Ariana Grande Unveils ‘The Way’ Video / New Mariah Carey Alert?

Published: Thursday 28th Mar 2013 by Sam

For much of March, the name Ariana Grande has been a hot topic on the lips of many.

The 19-year-old Nickolodeon star is making a transition to the major music leagues and seems to be on the right path given the response to debut single ‘The Way (ft. Mac Miller)’.

An infectious slice of Pop-R&B, the track -which has rocketed to #2 on iTunes – has many drawing (vocal) comparisons with an early Mariah Carey. And with the song’s accompanying video being unwrapped just moments ago, we see more folk relaying similar sentiments.

Check out the video and judge for yourself after the jump…

Sweet song, sweeter video.

Those awaiting many Mariah-like whistles and belts are likely scratching their heads at the comparisons — however we surprisingly see it. For, though, initially ready to dismiss such observations as myth (much like claims that Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, or anyone other than Michael Jackson lay claim to King of Pop title), we were forced to eat humble-pie.

Why? Because, it’s Grande’s whispery middle-register that sounds scarily like Mimi. Indeed, at numerous points it sounds like Mariah herself is cooing the background vocals. The hilarious irony is that it’s exactly music like that the 43-year-old Mimi has been peddling in recent years in a bid to appeal to the “kids” and chase them hits.

In any case, we see big things for the track and bigger success for Ariana. Do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Slaying your fave since 1997 March 28, 2013

    The b**** is talented, that’s why she outshined the other girl on her OWN SHOW. Lmao
    But she’s more talented than some people in the music industry.

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 28, 2013

      She’s incredible right…!?!

    • uknowhat March 28, 2013

      OMG you people are such GULLIBLE SHEEP! this Chik is a WEAK singer and cannot compare to MARIAH!! ABsolutely no simiarities and this song is sooo bad! NO MAM!!

      • and i am telling you i’m probably going April 2, 2013

        At this point, Ariana is definitely no Mariah. However, she’s an amazing singer – quite possibly one of the best under 20 that I’ve seen. I do have to agree with your opinion on the song, though (to a lesser extent, however). It’s not really my style, but I’m not really going to say anything about it for the same reason.

    • YES March 28, 2013

      this song is #1 on itunes. lets not front. <3

    • koromo June 25, 2013

      one hit wodner .
      no talent and no beauty at all

    • Jeremy August 4, 2013

      I heard this song on Ryan Seacrest just now, and thought it was Mariah Carey. The back vocals are dead on, but I kept thinking the lead sounded a little lower than Mariah. So I googled it and found this article. I am amazed at the similarities. I’ve been a Mariah fan since the early 90’s. I do feel Mariah is too old to be dressing like a ho now. She needs to go back to ballads, she is so damn talented to act like she’s still 21.

  2. ShadeNOShade March 28, 2013

    She SLAYSSSSSSSSSS. There Is NO Reason Why ANYONE Should Hate On Her.
    She Is VERYYYYYYY Talented, Humble, & Sweet. I Wish Her The Best.

  3. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 28, 2013

    I heard this song yesterday on the radio and I HONESTLY thought that this was a M.C song I had never heard of, which is weird, seeing that I own every single one of M.C’s albums…

    I thought it was a ‘Butterfly’, ‘Rainbow’ or ‘Charmbracelet’ B-Side.

    Nevertheless, this girl is absolutely INCREDIBLE. A teen-star who can actually SING… And she is HOT. 🙂

    She is NO Mariah, but her vocal-colouring, tone/timbre, mid-belts and high falsetto/whistle notes are stunningly likewise. Check her out on You-Tube guys… Thanks @TGJ for promoting her.

    • OMG (Avril, Celine,Beyonce) March 28, 2013

      ^^Agreee But it really is scary though…….its like a mariah clone with little faults.

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 28, 2013

        Yes. Exactly. I was stunned when I found out who it was… I knew who Ariana was prior to the song and I knew she could SING but when I had actually heard it, I didn’t expect it to be her.

        And to think she is only 19? That’s astounding in my eyes.

        The only I’d say she needs to adjust, vocally-speaking, are her ‘belts’ and sustaing them etc… 🙂

  4. Brandys Starr March 28, 2013

    Its true. Ive never heard anyone sound that similar to Mariah (don’t attack me for saying that lambs). Clearly she was inspired by her style.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 28, 2013

      well there was a girl in the 90’s that song ‘It’s All Good’ by Bones thug in Hormany that sounded even more like Mariah than this girl

      • cruz March 28, 2013

        Ahhh that’s my favorite Bone Thugs song…So damn good!

  5. Sammy March 28, 2013


    She’s amazing.

    It’s hard for anybody to imitate Mariah’s UNIQUE vocal-style but this girl has it on LOCK.


    Go on You-Tube and listen to her Mariah covers… YOU’LL BE ASTOUNDED.

  6. King B>Rihanna March 28, 2013

    just because she hit some whistle notes does not make her the Next Mariah Carey. her low registers are weak and she does not have a great sense of pitch.

    • Sammy March 28, 2013



      F*** OFF B****!!!!!!!

      • toohotfortv March 28, 2013

        Right… how the hell would a record company release a song that is “pitchy”? You’ge been watching too much American idol…… gtfoh.

      • Sammy March 28, 2013

        Exactly. The B**** needs a hug… AND s seat!!!

