Must Hear: Beyonce – ‘I Been On (Ft Bun B, Z-Ro, Scarface, Willie D, Slim Thug & Lil KeKe’)

Published: Friday 29th Mar 2013 by David

Check out the official remix to Beyonce‘s fiery new cut ‘I Been On’ featuring a number of her favorite MCs, hailing from her hometown of Houston, Texas.

After giving it about 100  a few spins, we’d be lying if we weren’t kind of obsessed with it and hope Bey goes on to shoot a video in its honor.

Want to see here it for yourself?

Listen below!

 Your thoughts?

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  1. SHESDUMB THE LEGEND March 29, 2013

    ITS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dev March 29, 2013

      But not just any garbage….. utter garbage! If it was a slew of female rappers it would’ve still been trash, but just not trash that stank to high heavens

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 29, 2013


      • Don’t_START_NO_SHIT March 30, 2013


  2. BEYONCE CROTCH SPLIT. March 29, 2013


    • Lovebird March 29, 2013

      Rihanna has got her having breakdowns.

      • audreyherbsburn March 29, 2013

        break downs for what? why would one of the most critically acclaimed contemporary artists be worried about an artists who has no critical acclaim and no respect from her peers? #noshade

      • Lovebird March 29, 2013

        Critical acclaim, Beyonce has never made, and judging from this rubbish will never make an album as highly critically acclaimed as Rated R.

        When Beyonce has an album as highly critically acclaimed as Rated R, then you can talk, otherwise sit.

      • They Tried It March 29, 2013

        You making out that Rihannas one highly acclaimed album was miles ahead of Beyonces which it wasn’t lol stop exaggerating.

      • Layas March 30, 2013

        Lol ‘4’ is more than just ‘highly’ acclaimed by Critics. God cant you just do your homework 1st before talking trash?

      • nananana March 30, 2013

        is rihanna not having a breakdown herself. Shes on drugs, f****** her abusive ex-boyfriend, lipsyncing during her tours and still sounding disturbed. EVALUATE YOUR LIFE

      • nananana March 30, 2013

        Rated R critically aclaimed? LOOOOOOOOOOOL RECEIPTS PLEASE

    • Teacher March 29, 2013

      Yasss LOVEBIRD!! Clock that B**** AudreyH!

      Rated R>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      • Randy March 29, 2013

        Hahah you act like Rihanna had any input into Rated R other than attempting to sing what was written for her. Beyonce can sing s*** and it still be better than anything Rihanna does. Truth will set you free

      • FAF March 29, 2013

        WAIT…Rated R was critically acclaimed? I knew fans liked it but … what critics praised it?

      • Lovebird March 30, 2013

        Critics loved Rated R honey.

  3. Darianna Jones March 29, 2013

    I appreciate what she’s trying to do, getting all the Texas rappers in on it, but no…..I’m not feeling this at all. The flows don’t fit, and they make it sound like one of those old 1997 mixtapes that you keep out of politeness. I prefer the original.

  4. my forehead tho March 29, 2013

    Her verse slayed. I replayed that s*** faithfully since she first teased it last week.

  5. SHESDUMB THE LEGEND March 29, 2013


    • Lovebird March 29, 2013

      Beards of the same feather FLOP together.

      • BeyWhoUWanna March 29, 2013

        Beards? Back to school you go!

    • The Truth March 29, 2013

      “Love on Top” Just won a Grammy last month. The people that really matter seem to think it was a hit.

    • TRUTH SERUM March 29, 2013

      She just had a Number 1 R&B hit with Love On Top and won a grammy… when the last time Prince had either… Let’s get into that…

      • OK March 29, 2013

        Prince doesn’t need a #1 hit or a Grammy ever again at this stage in his career. He’s a legend. He’s made his mark. He has nothing to prove.

    • dezi March 30, 2013

      Honey prince don’t have nothing else to PROVE The man gets STANDING-OVATIONS ON HIS NAME ALONE. DON’T EVER COME FOR PRINCE. Beyonce is still trying to find her way. Prince carved his OWN ARTISTIC PATH as an INNOVATOR/INVENTOR/TRENDSETTER ETC






      B**** HAVE A SEAT!

      • Layas March 30, 2013

        Um no offense but Prince has nothing on Beyoncé. Maybe Michael Jackson? See he’s the king. Prince can go have a seat.

