Nicole Scherzinger: “I Passed On Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love'”

Published: Thursday 21st Feb 2013 by Sam

Rihanna may sing like a castrated cat, yet it’s hard to deny her hit-spotting ability. Indeed, it’s one of the few talents she has beyond patting her particulars off-beat. 

And while many of the star’s chart rivals are infinitely more gifted, it’s this one talent that the vast majority of them would give their right rib for. Case, point, Nicole Scherzinger.

In a surprising move, the former Pussycat Doll has revealed that she passed on one of RiRi’s biggest hits ‘We Found Love’. This, after previously turning down Lady GaGa’s ‘Just Dance’ and Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’.

The X Factor star’s rationale after the jump…

Speaking to Notion magazine, the 34 year old said:

“I passed on We Found Love. I’ve got the demo of that song and I was busy at the time. They’d sent me a few dance tracks and I wasn’t able to get to them and I was like, ‘Oh there’s so much dance and I want to take a break from it’.

That was my fault. I slept on it.”


Factually speaking, “Brand Rihanna” leaves a lot to be desired; however, her hit list highlights how important it is to have (or at least) develop an ear for what will work for an artist.

At this point with Nicole, she’d be better off recording an album of songs she hates, as it’d probably be full of hits.

Make no mistake about it, her solo potential lies almost exclusively in being a “Pop star” rather than an “artist”. And with Pop stars requiring hits to stay relevant, it’s high time she wakes up from her slumber and starts nabbing some of her own.

According to Scherzinger, her new album is already finished – and has been since November. However, if it’s anything like ‘Boomerang’, we hope she kept those song receipts as we smell a return to the drawing board.

Believe it or not, we’re actually rooting for her, but just wish she’d root for herself more.

Your thoughts?

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  1. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 21, 2013

    Damn, she must feel sick.. she could’ve had some solo hits!

  2. Dev February 21, 2013

    & how lucky we are. Nicole Zingerburger would’ve flopped that. Although i’m not the biggest
    Rihanna fan, everything Nicole touches turns to dust

  3. d February 21, 2013

    atleast you got your boomerang gurl LOL FLOP

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      lol lol lol lol oh no!

  4. Eye Candy February 21, 2013

    Umm nice try Nicole.
    We all know that WFL originally belongs to Leona Lewis.

    • Music February 21, 2013

      Tracks are passed around to more than just one artist. I’m sure Leona Lewis wasn’t the only one presented with the track.

  5. Bryan Dossome February 21, 2013

    no disrespect but nicole should continue passing on tracks…

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      shade galore and I couldn’t agree more.

  6. SlayDeleAdkins February 21, 2013

    It could have been a hit but i doubt it!
    Rihanna made it huge!!

  7. J February 21, 2013

    dont cry nicole boo HA

  8. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

    That is what shut beyonce down. Rih’s ear for a hit! Rih can pooop and it will be a hit.
    Beyonce might as well just be a live touring act, cos she will never see the charts again. I heard during
    4 beyonce got NO pop airplay from the top US radios, add that to her failing the radio test
    and you can see why she has to RUN from Rih. She is using this tour as smoke screen. She has to re
    recoup to pepsi, and as she cannot sell, the only way is to tour. What wil happen when the tour raps
    ? The best thing beyonce can do after tour is do a stint in Vegas. Sadly I am not sure if the nightly
    demand for beyonce would be strong for her to do vegas. This is the music business. You gotta
    churn out hits. Part of Rih’s great TALENT is her ear for an hit. She was the first to work with chase and status
    and now look how big they are! She was the first person to work with Calvin harris in tHE US
    NOW look at him going up for BRITS.

    Beyonce’s daddy was picking out all her hits, and now he cannot she is over. She might as well
    move to vegas and be a live act. Rih is multi talented, but most of all, SHE CAN SMELL A HIT A MILE OFF
    AND WITH THAT SHE WILL WIN no matter what beyonce and u haters say. The music game is buith on hits

    • . : : h 2 o : : . February 21, 2013

      The entire comment……. Girl I YAWNED.