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      When you mix and master vocals, the final edit will usually not have pitch problems. That’s only with cheap production. So you’re wrong. And I’m pretty sure she does have a great sense of pitch without help of a studio.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      When you mix and master vocals, the final edit will usually not have pitch problems. That’s only with cheap production. So you’re wrong. And I’m pretty sure she does have a great sense of pitch without help of a studio.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      When you mix and master vocals, the final edit will usually not have pitch problems. That’s only with cheap production. So you’re wrong. And I’m pretty sure she does have a great sense of pitch without help of a studio.

      • King B>Rihanna March 28, 2013

        that comment was about the youtube video of her trying to slay MC “Emotions”

  7. Lovebird March 28, 2013

    Congratulations to her but are we ever going to have some new black talent? I’m ready for the next Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Usher.

    • Sammy March 28, 2013


      Or the next ‘Jimi Hendrix’ etc…

      I think there are way too many Black artists doing R&B/Urban/Hip-Hop just like there are way too many white artists doing Country and Pop these days.

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 28, 2013

      Why do we need the next anybody? We need an ORIGINAL superstar that’ll carve their own lane!!!

      • toohotfortv March 28, 2013

        I think that’s what they were getting at. CONTEXT!

  8. Nahjee March 28, 2013

    What happen to that Victoria justice chick? Ain’t she suppose to be the bigger star tho??? I guess not. I bet ya she probably a little jealous of her charting on iTunes 🙁

  9. didine March 28, 2013


  10. WCGJ March 28, 2013

    WOW!!! She sounds like Mariah during the Butterfly and Emancipation eras…just like her.

    Notice, the isms are very Mariah like the super high note delivery, the harmonized backgrounds at the end of the song, and a hip-hop sample from two decades prior.

    She’s vocally gifted, so there’s no way I can hate. I know she will get shaded as a Mariah rip-off, but I rather be a Mariah rip-off than many of these girls who yodel, yell or lip-sync.

    • Nahjee March 28, 2013

      Yes, people are gonna rip her apart with that. I hope she stays strong cause you know how the media can get. She is a very pretty girl tho. I wonder has Mariah heard this yet? And if she gonna be her up

    • Sammy March 28, 2013


      I mean she’s even a White-Looking ‘Bi-Racial’ girl like Mariah also – Ariana’s mom is ‘Italian’ and her dad is ‘Sicillian and Afro-Turkish.

  11. Navy Sailor!!! March 28, 2013

    She needs to find her OWN sound! Sounding like a low budget Mariah will not get her far! Every legend has their own unique sound….she sounds like a straight up RIP OFF and it’s not cute!!! Ugh!!!

    • Jay March 28, 2013

      jealous asshole…you need to get a life lol

      • Navy Sailor!!! March 28, 2013

        Jealous of what? You bum b****** throw around the words ‘jealous’ and ‘hater’ too loosely!!! CLAPBACK QUEEN!

    • JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2013


    • isis April 5, 2013

      I wanna see you post a video singing better than that, jelousy lolz

    • Chrissy April 11, 2013

      she hasn’t done anything to you so leave her alone i’m sure Mariah is very flattered that someone has been inspired by her style you just cant sing and your jealous

  12. OMG (Avril, Celine,Beyonce) March 28, 2013

    Amazing….Love this and she sounds alot like M.C. 🙂

  13. Sammy March 28, 2013

    I mean she’s even a White-esque/exotic looking ‘Bi-Racial’ girl like Mariah also…

    Ariana’s Mom is ‘Italian’ and her dad is ‘Sicillian’ and ‘Afro-Turkish’.

  14. Lawdie123 March 28, 2013

    Seven streater is close aalyiah

    • Mark111 March 28, 2013

      Maybe image wise, but not vocally. But I do think Seven is that next chic tho. (And what I mean by vocally, Aaliyah had a smooth, crisp, rich voice. For the haters out there.)

  15. TRUTH SERUM March 28, 2013


  16. Adam March 28, 2013

    Sloppy “journalism”.

    The song is called The Way not My Way, which you would have known if you had just read the title of the youtube video you posted. Also, the song is now #2, but had been #1 all day yesterday after only 8 hours. This is significant because she has never played the lead in a TV show and has only ever put out one song as her own which did nothing. For her to shoot up the chart like she’s some established superstar is crazy, and I’m glad it’s happening for her, especially with this song.

    Go to her youtube page and listen to her sing Emotions, which she slays, whistle and all. She is definitely a mini Mariah.

  17. oh baby (b****** will bow down and deal) March 28, 2013


  18. my forehead tho March 28, 2013

    A carbon copy of Mariah was inevitable. Just like Lil Kim & Madonna, she too will have to compete against her younger and more attractive swagger jacker.

    Hopefully this girl gets an identity of her own and doesn’t pull a Gaga

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      Gaga was inspired by Madonna. You can be opinionated that she’s a swaggerjacker if you want but at least Gaga doesn’t imitate Madonna’s voice. if anyone would want to but just saying.

    • Chrissy April 11, 2013

      nicki minaj is copying lil kim girl get with it jks ily

  19. SIERRA March 28, 2013

    THIS GIRL IS THE S***!!!!

    I like the song and I know she’s young but I HOPE that she doesn’t go the “Teen-Pop” route.

    She needs to be given mature, Pre-2006- Christina Aguilera, Pre-1995- Mariah Carey to sing because she defintely has IT.

    Adult-Contemporary- based Pop/R&B would do wonders for her career if promoted well.

    I wanna hear her SLAY some (ORIGINAL) Whitney/Mariah/Celine oriented songs/ballads because with a gift lik hers, it has to be done.

    I hop Nickelodeon doesnt corrupt her. She’s talented!!!!!!!