    • dezi March 30, 2013

      Um no offense but p**** poppin doesn’t seal the deal

      What did beyonce innovate?

      What did she invent?

      What various artist has she written and produced for?

      What instruments can she play?

      What signature style does she have of her own?

      How many diamond albums does she have under her belt?

      OKAY I’M DONE.

      Oh and for the record don’t ever put michael jackson or prince in the same sentence with beyonce. Both men successfully carved their own lane in pop culture. Compare beyonce to her peers because at this point the chick can barely touch rihanna.

  6. my forehead tho March 29, 2013

    I’m sorry but Houston rappers are sorry. Glad this is the remix and not the original.

  7. RihNaj March 29, 2013

    Love it!!! Pure Old School Swagg!!

  8. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 29, 2013


    • Rosie March 29, 2013

      This isn’t even a released single.

    • Lovebird March 29, 2013

      It will not. She’s scared to drop it because even she knows this will FLOP.

    • Riqueen March 29, 2013

      LOL the b**** is to scared to cuz she knows the song is s*** and no one will buy it.

  9. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 29, 2013

    The beat, I LOVE…

    But why Beyonce?

    This music is SO beneath you… Or so I thought.

    Music, or should I say NOISE, like this shouldn’t represent a woman who is much more talented and capable of producing better ATTENTION-SEEKING like this.

    I hope this isn’t her first single…

    • Lovebird March 29, 2013

      Producers and Song writers don’t want to give her their best work because she forces them to hand over credits, rights and publishing. They are withholding their material and/or giving her their worst material.

      Someone already spilled this tea.

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith March 29, 2013

        But where did any report say they DIDN’T WANT to work with her? I see many of these producers and writers desperate for money and fame, so if they gotta give up that 20% to get a hit they’ll do it!

        Gone are the days of people like MJ who worked with the best and DIDN’T STEAL their work!

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 29, 2013


  10. Mimi carey March 29, 2013

    shitty song

    • dirty diana March 29, 2013

      If you not from Texas you won’t like it. This is song is BUMPING in the Lone Star State. And that’s all that matters at this point. The rest of you just have to wait for Standing on the sun or whatever its called. Just about everywhere you go they have their own style. This is Texas style especially Houston so deal as YA’LL like to say. Lol get mad I don’t care. Ha!

      • Darianna Jones March 29, 2013

        No, sweetie, I’m from Texas, and this is not where it ‘s at. Don’t speak for all of us. We did not need this remix

  11. honestly March 29, 2013

    Lol. Beyonce didn’t authorize this. Not with them trying to get some shine off her name. #next

  12. Rellz March 29, 2013

    Shes just paying homage to her Houston roots. I like that.

  13. Suicide Blonde March 29, 2013

    The Menopause has come to her.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 29, 2013

      MAG had it in the 50’s the old b****

    • dirty diana March 29, 2013

      If Rihanna don’t die from drug overdose first, she’ll through menopause as well. Heck we al will. Say something else. And I don’t even dislike Rih. I honestly like some of her music. Not the technoish pop stuff thought. Hated WFL for example, but love Stay and Take A Bow.

      Don’t care about who sold what, who had that, many mag covers, most twwitter fans and so on. My favorite artist probably never even seen a chart. Im strictly talent. Bey not my fave but I am a fan. I like a couple Rih songs but would not consider myself a fan. With that being said Bey sh!ts on Rih. So why doest the Navy bother? If someone wast o say ok lets go, whoever gives the best performance wins the crown. Yea i know it es more thathan talent, yada yada. But if im go help make you richer thanme. You go have to earn it on that stage.

      • Dray March 30, 2013

        Why did you bring Rih up then if you don’t hate her. . .at least let’s be honest. . .

        I have nothing to say in regards to this track. .it speaks volumes. I’m done

  14. THAT’S WORD March 29, 2013

    Some where QUEEN RIRI!




    • Lovebird March 29, 2013


    • Cam March 29, 2013

      Somewhere Rihanna is still flinching from Chris’s fists she just caught in her eye…or chocking from all the c** him and his boys forced her to ingest during their coke-assisted train.

      You need to sip Cyanide.

  15. RICHANDBLACK11 March 29, 2013

    I respect the ole schools but not using this song beat is hot thou.

  16. Lovebird March 29, 2013

    It’s rubbish, GARBAGE and will FLOP.