    • Sammie February 21, 2013

      @beyonce n rita whora flop together .. Well beyonce didn’t get beat up by her boyfriend, claimed she didn’t wana talk about it then do songs with him. Beyonce doesn’t post nude pics of herself on twitter smoking blunts. Rihanna is a walking pile of s** and controversy. You think rihannas success is just based off music?? Honey do you even understand how this industry works in this generation. Its not about talent and good music its about keeping your name out there and drawing attention. Chris brown hitting rihanna was terrible and horrible but it was honestly magic for her career. And I actually like rihannas personality but I dnt have my head in the sand. Beyonce isn’t a rihanna type artist ppl call her for kennedy center honors, inaugurations and superbowls she’s no longer JUST the pop star rihanna is. The second rihanna doesn’t make top 10 records (she had her first number one album but it fell out of the top 10 in TWO WEEKS) her career has no other weight behind it.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      loud album had nothin to do with CB. Try again h**

    • MusicFan February 21, 2013

      @sammie you better f****** PREACH!

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      What the hell. Her songwriters and producers have an ear for a hit. She doesn’t compose her own music therefore, she has NO ears for hits. LOLOL at you.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      Did u not read the article you fool. Those songwiters try to give the songs to OTHER SINGERS, BUT THEY TURNED IT DOWN AND RIH DID NOT. THAT IS THE POINT. RIP was written for rih, she turns it down. Rita takes it and it flops. Rih was right to turn it down cos she KNOWS A HIT.

      HOW CAN A SONGWRITER HAVE A HIT, WITHOUT A SINGER SLAYING IT? Sia gave radioactive to rita whors and it flopped. She has got a an ear cos she decides what songs go on her album. SHE heard stay when mikky ekko had it as his OWN SONG. She loved it, cut teh vocals and decided to keep him on as duet. THAT WERE HER CALL AND TALENT TO get this song and keep mikky on the track.

      Stay is number 3 in the USA.

      YOU TRIED THOUGH! I bet the stay demo was turned down by every other singer.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      How comes sia song for Rih slayed and Sia’s song with rita whora flopped?

      ALL due to rih’s talent and that magic ear for hits.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      @Beyonce you’re right. She has an ear for other people’s hits.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      OTHER PEOPLE HITS? LOL LOL The songs are not other people hits. Diamonds was written for rihanna. You need to kill yourself, cos you can not live in a world where rih dominates. At the end of the day, she is getting bigger. DEAL.

      Other people’s hits? Was umbrella, stay, SOS, WFL HITS BEFORE RIH? IF SO, BY WHOM. YOU ARE VERY DUMB AND SAD.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013


    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      Stay by Mikke Ekko was not HIT – RIH MADE HIM FAMOUS.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      It’s their hits FIRST because they compose the melody and put words to it. Thus in the end, receiving more royalties for it.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      NO. It is Rih’s song and when she plays to 80k people at her sell out stade def france gig, she will be the one singing. Not Sia, Mikke Ekko or any other failed singer turned songwriter.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      BUT who’s name is the song performed by? DOES SIA PLAY STADIUMS? OR IS IT RIH THAT HAS TO PERORM THESE SOGNS?

  9. Ray February 21, 2013

    I think Sam IS OBSESSED WITH Rhianna. He’s an asshole

  10. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013


    You can diss Nicole for not having the talent to spot a hit, but, what about Rita Whora wasting tracks.
    Case in point: Radioactive did not make the UK top 10, but Sia done a great job.

    Radioactive would of smash if Sia gave it to Chris Brown. The video was screaming for dance routine.

    How we do would smashed if Kesha recorded. Rita peaked at 68 with the song, which was an easy
    hit in the USA. Songs like HWD go top 10 in the USA – given it is the right artist

    RIP WAS MADE FOR CIARA AND DRAKE. RIP did not chart in the usa, but I know if Ciara done the track
    with Drake, she would of got number 1 and WW top 5 hit. I know it! Lets hope Chris brown and
    Ciara can still take the tracks Rita wasted. It would be a shame to let it waste.

