Claude Kelly: ‘Christina Aguilera’s ‘Just A Fool’ Was Written For Pink’

Published: Saturday 26th Jan 2013 by David

Had she promoted it, it would have been her biggest hit since 2002’s ‘Beautiful’, but much like its predecessor ‘Your Body‘- Christina Aguilera‘s Country ballad ‘Just A Fool’ failed to receive a push worthy of its potential.

Now, in what will undoubtedly come as a surprise to her ever loyal fans, tonight saw its writer Claude Kelly reveal that the cut wasn’t written for the ‘Glam’ singer and was in fact penned for her long time chart rival, Pink.

Details below…

 Sharing the above upon being quizzed on it on Twitter this evening, Claude’s revelation will come as interesting news fans of both stars.

For, while we’re sure Pink would have done more for the cut as far as pushing it to the masses go, it’s safe to say Christina’s voice coupled with Claude’s genius and Shelton’s tone made the cut what it is.

It’s for this reason that we’re glad Camp Aguilera picked up the cut, which serves as one of the many highlights on her latest album, ‘Lotus‘.

In saying that, here’s hoping a demo of Pink’s version exists to give their respective fan bases the duet they’ve been calling for for years, even if it does mean take studio wizardry to make it happen.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lana Del Slay January 26, 2013

    Still taking P!nk’s left overs I see. Beautiful all over again.

    • RoyalNavi January 26, 2013

      She hasn’t got an original bone in her body. Pink leads, Xtina follows.

      • VIsForVanity January 26, 2013

        No honey, Stink doesn’t own the rights to any writer so Christina doesn’t have to get her permission before working with the same people.
        And when it comes to who leads and who follows, check and compare their Grammys and tell me who has more. Okay.

      • Lana Del Slay January 26, 2013

        No b****. First it was Linda and now it’s Claude. Christina wants to be Pink more than she knows it.

      • LTM January 26, 2013

        Linda found Xtina sweetheart. Try again.

      • HIAM/Toxic/Radar January 26, 2013


      • Lana Del Slay January 26, 2013

        First of all I’m not your sweetheart and second of all, Christina may have said Linda found her but we all the know true tea is that she called Linda to help her sound like Pink.

      • LTM January 26, 2013

        Well considering that both Linda and Xtina tell the story of how Linda came to Xtina at a bar I’ll take their word over yours.

      • SlayDeleAdkins January 26, 2013


        If you think grammys link to some sort of status as being more “superior” then you really need to re-evaluate your life! =)

      • Realist! January 26, 2013

        You queens argue over anything! Get a job, and quit spamming Sam’s plog!

      • sara January 26, 2013

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    • Legendtina January 26, 2013

      Beautiful wasn’t written for Pink. Linda Perry didn’t even want to sell it. It was between Courtney Love and Christina

      • Jer January 27, 2013

        LOLLLLLLLLLLL. P!nk is known for amazing live performances, gritty soulful vocals, and messy pop Anthems. XXLtina is known for being a fat c***, over-singing ‘Beautiful’ til it becomes ugy, and for f****** up the National Anthem

      • irene46 January 27, 2013

        @ Jer Replied:
        January 27th, 2013 at 1:41 am

        XXLtina is known for being a fat c***, over-singing ‘Beautiful’ til it becomes ugy, and for f****** up the National Anthem

        if this is all you know about christina then you know nothing.

  2. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

    I don’t think it would have worked for P!nk all that well.

    On Lotus and Christina:

    Is she held hostage somewhere? I thought she said she had a “huge promo” in the works? Girl where are you? “Your body” died because of the lack of promo, “Lotus” died because of the lack of promo and “Just a fool” died because of the lack of promo.

    I’ll NEVER understand why she went to Max Marin, Sia, and many other hit-makers if she wasn’t going to promote it. I don’t really understand her thinking, RCA’s thinking, or her laziness. I mean at this rate the “Lotus” tour (if its not canceled) will be held in her living room.

    If other noticeably less talented people can do well on the charts, I think its more than deserving Xtina gets on the damn charts. Anyways, good luck to her and her Lotus tour. If she was going to act like she didn’t have an album out then I think she should’ve stayed on “The Voice” this season.

    And ideas?

    • BionicLotus January 26, 2013

      Sweetheart, even at her worst Christina has never had first week sales as low as the last Mimi album, so sit.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 26, 2013

        Keep it cute hun. We are being nice with Xtina. Every single album by Mariah has sold at least 500,000 copies in the USA, including that last one you are refering too (which by the way was just a Xmas album, her second one, and after 20 years of career). Xtina has two studio albums in a row selling way less than that, so don´t know how you even dared to make such comparision. And Xtina´s Xmas album she released once?… ok

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        Actually Mariah lowest selling album is 168,000 (MOAIA) and for her soundtrack Glitter it was 125,000 which is more than Bionic 110,000 or Lotus 73, 000. Sit with that baby.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 26, 2013

      I agree with everything. And she gets a lot of hate but she should be doing better on the charts, maybe not being a huge force but doing better, at least like some other less talented people

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        This is what I mean…..