  17. ZIGGY STARDUST March 29, 2013

    Oh, wait a minute! I thought folks were saying that this wasn’t going to be a single?? Sure, sounds like one to me. And, by the sounds of it, it’s horrible! This sh*t is corny a hell. Is she serious with this? I can’t.

    • ZIGGY STARDUST March 29, 2013

      * corny “as” hell.

  18. King B>Rihanna March 29, 2013

    today was a shady good old day soon as Riri comments hit the airwave.

    Bub B released the remix to I Been On.

    I can’t…unlike the Navy and Hive that are flaring up their smelly p******.


    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 29, 2013

      Honey i LOOOOVE it! But i want more of bey opera notes in it tho…THATs it! I love it! That beat sick!

  19. CiCi Slaaaaays March 29, 2013

    beyonce can’t be serious with this crap..

  20. say March 29, 2013

    It’s cool.
    Beyonce is 31, 31 is not mid-life so she can’t be going thru any ‘mid-life crises’, don’t make urself look stupid.
    Bey has been on since ’97 so peeps just assume she’s old.
    I respect that she’s achieved so much already.
    Again, cool song…

    • Lovebird March 29, 2013

      She’s not 31. 31 maybe her industry age but we all know she’s 41+.

      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 29, 2013

        Girl there is no sense in talk to u

  21. Queen Cici March 29, 2013

    A hot steaming mess. After 4 flopped, I figured Washedupyonce would learn but musically she just seems to be getting worse. *Looks for Bow Down on Itunes*

    • Lovebird March 29, 2013

      She’s trying to keep up with Rihanna so bad, she’s desperate. Catch up heux.

    • ohreally March 29, 2013

      No no not a Ciara fan talking about Flops! Girl 4 outsold both of Ciara last two Cds combined

    • Sksjdjsj March 30, 2013

      Bow down was never released as a single so it can’t be on itunesidiot

  22. Wow March 29, 2013

    I hope this is not the beginning of the end for her. Two wack songs and an super wack remix.

    • Lovebird March 29, 2013

      And not just any super whack remix, a super whack remix with unknown FLOP whack rappers.

  23. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 29, 2013

    WHY is she talking rih? RIH got the bad boy remix with real n**** that sell. TI, ROSS, JEEZEY, JUICY J WHO THE F*** ARE THESE FLOP N****’S?

    BOW DIWN B****.

  24. The Peach March 29, 2013

    im not defending the song at all (simply because im still on the fence, but i think people thought she was playing when she said,

    “I dont wanna sing about the same stuff for the next 30 years.”

    So even though, i see alot of people’s point, i say let her have her freedom of expression (at least more freedom of self expression that she’s had in the past). even if we dont agree with it. sometimes we dont have to agree with it. it’s not meant for EVERYONE to agree with it. it doesnt matter if we do. Just Saying.

  25. Kate Middleton March 29, 2013

    LOL!!!! Garbage!!!

    Rihanna’s pour it up $hits All over this trash.

    Ahahahaha this 40+ yro hag is battling midlife crisis.

    : D

  26. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 29, 2013

    LMAOOO. Garbage just like the original.

    This H** is making herself even MORE of a joke than she already was

    This is the LEGEND that the Flea Hive speaks of making this hoodrat, ratchet SHITE??????????

    As Queen Rih said on twitter , ” The jokes on you”…LMAOOOO 🙂 😉

    Indeed it is, THIEFonce can expect another flop no one is interested in her music anymore

  27. yo yo March 29, 2013

    ahuh. that’s official? sounds okayish for old shool rap track. not really a fan of that beats and instruments tho, so i won’t listen too hard. but say it’s not really a good REMIX tho. completely dubbed. where’s bey sound on it. see? official?

  28. RoyalKev March 29, 2013

    Ok, I appreciated the snippet, but I’m not here for this remix!

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 29, 2013

      ??? ummm…yes u r…u blogged

  29. Sweet Chin Music March 29, 2013

    What the hell did I just listen to??

  30. Sass March 29, 2013

    Beyonce just release your REAL damn single already girl. Standing on the Sun. Or is she literally waiting till summer.

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 29, 2013


  31. Naomi March 29, 2013

    Shes taking a very unconventional route this era. I appreciate shes just having a bit of fun with this and just preparing everyone for her presence. But like, you are Beyonce so the world and its wives will listen and critique to this not just people from Houston.