    So, you have singers who cannot hear a hit and singers who WASTE good healthy tracks. LOL LOL
    RIH DONE changed the game bad. Now, the game is playing by her RULES.

  11. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

    Radioactibe and RIP are 2 well written and well produced tracks. I hate seeing the wasted on flop trash/
    I hope they get picked up and remade. Ciara deserves RIP. At least rihanna does not waste tracks.

    • FAF February 21, 2013

      Ummm Ciara Would Never Sing That.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      @FAF she woulda made it sound better than Nicole though. Nicole’s voice is boring and hella generic.

    • Eye Candy February 21, 2013

      @ Music Soul Harmony
      TBH I think that Nicole can saaang! That girl knows how to hit those notes. Ciara on the other hand…..
      I’m not really sure why she (Nicole) isn’t having a thriving solo career, especially with the platform of being in a successful girl group with a few hits. She’s hot & she’s talented, I’m not sure why the public isn’t checking for her though.
      Either way, I don’t think WFL would’ve been the hit it became if she sang it. It’s unfortunate because I think she has the “materials” to be a good solo artist.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      Nicole can carry a tune but her voice is not distinctive nor does it stand out. It’s not about being able to hit a note all the time it’s bout a certain characteristic and charm that carries that talent. To me, there’s nothing special about her voice. And I’ve heard her sing a part of WH’s “I will always love you” on X factor. Pretty karaok-ish.

  12. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

    What beyonce would give to have that Rih ear for talent and hits. Not only can rih smell a hit, she knows who
    to work with. She can smell potential. Mikky Ekko, Future, Mike will, Nicky Romero, Calvin harris.
    Chris brown – she took the risk to work with him and it worked.

    • FAF February 21, 2013

      Mike will, Future, and Calvin Harris had BEEEEEEEEEEEN Out!

    • baddieBEY February 21, 2013

      ummm u mean roc-nation has an ear for talent

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013


    • aynon February 21, 2013

      Your talking like Rihanna even chooses which songs she records… She gets given 50 demos, is paid to record all of them and then her team pick the 12 cuts on the album.

      Yeah it works and she churns out hits claps for Rihanna. but she has no artistic or creative control so dont talk like she does.

      Ill give Rihanna props, shes a perfectly manufactured singer who makes alot of money for other people.

  13. Vince February 21, 2013

    Rihanna sells a lot of her music off of her name, s** and the controversy around her (using a blonde-headed guy in the video that resembles chris brown). Todays market isn’t about music and talent anymore xcept for the FEW rare occasions (bruno mars, adele). I honeslty don’t think it would have been the monster record it became with nicole behind it.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      SO how did she sell in 2005 – 2007?

    • Vince February 21, 2013

      music of the sun didnt even go gold, a girl like me-barely went gold, good girl gone bad was her best selling album too date off of umbrella which i cant deny was a great song but thats when she adopted her “bad” image. .. then bam chris brown .. one successful album out of 3 isnt xactly hitting it big time. Rihannas became a worldwide star off of chris brown point blank period.. how did she sell between 2005-2007? easy she didnt start selling till 2007-2008 lol

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      MOTS the sun went gold in the USA AND UK/. She had number 1 hits in 2006 / 2007. Unfaithful and SOS were huge.


    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      Gold is still a flop. You both tried.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013


    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      A 17 year old bajun girl going gold in the USA AND UK AND SELLING 1. 5 WW IN TOTAL IS AFLOP?


