New Song: Kelis – ‘Copycat’

Published: Friday 9th Nov 2012 by David

Brit producer Skream enlists the ‘BossyKelis for his fiery cut ‘Copycat’, boasting vocals from the outspoken entertainer.

Sure to leave many a fan base wondering the song’s lyrics are addressed to their favorite acts, the number sees K mock those she believes imitated her style.

Subliminal ‘shade’ below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. OMG November 9, 2012


    • OMG November 9, 2012


      • Chile Please!! November 9, 2012

        A lot of b******…..obviously….your a young breast milk baby…that probably never even heard of Kelis. Do your research girl! Now sit……***hands you a treat** good girl!

      • OMG November 9, 2012


      • Haute Hottie November 9, 2012

        Rihanna started swagger jacking Kelis when Umbrella came out with that asymmetrical black hair cut and when she foun out that her style was successful she kept goin with it. Rihanna been jacking her for YEARS!

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      DEATH !!!!!!!!!!!

    • FAF November 9, 2012

      Don’t forget FEFE Dobson !!!!

      • Haute Hottie November 9, 2012

        Yup! Can’t forget how she swagger hacked that girl right out of the business! Rihanna jacks people and never pays Homage.

      • zzzzg November 9, 2012

        Liar Rihanna said that FeFe was her friend and inspiration not Kelis. Rihanna did not copy Kelis.She was inspired by FeFe Dobson.Thats were she got the short hair from

      • CHILE PLEASE!! November 10, 2012

        @ OMG! LMFAO! Finally someone with a sense of humor….& your welcome. HAHAHAHAH!

    • Lax November 10, 2012

      Love Kelis shes talented and such a beautiful Artist, Ilove
      her music all of it.

      • Lax November 10, 2012

        @That Grape I love the picture you Posted of Kelis,,,

  2. Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

    Gurl no!!! The beat is dope tho

  3. Marcuz November 9, 2012

    YESSSS!!!!!! I love when kelis is sassy!

  4. Auntie_Jackie November 9, 2012

    No Kelis! You never had to say it….you never had to say it.

  5. OMG November 9, 2012


  6. I can’t help but laugh November 9, 2012

    I see Kelis is still mad that she is a flop. Kelis you still talking about who copied a hair style that Salt & Peppa rocked way before you….REALLY? She should be addressing the fact that “Fleshtone” has sold less than 50k copies to date or that she has spoken about other female artists copying her for years now and yet she still has not convinced anyone of her talent or to buy her albums. How about worrying ahout NOT being on Interscope’s artist web page…being dropped is what she is known for anyways.


      ^^^^THIS!!! I LOVE U!!!

    • OMG November 9, 2012


    • Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

      deeeeeeeaaaathh!!!! lol

      • alonzo wilson November 9, 2012

        B**** please she will sell more then your fav…. Tell her try to get a #1 album before talking s***

      • Haute Hottie November 9, 2012

        These Rihanna fans just be so raggedy and ignorant for no reason. the truth is the truth Rihanna does not have a style of her own.

  7. Suicide Blonde November 9, 2012

    This song is dedicated to Lady Gaga.

    • OMG November 9, 2012


      • opd2 November 9, 2012

        OMG F-ck you,Nicki name is always in you haters mouth like that big old c-ck,keep sucking b-tch.

    • Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

      why you say that? I see no kelis in gaga

  8. sean Stone November 9, 2012

    This is why I love Kelis… This is amazing and funny lol… I can think of someone she’s talking about lol

  9. Haute Hottie November 9, 2012

    It’s about TIME that she addressed these chicks for swagger jacking her style ESPECIALLY Rihanna. She been on her for YEARS!

    • Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

      stfu b**** even if Rihanna did jack her style she clearly did it better Who Da F*** is Kelis???????????!???????????

      • Haute Hottie November 9, 2012

        You’re ignorant.

    • Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

      & Your a punk ass b****…….NEXT!! xo

      • Haute Hottie November 9, 2012

        *sips red wine* what a poor and unfortunate soul you are. anywhom nothing had changed Kelis has been copied style wise and music wise by Rihanna for years; and you’re still angry and ignorant. <3

  10. Stacie November 9, 2012

    This is the new thing we been waiting for. I can s*** walk to this…


      yasss ma’am ….with a BEAT pair of red bottoms on

  11. incognegro1983 November 9, 2012

    Tell the truth, shame the devil, right? I am a Kelis fan through and through, and I am a fan of one of the artist that she is referring to (who should remain nameless…stans scream her name in 5, 4, 3, 2,…); however, it’s about time that Kelis addressed the situation. Credit given where credit is due. Cute song too.

  12. Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

    She’s a mess and mad she’s a flop gworl get TF over it!!!!! Address these b****** by there name scary h**!!