  32. Lovebird March 29, 2013

    Seriously, even Birthday Cake Remix shits all over this crap. Beyonce should just retire gracefully, being pushed out by Rihanna is not a good look for you honey.

    • OK March 29, 2013

      I agree. I wasn’t crazy about the BC remix but I’ll take that over this. I had high hopes for this era, I mean, it’s barely stated, music-wise, but I’m already getting nervous. The fact that she’s taking so long to put out new music raises red flags with me. I’m sensing her new material was supposed to come out sooner, but got pushed back because her label didn’t like what she submitted. Pushbacks are not a good sign, if that’s the case.

  33. ZIGGY STARDUST March 29, 2013

    According to Virgin Radio reports:

    While Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter album was initially given an April 16th release date, the project is now being pushed back because her promotional songs have flopped. A source from Sony has said of “Bow Down” and “I Been On”, “No one thought that both records would fall flat. They were supposed to be her biggest two songs off the album.”

    The source adds that Beyonce is starting fresh and will not release a single or an album before she goes on tour next month. The insider said, “It’s back to the drawing board. More promo songs will be released, until she gets a hit song that everyone will embrace.”

    • Lovebird March 29, 2013

      YASSSS MORE TEA. Love those interns spilling all this tea. Catch up Heux.

    • ZIGGY STARDUST March 29, 2013

      I don’t know how true this story is, but this is what I’ve read about her upcoming album, or lack there of.

      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 29, 2013

        On M**! B**** STOP REPEATN THAT S***

    • Naomi March 29, 2013

      I dont believe its true. Im not a Bey stan and Im not biased but come on, if we ourselves know whats not radio friendly or commercial her team of heads will know. I truly believe these ‘songs’ are to gear everyone up for and the official new single will be very pop.

    • mob: bow down b*tches March 29, 2013

      LOL…. Nah this couldn’t be true. I simply cannot imagine anyone at SONY Music thinking bow dow/ been on were going to be hit songs…. 0_o

  34. GORL! March 29, 2013

    50 yr old singer and 70 year old rappers.

  35. blue March 29, 2013

    the original was a bag of noise, this is just worse

    i refuse to believe this is what bey will be serving up on her next album, i refuse!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Kate Middleton March 29, 2013

    That slowed down voice is beyawnce, is she still testing the waters yet again with this garbage? I mean why is she still hiding her voice in this track? She’s waiting for a green light from the general public, then she will release it as a single.

    This is all beyawnce is offering, stop saying she is above this. If she was then she would have not done it in the first place.

    No creative writers want to work with this thief anymore.

  37. Barb B**** March 29, 2013

    I think these songs are lil bit of fun for Beyoncé to show shes expressing herself. While I don’t think it suits her, let her do what she doing. Are you all forgetting how she described her album in the GQ interview as mixture of 4 and IASF and its very SENSUAL. I mean, this hardly fits that description. Selective memory.

    • Barb B**** March 29, 2013

      I mean VOGUE not GQ.

    • OK March 29, 2013

      Yeah, but she also said that 4 was inspired by Fela Kuti and some of the things she had seen and experienced while she was on her break, and that it was her own little musical gumbo and while 4 was a solid R&B album in its own right, I didn’t hear any of those influences.

  38. Matthew Charlery-Smith March 29, 2013

    Beyonce tryin’ to be hood? Ok…

    Meanwhile, LeToya Luckett, the real “Down-wid-da-homies” member of DC, shakes her head at Beyonce tryin’ to use the rappers from her debut album!

    Oh, the song’s awful by the way! I love how she left the melody in Blue Ivy’s diapers!

  39. my forehead tho March 29, 2013

    Funny how the only official song of Beyonce’s is leaked by somebody else. This is probably why she rarely does features

  40. Lovebird March 29, 2013

    Rihanna doesn’t need no buzz single gimmick, she just picks a date and releases. Radio was salivating for Diamonds, every radio station including your momma’s favorite was patiently waiting for Diamonds to be released so they can spin it 100 times a day.

    Rihanna released Diamonds to radio and an hour later released on iTunes and it jumped to #1 worldwide on iTunes.

    Baddie Bey, the self proclaimed Kang has to use a buzz single gimmick. I cannot, how the mighty have fallen.

    • Barb B**** March 29, 2013

      Please cut it out. Everyone has their own way of going about things and real talk, Rihanna has plenty of BUZZ already sizzling from the albums released just a few months earlier.