  20. Rety March 28, 2013

    First off..why would we want another Mariah Carey? She is still here. Secondly this girl sounds nothing like Mariah. I don’t even rock with Mariah that hard and I know that. Secondly if anyone else released a song like this you all would swear it was wack. this song is s***….Call me a hater..Dont care..

    • SIERRA March 28, 2013

      Yep. you’re a hater…


    • JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2013

      Bravo! You´re right

  21. Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

    Good voice but I’m not here for a Mariah Carey #2 like Tamar tries to be. Did they need to make this song sound like an MC throwback? I’m just saying…Talented girl but use MC as an inspiration. That doesn’t mean try to be an exact carbon copy of her. Bring on the thumbs down if you want but just telling the truth. Not trying to diminsh or discredit her voice and singers can’t help their own tone but I don’t think someone like Adele wouldn’t be as big if she sounded like everyone else out there. Something to think about.

    • SIERRA March 28, 2013

      No. I agree… TO AN EXTENT.

      I don’t think she’s necessarily trying to portray herself as ‘Mariah Carey #2, but you can definitely hear the inspiration of Mariah in Ariana’s voice…

      The song does sound like a track from M.C’s ‘Rainbow or Glitter’ eras but, compared to what is out today, I love it.

      I think she needs to be given more mature, Adult-Contemporary- based R&B/Pop – ballads and all – and then we can truly judge. You know what I mean? She needs a Tommy Mottola, Clive Davis, Quincy Jones figure around to stir her music and image in the correct direction.

      And to think that this girl is a Nickelodeon star on a show that is supposed to be about Victoria Justice – LMAO. Tons of talent.

      • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

        I wasn’t saying she was necessarily trying to be MC #2 but it’s a little too obvious to others her listen to her. That fact alone makes me bored by her. I don’t like artists who sound the same. The ones that have made it are the ones that have unqiue vocal tones anyway. And I’m talking about iconic ones.

  22. And What!?! March 28, 2013

    She is a very talented girl and very pretty but if you thought that this was a Mariah song then you need your ears checked. The song and video was very cute. I heard 1 Mariah like belt but not the whistle. Still a very talented girl and cute song.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      Get our ears checked? Most of us can read and hopefully no one would be that dumb to think it was MC’s song. We’re just saying it sounds like a song that would have been recorded by MC. Therefore, it is kinda unoriginal and outdated sounding.

  23. WhiteBoi March 28, 2013

    The girl has talent but I dont think she sounds like Mariah at all, not everyone who can hit a high note or a whisper tone sounds like mariah, they can just do similar things. This girl cant do half of what mariah can with her voice, but its nice to see people with actual talent coming up

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      “At all” LIES. It doesn’t take a genius to hear the influence of melisma and the tone in her voice. I mean MC is f’ing legendary afterall with a unique timbre. It’s very easy to tell which singers are influenced from the getgo. No one is calling her MC. But we are saying she sounds similar. Just get over it.

  24. SIERRA March 28, 2013

    This song better chart on the R&B charts… Maybe even hit #1. It f****** deserves too.

  25. MiMi Carey March 28, 2013

    She has an ok voice… but the next Mariah? hell nah…

  26. Dbradj March 28, 2013

    Other than the whistle tone I don’t see much similarities. Wish her luck tho

    • Adrian March 28, 2013

      It’s definitely the harmonies and the whispery tone she has when does the background vocals. Of course there are MANY more sides to Mariah’s voice but Ariana is displaying an impressive range which is why everyone is shouting out

  27. JER March 28, 2013

    If this b**** sounds like Mariah Carey then it’s Charmbracelet era Mariah at best. Any Questions?

    • MC March 28, 2013

      I mean, have any of you listened to her debut or Emotions vocals? Hell even MB and Daydream? This doesn’t sound like early Mariah AT ALL, this does sound like Post-Butterfly Mariah though. I like this girl, very talented but you people need to stop with the “Next Mariah”, “Next Whitney”, etc with anyone that is gifted.

      We already had the “Next Mariah” with Leona Lewis and such attempting it. Let them just stick to their own sounds.

      Another funny thing, they’re pinning for a new Mariah while the real one is alive. It’s people like you Sam that like to bandwagon on these artists after they die.

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 28, 2013

        Yeah… I agree @MC

        Go on You-Tube and watch the video of her singing ‘Emotions’… You will like it!!! 😉

        Being the unbiased LAMB that I am, I can say that it was pretty fantastic.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      Yea it does sound like her even if it’s a little bit. Period.

      “This doesn’t sound like early Mariah AT ALL, this does sound like Post-Butterfly Mariah though.” @MC

      Well you just proved the main point then. Still sounds like her.

      And I can’t at ppl using Beyonce’s “any questions”, esp the ones that hate her. Too funny.
      JER—–> _/

      • MC March 28, 2013

        It definitely doesn’t sound like “early Mariah” like some people are saying. 🙄

  28. Nippy March 28, 2013

    Wow i thought it was Mariah Carey

  29. Cream March 28, 2013

    What about KeKe Palmer??? F*** this white nasty b****

    • Selenator March 28, 2013


  30. Mariah Carey20 March 28, 2013

    I like the song but again she’s no mariah

  31. Ellevarnerellephant March 28, 2013

    I watched her videos on YouTube. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery but I hope she comes into her own vocally! 🙂 shes talented and cute

  32. truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 28, 2013

    WOW!!! THIS GIRL CAN SAAAANG!!! i came on here to blast her without even listenin to her bcus i love mariah and dont think she can REALLY b duplicated but i stand amazed!! GO…ummm whatever yo name is. She’s nice!! (hits whitsle note) but remember…they also said XXXSUPERSIZED oinktina was the next Mariah. We c how THAT played out. Kelly Price even said it hurt her throat to listen to her now but the media made it seem like she was talkn about Mariah even tho she CLEARLY stated that someone else attached Mariah name to her tweet. There is alot of that goin on…i.e. that kerri hilson tweet

  33. IM A FREE B*TCH March 28, 2013

    WOW she can sing! amazing voice and i really loved the song

    and on a different note, i personally think she kinda looks like Nelly Furtado at certain angles lol

  34. King B>Rihanna March 28, 2013

    Where has the originality in the industry gone? Copying somebody’s phrasing, riffs, runs and even fashion does not make you the “new” them.

