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Lil Kim Confirms New Album

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Lil Kim is back…and this time it’s for good.

That, we hope, is what the world of music will concur with now that the ‘How Many Licks‘ Rapper has confirmed the release of a brand new studio album, two years after releasing the Nicki Minaj fuelled ‘Black Friday‘ mix tape.

Details below…

 With expectations on this LP to move numbers higher than they should be, here’s hoping its sound is strong enough to carry it critically if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to commercially.

For, as Jennifer Lopez’ ‘LOVE?‘ proves, an unsuccessful LP doesn’t have to mean an unsuccessful era- and that’s why we hope Kim has plans in place to ensure she doesn’t disappear for another five or so years, if it doesn’t do well.

In short, if Kim succeeds in cleaning up her brand and elevating the public’s perception of her, this new album could be used as a launching pad for bigger and better things. The kind of things, that would see her reintroduced to the world as a Hip Hop veteran renown for her classic material  and oft overlooked personality.

Indeed, though this may be a stretch, we’d say a stints on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and VH1s ‘Behind The Music’ would go some way to push this personality and give the album the full exposure it deserves before release.

For, whether her detractors would admit it or not, Kim is anything but irrelevant and still has enough interest in her brand to ensure we’ll all be listening when it comes out.

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