New Song: Christina Aguilera – ‘Blank Page’

Published: Saturday 3rd Nov 2012 by David

It’s finally here!

After receiving rave reviews from critics (including yours truly) who were fortunate enough to hear her new LP ‘Lotus’ this week, Christina Aguilera releases the stunning number ‘Blank Page‘.

Prepare to moved below…


With a voice that sometimes runs the risk of being strained, Aguilera shines brightest on cuts like these, boasting a conviction and restraint that makes for a moving listen, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a fan.

‘Hurt‘ without being ‘Hurt’, ‘Blank Page’ is undoubtedly the strongest piece on the project,standing strong as a ‘Classic Christina’ cut without ever sounding dated or cliche.

With ‘Lotus’ due out on the 9th, we’d say this is the perfect ‘commercial’ for a project which has no choice but to score critical acclaim with numbers as strong as this on board.

In short, we love it and hope there are plans to throw it on iTunes like…now!

Your thoughts?

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  1. D November 3, 2012

    her albums out in 2 weeks and i’m seeing a tiny bit of promo i don’t see it doing very well which is sad is christina the new ciara

    • Sleazy November 3, 2012

      Ppl must stop coming for my 2 favs Christina and Ciara.. This sounds amazing Stunning

    • MELODY2012 November 3, 2012

      Beautiful voice, whack promo….she’s going to flop. Why do these stars start promoting 5 days before the album drops….

      • D November 3, 2012

        thats what i mean i love her and ciara its just a shame about how ther are being managed

  2. Blink November 3, 2012

    In tears, my Xtina is back! Amazingly beautiful song! Thanks to Sia also for writing it!

    • yeah November 3, 2012

      I know right

  3. Peter November 3, 2012

    Perfection. It’s truly a masterpiece. The best ballad from Christina since Beautiful 🙂

  4. @091094_ Twitter November 3, 2012

    Lovely this is amazing, I will be buying Lotus, Follow me i follow back 🙂

  5. G. November 3, 2012

    That Was Beautiful

  6. Miss frappe November 3, 2012

    OMG I freaking love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Robinoost November 3, 2012

    Very well done ! 🙂

    As far as i heard this will be an album with many different songs which is amazing !

    Christina Aguilera : You alway’s deliver good work for the fans ! Thanks !

  8. Me November 3, 2012

    I’m speechless !!!

  9. HoneyB November 3, 2012

    AMAZING *crying*

  10. christinastherealtalent November 3, 2012

    This will undoubtedly put Christina back on top and where she belongs! They need to release this ASAP because it will be a huge hit.

    Simply beautiful!

  11. RoyalKev November 3, 2012

    That was outstanding! It makes me sad that great artists & real music like this struggles to make the impact today that so many generic songs do.

  12. SHARON November 3, 2012

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! <3

  13. all4u1 November 3, 2012

    Christina, by far, has one of the best voices in the world. I understand that she doesn’t want to deliver polished, safe vocals all the time. Therefore, she conveys soulful raw emotion when she sings.

    Only a true music lover would be able to understand that. This is a beautiful song from a true vocalist.

  14. Spunkypoop November 3, 2012

    This b**** is Sanginggg For her Life!!! Let me bow down to the Icon!

  15. DIOB November 3, 2012

    Christina Christina Christina why must you do this to me????? You did not have to snatch the Little bit of hair I had in my head off!!!!

    But no really this was beautiful. This is definitely her strongest ballad since Hurt. I may even say this tops hurt. (long shot I know) but this was so refreshing and just beautiful and haunting and many other amazing adjectives.

  16. AmbeRussell November 3, 2012

    this is the kind of music christina should be releasing in this time in her life. she wants to be the voice of the generation, but you can’t have a title like that with “NMT” or “Your Body” type of songs. this though, this is what she needs. some1 said before she needs to have more ballads to put her on the level of the Whitney/Mariah/Aretha/etc of the world, and this is what she needs as her 2nd single perfect for winter, perform on snl with your body

    • Hex November 3, 2012

      “she wants to be the voice of the generation, but you can’t have a title like that with “NMT” or “Your Body”…”

      She already is and she didnt want anything…she was given that title by RS and many others…the voice of a generation is her and she doesnt need to stick to ballads to own that….the voice of a generation can do all types of music and genres thats why she is The Voice

  17. Xadax November 3, 2012

    @MRDIVABITCH where are you? Are you still spinning around in circles on Xtina’s middle finger?

    • mr.m November 3, 2012


      • Benji November 3, 2012

        as am i….

