New Song: Kelly Rowland – ‘Number One’

Published: Monday 24th Dec 2012 by David


After waiting an eternity ( a few days) for its release, today delivered the official version of Kelly Rowland‘s R&B stunner ‘Number One‘.

Ready to fall in love?

‘Number One’ below…



Authentically R&B but vanilla enough to woo the casual listener, we’re hoping ‘One’ finds a home in Rowland’s forthcoming album and scores the single treatment. Yes, it’s that good.

Of course, while it’s nowhere as strong as ‘Ice’, we do hope it sets the tone for an LP filled with crossover R&B cuts strong enough to match or even better ‘Motivation‘s Hot 100 run.

Download ‘Ice’ here!

Your thoughts?

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  1. SLAYRIAH CAREY December 24, 2012

    Another day, another flop for Kelly. She’s cute tho

    • kellyrowldawgs December 24, 2012

      and were is ur fave boo get cho life

      • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) December 25, 2012

        This is MUCH better than ice. She actually talkn bout something. Didnt bother listenin to the lil wayne remix…she needs to keep that girl off her tracks. Make her look desperate

    • BranduNu211 December 24, 2012

      Did Ice chart yet?

      • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

        Ooooo not with a brandy Stan tryna throw shade has flop it down gone GOLD???? BETTER YET B**** HAS 9/11 EVEN SOLD 300K YET????????? _/_/_/

      • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

        It did chart without any promotion … buuut it could do alot better. I dont know what Kelly does, but Im getting tired. I loved her since DC. She was always my fav, but she has to hurry up with that promotion. She has to do better songs

      • lostone December 24, 2012

        ice peak #87 on bb 100..#5 on r&B songs, #10 on r&B airplay #7 on R&b sales so yea it did chart

      • maka December 24, 2012

        yes it did chart on the billboard hot 100 at number…. 99….

    • RowlinInTheDeep December 24, 2012

      But where did Triumphant chart though? Certainly not the hot 100.

      • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

        I dont care where Triumphant chart. I´m really suprised that this big names make so bad songs … They could do alot better that (Mariah, Xtina, Kelly Row …. ) I mean, they all got the potential

    • Love Kelly December 24, 2012

      You tried it! Get your ass outa here.

      This song is the best thing she put out since “What A Feeling”. Lyrics could have been better in the second half and I know we will never see her sing this live because she can not do the OTT runs and s***, but…..I LIVE & I LOVE.

      • BrandNu211 December 24, 2012

        Tell me what I tried. It was a question. Did Ice chart? Oh hold on girl, my psychic is calling and the b**** said no it didn’t. Too bad. *Blasts Let Me Go.

      • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

        We all love her and we want the best for her, thats why we want her to hurry up

    • williNalli December 24, 2012

      Ugh….I can’t

      #NumberOne #YOTW 🙂

    • alessandro December 24, 2012


    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      no, her highest position was 88 on hot 100 billboard

  2. williNalli December 24, 2012



    • Kelz December 24, 2012

      yes, it is

      • williNalli December 25, 2012

        i swear this song has in all my feelings. I wanna cry, rejoice, laugh, all at the same time…ugh…

        Kelly I LOVE YOU….WE ALL DO 🙂

  3. MS.PIERCE# December 24, 2012

    I LISTENED JUST NOW AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! THIS HAS TO BE THE NEXT SINGLE! Kelly confirmed yesterday on Twitter that it will be on her album next year! #YOTW #YearOfTheWoman

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      Next year on her album ?? Damn, we know no ICE and now that song … is not good to know half of the album songs before the album is not out

    • Lax December 25, 2012

      Cool song and I love “Ice’,,,,

  4. Daniel December 24, 2012

    AMAZING. You put it down, guuuurrrl #YOTW

    • Kelz December 24, 2012

      lol, she put it down

  5. Alex December 24, 2012


    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      No !! She has to do another kind of song, not a midtempro again !!

  6. nanab December 24, 2012

    This song is the ish!!!! I love it!

    • williNalli December 24, 2012

      me too…ugh…that VOICE!!! LORD

      • Kelz December 24, 2012

        this song is real good

      • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

        Its not even her own song

  7. Monstarebel December 24, 2012

    Number 1??? haaaa b**** that’s what you not guna be…Especially with DIAMONDS slaying the rnb charts effortlessly Bahahahahahahahahaha Kelly nice song tho but it aint going were n ya not guna promote so just hang it up w**** xoxo!!