      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 29, 2013

        NOPE RIH does not do buzz singles, everything is OFFICIAL. ADMIT BEYONCE IS DONE!

  41. Matthew Charlery-Smith March 29, 2013

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

    Along comes this,”I Been WRonG (Reheated)”.

    Well at least she’ll get a Top 20 R&B hit!

    Thanks Oprah, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to appreciate her as the “Beloved Mistress of the Universe”.


  42. Bey Fan March 29, 2013

    Reppin H-town….loves it.

  43. mob: bow down b*tches March 29, 2013


    I still like Bun B tho…… 🙂

  44. . : : h 2 o : : . March 29, 2013


    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 29, 2013

      where do you think this will chart?

  45. Riqueen March 29, 2013

    The b**** could resurrect Whitney and Micheal and feature them on the track it it would STILL be s***.TRUTH HURTS!

    • Lovebird March 29, 2013


      • Riqueen March 29, 2013

        Lol gurl its the damn truth.

  46. CAP10PLANET March 29, 2013


  47. mob: bow down b*tches March 29, 2013

    Okay all jokes aside,I’m gonna need Beyonce to stop trying to legitimize this BS and drop a hit record….. you know some RING THE ALARM, IRRESITABLE, BABY BOY, UP GRADE YOU, CRAZY IN LOVE, IF I WERE A BOY…..

  48. Rosie March 29, 2013

    I don’t see why the #Navi are all up in this post. Talk about obsessed.

  49. What? March 29, 2013

    Ok Bey rep your home town, everyone from Houston was diggin I been on from when it first dropped, I like shes just doing what she wants to do even though I don’t like the song. Im just waiting for Standing on the Sun. That’s when the engine will really start.

  50. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 29, 2013

    What a week. First she gets dissed by RIH, her remix is getting dragged on every BLOG, this after white america came after her( yet again) for bow down .


  51. Eye Candy March 29, 2013

    I’m sorry Bey, I love you but this sh*t is ghetto as f*ck!
    This will probably do good on the urban charts which is probably what she was aiming for but this won’t convince them white people to buy your album. This is a mess.
    Secondly, Rihanna fans need to stop acting like this isn’t as ghetto and trashy as “throw it up” or whatever it’s called.

    • Rosie March 29, 2013

      IA with this entire post.
      Thank God this isn’t an official single. But I did hear it on my local station lol.

      • Eye Candy March 29, 2013

        Hun, she just needs to put this song away and forget that she even recorded it.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 29, 2013


      • Eye Candy March 29, 2013

        I’ll shut up as soon as your sashaying, wannabe woman, drag queen ass has a seat.


      Butttttt…. pour it up is a hit tho

      • Eye Candy March 29, 2013

        Is it even in the top 20 though? Oh ok.
        If this is a hit then so was “love on top”.

      • Eye Candy March 29, 2013

        My bad, didn’t see the comment below but if Beyonce had a single stuck at #15 you would’ve called it a flop so as far as I’m concerned, you could have a seat with that “hit” comment.



    • Meg March 29, 2013

      Please how can something flop when it hasn’t even been officially released

    • Riqueen March 29, 2013

      Like how many hints does this cow need to realize its time to retire.

      • CeeJaye March 29, 2013

        Ask your mother that. Maybe she can tell you…

  53. Rosie March 29, 2013

    But yeah this just proves the #RetardNavi is just stupid. For the last time THIS IS NOT A SINGLE. And I’m not even Beyhive. Is this song on iTunes? No. Does this have a video announces? No. It’s just a song one of her producers put on f****** Soundcloud. Go worry about the Cubic Zirconia tour’s box office.

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 29, 2013


      Youre DEFINITELY a flea hive member

      [email protected] you trying to distance yourself from the Flea Hive after this ghetto SHITE known as “Bow Down”

      • Rosie March 29, 2013

        Um do you see me in any other Bey posts except this one and the Vogue post from like 3 weeks ago? Am I on any Bey forum? Have I legally bought any Bey album? No. I just respect her for being talented and hard working, but I wouldn’t stan for her. Stop spilling s*** out of your mouth.
        P.S. Your “drags” are as tired as Rihfund’s vag.

  54. Kate Middleton March 29, 2013

    Beyawnce is a thief, Michael Jackson when he co-wrote or didn’t write a song he never had his name listed as the first person, beyawnce on the other hand whether she stole it, co-wrote it or whatever is always listed as the first.

