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New Song: A$AP Rocky – ‘ I Come Apart (Ft Florence Welch)’

b8de4a8dc2249275eb7080d7bcbdb6cd New Song: A$AP Rocky    I Come Apart (Ft Florence Welch)

Take A$AP Rocky- add a helping of Florence Welch and kaboom…. ‘I Come Apart’.

The stunning collaborative effort between the creative pair, the number hit Pop shores minutes ago and features on the deluxe edition of Rocky’s forthcoming ‘Love Live A$AP‘ LP, out in stores January 15th.

We’ve already fallen in love with and given us no choice but to pick up the album once it drops.

Will you?

Decide below…

On the song, the forward thinking Rapper told MTV:

“[Florence] is actually a huge fan and she reached out [to me]. I knew about her from winning Grammys and stuff like that, but I’m not gonna sit here and lie—I wasn’t too in tune with the music, so when I found out she was fascinated with my style, that’s when the infatuation with her came. I just started doing research and I became a fan.”

Your thoughts?

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