    It makes you a f****** carbon copy and a lesser b****.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 28, 2013

      eat a d*** B****!!!!!!!!!!

  35. King B>Rihanna March 28, 2013

    I don’t trust it nor her. I’ve seen clips of her singing live without the studio tricks and she was average.

    the next MC…child Christina Aguilera tried that and look where it got here.

    • Selenator March 28, 2013

      Xtina was never billed as the next MC and you stan for Beyonce so good f****** bye with the originality rants

  36. credits March 28, 2013

    That very first hum and the beginning of the song was very reminiscent of mariah. But i want to ask a question…..because i see some people saying “finally, a teen star who can actually sing.” How come, tiffany evans, keke palmer and karina pasian, didn’t get this much love?

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 28, 2013

      Tiffany Evans can outsing all of the chicks you mentioned & Arianna but she obviously doesn’t want to compromise her art in order to sell records. Matthew Knowles dropped her after a day or two(LITERALLY) and Ciara stopped endorsing her after her(Tiffany’s) album underperformed.

      • Dev March 28, 2013

        I kinda agree! Her mixtape is still on heavy rotation on my ipod. She should have released it as an album

  37. Nichole March 28, 2013

    If she sounds identical to Mariah with the whistle, and whispery vocals, then she is nothing more than a carbon copy of Mariah.

    This means that she has taken Mariah’s vocal abilities, studied the s*** out of them and then imitated them.

    There will never be another Mariah Carey, and we definitely don’t need a carbon copy of her.

    Mariah has influenced so many wannabes with that whistle register, that it’s not even funny.

    Mariah is clearly one of the most influential singers in the world.

    These young singers need to find their own sound, instead of trying to swagger jack someone else sound.

    And I saw the shade Samantha threw in as usually.

    Girl, Mariah can sing circles around 99% of the jokers you stan for. Nobody even takes your “journalism” seriously. Rita Ora, really?

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 28, 2013

      HELLO!!! And I got several thumbs down and called a f****** hater for saying that we need more originality!!! People are so f****** pressed to find the “next ______” instead of supporting people who are their damn selves!!!!

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      I got thumbs down too. It’s like you reached into my brain and pulled out my words. Everyone know MC is influential for many of today’s singers. @Navy Sailor I love MJ so much and I hate when other lessers are compared to him. Neyo, CB, and Jason Derulo. Obviously they have their own talents but they need to get their own swag also. Originality can go a long way.

  38. King B>Rihanna March 28, 2013

    you b****** don’t anyhting about being off course you would jump all over this girl.

    I’m sorry that my standard are real voclaist like WH,MC,AF,CD and currently Beyonce.

    she hit a whistle note and you b****** dye and that is why music is trash now because you accept anytype of crap giving to you and run with it.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 28, 2013

      girl all we saying is that the girl can sing…relax

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      TBH I have never heard her outside the studio but I’m sure she can hit those same notes.

  39. soulmusiclover March 28, 2013

    the mariah carey’s influence is undeniable! but there will be no other like ms carey!

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 28, 2013

      AGREED!!! but i do give props where they are due

  40. Nichole March 28, 2013


    Listening to the song, this chick has a mediocre voice at best, and sounds absolutely nothing like Mariah.

    And Mariah makes music that appeals to the “kids” because she’s a smart business woman that knows what sells. This is why she’s still relevant, and so many of your faves are washed up, or never have beens, Samantha.

    And that song was corny as fck lol.

    Touch My Body>>>>>>>

    • JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2013

      Since you´re a Britney Spears fan I rarely agree with you, but damn you are one of the few reasonable comments on this post. Maybe I´m missing something and these people have heard more of her, some performances where she killed it or something 🙂

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      As far as vocal ability, I wouldn’t know if she could actually sustain notes like MC are have runs that are as agile as MC since I haven’t seen much live performances of Ariana. Not much of a fan. But their tone sounds similar.

  41. DOSSOME March 28, 2013

    This sounds more like the post-Rainbow mariah which is amazing as well…i don’t know if these comparisons are good for her considering Leona was billed this way and everything she released after her debut album flopped…she’s too young to have standards on her set too high and people acting like “oh,she thought she could be mariah” immediately she starts underperforming like they did with leona and xtina…good luck to her,i like the song

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 28, 2013


      But her voice, in a deeper context, carries intricacies that, I think, only Mariah can replicate and this girl manages it well.

      It’s the ‘tone’ of her voice that caught me off guard.

      She sounds NOTHING like Pre-1997 Mariah though. She just with-holds a similar vocal style in technique. But, she’s only 19, so…

      Also, she seems like she has WAY more personality than Leona, not to mention the fact that she is an established teen-actress also. I hope it all goes well for her.

  42. RoyalKev March 28, 2013

    Wow! This has to be Mimi’s long lost daughter. She’s something special! She has a great voice!

