Watch: The Business On…Keyshia Cole Vs Destiny’s Child

Published: Wednesday 20th Mar 2013 by Sam

Keyshia Cole‘s has had A LOT to say about Destiny’s Child stars Beyonce and Michelle Williams as of late. Watch as That Grape Juice assess whether she should be speaking in the first place.

Do you agree with Patrick? Is Ms. Cole even in a position to be offering her two cents? Let us know below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. XtinaaLovee March 20, 2013

    Im team Keyshia Cole shes saying what everyones thinking Michelle does kill the vibe n beyonce is a hypocrite….

    • WELL March 20, 2013

      regardless of whether Keyshia is right or not. Its not her place to criticize ANYONE.
      She is becoming as IRRELEVANT as she claims Michelle to be. Her live vocals are ALSO cringe worthy (please see “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”). She also has a song where she allowed a rapper to say “f*** u all b******.. old ass b******” and now its “woman to woman” Sooo.. Keyshia aint no saint either.
      she will never reach international success as Destinys Child did.
      But lets not talk about facts.. lets talk about being smart. WHY would you come for Beyonce? Its like putting a gun to her own head! Sometimes staying quiet is smarter than “Keeping It Real”.
      Look at poor Keri…. where is her career after she came for Beyonce!? #IllWait

      • it don March 20, 2013

        But makes you then look stupid because if it isn’t her place to speak on them because she’s not in a higher position then it isn’t our place to speak on her because she makes more thenus. See how that makes no sense to say that she has no opinion when it comes to bigger artist is to say we have bo say when it comes to something like politics. That’s like a mother in the ghetto voicing her opinion on welfare and all the rich republicans like vitch your not relavent enough to speak.get your money up then speak.its not right we are all human everyone has a voice just like ppl bash her for her reason on voicing hef opinion you can also be bashed.everyone is intitled to speak out no matter if its popular or not.I think its principal more so than anything. I applaud her for for not allowing the media to bullying her to do something other than what she feels

      • Baps March 20, 2013

        Anybody with a thought has the right to voice their opinion. She spoke the truth. Those songs are so negative, and if you listen closely she basically telling us to bow down. Beyonce acts so high and mighty and lets not forget fake. So what Keyshia doesnt have a #1 album. The people that have a #1 albums its garbage anyway. Keyshia said what we feel, and must importantly how she feels. Beyonce need to sit her ass down with those childishness ass songs. Trying to act hood and rep the south when its convenient. Child Bye. KEYSHIA COLE IS CORRECT!!! 100% BECAUSE OTHER CELEBS KISS HER ASS LIKE SHE THE GREATNESS. We all voice are opinions on blog and twitter just like must people do so should we not voice are opinion cause she makes more money????

    • I BEEn ON! March 20, 2013

      Its not that she cant voice her opinion but as a celebrity and artist she shouldn’t waste her time talking about other people when her work and her work ethic doesn’t bag her up.

      agreed that Michele has always been a little rough around the edges lol especially standing next to BEY hell even Kelly looks a little rough but can hold her own but that super bowl performances wasn’t bad at all! that was hate

      • Baps March 22, 2013

        What does her work ethic have to do with her voicing her opinion? Mainstream supports who they want to support and the stay pumpin Beyonce. Keyshia Cole is consistently coming out with albums and her voice is good. She has a family so she does not have to over do it as Beyonce, because now she is unoriginal and all of her shows are the same. Beyonce needs Sasha Fierce aka Demonic possession to be great and she said it herself. Keyshia Cole albums are good. Come on, Sam stays on Rita Orr jock and she is wack as well so his opinion doesn’t mean squat either. Why do people act as though celebrities live on another planet from us and have to keep their opinions to themselves. Just reading the negative comments on this blog post after post how can anyone say Keyshia Cole is wrong. Sam stay saying negative things about Rihanna when he does not have her money or work ethic so what???

      • Baps March 22, 2013

        Not only should celebrities not waste their time talking about people, but the world needs to stop. Then blogs like Grapejucie wont not exist. Michelle was shitty as hell so Keyshia told the truth. Why do people act like celebrities are different from us? Because she is a “celebrity” she is beneath stating her opinion when its true. SMH. Beyonce song is wack and hypocritical with no substance. She acts all polite and gracious when its convenient , but get on stage and sing songs like “Ego” when in fact she is singing about a mans penis. Then want to act like a humanitarian dress in white singing hallelujah..PLEASE!!!

