Hot Shots: Lady GaGa Shocks NYC With Caged Face

Published: Sunday 16th Dec 2012 by David

She’s the Pop Princess renown for her outlandish fashions, but we’re sure even some of her fans had to pull a double take in NYC yesterday- when Lady GaGa stepped out dressed in the above.

Still hard at work on her third album ‘ARTPOP’, the ‘Starstruck’ singer hit the city with what we can only described as a ‘caged face’, signing autographs for fans as she left her hotel.

More from Ms. Germanotta below….

…and for the nostalgia:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Saetana December 16, 2012

    No mention of the fact that she was leaving to go perform with the Rolling Stones? I’ve seen the video of the performance of Gimme Shelter last night, her vocals were amazing, she is totally wasted on pop music. I know that is heresy on a pop blog but its my opinion. Dancing around the stage with Mick Jagger like a demented nutter – in 8 inch heels! Your faves could never ;o)

  2. 12345 December 16, 2012

    shes so dumb and she really is destorying the youth just like madonna.

    jesus come back please

  3. jjkhk December 16, 2012


  4. BEYONSLAY December 16, 2012

    just when you thought she couldnt get any weirder

  5. J December 16, 2012

    I’m not shocked at all. This girl tries too hard.

  6. HOTSTUFF December 16, 2012

    this dumb b**** fails at renewing herself, the same gimmicks since 2009….

  7. RICHANDBLACK11 December 16, 2012

    I think its kinda hot …GAGA said just when you thought it was safe, It’s never safe

    • RICHANDBLACK11 December 16, 2012

      caged like GAGA caged caged caged like GAGA GAGA yasssss

      • PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 16, 2012


  8. My Forehead Tho December 16, 2012

    *waits for the throw back pics of Madonna and/or Grace Jones rockin that same look 20+ years ago.*

    The s*** irrelevant b****** do for attention,smh. At least she didn’t need to get her ass beat by her boyfriend, f*** half the industry, and then get back with her abusive boyfriend to sell records.

  9. MONSTER-HIVE December 16, 2012


  10. NAVI: YOu’re finish in this town Cause we run it December 16, 2012


  11. beyonce and Xtina fan December 16, 2012

    WTF … :/ ,,,, i told u b4 ,,, she was like a bubble ,,,,, and now BoooooM ,,,,, NO one Care ABOUT here ,,,,,, crazy H**

  12. Belladonna December 16, 2012

    I love that my Mother Monster can go from talking about World Peace to Looking Amazing like this! Lol She is my Everything I can’t wait for both of the ARTPOP albums to come out, She’s going to be an even bigger star then she was when she came out with BORN THIS WAY! P.s she just performed with the Rock Gods The Rolling Stons and she was amazinggggg! Lol

    • STONY December 16, 2012

      you’re so dumb and stupid for a black person

      • Touché December 16, 2012

        F*** off you racist.

  13. CBE December 16, 2012

    WTF is this? they are making her do some of the stupidest s***! Lady Gaga is no idiot…her team is nuts but hey whatever keeps her relevant right? her s*** gonna flop too.

  14. DrizzyJ3ff December 16, 2012

    Am I The Only One Tht Sees Nicki Minaj? I Mean Obviously Lady Gaga Was Doin’ All The Weird Stuff First, But Lady Gaga Looks Like Nicki In Those Pics! I Think It’s The Hair Or Somethin’

    • PSA (FAF) December 16, 2012

      Yes I know what you’re talking about. The Freedom Video her hair & makeup was similar w/ the long lashes & the cage contraption on the stairs

      Gaga looks cute, IMO

      • Touché December 16, 2012

        Icki threesome is the biggest copy cat in the music industry. Hell, she’s even worse than Beyonce. So why would someone like Gaga who’s already unoriginal, copy someone who completely lacks originality and creativity like Icki Crapaj?

      • THE WHOLE WORLD LOVES RIHANNA!!! December 16, 2012

        Dead!!!!*read that p*****

    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 16, 2012

      I Also Thought It’s Was Nicki lol!

  15. Fighting Bum December 16, 2012

    My fav, Grace Jones, has been there and done that. Yawn. Have your fun though kids!

