Chart Check: Keyshia Cole’s ‘Woman To Woman’ Heads To ‘Gold’

Published: Saturday 19th Jan 2013 by David

It may have debuted with less than stellar first week sales, but it seems Keyshia Cole‘s ‘Woman To Woman’ is well on its way to enjoying Gold status far sooner than initially expected.

Indeed, while failing to live up to numbers scored by 2008’s ‘A Different Me’, the project is on the fast track to joining an elite crew of R&B releases released in the last two years to hit the 500,000 figure within its first year of release.

Details below…

With 7,541 units sold this week, ‘Woman’ now holds sales of 253,765- generated eight weeks after its November 19th release.

Of course, while these figures are a shadow of digits scored prior, they do make the LP one of the consistently selling ‘Urban’ releases in the last two years, and only has to move this many units within the same period of time to hit the 500k figure.

A fact, that further cements her status as one of R&B’s leading ladies- when placed alongside ‘Everything’ vocalist Mary J. Blige, whose 2011 release ‘My Everything II’ now edges near to the 900,000 sold thus far mark.

With so many of her contemporaries struggling to hit the 200k mark after two years, Keyshia’s slow burner sales should be the hint she and her label needs to continue pushing the project and not- in following recent trends- drop the campaign because it didn’t match expectations as soon as expected.

So, with Elijah Blake‘s debut LP’s drawing nigh, here’s hoping our personal favorite ‘Wonderland’ receives the single treatment to capitalize on his inevitable hype and books as many ‘award show’ gigs to help push sales even closer to the commercial promised land.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Lax January 19, 2013

    That is great for Keyshia, she is Talented, Beautiful
    and has long ago proved that she’s all of that and
    then some. Standing in the Gap before the world
    with Her Family and Growing Up took a strong human
    and courage to get through that and still be standing Tall!!

  2. chyna January 19, 2013

    every song on keyshia cole album woman to woman is so good it worth my money i am so happy for her ……..

  3. Beyonce husband January 19, 2013

    She has a good voice. But people that listen to pop is not really for R&B like they use to. People think what Katy Perry and other pop girls does is music but it’s not it for white teenager girls. Or black girls that act pop….

    • IDK January 19, 2013

      I most def agree with you to a certain extent.

  4. euro January 19, 2013

    Wow, I think that’s great for an R&B album in 2013.

    Congrats Keyshia, Beyoncé and Rihanna, you served quality R&B albums without following any radio trends, and they were all smash hits in the states and worldwide.

    • Pop Royalty January 19, 2013


      if you did then you will hear a couple of david-guetta produced songs , if that ain’t following radio trends , i don’t know what the f*** you gonna call that s***.
      and rihanna is an international POP star , not only R&B , which “Unapologetic” lacked btw , so don’t put her in the same lane with a f*****’ keyshia ….

      • CHUDDS January 19, 2013

        Most of the material on UNA (excluding “Pour It Up” & “Right Now”) sounds nothing like whats on the charts right now…

    • aishaaguilerakeystesfaye January 19, 2013

      This person’s funny.

      • Beyonce husband January 19, 2013

        Don’t put Keyshia Cole in the same sentence with Beyonce. Beyonce is the Queen of R&B. Also Beyonce 4x better then both of them.

  5. KAT DELUNA *POP PRINCESS* January 19, 2013


    This some flop s*** cuz

    your title is misleading she’s bearly half way to gold yall made it seems like she’s about 10 k away from being gold or something grrrrrl bye I ain’t got the time for such fuckery…..

    • Lax January 19, 2013

      If your dream is a big dream, and if you want your life to work on the high level that you say you do, there’s no way around doing the work it takes to get you there.

  6. NOBITCHASSNESS January 19, 2013

    Bloody deserves to be Platinum!

    My album of 2012!

  7. NOBITCHASSNESS January 19, 2013

    Wait a sec, Woman To Woman is barely touching Gold TGJ! 🙁

    Come on US, purchase that amazing album!

    • KAT DELUNA *POP PRINCESS* January 19, 2013

      Honey it’s not going gold anytime soon hahaha

      • KING RIH COME GET YOUR DIAMOND CROWN HBIC!!!!! January 19, 2013

        when was the last tim kat deflop went gold

      • KAT DELUNA *POP PRINCESS* January 19, 2013

        2007 whine it up went gold b****

  8. NOBITCHASSNESS January 19, 2013

    UK can’t even get this album on vinyl.

