Watch: Miguel Performs ‘Do You…’ On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Published: Saturday 17th Nov 2012 by David

For some performers, acclaim is only a matter of when, and not if.

The above could be used to explain Miguel’s rise to fame this year, hailed as the poster child for Contemporary R&B following a long and tiresome journey to the top.

Releasing his second studio album ‘Kaleidosope Dream’ on September 25th of this year, last night saw him take to ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ to perform one of its standout cuts ‘Do You’, days after the LP hit combined US sales of 170,000 units.

Watch below…

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  1. toohotfortv November 17, 2012

    OMG! he freaking smashed that.

  2. Jeff November 17, 2012

    …. And elsewhere Frank Ocean is fading into obscurity and will only be remembered for busting out the closet on the eve of his album release and his twitter/tumblr and website postings about whither a guy is his boyfriend or not.

    Frank was hailed as the next best thing that even Beyonce was proud to be seen with him and posting twitter pics, then when Frank didn’t lite up as she thought the singing parasite ran to Miguel to record and stated posting twitter pics

    Go Miguel! Keep doing you awesome thang! Just don’t let it involve devil worshipping.


      No she didn’t know your facts Beyonce works with Frank First , back in 2010 or early 2011

      • Jeff November 17, 2012

        Re- read my post, thats what it says Frank didn’t lite up, he worked on 4, Miguel is getting critical acclaim and he’s working on the new album.
        Wheres the confusion?

    • JoJo November 17, 2012

      Shes working with talented people, wouldn’t you in that industry? She collaborated with Frank BEFORE people barely even knew who he was, get it right. Really, why bring Beyonce into it anyway? SMH.

      • Jeff November 17, 2012

        @JoJo – Frank was known as a songwriter by another name and was established before changing to Frank Ocean and working with Beyonce, and actually she worked with him AFTER Ultra/Nostalgia mixtape came out to which he got acclaim.
        I would work with talented people but i wouldn’t pretend i wrote songs when i worked with the less known/established and pretend they were mine.

        Why defensively respond and then ask why bring Beyonce into it, why not just ask that? In answer to your question because i can

    • mob November 17, 2012


      • JoJo November 17, 2012

        Girl bye you just wanna shade Beyonce at any opportunity, thats the answer to my question. And in answer to you’re question, like you said, because I can.

      • JoJo November 17, 2012

        But at least we both agree that Miguel talented af. I wish him all the best.

  3. ELVIS PRESLY SPILLING TEA November 17, 2012

    miguel > frank. i rest my case plus miguel is a QT and musically more enticing. GREAT PERFORMANCE. I HOPE HE CROSS OVER.

    • Jeff November 17, 2012

      With all these shows and a well selling album i think he’s crossing over already.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 17, 2012

        I wouldn´t call this great album “well selling album”. Sorry but no. He deserves it though

  4. JoJo November 17, 2012

    DO YOU is my songggg, loving Miguel and the whole album.

  5. JOHNVIDAL November 17, 2012

    F*** I can´t watch the video. I´m sure it was great. I love his album
    And can people please stop hating for no reason? Can´t you like Miguel while leaving Frank Ocean out of this post? Frank Ocean also had a great album and you will deal

  6. soulmusiclover November 17, 2012

    miguel gives me life!! he’s incredibly talented! of course he’s better than frank ocean but frank is still alented

  7. soulmusiclover November 17, 2012


  8. thefollowerofthesun November 17, 2012

    Miguel needs to give Anna Wintour her glasses back in that first picture.

    • toohotfortv November 17, 2012

      if they were Anna’s shades…. you would be gagging; so how about you hop up off Miguel’s ball-sack. truth be told, you wish you were rocking them; and wait a damn minute, can we talk about those shades YOU’RE wearing…. on second thought, let’s not. #theshadeofitall

  9. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 17, 2012

    I own BOTH Frank’s and Miguel’s albums They are both great and I love them for very different reasons. Why the very unnecessary hostility thrown at Frank in order to praise Miguel? Silly.

    Anyway, great performance.

    • JOHNVIDAL November 18, 2012


  10. mob November 17, 2012

    Where’s the video? 0_o

  11. Belladonna November 17, 2012

    I love him now! Use to not like him because of some interview I saw of him, I thought he was a b****! Lol but not he seems happy, that could have to do with the fact that his dreams are now coming ture and more people are listening to his music. I’m happy for him keep up the good job I love when he’s free s***!

  12. Monstarebel (F*** ON THATFLOPJUICE FOLLOW MY EVERY MOVE) November 17, 2012

    Music’s Greatest
    14.)LADY GAGA
    17.)KATY PERRY
    24.)MAROON 5

  13. savonn November 17, 2012

    yall sleepin’ on his album! go cop it!

  14. MISHKA November 19, 2012

    GRAMMY ON LOCK, Miguel!

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