  18. lostones November 3, 2012

    wow this song should be #1 like 2moro on billboard 100..why wasnt this her 1st single this is a beautiful record!!

    • Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 3, 2012

      gworl stop!

  19. mobwife: Easy Breezy Baby November 3, 2012

    Nice song but who didn’t see this “OPPORTUNITY” to release a new song after last evenings performance? 0_o

  20. MC (Benron is the best husband eva) November 3, 2012

    This song is very beautiful and she sang it so simply, elegantly, and beautifully. Congratulations and good job to Xtina. This song is just……….wow. She just needs to promote now to ensure success because her material, as of now, is really solid.

  21. Miguel November 3, 2012


    You call that scream @ 3:40 restraint?


    Nice effort, but her vocal delivery is all over the place

    Certain parts soft and sweet, I like those, the ones where she screams and her voice is throaty, not so much.

    • Benji November 3, 2012

      It’s called growth and depth… She could have covered all the imperfections up with auto-tune or pro-tools… But not Xtina… That’s why she is such a a great singers… It’s about raw talent…

  22. E=MCSlayed November 3, 2012

    Mariah would have done this better. Christina still doesn’t know how to reign those pipes in after all these years. I UM A BLAAAAAAAAAAANK PAAAAAYGE.

    • mr.m November 3, 2012

      triumphant .. bye

      • all4u1 November 3, 2012

        Mr M.

        Can you repeat that again? LOL

    • Benji November 3, 2012

      Um I’ll love Mariah till the day I die, but that verse in her lower register would have been all breath and whisper… Xtina is singing about her life here….

      • theman November 4, 2012

        Mariah’s lower register is incredible. What are u talking about.

  23. mr.m November 3, 2012

    THE VOICE! <3

      • Sci November 3, 2012

        Every one has they’re own opinion.

      • MC (Benron is the best husband eva) November 3, 2012

        Its not a matter of opinion. It simply is. Whitney Houston, whether you agree or not, is the one and only voice. You may personally like her or not, she is still going to be the voice. Madonna has sold 300 million records ww. that is not an opinion, it doesn’t vary from person to person, its an undisputed fact. Good bye.

      • Sci November 3, 2012

        @MC ,
        EXAMPLE : Madonna sold 300 million, that’s true and is back up with facts
        Arguing whether or not if Christina or Whitney has a better voice? is an OPINION.
        There is no way to determine who has a better VOICE it all depends on the Listener. THANK YOU =)

      • MC (Drake is better than Benwhore) November 3, 2012

        Baby, its not up to dispute who is a better vocalist. Whitney >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Xtina. It really doesn’t matter what you think of her of if you think she deserves it or not. Whitney is and will always be the voice just like Michael Jackson is the king of pop, Madonna is the queen on pop, etc. You really need to grasp this little detail and learn to deal with this. You can love Xtina all you want but she can never be the voice. Good bye.

    • mr.m November 3, 2012

      ONE AND ONLY VOICE? f*** you and f*** her!!
      Wrackney is dead .. Xtina is THE VOICE!
      Stay mad, negro

  24. HoldItAgainstMe November 3, 2012

    The pig is singing for her supper.

    • mr.m November 3, 2012

      and you’ll stay pressed forever ..

  25. LaLa November 3, 2012

    Nice song. I must listen it few more times… but from 1st listen. I love “you lost me” better.

    • mr.m November 3, 2012

      Blank page >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • JOHNVIDAL November 3, 2012

      I think I prefer some of the ballads in Bionic too. This is beautiful, very Xtina, but obviously this couldn´t be a single, it´s more an intimate ballad than a powerful one

      • LaLa November 3, 2012

        this what I didn’t get. I meant… she restrain alot on Bionic Album (which I love!) but that Era is just full of hatred from all direction which is so sad. because I still think that Bionic is a GREAT Album. You Lost Me, All I Need, I Am, Little Dreamer… all Bionic Ballads are Golden! She sang them intimately, calm & less powerful vocals.

    • Benji November 3, 2012

      Spin around in circles b****…

      • Benji November 3, 2012

        woops wrong one… Sorry…

      • LaLa November 4, 2012


  26. Teacher November 3, 2012

    I like!

  27. Jer November 3, 2012

    Another faux deep ballad desperately trying to come off as “vulnerable.” Same old same old tired XXLtina. Slutty and fake just like the shallow white f*** that worship her. I’M SO DEEP!!! VALIDATE ME!!! WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK I’M SLUTTY!?!? Gurl bye x1000

    • Sci November 3, 2012

      How can you say this nicely? Wait, i can’t. Have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it. The whole point of christina aguilera is to listen to her MUSIC, if you like it or not. Not judging her by her looks. Because i can guarantee that your no Super model either. And yes i am a F**, and i have been through SO MUCH in life that Christina covers every aspect of it, LYRICALLY.

