Hot Shots: Britney Spears Hits ‘Starbucks’ / Fans Slam Will.I.Am

Published: Tuesday 29th Jan 2013 by David


Let’s be honest, while looks can be deceiving, it’s safe to say it’s been a long time since Britney Spears has seemed this upbeat.

Hard at work on album #8, ‘The Hook Up‘ singer greeted paparazzi as she made her way out of a Starbucks in LA yesterday, one day after she was snapped making her way into Church with a friend.

Her caffeine induced sighting came after fans caught of a wind a report, suggesting her new LP was to be executive produced by Pop genius,

Their thoughts on the matter below…

Taking to Twitter last week, producer Antony Preston shared the following:

This, leading fans to believe the ‘Check It Out’ Rapper had been enlisted as the LP’s executive producer, with interesting ‘results’ on popular fan site, Breathe Heavy.Com:

Do you agree?

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  1. Monstarebel January 29, 2013

    Love me some Britney….I’m excited for her new album & sound femme fatale SLAYED so I know the next album will aswell… & her fans need to calm they ass down

    • diob January 29, 2013

      Wait werent you the same person bashing Christina about Lotus saying that it was terrible and what not? I dont get it you thought that was bad but femme fatale was goo? If you arent the person that said that I apologize.

      • Music, Soul, Harmony January 29, 2013

        They both were bad.

    • irene46 January 29, 2013

      not a single song on ‘lotus’ came near to being as lame and cheezzee as ‘hold it against me’. yuck!!! it went to #1. so what? the best release was ‘criminal’.

  2. Raymond Meza January 29, 2013 is a lame. and i kinda feel like his albumb will be released the week after hers. smh

  3. JUELZ January 29, 2013

    She is looking extremely radiant and as of late and, I for one, am happy to see her enjoying life once again.

    I think her stint on the X-Factor most definetely helped reinvogorate her, physically and mentally, as it brought back the ‘ CONSISTENT’ and ‘WORKING’ Ms. Spears once again.

    It’s subjective whether or not you like her music but, I for one, would love to one day see the Britney that absolutely ROCKED every stage she appeared on circa. 2000-2004. I’m routing for you Ms. Spears

  4. Nicki 4 Zayn January 29, 2013

    Will can produce one song and that’s it.

  5. Lana Del Slay January 29, 2013

    Those ungrateful b******! He just gave her a number one single!

  6. MDNA2013 January 29, 2013

    Will seems like a nice person but his music is s***. He’s never had a solo hit or a solo album and can’t sell anything without a Pop girl singing for him. Stay with Darkchild Brit, he’ll never let you down.

  7. BionicLotus January 29, 2013

    Kiiiii! Not the last b**** dragging Lotus when Brit is literally a walking talking zombie.

    • HIAM January 29, 2013

      EAT A SALAD!!

      • BeyWhoUWanna January 29, 2013

        No no no hunty. Don’t come for Queen Britney when you stan for ForgotToPromotina.

      • diob January 29, 2013

        You are right about something we stan for christina but the fact of the matter Britney is more successful but talent is something that she doesnt have. Xtinas lift nipple has more talent than Britney does.

      • irene46 January 30, 2013

        so right diob! britney career gets huge help from the media (including tgj) to create a good and overblown relevant image in the public eye even though she hasn’t a drop of talent.

        irrelevant things she does are reported on, such as her going to church and other things of unimportance.

        many of us would be interested to know what christina is doing and seeing pictures with her and her son. all the media sources would rather spend time and ink on britney and even jessica simpson’s (remember her) weight and other lame un-newsworthy info about her.

  8. Nay nay January 29, 2013

    Not here for her if she isn’t going to BRING IT like she used to in the 90s/early 2000s!

  9. SandySande January 29, 2013

    The only girl Will can help is Cheryl. Other than that, his solo career and music has been a recurring ki ki. He’s a good producer but nothing he does is groundbreaking so Britney should stay away from him and call Luke or Rodney.