    • LTM January 26, 2013

      Honesty, RCA did the same with Ke$ha. She did no promo at all in the U.K and the 1st single was released 2 weeks before the album. RCA is a terrible label. They’ve been f****** up Xtina singles since B2B

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        I don’t understand why she doesn’t do what Alicia does, which is promote everything everywhere including the prez. inauguration. The label plays a part AS WELL AS the artist.

        Both Alicia and Xtina are on the same label, both get slandered and hated, both similar age span, similar career years span/experience, etc why is it that Alicia is doing it herself and Xtina is hiding like a hermit?

      • LTM January 26, 2013

        Tbh, I don’t think Xtina’s heart was in it. To me Lotus seemed soulless, like it was made just to be a commercial success. I don’t feel like she put her heart into it except for Blank Page, Just A Fool and Sing For Me. Lotus doesn’t compare to Bionic(the ballads), Stripped, or B2B. Its a shame because Your Body reached the top 10 on iTunes, it could’ve been huge if promoted right. Same with Just A Fool. Xtina and her team didn’t even give it a chance.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        You basically summarized my feelings about the whole thing. Bionic’s ballads were great (the album in general wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be).

      • AmbeRussell January 27, 2013

        u really cant compare the hate alicia gets on urban/black blogs to the hate christina gets from national weekly magaines. huge different scale. akeys has a fan base bc she put out music with lil gaps, she is more unique than christina as far as playing the pinao and being a rnb singer, where as chris is a pop singer with a big voice that made music for the kids, there were ppl who filled her void with less vocal ability of course. AKEYS has 106 to release music videos to, xtina doesnt have her trl family anymore.
        AmbeRussell on youtube

    • Legendtina January 26, 2013

      I agree. I hoped a season off The Voice would equal promo but I was sadly mistaken.

      • irene46 January 27, 2013

        celebs don’t make the decision to perform for the president without white house request.

        i wonder if christina is staying outta sight becuz she’s really broken about the failure of lotus. i remember how tore up she seemed at the ‘people’s choice awards’.

        she may be strong (a real fighter) but when all the shade wrecks havoc on her career it has to get to her. even this tgj post is just another shady opening for the haters to attack her about some old, tired and tattered war between her and pink. it just breathes life into the negativity against her. sad.

      • Jer January 27, 2013

        I KNOW XXLTIN STANS ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT ANYONE’S SALES. An artist whos sold less than half the previous album every time. Every seat. Every stadium b******

    • KING KIM July 20, 2013


  3. Music Soul Harmony January 26, 2013

    Well Christina needs a hit. P!nk doesn’t…

  4. MADAME PEPSI January 26, 2013


  5. HOWYOULIKEIT January 26, 2013

    WOW. Just wow. Christina ruined this song.

    • BASH January 26, 2013

      hate to agree with you yeah

  6. Music Soul Harmony January 26, 2013

    Sam, “just a fool” doesn’t even touch “beautiful” on the emotional level at least. Not even blank page even tho it’s a touching song.

    • SlayDeleAdkins January 26, 2013

      Agreed. “Just A Fool” is irrelevant. Whereas “Beautiful” is forever universal!

  7. MicroPop January 26, 2013

    Adam Lambert & Christina Aguilera could have made a fantastic ROCKY, POP-ROCKY duet!

  8. ARTPOPPINIT January 26, 2013

    Christina is STILL copying Pink to this day? Oh girl bye.

    • RoyalKev January 26, 2013

      Ummm … not quite, Pink has always been obsessed with Chrissy and Britney!

      • MonstahBarb January 26, 2013

        Is that why Cholestroltina worked with Linda after she saw how she slayed for Pink?

      • LTM January 26, 2013

        Linda came to Xtina sweety do your research.

    • Legendtina January 26, 2013

      Is Gaga still trying to be Madonna?

  9. BeyWhoUWanna January 26, 2013

    So Porktina is basically a Pink copycat, cos that’s all i’m getting from this to be honest.

    • Legendtina January 26, 2013

      A Beyonce stan is the last person who should call someone a thief

  10. faye January 26, 2013

    Am a big Christina fan and its sad that shes not doing as well as other artist because shes really talent. I think the problem for her is the management the promotion for her lastest album has been awful and so was Bionic. Hardly any live performances, not on any talk shows to talk about the album, no mini tours around the world. Get rid of everyone Christina start again with a fresh label and team a talent like her deserves much bewtter then what she has now.

    • JFC January 26, 2013

      I think she would do better on a independent label or start her own label so she can be free to record the music she wants and not have to conform whatever the hot sound of the moment is.

    • beags January 17, 2015

      I think she’s just raising her kids and chillin. What does she have to prove? Once she’s inspired she can come out blow people away.hard to top back to basics. Thats a real masterpiece.

  11. Monstarebel January 26, 2013

    Pink is the real voice of our generation not xtina…. I swear pink voice is so underrated…

    • Lotus January 26, 2013

      You need Jesus! Xtina is the real Voice Of Our Generation & not the shemale pop star Stink!