    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      @Beyonce Um bye. a flop is a flop. No one considers Gold successful when they are investing a lot of money in an artist to be an international and pop success such as Rihanna. And everyone wants success in America. But she DID pick up the pace with her second album. I don’t like Justin Bieber but he would NEVER. He was just under 18 when His first album went 3x platinum in the US. And yes, Frank Ocean got a hot song but his album is a still a flop…

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      Justin Bieber is white teen boy selling to thise white girls who like young white boys. PICK A BLACK TEEN WHO SOLD LIKE RIH ON HER DEBUT? RIH HAD NO PROMO IN 2005, NOT LIKE RITA WHORA WHO IS REAL FLOP. WAS RIH doing david letterman in 2005?

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      Justing bieber has never had an album sell over 5 million. Your theory is still debunked. Rih done amazing in 2005, considering she has no promo. If rih was white, 17 and sold 1.5 WW, she would of booked covers in the USA, but she did not. Still she showed them while she is the princess of pop.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      @Beyonce and the Navy always rave about AGLM and her other albums being her most successful since they went platinum. Many of them don’t even mention MOTS unless it’s about Pon De Replay being a top 10 hit. So yes, it’s a flop.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      If a blonde white girl had a song like Pon de replay and done 1.5 ww she would of been everywhere. Rih never got a fair chance is 2006 / 7 due to her race.

      Even with GGGB she did not book the cover of rolling stone, If a white girl had GGGB they would have had RS cover . But rih is running the game now and that is all that matter.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013


      THE END!

      SHE WAS 17 and did not have white girl promo.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      You can get mad all you want. She can still spot a hit a mile off and you CANNOR STOP HER.

      SO ROT IN YOUR JUICES. You keep going back and forth about aglm, still does not change WHO RUNS THE GAME IN 2013.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      MOTS, AGLM, PDR. I do not give a damm. AS it stands now, she rules the airplay charts in the USA and beyonce cannot get her tracks played. END OF STORY. DEAL

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      I’m not MAD. I’m reporting FACTS. Gold is NOT considered successful like Platinum. Every artist wants to go platinum. She’s a POPstar appealing to the youth. therefore, her work must be platinum status. That wasn’t the case with MOTS. Yall woulda torn Beyonce to shreds if she EVER went GOLD with any of her albums in America. Platinum is the standard for pop artists. Besides, Pon De Replay had heavy airplay on radios throughout the US and on MTV. U tried.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      @Beyonce I’m not saying Rih’s singles did not do well but the album did not match the single’s success therefore it wasn’t her best work she has put out. Stop making excuses. MOTS was a flop. No one was even paying attention or taking her seriously as an artist before GGGB. So she’s had to prove herself. And her first album didn’t yet prove her worth in the music industry.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      well she platinum now and that is all that matters.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      Doe going back to 2005 make you sleep better? We live in 2013 and she is the one who dominates pop music. If u do not like that – leave the planet!v

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      Ur mad cuz I called out that’s a flop. Get over it.

  14. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 21, 2013

    Would’ve flopped if she had it anyways. Nicole….I’d just let singing be a hobby if I were you.

  15. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

    Nicole, Rita whora, some people are not meant to be stars.

  16. mik bailey February 21, 2013

    Most of you are correct; Rihanna knows a hit, has a nice Barbadian accent so her sound is off the charts, as well as her being young, fit and attractive. Cant remember anything Nicole has done that was successful except for Dancing with Stars. She’s also had so much plastic surgery its ridiculous. Jealousy is SO ugly and unbecoming!! Time to move on.

  17. Ray February 21, 2013

    Sam is an alias name for Beyonce. Such a hater

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      I think Sam is really beyonce too. It is like she / he studies rih’s then shades her.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      Keep reaching.

  18. opd2 February 21, 2013

    So what,why do people always do this,they can’t get for the song no more,you turn it down that hit and millions you miss out on it so let it go,it,s your last and the other person gain who took the track,and another thing it could have crash and burn if she took the track,because a hit song done mean everyone could have made it a hit,song just don’t work like that..i really don’t like when people do this looking for exposure from a song they turn down what she trying to say she is all that turn a song down that Rihanna pick up f-ck that,Rihanna made that song the bizniz so whatever this chick is trying to pull,that,s egg in her faces not Rihannas.