      She might not be talking about noboday

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 9, 2012


      • Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

        she has to be tho!!! listen to them lyrics hun

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 9, 2012

        yea she is , I don’t know if you know much about Kelis but she is a shady lady hun

      • RymeReason November 10, 2012

        The part where is says “Im such a fan of your hair, that’s why I cut it, you want it? Happy Birthday” is a direct SHOT to Rihanna and I LOVE IT! Birthday Cake anyone?

        She knows she tried that!! B****!! LMAO

  13. SImply Sinful November 9, 2012

    I like it. It’s very sultry and s*** so I’m excited to hear what she’s cookin’ up. I do wish that damn DJ would shut the f*** up so I could actually listen and enjoy the f****** music. Rant over. Lol.

  14. Sarah M. November 9, 2012

    This song is very juvenile for a woman in her mid thirties. It screams “I need attention & a buzz.” Kelis should be over this at this point in her life/career but I guess it must suck seeing others succeed with what you deemed yourself to be the originator of but the truth is that is not their fault. She needs to look in the mirror and stop blaming others for her failures. She sounds very pompous.

    • incognegro1983 November 9, 2012

      Imitation is the one of the largest forms of flattery – so true dat, to your point, Kelis did not have to address the sitaution, but I am glad she did. There’s really nothing new under the sun when it comes to artistry these days. Some would argue that some artists have mimicked themselves after Tina Turner, Grace Jones for others, and even Madonna in some cases; however, each of these women (with the exception of Tina Turner) have addressed the situation, because when you’r e artist, and you take your artistry seriously, its a theft when someone else does what you do (i.e. style, music, performance, etc) without giving you your just due. I hardly think that Kelis is desperate for attention, because she could have taken more drastic measures if she was – but I think that she is calling a spade a spade. And I would challenge people to honestly (emphasis on “honestly”) say that Kelis is not telling the truth.

      • Sarah M. November 9, 2012

        The truth or honesty of the matter is that Kelis is a flop and I would like to challenge her fans on the internet to say that is not the truth. Kelis may not be desperate but she damn sure is bitter and has been beating a dead horse with this topic in interviews & in her music for years. The spade here is Kelis and to be honest she has never and will never be on the level of Tina Turner, Madonnna or Grace Jones to call anyone a spade. Kelis is really calling people out over supposedly copying a hair cut, shoes & dress. I guess she can’t call a spade a spade over copying her record sells…so she goes for the trivial aspect. Sounds like a woman desperate and bitter to me.

      • incognegro1983 November 9, 2012

        I would not argue with the fact that Kelis is not the most commercially successful artist; however, what I value more is that she has not had to compromise herself or her artistry in an effort to sell records. I would argue that although she is not commercially succesful, she is still relevant, hence the reason she can release albums from major record labels. Regarding Kelis being bitter, I would argue that Kelis is more realistic than anything else. Kelis does not do much press, so I would love to see an interview in which she threw shade at any other artist. Furthermore, a lot of changes that she underwent were not gimmicks, it was her being the artist she is – the problem emerges when a lot of her artistic choices are being used as a template to make a pop-star more edgy. Lastly, my mention of Tina Turner ,Grace Jones, and Madonna was not a comparison of accomplishment, because quite honestly these are three different artists with different styles, levels of success, and fan bases; however, each artist has undergone a period where their style was co-opted by another artist, that was my point, and my reason for comparison. So, turning the magnifying glass on myself, if I prided myself on my individuality, which at time came at a penalty to my lifestyle, yes I would be less than happy if it is being commercialized for someone else’s gain. I think that we are getting a taste of an authentic artist questioning less than authentic actions of another artist – that’s it, that’s all. People can call Kelis a flop, but she has remain authentic – which is something I cannot say for many artists, particularly the one in question (until now).

      • Sarah M. November 9, 2012

        Again whose fault is it that others can convey BETTER a style and might I add that Kelis DID NOT invent? Why is she so pressed about others copying a hair style, a dress or shoes? She NOT speaking of anything concrete or important for that matter…she not speaking about them copying her style of music or dancing because as a musician or entertainer that is more important. Kelis has poor performance skills, her vocals are mediocre and her sense of importance is laughable. She not setting any ground breaking records in the music industry or is she mentioned in any significant way besides her own pretentious claim that she is “the first girl to scream on the mic or cut her hair short or wear designer shoes & dresses.” NEWS FLASH: Grow Up because she is a 33 year old mother bitter about someone cutting their hair like hers…LOL! By the way how many labels have Kelis been on or dropped from? As someonecelse stated “She’s not even on interscope’s artist list.” How can she be relevant with sells of 52k total from her last album to date. Her fans are always excited about claiming others copy her style but where are her fans when it’s time to buy her albums? I guess lliving in denial makes her original.

