and @Rihanna Black Madonna’s dumbass! Rihanna couldn’t make herself famous let alone young “Mike Jack”. You bleeding c**** must both be smoking dope!

      Chris Brown is an star and known worldwide for his TALENT! Nobody but the RACIST WHITE MEDIA & FAKE AS FEMINAZI S**** give a f*** about who he dates!!

  36. Arie November 6, 2012

    People are having heart attacks in blogs over a collaboration, they are entertainers, they like hanging around each other so working together is the next logical step. They have moved past what happened. These two have a group of advisers so this was well thought and should there be a backlash there is a contingency plan in place. Chris is starting to do interviews where the focus is not on his flaws but rather the good that he does and his career. Fortune was only been promoted on twitter so the sales will reflect as such but Chris is doing very well in other avenues. I am not surprised by the feature but I am surprised by the fact that Jay z is not featured.

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      Well said.

      However, she has done several collabos with Jayz almost as many as his wife Beyonce. I don’t see where Jayz’s ass was needed for a collab?! CB, Em, Future that’s quite enough. And ppl act as if they hadn’t worked together. Remember the Umbrella -Cinderella remix among others.

  37. Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012


    You are sacred as f***, cos you know this is gonna be her biggest and BEST album. It has already got of to an mazing start – one Rita Ora could only dream of. Look at what Diamonds has done all over the world, with no vid or Rita Ora promo.

    You are scared! She is ahead of the game. She has a song written by another girl you hate, Emelie Sande and Naughty boy – the same Emelie who f***** up Rita’s career in the UK. Rihanna is the 1st singer to work with talented Emelie, ahead of beyonce and even Rita, who comes from the UK. Her second single has be confirmed to be Unapologectic co produced by Nicky Romero. Another Producer who Rih has put on the map. I expect Rita to now go and work with Nicky Romero.

    Aside from Madonna, Lady gaga – no b**** is on Rih’s level. She has ended beyonce, like Madonna, she is working with the hottest talent from ALL OVER THE WORLD, from all genre’s. All Beyonce has is crappy Miguel, kanye and Hitboy .

    Rih and rappers are made for each other. Rih has the swag to match the rappers. And Eminem works with RIH ( the only woman he f**** with ) cos she is the best. Slim Shady will never work with Beyonce / rita ora, cos they are crap and not on his levels. In terms of Future, he is now about to be a WORLDWIDE FAMOUS, cos that what Rih does. TI got his biggest hit when he had live your life with Rih. He never had a Global hit before or after Rih. Drake biggest hit is what’s my name, remove Rih and Drake is local. That is why he uses Rih’s name for fame. There is so much power in her name.

    Jayz only became WW when he featured on umbrella and We run this town. Before Rihanna, no one worldwide knew him. Mike Will, hip hop producer has done a beat, Kuk Harrell, the vocal producers said it is her best work. Pharell Williams is on the LP.

    LOL LOL Rita ORA can’t even get Shina ya light into the top 5 even though she is the only one, in the top 10 on a heavy promo tour. This album will end Rita, Beyonce and many more singers. Maybe even Gaga?

    You’re finished SAM

    • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  38. whocares November 6, 2012

    ooooh she tried it w/ Chris Brown. Really? lol Nevertheless I will be buying. Luv this chick and the even if I didn’t I’d buy it for the album cover alone. She is absolutely stunning!

  39. BEYONCE’S WEAVE November 6, 2012

    A tracklisting has people mad just like Diamonds had people mad. It was so funny seeing 2,000 comments from pressed whores…lmao…That Rihanna Reign.

    Can’t wait for the album to drop, it’ll have the usual pressed whores trashing their studio apartments.

    • zzzzg November 6, 2012

      And the same pressed whores are mad at 37 million records and 146 digital tracks sold WW.

      • RENEGADE November 6, 2012

        She sold 146 million digital tracks and 12 million digital albums.


      • Lax November 6, 2012


    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      They even want her die. That proves she will eclipse Madonna and the the queen of pop. When people want you dead , that proves YOU OWN THE MUSIC industry and no one can come through unless you say so.