    We are talking about this thief who is even listed as the writer for that Christmas song silent night.

  55. Lovebird March 29, 2013

    Yes HIVE, back away from this trash. LOL I thought the hive had Bey’s back, so quick to back away from this rubbish ey.

    Oh Bow Down is not a single but a buzz track (backed away), oh this is not an official single (backing away)…LMAO I cannot. Even the hive know that this s*** will FLOP.

    • They Tried It March 29, 2013

      Common sense should tell you its not honey by its content. It has nothing to do with backing away.

    • Rosie March 29, 2013

      F****** LMAO @ you changing your avi after I clocked you in that other post.

  56. 4orBidden Entertainment March 29, 2013

    King B killed it again. Song is fire! I’m loving how she is doing what she wants to and not worrying about what commercial America thinks. This is what she grew up on in Texas.

  57. Meg March 29, 2013

    Why do the Rihanna fans stay inna Beyonce. Damn they comment on her posts more than Rihannas. I cannot at how dedicated her haters are. They are on the edge of their seats waiting for her album and single, they follow every damn thing she does and watch every damn thing she does lol. Gotta love Beyonce haters, they are full of contradictions, just like how they say she is.

    • They Tried It March 29, 2013


  58. HOTSTUFF March 29, 2013

    LMAOO talk about trash i wont even waste my time and energy tonight …the song shades itself already.

    • Rosie March 29, 2013

      You wanna talk trash? Let’s start with the flea in your avi.

  59. HOTSTUFF March 29, 2013

    “the song shades itself already.” OOps i meant BUZZ TRACK*** LMAO. *rolls on the floor laughing at the H.l.V and the music of their “legend”*

    • Riqueen March 29, 2013


  60. DIGGER BEY March 29, 2013

    I like it but I like THE QUEENS version better! Watch this go on and become more talked about then any song Hoeianna has released lmao. KING B unreleased songs are gettting more attention than anything Hoeianna has every done. Including her ass getting beat lmao. And an song the hasn’t been release isn’t an flop. Lmao Hoeianna has the DUMBEST, STUPIDEST, MOST DELUSIONAL STANS EVER!

  61. NΛVI March 29, 2013

    poor thing, rihanna have all rattle up..she dosen’t even what direction she wants to take with her new album..and even had to push it back.

  62. SHAWN101 March 29, 2013

    Whether the song is an official single or not, it’s been recorded and put out for all to hear. This song is a mess.

    • Queen Brit Brit March 29, 2013

      Is that a pic of Cassie?

      • SHAWN101 March 29, 2013

        No. It’s a clip of model, Dollicia Bryan.

  63. Vanessa B March 29, 2013

    I like that shes reppin H Town go girl! I know Beyonces had ties with some of them rappers since she was like 14. Sounds like she had fun and this is just a bit of fun. Chill out folks! And the original with her lil opera singing part in the background. Like only Beyonce could do that lol.

  64. Music Soul Harmony March 29, 2013

    Beyonce’s voice is not even on the track. So why would it be a single
    Or even released at all? No one cares bout these flop a** rappers.

  65. DIGGER BEY March 29, 2013

    Stay Delusional B**** @ NAVI. Cause those lies were created on M**. An lying fake site. Just like u Rihc*nts. Just know when the album do drop. It will not sell an measuly 240k n the first week. Like Unaflop and then the H** released it during the Holidays. Also she will by pass all of Hoeianna previous albums! Pepsi said this was gonna b her biggest era. So DIL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> every Hoeianna era lmao. I feel F*CKIN SLAYAGE on the way from KING B! Just like how I felt THE SLAYAGE on the way from JT! U bitter b****** will have an SAD MISERABLE SUMMER! And I can’t f*ckin wait! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha #2013…..THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 29, 2013

      The Queen may not DEBUT with huge numbers, but she DOES sell

      TTT & Unapologetic have both outsold 4orgotten

      you mad????????????????


  66. HoneychidPlease March 29, 2013

    EWWWW WTF!!!!! it’s still trash at the end of the day….

  67. Pricey March 29, 2013

    I like the beat. I don’t think this is anything serious. Just Beyonce enjoying her ratchet southern side.

