Hot Shots: Rihanna Shares Exotic Vacation With Fans

Published: Wednesday 20th Feb 2013 by David

Check out these shots of ‘Styled To Rock‘ star Rihanna showcasing her goodies while on vacation recently.

Sharing the snaps via her personal Instagram page, the hit collecting nocalist can be seen flaunting a number of her tattoos hours before she turned 25 (today), and weeks before the launch of her ‘Diamonds World Tour’.

More pics below…

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  1. meena February 20, 2013

    She is so hot

  2. Lemon February 20, 2013

    She is so self absorbed . Look at me me me and only ME!!

    So boring.

    • Tee February 21, 2013

      It’s her gram and her birthday…

  3. meena February 20, 2013

    This post gon get messy

  4. Beck February 20, 2013

    The only thing this untalented w**** seems good at is taking snapshots for Instagram.

  5. Pop Royalty February 20, 2013

    YAWN, getting tired of your BS in here.

  6. meena February 20, 2013

    Happy birthday queen

  7. JUELZ February 20, 2013

    Her Bikini is cute – Love her or loathe her, she has a fantastic body and is a gorgeous girl.

    But please @TJG/Sam – I am BORED TO DEATH of seeing, and gullibly reading, pointless stories about this woman and your ‘beloved’ Beyonce…….EVERYDAY!!!

  8. NikosF February 20, 2013

    You’re Not Nicki B****!

  9. NOBITCHASSNESS February 20, 2013

    You’d think with all the BS on her posting pics of “drugs” she’d actually stop… she still bad.

  10. shawna February 20, 2013

    She been taking pictures before Nicky fat ass so please if u don’t like it don’t look fat b****** Sam stop rejecting my post because u mad I’m telling the truth

  11. shawna February 20, 2013

    She been taking pictures before Nicky fat ass so please if u don’t like it don’t look fat b****** Sam stop rejecting my post because u mad I’m telling the truth

  12. shawna February 20, 2013

    Pop royalty and everyone who tired if rihanna protest Sam I guess he can’t stop posting about her you know why rihanna makes money sells magazine’s so why would any bloggers stop writing about my girl she sells the news without rihanna life would be boring y’all would never come to these sites beyonce is so boring and speak like a two year old

  13. Steph February 20, 2013

    I would say, why is she smoking if she is a singer. Then again, she is really not a singer. #studiogirl

  14. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 20, 2013


    You’re just jealous that she can take a picture on her iphone, on vacation and look amazing, while fat beyonce cannot/. What happened to baddie Bey fashion intagram? HA HA HA Fizzled out as Bad gal riri let her in the dust. Are u going to post about how rih has signed a deal with MAC to launch her own make line?

    Sello out stadium tour, record sales, makeup line, male and female fragrance, TV show, movies, personal appearances. FORBES will crown the highest paid celeb. She will make more money at 25 than beyonce did at 25. Beyonce never had a makeup line or TV show at that age – or any age/

    Last FEB, they said rita whora was gonna end rih’s career.

  15. Steph February 20, 2013

    Also, throw this girl some chicken, cheese burgers and a milkshake! Girlfriend looks like a beautiful CRACKHEAD!!!

  16. B. Hill February 20, 2013


  17. JJFan1814 February 20, 2013

    Rih’s body > Yours!!!!

    The haters are still pressed that Unapologetic is selling consistently despite the lack of promo! 2 million+ since November, for an album that wasn’t really planned out until the last 6 months of 2012. Well, are you mad? You should be!


  18. JJFan1814 February 20, 2013


  19. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 20, 2013

    After beyonce tour raps, what is next for beyonce? LOL her career is fizzling out by the minute. I hear rih beat her in the oprah ratings, she scraped just over a million.

    After Rih’s sell out stadium tour, she has styled to rock, which could be the next antm. Then, she has her fall and winter collection with river island, and a mens line. Then her male fragrance, also her makeup line with MAC. Much better than beyonce being one of 30 faces of Loreal. You make more money having your own line. Then Rih has her movie with seth rogen coming out, plus, her movie with Steven Spielberg next year. Album number 8. Umm, she has hot show line with river island too. Her agenda is jam packed after the tour. Not to mention video’s for Right now, pour it up, love song, Jump and nobody’s business.

    What does beyonce have going on when the tour raps?

  20. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 20, 2013

    I love the fact that Rih went to London for 24 hours, made her money and bounced on her private jet to Haawaii. You can tell Rita Whora is pissed. She wanted rih there to show off too. But Smart Rih will never give lessors the satisfaction. 48 laws of power move. Tee Hee.

  21. meena February 20, 2013

    You n****** stay pressed

  22. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 20, 2013

    I never thought I would see the day black girl was bigger than beyonce on all fronts: S** appeal, covers, movies, Tabloid, fashion, deals. 5 years ago it looked like only beyonce was the number 1 black girl in movies. covers etc

  23. Kate Middleton February 20, 2013

    wow she is getting really toned, haven’t seen her tummy so toned. she looks good.

  24. B Lamont February 20, 2013

    Beautiful or not, I can only imagine her lack of talent and stage energy is due to her overwhelming need to post pics of her smoking and these random body shots. Here’s a clue: PRACTICE!!! You need every bit of it you can get. Your music is hot (for the most part), but it begins and ends there.