      • incognegro November 10, 2012

        I agree with you that there might be other artists who were able to commercialize edgy more successfully that Kelis, but lest we forget that before it was a trend, there were people who actually were about that life. Yes Kelis is not David Bowie, or Ozzie Osbourne – but she has always had an alternative style musically and otherwise. The artist in question went from long extensions and mid-drifts to suddenly wearing leather and chains – drastic change, and extremely forced. On the performance tip, were you referring to Kelis? Or another artist? Because your critique seems identical to claims held against another artist I know. Poor performance….mediocre vocals…sounds vaguely familiar 😕 So, this isn’t a claim that Kelis was the first to do anything, as there are dozens of people who influenced her; however, we cannot avoid the fact that she influenced other artists, despite your claims that she is irrelevant – apparently not, someone molded their style off of her. Her being a 33 year-old parent is obtuse. And lastly, my claim of her relevancy…one thing we know about the record industry is that there is no loyalty, and top artists that were praised years ago cannot even get a second look now. On each album, Kelis has managed to have those albums released by a major label; and trust me, if she wasn’t relevant, or held some value or viability, her 13 year career would have been cut abruptly short years ago. Trust.

  15. Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

    Most Irrelevant B****** In the Music Industry “ReVamped”

    1.)TBoz aka T balls
    4.)Lil kim
    5.)Bow wow
    7.) K.Michelle
    8.) Stebie J
    9.)Nicole Swshingrcvger
    10.)Rita Ora

    • Suicide Blonde November 9, 2012

      LMAO!, Bow Bow.

    • OMG November 9, 2012

      Kerayshawn should be at number 1 lmao

    • MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 9, 2012

      Where is Cassie? Ashanti?

      • Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

        lol @mc there you go gworl!!!

    • burstyurbubble November 9, 2012

      You called Lil Bow Wow a b****… LMBAO …yup!

    • credits November 9, 2012

      Your’re just mad t-boz spoke the truth about nicki judging american idol. Get over it.

    • mr.m November 10, 2012

      11.Your mother
      12.Nicki Minaj
      13.Your dad
      14.your life
      15. ……….. bye

      • Makagnoni November 22, 2012

        16. Drake




    off topic plz look at the pic is lady gaga getting fat LMAO

  18. Claudette Knowles November 9, 2012

    Kelis has always been on point style wise, but who’s copying her? Rihanna doesn’t give me Kelis at all! The only thing I can think of is beyonce’s “Ring The Alarm” which reminded me of “I Hate You So Much Right Now”. And even Beyonce copied Tina Turner & Diana Ross, not Kelis. With that being said: GOODBYE KELIS!!!!!!!!

  19. TRUTH November 9, 2012

    I see No Lies. Kelis clocked the Tea!

  20. MC (Benron is a Ritabot) November 9, 2012

    I can’t see the video!

    Conveniently it reads:

    “Skream – Copy …” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Ammunition Promotions Ltd.

  21. the real xoxo November 9, 2012

    all shade aside, how come Rihanna is practically the only Pop girl who gets away with stealing ideas?
    Rita Ora – I dont like Rita but she had that style since 09/10, rihanna did since late 2011.
    WFL video was a complete rip-off of Marina and the Diamonds “Radioactive”
    and now Kelis, Fefe Dobson etc.

  22. OMG November 9, 2012

    Kaleidoscope – US 249K & UK 100K

    Wanderland – PLATNONE

    Tasty- US 700K , UK 300K & AUS GOLD

    KELIS WAS HERE – US 160K & UK60K

    Fleshtone – US 52K

    RESULTS:…………………………………..I’LL LEAVE YA’LL TO THAT.

    • Monstarebel (Roman will devour T-Balls) November 9, 2012

      lmao!!! PlatNone!!!!

  23. diob November 9, 2012

    Its funny how even though no names were mentioned stans immediately get defensive because they “think” she is talking about her their fav. insecure much.

    • HOTSTUFF November 9, 2012


      • OMG November 9, 2012


      • diob November 9, 2012

        @OMG thank you for having some sense. lol this HOTSTUFF person just tried it but you gave them 10,000 seats lol.

      • OMG November 9, 2012


    • HOTSTUFF November 9, 2012

      YALL ARE TWO DUMB F**** ! U SAID ‘ Its funny how even though no names were mentioned stans immediately get defensive ‘ SO I SAID FANS ARE GETTING DEFENSIVE BECAUSE NAMES WERE MENTIONED IN THE COMMENTS ! HAVE SEATS NOW ===>>> _/ _/ _/

      • diob November 10, 2012

        @HOTSTUFF the reason you look stupid is because I was referring to the the fact that no names were mention IN THE SONG. you then came back being the stupid child you are and said.


        the reason you look stupid is because you assumed that I was talking about the comments and people mentioning names there, when I was talking about the song and NOT the comments. You tried it again so have a few seats. You lost this round boo just hang it up.