  68. DIGGER BEY March 29, 2013

    Why is KING B ahead of Hoeianna n the Music Power Rankings again? Lmao I mean really. Hoeianna is the one touring and have singles on the charts. But KING B is ahead of her ass lmfao. Her unreleased track has been talked about more than any of Hoeianna songs lmfaooooo. WINNING H*** and the Era haven’t even officially started yet. #GET READY TO LIVE ON UR KNEES C*NTS

  69. Queen Brit Brit March 29, 2013

    This is worse than the Scream & Shout remix. All of these rappers are irrelevant and for a good reason: they suck ass

  70. cake like lady gaga March 29, 2013

    But I thought this was a “buzz” track? Who remixes a buzz track? LOL and I see the H** isn’t here for this garbage too. I think this is it, she has hit rock bottom.. The end of FRAUDyonce

    • Riqueen March 29, 2013


    • They Tried It March 29, 2013

      Well I don’t see it available on ITunes do you?

    • Rosie March 30, 2013

      You should know about buzz singles since your username was one.

  71. follow me @royalking101 March 29, 2013

    what did I just listen to…. EPICFAIL NEXT

  72. They Tried It March 29, 2013

    Whatever, shes barely even on it and when she is her voice is distorted. The Hive are just waiting for the OFFICIAL single now Beyonce you got everyone dangling on a string. I like the name though, standing on the sun.

  73. fatusankoh March 29, 2013

    I love it you bey long live queen bey

  74. w March 29, 2013

    Way better with the houston finest on it.

  75. Kev March 29, 2013

    I stan for B but this aint the T

  76. w March 29, 2013

    hite people gone hate because its not pop. But blacks is gone be get loud music tickets while bumping this in their old schools in the hood. You can hear me fo you see me houston stand up.was waiting for bey to stop trying to impress these white folks and rep houston. #houstonstandup

  77. JER March 29, 2013

    Official remix? Hmmmmmmm to a song that’s not a single? Hmmmmmmmmm. Of course

  78. JER March 29, 2013

    Also, BeYAWNce is a feature on her own song? I didn’t realize “Triumphant” was so influential.

    • just sayin’ March 29, 2013

      I think Beyonce plays on styles that other artist have done & tries make it better(fitting the King title as #1). this time seems to be slapping her in the face…music wise.
      All this promo and the music or lack of seems weak. She may be answering her own question “who going to take me off?” well, beyonce, if you keep making music like this, you will take your own self out.
      and that’s not a good thing, that shows weakness

      • JER March 29, 2013

        The thing is once again BeYAWNce is trying to do what others have already done. This time it won’t work. Trying to jump on social media. Trying to release little snippets. Desperate to create buzz. It’s all backfired. She’s been reread for filth down to the ground and the lead single hasn’t even LEAKED. Smh. She’s already overexposed lol it took less than nothing for BIONCI to be overexposed yet again

  79. just sayin’ March 29, 2013

    people keep saying Mariah Carey Triumphant is a flop, that is fine, but remember this, once you make a come back from being written off….you have nothing else to prove. Mariah paid her dues with the meltdown, Glitter, the 80 Million $ (give or take) pay out to leave Virgin (LOL) SIDE BAR THAT IS EPIC, PAY ME TO LEAVE LOL, she shut all that down with MiMi.#WON Everything else for her is Tra La La La La (i’m fine) la la la laaaaaa.
    bEYONCE IS not done, but her come back from this, even if it is on this album, must be something GREAT! other wise she will retire and become a Business woman, and tour from time to time.

    • danny b March 29, 2013

      with all due respect to Mariah, (i love her), you cant really compare Triumphant to Bow Down. Triumphant was heavily promoted as a single, with several itunes releases, a video, and high profile performance…but it flopped. Bow Down was just a tease, a “BUZZ song” (not promo single, cuz theres a difference) if you will, to keep the fans AND haters preoccupied until the real music drops. Bc she was doing all these performances, announcments and tv specials but with no music so ppl were complaining and questioning, hence why she dropped Bow Down when she did. Im sure we were all gonna hear Bow Down at some point but i dont think it was meant to debut this early.

  80. FAF March 29, 2013

    Does this even qualify as a beyonce song? She’s giving Mariah Teas, singing the hook & letting the rappers do the rest 😆 😆

  81. zone 1 March 29, 2013

    Lmao at these comments. 50 year old singer with 70 year old rappers. Mid life crisis, and Beyawnce being a feature on her own album. This one thread had me laughing hard.

