Sales Predictions Are In: Christina Aguilera’s ‘Lotus’ Set To Sell…

Published: Wednesday 14th Nov 2012 by Sam

As one of the most hotly anticipated Pop releases of the year, all eyes -naturally- are on the commercial performance of Christina Aguilera‘s new album ‘Lotus’.

Preceded by the anthemic ‘Your Body’, the prelude to the set’s release has left both fans and critics somewhat puzzled. For, it was not until the day of release was a performance aired in support of the LP, with the existence of any more (beyond this Sunday’s American Music Awards) remaining an Unsolved Mystery.

Alas, the first week estimations of the LP, Aguilera’s first since 2010’s ‘Bionic’, make for an interesting read. See what we mean below…

According to the ever reliable Hits Daily Double, ‘Lotus’ is on-course to debut within the top ten of the Billboard 200 with sales of…

75,000 – 80,000

Ahead of her are Brit-Pop sensations One Direction whose sophomore set ‘Take Me Home’ is headed for the top spot with a whopping 525k-575k units shifted.

Interestingly, Aguilera is also being outsold by The Weeknd and his LP ‘Trilogy’ (95k-105k), as well as the soundtrack to ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2′ (85k-90k).


Oh the confusion.

It’s as clear as Cassie’s lack of talent that something is going on with Xtina’s campaign. Let’s keep it all the way 100. Where are the magazine covers, live performances, talk show rounds? And while all we can do is speculate at this point, we hope what ever issues are on-going can be ironed out with the swiftness. For, it’d be entirely unfortunate for ‘Lotus’ to not max out its commercial potential. As we signified in our review and as the iTunes charts show, the LP is packed with plausible chart-smashes; it’d be criminal if they were robbed of the chance to garner the shine they deserve.

Again, it’s important to stress that few (bar those close to the project) have an inkling as to what’s really going down. Hence finger pointing towards the label, management, or Christina herself is arguably futile. We just hope the masses aren’t left waiting for ions for either an answer or a resolution. Because, as Xtina’s estimates show: we’re in a recession – album don’t sell themselves. And sure don’t sell on the basis of name alone.

Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo November 14, 2012

    We all know the word we are all thinking of and I’ll happily be the first to say it.

    • MISHKA November 14, 2012

      Sam, I’m putting the blame on you too.

      TGJ is always building too much hype about many albums here that noooobody really cares about. Seriously, I only hear about LOTUS when I come on this blog.

      Same thing goes with Rihanna, you put up 3 million of articles about her since she announced her new album. Okay she’s hot and she’s promoting but on mainstream blogs, the real deal out there right now is ONE DIRECTION.

      And for some reason you refuse to talk about those guys, I mean 575,000 units sold in America are impressive enough to at least get a post. Especially as they are set to upset The Navidad next week.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA November 14, 2012

      Oh NOW everyone wants to call it a flop. Where are the “Slaytina” stans??? I don’t get how ya’ll one minute wanna ride and curse people out over your alleged “fav,” THEN sales figures come out and there’s excuses and stans jumping ship like they were never stanning for them. ..Wtf kinda flip flop sh*t is that??

      • aishaaguilerakeys November 15, 2012

        There’s no excuse, she didn’t promote the damn album. That’s the truth.

      • HOLLYWOOD November 15, 2012

        Stop blaming the record sales on promotion. Promotion helps, but it’s not the answer to all. I hate when people put the blame on something and someone else that it’s not.

    • blue November 15, 2012

      lets hope recession is the excuse he will use for rihanna too.

      or that her name alone shouldnt be expected to sell

      • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

        Since Stripped Christina always has the best album covers!!! She’s always going to be one of the best selling artists of all time & no-one can take that away from her!!!!! 😀

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        Yes, I wished she would have done another album like stripped. Stipped is my all time favorite album

    • Jade November 15, 2012

      This article is predicting 75k -80k copies sold of LOTUS in U.S.A,,,,, i think they mean FIRST DAY sales NOT first week sales!!!!!!! LOTUS sold 52,000 copies in its FIRST DAY OF RELEASE in Australia!!!!!!

      Lady GAGA’s Born This Way album didn’t even do that here in OZ and she is big down under!!!!!!!!

      So wait until the end of November to see how Xtina’s album performes but I think coming into the Xmas season LOTUS will sell truckloads because it’s a fantastic album that would make a great Christmas gift!!!!!!!!!

      • damone November 15, 2012

        No bish, he means fist week sales hits daily is for u.s.a. don’t sugarcoat

      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

        there are a few more countries tham usa

    • damone November 15, 2012

      LMBAO..I CAN’T….

      • Xtinafan! November 16, 2012

        I personally think young kids/teenagers loved Christina’s first album. She lost some of them with the Stripped record because of her image/Dirrty etc – parents weren’t happy but gained new popularity and respect at the same time. People were still interested in her and anticipating B2B but think she aliented a lot of her uglier/skanky fans because when B2B came out she completely changed her look (in a classy way) and she seemed really happy – happily married & came across as kind of… perfect/untouchable. she was skinner (in a s*** way) & prettier than ever which I think made her less relatable and she seemed less vunerable & no-one could really say anything negative about her during this time… people were more in ore of her/intimidated by her and left her alone. & then i think bionic came too late, a few years earlier before gaga and i think it would have been a hit. i just think over time she’s gradually lost fans but i don’t really care i think she’s fantastic and as long as she keeps releasing albums, music videos & tours i’m happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

        this kiddis then are now 25 years old

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      . mhhh

      • santy November 18, 2012

        The major reason for the album flopping is simply that its not good enough,specially the lead single your body.I really expected christina to surprise everyone and her fans by coming up with something new,fresh,with a new look.I expected her to release a killer up-tempo first single like dirrty.Guess I was wrong,and although it is fair to point out that if the same material had been released by rihanna, beyonce or whatever it would have been a number one hit,christina should know better, she knew this was her last chance to reclaim her place at the top spot!And her new material had to be brilliant.I listened to the complete album and its not bad, but its not outstanding either,which was what she needed.Lack of promotion obviously doesnt help but still isnt the reason why the album is a flop.When I see christinas and rcas actions and marketing strategies I can only think that they dont care if the record sells or not.Wake up christina : how is people even gonna notice “your art ” if your album gets listened by no one.Iam not a christina hater I was actually a fan of her but she dissapointed me too much and it hurts me to say it but she dug her own grave, her career is finished as a recording artist.Also I wanna point out that her voice these days is terrrriblllle! why cant she put her pride aside and take singing lessons!with a real coach that can teach her how to use her voice properly… truly a waste of talent, mainly because of her nasty attitude I guess…KARMA

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  2. sfvs November 14, 2012

    she about to have another bionic era, and she will flop even harder. cause next year the even bigger stars will be back out.. gaga, mariah, beyonce etc. i.e people with solid fan bases who are actually anticipated.
    watch her get all proud and be in denial though. cause you know this album is such a ‘vocal masterpiece, that will inspire generations of singers to come’…
    girl bye.

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      She’s still one of the most talented singers ever & one of the best selling artists of all time & no-one can take that away from her!!! 😀

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      Ah, I hope not, but it looks not good for her, She could have done it so much better. She has requirement

    • Jade November 15, 2012

      Your so negative!!!!!!!!

      LOTUS is the best album to come out of the business since Adele’s 21

      LOTUS will be a gradual seller like STRIPPED, which took 4 years to sell 15 million copies worldwide, and is regarded as one of the greatest albums by a modern female artist!!!!!!
      LOTUS will do exactly the same because Xtina has a massive fan base even if people are DENIAL about it when she performes BLANK PAGE @ the AMA’s on November 18th 2012 !!!!!!


      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

        uhhh …

  3. me November 14, 2012


    i remember you did a euphemistic post about brandy having low but “consistent” sales. where are the follow up articles proving those consistent sales?

    you once also had a headline called “rihanna’s diamond slips”

    where are the follow up articles about it slipping?

    how does it feel to see ppl you hate succeed and people you love go down?

    Also, a lot of ppl dont read this blog so they love who they love and hate who they hate and u irrelevant

    • FAF November 14, 2012

      But you reading it, sooooo….

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 14, 2012

      If he so irrelevent then wtf does that make U for trolling in HIS money maker, ch…

      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

        ok hmmm

    • aishaaguilerakeys November 15, 2012

      Sam got fans, I see.

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      hmm mostly agree

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  4. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012

    Bahahahahahahahahaha… .. I told YALL this h** wouldn’t sell more then 100k …… Well congrats on having a bigger flop then bionic you deserve it babe 😉

    • YA’LL NEED LIVES November 14, 2012

      what have you accomplished? you are like the first on every post. you’ve been at it all day. please get a life.

      • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012

        IDGAF TRICK B**** GAG ON MY D*** H**.

      • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 14, 2012

        @dead at monster

      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

        all right

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      What are you laughing about ?? Christina is such a rare talend, who should be supurted… see we don´t have talend like Christina left, we have to take care of her. I mean really

  5. MC November 14, 2012

    There is still hope, I mean she can promote more and that might boost her sales…..hopefully. I was expecting low sales but not this low. Anyways, good luck Xtina.

    • dlkjsfkl November 14, 2012

      nope. rihanna and nicki will be out next week and she doesnt stand a chance against them. or taylor swift who is still selling huge.
      the fans dont care and will continue to care less once bigger artists start coming back out. better luck next time

    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

      I thought of you today. This girl in my classwas ranting about what a terrible singer WHITNEY HOUSTOUN was and how whitney sounded like a man in “I will always love you”.

      I was dying.

      • boopboop November 14, 2012

        gimme that gurl’s name and address so i can beat her ass

      • MC November 14, 2012

        Tell the b**** to meet me in the parking lot. I am not a fighter, but I will claw and scrape the b****.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        @boop @Mc

        Lmfao, and she had the nerve to sing taylor swift after and talk about how great/talented/artistic she was.

      • MC November 14, 2012

        *gathers knives, spoons, forks, ropes, guns, tape, and any sharp tools*

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        Lol yew need weed.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        Lol, Unapologetic is pulling an MDNA th new releases made it fall to #16 on itunes *shoots self*, but diamonds is number one.

        Phillip phillips is at #59 off pre-orders and kid rock is at 19. And the livpopbars internet think BROKE os we can’t use it anymore, we have to use the floppy itunes charts ON ITUNES, which suck d*** and glitch.

        D: we might not go number one.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        worst comes to worse (and this is the WOOOOOOOOOOOORST) Nicki passes outdoes us with her re-release (doubtful, but she has had more promo than anything on this earth) , Keyshia cole passes us (even tho her label projects 98k), Kid Rock passes us (possible), ABCDEFG’s live austalian album passes us (I find it doubtful but its possible), Phillip phillips passes us (possible) and lastly Pitbul, which is doubtful.

        So, in the worst case scenario unapologetic debuts at #6 (I’d kill myself in central station.)

        But she might debut at #1, and then this would be me As I sing diamonds in celebration:

      • MC November 14, 2012

        Unapologetic might not get #1, I think.
        1. Taylor is still doing well 190,000k this week I think
        2. One direction 575,000k THIS WEEK ALONE! — obsessed little girls will get it
        3. AC/DC or Coldplay Live albums
        4. Keysha Cole/Kelly Clarkson/Nicolas Maraj……

        IDK maybe she might pull a “Lotus”? 😀 jk I doubt that though but I think she will sell anything from 155-190k

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        I forgot about Coldplay, Kelly clarkson (my mom loves her), and one direction Taylor is dropping, she’ll probs sell 120k that week but still.

        What is she debut at #10. I’d have to come stan for Mc with you.. lol jk I won’t leave rih but why can’t she act like all those other h*** (Minaj, Beyawnce) and release in the random summer months then tour for it. Its easy and u always go numba one!

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        Don’t joke about Rihanna pulling a apetina.