  43. burstyurbubble March 28, 2013

    She sounds really good on VIDEO… but her voice isn’t original. If I was a new artist, I would want my voice to be unique and not have it confused with another artist that’s still living LOL I want to hear her sing a ballad LIVE before I can make any real comparisons to Mariah. I wish her well because she obviously has talent.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 28, 2013

      but your NOT now are you??!!

  44. CiCi Slaaaaays March 28, 2013

    her voice is better than Mariahs… Mariah can bearly hit a note these days…

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 28, 2013

      When could Ciara hit a note EVER sis?

      • burstyurbubble March 28, 2013


      • CiCi Slaaaaays March 28, 2013

        b**** like Rihanna can hit any notes so stfu loose booty b****…. #BodyParty #RihannaAin’tShit #MariahCantSingAnymore

        😉 have a nice day F** BOY mwaaahz 😉

      • Navy Sailor!!! March 28, 2013

        And #CiaraIsIrrelevant OOP.

  45. Anthony March 28, 2013

    Rite!! She did not give me “vision of love” feel. Yes, she has Mariah low range humm but I don’t see any other Mariah traits.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      Chile, the harmonies and vocal layering were all sorts of MC. Ppl need to get real.

  46. Mwah March 28, 2013

    Shes obviously been told she sounds similar to Mariah and has run all the way with it and studied her INTENSLY. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing for her sake though. I would want to be known for sounding like me not someone else.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 28, 2013

      and YOU are…you non singing s***

      • CiCi Slaaaaays March 28, 2013

        lol Yaas truth read haaa

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013


  47. War&amp March 28, 2013

    She definitely has the same lower register as MC. A little higher mudstone though. Gorgeous voice and super talented. A worthy comparison, indeed. Loved the high notes and runs. I wonder if Mariah is an influence of hers. I mean, seems like she would be given all the above… Love the song.

  48. JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2013

    Not a good song at all
    And you guys are not making her any favours with these comparisons. Remember Leona Lewis??? 10 times better than this girl (well I´ve only heard this song, don´t know who she is) and had only one successful era, her first, in part thanks to those type of comparisons she couldn´t match for obvious reasons (I still laugh when I remember some people tried to say Leona was better than Mariah ever was around 2008 when she has a hit and that Mariah was done lol)
    ps: does he sound like Mariah around “Butterfly” era to you guys? Are you guys serious? She reminds me of Brandy more than Mariah.
    Forgetable voice sorry (not to mention the song)

    • lory March 28, 2013

      No… @JohnVidal, I definetely agree with you in hindsight.

      Where there is “Talent” there needs to be “Originality”.

      But, go in You-Tube and type in her name and click on any of her live performances.

      ‘Emotions’, ‘Oh Holy Night’, ‘Grenade’, ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ etc..

      You will like her. She can definitely SING.

  49. King13 March 28, 2013

    Lol at the people calling her voice “average.” Her voice is great..way better than any of the Disney or Nickelodean stars of today and even some from the past (Hilary Duff, Raven, Drake Bell, etc). She’s not trying to be the next MC she’s just doing the type of music loves. So what if it’s similar to throwbacks. And is no one else allowed to so the whistle tone, but Mariah?! Good God some you guys are trifling. It’s her debut single, their gonna put out something that is completely new and innovative. No one is completely comfortable with their sound on their debut, but tbh she sounds great and that’s that. If don’t think she can sing then you’re probably just an MC stan whose pressed that someone else can do the whistle tone. There’s room in this industry for both Mariah and Ariana.

  50. CiCi Slaaaaays March 28, 2013

    This gurl>>>>>>> Fatraihs shaky non existent vocals


    • Eye Candy March 28, 2013

      Lmao gurl!

    • MC March 28, 2013

      I know

      Queen Riri >>>>> Obeseriah

      Queen Cici her Bathroom Party lil a cappella >>>>>> this other fat b****.

      When will she get on Queen Cici’s mega successful level? I’ll tell you, never.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2013


  51. PSA (FAF) March 28, 2013

    No. She copies Ciara who is more street than Aaliyah Aaliyah was softer and smoother

  52. marcus March 28, 2013

    You have got to be kidding me. Early Mariah! Like daydream and make it happen Mariah?! no I hear rainbow backgrounds but thats about it. Early Mariah slays vocally.

  53. ADAM LEVINE March 28, 2013

    The last time I checked…

    When Mariah first came out, she was called a CARBON COPY of Whitney.

    This girl is f****** 19. 19 B****…

    It’s her first song, give her time to grow at least!!!!!!!

    Mariah had to grow and she managed to distance herself from the Whitney comparisons, so dude Celine.

    She is talented and can SING the f*** outta any teen star today.

    @Lambs… Stop being such sour p******.

    • MC March 28, 2013

      Except the only difference was that Mariah sounded nothing like Cleine. They have a similar tone and they were big voiced vocalists, that was all. Mariah wasn’t singing Whitney songs nor did she sound like Whitney. Proof, listen to Whitney’s debut then Mariah’s, it’s all there.

      Your ignorance shows because Celine was already out before Whitney hit the scene, it’s only because Celine transitioned into English and got successful that ignorant people like you started comparing them.

      The only thing all three of them have in common is that they were mega successful, “big voiced” vocalists, artists in the 90s, and that they were all female.

      Have several.

      • ADAM LEVINE March 28, 2013

        No b****…

        That’s where your wrong.

        I know Celine was a Canadian artist way before her ENGLISH debut album ‘Unison’.