  10. the real xoxo January 29, 2013

    Brit fans should be mad at Britney for not having any say in her own music instead of slamming

  11. FentySoSnatched January 29, 2013

    Poor Britney! If this is true she’s gonna flop harder than the Fraud did at Obamas party.

  12. JJFan1814 January 29, 2013

    Will’s work is generally hit and miss. But BEP’s album The E.N.D. was flawless and one of my fave albums. If he can provide that consistency and keep the generic overproduction away, then I’m stoked.

    • HIAM January 29, 2013

      Shut up. You don’t know anything. If you had any good ideas Janet’s career wouldn’t be such a floppity mess.

  13. House Mother Kanye January 29, 2013

    As long as the album is good…I don’t care who produce it.

  14. PrincessTweedy January 29, 2013

    Thankyou TGJ for calling Will a genius. He never gets the credit he deserves and it makes me mad.

  15. Paul January 29, 2013

    WTH. Why do this guy (dunno the name) keep referring to Britney as The Hook Up singer? It’s been like 3 articles about Britney that the same thing is referred to the singer. I’m a big fan so I read every Brit article.

    • TeamBreezy January 29, 2013

      The Hook Up is a jam tho! in the zone is my fave brit album after blackout

    • Christian January 29, 2013

      It’s because Britney has a song called “The Hook up” on her “In The Zone” album.

      • PAUL January 30, 2013

        I know that silly. But come on. To refer to Britney as the Hook Up singer in the last 3 articles, isn’t that repetetive? I mean, don’t the author of this article know other Brit song? Just saying.

  16. Mad-On-Her January 29, 2013

    As much as I’m not really into Scream and Shout, I did like the tracks did for Femme Fatale – so if the new album is along those lines I don’t mind.
    Although like most of Britney’s fanbase, I’d much rather be looking forward to Blackout 2.0.

  17. Cream January 29, 2013

    It’s not one song I like by him is songs are s*** Black eye peas are s*** and Britney girl take a 3 year Brake

  18. JJFan1814 January 29, 2013

    How dare a Britney Stan drag Janet’s name. Britney’s only talent WAS her dancing! Janet, regardless of her age, can Gangnam Style Britney’s medicated ass to Flopville.

    • Music, Soul, Harmony January 29, 2013

      Sooo Janet was a good singer? Everyone knows Janet’s talent wasn’t her voice but her dancing and stage prescence like Madonna.

  19. Viciousss January 29, 2013

    It’s kind of funny tbh.

    Britney was the s*** back in the day but those days have passed. She could not create a hit single on her own that isn’t generic (Till the World Ends and Circus were both as generic as Scream and Shout) and she needs someone to give her songs a modern flavor since her songs ring a little too early 00’s sometimes.

    Don’t hate Will.I.Am for the truth Brit Fans, same with how folks were complaining about her not doing choreography in the video. If she could do any choreography why wouldn’t she? Exactly.

  20. speechless January 29, 2013

    So they hate Will but still bought Scream and Shout just because britney was on it…..ok.

    • Music, Soul, Harmony January 29, 2013

      Tbh, the only good parts of that song were britney’s part. Just like the only reason i listened to the black eyed peas were cuz of Fergie. He always needs a female to help him sale. Lol.

  21. Yolo January 29, 2013

    Zombie B****

  22. Music Soul Harmony January 29, 2013

    If her s*** sounds anything like Femme Floptale she can keep it. Not here for generic empty euro music in 2013.

  23. Nekci Menij January 29, 2013

    brinty xtine & adole ur even shittier no1 is as good as me & dat’s y i dont giv a ___

  24. J January 29, 2013

    Her fans have every right to be upset. is a good producer but his s*** is too generic for 2013.

    Britneys people have already said she wants the new album to be pop/hiphop

  25. Kyle January 29, 2013

    Who really cares who produces Britney’s albums!? All her songs productions overpower her voice because we all know she really doesn’t have the best singing voice. “Femme Fatale” was a hot album but we all know she sounded like a robot on that album. If you ask me, that all could’ve been done by Will.I.Am.