      • mr.m January 26, 2013


    • Legendtina January 26, 2013

      LMAOOOOO!!!!! Pink has a weaker vocal range than Ke$ha, it would be insulting for her to share the same title with Whitney Houston

      • MADAME PEPSI January 26, 2013


      • all4u1 January 26, 2013

        Beyonce is the Thief of this Generation. You are so delusional. Beyonce wish she had the power and soul Christina has!!! lol

      • PSA (FAF) January 26, 2013

        Not too much! Pink is very gifted ! However she is not on Christina’s level vocally, jus sayin….

    • King B>Rihanna January 26, 2013

      that is a stretch..This generation really does not have the could have been Xtina but her ego and lack of vocal technique ruined it.

      • tits mcgee January 27, 2013

        I agree. That title is in dispute. No one is a clear winner for the title title like Whitney in her time…

    • Teacher January 27, 2013

      LOL @all4u1 😀

  12. MCThePlaceToBe January 26, 2013

    The real kii is that they’re both on the same label but Pink is slaying whilst Chris is flopping all over the world. Copycatting gone wrong hunty.

    • Pour It Up B**** January 26, 2013

      Just stop. Triumphlop didn’t even make the hot 100 so you have room to talk.

    • Legendtina January 26, 2013

      No the real kiiii is that you are a Mariah fan calling someone a flop

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        Baby, Mariah flopped the first time after 7 studio albums, 1 major compilations album, 1 major Christmas album, 1 major live album, 14 #1s in, and 10 years later with “Glitter” which sold the same amount as B2B and was the 5th best selling Soundtrack of 01′ as well as had the biggest selling single of that year. The real kii is you coming for Mariah when you fave decreased in sales with every album since her debut.

        CA: 9 million in the U.S
        Stripped: 4 million in the U.S (almost 5)
        B2B: 1 million in The U.S.
        Bionic: 350k – 375k
        Lotus: 180k (?) or something like that…..

      • Legendtina January 26, 2013

        Girl you are just pressed for Xtina vs Mariah stan wars huh? There was no shade in that comment. It doesn’t how successful Mariah was she isn’t anymore so her fans shouldn’t be labeling anyone a flop.

        FYE: Back To Basics is closer to 2 million. It was at 1.7 million in the U.S back in 2009. I imagine its at 1.8-1.9 by now

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        I’m pressed for stan wars really? If that was the case, I would have bashed her like the 90% of the people on this blog and any other blog really. You have me mistaken.

        “There was no shade in that comment.”
        You’re right there was no shade, just misinformed because if you think you can say what you said while YOU STAN for Xtina, you are sadly mistaken.

        “Mariah was she isn’t anymore so her fans shouldn’t be labeling anyone a flop.”

        Right, but your fave is in a worse condition so you can to sleep with that argument. She may not be topping charts but at least she can put out shows and people will go see her hence why she just sold out an arena of 22,000 in Australia and a stadium of 35,000 people after 14 years hiatus from there. 😆 Don’t make me laugh now baby. 😆 The only difference is that one of the has the a huge commercially successful career to fall back on while the other doesn’t. So don’t tell me what Mariah fans can and cannot do because what Mariah is experiencing is normal for artists that have been around for a long time (see MDNA or any other albums by artists that have been in the biz that long). SMH

  13. JOHNVIDAL January 26, 2013

    I think the song is better for Xtina. It was something different from her. And her “belting” works well on that particular song

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

      I love your avi ♥ I have a gif of Celine on this other site as my avi ♥

      • MC LOVERS January 26, 2013

        whats the other site

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        I can’t post the site link or name, its held for “Moderation”

      • JOHNVIDAL January 26, 2013

        I was feeling like using this pic cos you know, oscars are almost here and Celine was like a goddess that night, with that dress, that Titanic necklace and the most anticipated performance of the night. Madonna was so jealous that night, she even tried to shade Celine when presenting the performances for best song. Good old times 🙂

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        😆 I just noticed that out of my deadly 7 (Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Janet, Michael, Madonna, and Prince) Celine is the only one that hasn’t shaded any of them…….

        Mariah has shaded Madonna and vise-verse
        Janet has shaded Madonna and vise-verse
        Prince has shaded Michael and Madonna and Madonna has shaded Prince back
        Michael has shaded Madonna
        I can’t remember if Whitney has shaded any of them…..because I know she is one shady lady.

        Celine looks gorgeous.

      • MC LOVERS January 26, 2013

        That sucks 🙁 but thanks for responding

      • MC LOVERS January 26, 2013

        When did Michael has shaded Madonna?

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

        Back in the 90s lol he dragged her about how people faint over him and love him and then he said Madonna will never have that so she’s jealous……or something along those lines.

      • tits mcgee January 27, 2013

        @ MC

        Your 7 apostles of music are all Amazing! I think we are soulmates! Lol! 😉

    • RoyalKev January 27, 2013

      I’m not sure, but I think the MJ and Madonna beef stem from Madonna’s MJ insults and name calling (after their highly publicized date to the Academy awards). I believe she wanted him to go a lot further with her and she made advances towards him that were denied. She also wanted him to attend gay clubs with her. Once he was clearly NOT willing to be a part of her schemes she tore into him. This is also what sparked a feud between Janet and Madonna. Janet’s shade towards her wasn’t random, she was always very protective of MJ. Still, MJ said Madonna was not a nice person and that she was jealous him. She wanted her fans to faint over her (the way his did) and Madge was just obsessed with shock value.