        Goodbye f*****

    • JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2013

      She was compared to true great Whitney The Voice Houston cos of how great her voice was, not because she sounded that much like her or was a copy. Celine Dion has never sounded like Whitney or Mariah either. They have their own sound and style since day one. Comparisons came cos they were the gretest voices in the industry and slayed, not because they were copies

  54. FAF March 28, 2013

    Wow I didn’t know she was biracial I thought she was Hispanic I’ve loved her since I heard her emotions cover … don’t think this song sounds like mc though Mariah’s not the only one to give samples harmonies and whistle notes. @truth you’re referring to Felicia krazy bones wife they said Mariah became inspired by her To be more street and incorporate rappers during the mid 90s.

    • Eye Candy March 28, 2013

      She isn’t biracial. She is Italian.
      Italian = White

      • ADAM LEVINE March 28, 2013

        IF You type in ariana grande ethnicity… It says what she fully is.

        Wikipedia says she is Italian and sicillian… (White)

        But other sources says she is Italian, sicillian, Kenyan and Afro-turkish (Multiethinc)

        Even she said thatshe was multiracial – black, white and native

    • ADAM LEVINE March 28, 2013


      As @Sammy said above…

      Her mom is Italian (White) and her father is sicillian, Kenyan and Afro-turkish (Black/Mixed)

      She’s multiracial/multiethnic really.

      • Eye Candy March 28, 2013

        Hun, this girl is about ³/⁴ white. Therefore she is white…. the same exact way a ³/⁴ black person is seen as black.

      • Eye Candy March 28, 2013

        Btw, I’m not denying any of her ethnic or racial background but “white” is most likely what she’d claim on the U.S. census, not “multiracial” or “other”. I have a friend who’s mom is half black/half white with a white father and she calls herself white. Thats how she looks and TBH, that’s how me and a lot of other people see her.

      • uknowhat March 28, 2013

        shut the up! the lil h** is BIRACIAL, I heard her say it

  55. Eye Candy March 28, 2013

    She can hit some notes but not in the exact same way Mariah can.
    The song screams “influenced by Mariah” and she’s undeniably talented but this song is all sorts of average.

  56. HOTSTUFF March 28, 2013

    its an okay song . she sounds a little (after the reach) like MC in her lower register BUT she will never be MC. Cause she can’t write like MC, her voice has no soul like MC. SO, MC stays unbothered. #DEAL

  57. JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2013

    Seriously if you say you are a Mariah Carey fan and heard this song withour knowing who the singer was… and thought it was Mariah: then you´re a fake fan or you have such a horrible ear. Kids these days
    I´ve seen better among people trying to emulate Mariah Carey: Leona Lewis or a girl who debuted some years ago called Stacy Orrico (or something like that)

  58. Selenator March 28, 2013

    I love her! And this song was #1 on iTunes btw. I hope people support her,she is talented!

    • HOTSTUFF March 28, 2013


      • Selenator March 28, 2013

        Congrats girl you can read screen names 😀 *claps for you*

      • HOTSTUFF March 28, 2013

        LOL gurl , you should be ashamed of yourself,have a HOT SEAT = > _/ .

  59. LTM March 28, 2013

    Ironic how fans of Britney, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Mariah are complaining about new artist lacking originality when all of our favs were billed as “The Next insert successful artist’s name here”. Anyways, this girl is talented but the next Mariah Carey is a stretch. In terms of success it won’t happen. Talent wise I’m not seeing it either. I wouldn’t mistake her voice for MC’s. But she is talented so hopefully she’ll do well.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      Beyonce, Rihanna, MC and Britney’s tone were distinctive from the beginning though. Vocal wise, they weren’t compared to a lot but imagewise they were. MC and Whitney were compared back in the day cuz of having powerful voices but their tones don’t sound alike.

  60. JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2013

    Wow so the post is full of Mariah haters reaching now. I don´t know her, maybe she has better songs. But this girl sounds boring, uninspired and generic, many other girls sound like her since Mariah has influenced a whole generation with her vocals. The song is bad
    And the ones trying to say everybody has their copy giving Lady gaga as an example… give me a f****** break. Gaga doesn´t sound like Madonna, not her voice not most of her songs (and I said most), she is a songwriter and her debut was different for 2008 standards and etc, etc. You guys can´t be serious
    And the worst comment is the one who tried to say Mariah was called a copy of Whitney like this gilr is being called now a copy of Mariah… are u serious?

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      I agree. Great voice. But far from a polished unique artist and trademark.

  61. RoyalKev March 28, 2013

    You know, I never really cared for imitators (this isn’t any derogatory shade directed towards Ariana), but this decade is shaping up to be the decade full of stars that’s reminiscent of those icons/legends of the past. I’m slowly starting to accept that and that makes me appreciate the originals even more. I fought with this concept for a while, but it can be something flattering. We all know the true musical masters cannot be replaced.

    So, Ariana can be a baby Mariah
    Jessica Sanchez can be a baby Beyonce
    Lady Gaga can tribute Madonna
    Nicki Minaj can pull from Lil’ Kim
    Rita can borrow from Rihanna
    Tiffany Evans can TRY to deliver like Whitney (check out her “Every Woman” rendition)
    Ciara can be baby Janet
    Kendrick can do Kanye
    and so on and so forth …

    It takes nothing away from our favs!… As long as their not stepping on anyone’s toes.

    • Lexi March 28, 2013

      shut up.

    • RoyalKev March 29, 2013

      Lexi go to hell!

  62. DANIEL T March 28, 2013

    She might not be the powerhouse that Mariah is – and no ones expecting her to be. But her vocal styling are very similar and obviously heavily influenced by Mariah. I’ve gotta admit I smiled the whole way thru the song – beautiful girl, with a really good voice and a cute song = WINNER!!