      • MC November 14, 2012

        I like Kelly Clarkson, she’s talented. One direction might sell 225-270k next week if they go strong, if not then probably 185-220k or something. Rih. might snap the #1 spot but I am not sure. I can’t wait to hold your head while you go through many meltdowns this week and next week in anticipation 😉 😀 😛

        Does your mom like Rihanna? Beyonce? Rita Ora (lol)?

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        My mom is a Carribean immigrant like Rihanna so she as a sort of phondness for Rihanna, especially her reggae-inspired songs (she was watching the man down vid randomly yesterday, and she loves whats my name) But no, she doesen’t really think Rihanna is particularly good at anything (in the least shady way)

        My mom has no idea who Rita Ora is, like the rest of the u.s who dont read blogs.

        My mother HATES BEYONCE. Lmfao from what I’ve heard her say she thinks Beyonce is fake, uneducated and boring. My father loves her performances but they both agree that if Rih got vocal training she could outsing Beyonce cuz they both think Bey sucks at singing.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        And thanks, I can sense the minor meltdowns happening ESPECIALLY next week.

      • MC November 14, 2012

        Lol! Gurl, you already have a major Mariah Carey post Glitter-esque meltdown in the works 😀 Its okay, I’ll walk you through it. I forgot about Phillip Phillips kid and Pitbull and Kid Rock! Damn, so many people releasing their album that day/week…what? is it the absolute last day to release an album?

        Lol, my mom has no idea any of these people are (she doesn’t speak English). My dad is a Michael Jackson stan, loathes Madonna (industry’s biggest w**** according to him lol), likes Mariah and Whitney, has no idea who or what Celine Dion is, obsesses over James Brown, likes Bob Marley, obsesses over Tilahun Gessesse (and other Ethiopian musical legends), thinks Lady Gaga is weird, likes Adele, confuses Nicolas Maraj to Lady Gaga (he can’t distinguish what she looks like), he likes Beyonce (I think he might be a bit of a fan), thinks Rihanna is a spoiled brat… he is one funny man.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        My mother was looking at pictures of janet jackson and said, Now what color is your skin?Grey? (I died). My dad loved that ethiopian guy who they called “the voice”. He likes Bey (doesen’t think she can sing tho.) Thinks rihanna cant perform but he was stanning for diamonds on sunday, both my parents dont like Gaga, like Adele and hate Nicki Minaj.

        And I really don’t know who Celine Dion is tbh. But Rih is really releasing an album when the whole world is releasing at the same time, why oculdn’t she release right before Taylor swift’s h** ass. Her team is so thirsty for those black friday sales, h** b******. So yeah, she still has no promo except for blogs, so I doubt she will sell 275k but I WANT TO BE PROVED WRONG. If she phlops Imma find my moms Mariah Cd and become a dual stan lol.

      • MC November 14, 2012

        I <3 your mom seriously. My dad cried when Tilahun Gessesse died (sad day for him….he was/is a life long stan). Ch….Celine Dion — My heart will always go one (Titanic) nuff said. Lol, yes Rihanna's team is filled with thirsty, $$$$ hungry b******. Yes! I'm sure Rihanna will be fine sis…..hopefully. Lol if you stan for Mariah it will be me, you, Rihanna, Xtina, Beyonce, and Leona Lewis.

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        Lol, You dad is phunny but I disagree with him on Rihanna, lol see ya later, #TEAMLAMB!

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        And you’re right about tatam, I don’t like them. See ya later HUBBZ!

      • Benron (I sold Bey Her Fake Bump) November 14, 2012

        *The team

    • Common Sense November 15, 2012

      Lets get real Xtincta is a flop.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        Beyonce sucks at singing? Hmm, only in a delusional navies mind.

    • Sortedandhavingfun November 15, 2012

      I see the apple don’t fall far from the tree for Benron…Delusion is in your blood! LMFAO!!!! How old are your parents? 90-100?? Coz like that’s the only explanation. Loss of hearing…

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      Yes, agree witcha. But really, she has to hurry up !!!

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  6. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012

    75,000 – 80,000 gworl………… Lmao

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 14, 2012

      Dead at your shade

      • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012


    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      is not that bad

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  7. Girrrl November 14, 2012

    Ahahahaha Oh the excuses! It’s the labels fault?1 Oh please. Here in the US we see Christina’s face on the tv screen twice a week and only 80k people gave a s*** about that album. Ooh boy I’m done for the week. First Ne-Yo flops then Christina. This site must be cursed because everyone you promotes flops horribly. Man this is funny.

    But serioulsy, the reviews of this album made many stray away from buying it. The critics say the material is lackluster and she’s screaming (see the Voice performance) to make up for it.

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 14, 2012


      • Lax November 15, 2012

        While I still Respect Xtina Hustle and She can sing
        Her S*** Ass off, she will move more records, but
        My Question is Where in the F** is CHRISTINATHE,,,,
        Commenter whos always forever and a day laughting and poking fun at how Sorry Rihanna talents are, where is that ass wipe Perhaps with all of the shyt talking Rih get from this single commenter and some of the time xtina,,,,tries to fire off at Rih Perhaps their Asses can fill the Void., and help
        Xtina move more albums, singles or both!

      • Lax November 15, 2012

        Rihanna’s voice is Caribbean and has a very Unique
        sound that you can’t buy in a store or from out of a bag or
        box because she was born with it, and that is something that many of these Gutter Rats are Yapping about because Rihanna don’t sound like Big Bird Feeding the chickens or calling the cows in for the night,,,,
        Rih is more like that Lady who sings “Goldfingers” On the James Bonds Movie…
        Rih has a voice that is similar to Eartha Kitt, to many.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      I really can´t understand what so funny about it

      • irene46 November 15, 2012

        @ girrrl nov 14, 2012 601p…

        so what if christina appears on tv twice a week if there is little or no reference made to her having a new cd coming out.

        the ‘your body’ wasn’t mentioned to any extent. and they waited till the release of the album to do any performances off of it.

        what artist in the hell does that?

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      yes, this doenst mean that this people will not buy her album

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      si mi amore

  8. QueenOfTheNavy November 14, 2012

    B**** is gonna comfort eat her way to Preciousville tuhnite!!!!

    • Try Again November 14, 2012

      that’s mean but probably true! heck I may put down a couple donuts tonight.

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 14, 2012

      On da floor lmao chile!!

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      Why is the navy so rude? This is why I left their side a long time ago.

      • Lax November 15, 2012

        prettigurl you should never use rude and navy
        in the same sentence at all deery, never to describe the navy;s actions.

        We have to fight so hard to defend out honor otherwise the navy
        would be forever and a day covered with shyt and left for dead so long ago that some other club would have taken the Navy name and ran with it, Deery.

      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  9. me November 14, 2012

    today’s kids are rude to 90s babies

    its been hard lately for 90s super girls to make it in the industry. dayum today’s kids are cold

    one direction is coming with more than gold in first week? dayum

    i wonder if u kids will be rude or good to alicia

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  10. JAKE November 14, 2012


    That means you too, SCAMantha???????

    BIONIC x100000000000000.


    1. Shot vocals.
    2. Shot Singles
    3. Shot Albums



    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      you’re a jerk. And her vocals are fine minus straining but she’s always done that.

    • Jer November 15, 2012


      • Lax November 15, 2012


    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      Christina still has one of the best voices of all time & is still one of the best selling artists of all time & no-one can take that away from her!!! 😀

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  11. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) November 14, 2012

    It’s not too late. She might sell 100k by the end of the week now that she finally performed on ‘The Voice’.

    But I agree that her promo campaign has been all kinds of baffling. ‘YB’ was a smash waiting to happen, but there was no promo, not even simple radio interviews. And a month after it started free-falling, there’s still no second single confirmed! They need to get it together! She deserves the best!

    Anyway, I’m perfectly happy with the quality of the album which is what it all boils down to. It’s an epic pop album, great vocals, amazing melodies and total cohesion. Brilliant body of work! I’m happy with what she delivered creatively – she never disappoints in that department- and I’m just crossing my fingers that her label has a plan.

    • Common Sense November 15, 2012

      That performance was a mess. The only thing it convinced people was NOT to buy that strained flop of an album.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      I think so too, maybe she will not sell much but more than that with promo. People nowadays like music which is easy to listen to… like Rihanna, Gaga

      • irene46 November 22, 2012

        imo, lotus was a hell of a lot better than born this way.

        i liked gaga’s lst two cds and was somewhat of a fan even though i think she ripped off christina’s look.

  12. dossome November 14, 2012

    BAD… will be lucky if it pulled a BIONIC

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  13. Unapologetic1911 November 14, 2012

    I really thought she was gonna slay. Maybe this will encourage her to lose weight and accept Rihanna as her one true Queen.

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012


    • Trace November 14, 2012

      Homosexuals. Both of you.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      Arn’t you 12?? Hmm, it looks past your bedtime.

    • Lax November 15, 2012

      That Rihanna Navy is the bomb.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      is this your picture ?? how old are you boo ??

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      what the …

  14. HolditAgainstMe November 14, 2012

    Brit is still beating her after all these years lmfao.

    • LotusTina November 14, 2012

      But Britney lost her mind so the only thing she’s beating mowadays is her meds. F****** b****.

    • dlkjsfkl November 14, 2012

      she will always be second to britney. always. brit could go crazy all over again, lose whats left of her mind and still outsell chubtina aguilessor …

      • irene46 November 14, 2012

        brit will always have media’s heads up her b*** to hype her relevancy . that’s because they always have and always will prefer to her christina. the industry even certified ‘femme fatal’ platinum when it hadn’t even sold 1 mil u s copies. don’t know if it has yet.

        they’ll keep deluding britney zombie’s that they, for some reason, should keep laying down good money for pathetic ass performances.

        christina’s 2006 ‘back to basics’ double album sold 5 million copies at the cost of two. had it been 100 minutes long it would have been considered as selling 10 million. britney hasn’t sold near that many since 2003.

        after ‘back to basics’ the media hate machine went after christina like rabid dogs.

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        True, britney was very huge in the 00´s, I mean really huge, but time goes by…. she is selling not the half that she sold. But Christina could always sell her product, because Christina is not someone who is there for a minute, she is there for always, because of her talend. No shade on Brit though, Christina is the only one

    • AmbeRussell November 14, 2012

      but britney lost to christina at the 2000 grammy for best new artist. the voice has almost twice as many views a week more than x factor. and christina is fat while britney is out f shape and is a zombie. they both are long out of their prime, at least xtina fans can continue to get music from her, britney idk, she might be retiring, if not she gonna be a puppet on stage and on the cd.
      and stop comparing the 2, 1 is about perfecting her craft and singing while the other, at 1 point, was about entertaining and being a stage girl.
      AmbeRussell on youtube
      it isnt 1999 or 2001 on trl. u must be young and missed out on when there was a real media beef between the 2 which was still fake and no lon ger exists.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        I don’t care how good britney is marketed she fell off long ago. Femme fatale sucked and she cannot perform anymore. Britney only slays xtina in sales. Not in talent. LOL.

      • Lax November 15, 2012

        Britney god “Diamonds” in her bags she can afford to fall off
        as you 4 years old say.

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        Britney outsold all of them, not only Christina. But Christina has her God given talend

      • irene46 November 15, 2012

        @ amberussell nov 14, 2012 1150p…

        i the competition christina vs britney is still simmering in the minds of the media and the entertainment industry. hype britney…drag or ignore christina.

        the media went savage on christina when she started kicking down britney’s trend of outselling her with her double cd ‘back to basics’. it was dumb that b2b wasn’t 100 minutes because it would have been certified double platinum and sales would have been counted as 10 million ww.

        christina’s show ‘the voice’ may be outranking x factor but britney still getsall the hype and mention from celeb new shows such as et, showbiz tonight, e! tv and others. christina gets little if any.

  15. JAKE November 14, 2012


    • aynon November 14, 2012

      *Would Never

    • BEYONCE November 14, 2012


      • aynon November 14, 2012

        **WON’T EVER

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      Beyonce could never WHAT?? You must be delusional…

    • Lax November 15, 2012

      Could never what?????????