      • tits mcgee January 27, 2013

        Exactly! Only truth here!

  14. TaylorWins January 26, 2013

    Christina was destined to the b*** of all the Pop girls jokes.

    • CandiedLotus January 26, 2013

      Rather a joke than a s*** tbh.

      • BitchyBey January 26, 2013

        Christina spends her days raising her son and enjoying life. Taylor spends her nights on her knees.

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013


  15. JOHNVIDAL January 26, 2013

    Why all the hate for Xtina? I´m serious now. I don´t even care about her much but damn, she did nothing to you. It´s like people pick a person to hate and they bully without limits

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

      Its those people that make multiple names and comment… know those people.

    • MC LOVERS January 26, 2013

      Very Pathetic indeed

    • JFC January 26, 2013

      Xtina is just a scapegoat for sales obsessed immature stans to pick on. If she suddenly did Taylor Swift numbers a lot of those same people would hop on her bandwagon and act like they was down for her from the beginning.

      • irene46 January 27, 2013

        the media ruthlessly hates christina also and has helped bring her down.

    • tits mcgee January 27, 2013

      This is the 1st thread on this site, that I feel all the commentators have made amazing points! Kudos to @John, @MC, @Kev, @MCLovers, @JFC, @irene!

      Common sense is not that common nowadays. I salute you all! 😉

  16. QueenCeline January 26, 2013

    Christina has a better voice than all if not most of the other girls but her control is weak, it’s like she has no idea on how to give a soft vocal. In my eyes her weight gain has had a lot to do with her sales. If she was confident in her figure i think she’d be more confident to perform more often without being worried about what to wear and how she looks etc.

    • all4u1 January 26, 2013

      If you think Christina has no idea to give a soft vocal, then you’re sadly mistaken. Apparently, you haven’t seen all of Christina’s live performances or heard all of her songs.

      You need to get your facts straights before you make judgment.

  17. Cream January 26, 2013

    I like pink songs more then Xtina or whatever y’all call her But her voice shits all over Pink Voice sorry

  18. LTM January 26, 2013

    Xtina and Blake did it well. It wouldn’t fit Pink since she’s happily married

  19. MISHKA January 26, 2013

    Beautiful Part 2…at least for what we know

  20. Legendtina January 26, 2013

    That is interesting that the song was originally written for Pink considering she doesn’t have the range to hit the high notes. And DEATH @ Pink fans still seething over the fact that Linda dropped Pink for Xtina. That happened over a decade ago, get over it. Plenty of pop stars worked with Linda anyways. Did they all copy Pink too? Xtina was the 1st major pop star to work with Sia does that make Rihanna and David Guetta copycats? Please grow up and move on. Pink will always be a lesser to Chrissy anyways

    • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

      When was Christina’s last #1 though?
      I can’t even remember!

      • Legendtina January 26, 2013

        Moves Like Jagger. If Xtina released generic bland pop-rock albums every two years Im sure she’d be topping the charts still too

      • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

        Umm that was a song she was featured on. Im talking about a song that strictly hers.

      • Slayty Perry January 26, 2013

        But when was the last time Lana Del Fake entered the Hot 100 🙁 ?

      • irene46 January 26, 2013

        if some fans can call will i am’s ‘scream and shout’ where britney utters a few noises and spit a few it’s “britney b****’s,” a britney song, ‘mlj’ can sure be called a christina song. christina’s the one that brought the soul and feel to that song.

  21. theman January 26, 2013

    Xtina did a great job with this track.

  22. Music Soul Harmony January 26, 2013

    Pink has range and strength but doesn’t oversing like Xtina. Face it. Christina has a good voice sometimes but she chooses to ruin her voice with the straining. It was something that always held her back from her true potential.
    Queen Celine: Xtina has plenty of soft vocal songs. It’s really too many to name but “loving me 4 me” “walk away” “I’m okay” and “I got trouble” are some that don’t have her loud belts. Her stripped album has one of the best recorded vocals.

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

      Yes if christina would stop yelling and control her voice then she would become this generation’s the voice.(whitney’s title forever) but she just cant help herself with her over singing

  23. JFC January 26, 2013

    Pink is ugly and looks like a FTM tranny. Why would Xtina want to copy her? Xtina has a better voice, she just needs to learn to hold back sometimes and not always belt. She should go the independent label route and release experimental music.

  24. skintightjeans January 26, 2013

    Christina just give it up girl. No one in the industry likes you. You’re a hateful, greedy b**** whose best days are faaaaar behind you. You’re always running behind Pink. And you’re an industry slore. Start doing Weight Watchers commercials with ya fat ass.