  9. pat January 19, 2013

    lmao…7 thousand copies this week??…this album will never scan gold…..

    • Lax January 19, 2013

      Pat , There is a thing called Faith, Trust and Hope
      you know!!

  10. Pop Royalty January 19, 2013

    what do you mean “heads to” ?!

    and if it took 2 months to hit the 200k+ mark , then she needs another 2 months to hit 400 or even 500+ if she’s luck , all is disappointing IMO.


    • krissu January 19, 2013

      @thecarterfilez follow us on twitter for great news and updates on sports ,entertainment and moreee

  11. LittleJohnny January 19, 2013

    Keyshia’s album is terrific. FYI, I think the Mary J Blige album referenced in the article is titled ‘My Life II and not My

  12. Geezy January 19, 2013

    I am happy for Mrs. Cole-Gibson woman to woman is a solid body work its shows her fans have responded in a positive manner and things will only get better with time. Don’t give up Keyshia

  13. aishaaguilerakeys January 19, 2013

    Sam, The Weeknd went gold and he’s RnB.

    • aishaaguilerakeystesfaye January 19, 2013

      And so did Alicia.

      • PSA (FAF) January 19, 2013

        The Weekndxo is more rocknb than Rhythm&blues they are also quite hiphop

      • aishaaguilerakeystesfaye January 19, 2013

        Weeknd is no longer a group, he’s now solo. Besides, his last mixtape Echoes of Silence was mostly, if not all, RnB. Alicia’s RnB.

      • WHAT? January 19, 2013

        The WEEKEND did NOT sell 500,000….He sold 145,00 so far in the US and his CD was released before Keyshia’s…… they shipped 500,000 for some reason but he hasnt sold even 150,000 yet!

        Alicia is on her way to gold tho…. Im also happy for her!

      • aishaaguilerakeystesfaye January 20, 2013

        Unfortunately for you, The Weeknd went gold. At first he shipped gold, then sold gold. I don’t know hwy you’re argueing something that’s been certified by the RIAA. Bye.

  14. CHUDDS January 19, 2013

    253k? How misleading. I’m thinking she sold 400k or something. Oh well, doesn’t matter. I don’t like Keyshia as a person, nor can I stand her vocals, but I enjoy the album.

    • krissu January 19, 2013

      @thecarterfilez follow us on twitter for great news and updates on sports ,entertainment and moree

  15. dboy January 19, 2013

    What a dumb article ,sounds stupid she’s barely st 250 ,selling 7 k past week.ummm ok…….sounds desperate

    • krissu January 19, 2013

      @thecarterfilez follow us on twitter for great news and updates on sports ,entertainment and more

  16. IDK January 19, 2013

    Congrats Key!

  17. SongWriter January 19, 2013

    Im definitely NOT a fan of Cole’s, but the respect is there…….BUT Will a fan PLEASE explain to me HOW her album covers ties in with her album!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Bad graphics, a face mask of yourself but its kinda the same you…that same tacky ass blue lipstick, and these songs… she sinking to gold or rising?! Fans no shade, but i need to get it!!!

    • PSA (FAF) January 19, 2013

      The cover is her removing the mask of her “old” self to reveal the new– hence woman II woman

      • KING RIH COME GET YOUR DIAMOND CROWN HBIC!!!!! January 19, 2013

        thank you finally someone with sense

  18. antertain January 19, 2013

    If people have not got this album I would totally say GET IT.
    She may have flaws in her character, but she truely delivered with this body of work.
    I’d arguably say this is her best overall album, right next to Just Like You

    • CHUDDS January 19, 2013

      Just Like You was an AMAZING album from START to END. Definitely her best body of work. I wish she’d release an album like that. And I don’t mean a bunch of heartbreak music. I mean solid vocals, good lyrics, stellar production, infectious melodies and catchy hooks. Keyshia was AT HER BEST in 2007.