  19. Ray February 21, 2013

    If I was NIcole I would not mention that. Your wit matches your talent. None.

  20. La Perra February 21, 2013

    This girl needs to get her ears checked! She couldnt spot a hit if Rihanna sung it to her!

  21. HOWYOULIKEIT February 21, 2013

    Ok you passed on the song. Now what do you want?

  22. Ray February 21, 2013

    Sam is mad at Rhianna because she wouldn’t let him hit the Blunt. Blows some smoke in Sam’s face RHi so he can relax.

  23. Mother Mariah February 21, 2013

    It would’ve flopped if Nicole sang it. Same with Crazy & Just Dance. Nicole is pretty, but she just doesn’t connect. She doesn’t have a standout voice nor does she have any pizazz or star quality. Rihanna (although not the best vocally), Gaga and CeeLo are undoubtedly unique, and you KNOW them when you hear them. Thanks for passing on those awesome tracks Nicole! 🙂

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) February 21, 2013

      she has it all minus :

      good ear for hits.
      promo machine behind her.

  24. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 21, 2013

    There’s no way this girl would have made it a hit, absolutely no way. Here’s the thing you need to realize about Rihanna, it’s not the music that makes her a hit, it is the sheer fact that Rihanna sang the song that makes it a hit. Rihanna has a style in which she sings her songs and they become hits, stay proved this.

    No one can sing a Rihanna song better than Rihanna.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      That has what has destroyed beyonce ability to get AIRPLAY IN THE USA. BEYONCE should just do 7 nights in vegas.

  25. Jax February 21, 2013

    You know what?,i think i’ll pass on Nicole.zzzzzzz

  26. Navy Hive February 21, 2013

    Stupid ass!!!! MOTS went gold in America and sold 1.5 million worldwide!

    AGLM sold 1.5 million in America and sold 4 million worldwide!

    GGGB sold almost 3 million in America and 8 million worldwide!

    The Chris brown incident happened in 2009 and she released Rated R that year which sold 1.1 million in America and 3.5 million worldwide

    So how did she sell so much prior to the Chris brown fiasco? Exactly! Go back to your corner dummy!

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      They are just angry that BEYONCE CANNOT EVEN GET AIRPLAY IN HER OWN COUNTRY and bajun rih owns the USA RADIO. THEY a re scared that beyoncr will only soon be doing vegas, cos she clearly cannot make hits anymore and they are sad to see beyonce being forced into VEGAS. She will make good money, but it is kinda weird at her ” age ”.

      No rih’s fault she cannot spot a hit.

  27. Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

    No wonder she’s a flop and all of her music is so bad post PCD.
    Feel bad for her. She’s smokin hot too.

  28. HOTSTUFF February 21, 2013

    anyways, we all know rihanna was the only one able to make it a massive hit with a grammy winning EPIC VIDEO (based on her love life). #DEAL

  29. HOTSTUFF February 21, 2013



  30. Hilly February 21, 2013

    Wow, this proves that makes bad decisions, she could have had hits without PCD

  31. JOHNVIDAL February 21, 2013

    Why did she pass on that song? It´s just as generic as hers LOL
    Seriously We Found love is one of the most generic songs to become a hit in music history. It´s just a proof of how important the hype and the constant pushing and radio support is these days. So sad
    Billboard and labels are focused on destroying what´s left of music

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      I agree. Never got the hype around that song. It’s the same words over and over. I wouldn’t reccomend it to somebody who actually likes substance, a good hook, and a bridge in their music. It’s basically dancehall/Club type of music but I’ve heard better still.

