Hot Shots: Rita Ora Shines Bright At London Fashion Week

Published: Monday 18th Feb 2013 by David

Rita Ora got in on this week’s Fashion week action, embracing her inner tom boy at the Burberry Prorsum show, held at Kensington Gardens, London.

Rubbing shoulders with ‘Drinking From The Bottle’ star Tinie Tempah, Freida Pinto and Indie sensation Jake Bugg, the Pop royal hit the event as she continues work on her first US LP, which will feature material penned by ‘Let The B*tches Die’ singer, Dev Hynes.

More from Ms.Ora below…

Love Rita as much as we do? Download her debut LP ‘ORA’ here!

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  1. Dev February 18, 2013

    She looks semi clean for once

  2. JUELZ February 18, 2013

    I must admit, I do appreciate the fact that she is so androgynous looking.

    She should try and use it to her advantage like Prince, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Debbie Harry and Boy George et… If she wants to truly stand out and ‘seperate herself and her music’ like she keeps saying.

    Anyway, her style is still ‘Cookie-Cutter’ and Rihanna- esque but she looks good overall…

  3. HOTSTUFF February 18, 2013

    give it up gurl, its time to find a real job….

  4. Evan B**** February 18, 2013

    Rita is attending shows while Rihanna is HOSTING her OWN fashion show! #GetYourLife

  5. Taylor Is A H** February 18, 2013

    LIST: Rihanna’s 15 Best Songs…

    15) ‘S & M’ – Sexually provocative and featuring Rihanna’s trademark vocals, this was one of the better tracks from LOUD.

    14) ‘Skin’ – Another of LOUD’s best offerings, it featured a more understated and raunchily seductive Rihanna vocal against a drum based beat.

    13) ‘Disturbia’ – Clearly influenced by the previous year’s ‘Blackout’, the dark and edgy pop feel lent this song a certain authenticity.

    12) ‘Madhouse’ – One of the first pop songs to feature dubstep, our one regret is that the offering was too damn short. A gem from Rihanna’s best album to date, Rated R.

    11) ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ – Featuring a sample from the King’s thriller album, this track was one of the first to showcase a europop sound.

    10) ‘California King Bed’ – indisputably, Rihanna’s best vocal to date. Demonstrates her sadly largely unexplored potential. *sighs*

    09) ‘Run This Town’ – Like a fine wine, this has improved with age. Ye’s verse and Rihanna’s vocals still remain the best part, though.

    08) ‘Photographs’ – Brilliant in its simplicity, this track sees Rihanna explore her more vulnerable side. Should have been a single.

    7) ‘We Found Love’ – Its chorus notoriously only featured seven words, yet that is arguably the secret behind its success. One of the best from Talk That Talk.

    06) ‘Where Have You Been’ – The best TTT has to offer. Great production, solid vocals. Six words: Why wasn’t this the second single?

    05) ‘What’s My Name’ – LOUD’s best song & one of Ri’s best single. Caribbean-influenced pop perfection. It would have been even bigger if it had been released during the summer months.

    4) ‘Rehab’ – Justin Timberlake and Timbaland need to write for Ri again. This song, the younger sister to the former’s number one hit ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, was one of the best off ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’.

    03) Fire Bomb – One of our favourites simply for the passion evident in the vocal despite its understated nature. Solid production.

    02) ‘Cold Case Love’ – We are still bitter over the fact that this didn’t get a Grammy nod. Understated vocals & stellar Timberlake-helmed production.

    1) ‘Umbrella’ – a little expected, maybe, but there’s no ignoring a classic. The song is one of the best released in the last decade. Pop perfection with one of the strongest outros we have ever heard.

  6. Music Soul Harmony February 18, 2013


  7. g February 18, 2013

    boo boo needs to deep condition that hair

  8. Cream February 18, 2013

    Beyonce is the King of R&B Rihanna is takeing over Pop so hmmm I’m go try to be like Both of them B**** go sit down.

  9. Stans Make Me LOL February 18, 2013

    She looks nice

  10. Rosie February 18, 2013

    Looks great! At least she doesn’t dress like a $5 prostrihtute like some of her contemporaries.

  11. jeff February 18, 2013

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  12. Pop Royalty February 18, 2013

    She looks good in here , Stay Cute Rita 😀

  13. . : : W A T E R S P O R T S : : . February 18, 2013

    a big Black “NO”


  14. JER February 18, 2013

    Im actually loving this look. It’s very androgynous. Maybe if she came with this instead of You Da One knockoffs she wouldnt have been so compared to Rihanna. I truly feel bad for her.


    HA AH HA AHA THis dirty flop is still trying to dress like Rih. Rih has already been there and done that with fashion. This dirty flop hair still looks a hot mess. Where did Radioactive peak in the UK Sam? That is right – it flopped! just I PREDICTED BACK IN JUNE.

  16. Aww my Gorgeous NAVY Princess shining bring like a DIAMOND!! February 19, 2013

    This navy princess makes me wish i were a lesbian :/
    Ure beautiful darling. Im so jealous of u cos even surgery wont get rid of my MOUNTANOUS forehead :'(
    Idk whr my Barbaric i mean Barbadian mom n dad got me from.
    Surgery, im calling out ur name. Help me get rid of this forehead. I keep tryna hide it with my red wig. But it aint helping.
    For how long, am i gonna STAY suffering with this massive forehead?

  17. RADIOACTIVE>>>>>>DISTURBIA February 19, 2013


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