    • Legendtina January 26, 2013

      Lmao you are clearly an insecure person. Did Xtina run over your kitten? Poor thing, listen to Beautiful, it will help 😉

      • mr.m January 26, 2013


      • skintightjeans January 26, 2013

        Um…number 1…I don’t have a kitten you corn ball ass baboon. Number 2, this is a blog site so stating my OPINION b**** is what you do around these parts or are too f****** stupid to notice and you won’t stop anything over here from that happening. Number 3, why would I listen to Beautiful? I don’t need a pep talk as I already know I’m fine as hell and insecurity doesn’t go with this package. Number 4 um yes I like Nicole and what s***. And finally b**** you can say, “I won’t” all you want but the deal is you can’t. H** like you will drag somebody…..girl/f**/h**/b**** please…….

    • Legendtina January 26, 2013

      And LOL @ industry slore when she’s only been with 4 guys, one who she married. Try again. Aren’t you a Nicole Shrizneeddhasgshdr fan? I wont

      • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

        Didn’t she cheat on her husband though?
        No belief in the sanctity of marriage…

      • irene46 January 26, 2013

        did she cheat on her husband or is that just some more shade?

      • skintightjeans January 26, 2013

        No need for me to try again as I already needed to say what I wanted to say. You understand how this concept works or me stating what the f*** I want and you not liking it won’t stop s*** over here, right? Child bye.

      • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 27, 2013

        She really did cheat on him. She admitted it personally.

  25. christinastherealtalent January 26, 2013

    Why do i have a feeling this was originally meant to be a duet between Christina and Adam?

    Anyway at this point, even though theres plenty of potential singles that would blow up the charts on this album, its too late to salvage it.

    At this point for once I am very disappointed in Christina and her team.

  26. F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

    Even if Pink did record the song for the album, I don’t think it would’ve made a difference because Pink is still slaying Christina’s career while Christina is trying to revive hers.
    No lost sleep for Miss Pink.

  27. Whitney Houston For FRACKING LIFE January 26, 2013

    This SCANDALOUS, fat B*TCH!

    Well, at least she flopped just as hard as she did on the last 4 albums 🙂

    So this news doesn’t really faze me. Nor should it faze Pink or Britney.

    • mr.m January 26, 2013

      and Crackney Deadston flopped for the last decade of her miserable life 😀

    • Slayty Perry January 26, 2013

      She’s only released 5 albums stupid c***

      • irene46 January 27, 2013

        even with a crack attack and a drastic voice change, whitney still sold as many (or nearly) as many as some of these females.

        no christina shade intended.

  28. F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

    Having a loud voice ≠ a good vocalist.
    I don’t care what anyone says but Christina and her runs are beyond tired. Take it down a notch. Maybe this is why she hasn’t had a hit in like 10 years. Nobody wants to hear yelling in their ears all the time.

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

      If she could stop over singing she would be ok tho

      • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

        Yes, I definitely agree with that. She has a nice voice….when she’s not yelling.

    • mr.m January 26, 2013

      How old are you? 12?
      The one’s with a nice voice is called
      Go listen to some GAGA OH LALA, kid

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

        No!! She is the voice of your delusional generation. I could about 25 singers out now that WILL VOCALLY SLAY YOUR FAVE KEEP IT CUTE!

  29. Slayty Perry January 26, 2013

    Xtina slayed the song, Pink could never. Shes a basic b**** who puts out the same s*** in a different year. It would probably kill her to try to evolve or experiment. Pink was never as big as Britney or Xtina. No iconic songs, albums, tours, performances, etc. But at least she’s consistent.

    • mr.m January 26, 2013


    • Mad-On-Her January 28, 2013

      Get the Party Started, Lady Marmalade, Just Like A Pill, So What and Raise Your Glass are all iconic songs.
      Missundazstood is an iconic album.
      Her Grammies performance of Glitter in the Air is one of the most iconic in recent memory.
      Her Funhouse tour was iconic.
      I like Christina too though, and wish Lotus was doing better.

  30. Whitney Houston For FRACKING LIFE January 26, 2013

    Floptina is officially a HAS been lmfao.
    Gurl bye

    • mr.m January 26, 2013

      Whitney is officially dead lmfao.

      • Slayty Perry January 26, 2013


      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

        B**** please dont come for the voice b****!! When your fat fave tries to unsuccessfully mimick the great whitney!! Whitney in her golden coffin still slays your fat fave!! Keep it cute f***

      • mr.m January 27, 2013

        Who’s whitney? that negro is dead
        She was a has-been since 1999 lmao
        Died from f****** drugs .. FLOPNEY DEADSTON

  31. Jer January 26, 2013

    Failed to receive a push? It was only forced down our throats.

  32. Kyle January 26, 2013

    There is no P!nk Demo of the song, the song was WRITTEN for her, but she did not want it. Being on the same label, Adam Lambert then decided he wanted it and recorded it, but it didn’t make the album, and then went back to Claude Kelly. That’s when Christina heard the song and wanted it for Lotus, and Blake Shleton jumped in later on. #Research

    Oh, and this IS the 2nd time Xtina is following in P!nk’s footsteps… LA Reid even said, “Without P!nk’s Misundaztood, there would be no Beautiful by Christina.” P!nk discovered Linda Perry after being on a hiatus, and pulled her back into songwriting and they created “her best album to date.” After this, Linda worked with Xtina on Beautiful and P!nk took that offensively, bc she was the only one working with her and felt a close connection, and felt like “she was cheating on [her].”