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY December 24, 2012

      YES B****! Go the f*** in

      Love ur avi

      • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

        lol Yaaas gworl….& thank u hun I like yours aswell I love me some Mariah (;

    • kellyrowldawgs December 24, 2012

      such a hater but we appreciate the hate. this s*** is so hard kelly thanks love for bringing R&B back to the modern world this song is EPIC

      • Monstarebel December 24, 2012


    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      listen to that song before you comment :/

      • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

        i did n said it was nice can you read dawling?

      • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

        hmmm you the word “w****” is not nice though … you could have done it a little nicer boo

    • YessKelly December 26, 2012

      smh….I can’t

  8. Nay nay December 24, 2012


  9. Sonya December 24, 2012

    Love it…..Kelly vocals are crazy. Go Kelly!!!!!

    • Kelz December 24, 2012

      those vocals are serving it up

      • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

        I must agree, but her live performances are always so shaking. She was never that bad in DC

    • williNalli December 26, 2012

      She OUTDID herself on this track…I can’t even begin to explain how.

  10. Daniel December 24, 2012

    Haters gonna hate; predictable
    in love with this song <3

    • alessandro December 24, 2012


    • williNalli December 26, 2012

      *claps* preachhhhhhhh

  11. laytee December 24, 2012

    i see this doing well on the urban stations, but i don’t think her album is gonna sell. her promo is always p*** poor. 🙁

    • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

      Do her albums ever sell? that’s nothing new…

      • laytee December 24, 2012

        and it’s always her fault!!! she completely dropped the ball with motivation! no promo whatsoever!

      • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

        :/ She has the potential though

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      sadly true

  12. Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 24, 2012

    Not going to lie, I like this song but if we’re going to be honest, THIS WILL FLOP HARDER THAN “ICE” (and Ice had Lil’ Wayne).

    • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

      No lies here xoxo

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      I dont think so. We dont know if its gonna be her second single, because I dont think so

      • Kelz December 24, 2012

        I dont think its going to be her 2nd single

      • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

        I think she is only a feature

  13. Alex December 24, 2012

    Monstarebel – You just admitted that you thought the song was nice, why not just leave it at that? Instead you have to consider the try of the world. Whether it excels on the charts or not, you openly admitted you liked the song so there was no need to slate there at all.

    • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

      Honey I’m just speaking that true tea the song is nice but we all know it’s guna flop sounds like something from the last album….NEXT

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      We have to be honest. We could have say its nice and wonderful when its not, but is not right to do that. But we could say it a little nicer

  14. Lola December 24, 2012

    I Like It. It’s Not Her BEST But It’s Nice. She Should Come Out With Another Single. Maybe Something Faster. She Can Do Better!!!!

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012


  15. david December 24, 2012

    Number One = wonderful!

    Haters DEAD

  16. kellyrowldawgs December 24, 2012

    This Song Will Be Number One anyone who feels otherwise suck a d*** and die slowly thats how she feels

    • Monstarebel December 24, 2012

      number 1 on bubbling under 100? sure (-:

      • JER December 24, 2012

        grrrrllll LOL

      • kellyrowldawgs December 24, 2012

        boo get yo life ur irrelevant

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012


  17. david December 24, 2012

    True R&B

    Love that song

    • williNalli December 24, 2012

      this song is SO AMAZING i can’t even fathom it. WOW

  18. NAVI December 24, 2012

    loves it.

    • williNalli December 24, 2012

      ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with it. 🙂


  19. WomanToWoman December 24, 2012

    The irony is that this song won’t even make it to Number 100. Bubbling under teas to be honest.

    • Touché December 24, 2012

      Oh the shade..

    • Lax December 25, 2012

      Well it seem that with Beyonce coming strong and with all the others
      who are dropping new music NO ONE, stands a chance this go around, Right Bey Hive. With the way the Bey Hives is making things out to be and with BEYONCE having Pepsi behind Her then,,,,,Is it fair to say that Kelly, Mariah, Celine, Gaga, Solange, Rita and all the Others who are dropping ,,,,should they all just pack their bags and wait for Hurricane Beyknce to blow over or what….