      • zzzzg November 6, 2012

        @Rihannablack Exactly, she is blocking their fav and now Beyoncé. lol They have no choice but to jump on the Adele bandwagon.

  40. Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

    Rihanna is about to end Lady Gaga. All Gaga has is her wacky stunts. Rih is musically ahead of the game. She has a song with the new bob Dylan, Mikky Ekko. He is rock singer songwriter, from Nashville, tipped to be THE NEXT BIG THING. Rih has worked with him 1ST, before Beyonce, Rita and GAGA, she is AHEAD OF THE GAME. Beyonce could never. Beyonce picks no name Miguel, Rihanna picks Mickky Ekko – Who has the real vision and talent.

    So, Rih has rock song. She is working with hot new ATL Haitain rapper, Future, so that covers the Urban. Emelie is taking care of the ballads, then we have her RNB track with Chris. Who is Beyonce? She is nothing . All beyonce has is crappy black RNB and RNB is dead. Beyonce is dead, along with Rita Ora.


    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      rIHANNA has an adele type song on her new LP. Who is Beyonce and Rita Ora? Rita Ora uses rejected tracks from rated R, and beyonce only had ONE GOOD LP – DIL. even then it was RNB. IAMSF was luck.

      • zzzzg November 6, 2012

        IAMSF was a cheap copy of Rihanna’s GGGB swag and that’s the truth.Beyonce stole Rihanna’s persona. Beyoncé couldn’t be her old self she tried to compete with Rihanna (a pop artist) during IASF.Wack!

        Beyoncé is willing to do collaborations with any other artist except Rihanna ,why? Im still scratching my head.Why isn’t weave featured on Rihanna’s CD yet? Rihanna is suppose to be close to Jay, Bey and Blue.What’s going on Beyoncé? This woman did songs with GaGa,Alica Keys Usher and Miguel a new artist.Why not Rihanna yet? After these two were being compared since 2005. It’s obvious Bey is jealous of Rihanna’s fame.That’s why she used Rita Ora to take Rihanna out but failed miserably.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012


        You are right. I have now just noticed after all these years. Iamsf was a copy of GGGB. Sweet dreams copied please don’t stop the music and dance pop. If i was a boy / halo copied umbrella pop sound. RNB cuts copied Rih’s rnb tracks too. You have nailed it. She went a made her version with GGGB. Mixing up the genres – even copied the high end fashion from Rih, who put fashion in music first.

        But then on rated R, Rih switched her style up so badly, that Beyonce could not catch up, then came loud and by then Beyonce was over. Now, she does not know what to do. She is trying to make a DIL era. RNB is dead.

        Thanks for pointing out that IASF is a knock off GGGB. Halo copied hate that I love you. Diva copies Rehab.

        Oh yeah is jealous, because Rih is sexier , prettier and younger.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        And Sweet dreams by Beyonce copies Disturbia. I always wondered by Beyonce was, all of a sudden to album pop mixed genres – now it makes sense. She was scared of Rihanna and GGGB

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        Beyonce has to admit, that she is an RNB star and Rih is madonna / janet style pop – with reagge . When Rih stepped it up even more and dropped rated r and loud – that sacred beyonce, so she ran back to RNB by force. Beyonce did not want to make 4, she forced into it, because she could not make a RATED R or LOUD. She had no choice.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        Beyonce did not expect Rih to take over the music industry. She though IAMSF would shut Rih down. Beyonce did not expect Rated R, loud TTT or the new LP.

        Beyonce is stuck! She can’t do pop, dance, hip hop, reggae. She has only got RNB – Rih can do RNB too.

        So beyonce to run to these no name like Frank flop ocean and Miguel, but, RNB does not sell anymore – even for Usher. So, beyonce, after rated R, tried get the white girl, Rita to take Rih out, and that has proven to be a costly mistake to the point that, it has made Rih even more competitive and she has now stepped her game up, to the point of game set match.