    • I BEEN ON! March 20, 2013

      well said Patrick!

      Cole needs to give that energy in her vocal lessons and become better before she comes for people that are already at the TOP!

      meaning no matter what you say XTINNA whatever…BEY will always be 17grammys away from COLES 0 to none

      whether she hiccups over a track it will sell and don’t get it twisted BEYS never a hypocrite!!!!
      get mad

    • Epson March 20, 2013

      Everything you said is TRUE!

    • rIHBABY March 21, 2013


  2. My Forehead Tho March 20, 2013

    “We matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her. So, I really don’t care what she said.”

    ~Kelly Rowland

    • Dev March 21, 2013

      Funny. Kelly could’ve only said that line in the context of we. No ain’t checking for her solo ass either.

  3. 2bad2bme March 20, 2013

    that whole thought of Keyshia Cole vs. Destiny’s Child is a comedy show it’s self LMAO…Keyshia Cole girl….really

    • I BEEN ON! March 20, 2013

      it is sooooooo funny lmao

      and im tired of all this energy going towards it

      im like really, keshia is nothing but another stan who is watching BEYs every move! she is trying stur up controversy that clearly isn’t getting her to sell records

      and her two fans that put all that energy into these rants know they have all 4 of beyonces albums

  4. Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

    Ms Patrick ur face is beat DOWN honey you should join destinys child

  5. My Forehead Tho March 20, 2013

    It’s not even what she said that’s the problem, it’s how she said it. Had she not said it in such a negative way, she wouldn’t be getting dragged on twitter as we speak.

    • HIVE March 20, 2013


      • Matthew Charlery-Smith March 20, 2013

        Would not have made a difference. Beyonce stans are empty and crazy. Anything which could be perceived as shade results in a tirade of abuse.

        Cole didn’t need to say anything about Michelle but I’m glad she called out Beyonce for her hypocrisy. People need to get straight and deal!

  6. Dminey March 20, 2013

    Key i agree ms.patrick take a seat

  7. ShadeNOShade March 20, 2013

    She Said How She Felt And THAT IT’S. The Reason Everyone Is Upset And Going Crazy Is Because It Was “Beyonce Song” So You Know Dickriders Are Going To Attack Keyshia For Speaking Her Mind. I Don’t Really Care About Keyshia Cole But I DO AGREE WITH HER. I LOVE That She Keeps It 100%.

  8. Aliciakeysahomewrecka March 20, 2013

    I don’t see anything wrong with stating opinions backed with facts. In this case, all Keyshia did was just voiced what everyone was already thinking and saying. When did we start putting parameters for voicing opinions? No where in the constitution does it say that opinions should be validated by current income levels and celebrity status. If you don’t like what is said, then turn the other cheek. Move on and be Fabulous. All this childish and bullying moves on twitter only shows the weakness of Beyonce Stan base. Why haven’t Beyonce said much? Because that’s not way to address it appropriately. If Beyonce has a problem with the criticism, let her say something and speak for herself. Isn’t she suppose to be this great king/queen (sarcasm) that these delusional Stan’s profess. I like Beyonce and Keyshia Cole but this story has already lost steam because the concensus agrees that the single, intro or whatever was not favorable. It’s not the first time that she got unfavorable single choice, it just mean she needs to back to the drawing board and come up with something more relatable to her fans.

  9. MISHKA March 20, 2013

    The fact that Keyshia Cole’s attempts to diss the Queen actually validates the song itself… HA!

    Donkey of the week.

    • I BEEN ON! March 20, 2013


      point proven!!

      and I don’t even think BEY probably sited her as inspiration for the track

      its like “stay in your place B****es ” not get out of line

  10. JJFan1814 March 20, 2013

    Meanwhile, the Pour It Up remix is straight FIRE! We need a video ASAP

  11. 2bad2bme March 20, 2013

    people kill me when they say she keeps it real…being real doesn’t mean u always have to be nasty and ghetto…u can be real and still have class and respect too

    • RoyalKev March 20, 2013

      I totally agree. Everyone has an opinion and their entitled to it. It’s just that when celebrities criticize the way their peers are expressing themselves, it’s a bit out of order. If it was the other way around and Beyonce spoke out against Keyshia Cole every Bey hater would agree that it’s distasteful. They would even logically agree that it’s uncalled for if Keyshia was bashing someone else that people don’t seem to get so intense about. Since it’s Beyonce in the equation, so many people will find this kind of thing acceptable. It’s not and Keyshia should not be so judgement online. It’s cool, that same judgement will find it’s way back in her life.