  20. Byebey December 24, 2012

    YES KELLY!!!

    • williNalli December 24, 2012

      such an AMAZING song! WOW

  21. thetruth December 24, 2012

    Kelly sound so good!!! OMGooosshh… amazing vocals! She has grown vocally so much but Live she better give herself enough time to perfect her voice b4 her performances. To tell u the truth it’s a great song & it’s definitely single worthy but it’s really up to her and her label to perform and push the single hard everywhere!!! If she doesn’t tweet about her single or put any effort in trying to push her single then all of this is a waste of time!

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      she does sound good, but the song could have been better. The beat is to slow

  22. williNalli December 24, 2012

    This song is SO AMAZING it’s not even funny!!! Like…..JEEEEEEEEEESUS



  23. Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

    I must admin, its sounds pretty good, but whats all about with these midtempo songs ??!! She has to do something with a hard beat, you know what I mean something which is faster and rougher then this typ of songs, which she is doin over and over again. Dont get me wrong, but is kinda getting boring with these midtempos …

  24. Love Kelly December 24, 2012

    Yo are people really out here liking all the negative comments? This cannot be life.

    Then again, the timely Bey Vogue cover post just before a Kelly post will invite that……guess the hive still lurking. Can’t help themselves can they.

  25. _yezir December 24, 2012

    Tbh its a good song.
    I’m not a Kelly fan but I like this song & It’s sad she won’t promote this song.

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      We will see. If she doesnt promote it then it will flop

  26. wrinkle flop ora December 24, 2012

    what is this? This sounds like RNB from 2001. Even Nivea 25 reasons sounds more fresher than this. She is done. No creativity or artistry.

    • Teenage Dream (Beyonce’s Weave) December 24, 2012

      I LOVE YOU.


      • wrinkle flop ora December 24, 2012

        I love u too. Merry Xmas from LA

    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012


  27. Side Eye December 24, 2012

    I saw the comments and thought I was going to hear something incredible. This song is weak.

  28. Gemini December 24, 2012

    orget the beat listen to the lyrics….. this song jammin…

  29. Jeff December 24, 2012

    I must be the only one who found it boring.

    • williNalli December 24, 2012


      • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

        then buy, buy, buy

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) December 24, 2012

      No you weren’t, trust. But you know the typical TGJ commenters, deem everything a hit up front, then when it’s officially released and flops, no “stans” in sight after that.. Kelly’s promo is just bad, she’s also as bad as Cassie, except Cassie just doesn’t even bother flopping with an album..

  30. HitsMan December 24, 2012

    Kelly is SLAYIN with this jam!!!!

    So hot!!!!

    Keep bringing the BANGERS Kel!!!!

    • YessKelly December 26, 2012

      I can’t believe this songs puts me in all my moods at the same time. LOL. AMAZING!

  31. Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

    Is this Kelly song or is she only featured on it ?

    • Kelz December 24, 2012

      that’s her song

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      I think she is only feature

  32. Fierce P**** December 24, 2012

    Of course someone gotta throw Rihanna into the mix *rolls eyes*

    Not a big fan but nice song Kelly. I do like ICE better tho!

  33. xtmaidos December 24, 2012

    I wonder how no one is talking how her management sucks even when she’s flopping hard. Everyone use to on Matthew’s d*** blaming him for every flop record kelly put out.

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      We all know that Mathew put always B on the spotlight

  34. Godra Godga December 24, 2012

    I cannot stand this flaky FLOP. Her music sucks, She can’t sing and was outshined by Keri Hilson of all people, she has no musical identity after her 15+ years in this industry, she proved that she is a ghetto hoodrat with the inability to make rational decisions on Xfactor (see how much better it was with Nicole), she is ALWAYS using s** despite proclaiming she didn’t want to and her lack of personality is just as bad if not worse than present day Britney Spears. And watch her FLOP fans talk about how this song is going to slay and do wonders. Just remember, Apart from motivation, she has had NO SOLO hits despite coming out of one of the best selling groups of all time. (When love takes over was all Guetta). Why would anyone stan for her? Brandy >>>>>>