      • lapinkla November 3, 2012

        Yeah, I hear you… 🙂 I’m gay and Christina has helped me so much in my life… Who cares about her looks!? If she feels comfortable, I feel comfortable and everyone else can kiss our asses! I think I speak for all of the people, who love her for what she does.

      • Jer November 4, 2012


  28. Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 3, 2012

    Its okaay xoxo

    • mr.m November 3, 2012

      Nosehanna will never 😀

  29. KD November 3, 2012

    It’s nice…she’s delivered better songs though.

    S/N: I don’t think this album is going to do well.

    • Sci November 3, 2012

      Yes her voice is changing, as we get older our voice changes. Understand that =)

  30. Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012


    It was Ok at first but this castrated Cats screechign at the chorus annoyed me so much I turned it off.

    • Monstarebel (RihannaNavy & TeamMinaj) November 3, 2012

      Oooop!! lol

    • Sci November 3, 2012

      Then again, iv’e noticed your a rihanna fan? You must love an artist that is uneducated, no talent, no voice, auto tuned, doesn’t control her career,pot head, doesn’t write any of her songs either.You like a ROBOT. THE BLACK BRITNEY ROBOT =)

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        Rihanna is much more intelligent than XXXLTINA who can’t even read calorie counts. She controls her career and gets hits, how bout Christina Agimmemorepizza.

    • MC (Benron is the best husband eva) November 3, 2012

      Happy birthday, my love! How is your b’day so far?

      • Benron (King Of The Navi))(Mc is a h**) November 3, 2012

        No dust ws intended! I responded to you on the FatGa post.

      • MC (Benron is my ex-husband) November 3, 2012

        I spent the rest of my life waiting for you to reply. B****.

    • Sci November 3, 2012

      @ BENRON
      How does being an immigrant drug addict make you more intelligent? Please explain?
      Rihanna does not control her music career. That is a fact. She has great producers, a great management team and a great record label to promote her well. She is a robot, they tell her what to do and she listens, clearly its working out great for her. But i rather listen to some one who is REAL and talks about DAILY SITUATIONS, not finding love in a drugged out rave =) Or being a Victim of Spousal abuse? She is a bad role model for EVERY WOMAN. Its not okay to be ABUSED.

    • bar November 3, 2012

      b**** take a seat wit that avi u got where h***** flop aka rihflop love wh got her ass whopped the s*** out of wit a shoe and head banged against a window by chris frown #DONEDEAL any song christina puts out slays vocally(something rihflop can (NEVER EVER) do so have several seats in the section wit rihflop and her lack of a #1 album and lack of finding a real man who will stay wit her rather than just fk her and woop her ass and dip on that h** lmaooooo #THEEND

  31. DOSSOME November 3, 2012

    Now these are the type of songs that move units on the albums chart…funny some of us wanted this song released yesterday and she just did that….WAY TO GO XTINA

  32. @itsremysshow November 3, 2012

    xtina must be hungry she just fed us

    • Jer November 4, 2012

      I see you eat just about anything

  33. I Judge Flops November 3, 2012

    I was expecting a lot more

    Sounds like “beautiful PT 2”

    Not impressed

    & This talk of her being “the voice”
    has to stop

    she screams, and she has NO CONTROL. not t mention her single is flopping

    • all4u1 November 3, 2012

      Not only does she have control of her vocals, but she also has control of you coming on her post talking about her.

      Stay pressed and keep talking !!!!

  34. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) November 3, 2012

    OK…as the sane fan that I am, I have to admit this is not as great as I expected.

    I consider Christina one of the most gifted female vocalists in the industry and one of the most diverse artists and musicians, so given her incredible standards, especially judging by the ballads on ‘Stripped’ and the 2nd disc of ‘B2B’, this is lacklustre to say at least.

    It needed to be more tender, more sensitive and more subtle. I didn’t need the screaming or the runs or the riffs or the high notes. I needed her ‘YLM’ low key style that gives me goosebumps every time. This is mediocre.

    That said, I’m still buying my copy of ‘Lotus’, which I’ve already pre-ordered and I’m still supporting my fave no matter what! I just hope she gives me the kind of masterpiece ballads only she is capable of (*crosses fingers for ‘Sing For Me’)

    • MC (Benron is the best husband eva) November 3, 2012

      You lost me was a really good song.