  63. HoneychildPlease March 28, 2013

    No i’m not here for this bish…NO DAMN WAY! There is only one, never duplicated or imitated…

  64. HoneychildPlease March 28, 2013

    She’s really trying to be Mariah… I will admit from time to time she sounds somewhat like her, but bish never h**!

  65. Nichole March 28, 2013

    A carbon copy of Whitney? Take several seats..

    Leona Lewis is definitely a better singer than this chick, and even she was a carbon copy of Mariah. And like someone else pointed out, look what happened to her.

    The point is that these young singers need to find their own sound.

    I’m heading to YouTube to check out if this girl has any live vocal performances.

  66. Realest March 28, 2013

    Her voice, as a whole, sounds nothing like Mariah Carey’s. maybe that one little whisper part sounds similar but her voice, which sounds good, is a totally different sound. She sounds like she’s been influenced mildly by MC but Leona Lewis is much more a comparable comparison. This girl has a similar normal tone to like young Jojo or Paula Deanda-not Mariah Carey… Sorry

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      She doesn’t sound much like Leona Lewis either.

  67. King B>Rihanna March 28, 2013

    am one team oldieds side in this argument.

    do you know the child went and name her album Daydreamin’….like she really trying to be Mariah.

    these pathcetic childrean that stan for s*** like Selena and Justin Bieber needs to f****** vaporized.

  68. Chica March 28, 2013

    She sounds nothing like Mariah. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet so maybe she hits some whistle. notes later on. But her tone is nothing like Mariah’s. I think Sam was just trying to shade Mariah again.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      In this particular song, their tone sounds very similar. You must not know what Mariah Carey sounds like or listen much to her music for that matter! Shade Mariah how? Imitation is flattery. And believe me. She has influenced a huge generation.

  69. King B>Rihanna March 28, 2013

    this selena does not want me to read her. ok so back off because I will drag you entire existence.

  70. mc the place to be! March 28, 2013

    She sounds great but haters please don’t stretch were talking about mariah here whether this girl can hit every note mariah can shell never have the special artistry mariah had that made her mariah Carey mariahs a musician araiana is just a newcommer that’s just a Singer sorry

    • Music Soul Harmony March 28, 2013

      No one is talking about vocal ability. We’re talking mostly about tone. Tone and actual vocal ability are two different things. So do they have similar tones? YES. Why are ppl denying it? All ppl gotta do is listen to butterfly, charmbracelet, and emancipation. BOOM.

  71. Nichole March 28, 2013

    All right. I just watched a few live performances from this little chick, and she sounds absolutely nothing like Mariah. Go check it out.

    She imitated the hell out of Mariah’s vocal styling in this particular song, and that is why people are saying she sounds like Mariah. But the live vocals are a complete different story, in other words, she only “sounds” like Mariah when she is actually imitating her like she tried in this single.

    Just look at her studio version of Emotions where it sounded as if editing was used, and the whistle notes didn’t seem authentic. And then look at the live video of this girl singing Emotions, but without the whistle notes. She claims she couldn’t hit the whistle because she didn’t want to damage her voice because it wasn’t warmed up lol. Sorry but if she was THAT good as these folks are proclaiming, then she should have been able hit those notes or at least waited until her voice was warmed up.

    To her credit, she is definitely the best singer to come out of Nickeolodeon.

  72. eric March 28, 2013

    The breathy vocals and the visuals in this video don’t come across as being very authentic. I do think the young lady is talented though, and she’ll go further by being herself and not attempting to mimic Mariah’s formula. Why copy someone else if you already have the gift and talent to be successful? Unless you don’t believe in yourself.

  73. mc March 28, 2013

    Some parts does sound like Mariah i honestly thing mariah is on the backing vocals.

  74. Bye Ms Lewis you time is up! March 28, 2013

    I think she can sing but i don’t think she sounds like Mariah, previously, a few years ago or now. I think what it is is that the song is a Mariah sounding song so all the harmonies and high notes were constructed as if a demo for Mariah.

    What i will say is bye Leona girl! This is where you should’ve been at, and this also shows that your voice wasn’t that original to be snatched and put to good use. I hope that this girl doesn’t become one dimensional like Leona and keeps the sassiness that she has now. Nice song

  75. Suicide Blonde March 28, 2013

    Mariah Wannabe but unlike Mariah her voice irritates my ears, i hate wannabes, WE DON’T NEED CLONES, nothing new, Next.

  76. theman March 28, 2013

    Some of her harmonies, and layering along with the airy singing sounds similar to “MC”. Her overall voice doesn’t. She has a really nice voice though. “MC”‘s technique is just on another level though. As far as this misleading az title, Sam go somewhere with this crap. MC makes music that appeals to everyone, it’s called evolving, and not being stuck. Sam always tries to be funny but ends up failing. Is “Rihanna” the new “Beyonce”. Aight then so why after hearing one song of a girl that’s influences by “MC” would u use that stupid a** statement. What an idiot..

    • theman March 28, 2013


  77. Mateo March 28, 2013

    She sounds great and is very skilled, but can she get her own sound? This has been done already and Mariah pioneered it, patented this sound. It’s nice to see vocalist just as talented and young as Demi Lavato while showcasing her voice’s subtlety or softness a la Mariah/ Leona Lewis.

  78. March 28, 2013

    The similarities to Mariah are only fleeting. It’s pronounced when she does the breathy thing and during the low register hook. How she sounds during the verses sounds nothing like Mariah.