    • thetruth December 24, 2012

      When will u Brandy fans ever get that nobodys so not checkin for her! She is so irelevant! I grew up being a fan of Brandys and I still am a fan of her music but I am not a stan. Don’t come for Kelly!!! It’s to the point to where I’m not gonna even argue back with u ppl. Brandy was never gonna knock Kelly off her spot when she relased her new album & Kelly is not going away any time soon so get over it! Kell has a new album and sitcom coming out on BET the 1st quarter of next year. She will most likely promotre her album along with her new show. So look for her face to be everywhere next year. No need to hate and take your frustrations about Brandy on Kelly. It’s ok to have you opinion but it’s not okay to bash someone whom you do not know! Is it me or what but it does seem like Brandy is Jealous of Kelly now, even though she probably wouldn’t admit it.

      • igotwhtuwnt December 24, 2012

        why are you talking about BRANDY you lunatic? She is an Icon already and kelly is still trying to Break into the buissness as if she is a new artist! LOL BTW this song is very weak & will not succeed! Kelly just does’t have that “IT” factor! BEYONCE will be back very soon to show kelly her proper place, which is behind her! LOL

    • Truth tela December 24, 2012

      Listen Godra,, Nicole made silly decisions on XFactor love. Have you heard about Rylan? XFactor UK was the lowest it has ever been and attracted the lowest figures since 2005. Stop talking your trash! Kelly was a very good judge, obviously too black to be sitting on the panel which is why she was hated for supporting Misha B who was infact bullied by other judges. Kelly was in the right, so don’t post you silly comments on every Kelly post. Talk about Tulisa’s s** tape if you want.

      • kelendria December 24, 2012

        And kelly won glamour uk best tv personality of the year for her being on xfactor smh but ppl wont acknowledge that

    • Hey You There December 25, 2012

      When Love Takes Over was Produced by Guetta and Written by Kelly Rowland. You obviously don’t know anything about her.

  35. Christina Aguilera December 24, 2012

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Please be seated until 2015. I’m sure your superior Beyonce will be on another hiatus by then.

    • williNalli December 24, 2012

      LORD you really tried….Ugh….

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      naaa girl, really naaa

  36. JER December 24, 2012

    Kelly. Kelly…. grrrrrrl this s*** is why you stay basic. Basic track, basic beat, basic vocals, another Kelly Rowland snoozer. Just because you named the song Number One doesn’t mean it’s gonna be #1 grrrrl you tryin!!! I’ll wait for BeYAWNce to bring the fire.

  37. alessandro December 24, 2012


    • Girl007Bond December 24, 2012

      There is much trues here. I love Kelly, but if she doesnt care then I dont care either

  38. Kellyrowldawgs December 24, 2012

    U haters are so ridiculous the only reason u try to bash kelly is bcuz her music is good and you think that just bcuz she ain’t yo fave b****** please u haters could never have her life u h*** wish for that day . u ghetto childish haters can now be seated and are now dismissed .

    • alessandro December 27, 2012

      they say the song is basic but if it was beyonce or rihanna singing it would the greatest song ever. this song is great the bad thing is haters can not eunderstand kelly is great, better than rihanna

  39. Sigh December 24, 2012

    Damn no wonder why R&b is FADING f***** loosers dont appreciate REAL R&B anymore…this s*** is folks dont know ish bout real R&B..and i saw someone mention 2001..HELL YEAH thats when R&B was KILLING little children go back to bed..this is for the grown folks

    • wrinkle flop ora December 24, 2012

      I mentioned 2001 and this does not even sound a good for 2001 let alone 2013.

      • Touché December 24, 2012

        Pressed much?

  40. BEYSUS OVER JESUS December 24, 2012


    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      No, because she proof that she can do better then them. She is not abicious enough

  41. david December 24, 2012



    • ME December 28, 2012

      ikr…Ugh LOVE IT. OMG

  42. Princess peach December 24, 2012

    What a washed up flop! Letoya luckett makes better music than her!!!

    • williNalli December 24, 2012

      Ugh…I can’t with these people. SMH

    • Kelz December 24, 2012

      the more you guys hate Kelly, the more she will win. Look at rihanna, a lot of people dont like her but she stay on top regardless. so keep on hating while she make her $$$

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      We dont know Letoya in Germany, but we know Kelly

      • R U ready KELLY December 26, 2012

        thank you boo.
        ppl forget the status of these chick.

        by the way i like letoya she doing her thang too. she’s good too.