        Rita Ora was the best thing to happen to Rihanna : she gave her the needed to grind like it was 2005 all over again. Big mistake, Beyonce, big mistake. Now, Rih is on the level of Janet and Madonna – she is bigger than them at 24.

        It does not help Beyonce, that she is old and not pretty or s*** too. All beyonce has is screaming and shouting over RNB songs.

      • JER November 6, 2012

        SMH. Rihannablackmadonna…’s SO obvious you are also ZZZ…. grrrrrrrrrrl you talkin to yourself.


      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012

        yes true

    • Gilberto November 6, 2012

      “Thanks for pointing out that IASF is a knock off GGGB. Halo copied hate that I love you. Diva copies Rehab. ”
      B****, please! You’re dumb. “Hate That I Love You”, “Good Girl Gone Bad” and “Take a Bow” are a rip off of Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”. Diva doesn’t even sound like Rehab. Are you drunk ,b****? Stop eating your s***, b****.
      “Sweet dreams copied please don’t stop the music and dance pop. If i was a boy / halo copied umbrella pop sound.”
      B****, please! R****** didn’t create pop and dance genre. They’ve been our for longer than Beyoncé and R******.

      • zzzzg November 6, 2012

        Hi you mad

      • zzzzg November 6, 2012

        Girl Rihanna been doing those kind of songs (Take a Bow,(I Hate That I Love You) since MOTS and AGLM, correct me if I’m wrong.Beyonce is the swagger Jacker,stealer,bitter woman.All 3 songs were written by Neyo and beyonce tried to claim the rights to Irreplaceable. IASF was her biggest copying year.She even swagger jacked Rihanna’s GGGB album art.Such as her pose by bending her back, knowing damn well she too old!

    • zzzzg November 6, 2012

      @RihannaBlack Notice During IASF Beyone was running around stage looking like a damn fool ,trying her best to look like Rihanna.She even stole her disturbia make up and Rihanna’s edgy swag.Beyonce looked really dumb during IASF.She even tried to have something unique about her like that robotic arm.I would have more respect for Bey if she gave Rihanna credit but she’s bitter,jealous,and thinks she can steal from anyone.But now it has back fired. Her sales were lower than what it used to be and she had no US top 10 single. Where as, Rihanna had the biggest hit of her career, WFL and her album TTT is outselling 4.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        Even the fashion blogs, back in 2008 were laughing at beyonece trying copy a teenage Rihanna. Copying Rih by wearing Giles deacon etc. LOL at people thinking I am you, as if I am the only one in the world who hates Beyonce. Beyonce is more hated than u think.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Yessssss Even in that post of Beyonce making faces that is Rihanna all the way, and theres a album cover Rih did and beyonce copied that same poise to a Tee.

        Rihanna is covering Sophisticate’ Hair Magazine this
        month, Navy.

    • zzzzg November 6, 2012

      And look at the Hive trying to talk about how Rihanna rip off Irreplaceable. Heck no. Listen to “We Ride”,Unfaithful,Last Time” by Rihanna. Beyonce was trying to have pop grooves/Dance tracks like Rihanna.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Navy the BHive is bitter, pressed and stressed
        and Rihanna seem to always do that to them even
        on a clear day.

  41. Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

    All you h***, say she cannot sing, but your faves are gonna copying her sound. Watch your faves call up Emeli Sande, Nicky Romero, Future – watch every black singer run to work Future, because of Rih. Even Future is from the ATL, but Did Ciara think of working with him first? Your faves cannot work with Slim Shady – he only works with THE BEST, that rules out yo faves. Em WOULD never look at Beyonce, he shits all over jayz in sales, fame and talent. He has diamond albums, Jay album get murked by all 5 DMX albums.

    So, I would rather be ” bad ” singer who sets the trends in the music industry, than be a great diva singer, who has to play catch up and follow my lead. Gaga, Beyonce etc are all gonna have to bring it to take of the Princess of pop; Rih is the queen of pop, she can do all genre and work with anyone from all over the world.

    • Jer November 6, 2012

      I usually like your hilarious post but this gets a humbs down and a gurl bye. Doth thou protest too much?