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      Beyonce could never be skinny & Rihanna could never be pretty! 😀

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        Rihanna is a beautiful woman though

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      What coukd they never ??

    • AmbeRussell November 17, 2012

      yet christina could never, would never and has never lost any law suits for stealing, coping or plagiarising. unlike these two have both lost law suits or had to change stuff to not get sued. dont throw stones in a glass house

  16. NavyHeart November 14, 2012

    Poor dat.

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      we will see

  17. MonsterARTPOP November 14, 2012

    This s*** flopped harder than Floponic. Gaga wins again and this time she didn’t even have to try. *winks at perez hilton.

    • irene46 November 14, 2012

      yeah, perez should be proud of being part of christina career killing machine.

      gaga is in your debt. she may have never done it without you.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      Gaga bought “your body”. They love, respect eachother. It’s obviously the fans that start s***.

      • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

        Gaga doesn’t hate Christina – her nasty evil fans do! Christina is still one the best selling artists of all time & no-one can take that away from her! 😀

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        yap, she bought it

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      who is gaga

  18. MCThePlaceToBe November 14, 2012

    Oh no. Maybe she thought getting her fat would make her sell like Adele but as we can see, it didn’t work. Better luck next time chubbylumpkins.

    • the real xoxo November 14, 2012


    • aishaaguilerakeys November 15, 2012

      She wasfat before Adele’s name blew up.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      she put on some weight. But I don’t think she’s as big as Adele. Let’s be real.

    • Jer November 15, 2012


      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        Adele is really round. No particular shape. Christina has curves. Adele has no s** appeal. Even in xtina’s weight gain there is still some sexiness there. Adele uggghh.

      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

        yes, she is very s***

  19. OMG November 14, 2012

    Bahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha girl. We know u wuda flop!!!! Here come bionic 2.0

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      uh, not even funny though

  20. MakesMeThatMuchStronger November 14, 2012

    Thankyou for supporting her Sam. We know how much you’ve been rooting for her to win.

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      thank you sam, you know real talend

  21. kweli69j November 14, 2012

    Love Lotus!

  22. Suicide Blonde November 14, 2012

    This is really sad, the girl has talent, all of you always talk about untalented people, go to support real artists and yet those are the numbers of an incredible vocalist but as i say she did everything wrong, first you looked like a Barbie then you look like a meatball, i know that’s not important, some might say but AMERICA aka (the biggest market in the world) is superficial, she can’t perform with that body, she can’t dance because her physique does not allow, i mean girl, this was your opportunity to comeback and you wasted. She needs new management somone to tell her, listen you look like Snooki, do something and take out those b*** implants you’re not J.Lo.

    • irene46 November 14, 2012


    • Lax November 15, 2012

      @Suicide Blonde lmao.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      Yap, agree so much witcha !! Thank you for commeting

  23. mkigz November 14, 2012

    Im not surprised by the predicted sales. Come on, the album sucks. I took the time to listen to each song yesterday on AOL and only two songs stuck out for me. Army of Me & Just a Fool! Everything else was euro-pop and mid-tempos/ballads that you wont remember. I thought about buying the album but after checking out the songs I passed. Your Body is not anthemic Sam & I’m surprised that you mentioned Cassie instead of your secret fave Rihanna lol.
    Anyway Bionic, despite it’s low sales still has better music than Lotus & I will continue listening to that album!

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      I have to be honest and I really expect stripped 2.0. I was very excided. The album is ok though, but not fantastic. Sad because I love her and her voice

  24. JJFan1814 November 14, 2012

    I knew it I f***** knew it! But TGJ will call Xtina anything but a flop but chiiiiile let Rihanna have those numbers

    • LotusTina November 14, 2012

      Where’s Janet though.

      • MC November 14, 2012

        Janet is somewhere doing things that icons do. #Deal

      • mr.m November 14, 2012

        Get f***** by an arab guy?
        yes, icons do dat .. bye

      • Lax November 15, 2012

        MR M You suffers from lack of nukie,,,,
        @JJFAN I know that’s right.

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        see the arab guy is preety hot though 😀

  25. Alex November 14, 2012

    Ohh dear 🙁

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012


    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  26. Bomchickawomwom November 14, 2012

    This is disappointing 🙁 Hopefully sales will pick when she starts promoting.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      hopefully !

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      did you buy her album ?

  27. Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 14, 2012


    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  28. Royal Navy November 14, 2012

    I can tell TGJ are upset about this, none of the writers have tweeted since these figures came out.

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      they dont come out yet …

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      came **

  29. TeamXtina November 14, 2012

    I bought my copy and loved it. The first week sales do not determine the life of an album. Christina can not promote the album like she wants to right now and travel just yet she still shooting the Voice season 3 and coaching TeamXtina. When the season is up she will tour and promote. I do wish she would have performed Your Body since its still charting but the decision is her’s to make. Just A Fool feat Blake Shelton is in the itunes top 20. Hopefully she makes it the 2nd single.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      yes true

  30. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012


    • MC November 14, 2012

      Her peak was her debut album.

      Christina Aguilera: 9x platinum in the U.S.
      Stripped: 4x platinum in the U.S.
      B2B: platinum in the U.S.
      Bionic: less than 500,000

      • mr.m November 14, 2012

        peak don’t mean sales!!! stfu, negro
        Lotus >>>>> mariah’s career 😀 eat that

      • MC November 14, 2012

        @mr.m Mariah would never flop like that 2nd “flop” Christmas album Bionic + Lotus. #swallow it 😀 😀

      • Common Sense November 15, 2012

        Lotus will probably sell less than 300,000. And #DEAD at some 2nd rate flea market album like Lotus being better than any of Mariah’s shits much less her whole career. Both Mariah’s sales and her talent s*** on ANYTHING Xtincta released or will EVER release. Truth hurts.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        @Common Sense Still more talented than you writing hateful comments. Stay pressed.

    • SHARON November 15, 2012


      Lotus >>>>>>> Mariah’s whole career??
      Seriously dude what are u smoking?????

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  31. Hd live November 14, 2012

    Next week chart
    1 one direction
    2 taylor swift
    3 twilight
    4 xtina (90 – 100)

  32. tomuchenfo November 14, 2012

    Damn you know aint s*** when a Movie Soundtrack is projected to outsell your debut.

  33. Musicmaniac November 14, 2012

    Xtina needs to lose weight. All the far is f****** up her vocals. She just looks a hot nasty mess, she won’t even be able to tour!

    How the he’ll is Lana del Rey killin her on iTunes?

    Adele came in the game as a big girl, xtina didn’t, for xtina to get do big and think it’s okay, oh no her handlers need to give her a reality check, and fast!!!!

    And yes I am a Christina aguilera Stan!

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      fat has nothing to do with the vocals. They are still intact. Jennifer hudson, kelly clarkson, jordin sparks all were chubby and still good vocalists before after they fixed their weights. Honestly, only an idiot would say someone’s weight has to do with their talents.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      she really has to loose some weighs, because people are not ready for a big Christina. We all know her as the skinny Christina and she was prettier like that :/ sorry but i have to be honest

      • MUSICMANIAC November 15, 2012

        THank you @Girl007Bond, its true.

        We aint ready for a big xtina, she needs to understand that ultimately S** SELLS. She cant be grindin her big ass body like its s*** cause it aint, sorry.

        like i said before I STAN FOR XTINA, but imma have to keep it 100. her weight got to her vocally, see her performance on the voice with ceelo. That last note she did was terrible, it was like she gagged on her breast fat!!!



      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        Dont get me wrong, I´m not against big girls …

  34. Never That Serious November 14, 2012

    Whenever people mock mimi,their faves flop harder…….xtina cannot even pull memoirs numbers,the last 3 madonna films combined cant even pull glitter numbers at the box office….nicki is next and she will FLOP just as hard

    • D November 14, 2012

      Nicki doesnt have an “album” coming out. Its a re-release. PFRR already moved 235k in its first week. lmao She already didnt flop. The Re-Up is going to add to PFRR.

      • FAF November 14, 2012

        @D ignore her, sh’es obviously a pressed MOOO MOOO stan & I’m not skinning these lambs today .. notice how she’s pressed over anyone that doesn’t like Mariah (Madonna, Xtina, Nicki) NO ONE CARES !

      • MC November 14, 2012

        You care enough to comment. Pressed bitter b****, you act like all these stans don’t shade Mariah…..flop like your fave. #oops

    • JER November 14, 2012


      • mr.m November 14, 2012

        No one flopped harder than Triumphant .. shut it dear

      • MC November 14, 2012

        75-80k That is all.

      • Lax November 15, 2012

        I am wondering if having a good voice really matters because many with great voices seem to still fall below ADELE sales.
        All of those with great voices, Beyonce, Xtina, Monica, Mary J, Nicki, Cherly, Rita, Solange,Ashanti, Jojo, Carrie,
        Kelly, Kesha, Leona, and Others Except Rihanna because they always grades Rih at the Bottom but it seems that Taylor, Adele are having great sales it must be the way they are holding their mouths, because their sales are through the roof Rihanna who isn’t even considered a great talent to Her Haters will do good to stay afloat if you let the Lessors tell it.

    • i feel freedom November 14, 2012

      it’s impossible to flop harder than triumphant, THE IRONY OF THE ALBUM TITLE

      • MC November 14, 2012

        Its not….just look at “The Boys” and any other Nicolas Maraj singles as of late…..ciao!

      • FAF November 15, 2012

        Doing WAYY better than Mooriah !

        Ki i like the b**** but lets not be delayed, dear


        KI !

        WHERES MISSY ?

        WHERES KIM ?

        WHERES EVE?


        WAYYYY BACK THERE UGLY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Common Sense November 15, 2012

        What’s going to be really funny is watching Mimi rake in the millions this holiday season with her classic Xmas albums while Xtincta’s albums gather dust on the discount bin.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      Hmmm, I think Nicki will do fine. True, majority is tired of her but she still has good material on the re-up that will be interesting to hear and she has more fans than xtina unfortunately.

      • SHARON November 15, 2012

        DEAD at these fools TRYING to shade mariah when that b**** dont give a monkeys ass!! Stop worrying about someone who has accomplished alot in the music industry! just focus on ur floppy ass faves. Just remember while u delusional as freaks are trying to shade a queen this is what she be doing….

      • SHARON November 15, 2012

        @prettigurlrockD Bitchess
        sorry i didnt mean it to be directly towards u! loool!

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      … ok

  35. Arob November 14, 2012

    Sales have been low lately, I wonder if people just don’t buy albums anymore

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave & Nickis Side H**) November 14, 2012

      honey Taylor sold over 1 million albums first week people buy them just the people that have been coming out lately no one is interested in

      • king bey November 14, 2012

        That the exception not the rule

      • FAF November 14, 2012


    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      no, they downloading it illegal

  36. Scars November 14, 2012

    Poor her even chris brown debut at #1

    • mobwife November 14, 2012

      Why is CB’s name being mentioned?

      • FAF November 15, 2012


  37. MRDIVABITCH November 14, 2012

    *Giggles like a Gaysha*

    • irene46 November 14, 2012

      i expected better from you. why i don’t know.

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      If someone gets excited when someone else fails there is seriously something wrong with them. Not a nice way to be – so depressing and negative! Christina is one of the best selling artists of all time and no-one can take that away from her! 😀

      • MRDIVABITCH November 15, 2012

        Not excited about her failure. But I am excited about her stans having panic attacks and being all desperate and suicidal about it 🙂 I enjoy psychologicall torturing them, breaking them down to subatomic particles as they TRIED to do to me.

      • irene46 November 15, 2012

        why don’t you spread some of your rabid hatred toward spears whose stans make christina’s look mild minded.

        at least christina’s fans are stanning for an artist that still has some degree of talent going on (even if you and others feel her voice has somewhat declined).

        cheering for christina isn’t nearly as delusional and asinine as throwing hype and money at a talentless artist because they had high records sells a decade ago.

      • MRDIVABITCH November 16, 2012

        LOL, at least Spears stans know she is not a great singer or dancer or anything, they just stan for her out of some weird sense of loyalty.