    • Miguel November 3, 2012

      “It needed to be more tender, more sensitive and more subtle. I didn’t need the screaming or the runs or the riffs or the high notes.”


  35. tits mcgee November 3, 2012

    2 for 2, thus far, in my opinion. Both of the full tracks I’ve heard are really good (and I’m usually not a fan of her songs)..

  36. mobwife: Easy Breezy Baby November 3, 2012

    @SAM / TGJ

    LADY GAGA….. “SLAMS”…. ADELE in US Weekly!! Where is the post? LOL

    She basically said ADELE is a FAT ASS so why are ppl picking on her recent weight gain yet they bow down and kiss ADELE’s fat feet?

    Get on it @SAM / TGJ it’s the new MADONNA vs CHER!!

    • Suicide Blonde November 3, 2012

      I know right, she never shades someone, roll eyes, Gaga is so good.

  37. Belladonna November 3, 2012

    Its crazy Im so gone from being a fan of hers that her songs just dont do it for me anymore I used to love her music but now Im just in a new place in my life and it does not mix with the kind off diva person she is now. Don’t get me wrong this is a really good song but Im just not her for her anymore. But I do wish her and her fan bass the best I really do.

    • LaLa November 3, 2012

      Ummm since when you here for her anyway? *receipt*

      All I see is you here for Lady Gaga.

    • Suicide Blonde November 3, 2012

      When someone don’t like Gaga suddenly all her fans hate that person.

  38. Bey Fan November 3, 2012

    I can imagine Adele singing this song….

    Christina has an amazing voice…. i really liked the song.

    I haven’t seen much promo for the album tho…..

  39. JOHNVIDAL November 3, 2012

    It sounds beautiful… but we´ve seen this a lot from her, and better. As always her voice sounds so beautiful when the song starts but then here it comes: her awful “screaming”, she has always done it, it can´t be changed. People need to get over it. Her voice is not perfect and that´s it. This talk about The Voice… only a couple of delusional fans can call her that. A voice which sound painful once it surpasses certain notes is not The Voice. That said I have to say her voice and lots of her material is more interesting than any other 00´s mainstream act

    • Suicide Blonde November 3, 2012

      Mmmm….Her voice is not perfect and that´s it.

      No one has a perfect voice, no one, do you know that there are people who find Mariah’s voice irritable, not all voices can please your ears, like you say: People need to get over it, se sound beautiful in this song, she didn’t make any effort to sound powerful, you want an example, i prefer Gwen Stefani voice than Christina but that doesn’t mean Gwen has a more powerful voice than her, no way but i do prefer her, it is what it is.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 3, 2012

        By that I meant that her voice is not as good as what a few people want it to be. I agree with you. But The Voice and those things just no when she sounds and has always sound terrible from a certain note and on

      • Suicide Blonde November 3, 2012

        Express yourself better next time b****.

  40. Rihanna Navy November 3, 2012

    I must admit. I’m not a fan of hers but she sang this song….. Gotta get lotus now

  41. MRDIVABITCH November 3, 2012

    Very beautiful song. Sia did a great job.
    Christina interprets this beautifully, but when it comes to the vocals…the straining, screaming, choked guttural s*** is still there. Her vocals haven’t improved at all. What a disappointment.

  42. king z November 3, 2012

    if only she could get this song on the soundtrack of a highly anticipated film, it would blow it into the stratosphere where it belongs.

    i’m just convinced that RCA wants their artists to fail. from brandy to xtina – two women who undoubtedly released (or will release) 2012’s best albums, will fail because RCA and camps are not willing to get creative with marketing! its not jus about award show and tv show appearances anymore!

    • Benji November 3, 2012

      You know I’ve never considered it was the record label that was the problem… I always thought it was management… I think Xtina needs to do some investigating…

  43. crazy November 3, 2012

    Flawless. Goosebumps. Lotus gon Slay

  44. xxx November 3, 2012

    gosh, i don’t get it

    girl has an amazing voice, she is beautiful (don’t you dare to say she’s fat – don’t wanna see your ass full of cellulite!), her music is amazing

    she could def have one of the best albums of 2012 and by that i don’t mean just qualitywise, but also in the sales department.

    where is her promo? your body could have been a top 10 hit, where are the performances? where are the interviews?

    it’s like her label wants her to fail

    team christina since she made the record of my youth with stripped

  45. Suicide Blonde November 3, 2012

    She sang this song with great delicacy, elegance and the best of all, with feeling, may vocalist focus on high notes and forget about the feeling, they are more focused in sound perfect, at the end, they managed to reach nine eighths but they fail to convey that emotion that makes you goosebumps, well done Christina.

