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Confirmed: Brandy Engaged To Ryan Press

ae38af28e23642596439d83e73a757f0 Confirmed: Brandy Engaged To Ryan Press

It’s official!

After days of speculation, it has finally been confirmed…Brandy is heading down the aisle.

Details after the jump…

US Weekly first broke the story of the Grammy winner’s engagement to music exec and long-term boyfriend Ryan Press earlier this week- citing a “close source”. Today, though, an official rep for the singer confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight.

The upcoming nuptials will be the 33 year old’s first official outing as a wife. Indeed, some will remember the “spiritual union” she and Robert Smith (the father of her ten year old daughter Syrai) had in 2002.

Nevertheless, when it’s real, it’s real and we couldn’t be happier for Brandy and Ryan. Congratulations!

Tidbit: As the age old adage goes, most publicity is good publicity. Hence, what better time than the present to serve up ‘Let Me Go’ as the next single from ‘Two Eleven’? It’s lyrically oh so apt to her joyous predicament and our poll revealed it to be the most preferred choice among fans and casual listeners.

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