New Lady GaGa ‘FAME’ AD Sparks Firearms Controversy

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As an artist with a message fuelled cause, Lady GaGa’s use of violence to articulate her theories of fame have at times seen her work confuse and disturb any unaware of her artistry.

This week, the above happened once again when a never before seen clip pulled from her ‘FAME’ fragrance commercial found its way to YouTube, and sees the Interscope star in what might be her most violent piece of work to date.

So violent, that we’d urge you not to watch if you consider yourself easily shaken.

If not, peep GaGa and her gun in action below…

Sure, while recent events have made the civillians handing firearms and hot and controversial topic, we feel GaGa’s use of the gun was merely symbolic- and really shouldn’t cause offence.

By no means are we saying we didn’t find it disturbing-because we did- however, as is always the case with visionary’s like Germanotta, her work shouldn’t be criticised unless it’s put into context. In this case, the context being the dark and violent side to fame very few acts are brave enough to admit exists.

So, let us know…

What do you make of the clip?