  16. Dane December 16, 2012

    I like Lady Gaga, I just wish she leave this craziness in 2012. Ugh. She’s too talented to be doing all of this over the top craziness. it was cute in 2008-2012…

  17. Monstarebel December 16, 2012

    F****** r***** ain’t nothing cute about that…attention seeking b****… grow up

    • Saetana December 16, 2012

      So speaks the Rihanna fan :oP

    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 16, 2012

      R****** STFU, Your Dumb Ass Stan For Chris’s S** Slave! Your B**** Show Her Tired Used P**** Everyday And Everynight To Get Attention!
      So Sit F***** Down!

    • Touché December 16, 2012

      LMFAO! Now I know damn well the navy isn’t talking about attention seeking.

  18. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ December 16, 2012

    WTF? Ch………..

  19. Fierce P**** December 16, 2012

    I thought that was nicki at first. Honestly if gaga wasn’t talented and had all that gimmick stuff on her I would be reading her daily. But cant deny she is. Okay I never liked the caged fashion trend. I think lil Kim wore that too a long time ago. Very ugly and lame but I hope she slays in 2013! I still like her as an artist and that’s she not afraid to be outlandish.

  20. JOHNVIDAL December 16, 2012

    Wow Rihanna fans have been really feeling themselves too much lately (don´t ask me why). Calling another artist and especially Lady Gaga retarded and dumb?????? Have you ever listened to Rihanna or Beyonce? Those are basic intelectual individuals. And I don´t mean anything rude, but Gaga, Madonna, Mariah, etc are way more clever, it´s obvious. Stop the b*******. Nobody is dumb cos of a pic. If that were the case Rihanna would be dumb, w**** and a slave. And she is not, right? 🙂

    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 16, 2012

      Yeeeeees @JOHNVIDAL, Read Their Delusinal Dumb Ass!!!!!!

  21. fierce p**** December 16, 2012

    John Vidal @ How many concerts have u seen of bey cuz she definitely isn’t basic at all. She is a very good technical singer and has freakishly good vocal control. U can call Rihanna basic cuz her vocal technique is s***. While I do love gaga’s strong and powerful voice. Her vocal abiliies really do not match beyonce’s. Beyonce has perfect vibrato, runs, connected registers, and head voice, falsetto….

    • JOHNVIDAL December 16, 2012

      I was talking about their brains, not their talents. Please read again

  22. Just no December 16, 2012

    This koo-koo is a head case. No one this weird should be celebrated, she should be shunned. F*** her alleged “talent”, she’s a f****** fruitcake.

  23. Hilly December 16, 2012

    Is it weird that I thought it was Nicki Minaj for a sec? I think it’s the wig

  24. PRINCE MACHIAVEL December 16, 2012

    Ooooh Lady G!:-))

    [email protected]****** Calling Someone “Dumb, Ritarded, Attention Seeking”
    H*** May I Remember You Your Salty Wack Ass Stan For The Biggest Attention Seeking In The World? She’s Known As:
    -Chris’s S** Slave
    – FlopGoat
    -Model With Mic…
    So Please Put Your Fake Hypocrit Ass On Off When It’s Come To “Attention Seeking”!

    The French Spoke And B****** Will DEAL!!!!

  25. BEYONSLAY FOR PRESIDENT December 16, 2012

    what a f****** r***** haha this b**** is worse than marilyn manson now, f****** stupid c*** who needs cages to stay relevant SMH

  26. Fierce P**** December 16, 2012

    John sorry I did misread but you have had your comments in the past where u r quick to group bey and Rihanna in the same category when beyonce surpasses gaga and riri in terms of talent. Also bey is far from dumb. She just doesn’t speak articulately sometimes probably cuz she is from the south and that’s natural to them to not pronounce some words like up north.

  27. bibi93 December 16, 2012


  28. Realest December 17, 2012

    Lil Kim wore a diamond version of this to Soul Train awards madd long ago – nothing new..

  29. bash December 17, 2012

    No shade…but it i was happy not having to see or hear from her…lady gaga is so 2008

  30. mc the place to be! December 18, 2012

    I’m from Georgia and my cousin and most of the people in my family that’s from south Carolina speak better than Beyonce don’t try to bring accents in it the girl just can’t hold an intellectual conversation with anyone she’s talented but dumb

  31. Tbozfan10 January 7, 2013

    How is this “shocking”? It’s really quite predictable. This is something u expect her to weat

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