  43. RoyalKev December 24, 2012

    I like it, It’s tight! I don’t care for the lyrics on the bridge part, but I think overall it’s good. Kelly’s material is improving. People will probably prefer Motivation, since that was her biggest hit (but this and Ice are 10x better).

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      I must admin, this song is better then ICE and Motivation. But still dont good enough, she can do better then this

  44. williNalli December 24, 2012

    I am crying of happiness. Kelly’s voice is so CRISP and BEAUTIFUL, i’m blown away.


    #YOTW #NumberOne

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012


  45. lostone December 24, 2012

    im kelly’s #45 fan and this song is boring as hell..hopefully it will not make her album or get single treatment

  46. lostone December 24, 2012

    if kelly’s album gonna sound anythin like this she needs to go back to the drawing board

    • Does she really want this? December 24, 2012

      Eggg – SACK – Leeee!!!

      Who is selling in R&B right now? I mean old school R&B & pulling the numbers Kelly will need to convince a label to give her a shot at album #5. God I want her to win and acknowledge the blessing the good Lord bestowed appon her.

      • lostone December 24, 2012

        she better leave dat R&B s*** in the late 90’s cux nobody is buyin that but her..

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012


    • R U ready KELLY December 26, 2012





    • ME December 28, 2012


  47. YAZZZ MZ HUNTY December 24, 2012


  48. honeychildplease December 24, 2012

    This song is pretty good….go kelly

  49. Does she really want this? December 24, 2012

    BASIC MUSIC FOR BASIC MINDS. Get back to the substance and great writing like “Love Again” “Heaven & Earth” “Love”. Songs which transcend genre and could be played by a 80yrs white woman through to a 12yr old Thai boy who just figured out he gay.

    Kelly has done it before and can do it again. I believe she has become to stubborn and determined to become R&B when she probably listens to Phil Collins at home.

    • amina December 25, 2012

      just wait to juge the entire album

  50. Fierce P**** December 24, 2012

    But how can anyone call someone’s vocals basic but they let it slide when they listen to Rihanna? Why? Because she outsells Kelly?? Haha. Flawed and dumb logic. Pressed h***.

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      rihanna has a good voice

      • alessandro December 27, 2012

        rihanna has a regular voice and i dont see doing acrobacies with her voice if u know what i mean, it’s always the same so dont come here to say kelly is a basic singer

  51. hellioss December 24, 2012

    This won’t be a commercial success but it’s great to see her stick with R&B when we all know it’s not the greatest period for it.

  52. Kelz December 24, 2012

    love it

  53. Kelz December 24, 2012

    She’s definitely slaying with those vocals

  54. Bridgette December 24, 2012

    Yawn!!!!!! Kelly f****** sucks!

  55. Big Boi December 24, 2012

    Her vocals on here is phucking crazy…. She’s The Princess Of R&B…..

    • YessKelly December 24, 2012

      ABSOLUTELY, this TRACK is AMAZING…I can’t even begin to fathom it. OMG!!!

      #YOTW 🙂

  56. CzarM December 24, 2012

    I seem ti recall everyone screaming “flop” when “Motivation” leaked too. At this point Kelly seems to be doing the kind of music she prefers to do, and isn’t trying give a bunch of silly, no lives having, no s** having, blog commenting teeny boppers some silly ass trendy track that sounds interchangeable with everything else out right now — just to say they love it, per it sounding like it could be top 10 material.

    If it flops, so be it.

    No ones likes a sellout. I would rather see an artist ‘flop’ with style while making the kind of music that they prefer, that ‘hit’ with generic trash that sounds like it was fished out of Kesha’s toilet and obviously wasn’t what they wanted to do. You lemmings are dictated to by what the “charts” say is doing well, and that’s why you’re a bunch of airheads with no personality, and will be totally lost on what to listen to in another five years when the crap that’s hitting now is out of favor. At the end of the day, Kelly probably doesn’t want to have to get up on stage and sing some wack ass “baby you’re a firework” type s***, even if it would be better received enough to give her quick some throwaway hit that won’t be remembered a year later.

    Song is hot; like it better than “Ice.”

