New Video: Drake – ‘Started From The Bottom’

Published: Sunday 10th Feb 2013 by David

It’s finally here!

Minutes after he picked up the 2013 Grammy Award for ‘Best Rap Album’, Drake releases the video for the single ‘Started From The Bottom’- pulled from his hotly anticipated new album.

Enjoy below!

We like…do you?

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  1. TheCreat1veOne February 10, 2013

    This video is pretty nice! I love the comedy in it, a real nice and humbling video IMO. Definitely better than I expected. I also am glad he has the video out for this already, meaning now he will get into the second single faster!

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  2. CoCo February 10, 2013

    Too bad the song sucks

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  3. Ion’t Speak No Vermin Ya Bish!!! February 10, 2013


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  4. My Forehead Tho February 10, 2013

    It’s unfortunate what Young Money is doing to the whole Hip Hop/Rap genre all together.

    His “Take Care” was RnB

    Nicki’s albums are pop

    Why are they stealing awards and records from Rappers and Hip Hop artist -_-

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    • mob: django on the run with a blade and gun February 10, 2013

      THANK YOU!! I’m just ove the entire YM clan. I’m in need of some new blood bein pumped into the industry!

      And this song sounds like he snatched it from J COLE!

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      • President ShObama February 11, 2013


        That sounds more like a compliment to Drake’s verses as well as Cole’s talent. Besides Cole is WAY beyond this.

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  5. Boss February 10, 2013

    Different for Drake, songs still ight but the album probably will be dope.

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  6. Boss February 10, 2013

    And that girl blazen.

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  7. CiCi Slaaaaaaaaaaaays!! February 10, 2013


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  8. Oh Baby ( B****** Will Deal) February 10, 2013

    Yassss bey-hive bey just won her 17th Grammy for love on top and becomes the only artist this generation to have won at least a Grammy for each album she’s released! Amazing

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    • truth(i will draaag the F*** outta icki and her stans) February 10, 2013

      How do u know?

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      • oh baby (b****** will Deal with slayonces slayage) February 10, 2013

        Hey truth. And how do I know she’s won? First saw it on instagram lol but it’s on the Grammy website too under winners 🙂

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  9. truth(i will draaag the F*** outta icki and her stans) February 10, 2013

    U mean startef AS a bottom honey. (rolls eyes)

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  10. SHA February 10, 2013


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  11. IDK February 10, 2013

    this video is cool. coincides with the song too.

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  12. Cream February 10, 2013

    I like the video

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  13. jake.ubb February 10, 2013

    gwoooorrrrlll he is fierce in this vid.

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  14. os February 10, 2013

    Tight track and video,he doing him.

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  15. Kristen February 10, 2013

    You have to be kidding me! Suckish! I’m a big drake fan ! This is not a drake song … If this is what his album is gonna be like its gonna be all down hill .. Take Care was great but this is like what starts at the bottom stays there!

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  16. irateninja February 10, 2013

    I was never a fan of Drake, But if he keeps making songs like this instead of singing,i will support him cause this is my s***.

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  17. Common Sense February 11, 2013

    How exactly did he start at the bottom lol? He was raised in middle class Canada. He grew up as a child star on Degrassi…nothing but wannabe ghetto.

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  18. RG2 February 11, 2013


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  19. Abel February 11, 2013

    He is s***,,,

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