  25. DIGGER BEY February 20, 2013

    Yawwwwwwwwwwn. Nothing to see here but a Nasty S***. Album sales for Unaflop must b flopping harder, hense the reason she posing like a s*** she is. U can also call this Gimmicks, tryin to get people talkin about her and Unaflop. She’s nothing but an Attention W****. And Ewwwwww look at her flat pancake ass. H** please don’t ever show pics like this again. No one wants to see that crackish body.

  26. DIGGER BEY February 20, 2013

    Lmaooooo @ these delusional stans of hers. Her stomach is gettin toned. That’s call doing to much drugs. Nobody want to her half dead ass. I don’t see nothing but a dried h**. I bet 4 guys are behind those doors waiting for the s***. That’s why Breezy is playing her. He knows what she is. She definitely didn’t get those lip h***** from Breezy. Nasty non singing s***. I can’t wait till Flopiamond tour pops off. That sh*t is gonna flop so hard here n the states. She will b lucky to see 2 or more sold out shows.

  27. yawnz February 20, 2013

    yeah okay. just another bunch of ig pictures of her flaunting it. nothing special anymore. but hey it’s her birthday. so…

    cheers and party hard.

  28. Kate Middleton February 20, 2013

    at least Rihanna posts normal pix on her instagram. that walrus does the whole works, LIGHTS, CAMERA & STAGE. she even Photoshops her pix on instagram to look slimmer.

    OLD people like beyawnce are so out of touch.

  29. DIGGER BEY February 20, 2013

    ..Gurl please stop it @@ Rita Ora. The only thing R**** is bigger n than THE QUEEN is being a bigger h**. I wouldn’t let my dog hump this h**. He mite get the scabbies and all kinds of other diseases. U dang Rihcunts are pure pressed souls lmaoooooo And I luv it. #2013…….U KNOW THE REST C****

  30. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 20, 2013

    Her body is AMAZING. She has the body of a goddess…wow. Just amazing, she so doesn’t need Photoshop at all, just her body is enough. This is why Rihanna receives gifts from 4 of the top notch designers, I just love her.

  31. Kate Middleton February 20, 2013

    @Diger bey

    if drugs can tone a stomach muscle like that, then FATyonce should have turned this route instead of that lumpy liposuction nightmare.

  32. boopboop February 20, 2013

    rih’s body look GREAT! she has the kinda figure that look good in bikini or high fashion or just casual wear.

    BUT…..i guess since she dont have 2-3 chins, rolls of fat and cellulite and weigh over 200 lbs she’s “too thin” or look like a “crackhead” *EYE ROLL* damn! fatasses sure hate to see ANYBODY smaller than them! fatasses LOVE equally fatassed company in order to feel better abt themselfs!

  33. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 20, 2013

    I heard diamonds music video is 2x VEVO certified…lol. Wasn’t this video slammed as cheap un creative by the hive when it first came out lol. Rihanna’s success is killing some people. And dead at this tour everyone is bragging about, Rihanna sells out a stadium, that is 3-5 Arenas lol, just saying.

  34. OO February 20, 2013

    Rihanna looks GORGEOUS!!!

    Happy birthday Rihanna.

  35. Kate Middleton February 20, 2013

    @ BoopBoop

    so true, after All they admire LARDyonce’s figure.

    onlyy fat women and whale hunters drool over that beached whale.

  36. ZANIA February 20, 2013

    She is so s***. Women would die to have a body like hers.

  37. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 20, 2013

    So I guess the rumors are true about her and Chris breaking up….Mm, shame. After all that crying on Oprah (which is the only reason people watched @BeyonceNRita), it was once again a set up for promo for another sh*t album. Weed has caused this girl to look deathly. Seeing bones come out your sides is gross. Rihanna eat something, RR/Loud your body was on point, now your a corpse. Not flattering with that hair either..

  38. RITA ORA WHO???? February 20, 2013


  39. HoneychildPlease February 20, 2013

    Wow just beautiful!!!! She looks at ease and not forced! Her body is beautiful,and inflawed unlike celliulite central hasbeen! This woman is on top of her throne ruling like a true queen! Happy bday rih rih !!!!!!!

  40. DIGGER BEY February 20, 2013

    ^^^^^^ DELUSIONAL. Flat pancake ass and no tits is all I see. And she is the hottest, the Hottest H** n the World.

  41. DIGGER BEY February 20, 2013

    Gurrrrrl stop talkin about ur momma @ BoopBoop. @ Zania……Lies sweetie. Pure lies sweetie. Nobody wants to look like a dried up pile of sh*t. Like Hoeianna.

  42. James227 February 20, 2013

    That tattoo on her b*** looks like it says Breezy in the first pic, lol

  43. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 20, 2013

    Her body is toner to the Max, this is how you’re supposed to look like if you’re slim. Not have armpit fat or thighs that belong on a damn rotisserie. Beyonce may have shaded rihanna on her documentary but Rihanna’s body, music, style and presence Beyfat everyday. I think Beyfat needs to retire and just let her “hussben” make the cash.

  44. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 20, 2013


  45. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 20, 2013

    Ooops …. Shade beyfat everyday

  46. eric February 20, 2013


  47. UMo February 20, 2013

    Everytime I see Rihanna’s dirty h** ass I get the intense sensation to wash my hands thoroughly, but they don’t make water hot enough…

    Rihanna is nasty. Just f***** gross. And disturbed. And looks like a damn alien.

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