        Xtina stans, on the other hand…they still believe she is this vocal goddess she was hyped up to be but never lived up to become.

    • Xtinafan! November 16, 2012

      Go & Youtube Christina Aguilera – “Aint No Other Man” MTV Movie Awards 2006 and watch the entire performance and tell me she isn’t AMAZING! She’s not perfect but when she gets it right she is the BEST! FACT!

      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

        yap, true ..

      • irene46 November 16, 2012

        MRDIVABITCH Replied:
        November 16th, 2012 at 1:17 am

        LOL, at least Spears stans know she is not a great singer or dancer or anything, they just stan for her out of some weird sense of loyalty.
        mrd, you’re kidding right? spears stans often claim she can really sing but doesn’t get credit and they constantly pound about what a phenomenal performer she still is.

        if you told one of them face to face she wasn’t still a good dancer, you’d best be strapped.

      • irene46 November 16, 2012

        btw, mrd, it’s not only the britney stans that claim she’s a performer to praise the media keeps this fantasy afloat also.

        what’s their excuse?!

        i saw how some christina fans hate–hammered you. that was wrong too but they came for you because you went savage on their fav christina.

  38. unnami November 14, 2012

    she need to change her label, she need to go where’s rihanna (jay-z’s) or where is taylor swift, because in this label she is just one of many artists and they don’t care about her.. it’s sad

    • Common Sense November 15, 2012

      By the looks of her projected sales figures her fans don’t care about her either.

      • irene46 November 15, 2012

        common sense nov 15, 2012 336p…

        sad but it seems to be a fact.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012


  39. aynon November 14, 2012

    oh dear christina…people had the nerve to call beyonce a flop debuting with 310K and selling around 3 Million WW, people had the nerve to call Rihanna a flop debuting with 197k and selling around 3 Million WW, people had the nerve to call GaGa a flop debuting at 1.1 Million and selling around 8 Million WW, people had the nerve call Britney a flop debuting at 276k and selling 2 Million WW

    She has the most Commercial album since Michael Jackson’s Thriller and she can’t even sell let a lone get a hit single! at least Beyonce still had a best-selling album when her singles wouldn’t chart higher than #16.

    and Rihanna, Britney, Beyonce and GaGa will all be back by this time next year, where will Christina be? Back on The Voice doing the only thing she’s still good at.

    looks like this video is relevant once again

    I would say better luck next time, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen unless she moves labels and get’s some proper promotion

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 14, 2012

      that Vid is everything and a half.

      • irene46 November 14, 2012

        all this evil vitriol makes me think she really is pretty relevant. i’ve never seen anyone cause such a joyous uproar over someone’s failure.

    • JER November 14, 2012

      hold up hold up. Un4tunate sold 2.3 million WW……….not 3 million. Where did that extra 700k come from? OH I forgot, it’s been a few months so you BEY-sides got to adding like you always do. Next yeat it will be up to 5 million WW gurlbye

      • oh baby (b****** will Deal) November 14, 2012

        Jer calm your tits and go do your research! 4 has sold 2.9 million and counting. Lol creased hater

      • mr.m November 14, 2012

        LOL! Beyonce promotes like no other
        that’s why she’s getting those numbers from her ass
        if another artist did her huge promo will sell better than her!!
        that’s why they call her a FLOP!!! #DEAL

      • MRDIVABITCH November 14, 2012

        @ mr.m

        B****, unlike your fave, Beyonce can deliver an album full of ballads and SLAY! Stay mad as hell that your fave could not pull off songs like “I Care” or “Love on top”

      • mr.m November 14, 2012

        LOL .. + Lotus? it’s only out 2 days ago
        How about .. Lotus >>> ALL mariah’s career?
        that’s more fun..

      • Jer November 15, 2012

        Like i said. Every. 5 months every BeYAWNce album magically sells 300k WW. Next year BDay will be at 20 million WW uh huh

      • Lax November 15, 2012

        Now you know something is in the Waters when Xtina and Beyonce can’t top or even catch up to Taylor or Adele.

        Rihanna manged to be named number 2 by Billboard behind Adele last year but Hey where is Beyonce and Xtina Rihanna Haters,,,,
        To let Rih’s haters tell it Rihanna isn’t no place close to the “Winning Circle” so tell Us what in the Hell is going On Rihanna Haters.

    • AmbeRussell November 14, 2012

      u comparing beyonce’s 4 which had a world wide promo. she even went outer space, she had the obama get fit thing, a fake legend award given to her, countless performances etc. im a fan of all singers, but bey may have sold a lot more, but at what cost? how many law suits and how much coping did she have to do to put out 4? and christina’s promo was only this week with 1 thing (the voice) and ama on sunday
      just keepin real
      so i would rather have low sales than lose my integrity bc 1 performance was mimic down to the t, though she did kill that billboard performance, and 2 music videos were claimed to copied/stolen and even kia had her delay the party video
      AmbeRussell on youtube

      • FAF November 15, 2012

        JER U A FOOL ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      stupid video.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        @Mrdivabitch true beyonces ballads work for HER voice but christina can still slay a ballad as long as they are good like for example “beautiful” “the voice within”. They are different as singers tho. IMO if I were looking for vocal power in a song I’d go to christina. If I were looking for melodic runs, riffs, vibrato I’d check for beyonce. I don’t think beyonce has ever done a ballad that ppl were like “whoa amazing. Brought tears to my eyes.” Honestly the only moving ballad beyonce has done is “listen”. The rest are mehh.

      • MRDIVABITCH November 15, 2012

        B****, Christina doesn’t “bring tears to my eyes”. Her singing makes me cringe. That’s all.

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      Me too LOVE the song and LOVE the video!

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      yes , she really does

  40. Jay Jay November 14, 2012

    She might want to stay as a judge on the voice and collect those checks

    • JER November 14, 2012


      • FAF November 15, 2012

        No shakira’s joining next yr I think Christina’s leaving 🙁

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        yap, shakira will be replacing Xtina

      • Ashley November 15, 2012

        X-tina is only taking a break from the voice to tour, she will return to coaching duties at some point.

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012


  41. Jer November 14, 2012


    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      bla bla

  42. F*** TGJ November 14, 2012

    Once again the f*** are just sitting on their computer waiting to to be first to comment to “drag” somebody who will never see the comment. You f****** are something else.

    F*** this site.

    • FAF November 15, 2012

      U was one of them F****……. 🙂 KI ! NEXT >>>

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      lol ..

  43. mobwife November 14, 2012

    WOW ……..I will be amazed if this is all she does sell! I mean sh, like Maroon 5’s lead singer Levin, are on a very popular Reality Show per what the media tells us. She get’s tones of positive press. The media doesn’t go back and drag up her teenage past or the things she did last year being arrested for drucken disorder etc. She has the femiNAZIs on her side defending her weight gain. ….I mean really these numbers would surprise me…..Hell I’d feel like Gov. G. Mit Romney Nov 7 all shocked and awed! 🙂

    And what are Neyo’s number? Aren’t they in?

    • MC November 14, 2012

      Ne-yo: 66k

      • mobwife November 14, 2012

        WHAT? DAMN…….That’s worse then his numbers for his last CD, the 1 that leaked! That CD was actually HOT!

        WOW……..POOR NE-YO!!

      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

        damn …

    • That B*tch (redbone) November 14, 2012

      Yeah. I dont remember the exact number but he sold around 60 k.

      • irene46 November 14, 2012

        the minute of positive press she gotten (that is if she gets any…some celeb shows haven’t even mentioned her album release) is nowhere near the amount of constant kicking and dragging she got during the gaga/bionic era.

        it’s damn difficult to overcome negativity, especially as hard hitting as what christina got.

    • AmbeRussell November 15, 2012

      she most def doesnt get positive feedback from the media what so ever. they just were reporting on her “smack talking” simon for his words american idol and how he was being an ass the ppl trying out and spun it to make her look like the bad guy, but simon has dissed idol n the voice COUNTLESS times and it was never blown up as much as when christina said something.
      now christina was NEVER arrested. how can a passenger in a car be arrested 4 being drunk? they took her in until she sobbered up and why bring up her teenage yrs when it has nothing to do right now unless she was doing the same s*** again, then bring it up to help her out for an intervention. other than that, why bring up her troubled yrs?
      AmbeRussell on youtube

      • irene46 November 15, 2012

        yeah. they even tried to blame her because ‘the voice’ was scheduled on the wednesday opposite the debut of x factor.

        since when does a station get called out for trying to protect their ratings let alone blaming the stars of the show?

        when it comes to christina the media are really hateful sh!theads.

  44. Auntie_Jackie November 14, 2012

    It’s the music she’s doing. She’s not 18 anymore and she’s overweight. She’s needs more mature music. The kiddies are NOT buying this album. They have other people to check for. Market yourself to adults christina (like Adele) and you bellyflop next time.

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 15, 2012

      Overweight ?!!!

      and Mentioning Adele at the same comment ?!!

      Basically adele sing ballads and love song ONLY , anyone like that s***, Kids , Adults , gays , trannies , etc …
      And Xtina Is a POP artist , she should market herself to different demographics and that what she did in “LOTUS” !

      did u listen to ” blank page” , “just a fool” , “empty words” ?!!! or u just did heard “your body” and judged the whole album based on your take on ONE SONG. 😯
      those songs i Mentioned are for adults as i am concerned and that still prove you are totally wrong , Xtina’s Problem is that she’s not in touch with reality and thinks ppl is still XD for her as they were in 2007 , But she doesn’t know she need to PROMOTE Properly cuz Life is not kind to anyone.

  45. BeyWhoUWanna November 14, 2012

    Why are the Mariah fans laughing. Didn’t her last album sell 56k first week?

    • MC November 14, 2012

      How about it debuted with 168,000 copies and sold 600,000+ in the U.S. and 1.5 mil in the world. Lets not lie here.

      • mr.m November 14, 2012

        How many countries did that cow travels to promote her desperate last flopped album?
        Tours (theaters not arenas cause she can’t sell tickets LOL +singles+videos) and still FLOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPED
        thats how you say the TRUTH 😀

      • MC November 14, 2012

        @mr.m Why are you kicking yourself in the balls? MOIA outsold Bionic’s world wide sales + Lotus in the USA ALONE. If she flopped, Xtina committed suicide.

        I f****** cannot at Lotus being outsold by twilight track (again —Bionic was too) and “The weekend” album, a person that had NO PROMO and is releasing an already released mixtape with 3 new songs (no one knows him), yet “Legentina” can’t snap at least 100,000 first week for such an artist? GTFO. You are so pressed lol. 😀 😀 😀 Its okay boo boo, I am not even mad at you at this point…..75-80k??!

      • mr.m November 14, 2012

        Why comparing MOIA to bionic?
        Whoriah sold 1 million WW after kicking herself to promote ALL OVER THE WORLD ..
        Bionic sold 1 million (2 singles only+ 2 weeks promo+ didn’t go out of the state at all) and still manage to sell 1 mill WW

        no comparison h** .. triumphant .. bye ;D

      • MC November 14, 2012

        Bionic sold ONE MILLION!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!! It has yet to touch 500,000 in the WORLD (Billboards). Mariah promoted in the U.S where Xtina also promoted but Mariah sold 600,000 in the U.S. + 1.5 million in the World (billboards)… keep on lying! LMFAO. Bionic is a TOTAL flop from head to to and Lotus is following.

    • JER November 14, 2012

      Mariah’s 5th album sold 10 million in the US honey and her last album sold 500k. She outsold XXLtina 15 years ago and she’s still outselling her today. POW

      • mr.m November 14, 2012

        when was that? when you born?

    • mr.m November 14, 2012

      LMAO XD
      Straight to the head

      • FAF November 15, 2012

        thank u !!! @MC stay getting dragged ! KI !


      • MC November 15, 2012

        @FAF Still sore after last dragging? Swallow your pride because I’ll hunt you down. 😀

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      I’m not gonna argue with Mariah stans. They won this time. KINDA. But triumphant is still a terrible song and a flop. They will deal.