      • w March 20, 2013

        U can’t say everyone is intitaled to their opinion then say but.whenever there is a but ther is a contradiction. There is no but. People like what they like and people dislike what they dislike. It shouldn’t matter who voice their opinion.keisha didn’t threatin her like rappers do she didn’t take cheap shots at rumors that was spread she just stated she don’t believe what she trying ro portray in the song cool that’s your opinion. If bey came out and said she wasn’t feeling love and war I would stand by the fact that herj opinion and nobody should have to bite theor toungue on every and anything that has to do with another artist.that’s fake.I personally don’t see nothing wrong with the song I didn’t learn all the word like the hives so I can heckle ppl but my point is I’m proud that someone who stand by what she says and don’t apologize for being real and having more feeling other than happy smile fake.because nobody really came to ciara aid when metlissa posted that link about body come on its cppl for some and not for some of us should have rights and the rest its just privliges hmmmm sound a lot like slavery to me.

      • RoyalKev March 21, 2013


        The point that I was making is that it’s perfectly fine for Keyshia to hate the song, it’s not about being upset over the fact that someone doesn’t like a song by Beyonce. That’s what so many people are making it about. The Hive is not twisting anyone’s arm because they don’t appreciate Bey’s music. I just find it inappropriate for singers to critique their peers publicly. Beyonce didn’t make the song for Keyshia’s approval, nor is Keyshia this supreme judge when it comes to everything artistic. She already bashed Michelle’s Superbowl performance and now she’s weighing in on Beyonce’s music. No one need Keyshia to make the call. Why does she seem obsessed with DC anyway? If you don’t like them, stop following everything they’re doing! I didn’t think the Rihanna thing was cool either, it’s considered bullying for artists to clown others like that. I don’t condone that from any artists (no matter how popular they are). I hold Beyonce to that same standard and I would be disappointed in her if she started randomly judging recording artists.

    • RoyalKev March 20, 2013

      *Keyshia should not be so judgemental online

  12. Taeys March 20, 2013

    Well at least Keyshia isn’t a disgrace to black woman everywhere like you are Patrick. Your father probably wishes you were aborted. You can be gay but being overly feminine is disgusting! And making black males look weak!

    • Anon March 20, 2013

      That’s funny, because with people like you around ‘feminine’ people are probably the strongest in the world.

      You clearly have your own insecurities and if you equate being feminine with being weak you better open your eyes and see the world for what it is.

      Openly gay people have to live every day of their life wondering if they’ll be judged for being who they are and THAT doesn’t sound weak to me. B****.

      • Taeys March 20, 2013

        Weak probably was not the best choice of words. Lets see. I think it disgraceful and embarrassing to see Black men who for centuries were known for their strength and valor get turned into feminine flamboyant jokes for the world to see! Its only happening in the states It pains me to see White Men being more manly then the brothers. And yes I find disgusting. You are born gay but you do choose to act like a woman and dress like one and that is not ok in my book.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 March 20, 2013

      I beg to differ, babe we as people have the right to live our life as we choose. So what if he is overly feminine, that’s him. What does it have to do with you?

      • Taeys March 20, 2013

        To be Blunt. People in this world are in a certain totem polls some higher others lower. Keyshia Cole is 1.) an attractive Black, married woman and successful singer. Patrick is an unattractive Black man who is also a feminine gay. Should Patrick as disgusting as many see him being. Have room to talk about the attractive and successful wife of a real man? I most certainly think not!

      • RICHANDBLACK11 March 20, 2013

        Babe that didn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand.

