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Guess Who?!

article 2287266 18664CC1000005DC 23 640x795 Guess Who?!

Guess which Pop veteran/actor was snapped riding around NYC on his Ducati yesterday.

Hint: His last smash hit single picked up a Grammy at last month’s 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

Find out who the mystery man is below!

It’s Usher!

article 2287266 186642D7000005DC 276 640x822 Guess Who?!
article 2287266 18664CC1000005DC 23 640x7951 Guess Who?!

His sighting comes after he watched ‘Climax‘ peak at #1 on the R&B/Hip Hop songs chart, #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and win the award for Best R&B Performance at the Grammys last month, helped in part by ‘Harlem Shake’ mastermind Diplo and ‘XOX’ star Elijah Blake.

Your thoughts?

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