  32. beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

    The reason why Rih cannot be shut down ( much to the sadness of her haters ) is because she understands the market and has an ear for hits. Her talents lie in that. Some say, ” she does not write the song ” SO? She knows how to pick the good songs and leaves the wack songs. Mary j blige turned down umbrella. Christina millian turned down SOS. Rih turned down RIP ad it flopped. Rih turned down dj got us falling in love and that was not bigger than her hits. So, this is why beyonce is scared to take her on in the charts. Rih can spot a hit in any genre. Beyonce cannot.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      It’s not that. It’s just that It’s the Rihanna fans making her seem like she is a legend just because she has a lot of hits. But her talent alone is marginal and anyone could fill her shoes. For example, Mariah Carey is a REAL pop icon and legend. She wrote a bulk of her music, could interpret a song with extreme vocal competence and execution and has sold over 200 million records and has inspired many artists including your fave to sing so her talent and influence is multi-demensional. That a REAL artist/singer who has a ear for hits not just a karaoke artist like Rihanna singing over other people’s brilliance. #TRUTH.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      well too late She is here to stay. GET OVER IT!

  33. APRIL February 21, 2013


  34. Sleazy February 21, 2013

    Nicole would have slayed the f*** outta rih she has the vocals and she is talented and she didn’t need to exploit her p**** and abusive relationship for attention! This song would have been a hit either way! Because not everything rihanna label buys I mean touches becomes a hit (cheers (ww), man down, CKB etc) rihanna label buys her s*** anyway

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      Cheers, CKB still done gold. If it was any other singer it would of flopped and the lead single from LOUD SMASHED HARD. YOU TRIED! MAN DOW WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST SELLERS IN FRANCE.


  35. Love February 21, 2013

    That was a dumb move. This the third time a celeb passed on a song that rihanna made a hit. Christina milian passed on s.o.s britney spears and mary j passed on umbarella. Now nicole passed on we found love. I guess nicole is not serious about having a successful career as a singer

  36. HOTSTUFF February 21, 2013

    Okay what do the haters have to say about stay ? it’s not dance blbalba, it’s a piano and rihanna’s VOICE. it has sold a whopping 306 000 units after her LIVE grammy performance. Rihanna has that magic that makes a song a hit with her lovely VOICE and VOCALS.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      AND it was rih’s idea to KEEP MIKKY ON THE TRACK. HA HA HA HA

    • Eye Candy February 21, 2013

      Ummm, your point?
      Sales for a single or album always rises after live performances where millions of people will be watching. It happened for Adele when she performed last yr, it happened for Frank Ocean, it happened for Taylor Swift, etc.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 21, 2013

      The same? Rihanna wishes. Adele sold like 300,000 copies of her ALBUM the next week (after selling millions already) LOL I know what you mean, but Rihanna´s mediocrity is even bigger than what you made it seem hun 🙂

    • Music Soul Harmony February 21, 2013

      Any crap these days can score a hit on Billboard. The Harlem Shake has no lyrics yet it’s number 1…Big whoop. The song is still mediocre and bland as well as her vocals on it. And if it gets to number 1, it will prove my point EVEN MORE.

    • Eye Candy February 21, 2013

      @ John
      Haha! We all know you can’t get anymore mediocre than Ms. Rihanna.

  37. stan February 21, 2013

    even if she did have it, doesn’t mean it would automatically become a hit.

  38. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) February 21, 2013

    What a Hits-Repulsive career you have dear Nicole , now every track you wanna pass on somebody need to go and slap your face and shout at you : “B**** get your ass in the studio and do it” .

    That S*** is hilarious tho , But I love her , she has ‘IT’ ALLLLL minus the likability and a good ear for hits.

    Random : who remember “Winning women” tho ? 😆

  39. SHUH February 21, 2013

    Seems to be a recurring thing with Rihanna that some of her biggest hits seem to be songs rejected by the other artists. No wonder she’s scoring big, she gets lucky from people passing them up. So Britney passed up Umbrella, Chris Brown passed up Disturbia, Leona Lewis & Nicole passed up We Found Love…

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      well, diamonds was written for her. So, there goes your theory. YOU TRIED.

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      Only girl was writtern for her. RIP was written for her and flopped with Rita Whora. YOU TRIED THOUGH

    • beyonce n rita whora flop together. February 21, 2013

      When was the last time leona, britney and all the others who passed had a smash hit?