      • zzzzg November 6, 2012

        It’s the truth .Em is working with Rihanna again which proves her name has power.Which black female singer has Em ever worked with before?? Rihanna is the only one I could think of.Rihanna is one of the biggest pop icons right now. She is the queen of Facebook,Twitter has sold over 37 million records and 146 digital tracks WW.Only took 7 years.Everyone wants to work with Rihanna because of her unique sound.Beyonce may hit high notes but what unique quality does she have? She sounds like a man.Em would never.

      • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

        No black girl has what it takes to work with slim shady.

      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012

        yeeeeeea agree

    • Lax November 6, 2012


      • Lax November 6, 2012

        All of these years before Rihanna came on the scenes
        none of the other black girls ever thought about working
        with EM and He just like Coldplay Wrote the songs with
        Rihanna Beautiful Caribbean Laces Ryhtms and they
        got together and made it happen.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Rihanna and Her Generic Music sure in the hell don’t seem
        to be a Factor with any of the heavy weights she have worked with. And the world and the Universe know how well she did with “Umbrella” and I don’t see Jayz Complaining, I don’t see Eminem Complaining, Jeezy isn’t Complaining and neither is TI so who is lying about her voice and who’s telling the truth, Looks like Rih wins this One, hands down

  42. Gilberto November 6, 2012

    This b**** is so fake. She acts like her relationship with Chris Brown is their business, but she’s everywhere talking about it. She brings up Chris Brown on her songs, on her music videos, on her interviews. I can’t. She’s totally an attention w****. As we know, she doesn’t have talent to draw people’s attention to her, so she basically needs Chris, or otherwise people won’t give a f*** about her.
    I remember when Letoya and Latavia left Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé made sure that she didn’t want talk about it. You don’t see Britney Spears using her mental breakdown on interviews, she doesn’t want to play the victim. You don’t see Taylor speaking of the incident with Kanye West on VMA. Do you know why? Because they have interesting things on their careers. Every single year they make sure to have something excting to make people interested.

    • zzzzg November 6, 2012

      Well it’s working for her so what is your point? Beyoncé had announced to the whole world her pregnancy and still couldn’t get a top 10 hit in her country. Diamonds is shining in the top 10 without a video.

    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      It is called PR. Even Tom Cruise does things for PR. What is your f****** point?

    • Rihanna black madonna November 6, 2012

      Liz taylor used her love life to make her legend. What is your point? Rih is on her way to becoming a legend and so of course her love life makes her famous. Liz taylor married 8 times for more than just love. You do not know what it takes to became a star. Take PR class, fool.

    • zzzzg November 6, 2012

      I am actually glad you mentioned this.And that is why Beyoncé has no real connection with fans. She is too bland and boring.She doesn’t give her fans nothing to do so they come and look for Rihanna.Her music doesn’t hit you on a personal level.It’s ghetto and hoodratish.And to top it off Beyoncé’s voice has no unique she sounds like a man screaming and grunting.
      Hivs are jealous because Rihanna is actually able to express how she feels not just in music in her personal life.

      • Öz Firdevs November 8, 2012


  43. RUDE NAVY November 6, 2012

    i’m so f*****’ XD , CAN’T WAIT.


    no comment will be given on this song above 🙄 , it is their business , but they are just to be annoying.

  44. LittleJohnny November 6, 2012

    Both Rihanna and Chris need to sit down somewhere. Rihanna has no talent, and while Chris can dance is no where near as good as people who cannot dance thinks he is. Neither can sing. One sounds like a dying lamb and the other sounds like a 5 year old boy whining. IMO they are both typical and mostly overhyped and famous for all the wrong reasons-an infamous fight, leaking nude pics, throwing chairs through windows, dressing up in very offensive costumes and pretending to be so in love. These two are playing the masses like a puppet. They could not have been that in love for they weren’t dating that long before the fight, had no children, no marriage and very little history. The only they want each other for is sales and excitement which is fine by me. But Chris’ beaver teeth ass acting like he’s in love with two women when he clearly is not in love with neither. People keep making excuses but both of them are typical and would’ve probably disappeared had it not been for that infamous night of “the fight”. Most people weren’t checking for either of them before that night.

