Guess Who?

Published: Wednesday 16th Jan 2013 by David

Guess which Pop beauty was snapped making her way into London’s Corinthia Hotel this morning, hours after partying with actor Jeremy Piven.

Hint: Her debut album has now sold 1.5 million copies worldwide, birthing three UK #1 singles.

Not sure who the mystery blonde is?

Her identity below!

It’s our friend Alexandra Burke!

After partying with actor at ‘Lou Lou’s, the Pop Princess was snapped making her way into the Corinthia where she reportedly met up with him, one week after they were spotted leaving a party thrown by Tom Ford last week, as seen above.

If reports are to be believed, fans can look forward to the star’s third studio this year, one year after the launch of her second LP ‘Heartbreak On Hold’- on which the below can be found:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 16, 2013

    Who is this?

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  2. skintightjeans January 16, 2013

    She needs some lotion on her feet!

    0 0
  3. WhoNeedsADegreeWhenYourShadingLife January 16, 2013

    I thought that was Mary J Blige lol

    0 0
  4. J January 16, 2013

    Ill give her another chance with this 3rd album …but after that.

    0 0
  5. Blue January 16, 2013

    3rd album!!!??????
    u mean there is an album out there full of vocal orgasmic songs that i know nothing about?

    0 0
  6. Sleazy January 16, 2013

    1.5 girl and you flop so hard with your 2nd 1 your label did you wrong as hell shame

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  7. HOTSTUFF January 16, 2013

    she looks like a mix between a man and a horse

    0 0
  8. HOTSTUFF January 16, 2013

    that blond weave is a NO

    0 0
  9. HOTSTUFF January 16, 2013

    On That grape s*** everybody is a pop princess , Lord give it a break uh

    0 0
  10. Blue January 16, 2013

    Alex is the only singer i justify still having a career souly because of her vocal abilities even if she never sells a single album ever again. The world deserves to hear that hair raising voice of hers.

    no singer out today could come close to the perfection of silence, overcome, gotta go, nothing but that girl and dumb. Both studio cd versions and life.

    love u riri but not even u could serve it like alex

    0 0
    • Dale January 16, 2013

      Its okay, real singers alway make music successful or not. I hope she makes music her voice was designed for. If Alex goes the soul/r&b route she may not be commercial successful but she’ll be better respected.
      She looks good in this picture

      0 0
  11. Together Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 16, 2013

    Her first album did so well, how did she let herself FLOP so hard?? She better bring it with the third album instead of partying. She should be working and not club hopping.

    0 0
    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 16, 2013

      Hell that’s what rihanna should be doing to better her craft no shade.

      0 0
      • The Truth Will Set You Free January 16, 2013

        DEAD! lol

        0 0
  12. Gaz January 16, 2013

    Have fun gurl

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  13. hojooo January 16, 2013


    0 0
  14. RICHANDBLACK11 January 16, 2013

    get your life gurl , No shade I think I’m bout to get me a middle eastern on that ass

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  15. LSZ January 16, 2013

    UK’s very own Ciara.

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    • Jonathan Gardner January 20, 2013

      Alexnadra can actually SAAAAAAANG as well as dance.

      It’s insulting to compare Ciara to a vocal beast like Alexandra. SMH

      0 0
  16. Dale January 16, 2013

    She looks good.

    0 0
  17. Touché January 16, 2013

    What a lovely voice.

    0 0
  18. Everyone’s A Critic January 17, 2013


    0 0
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