Major: Little Mix Sign US Record Deal

Published: Tuesday 8th Jan 2013 by Sam

It’s not often a British act can call Beyonce a label-mate; however such is the good fortune of Pop quad Little Mix that they now can.

Details after the jump…

The 2011 X Factor UK winners have confirmed that they are making a beeline for the American charts, after signing a Stateside deal with Columbia Records late last month. An industry juggernaut, the label is home to likes of Adele and Destiny’s Child.

Of their first US  release, ‘Wings’, the ladies told Twist magazine:

“‘Wings’ is the perfect introduction to Little Mix and what we’re all about, so we can’t wait to show it to everybody in America!”

We wanted our first single to be a song that meant something to us, but also meant a lot to our fans. 

We wanted an uplifting message about believing in yourself, listening to what your mum says (because she’s always right!) and just not letting any negativity bring you down.” – (member Jesy Nelson)


As keen appreciators of what Little Mix bring to the table (see: vocals, harmonies, and a solid Pop), we congratulate them on what it as amazing opportunity.

That said, we’re not entirely sold on whether the Brit invasion of last year (see: One Direction, Cher Lloyd, and co) actually helps the ladies or harms them. America is a notoriously difficult market to break – even for artists based there. Hence they could fall victim to the “Brit-saturation”. Or, of couse, Jesy, Jade, Perrie, and Leigh-Ann could strike it lucky in the big leagues.

Needless to say, we’ll be watching closely at how this plays out.

For now, though, peep Little Mix in action below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. mr.m January 8, 2013


    • Everyone’s A Critic January 8, 2013

      How are they flopping. Do not state your stupid opinion as fact. They actually are talented singers live, check their acoustic version of DNA. I’m not a fan of their music but clearly they’re not flops if they chart and get regular plays on music stations and radio. Dumb b****, your shade isn’t needed

  2. Leon January 8, 2013

    Yes, get it girls. Now they need to release Red planet as a single featuring T-Boz

  3. JJFan1814 January 8, 2013


  4. Jahlal January 8, 2013

    Please release red planet as a single!!!

  5. TeamBey/TeamBreezy/TeamYoungMoney January 8, 2013

    Every generation for the past 5 or so decades, in America, experiences a British Invasion.

    The 60’s: Virtually EVERY Rock Artist/group.
    The 70’s: Virtually EVERY Rock Artist/Group.
    The 80’s: Viryually EVERY one hit wonder.
    The 90’s: Abit scarce.
    The 21st Century: Adele, Amy WInehouse, One Direction etc… (3 of the BIGGEST artists of this century in the U.S.A)

    The U.S THRIVES off of British acts. Always have, always will. The only ones that DONT succeed as strong lack label marketing, promoton and exposure. Like Cher Llyod, Billboard Biz said that “Want U Back” could have went to number one if her lable pushed the song on radio more seeing that it was in the top 10 of itunes for 15 weeks.

    Little Mix will do good.

    • the real xoxo January 8, 2013

      the 90s a bit scarce? oasis cracked the US and the spice girls achieved global domination in the 90s!

      • TeamBey/TeamBreezy/TeamYoungMoney January 8, 2013

        OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        As for Oasis, They didn’t crack the U.S to the extent of Europe, Asia etc… but they did have moderate success.

        I forgot about savage garden too.

        Thanks @the real xoxo. 😉

  6. the real xoxo January 8, 2013

    Simon is trying to make them the next Spice Girls and failing – these girls can sing but they are safe, non-threatening and boring!
    The Spice Girls were loud, arrogant and didnt really give a f***!
    They will flop.

    • Love Kelly January 8, 2013

      Signing with Destinys Child label. Lets see what happens…

  7. Dev January 8, 2013

    Well it’ll be interesting to see who does better out of The Saturdays with a reality show or Little Mix with just promotion and appearances?
    To be honest i don’t see this group having longevity, with a pretty much silly name and one strong singer, one okay singer and two average singers it wont be long before the strongest singer departs… i mean, they have already been preforming as a 3 piece recently

    • the real xoxo January 8, 2013

      both the saturdays and little fix are shite.
      both contrived, boring with no real passion or personality.

    • Love Kelly January 8, 2013

      I get the impression Perrie is already plotting her break out status spare headed by this One D connection.

  8. gio88 January 8, 2013

    mmmm i don’t see them become ww star but just star in uk

  9. Dance Again (Beyonce’s Weave) January 8, 2013

    Are they even platinum yet???

  10. MISHKA January 8, 2013

    1D hit it big mostly because they were extra cuuuute and – surprisingly enough – very humble. Teenage Girls had no choice but to fall for them.

    Here we’re talking Girl Groups and teenage girls connect to female groups only if the ladies possess something they can’t have: TLC was funky, Salt’n’Pepa was naughty, Spice Girls was feisty and Destiny’s Child was fierce.

    These girls right here, I don’t see it happening for them. There are too common to be adored. We shall see.

    What happened to The Saturdays though?

  11. Everyone’s A Critic January 8, 2013

    Love all their voices except the black girls… She needs to go or be replaced. That is all

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