    But what the hell is beyonce doing for real? It seems like a mid life crisis. Did her last album not produce how she wanted? Whats the deal?

  82. fukubiotch March 29, 2013

    Smfh get over it people on here talking out they ass u dont like it she cursing to much get over it her tickets still seling out in most of u thats talkin brought the ticket i love it both songs in ready for me in yall b****** hatin yall are too be the first ones to get on itunes just to download it give credit where its do she represetin her home town respect it besides some of us tired of hearing that pop s*** yall just mad she did something different in real fans like me looooooove it

    • danny b March 29, 2013

      right!! She says “b******” a few times in a song and still sells out arenas while others p**** pop and show nudes on Instagram and yet have to cancel (un-soldout) dates.

  83. danny b March 29, 2013

    I feel like this tour/era, since Sasha is dead, we’re getting a mixture of Baddie Bey (Beyonce the ratchet) King B (Beyonce the royal) AND Mrs. Carter (Beyonce the wife and mother). The tour commercial is King B, ‘Bow Down” is Baddie Bey, and her famous documentary was Mrs. Carter. However, even though its not going the way i thought it wouldve gone, Im soooooo stoked for this era.

  84. King B>Rihanna March 30, 2013

    I’m just happy all of the girls Bey directed the song to is actually responding. A Hit Dog Will Holler…

  85. Iroko March 30, 2013

    Bey once, go beg your papa, you shall continue to go downhill if you no beg your papa.

  86. frank March 30, 2013

    Even though she is flopping like some people are saying here, but people are still talking about her and somehow she is still relevant. I think she should not feel pressed by younger singers she has to do her own thing she has nothing to prove to anybody anymore her accomplishments are already good enough, she should aim for quality music, she is a grown up now she should sing about music that can be classic for the future, she is rich and recognised all over the world. She will be fine.

  87. DIGGER BEY March 30, 2013


    • White girl mobKESH March 30, 2013


  88. Alex March 30, 2013


  89. MISHKA March 30, 2013

    LOL at the comments. Beyonce can’t win for losing, right?

    ThatGrapeJuice has turned into ThatBEYHATEJuice SMH… Sam, you better handle that *In my Kordell’svoice*

  90. DIGGER BEY March 30, 2013

    I’m just sitting bac and patiently waiting on KING B’S first single. I know it will debut #1 n Countries around the World. KING B knows what she’s doing. People are saying the album has been pushed bac but how would they know. When she never issued an release date. U stupid bitter ass people will see, once the album drops, it will debut @ #1 and spin #1s! U delusional sad c*nts will see! Lmao People said Bday was gonna get pushed bac, but it came out the same day she said 3 months ago. Also, people said IASF was gonna get pushed bac but it came out the same day she said and that was a month earlier. U c*nts will see, once she issue the release date. It will come out on that day. KING B don’t do pushbacs like ur favs lmao

  91. DIGGER BEY March 30, 2013


  92. Did That March 30, 2013

    How can something flop and its hasnt even released. Yall tryin it.

  93. H-town March 30, 2013

    if u don’t like this song, then you won’t like h-town music huntie’s. that’s what’s this is She reppin her hometown Who knew Bey still got the h-town swag on her LOL!!! get it boo That what H-town wanted.

  94. DIGGER BEY March 30, 2013

    Yesssssssssssssss @ KING B >> Rihanna. That’s what the saying is ” A hit dog will always holler”. Lmfao I guessed.the h*** who commented on Bow Down. Needs to BOW THE F*CK DOWN TO THE QUEEEEN! Lol these b****** are so pressed over a damn song lmao. If somebody yelled f*ck u, n a crowd. Why would u respond, cause u don’t know who that person is talking to. But bioplar delusional b******, will always think its about them lmfao. So I guess the song should said ” BOW THE F*CK DOWN Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Wendy Williams, Brandy and know Skeri Flopson had something to say lmao. But that b**** know THE HIVE will draggggggggggggg her n****** off! She’s scrlmfaoooooo

  95. DIGGER BEY March 30, 2013

    *She’s scared**

  96. Gabriel March 30, 2013

    It’s hot!
    Gangsta rap!
    Very nice!
    Something that I didn’t expected from Beyoncé!
    Texas trilL!!!
    Bow down!!! (:

  97. Who is Azealia? March 30, 2013


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