    • Lax November 6, 2012


  45. Nichole November 6, 2012

    B****, please. Brit doesn’t have the best voice, but how dare anyone call Rihanna the black Britney.

    Britney in reality actually had a good deal participation in her career when she called the shots and co-wrote more songs than Rihanna can only dream.

    She was a helluva stage performer, in which Rihanna can only dream. Brit is an iconic superstar, and is the biggest Pop star of her generation and there is NO denying it.

    Idiots coming for Brit by stating that Rihanna is the black version. #byewiththatbullshit. Rihanna hasn’t accomplished half of what Brit has regardless if neither can sing. Many singers out there can’t hold a note. Look at Ciara, J.Lo and so on.

    So while neither have the best voices, they don’t compare in the least. And as for K-Fed, and Chris….what a weak ass comparison. Neither one compare.

    As for the song, how interesting of a title considering that both Chris and Rihanna both love media attention, and has made their business everyone else business.

    • the real xoxo November 6, 2012

      I agree. Neither can sing but atleast Britney had iconic performances and could dance.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        World top tours of 2012 the best 25 tours Rihanna
        ranked #7 with a gross of 90million in less than a year.
        So who cares if she can Sing like Aretha Or Whitney
        because the truth of the matter is neither can anybody else sing like Whitney or Aretha Either.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Rihanna does enough to still fill seats and she proved that over and above with her sales from her tour stops. and
        Forbes listed Rihanna as making a Million per stop year before last., Rihanna earning abilities Make WHAT all of the
        Haters, lames and Loosers says, NULL & VOID

    • zzzzg November 6, 2012

      But you will be checking for her music one way or another. Every last one of you.

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      I agree and disagree with you comment! I like Britney so ppl ned to leave her the f*ck alone! K-ed was NOTHING when Britney foolishly plucked him out of the sewer. She should have left that piece of trash where he was. Anyway, lesson learned and life goes on!!

      Rihanna and Brit have nothing in common. They both bring different talents to the game! Brit was not a strong vocalist but she could dance her ass off and sang songs suite for her vocal ability. Rihanna is not the best dancer but has a pretty good vocal range whe she applies herself!

      Chris Brown is no more of a media seeker than Britney Spears, Lynn Spears, the sister – that got pregnant at 15/16 and had a b****** child – Spears and so on. 0_o

  46. Hit Me Baby One More Time November 6, 2012

    10. Nobodies Business (ft. Chris Brown) – Should’ve been ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ Remake :p

    • LittleJohnny November 6, 2012

      lmfao!! Now I have had my laugh for the whole day. But you’re right.

      • Lax November 6, 2012

        Keep poking fun at Rih and Chris while
        they keep right on making shyt happen.

    • RENEGADE November 6, 2012

      F*** you.

    • mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

      f*** you

  47. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 6, 2012

    “nobodies business” ft Chris brown. Honey, it’s everyone’s business.

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      You got that right, that is why the navy
      is on their Job, thank you very much.

  48. RENEGADE November 6, 2012

    NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS . . . . . . . . . .

    “NUMB” is a BANGER!!!!

    A Def Jam employee tweeted!

    • Don’t be fooled November 6, 2012

      I should hope so, Marshal Mathers is on that s***.. it better be a banger

      • RENEGADE November 6, 2012

        She has worked with Swedish House Mafia, RedOne and David Guetta for ‘Unapologetic’, so at least 50% the album will be bangers!



  50. christinastherealtalent November 6, 2012

    Funny how her and Chris new song is called Nobodys Business….when in fact they make our business when they put so much of their personal life on public display. Rihanna is one of those pathetic girls who puts so much of her private life on view to the public then gets pissed when people are in her business.

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      It is only those people’s business who are
      Nosey as Hell and Jealous.