  46. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 3, 2012

    I LOVE X! Always have & always will. I’ve already pre-ordered “Lotus.”

    However, I don’t LOVE this song. It’s a nice song, for sure, but I enjoyed the ballads from “Bionic” much more than this, and “Bionic” is “supposed” to her bad album. Oh well.

    “Hurt” is my favorite Christina ballad & probably always will be but “Blank Page” is certainly a good track for the album.

  47. LaLa November 3, 2012

    my favorite part is “Let Our Hearts start & beat as One FOREVER” 🙁

  48. Rihanna Navy November 3, 2012

    Xtina Xtina Xtina xtina

  49. all4u1 November 3, 2012

    Christina sings with so much passion that it’s unreal! Great Vocals!!!!!!

  50. cocobutta November 3, 2012

    Bravo *stands and claps*

    Love when a song is about the voice and not overproduced rubbish.
    Xtina can sang.

    Not her ultimate best ballad but beautifully delivered

  51. Beyonce’s Weave November 3, 2012


    NEVER, NEVER has there been any woman who could sing as beautiful, as emotional, as crisp and as powerful as Christina Aguilera and this song proves it. She is flawless, effortless and a magnificent vocalist in every way possible. She is the voice of this generation and I’m in awe at how pitch perfect this vocal is. Wow Christina, you just blew me away.

    • mr.m November 3, 2012

      YAAAAS! :’)

    • all4u1 November 3, 2012


  52. I mop the floor with your faves weave November 3, 2012

    The Queen is back… If the whole album sounds like this, I would suggest R**** stops now and takes a seat, Christina is gonna slay all the charts with Lotus.

    MAD? 😀 😀 😀

  53. BeyNation November 3, 2012

    I don’t even like this b**** and I’m buying lotus… The snippets sound HOT n this song jamz!!

  54. Karl November 3, 2012

    This song is f****** gorgeous. I like everything about is. She is the Queen.

  55. lolax November 3, 2012

    luv x voice in the ballads

  56. bibi93 November 3, 2012

    Very good song

  57. x November 3, 2012

    Omg that bridge is a tearjerker. I love it.

  58. DJ November 3, 2012

    Fvcking Amazing.

  59. aishaaguilerakeys November 3, 2012

    “who were fortunate enough to hear her new LP ‘Lotus’ this week,” Showoffs.
    Other than that, I love this song, beautifully sung, I wass moved and tearswelled up in my eyes. Great song, Chrissy! Sounds like this was inspired by her divorce. VERY emotional.

  60. MRDIVABITCH November 4, 2012

    Am I the only one who feels this song is about her child?

    • mr.m November 4, 2012

      STFU, son of a b****

  61. Saetana November 4, 2012

    This song sounded beautiful to start and then she had to go and spoil it with horrible throaty screeching, even so its WAY better than F*** Your Body and should at least get her a decent chart position (unlike Your Body which is going to tank). This song suits her voice much more, she ought to do more ballads and less generic pop shite, she hasn’t put out a decent non-ballad since Candyman and Fighter.

  62. theman November 4, 2012

    Madonna’s sales are inflated….

  63. Chile November 4, 2012

    Wow…b**** still has an amazing voice, but doesn’t know how to use it… Xtina and mariah are in the same f****** place right now.

    Beyonce’s voice is effortless in my opinion and she knows how to control it well. Not straning or whispering.

    I love me some good christina n mariah, but chilen, please get it together.

    No shade to anyone (but your momma if you respond negatively to this). Just deal.

  64. Sam is a secret Rihanna stan November 4, 2012

    Riahanna is the voice of our generation.

    JUST DEAL and take a _/

  65. Slick November 4, 2012

    Honestly, Great Vocals, beautiful, but the song it self is BORING.

  66. Donnell November 5, 2012

    It’s funny how on bionic everyone claimed she didn’t use her voice enough. Now they’re claiming she’s oversinging. Either way, great s song. I can’t wait for “around the world” tho . Probably my favorite snippet.

  67. Donnell November 5, 2012

    I thought lotus comes out on the 13th? Where’s the 9th coming from?

  68. mc the place to be!! November 5, 2012

    this song is beautiful!! if this cd dont do good i could care less this song is great!!! if your a fan and focused on chart sales etc your just like them business men who dont give a f*** about music just moneyi would rather her flop with good music than put out shitty music and get high records sales for em

  69. Donnell November 8, 2012

    Although a ballad would be great for her next single, I’m hoping at some point “around the world” will become a single. Best track on the album by far. That s*** bangs.

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