    I still pray that Linda Perry & P!nk get back together for a new album someday… Either way, P!nk would have slayed the song. But if you’re looking for a demo, look for Adam’s…

    • Kyle January 26, 2013

      PS. P!nk wrote every song on The Truth About Love except for Try, bc she fell in love with it when she heard it. So it makes sense she didn’t use this song, bc she wrote all her own.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 26, 2013

      I remember some of this from watching her “Behind the music” episode.

    • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

      Umm no. Let that ungrateful b*tch Linda Perry stick with Xtina. That evil d*** is still talking trash about Pink in the public to this very day.

    • mr.m January 26, 2013

      So what if Pink re-discovered Linda??
      What’s the deal?? Linda’s a great writer #DEAL
      She don’t have to work with pink!!!
      ACTUALLY she dumped pink’s ASS forever LOL!

      FYI, Linda was the one who talked to xtina
      and wanted somehow to work with her 🙂
      + She gave X ‘Beautiful’ coz she knew she can pull it off and and turn it into a timeless classic


    • Slayty Perry January 26, 2013

      Stripped outsold and out shined Mizunderstood. When people name great female albums from the 2000s they mention Stripped. Do you see any non-Pink stans mention any of her albums? No, that’s because she’s a basic b****. Always has been, always will be

      • mr.m January 26, 2013

        LMAO!!! YAAAS

      • Jer January 27, 2013

        Gurlbye. Without P!nk smashing with “Get The Party started” Xtincta never would have had been GIVEN ‘Beautiful’ AKA she would have been extinct even earlier BIG GURL BYE

      • Kyle January 27, 2013

        ACTUALLY Missundaztood has sold over 13 Million to date, while Stripped has only sold 12 Million to date… So get your facts straight before you come for me. LOL

        I never said Linda HAD to work with P!nk, I said if it wasn’t for P!nk, Christina wouldn’t have been HALF as successful with Stripped/Beautiful because it WOULDN”T HAVE EXISTED!!! So she can thank P!nk for putting Linda Perry back on the map…

        And to the idiot Slayty Perry, P!nk’s newest album not only debuted at #1, but is STILL in the Top 20, over 3 months later. It had the 3rd largest debut in 2012, debuting with over 280,000 sold in the 1st week. How many did Christina debut with, oh yeah, 73,408 copies… HAHA So what are you trying to say again? P!nk is FAR from a basic b****.

        I love both P!nk AND Christina, so you guys need to chill. I was just stating the FACTS, which you all OBVIOUSLY seem to know NOTHING about… #Research

      • Kyle January 27, 2013

        Also, the point of my comment, was for TGJ staff… They were hoping for a P!nk demo of the song, but if THEY actually did research as well…. Then they would have known she never recorded it, and that it ALMOST went on Adam Lambert’s album, so if there IS a demo, it would be his….

        God people are so ignorant these days… Relax, take a Klonopin, and just try to be nicer to one another…

      • irene46 January 27, 2013

        what’s strange is that it seems that the number of christina’s past record sales seem to be decreasing more and more. at one point, it was reported that ‘stripped’ sold 13 million and ‘back 2 basics’ sold from 5-6 million. also her total records sales were at 50 million ww which has dwindled to 30 million.

        i’ve noticed that britney’s first album is now at 30 million up from 25 million several months ago.

        record labels and media exaggerate so much how can one know the truth about record sales?

  33. King B>Rihanna January 26, 2013

    I remember when the big three white girls started out BS,CS and Pink, Pink always got the short end of the stick and was called all kind of names but she did not bother with them and she held it out and guess what it worked because now Pink is a better singer than CA, she is better dancer than BS, she is the better enterainer and as of now she is selling better than the two.So even if she lived in CA shadow she still is not original since she never found her sound because even CA best album which was Stripped was a just a re-hash of Pink “Misunderstood” and karaoke Mariah Carey and BS can’t even give a good performance now to save her life.So it just goes to show that the underddog always reaches to the top no matter what.

    • F****** Hairy (Lana & Gaga schoolin’ h***) January 26, 2013

      Great point, and what I love most is that Pink NEVER conformed to what was hot on the radio to get a quick hit. She stayed true to herself and the music she believed in and thats what seperates her between Xtina & B.Spears.
      Now, while Pink is finally doing great on the charts, Xtina can’t get a hit to save her life, and B.Spears can’t perform anymore, the power she once had as the “it” girl is now over.
      It’s funny how things change.

      • PSA (FAF) January 26, 2013

        Now this I can agree w/ ! She doesn’t have Christina’s range but she is a brilliant artist, performer, singer, etc.

      • irene46 January 26, 2013

        pink has always done well on the charts even though she’s always been underrated in the media. i don’t remember her ever getting bludgeoned in way christina’s been. i don’t remember christina going for pink’s throat the way pingk went for christina’s.