    • Teacher November 10, 2012

      No they don’t b****! If u weren’t lookn u wouldn’t know! #SIT

  51. OMG November 6, 2012

    LMAO @ Nobodies Business ft CB……………..Rihanna you’re a celebrity so it is our business…

  52. Island calling (attention w****) November 6, 2012

    You pressed Rihanna crones don’t half chat s***. Beyonce ‘copying’ Rihanna. Drop dead with that shameful lie. You scummy childish heauxs all love to big up Rihanna. A girl who is more concerned with rolling blunts and getting played by a gay r nb w****. This girl doesn’t sing or dance anywhere near as good as a stripper yet you lot think she ‘slays’ everytime. Always throwing up her big sales rather than her dodgy nature and trashy ways. Look at what beyonce has done iwh for charity and trying to get everyone to vote! Classy, intelligent and a true star. Look for me when Rihanna puts her disgusting persona aside to do something meaningful

    • Lax November 6, 2012

      @ISLAND CALLING Yo ass read’s like a “Bitter Bytch”
      who’s mad that Rih left yo broke, busted ass behind.

  53. mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

    What the TRACK FT Wife Beater F_EMINEM? Well she has recorded several with DRUG DEALER, WOMAN BEATER & STABBER Camel Jay so what’s the problem all of a sudden? o_0

    Screw you @SAM/TGJ stop trying to be messy! They have already recorded two songs (re-mixes) so folks need to have several seat and MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS at this point!


    • Lax November 6, 2012


  54. Auntie_Jackie November 6, 2012

    Side Eye to this entire album. The CB collaboration is desperate. Nobody’s business, but she’s constantly begging for attention when interest in that ‘incident’ and her relationship status is waning. People don’t care THAT much!

    • Teacher November 10, 2012

      F*** U!

  55. ICantTakeThisSerious November 6, 2012

    LMAO @ the title of the CB collab…It is so funny how she claims its “Nobody’s Business” when here it is her ass makes every thing about the damn relationship a f****** headline from the damn tweets,to building anticipation for the collab, to the interview, to the appearances together, to this s*** right here. Newsflash Rihanna if you want privacy stop blasting yourself for attention on Instagram and then whining when people call you out on your b*******!! #ImDone

  56. mc the place to be!! November 6, 2012

    have yall heard the album snippets sounds GREAT!!!!! phresh out the runway is my s***!!!! rihanna knows to push out them songs!! can’t wait to hear numb!!

  57. RENEGADE November 6, 2012



    ** Album : Unapologetic (Deluxe Version)
    ** Composer : Emeli Sandé, M.S. Eriksen, T.E. Hermansen, ADELE & شهيد خان
    ** Genre : Pop

    • RENEGADE November 6, 2012


      RIH AIN’T PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. mobwife: VOTE IT’S YOUR RIGHT & PRIVILEGE November 6, 2012

    Ppl have several seats with all this damn drama over 1 song on a damn CD! My goodness buy it or not but STFU already….geez

  59. RENEGADE November 6, 2012

    Also “Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary” is [EXPLICIT]

  60. Lax November 6, 2012

    YESSSSSS Auntie we know shes Desperate and that
    desperation has helped her to have over 26 million Twitter Followers
    and counting , over 60million Facebook Likes and counting, and over 2.7Billion Youtube/Vevo and Hopefully this DESPERATION having Chris on Her Album so
    as to Generate money will help to get Her garner more Attention, Perhaps she will be crowned Social Networking Queen next year also.

  61. bibi93 November 6, 2012

    Numb future hit?

  62. TruestT November 7, 2012

    @lax GIRLSTOP wit all dees think on these things stupid ass comments, we get it you a Ri Ri stan. but posting the same damn b******* on everyones comments tired and played. Take a leaf out yo precious rih rih book when all the ratchets bought red weave, give it up and move on.

  63. GABRIELLA November 9, 2012

    The Queen!

  64. Alexis November 9, 2012

    This b**** is dope!

  65. Candi November 9, 2012

    The one and only!

  66. Teacher November 10, 2012

    Queen Rih!

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