  24. opd2 November 9, 2012

    That lioness rip that little kitty apart.

  25. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 9, 2012

    Yasss Kelis!!!

    If you know for a fact that your fav is NOT a copycat, then you should remain unbothered. Otherwise……

  26. burstyurbubble November 9, 2012

    Yum, yum yum… I’m likin’ it.

  27. mobwife: I’ll carry Ur head November 9, 2012

    Wait where is the video?

    I like Kelis. She has aways ran her own race regardless of the times. She reminds me of Lauryn Hill & India Arie in that regard!


      have you seen what them people being during in sweden to your boy

      • mobwife: i’ll carry UR head November 9, 2012

        I saw some s*** on a blog about the PHOTOSHOPPED pic put out by TMZ allegedly of Rihanna, being used to protest his visit. How rude and RACIST! As many times as OZZY OSBOURNE has taken “Ozz Fest” to Sweden (Ozzy beat the s*** out of wife Sharon for many years even knocked out her teeth when he smashed her face into a brick wall) or the 2012 WW Tour Motley Crew (lead singer Vince Neil was arrested in 2011 or beating his gf in Las Vegas, NV, Tommy Lee is lgendary of beating ex-wife Pam anderson, Nicki Six beat his wife etc) has had including stops in Sweden. I didn’t she one protest by the RACIST LOWLIFES OF SWEDEN! …F***’EM, hopefully some “act of nature” comes along to treats them in th same biased way they are treating Breezy!….LOL racist bastards!

  28. zzzzg November 9, 2012

    Lol I can’t even. Who is Kelis? This chick is hating because Rihanna rocked short hair and became bigger than this non factor. Another flop using Rihanna’s name to get attention. Shine Bright Like a Diamond.

  29. bibi93 November 9, 2012


  30. AVANTÉ November 9, 2012

    RihALIEN Stan’s still fuming I see! Kelis birth dat b****.

  31. Öz Firdevs November 10, 2012

    I love Kelis

  32. Avenger November 10, 2012

    LMAO! I love it too! Kelis gets major daps from me for throwing shade at that Barbadian toad. All the Rihanna fans can do is try and throw shade back about record sales and call her a flop. So what? Kelis isn’t mainstream and never tried to make herself appeal to the same idiotic demographic who are too airheaded to be able to listen to Rihanna’s music and not cringe at how bad she is. She’s an alternative urban act, who plays to a niche audience of AUTHENTIC music enthusiasts, who appreciate musical sincerity and enjoy her eclectic, ‘to the left’ style. That’s the lane she chose, the one she’s happy in, and I’m pretty sure she knew that commercial success wouldn’t likely come her way going that route, and obviously it doesn’t bother her too much because she’s still there. So all this talk about “she’s a flop”…and…”her album only sold this” is not only weak, but null and void.

    Kelis is something Rihanna will never be: an artist. And she has something that Rihanna wlll never have: talent and creativity — no matter how much Rihanna tries to swagger jack various bits of her style and present them as her own to her brain-dead base of swishy 16 year old gay boys in skinny jeans and dumpy fat girls in glasses, who don’t know any better.

    Kelis can call Rihanna out for hijacking her image all day and all night; throwing up her modest record sales ultimately means nothing. People don’t expect big numbers from her, so they don’t respect her any less for not having them. In the meantime people WILL STILL take Kelis’s musical shade, buzz the hell out of it on boards and blogs, and laugh at Rihanna’s getting lyrically smacked down like that.

    Bravo Kelis for that creative, eloquent and (not so) subtle clowning of Rihanna. She can take your hairstyle, but she’ll never be able to emulate your brain, or go toe to toe with you creatively or intellectually, because as you so correctly described — she’s a “puppet.”

    Again, I love it too!

  33. Nicole November 10, 2012

    Go away old b**** and take beyonce with you, Rihanna is a Queen and you shall deal

    • AdamMonster November 10, 2012

      You shall deal with Kelis dragging RIhanna by her chin hairs to the f***** carpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Aryo November 10, 2012

    Lmao the rihtarded navy is mad af eventho their fave’s name isnt mentioned in the song.
    Kelis is my girl, she a bad b****, and rihanna isnt the only one copying her. Beyonce does copy kelis as well

  35. Jcrewedup November 10, 2012


    First of all, Kelis never mentioned any names. So why is the Navy steamed pressed? Well, my grandmother always told me that a hit dog will holler.

    And those who have a problem with Kelis’ sentiments, they hurl sales figures. Typical. Look, Kelis is an artist. Always has been and always will be an artist. She is not dependent upon album sales to determine her worth as an artist like others i.e. the difference between being a “puppet” and an artist.

    Navy, have more confidence. If Kelis is as irrelevant as you all claim she is, why the temper tantrums?

    * loads Kelis’ ‘Get Along With You’ video*

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