  19. CHUDDS January 19, 2013

    Just Like You was an AMAZING album from START to END. Definitely her best body of work. I wish she’d release an album like that. And I don’t mean a bunch of heartbreak music. I mean solid vocals, good lyrics, stellar production, infectious melodies and catchy hooks. Keyshia was AT HER BEST in 2007!!!

  20. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 19, 2013

    F*** u sam. She is nowhere near gold and will never go gold. She doen outsold rita whora though – the h** who has no guts to drop a single and now has to ride of old ass Snopp Doggs ( in moreway than one ) to try and fish for a hit.

    Rih does not need to ride on rappers for a hit.

    Pon de replay



    Umbrella – the pop radio stations cut Jay z out of the pop mix

    Only girl

    S and M


    Pour it up

    Shall I go ?



    • KingBey January 19, 2013

      ALL Those songs you listed were pop though … She can’t get a major R&B hit to save her life .

      • EzraJames (Really b****?) January 19, 2013

        Didn’t take a bow, unfaithful and hate that I love you go number 1?

  21. KAT DELUNA *POP PRINCESS* January 19, 2013

    She looks like a cheap tacky mess wearing that blue lipstick…



      • KAT DELUNA *POP PRINCESS* January 19, 2013

        Kat looks 10 times better than your big foreheaded A*** infected flop R****


  22. Avi January 19, 2013

    I like Keyshia, but what a bogus (and pointless) article. At only 200k+ sold, and scanning 7K last week, she’s not even in the neighborhood of ‘Gold.’ You do Keyshia no favors with such a misleading headline.

    …and on a greater note, I’m tired of you fools acting like Gold is impressive. It’s not. It’s like a ‘D’ on your report card. Barely passing, but still poor. Lets stop celebrating mediocrity. An album isn’t a hit until it’s platinum and it’s not a big hit until it’s multiplatinum.

    • CHUDDS January 19, 2013

      Unfortunately, gold is the new platinum for R&B artists. You rarely hear of an R&B artist selling platinum these days. Same with rap (with the exception of Lil Wayne, Kanye, Jay & Drake).

      • tamara January 19, 2013

        same with every GENRE sweetie….. ONLY 11 albums went over platinum status in US in 2012 ….. 11 albums out of the ZILLIONS released in 2012 …..

        NOBODY is buying albums but R&B is a little worse tho.

        but every genre is suffering

    • krissu January 19, 2013

      @thecarterfilez follow us on twitter for great news and updates



    • CzarM January 19, 2013

      You’re such a buffoon.

      RIhanna broke MJB’s record because — and only because — Billboard foolishly changed their rules to allow other things (like streaming and a greater emphasis on digital sales) to influence its R&B chart. Under the previous system, Rihanna’s song wouldn’t have even cracked the R&B Top 40. “Diamonds” airplay on urban radio was virtually non-existent. It took an urban remix to get the paltry airplay there that it did. That big foreheaded tramp benefited from a very conveniently timed technicality.

      And stop with the “R&B fans don’t buy albums” crap. Hit albums don’t sell without millions spent on promotion and a bevy of support from the label. R&B acts like Keyshia don’t get that kind of budget and support, therefore their albums don’t sell like they should. You brought up MJB, in her 20 year career and millions upon millions of albums sold, WHO do you think were the vast majority of people who bought them? Pop fans? I don’t think so. It was R&B fans, because at the time Mary was coming up, she and other artists like her were getting better supported by their labels and radio. People were exposed to her s*** on a bigger scale, and therefore it sold. Now, not so much. Who the hell knows Keyshia Cole even has an album beyond the people who follow her like that? The industry is in a state of chaos because you clowns would rather cherry pick songs at iTunes for your iPods and iPhones instead of buying whole CDs like real music fans are supposed to. With albums not selling what they used to, the industry is nervously clinging for dear life to what they think is the only way that they’ll make money: churning out generic dance and pop music by vapid no talents like Rihanna who they can pay with peanuts. And you dumb ass 90’s babies eat it up because it’s the music that was out when you were in grades 8 through 12, and don’t know any better.

      Do you get it now? It is starting to sink in? Seriously, hush. Oh, and kill the caps. Making it bigger won’t make it make more sense.

      • 100 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD!!! GOOGLE IT B****** IF YOUR A BITTER BEY!! January 20, 2013


      • CzarM January 20, 2013

        Translation = “I just got owned and don’t have a worthy reply to counter being embarrassingly put in my place.”