    • mr.m January 26, 2013

      Pink is a better singer than Xtina??? LMAO xD
      Let me remind you that they worked together ..
      Remember ‘Lady Marmalade”?
      You do b****, right?
      Yeah, Xtina SANG the highest part
      AND SANG THE S*** OUT OF IT ..
      Coz Pink can’t, and could never do what X did !!
      Oh I can’t even picture her doing the first note LOL


      • King B>Rihanna January 26, 2013

        dumb b**** if CA had some vocal training of course she is better than Pink but as of right now Pink is the better singer because she can actually sing a song on key and belt a high note,can’t you read i said now not that old time s***.

      • mr.m January 26, 2013

        H**, let’s see pink sing “Sing For Me” .. NAH!!
        LOL! Pink is a very good singer (in her range)
        Xtina can sing ANYTHING .. ANY genre 🙂


    • Slayty Perry January 26, 2013

      But what iconic thing has Pink done???? Britney and Xtina are icons, Pink is just the college kid at the high school party

      • Kyle January 27, 2013

        Britney is an icon for jokes and BAD Artists… If you can even consider her an “artist.” P!nk has done MANY iconic things over her career. Won grammys, performed one of THE most memorable performances at the Grammys, she actually WANTED to sing the high note in Lady Marmalade, bc she CAN, but when they all sat down for a meeting, Christina’s manager sat down and said, “Hi I’m Christina’s manager, what’s the highest part, she’s singing it.” And P!nk replied with, “Hi, I’m P!nk. And no she’s not, I believe that’s what this meeting is for.”

        But since Chrisitna had a bigger name and more money, her manager ended up getting the part for her. And that’s when their rivalry began lol.

        P!nk, 13 years later, is OUTSELLING BOTH Britney AND Christina. While yes, they may have been icons back in the day and the most successful yada yada, things change over time. People age, get old, lose their magic. P!nk has grown, and become MORE powerful and successful. I WISH I could say the same for Britney & Christina.

        While although I still love most of Britney’s songs, they’re not her songs… They’re really Dr. Luke & Max Martin’s songs, featuring Britney Spears. She doesn’t write, she barely sings, has hardly any input, doesn’t dance… P!nk writes 99% of ALL her songs, and writes for other’s as well (Adam Lambert, Cher)

        Its okay to not like someone or their music, but stop TRYING to s*** talk P!nk if you can’t even do it correctly! ALL OF YOUR INFO IS WRONG!!! LOL

    • RoyalKev January 27, 2013

      Pink is a great artist, but she’s honestly given too much credit these days. Britney and Christina may not be in their prime, but they were far more of a standout (for different reasons) than Pink could ever be. Sometimes when you’re such a big superstar people get obsessed with seeing you fail, while others that are considered underdogs get to coast.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 27, 2013

        That´s true. Great comment @royalkev

      • irene46 January 27, 2013

        even though pink is a great singer, i can’t image pink singing the high notes in ‘lady marmalade.’ that said, imo she’s always been unrrated maybe becuz she wasn’t a singer/dancer with cutesy, femme, beauty queen looks of christina,britney and a jessica that was being heavily promoted back then. also she’s never been warm and fuzzy and brings what’s on her mind, no matter how harsh. now she’s finally getting the credit, not becuz she’s an underdog) but becuz she’s always had talent and deserved it.

  34. mr.m January 26, 2013

    Here’s the deal ..

    + Bionic was a superb piece too!!
    For Xtina, it’s all a matter of promo!!!

    P R O M O =
    Your Body could’ve been a huge smash for her comeback
    ( comeback hit buzz = great first week sales )
    Just A Fool could’ve been a smash second single
    ( = longevity = more sales )
    Army of Me has the potential to be a WW hit 3rd single
    Let There Be Love .. a successful 4th single
    Sing For Me .. Final single (captures form Lotus tour MV = powerful ending the the era to be remembered)

    As a huge Xtina fan, I must say that she’s a lazy b**** ..
    + RCA F***** IT ALL UP!
    I know many haters that hates Xtina
    BUT they all admit her great work and can’t deny it ..
    She put her heart and soul in each and every album she release
    That’s why all love her and will ALWAYS support her
    Say whatever you want to say, Lotus was the best album in 2012
    AND Xtina is still the voice of our generation


    • skintightjeans January 26, 2013

      Get your f***** ass outta here…..

  35. woo January 26, 2013

    Just as fool is not that good…Blake is the best part in my opinion…

    On the bright side, Pitbull is on the rescue, ftm is doing well on the charts…

  36. woo January 26, 2013

    Christina was smart to accept the duet with Pitbull..

    Feel this moment is smashing on z100 NYC.

  37. King B>Rihanna January 26, 2013

    If Christina is such a brillant singer now why can’t she hit the whistle note she was able to when she was younger and you don’t have an excuse because MC at 4o something can still hit a whistle register even better than her young days.

    • mr.m January 26, 2013

      What is your point negro?
      Mariah’s voice is capable of whistling easily
      coz of her voice type ..
      Xtina’s voice is so raw, deep and soulful
      YES, she used to whistle back in the day
      her voice matured now!! She may not whistle live
      AND Mariah at the same time can’t hit the high notes she used to hit .. That just the way it is!!