      • JER November 15, 2012

        No one said Triumphant was a good song, it’s not it’s pitiful. And NO ONE thought Triumphant was a hit. If you did gurlbye because you wouldn’t know what’s hott if it burnt you down to the ground grrrrrrrllllllllllllllllllllllll

        IT’s the XXLtina stans that said “Love Your Double (Chin)” was not only the best song any female released this year but that it was FIRE and was gonna slay. gurlbye

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        @JER you can’t talk about no ones taste in music when you praise the most basic b****. BYE. And Your Body did slay Flopumphant on the charts. That’s a fact. “Grrrrl bye” get your life grade A f**.

    • Common Sense November 15, 2012

      Mariah fans are laughing because Mariah could take a s*** and it would outsell Xtincta’s floppy ass. So Triumphant flopped, big deal! Come Xmas time she’ll rake in the millions like she always does. What backup plan does Xtincta have?

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      People surch for a moment to hate

    • SHARON November 15, 2012

      Why are u bringing up mariah?? Are u seriously that pressed??? Mariah is a LEGEND and is worth more than xtina ever will be! Bionic was xtina’s 6th album and its only sold 310, 000 copies since its release. it hasnt even gone GOLD and its been over 2 years
      your body was a FLOP!! Didnt even make the top 20. lotus is already a flop with 70,000+ copies!
      Triumphant might have done bad on billboard but it did top the dance charts. Obsessed went PLATINUM and the album went GOLD! Remember this is mariah’s 12th ALBUM and she still managed to do that! Mariah’s made HISTORY! when will ur floppy ass fave??? Watch when christmas comes Mariah will still be getting dat money! probably more than xtina will get from lotus!!!

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      uh true

      • irene46 November 22, 2012

        bionic has sold 800k ww.


    poor xtina wow

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      She doesn’t need pity. She’s got an amazing life & is one of the best selling artists of all time! Something that can never be taken away from her 😀

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      I really think Christina really doenst care about these selling numbers

  47. Sugar Cane November 14, 2012

    Why are you guys confused? The masses are not interested in Christina Aguilera anymore. She has to PROVE herself. Judging one of Americas highest rated TV shows isn’t gonna get you album sales honey. “Your Body” was a catchy song, and it flopped because people simply aren’t checking for her…. She has to prove herself all over again. She has to grind like she’s a brand new artist. Maybe she should ask Pink what her secret is….

    • qwade November 14, 2012

      if only p!nk even liked her lol i bet she is enjoying how this year marked her first #1 album, while christina is floppin like never before . PINK is on her grind and Christina is on her pork grinds #ugh

      • FAF November 15, 2012

        And Kelly Clarkson new album is platinum b/c she PROMOTED she’s judging on a panel, too..

        it’s all about not being LAZY

        “Trouble” Flopped at first and so did “I’m Not dead” but pink continued to promote & they both got RIAA certified !

        Now she’s killing the charts !

        Chrstina better work, GWARL!

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      Same way I don’t think ppl were checking for Nelly Furtado.

    • Common Sense November 15, 2012

      Pink’s secret is she doesn’t think she’s some hot s*** legendary diva like Xtincta. She still works like she’s new to the scene. Xtincta acts like she’s on Mimi’s or Whitney’s level and she never has been and by the looks of her sales never will.

      • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

        Pink can only be so smug when she looks like a butch lesbian – *gags* not attractive at all! Christina is one of the best selling artists of all time… Pink isn’t!

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        @Common Sense does it really bother you christina thinks she is HOT s***?? So what?? And she doesn’t act like that or think she is on their level when she has praised them. You probably so jealous of her it seems that way. Such a bitter person you are. I wouldn’t be saying that if you didn’t hate on everyone on these blogs but it looks like you do.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      Really, pink did again, I never thought Pink could do it again like that

  48. qwade November 14, 2012

    smh FLOP watch this album increase a little tho on black friday flop or not i aint gon pass on a $5 xtina cd haha ill wait until next week to buy this flop . wow . maybe riri has a chance -_-

    • mobwife November 14, 2012

      I’ve been trying to tell folks that BLACK FRIDAY is the reason all of hese artists from Ne-yo (66k) to Xtina ( possible 60-80k) to Rihanna , NM, Ketshia Cole, AC/DC on down are releasing CDs this month!

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  49. SHARON November 14, 2012

    Imma need this b**** to find a time machine and go back to 2002. Yes, the time when christina was the s***!!! The promotion for the album was HORRENDOUSLY done. did she think the album was gonna succeed with one flop single?? does she really care?? i dont think she does! I just dont understand!!

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      agree to be honest

  50. qwade November 14, 2012

    i know P!NK is enjoying this news seemings, this year marks her first US, while her enemy christina is floppin like neva before #OHHshrugs

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      Pink looks like a butch lesbian – 100% not attractive *gags*and her new video idea has definitely come from Shakira’s music video “Did it Again”!!! That woman needs to get an original thought!

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      they are not enemies

  51. FAF November 14, 2012

    I don’t really like the album but I still like Xtina
    She should’ve promoted more

    u can’t go on Live w/ Katy & Hoda & not even sing -__-

    She’s comfortable on the voice but I think Shakira’s replacing her next yr 🙁

    Life goes on…

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      I excepted another typ

  52. QueenytheQueen November 14, 2012

    The queens that run this blog are too much with the shade they throw and talk about every b**** on here (Cassie, Rihanna). Trying being a legitimate music/blog site.. I keep coming back and I hate it, but I like the exclusives but can do without the constant shade and s*** talking. U queens are too much.


    Non-bitter/hating queen

  53. Mimi November 14, 2012

    you know your albums a flop when the INTRO is the best song on there -_- omg

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      There are some great songs on the album but with a lot of Christina songs, the more you hear them the more they grow on you! If you actually like her you will listen to the album more than once!

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  54. Lana Del Slay November 14, 2012

    Does anyone know how much Lana Del Rey’s Paradise sold? It was higher than Lotus on iTunes

    • mr.m November 14, 2012

      higher my ass!!
      that b**** is a has-been already LOL!
      her 15 mins are up .. bye

      • MRDIVABITCH November 14, 2012

        HAHA b****, you wish! Lana be slaying Christina vocally; solid low notes, beautiful warm middle, precise and THICK D6 😀

      • mr.m November 14, 2012

        Slaying Xtina vocally? this gotta be a silly joke xD
        LOL! how old are you? gurl bye

      • FAF November 15, 2012

        FUCKEN DEATH !! @ D6

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        Lana: boring ass tone Christina: very shouty voice but at least it raises hair on your arms. Lana could never.

      • Lana Del Slay November 15, 2012

        Her 15 min are up yet her EP is ahead of Xtina`s album. Sit all the way down

        And please, Lana has more range than Xtina and actually knows how to use it. You cant call anyone boring when Keri Hilson is the most basic b**** to ever touch a mic

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        I’m not a keri hilson stan but we all know lana couldn’t do runs. Think about that.And Lana? PLZ. She will never be an amazing singer. Keep reaching tho. It all depends on taste I guess. IMO I don’t find anything interesting about Lana’s voice. To each their own. And plz prove this “range” she has. All I hear is one tone. Boring and basic.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        and is she DEAD when she sings? That’s what it sounds like. KIII. Stop trying to make her happen. Adele(and I don’t even like her that much)>>Lana

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  55. NAYAH82 November 14, 2012

    Damn…She didn’t promote at all.

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      It’s not over yet. If she tours she’ll probably promote in each country while she’s touring there.

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012


  56. Sava November 14, 2012

    I would like to take a moment to personally thank That Grape Juice for confirming what I was already expecting: the LEGENDARY flop of FLOPTUS! Yes Xtina, you are a legend at flopping, because you even managed to beat the flop record you had with Floponic, after these two years of silence. Don’t be sad, this is a great moment in the history of Flop! *applauding*

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      You sound like a massive c*ck! Christina has already made her mark in the music industry and is one of the best selling artists of all time and that can never be taken away from her!

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  57. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 14, 2012

    I think with better promo and marketing techniques she would have done better. But like someone said 2002 was her year! She need to get Linda perry to write her more songs or sumthin. It’s ashame when talented ppl flop. But honestly who didn’t see this coming? She joins the flops like Brandy. Well actually at least ppl were checkin for Bran. Don’t recall anyone doing the same for xtina. The album is wack, her style is wack, and she needs better songs! I want to see her succeed but when she makes dumb decisions like not performing live and promoting, it’s no ones fault but hers and the label!!!!

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      Brandy was never a huge superstar. Christina is already one of the best selling artists of all time! (a title that can never be taken away from her!) Brandy who?

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        Brandy was a huge superstar. I can remember, I watched Moesha on german television !! She was everywhere in the past

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      I didn’t say brandy was a huge superstar. Reading is fundamental. I said ppl were checking for brandy because she was doing her promo right and she’s always had that likable factor to her name.

      • Xtinafan! November 16, 2012

        Brandy isn’t that likeable + she looks like E.T.! I personally think young kids/teenagers loved Christina’s first album. She lost some of them with the Stripped record because of her image/Dirrty etc – parents weren’t happy but gained new popularity and respect at the same time. People were still interested in her and anticipating B2B but think she aliented a lot of her uglier/skanky fans because when B2B came out she completely changed her look (in a classy way) and she seemed really happy – happily married & came across as kind of… perfect/untouchable. she was skinner (in a s*** way) & prettier than ever which I think made her less relatable and she seemed less vunerable & no-one could really say anything negative about her during this time… people were more in ore of her/intimidated by her and left her alone. & then i think bionic came too late, a few years earlier before gaga and i think it would have been a hit. i just think over time she’s gradually lost fans but i don’t really care i think she’s fantastic and as long as she keeps releasing albums, music videos & tours i’m happy!!!!!!! 😀

      • irene46 November 16, 2012

        so you’re saying most of christina’s fans were just an army of ugly/trashy/skanks? wow. way to support your fav xtinafan.

      • Xtinafan! November 17, 2012

        Obviously not all of them but I think the stripped era attracted a lot of skanky girls! And with B2B it probably alienated a lot of them! She looked fantastic/pretty much perfect during that time – & how many people can relate to perfection?!!!!!!!!!!!!! …….. It’s like she’s a difference person everytime she releases a new album – look, even personality a bit – i love it but think a lot of people cannot relate to her!

      • irene46 November 18, 2012

        she was able to sell 5 million cds at $18 a whop with her perfect look.

        other female artists look great and they manage to sell. besides this slouchy trailer park look doesn’t seem to be working for her and a lot of the fans on tgj hate it.

        i think a lot of fans can’t relate because the media created a hateful b**** image of her.

  58. Beyonce’s Weave November 14, 2012

    Well I bought the album and I’m satisfied with my purchase. The ballads on the album truly stand out but some other songs should not have been included. There are about 2 to 3 commercial songs so there’s still hope for the album. I believe it’ll do better than Brandy’s Two Eleven which, to be honest has bored me to death at the moment (3weeks after purchase).

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 15, 2012

      I’m happy i Bought it too.

      • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012


    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      hmmm intresting

  59. Kyle November 14, 2012

    I think it’s simple…people have lost interest in her. She’s not the reigning queen of pop like she used to be. Her album actually isn’t bad at all but it’s nothing to rave about either. It should’ve been called “Stripped Part Two.” To this day, I think her best era was “Back To Basics.” She had a lot of critical acclaim with that album and it just seemed like she really had her career in focus during that time.

    • FAF November 15, 2012

      She was never the queen of pop nor the princess, dear.. that was Britney Christina is the VOICE of our generation!!!

      • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

        Xtina and Brit were both the pop queens

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      Lotus can never be a stripped part 2. It simply does not possess that quality.

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 15, 2012

      i AGREE about the BACK to BASICS point.

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      It’s weird but everyone seemed to leave her alone during Back to Basics. I think she looked her best, she seemed happily married & i guess no-one could really say anything about her during that time… but she couldn’t stay doing that look/type of music forever….