        Game over. I won, you lost.

        Now go hold your head in the bathtub until the bubbles stop, you Rihanna loving dolt. Seriously, what did you score on the SAT’s?

  24. krissu January 19, 2013

    How is 250,000 copies near gold ? lol..more like silver lol

  25. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens… January 19, 2013

    yet another very misleading headline from TGJ

  26. MUSICHEAD January 19, 2013

    250k is nowhere near gold. Are they serious for this post?

    • Touché January 19, 2013


      • krissu January 19, 2013

        @thecarterfilez follow us on twitter

  27. HOTSTUFF January 19, 2013

    “heads to gold” THE REACH.

  28. Cream January 19, 2013

    In thinking the B**** at gold That grape juice y’all tried tho.

  29. EzraJames (Really b****?) January 19, 2013

    Another misleading post from TGJ? I’m not surprised. They dare to call certain people flops or “model with a mic” but it’s funny how THAT “model” is selling quicker and better than most of her competitors. Sigh* Scam you need to come better with these posts, there’s too much tired shade, punctuation/site errors and even misleading reporting just to get people to view the flops.

    Oh Scam, you need to have your own reality show so I can see how you guys come up with the “clever” reads and (professional?) journalism.

  30. Voice of Reason January 19, 2013

    I’m almost positive sam meant it’s heading gold quicker than any other r&b album in a years time.Clearlymostyou follow the pop and gimmicky stuff because as and R&B ALBUM THOSE NUMBERS are commendable. Look at Brandy,Monica,Melanie Fiona,& Elle Varner.. etc #’s and compare them to how fast KEYshia is saling then state your opinion. P.S she did her thing on this album…so so so Good!

  31. bitchplease January 19, 2013


  32. Music Soul Harmony January 19, 2013

    *rolls eyes at this post* and to someone that said pour it up doesn’t sound like anything out right now it actually does “bands a make her dance”.

  33. ANTHONY January 19, 2013


  34. Dee January 19, 2013

    KC album is excellent I purchased two to show my support for her. I think she is just a person that people want to see fail. I like her heart and courage. She comes from a place that is a “hard knock life.” So many people put her down and consistently hate on her music. Calling all Hearts was not a bad CD and it was not the Best… But people made it seem like it was awful. This CD is amazing I think if she release the Stubborn and Signature track the sales will surely pick up. Some folks on this site should stop hating and be more empathetic to all of Black R&B singers. Black artist have to go above and beyond the call of duty just to sale 100,000 albums where as (Gimmicky acts like Call Me Maybe, Britney falling off stage, and Paris Hilton get notable recognition.

    I respect KC because she has not sold herself out to sale 500,000+ albums…. Hands down the girl can sing and she is a star in her on right

  35. tamara January 19, 2013

    Yes!! Good for Keyshia cuz this is a REALLY GOOD CD……

    Imma just need Key to get on NETWORK TV ( not BET) to finish promoting this CD.

    I think it is selling b/c of word of mouth right because it is soooo good… if she promoted it she could actually PUSH MORE UNITS.

    Her label & mgt need to do more and SHE needs to do more to promote it in order to cross that 500,000 mark…..

    Please release I CHOOSE YOU as a single & finish promoting Trust & Beleive….

    Go on Letterman, The View, Fallon, Kimmel, GMA, etc…. releasethe I CHOOSE YOU Video….. perform Trust & Believe more than just ONCE on TV Keyshia………more interviews…

    Where is the promo campaign Keyshia??? Go do a AOL or Walmart sessions too …. get back out there on TV and radio for interviews & performances , etc….

    u can do it Keyshia!!!!!!!!!

  36. Kyle January 19, 2013

    It’s so sad to think that her albums used to move over 253K in just first week sales. I wish her the best. I own the album and think it’s great. She always delivers!

  37. musicgossipmore January 20, 2013

    Keyshia Cole came back strong with Woman To Woman album; she deserves to go platinum. So far, single chooses has been on point. However, she is going to have to continue to grind & promote this album like she is a new artist in order to make this album a success!

    • notadummy January 22, 2013

      she hasn’t promoted this album/CD AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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