    • Hey You There December 25, 2012

      ” At the end of the day, Kelly probably doesn’t want to have to get up on stage and sing some wack ass “baby you’re a firework” type s***, even if it would be better received enough to give her quick some throwaway hit that won’t be remembered a year later.” <——You couldn't have said it any better. Wow.

    • alessandro December 27, 2012

      you said everything!!!!!! if she chose the stile of r&b it’s purely because she feels good doing that. oh people say rihanna is better than her but if notice rihanna’s lyrics are as basic as kelly’s. amd rihanna’s albums sound all the same

  57. kelendria December 24, 2012

    Im so dissapointed with some of the ppl on here she delivers pure vocals and she stillgets hate? Shes not even singing about s** ppl bitched about that so support qualitt lyrics and youll get more of this i love this song but i think she release a uptemp for her next single something faster

    • NaQu December 24, 2012

      “Im so dissapointed with some of the ppl on here she delivers pure vocals and she stillgets hate?”

      If you’re disappointed, then your expectations were too high. People come here to bait, fight, troll and post things that would mortify their mothers if they read it. Decorum and etiquette are reserved for blogs and forums that have an enforced “Code of Conduct,” moderation and forces people to have accountability by registering with a valid email address before they can comment. TGJ does none of that (half the comments in the most active sections are made by the same two or three users under different names), and couldn’t care less about the comments section being cesspools. In fact, they want that because they know that the uglier it is around here, the more people will come back. Half the time Sam & co. instigate the drama. They just wants clicks and comments, and will allow anyone to post virtually anything…no matter how out of line or downright ugly.

  58. YessKelly December 24, 2012

    Ugh…HOW INCREDIBLE is this song? OMG, no words

    #NumberOne #YOTW

  59. King B>Rihanna December 24, 2012

    Wait I have heard this song before……..I found out her last 20 f****** songs sounded the exact same.I like Kelly but you what f*** you Kelly until I see growth you are f****** dead to me.

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      Yeah, her songs are pretty much the same

  60. honeychildplease December 24, 2012

    I come to the conclusion that most people HATE R&B on this site. Even when the r&b song is decent or GREAT most people on this site still knock it!!! Get the f*** off your pop horse MOFO’s stop f****** hating your buffoons!!!

    • IDK December 25, 2012

      Say that s*** again!!! it really do seem like that. smh.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) December 25, 2012

      I can only speak for myself on this site but I enjoy R&B. However, I also know Kelly’s work ethic and hustle (or lack there of) when it comes to releasing new music, she’s lazy. Plus, Kelly’s music sounds exactly in every song with slightly altered arrangements and tempos. That’s formula for a flop and she’s proven that time and time again with multiple singles…#Truth #MerryChristmas

  61. Uno December 24, 2012

    Ignore them all they are always practically forcing themselves to hate everything Kelly does. But the rest of the world who enjoy great music have already spoken and they are loving and rocking with kelly this year. She isdoing her thing so you stans of these other chicks can be as bitter as you want to But time and time again Kelly has shown you cant keep aa good woman down.

    • williNalli December 24, 2012

      Smh…i can’t

    • Kelz December 24, 2012

      preach girl

  62. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) December 24, 2012

    All these Kelly “stans” now popping out of no where need to stop the f*ckery. You wanna attack people telling the truth about her lack of promo and tacky work ethic. This single will flop, she’ll put out a video by next June and that’ll be the end of it. Oh and the song’s boring as hell. Merry Christmas!!

    • Girl007Bond December 25, 2012

      We all have to be honest, but I love her though

  63. Girl. BYE! December 24, 2012

    Baby KELENDRIA ROWLAND, BEYONCE KNOWLES, & FANTASIA BARRINO will be snatching your FAVS wigs next year!!!!!! F*** what yall talking bout.

  64. Kelz December 24, 2012

    Kelz is here to dominate

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) December 25, 2012

      Who, what and where boo?

  65. Spunkypoop December 24, 2012

    She is back with that bloody heat!

    • YessKelly December 26, 2012

      *claps* right on, right on

  66. Angela Wesley December 24, 2012

    Take out Meek Mill and the lady saying 2.5, 1989. the song is O.K.
    What happen to Jimmy Jam he was suppose to working with Kelly.
    I like this much better than Ice and Motivation.Kelly should include
    Neva End and Mama told me as bonus tracks because those
    songs are hits. I just want Kelly put out some good music
    like she did during the The Simply Deep era.

