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Watch: Usher Performs ‘Numb’ On Ellen

usher lemme see video thatgrapejuice Watch: Usher Performs Numb On Ellen

Usually when an album under-performs, the project is quickly sucked into a black hole never to be seen or spoken of again. In Usher‘s case, his latest LP ‘Looking 4 Myself’ may not have set the charts ablaze, yet the LP’s so-so sales haven’t deterred his hustle.

Like many a megastar, selling or not selling, Mr Raymond is clearly welcome on any and every stage. Case, point his performances at most of this year’s major award shows, as well as this afternoon’s showcase on ‘Ellen’.

Watch below as the 34 year old performs the project’s latest offering ‘Numb’ on the daytime show…

Goof stuff. Putting aside our complete state of confusion regarding the overlooking of ‘Euphoria’ as a single, it’s great to see Usher keep pushing.

Of course, not every artist has the luxury of booking shows when their albums aren’t “booking” the charts; but when you do, it’s oh so important to seize the opportunity. A fact we’re sure his business managers are all too aware of. For, as the saying goes, perception is everything these days. As such, for those not following his every Billboard move, the very fact he’s out and about etches his contemporary relevancy into their minds.

“Contemporary relevancy” being something the producers of The Voice likely had in mind when they signed him up as a coach for the show’s upcoming Spring season. Speaking of The Voice, all of the above are points a certain coach presently serving on the show could well do with taking heed to. That, though, is an entirely different story.

Anyway, enough of the babbling, what do you think of the performance?

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