      Their voices are different .. both LEGENDARY and could slay your fav at their worst .. deal h**

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

        Um i dont like bey but she will sing and dance circles around fatna!! And wont be out of breath

      • all4u1 January 27, 2013

        Excuse me? Let’s not forget Beyonce was recently caught Lipsynching the National Anthem. Therefore, you’re comment is null and void. Next!!!!!!!

      • Kyle January 27, 2013

        AGAIN with the lack of research guys!!! Yes, Beyonce was ACCUSED of lip syncing the National Anthem… BUT SHE DIDN”T! She had 2 tracks playing at the same time… Track 1 was a previously recorded live rendition of the song, and Track 2 was her LIVE MIC FEED! She WAS singing along with her previous recorded version. They did this as a safety precaution, especially because she was suffering through a cough/throat condition that day. #Research

        If you don’t believe me, google it. They have BOTH tracks isolated separately so you can clearly hear the difference between the recording, and her singing LIVE.

  38. Sterling Infinity Will Save Me January 26, 2013

    I really don’t like when writers do this but I understand, it’s to help push and further promote the succes of there single!

  39. King B>Rihanna January 26, 2013

    This generation has no THE VOICE..could have been Christina but her ego and lack of vocal technique ruined it because when you break it down her natural voice is a voice that really comes once in a while but her inabiltiy to control it messed her up other than that I don’t see anyone coming close to WH and MC from this generation.

    • mr.m January 26, 2013

      You’re mad coz they’re calling queen X
      and no one cares about Negro.B’s voice .. LOL!

      SAY MAD 😀

      • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

        Your delusional!! Homo!! There is no voice of this wack generation!! And if there is it damn sho aint no blody fatina

      • all4u1 January 27, 2013

        Christina is the Voice of this Generation and you will deal!!!!

  40. King B>Rihanna January 26, 2013

    LMFAO,i really don’t have time for to have a grown agree to disagree conversation with and XTina fan who is delusional, think that Christina is the greatest singer to grace the face of the Earth and can’t admit that their fav has flaws and are not perfect artist.Reply and we can talk when you can admit that the b**** voice is gone, she can’t sing on pitch, can’t belt effectively, can’t sustain a low or high note and she over-uses vocal runs and that is why she will never get better because you so called fans can’t tell your fav when they are f****** up and they will never grow or realize their full potential.So you Stay Mad! Plus my fav can sing a song vocally perfect so i am not worrying about Christina boo.

    • RESPECT THE VOICE!!!! January 26, 2013

      Um i dont know about vocally perfect however bey does sing better than xtina

      • King B>Rihanna January 26, 2013

        i meant as in basic techinque like breathing, pitch, and control.What Beyonce lacks is a naturally great voice with character and tone but she can’t be blame for that.

  41. Mark111 January 27, 2013

    Would’ve been a hit with Pink. That girl the only one that is still here from the 2000’s in the pop world. Britney is pretty much a zombie, Chris is a hog, Jessica is retarded. Pink, the real artist.

    • all4u1 January 27, 2013

      Pink is boring. You need to keep it real….Same performances, swinging on a rope, same vocals!!!!!

    • Kyle January 27, 2013

      THANK YOU! Someone who is NOT an idiot! lol I almost had lost all hope! P!nk is far from boring FYI. Have you seen Britney lately? lol Talk about boring… P!nk is feisty, fresh, and will kick any of their asses any day. Christina is super cute though on the voice. But Britney was, yes, a zombie on X-Factor. Scripted puppet, that’s all she is/ever was. Great team behind her though!

  42. Aishaaguilerakeystesfaye January 27, 2013

    I like both artists, but I do prefer Aguilera, and I think she sang the song beautifully.

  43. tits mcgee January 27, 2013

    I like Christina and Blake’s take on the song. I think P!nk would have pulled it of as well.

    I’m not sure it would fit the personality of third artist mentioned Adam (who has been totally ignored on this post! LOL.), but he could pull off the vocals for sure.

    All in al,l I agree with the writer of the song. I’m glad the song ended up where it did with Chrissy..

  44. MRDIVABITCH January 28, 2013

    Her whole albums is pretty much a Rihanna/Leona/Kelly B-sides and rejects, so it doesn’t surprise me there would be a Pink reject in there as well

    • all4u1 January 28, 2013

      I knew you would comment sooner-or-later….lol. Just admit it, you are an undercover Christina fan. You are so predictable!!!!!

    • irene46 January 30, 2013

      much of the music put out by females now has a similar sound.

      songs from ‘lotus’ sound every bit as good as the songs released by all the females you named and even better, imo, than some others whose lousy songs inexplicably reach as high as #1 or a least manage to crash to top 10.

      • irene46 January 30, 2013

        correction: or ‘at’ least

  45. Tara April 17, 2013

    lol you’re all hilarious no one cares about the pink/xtina feud besides lame fans who are poor and have shitty jobs/boring lives

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