      • irene46 November 15, 2012

        left her alone during the b2b era or ‘ignored’ her.

        the media went from ignoring her to going into full beat down mode. actually the dragging starting with her ‘keeps getting better’ album when they started claiming christina was ripping off lady gaga who few if any had even heard of.

        they (with the help of prez hilton) shifted their hate machine into high gear when ‘bionic’ was released.

        she still could have maintained a clean classy look even if she gained weight.

      • Xtinafan! November 18, 2012

        My last post wasn’t about the way she looked… the reason she’s not so popular any more is probably a combination of alienating fans, taking too long between albums, lack of radio airplay & promo, she can do an amazing live performance but tbh most of the time i’m dissapointed when she performs live, her voice can sound scratchy sometimes/she shouts and if i was impartial to her watching her perform a single live i don’t know if it would necessarily make me go and download the song, maybe also a bit of negative media but tbh she doesn’t do herself any favours a lot of the time + she does seem a lot more self obsessed than most artists – she should just team up with calvin harris & david ghetta and just bring out a great catchy song – modernise her a bit….. maybe people are bored of her singing about s**, being a fighter and how no-ones going to break her etc. she needs to get off her b*** and travel around the world promotingher album like her life depended on it!

    • Xtinafan! November 16, 2012

      I personally think young kids/teenagers loved Christina’s first album. She lost some of them with the Stripped record because of her image/Dirrty etc – parents weren’t happy but gained new popularity and respect at the same time. People were still interested in her and anticipating B2B but think she aliented a lot of her uglier/skanky fans because when B2B came out she completely changed her look (in a classy way) and she seemed really happy – happily married & came across as kind of… perfect/untouchable. she was skinner (in a s*** way) & prettier than ever which I think made her less relatable and she seemed less vunerable & no-one could really say anything negative about her during this time… people were more in ore of her/intimidated by her and left her alone. & then i think bionic came too late, a few years earlier before gaga and i think it would have been a hit. i just think over time she’s gradually lost fans but i don’t really care i think she’s fantastic and as long as she keeps releasing albums, music videos & tours i’m happy!!!!!!! 😀

      • irene46 November 16, 2012

        i still say they the media ignored her because they are christina haters and she was doing well while their “media darling” britney was spiraling downward.

        no one could really say anything bad about her? please. it’s been proven the media can always says something bad about her. make something up like always.

        oh,wait! i’ve got a better idea. maybe they could have said something good. her wedding, how well her double album was selling, she had a tour etc.

        don’t play down that a lot of the reason christina lost fans was because she was piled on by the media. bad press affects popularity and i don’t know anyone that’s had as much constant bad press as christina.

      • irene46 November 16, 2012

        @ xtinafan nov 15, 2012 816a…

        why do you think christina looking classy makes her unrelatable. bey, jlo, and even rihanna look classy and their fans have no trouble relating to them.

        in 2003 ( the marilyn monroe- lady marmalade eras) she looked great and fans loved her glamours look enough to spend $18 for her double album b2b.

        even britney who’s under a conservator looks good when she makes tv appearances.

        no matter how many copies your album sells christina, get your look together.

      • Xtinafan! November 17, 2012

        The media/a lot of artists praised Christina during B2B – I remember!!! I don’t mean to discrimiate but Beyonce is black and chunky, rihanna is attractive but she’s not pretty and i wouldn’t say the whole world loves jlo. christina looked ok when she first started doing the marilyn look but when she came back with B2B she looked incredible – she looked perfect- blonde hair,blue eyes, really skinny and to top it off had the best voice (imo). she was perfect and how many people can relate to perfection?!!!!!!!!!–1653–Christina%2BAguilera%2BPicture%2BGallery.html&docid=QrSodsrzZlhHaM&imgurl=,r:49,s:0,i:220&tx=51&ty=72

      • Xtinafan! November 17, 2012

        e.g. i doubt the majority of people who were badly bullied at school or discriminated because of their sexuality etc who could relate to songs like beauiful, keep singing my song etc and the vunerable-ish pretty but not perfect christina they saw in interviews who was criticized during stripped for weight gain/tacky image could suddenly relate to this perfect looking, super skinny happily married stunning barbie doll singing about her perfect life/husband ….

      • irene46 November 18, 2012

        you’re the only one on this post complaining about how good christina used looked. most want her to get her look together. if she lost fans from looking glamorous she could have lost as many looking a steaming mess.

        beyonce was voted the most beautiful woman in people magazine. i disagree about rihanna. she is very pretty and jlo is attractive. jlo looked better back in her pdiddy days and she was at her highes career wise. face it beauty sells.

        her fans may have fallen off because she 4 years between b2b and bionic. not to mention the all out hate campaign.

      • Xtinafan! November 18, 2012

        Well since the start of October I have heard “Your Body”played on the radio ONCE, I think it’s more to do with that and 0 promo because tbh Rihanna and Nicki both seem like b****** but people don’t care if they make good songs that are played 24 7 on radio and promoting them all around the world – magazine covers, radio/tv interviews/chat shows, performances etc etc. she should have released “Let There Be Love” first, i think radio stations would be playing that still and iy would have done so much better than “Your Body”. There are sooooo many amazing songs i hear on the radio/in clubs etc that i often think i WISH Christina would have released that or events/tv shows i love and christina is NEVER there. But maybe like Birtney she really doesn’t care anymore……. Who knows………..

      • irene46 November 18, 2012

        @ xtinafan!..

        when christina first hit the scene with ‘genie in a bottle’ and ‘what a girl wants’ she didn’t fall out trashy. she had a tiny figure, was cutsie cutsie and she pushed out albums by the truckloads.

        christina wasn’t heavy thru the entire stripped era. remember when she was wearing those chaps with her tiny ass popping out?

        when she came out with her “perfect look” that you seem to object to, she was able to sell about as many ‘b2b’ in dollar value as ‘stripped’ since ‘b2b’ cost about twice as much as ‘stripped’ ($18).

        you may object to an attractive christina but plenty did not.

      • Xtinafan! November 19, 2012


        My last post wasn’t about the way she looked… the reason she’s not so popular any more is probably a combination of alienating fans, taking too long between albums, lack of radio airplay & promo, she can do an amazing live performance but tbh most of the time i’m dissapointed when she performs live, her voice can sound scratchy sometimes/she shouts and if i was impartial to her watching her perform a single live i don’t know if it would necessarily make me go and download the song, maybe also a bit of negative media but tbh she doesn’t do herself any favours a lot of the time + she does seem a lot more self obsessed than most artists – she should just team up with calvin harris & david ghetta and just bring out a great catchy song – modernise her a bit….. maybe people are bored of her singing about s**, being a fighter and how no-ones going to break her etc. she needs to get off her b*** and travel around the world promoting her album like her life depended on it!

  60. ENOUGH ONIKA November 14, 2012

    “Oh NOW everyone wants to call it a flop. Where are the “Slaytina” stans??? I don’t get how ya’ll one minute wanna ride and curse people out over your alleged “fav,” THEN sales figures come out and there’s excuses and stans jumping ship like they were never stanning for them. ..Wtf kinda flip flop sh*t is that??”

    I stated back when the lead single “Your Body” came out how Christina’s image she keeps trying to push wasn’t cute or going to sell for a “mother” her age. It’s time to grow up and WEAR your big girl panties, commando is no longer for you. This era was poorly promoted with a tacky lead single, video and just a repeat of Bionic…

    • irene46 November 14, 2012

      i agree with putting these flip flop fans on blast. they probably won’t buy the cd either.

      the reason britney is able to sell her sh!t music is because she has die hard kick ass fans that don’t give a crap about how lame her songs are because…”it’s britney b****”.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 14, 2012

        Oh of course they won’t. TGJ “stans” just curse people out and bootleg their favs album anyway. The hype this site builds around artists is a joke. I bet 30% of readers and commenters actually “buys” music period.

      • irene46 November 14, 2012

        yeah. that probably explains why ‘bionic’ was the most downloaded album of the year to the tune of 15 mil.

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      People who troll websites and hate on people to the extreme have too much time on their hands and are clearly unhappy with themselves/their lives. christina has already made her mark on the music world, stripped in particular will always be one of the best albums ever made (imo). christina actually seems really happy at the moment, she’s got a great life, she’s done very well for herself & no-one can take everything she’s already achieved away from her!

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 15, 2012

        How does my comment correlate to hate?? It’s actually called truth as both the single and apparently the album were both slept on by the masses. I don’t dislike Christina nor do I wish for her to fail, I just don’t like her direction musically anymore because it seems she tries too hard to be viewed as a s** symbol. I think “stans” use the word “hate” too much and should spend less time trolling sites to defend their fav and go work on their comprehension skills so they can better decipher between hate and reality..

  61. mr.m November 14, 2012

    I’m a huge X fan and I’m disappointed in those number
    BUT to be real with the weak promo, it deserve it ..
    Anyway, the album have the factor to stay long on the charts
    FULL of singles material .. I’m SUUUURE!! it will rise through the weeks
    That’s it 😀


    • mr.m November 14, 2012

      love you haters! 😀 HA!

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      me too

  62. irene46 November 14, 2012

    anyone can tell by all the huge number gleeful negative comments on this post that there’s far more going on here than bad promotion, christina’s not so great appearance and dislike for the album

    the vicious hate campaign that shedded this girl’s image and seemingly her music career ain’t goin’ away. that’s really sad.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      Lets take a walk down memory lane to stripped. You know why that was an epic album? It lived up to it’s hype. The lead single “dirty” definitely went with her edgy look she was trying to sell. The vocals were amazing, songs were pop classics. Seriously, you can name all the songs from that album and not one were bad. Back to basics as well had that special charm. Somewhere she fell off with bionic and with Lotus I don’t think she’s ever gonna come back to relevancy. :((( SAD. I was rooting for her.

      • irene46 November 15, 2012

        i don’t like her singing with that electro pop sh!t.

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      Dirrty didn’t do well in the states but that’s still my favourite fast song of hers ever!!!

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        but it did very well everywhere else

  63. Mark79 November 14, 2012

    If Keyshia does these same #’s next week, we’ll get a barrage of posts talking about how black/R&B fans don’t support their music and would rather illegally download instead. So what’s Christina excuse for her underwhelming 1st week sales? Last week Aerosmith sold only 50k-something. Where are the posts about how white people don’t buy music or support their artists?

    I think it’s obvious that the music business is dying for everyone.

    These days you almost have to try and appeal to everyone from ages 16 to 60 in order to break even.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 14, 2012


    • mobwife November 15, 2012

      DAMN…..checks box for –> ALL OF THE ABOVE! 🙂

      YES, we’ve seen post after post. Billlboard took shots at Chris Brown and dragged Usher into because they had to pretend to be fair seeing that Usher is well loved and receives nothing but media fanfair and love yet underperformed inspite of it! They accused them both of “selling out” becuase their CDs contained Pop/Dance Music. I thought htis was crazy as they both are DANCE ARTISTS so what if they made a few cuts to dance to 0_o?

      ***I NEVER SAW A SIMILAR POST for any of the Country, Rock or Pop artists (Carley Rea Jespe’s 300 Billion hits on youtube for her songle yet ONLY sold 15k)!

    • FAF November 15, 2012

      Aerosmith has crossed the give-a-damn meter of success..

      once u reign since the 80s there is no need to strive for chart positions

      Patti labelle & Aretha dont care about going platinum, they make music for the JOY !!!

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      I have to admit that I m not surprises either

  64. Lolax November 14, 2012

    well is just the first week of sales its all about 1d i will buy lotus and paradise the next week hope xtina improve her sales

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012


  65. diob November 14, 2012

    This does make me sad but honestly I’m not surprised there has been no promo. She should have promoted it more. She needs to leave RCA with the quickness. They obviously don’t care about her.

    Taylor Swift can sell because she markets to a younger audience so can One Direction. Christina just doesnt have the appeal anymore. As much as I love her (hints the Avi) It just isn’t going to happen for her any longer. She is truly talented but unless people like her she isn’t going to sell. I think Lotus is a great album but no one knew about it. Im not saying she would have sold like Adele (which is so overrated its ridiculous) but she would have done better than this. I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles.