  13. nick March 20, 2013

    aint nobody worried bout Keyshia, I deleted her from my iPod-hahaha

  14. Cam March 20, 2013

    Lemme start and say I love Destinys Child .. and I am a HUGE Kelly Rowland fan and supporter of her .. and her sisters because she loves them to death !!! BUT WITH THAT SAID …. Keyshia Cole is RIGHT in EVERYTHING that she has said !!!! The question should not be whether or not she has the right to speak the truth, but rather why is everyone attacking her for speaking her opinion on a matter where she is ACCURATE !!!! What Keyshia Cole says is truth .. and its what everyone else is thinking, just scared to say !!!! Michelle does not fit AT ALL in a group like Destiny’s Child .. and simply becomes the shadow to Beyonce and Kelly no matter the setting !!! and Beyonce new song is WEAK AND COMPLETELY contradictory to EVERYTHING she preaches !!!! and anyone who cannot see that is blinded by reality. To make a song disrespecting women, in such a way to tell them to Bow Down to you and replacing their name with ‘b****’ … simply sad !!! … AND THA SONG SUCKS !!! :p … I still love Bey thou cause her Career has been good . but she is getting worst and worst over the years. In the next 5 she will have removed herself from the scene completely.

  15. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    Keyshia doesn’t have a rite to state sh*t. She tried to reason with everyone why she went after Michelle n the first place but gurl u have no merit here. U started some sh*t that u will not b able to handle! No one can go around saying what every they want to say. This is America. Land of the free but everything isn’t free. She should know that anyway, coming from where she came from. DC discography >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> her ratchet tired life. Gurl n the future……please remain from embarrsing ur self. KING B was talkin about lil girls like u anyway. #BOW DOWN B****

  16. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    Beyonce is soooo trash!! Keyshias catalogue slaaaaays her in every way possible!!!

    • Epson March 20, 2013


  17. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    And just because Everybody thinks Michelle is the weak link of the group. It doesn’t give Keyshia or anyone else to slam her. That’s goes for KING B song also. Why go and start beefs. With people that can end ur already struggling career. She is such a stupid ratchet gutter b****. Frankie come get ur daughter before it all falls down.

  18. Capital B (cause I’m BOUT that life) March 20, 2013

    To be completely honest, if any other chick, say Rihanna, Nicki minaj, MC, etc. released a song like ‘bow down’ i would be like “what is this b**** on”? Because its beyonce, a lot of us give it a pass. Since I know how hard she works and she never responds to ppl that talk slick about her on a regular basis, she has a right to be full of herself every now and then. The majority of her music isnt remotely this bigheaded so i know that this isnt what she stands for and Im sure her next album isnt headed in this direction. But im sure she is tired of ppl like keyshia cole, tamar braxton, keri hilson, saying slick things about her. Im sure shes tired of tmz reporting lies, and news stations making her a topic. Even when she isnt working shes making headlines. Its annoying. She never addresses any other artist so why do they talk about her? Now keyshia cole felt as though she was one of the b****** referenced in ‘ bow down’ so she spoke up. She can say whatever the hell she wants but so can Beyonce’s fans. When you say anything neg. or pos. about someone else in the spotlight you better be prepared for others to chime in as well.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 March 20, 2013

      Right on ……Sad part about it is Beyonce didn’t name not one person….But hey if you feel as if your a B**** than I can understand one been salty.

    • truthbespoken March 20, 2013

      What you say is the truth. I’ll also like to add to your saying, I believe Beyonce was speaking to all the haters that have been hating hard on her in the past 2 years, especially while she was pregnant. Also it has come apparent that no matter what Beyonce do or don’t do she always get critize about it. While Bey was pregnant and the unnecessary critical talk about her and her pregnancy, Bey did what any other pregnant mother would do and that was to foscus all her energy on her unborn child, so now a year after her daughter’s birth I say cuzdo’s to her for speaking out thru her music and telling all these bitter a** haters just what and how she feels. At first listening to the song I say whoa and I took another listen and hey it’s not a bad song just something that was not expected from Beyonce but again it’s Beyonce and she too can make a bad song good. As for Keshia yes she as well as any one else has the right to voice their opinion but my question to Keshia is why are you really mad?