      Chris brown has always been a flop, he could never outsell rihanna.

      • SHUH February 22, 2013

        LOL of course they were written for her. Geez, all her songs are written for her. Take Ester Dean away from Rihanna and she’s be f*****! You can stan all you want for her, but she ain’t ever gonna score a hit on her own.

        You can compare them all you want. If there’s one thing Rihanna doesn’t have it’s talent. Chris can write a song, Rihanna can’t. Leona could sing rings around Rihanna and Britney may not be what she was, but Rihanna will never be on her level of pop stardom.

        But whatever Rihanna, at least you tried 😉

    • CHUDDS February 21, 2013

      Ummm didn’t Chris Brown write “Disturbia” and gave it to her idiot?

      • SHUH February 22, 2013

        Yes he did. But it was for his album until he decided it would sound better for a female, so he passed it onto her. You don’t need to try school me

  40. ladylady February 21, 2013

    I think this shows that “success” in the entertainment industry is an equation of looks, decent talent (higher points the more talented you are), and your company selling the SH*T out of you (ie putting tons of money into pushing you on the public), knowing what works for you (look, music, endorsements) and finally, selling your soul.

  41. pat February 21, 2013

    no shade, but I see beyonce’s career becoming so much like Tina Turner’s career that like Tina…she wont have blockbusters records but will only have giant tours…

  42. Gary C February 21, 2013

    It annoys me when people come out with “I passed on that track.” Nicole. I pass on you.

  43. Aryo February 21, 2013

    NICOLE is a better dancer and vocalist than RIHANNA . If u deny it then u dont even know much about nicole. And shes way hotter the reason why she keeps flopping is her management. Stop saying she doesnt have that superstar thing in her cuz that makes u sound more retarted than rita ora stans

  44. Sterling Infinity (baby girl!) February 21, 2013

    Nicole should call the dolls!

  45. antertain February 22, 2013

    Wow her numbers been bad & her choices have been also!!!
    She is a talented woman but the Dolls wasn’t a broken formula and she messed that up.

    Still got time despite age, but she gotta come harder than she has been.

  46. Arie February 22, 2013

    I’m still waiting for her to actually release an album and here she is talking about a bad decision she’s made. I think Nicole should find herself a Rock-star and get married because L.Hamilton is still very young and enjoying his freedom.

  47. JER February 22, 2013

    B**** please. Everyone wants to have their name attached to that song. “Oh it was supposed to be my song but________” then you is a damn fool. BYE. Back to washing your hair and having an orgasm on a national TV commercial”

  48. jules February 22, 2013

    The truth is Rihanna is only making those hits because of her name and not because of her voice, she is not that talented in fact her voice is very limited. She is using her image to sell not her voice because in this era a powerhouse voice is no longer in demand, but only a model with basic voice. Let say if someone like Whitney Houston recorded the song do you really think the song will have become a hit? time have changed talent is no more in demand long are the days where only people with powerful voice were the ones ruling the charts.

  49. bite me February 22, 2013

    Nicole is attractive and can sing and dance, but what makes her STAND OUT from any random chick on the street who’s also attractive and can sing and dance? Apparently, the only way she can make an impression is if she’s surrounded by a bunch of other girls who make her seem prettier and more talented in comparison, but on her own, she gets lost in the shuffle.

  50. Robinoost February 22, 2013

    ” Rihanna may sing like a castrated cat ”

    Hahahahaha Hilarious !!!

  51. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 22, 2013

    Rihanna may sing like a castrated cat”

    ^^^ Sam and TGJ staff, give it up already. You all sound like bitter queens who got together shading some other queen that got the d*** that you wanted ride on.

  52. tamartian February 22, 2013

    it doesn’t pays to be a nasty fame w**** nicole. Don’t blame it on anyone but you that your career is over after your first single the only hit that made top 10. LOL dang even the no names in your group doing better than you HAHA!!!

  53. Riqueen February 23, 2013


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