    • mobwife November 15, 2012

      Hell who is Adele under, she needs to go there? RCA is all as* as a label when it ocmes to promoting musical artists IMO!

      • diob November 15, 2012

        @mobwife RCA is terrible. like last week I was tweeting RCAPromo like crazy about how disappointed I was in the way Lotus was being promoted. She has a good album on her hands and it could have done well if she had promoted it. I am so sick of the voice its crazy. This stupid ass contract about her having to perform on the voice first is stupid. its not helping her at all.

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012


  66. i feel freedom November 14, 2012

    how can an album be a flop because it has a bad opening sales week? is that what a flop is now-a-days? only straight up children care about FLOPS and album sales… if you like an artist… what the f*** is it to you if they are selling millions of copies or just one single copy? i don’t get how that makes a difference honestly, unless people are dying to be one huddled mass of drooling idiots who all listen to the most popular music on earth for no other reason other than it sells well. christina will get a grammy for this cd, for female pop vocal and all of you haters can suck a big d***. she BEEN getting money and your hungry salty asses shading the wrong b****. imma light a candle for your b**** asses tonight tho.

    • FAF November 15, 2012

      I liked your comment b/c of your name :D… #SLAYNIKA

    • Girl007Bond November 16, 2012

      yess truee

  67. Nichole November 14, 2012

    I finally heard Lotus, and the album is HORRENDOUSLY AWFUL.

    Wtf was Christina, and her team thinking? Lotus is a complete joke, and the only hot song on that entire album is the intro. My Gawd.

    Christina and her team needs to regroup cus this girl needs some serious musical therapy. Sad.


    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      Yeah you’re right. Lotus the intro was good. Too bad it wasn’t a complete song.

  68. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 14, 2012

    Y someone gotta be a flip flopper just cuz they heard the album and didn’t like it?? It’s an opinion. Doesn’t mean I hate her. I just don’t like the album. It’s boring. Stfu with ur assumptions!

    • irene46 November 14, 2012

      the flip floppers are the ones that came on hard about how christina was gonna slay and how she was going to put lessors in their place.

      they came on like devout christina lovers thru thick and thin. well, when sh!t got thick they thinned out.

      no one’s calling out the hopefuls and well wishers. they didn’t really commit by talking sh!t.

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        Hmm ok. I love xtina. But she slacked this era. I was hoping better from her. :/ Back to basics and stripped remains her best work!

      • irene46 November 15, 2012

        i agree but ‘bionic’ also grew on me.

        maybe lotus will too. i’ve decided i’m going to buy it when it goes on sell on black friday just to support her (wow. sounds like something crazy a britney stan would do…lol).

  69. It’s Utterly Bizaar! November 14, 2012

    This is really sad. I was rooting for her to make a massive comeback. I hope it does well if she gets the promotion going.

    I am happy though that she made this new album for her fans and I greatly appreciate that. <3

  70. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 14, 2012

    As a long time Christina fan, who was absolutely EXCITED about “Lotus,” I must say that the album is simply a disappointment.

    I don’t care about sales. Never have/never will. This album simply does not deliver. If other X fans enjoy it, please continue. It’s just not for me.

    Maybe she should just go ahead and release “Let There Be Love” ( I cannot stand that song) & give herself a chance at the charts.

    Honestly, I like “Birds of Prey” from “Bionic” more than anything on this album.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      took the words out of my mouth. Co-sign.

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 15, 2012


      GWORL BYE. *in a ghetto-ish accent*

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        Do you even read the reviews and majority have ppl said the album is crap. Too bad your ears are polluted.

  71. Jordan November 14, 2012

    I bought it. It was pretty nice, extremely different from BIONIC.

    I feel like both albums could be combined cause they both have hits and fillers.

    Anyway, she is acting like she doesn’t even have an album out. No promotion whatsoever.

  72. AmbeRussell November 14, 2012

    WOW i am shocked. not by the numbers, but how many ppl are waiting to see some1 fail. now that is a hater. talking about her weight and flop after 1 week predictions. give it a month before u call something a flop. she is 10+ yrs into her career and is not in the same part of her career like a katy perry, rihanna or beyonce (bey as a solo artist is new than christina) she is past her peak and we all know that. but damn floptina, xxxtina etc is kinda rude and just shows no matter what she does, she is living her life and doesnt know ur name but u know hers enough to wait to see her sales to comment on them. and to me, that says that u have no life n just a hater. then thumbs down any1 who comments something positive about the album. get off the computer and do something productive instead of being a true hater.
    anyways im not surprised by the sales. yes she is on the voice, BUT she hasnt performed or talked about the album. jlo was on idol n look at her album sales… she didnt promote, only performed 2 times if u count jimmy kimble show. she needs to step it up and promote. it is the sales/holiday season, so maybe she can get voice fans into xtina fans to buy her music and there are a ton of radio friendly songs on it. the album is ok, some great ongs, too many similar themes to the songs…
    AmbeRussell on youtube

    • FAF November 15, 2012

      Katy perry next album will flop…. watch

      • LTM November 15, 2012

        LMAOOO!!!! She will outsell Tranny Garbaj, thats a promise 😉

      • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

        @LTM oh your unknown hate against Nicki is questionable. Katy is no better than minaj. You only on a bandwagon for katy cuz of her sales. Trust me. Other than that there is NOTHING interesting about that chick. U can’t compare a rapper and a cheesy a pop singer/ Madonna/gaga wannabe.

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        I think so too, it will flop

      • LTM November 15, 2012

        Sorry sweetheart but ive been a fan since 2008 and been stanning on TGJ since 2010. I am by no means a bandwagon fan.

        Nicki is just as much of a rapper as Ke$ha, Cher Lloyd, or Karmin. She is a pop artist. And death at Katy being a Gaga/Madonna wannabe when 1. One copies the other and 2. She is nothing like them.Keep reaching sis

      • SHARON November 18, 2012

        i agree! Katy will not have the same success gaga might have that people are applying but gaga and katy are two different atists! they sound nothing alike their music is different and they both have different artistic flairs to their music!

    • mobwife November 15, 2012

      Yeah sure but if I’m not mistaken you too have dragged some folks abt their music or a media generated lie about them! …..

      Xtina has nothing but positive press. I’ve seen inteviews and polls indicating that she’s the fan favorit on the Voice! Let’s be honest. She was the 1st name mentioned for the “Sandy relief effort”. She was the 1st named mention for the AMAs. She has interviewed on varrious talk shows. I mean where is the MAMMOTH MEDIA EFFORT AGAINST HER? Where are the stickers across her CD? Where are the fake as* blog entries teraing her down abt made up lies? Where are the tweets by has beens trying to to get media attention? Where are the feminist DOGS – all fo whom should be laid out to pasture -dragging up her teen past or drucken state as of last yr? She should have performed better period! Adele is WHITE & FAT so what’s the excuse?

      • mobwife November 15, 2012



      • AmbeRussell November 17, 2012

        adele came onto the scene fat, but bc chris gained her’s its a big difference. also, over the summer the wanted calling her a b****, her “not hugging” justin bieber, her gaining weight, kelly osbourn dissing her (though there was never any proof of christina calling kelly fat but kelly said she did), her defending the voice after simon dissed it, and i only comment on what has evidence, or is enough true, never posted anything degating about any1 or hateful. never have a called chris brown a women beater, nor said rihanna had a big forehead, or beyonce is a thief lier, or brandy is a murderer, or called any1 a flop. there is a difference between me saying chris brown is dating 2 girls at once and say christina aguilera had a dui bc it is proven she didnt when she wasnt driving.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      True! I may tell the truth about Rihanna that the stans don’t like to hear but I don’t go as far as them. Just evil ass queens, jealous f***, etc is all they are. Forgot there is a lot of gays on this site and over the top queens. SMH.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      @LTM good for you you’ve been a stan of Shitty Perry. She’s always been just as fake and manufactured as the next. Only thing is she has nothing going for her. Cheap bubblegum music, terrible live performances. At least gaga says she loves madonna and gaga is an actual performer. And yes nicki is originally a rapper. Not a pop singer so those two will never go hand in hand. She does pop music because it’s current and wants to prove that she can spread her brand in other ways. And nicki getting more press right now. I don’t hear nothing about the other bland b****. Keep reaching tho. Gaga will always be twice the superstar katy perry wishes she was.

      • irene46 November 15, 2012

        @ mobwife nov 15, 2012 1230p…

        do you really think a minute or two of positive press is going to make up for all the wretched dragging and pounding she took from the ‘bionic, gaga and burlesque era’?

        the seared the image of the b**** of the music industry into the minds of the public and that’s about impossible to erase.

        btw, the commercial for the ama’s i saw showed christina as in the “and many others” lineup.

        if she’s opening the show they’re doing a good job of hiding that too.

        she’s waited until the album’s release to start heavy promotion (if you want to call it heavy). what kinda crazy mess is that?

  73. danny b November 15, 2012

    Flop after flop after flop. Now this is just getting redundant and I’m putting no type of sales expectations on anyone’s “comeback” album from here on out.

    Monica, Ne-Yo, Brandy, Usher, and now Xtina. I’m over it. It’s clear that our generation of hitmakers has now passed and I guess it’s just time to accept it. The industry now belongs to the likes of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Katy Perry, etc etc.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      LOL. I don’t f*** wit today’s young acts. They have NOTHING on the talents a decade ago (except britney. She’s always been shitty). I’m not a hater. Just telling it like it is. Thank god I don’t have kids that would make me listen to that crap. Hopefully music will get better. Hope it doesn’t get worse as the years progress.

  74. aishaaguilerakeys November 15, 2012

    I’m not suprised w/ these figures, but I think it’s because she’s too busy w/ theshow, she’s waiting for it to end to start promoting the album. She should have taken out the album after the show ended, not before.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      yap, right. agree

  75. KD November 15, 2012

    This post is filled with first class c****…rejoicing when people fail…how low can people get. Having said that however I did not like the album. Christina should no better…what was she thinking recording songs like: Shut Up, Red Hot Kinda Love etc. etc.

    • LaLa November 18, 2012

      Red Hot Kinda Love is Cool!!! but I agreed on Shut Up. ;p

  76. LoveHoney November 15, 2012

    Ya’ll do the most

    1. She is contracted to the Voice until Dec. so it’s not like she can fly to NYC or internationally when the voice is live to promote the album.

    2. She’s done radio interviews, talk shows etc and let it be know Lotus is out Nov 13th.

    3. She debuts with this set at # 4 (that’s amazing) .

    4. How can you call an album a flop with only a 2 day release.

    5. She’s got a Datine Special on Friday on NBC & the AMAs on Sunday with promo lined up in Dec.

    6. Next week “Just a Fool” will be sent to radio ads for both Country, Pop, & AC

    This album is fresh and nice from intro to ending, and it’s hands down the best pop album released this year. Y’all act like she pulled a Nelly – for hardly little promo coming in I think it’s a good little set up to the future of Lotus.

    Call it a flop if you want but I will stand by any artist who puts something out and stands by her vision and art, and doesn’t sell out for a hit. Christina is one of a handful of artist that will always be “IT” in my book.

    Lotus is amazing, and you hating ass people will deal with Xtina owning your blog lives.

    Goodnight & God bless


    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      I don’t stan for chart positions like others. All i care about is good music and if you think Lotus is good well that’s ur opinion but it’s not epic compared to her first 3 albums. That’s just a little truth.

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 15, 2012

      i liked that.

  77. LoveHoney November 15, 2012

    It’s also fun to see all this hate come from 2 places

    A. The Ciara fans & B. The Rihanna fans

    Literally Ciara has no musical hope – how many flop albums has she released, and 2 when Rihanna doesn’t book that number 1 album next week, I will be the first in here dragging the Navy for dear life.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      the navy gets dragged anyways. But I will not be surprised when it’s not number 1. I don’t think it will be. She puts out material too fast for ppl to digest it. The opposite of xtina: overwhelming in promotion when ppl are not that crazy about her in the first place like the navy seems to think.

      • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 15, 2012

        keri hilson’s only stan said whut ? 😈

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 15, 2012

      @Pop Not a keri hilson stan dumbass. It’s just a username. What does that have to do with me reading the navy to filth which I am ALWAYS gonna do when they try to drag talented ppl??

  78. FLOPTUS = BLOATUS November 15, 2012

    LOL @ all the lame excuses from the xtina stans. The same stans that called other artists flops. Now that Ms Karma gas come to visit, they wanna play victim and play saints. B**** please! HeftyTina flopped, accept it & move on.

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      You sound like an absolute c*ck!

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      It´s not Christinas false

  79. JOHNVIDAL November 15, 2012

    One Direction are going to debut with 500,000 copies?????? So everybody and their mamás are flopping left and right and the only ones doing big numbers in the whole year are Taylor Swift and One Direction?????????
    RIP decent commercial music

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 15, 2012

      gay direction is what u gonna call ” hot right now” , just like justine.

      • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

        It´s kinda stange how time has changed

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      uh :/

  80. JOHNVIDAL November 15, 2012

    People be honest and stop hating. Xtina doesn´t deserve to flop time after time. There are lots of worse artists doing better
    She and her label should have promoted more obviously

    • Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 15, 2012

      ^^ THIS.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      Thank you !

  81. Pop Royalty (The International Navy’s Representative) November 15, 2012

    NOW i hope BASIC B****** who always Play with the race Card and the infamous ” cuz he/she is black” have several seats , Being Unlucky has nothing to do with your skin color , it is how hard you work for it and how you and your team are well-organized.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ November 15, 2012

      If you think for one second that race has NOTHING to do with album sales, you are being delusional. You can have the most savvy marketing team coupled with great material and a great work ethnic and you still may not do well. And GENRE makes all the difference.

      You CANNOT use Christina’s first week sales to justify your argument. It makes no sense. Apples to Oranges.

      When people call attention to race in the music industry, they are not “playing the race card,” they are pointing to facts. And when people call attention to how light skinned African American artists are treated differently than darker skinned African American artists, they are also pointing to facts.

      Facts that are sad but true.

  82. Lily November 15, 2012

    Fat ass flop just like I called it. No one likes her fat bad attitude having wanna be diva clogged ateries h**. She better do like Jessica Simpson and get a shoe line oops never Mind that would flop too. Stick a fork in her flabby ass shes done irrelevant nothing!!!

    • Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

      Why are you so angry? Leave her alone for christ sake!

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      You really have to be lucky in your live 😀

  83. Joya November 15, 2012

    The lesson we’re learning lately is that having an extensive past as a hit maker isn’t enough to lure people out to buy your new s***. Christina, Brandy, Usher, Nelly Furtado, etc. have released albums this year thinking that their past success had built them enough credit and good will to inspire interest from the masses. And that used to be more the case, but something is happening lately that’s making this not as true anymore.

    It’s f***** up that these artists who’ve already paid dues to establish their fame and have already sold millions can’t rely on their name value as much these days and have to damn near hustle like they did in the beginning…but blame that on the fact that the premiere buying demographic now are 90s babies were very young when they were peaking and don’t have as much of an emotional connection to them as 70s and 80s babies who were coming of age at the time.

    • Beck November 15, 2012

      The question is WHERE are those 70’s and 80’s babies then??? Where did all the people who bought Stripped, Never Say Never and Confessions go??? If you have a hard time selling to dizzy kids born after 1995 who only know Gaga, Rihanna and Katy as pop stars, then REJUVENATE the fans who were actually around for your good ol’ days and bought your old stuff. They’re not doing that. They want those young kid sales. Why I don’t even know, since it’s a known fact that teens today don’t even buy cd’s. Teens today would rather just go on iTunes and download individual tracks for their ipods & phones and that’s why Rihanna and Gaga don’t sell like Janet and Madonna did back in the day. The 25+ crowd still actually buys cd’s, so that’s who they should be chasing.

      • Joya November 15, 2012

        The 25+ crowd are now grown and don’t spend their days at TGJ reading updates on the new Xtina and Brandy albums. They have jobs, kids, bills and other things that command their attention and money than a CD. Yes, they are more likely to buy instead of illegally downloading, but people over 30 tend to not listen to top 40 as much and scrutinize music being worth their money more than teenagers do.

  84. Xtinafan! November 15, 2012

    I honestly think her biggest fans are all grown up, married, out at work, children etc . Unless I searched for her on the internet I would have no idea she even had a new album out, I’ve not heard her song on the radio, not seen her on any tv shows in my country and not seen any commercials on the tv promoting her album. i think if radio stations were playing her new song as much as they play rihanna, one direction, katy perry etc and we were seeing commercials, posters etc etc and she was on every television show performing and promoting she would be selling a whole lot more than she is. She’s already made her mark in the music industry and i actually think now she really doesn’t really care who likes her/how much she sells etc which is a shame because i miss seeing her everywhere! 🙁 Becasue if she did care she would be doing more about it!!! During Stripped she came over to the UK while Dirrty was out and performed it on so many shows aswell as Get Mine, Get Yours, Beautiful and Impossible and even during Back to Basics she did quite a bit of promo over here aswell. It’s since she’s had her son she doesn’t seem to leave the country much! I even think if she had still travelled around the world promoting Bionic it would have done so much better, maybe not as well as Stripped but it would have sold a hell of a lot more than it did because it’s not a bad album! I don’t care too much about how much she sells I’m just praying she tours the world with this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      that´s bad

  85. Talk That S***! November 15, 2012

    I don’t know why yall are jumping X-tina , same s*** is going to with Rhianna, Beyonce, in a few more years. It’s called getting older in the pop world.

  86. Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

    Hey everyone, we have to support real talend!!

    • irene46 November 15, 2012


  87. *Diamond* November 15, 2012

    Wow that’s pretty lackluster 🙁 it’s sad to see the artists I grew up listening to, struggling to sell records. I guess everyone has their time…..

  88. Mad-On-Her November 15, 2012

    It’s an amazing album, the best album I’ve bought this year. Maybe Christina has stopped caring about sales? I think she cares less about her own sales than half the people on this blog.

    • Girl007Bond November 15, 2012

      agree ..

  89. jesus November 15, 2012

    Y’all need me..

  90. mc the place to be!! November 15, 2012

    whats going on with these big singers and these low album sales i seriously think its just the fans because one direction has them fans!!! they broke the record of having the most ppl come to the today show so that number they’re selling im not even surprised but xtina come on yall if yall dont buy these ppl albums they wont be able to put out the music you all love in the end whether the music is bad or not its really about support first week sales dont mean much but ppl you gotta buy stuff!!

  91. Johndoe November 15, 2012

    Promotion is not the reason why Xtina’s album is flopping. Christina Aguilera is the reason why Christina Aguilera’s album is flopping.

    We never really knew who the real Christina Aguilera was. We knew she had a good voice, which set her apart from Britney Spears back in 1999-2001. It is like we saw a different Xtina on each album. On her first album we saw a teenage girl with a voice. On Stripped we saw a women who has grown up, despite looking like she came out of a trailer park. On Back to Basics we saw a woman who had an old school feel to her music. Things worked out alright up until that point. Upon releasing Back to Basics, she should have stuck with singing soulful music following that album. However, that album did not need to be a two-disc album. She did not need the second disk. It took away from the quality of the first disk. In 2010 she released Bionic, which was phoney and it was just a really lousy album. She came across as someone who was trying desperately to fit in with the younger artists. At this point no one knew who the real Christina Aguilera was. Now on Lotus, it feels like she is trying to create “Stripped 2.0” and it does not feel honest. We still do not know the real Xtina. In a way Christina Aguilera is kind of like Mitt Romney. Did we know the real Mitt Romney? No. Same goes for Xtina.

    It has been 13 years since she came on the scene and we do not know who the real Christina Aguilera is. It has been this way for years. This caused her to lose fans. Her annoying attitude, ego and constant use of s** appeal did not help her retain fans. She lost fans because of those things.

    I know her stans like to go on and on about her voice. She had a good voice. Once she started belting and screaming, the quality of her voice declined. Doing that hurt her voice. Today in 2012 she has a pretty lousy voice because she has strained it out.

    • irene46 November 15, 2012

      she lost a lot of followers because the media went all out savage on her and created an ugly wretched image of her.

      they ripped her every project from bionic to her movie burlesque even though there was plenty of positive press they could have focused on…her charity work and appearances, her star on the walk of fame, her great aretha franklin tribute, her movie that did fairly well but the labelled it a flop ( i read it’s profits are up to $170,000,000), and her burlesque soundtrack that sold pretty wel.

      when an artist is ignored and then pounded it has an affect on public perception and can shatter a career.

    • MUSICHEAD November 19, 2012


  92. MRDIVABITCH November 15, 2012

    *Does victory dance while it rains blood from the Christina stans being slaughtered*

    • J November 16, 2012


  93. J November 16, 2012

    Nobody likes her so nobody buys her music.. really simple

  94. XTINAforev November 16, 2012

    Ugh! Common peeps. 75K in the first week of release might be a flop but let’s give her few more months. Who knows? Anything could happen. Then if 3 months from now people forget about the album, so what? We dont care if the album flops!!

    Xtina flops. Xtina is fat. she’s a b****. She’s rude. She cracks a note. Again, so what? SI know, You know, WE ALL KNOW that she’s a SINGER, has the talent and has the voice to hit notes that nobody can and Im gonna keep on listening to her songs no matter what.. even if i reach 80 years old.

    To all you effing haters. Go fukking spin around on her middle, middle fukking finger!!

    • MRDIVABITCH November 17, 2012

      “[She] the talent and has the voice to hit notes that nobody can”

      Monica Naranjo, Beyonce, Anastacia, Vanessa Amorosi, SoHyung, etc beg to differ

  95. rigo November 17, 2012

    i personally assume that Chistina will go on tour and that will be her way of promoting her album ala Madonna with MDNA. artist who has a long career dont have to do all the crazy unnecesary tv apeareance, awards shows, anymore cuz its wast of time. tour is where money is, so

  96. MUSICHEAD November 19, 2012

    Christina Aguilera has an image issue. She is not likable and does not have a very strong fan base. She is an enigma in pop music. So much of her publicity lately has been negative…so much so that she really needs to soften her image. She also hurts herself by taking so much time off between albums. And where are the hits? I remember back in the day when a label would require a hit single before they released a high profile album. What ever happened to that?

    • irene46 November 22, 2012

      i agree with a lot of what you say. her fan base is weak and tends to cut and run under negativity. they don’t fight for her like britney fans. although britney hasn’t been consistently hammered her fans go all out savage when she’s criticized.

      as far as hits, her songs are every bit as good as the other mess being feed to the public by gaga, ke$ha, kate perry, beyonce and definitely britney.

      she needs to get that look together and even if she still flops, looking good is some of the best revenge.

  97. Disko November 20, 2012

    The truth of the matter is Christina Aguilera is all over the TV and no one cares. She isn’t likeable. Crusty people like her. Her lack of shape is sad. I really pity her. She’s just been a train wreck so long. You would think someone with that potential could have made something special out of it but it’s just blah. The fact that she’s been around 15 years should mean she doesn’t need that much promotion. She should sell albums pretty easily. The fact of the matter is she doesn’t really have anything that she’s made that in 20 years people will care about. Instead of wasting time talking about the fallen why not find some new talent that aren’t be pushed by corporate agendas. None of the people on the radio are all that great.

    • irene46 November 22, 2012

      the media has succeeded in bringing her to the point of no return. she positive things surrounding her that could have been the focus such as all the humanitarian work she’s done for years that is just now coming to light.

      she’s not helping her image by looking like an overweight rag-a-muffin. even if she doesn’t lose weight (which she should) she could still be fat and fashionable. stop dressing like she has the body of madonna.

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