    • Music, Soul, Harmony January 29, 2013

      Compared to her other albums it really wasn’t much to celebrate. Not to mention the album wasn’t good because it was one of her weaker ERAS along with Blackout when she had completely lost it and felt distant from the music industry in general. In the Zone was definitely one of her best albums though.

  26. PRINCE MACHIAVEL January 29, 2013

    I’ll Always Love Bri-Bri, She’s The Ultimate Princess Of Pop No matter What You Think About Her!!!!!!!!

  27. Music, Soul, Harmony January 29, 2013

    Will i am, like LMFAO and David Guetta, are here to make cheap hits. Not music with substance. He went from semi-good hiphop with the BEP’s to trance s*** just to make money. I CAN’T. All I hope is that the album doesn’t sound like Femme Floptale. I don’t like Britney anymore due to her lack of energy involved with her career lately but one thing I can say is that she has never made music sound the same on each album and I would hope most of that euro pop is DEAD and played out so hopefully she can move onto to more innovative and fresh ideas.

  28. FLOPNEY IS THE PROBLEM January 29, 2013

    Britards are freaking out because the production always made up for Britney’s lack of talent. So one-dimensional.

  29. gorlfran January 29, 2013

    It would be funny if her next album debuted at number 3 and sold about the same as ‘Bionic’ did. What would her fans do if that happened?

    • J January 29, 2013

      funny thing is it wouldn’t, unlike xtina, Britney actually has fans.

      • irene46 January 30, 2013

        lmao! she has fans and not a lick of talent.

  30. David January 29, 2013

    Britney is a legend & a true pop queen. If you ask any life-long britney stan, no one is here for to executive produce album 8. I WANT DANJA back! Or let’s give some new, more unknown produces a shot with the living legend.

    • irene46 January 30, 2013

      britney is and icon because she was ‘little miss teen s***’ in 1999-2003. legends are artists with ‘serious talent’ and longevity. christina is closer to a legend than britney even though she hasn’t sold nearly as many records she’is a legitimate talent.

  31. Lolax January 29, 2013

    Danja and max martin should be the executive producers no more will i am pleasee brit brit

  32. JOHNVIDAL January 29, 2013

    Is she even showing at the studio? Or are the computers doing 100% of the work this time instead of the usual 90%? 🙂

    • dexclusive January 29, 2013

      It’s so sad because you actually tried smh

      • irene46 January 30, 2013

        what’s sad is that what he said is probably very close to the truth.

  33. Suicide Blonde January 29, 2013

    Love me some Britney, The Princess of Pop, that is why certain WANNABE is mad because Britney will be forever the darling of The Queen of Pop.

    • Suicide Blonde January 29, 2013

      This is better than the video of that baby listen to Beyonce, this is so cute, his first word is MADONNA, he’s gonna be Gay, I mean, C’mon his first word MADONNA, that’s a sign.

  34. STERLING INFINITY Will Save Us January 29, 2013

    Thats the get the f*** outta my face smile!

  35. Nikko January 30, 2013

    If both Ms. Spears and Bey bring pop/hiphop for 2013 may techno and dance music RIP…..Yes!!!!!!!!! C’mon queens!!! 😉

    • Nikko January 30, 2013

      By the way her body is banging!!!!

  36. Queen Brit Brit January 30, 2013 can do a few tracks but the whole album? F*** NO. Brit needs to find Danja, Darkchild, Max Martin, Stargate, and Dr. Luke. Will can’t deliver a full album

  37. Lashan January 30, 2013

    Brit Bot is the s***!!!! I love almost everything shes ever released and there are loads of hidden gems on the album Breathe one,early morning,touch of my hand,big fat base, phonography and get naked!!!! are all awesome!!! I’m so looking forward to this!!!….she needs to hook up with Danja!!!

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