  67. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi) December 24, 2012


  68. CHUDDS December 24, 2012

    It’s better than Ice, but I’m not crazy for it….

    • ME December 28, 2012

      you will….don’t worry. It’s AMAZING

  69. kellyrowldawgs December 24, 2012

    you b****** wouldnt know r&b if it keck you in the face bye children

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) December 25, 2012

      A lot of people do know R&B when they hear it….and some also know a flop when they hear it as well…

  70. Biting Truth December 24, 2012

    Get over it. The only people coming here with something negative to say are lovers of tacky dance-pop crap (and Rihanna fans.) Ain’t gonna be no “Call Me Maybe”, “Die Young” or “Diamonds” diarrhea on her album. Kelly said that she’s over and done with that gay s***! So if her not giving your homosexual ass some europop garbage to queen out to in tight pants (while your father sits somewhere trying to drink away his shame in having a son who never figured out how to be a male) is gonna be a problem, then move the f*** on. If she wanted YOUR support, she would be pandering to what you wanna hear. But she’s not, so that means she doesn’t. So you’re here, why?

    • alessandro December 27, 2012

      thank you for saying that, people want to change her style

  71. Kellyrowldawgs December 25, 2012

    U better read dey ass biting truth , these h*** don’t know kelly ain’t on that pop s*** and all you rihanna fans coming here throwing shade yo b**** can’t sing tell her get ha life yo b**** only got 5 Grammys get yo mutha f***** life I can’t deal with u h*** y’all too much but anyways kelly is back and u ugly ass haters can suck one … IN THAT ORDER!

  72. IDK December 25, 2012

    Wow, this is nice! I’m really feeling this joint! I hope it goes number 1 too!

    • alessandro December 27, 2012

      even if doesnt its a great song and i’m glad i can hear it from my girl kelly

  73. moi-meme December 25, 2012

    kelly flop

    • YessKelly December 25, 2012

      seriously, why do you do this? What purpose does it serve? smh

  74. EdwardPonton December 25, 2012

    This s*** bumps >>>>

    • williNalli December 25, 2012

      i have not stopped replaying it since. OMG #Addicted

  75. R U ready KELLY December 25, 2012

    IF its not a hit t for certain a least its a hot good song.
    If its not the second single its should be on the album.
    If she has a good up tempo for the second, it will be smart to have 2 single out there before the realese of the album.

    the truth she need to murder her future performance live.

    that’s it.

    kelly step up her game but its hard to see that on stage sometime, i must admitt i was disapointed several time with her live performances.

    but i know she doing her best and she continue to evolve and grow.

    So i am ready Kelly for you BUT are you ready?

    that’s the quesion

  76. kaka December 25, 2012

    lay down those vocals kells

  77. muni December 25, 2012

    Kelly Rowland is the one!!
    All these hates and is not even 2013 yet

    Go KELZ we have your back on this one!!

  78. :) December 25, 2012

    people it’s winter time people are into slow songs right now. This song is hot I hope it does well. This is fiyah. It is wayy better than ICE. ICE was good, but I got tired of it. Plus this song isn’t nasty like ICE

  79. gio88 December 25, 2012

    good song as album filler , i stil don’t understand why people are saying this should be single! she need to release stronger ,more uptempo and “original” songs as singles , this, to me seems just a generic r&b slowjam!

    • alessandro December 27, 2012

      wake up!!! she wont get into the pop trash as you want

  80. Hey You There December 25, 2012

    Do people really think that since Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” hit #1 that she can sing? She’s trash.

  81. Kellyrowldawgs December 26, 2012

    Savage Kelly perfectly Slayed don’t hear notes on here that rihanna could 2013 is #YearOfDC3

  82. YessKelly December 26, 2012

    Yessssssss Kelly, You’re own #NumberOne

    #YOTW 🙂

  83. Kellyrowldawgs December 27, 2012

    We are not worried bout our fav but u should be about urs

  84. Kellyrowldawgs December 27, 2012

    She Won

  85. Kellyrowldawgs December 27, 2012


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