    That being said, aren’t you glad that this ISN’T another damn electro/EDM/dance/pop song? Ariana is not for me. She’s way too young, so I wouldn’t buy her music…but whereas I would normally be critical of someone in her bracket, because of what they’re more likely to do, I’m hesitantly tempted to not be critical of her. At least she’s doing something more similar to Mariah or Jojo than Gaga/Katy/Kesha.

  79. Common Sense March 28, 2013

    I don’t really see the similarities in voice. This girl is a FAR cry from Mariah at her age. Her whistles are weak and she has no control over them the way Mariah did. Her belts are also no where near Mariah’s level. She seems to attempt Mariah’s style but comes up short.

    That being said, she is more talented than all the h*** in the music industry at the moment.

  80. Mother Mariah March 28, 2013

    The song does give me a slight Mariah tease. It will be a hit simply because of the subtle Mariah-isms. I feel bad for her. Not a good way to start off a singing career. Find your own swagger dahling. You still have time.

  81. Suicide Blonde March 28, 2013

    Mariah on 2 girl singing “Like a Prayer” on Idol.

    It’s a hard song to sing because is not really a big singing song, i wanted to heard what the amazing singer on the original song was doing Niki(one of Madonna’s backing vocalists).

    THE SHADE…If only Sam would let me put the link of the video.

    I find it interesting that no one even uttered Madonna’s name during that segment. How the heck do you discuss a Madonna song and not say her name?

    I am sorry to say, but I have never seen a good cover of a Madonna song. Her voice is not the biggest, but is unique!

    • Beck March 28, 2013

      That has WHAT to do with this Ariana? You people need to find a message board to bring up certain topics instead of trying to change the subject in the comments section of a blog article.

      • Suicide Blonde March 28, 2013

        Sorry, i thought it was funny, i actually enjoy Mariah shades + nobody knows this Mariah wannabe.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 29, 2013

      Really? I still have not watched these week episodes. Can´t wait lol


    damn..the whistle at the end got me suprised..

  83. Chica March 28, 2013

    Lol I’ve been a mariah fan since 1991. The song sounds similar to something’ Mariah might sing but she does not sound like Mariah. Leona also does not sound like Mariah. Sam was shading Mariah making side comments about her use of the whisper register.

  84. Riqueen March 28, 2013


  85. Mark111 March 28, 2013

    Y’all are stupid, I did some research and she’s great at voice impressions. So that’s gonna make her a great singer, cause her voice is gonna be able to match every format. Side note, Rihanna has a voice that can match every formate, that’s why she can genre swap with ease, but this girl has a voice. Last, Mariah can’t sing like Mariah anymore, so shut up goats!

    • Dev March 29, 2013

      Doing voice impressions means that you can emulate a voice and doesn’t man that you yourself have an original vocal style or great voice.

      Luckily for her she can sing, but that point was really silly

  86. Clicktock March 28, 2013

    Sounds like the song I want you from Thalia

  87. lola March 29, 2013

    I have to be honest, this girl is annoying. Something about her is just hoish to me. She reminds me of a “good girl” who sleeps and flirts with everybody and this song is definitely a Mariah Carey knock off! It sounds like a left over from E=mc2 and I agree that it also sounds like Thailia’s “I Want you” featuring Fat Joe. Why is it that when white singers do R&B songs, they do well? That’s not fair. This song is too dated and boring. I will admit, her higher register and her tone sound very similar to Mariah, but that’s the problem. She does have a weak low register, but I DON’T NEED TO HEAR A CARBON COPY OF ANOTHER SINGER! It’s too creepy. Mariah is still releasing music and how the hell can you play both their songs when they sound similar? It’s just like with Rita Ora. I’m rooting for her to find herself, but she turns everyone off with her f****** Rihanna fashion style and singles!

  88. Lamb April 18, 2013

    Research Ariana and notice that she does impressions of other singers (britney, judy, mariah, shakira, ect). She even has a cover of Mariah’s emotions in which she tries to sound EXACTLY like her! She needs to get her own SWAG and style. She is copying Mariah’s signature breathy tones and whistle tones. Thankfully, her normal tone is pretty lame compared to Mariah’s. Also, let’s not forget that Mariah is the FIRST person who collaborated with rappers back on Fantasy…If not for her, a track like this wouldn’t even exist. The reason why this song is catchy is because it samples Big Pun’s “I don’t wanna be a playa no more”.

  89. jason June 9, 2013

    Ok well first off mc might still be making music and she’s awesome but she can’t even hit the
    Whistle register anymore. Secondly ariana is not trying to be like anyone she is just singing songs
    She loves,so y’all need to back the hell off!! I’ve
    watched many of her videos and she has
    Undeniable talent so quit your f****** bitching
    And change ur f****** tampons you irrelevant tricks!!

  90. Sam June 12, 2013

    I agree with some people. This girl is annoying. I don’t like her since she started being so fake acting like Cat (her role in Victorious) just to get attention. I mean, she’s really talented she doesn’t need to be a person that she’s not just to get a lot of fame and attention, this is just annoying. And she even talked behind Victoria’s back and said things that she wasn’t supposed to say. I think what she said was the truth but she was a b**** for saying that. Nickelodeon didn’t want to say that or Victoria could get hate from fans because she chose to have a solo tour instead of cast tour. Well she’s really talented and beautiful but she’s got a bitchy personality and most of the people can’t see that

  91. Double cross June 12, 2013

    what the heck was that music video. Why is she with her phone by her side XD and why does she kisses him. Unnecessary. Plus she keeps trying to look innocent and cute then she curses in her twitter and s***.

  92. Steff August 25, 2013

    They ripped off big pun not a player so no she’s not new just trying to copy other people

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