  19. mob March 20, 2013

    Shut up Patricia! I’m not the biggest K. Cole fan but she was not the only person who was disappointed by Beyonce’s latest offering. I still say given her current standing, (Mrs. Obama has given her major props) she should have never released a track like that. Mathew would have never…… 🙂

    I believe there is much more to this feud than we all know! I would love to hear an interview with Keyshia Cole to get the “real skinny”…aka.. the “real tea” on the conflict btw the ladies!

    • Cam March 20, 2013

      I dont think their is any fued between the ladies … I just think KC is pointing out obvious s*** .. that everyone feels.

  20. 90’s Music Era March 20, 2013

    Did he really have to make an video for this,lol.and lets be clear,michelle is sloppy thirds….her solo career is her as an person.and as for keyshia,she just said what everyone else was thinking,and being that no one really buys music anymore,unless ur taylor swift,justin beiber,lady gaga,britney spears,justin timberlake,your not going to be pushing big figures like that.her album sold 99k in its first week,which i think is good for an rnb artist.If beyonce wouldve said something negative about keyshia,would beyonce get bashed for it,i think not.lets be fair .

  21. Sterling Infinity (Prince Of Funk) March 20, 2013

    She’s out for attention that is all….

  22. Theman March 20, 2013

    Fallback with that people don’t buy albums crap. Many of the country artists salve very well and so does eminent pink and Bruno mars. It’s r&b in general that isn’t doing well, because it isn’t prOmoted as much nor pushed to the forefront.

  23. RICHANDBLACK11 March 20, 2013

    When it come to Beyonce, it’s like damn if she do, damn if she don’t. I understand where Keyshia is coming from, but sometimes it’s just best to keep your opinions to yourself. IMO I think it was a fun cocky lil track Beyonce did with no harm to anybody. Since it’s Beyonce everybody want to blow it out of hand. Keep in mind peep it’s only Entertainment, with that said Beyonce is human just like the rest of us, NOW BOW DOWN BISHES..

    Ms. Pat gurl you got that face BEAT boo.

    • Taeys March 20, 2013

      I want Beyonce to continue to be the elite of society. Being friends with Presidents supporting important issues and being a pillar in the community for black people in America. I don’t like her being ratchet. Not this extent. I like her cocky but cursing like this? NO! This is not the woman I want her to be I want her to continue to be the aloof entertainer who is better then US! Not this right here! I’m just saying! Its like I have expectations of her as if she was an elected official. I don’t want her doing certain things. Cursing and making diss tracks are better left to the lessors… The lessors= every other male and female that entered the entertainment industry after 1995 and they will deal. They all must bow down! But Beyonce doesn’t need to tell them! They already know!

  24. mr jailor March 20, 2013

    To:sam!! I have an answer to your long overdue prayer!!…”Kat Dahlia – Gangsta” #sounds like rihanna but more soulful n dam pretty

  25. mc the place to be! March 20, 2013

    If keyshia doesn’t have the right to say anything about Beyonce then what makes all of us on the site including Sam and Patrick so special keyshia don’t have Beyonce money but she has more money than all of us here including the Beyonce stans that dogs her on twitter its her opinion whether its good or bad she has a right to it if you don’t like it o well get over it its not directed to you anyway #shrugs

    • RICHANDBLACK11 March 20, 2013

      True , but I guess we can say the same about bow down, cause it wasn’t directed towards anyone as well. Although we may assume it was towards most girls in the game, but at the end of the day we don’t know cause she never stated any names.

  26. HOTSTUFF March 20, 2013

    where can i see ( video/pic…) samantha ?????

    • HOTSTUFF March 20, 2013

      OF** samantha ? *******

  27. Bey free March 20, 2013

    Keyshia, i’ll say it again shut the f*** up and sit the f*** down. Its nothing wrong with having a opinon, but its the way how you say it. And this b**** doesn’t know how and when to say things. Like the saying goes its a time and placebto say things, why am I even still talking about this, she’s just a thirsty classless b****!!

  28. Epson March 20, 2013

    KC said what she felt and Bey singing what she wants to sing, what’s the m-f-in difference between the two?
    Bey’s entire career has been built on controversy, once her team/father found out it worked that has been the formula for the last 15 years.
    DC days, Survivor, while her dad was kicking the prettier more talented girls out of the group. The high school drama continues to this day, my word put an end to it now!
    Her marriage, is she or is she not, her baby, (folding stomach or dress) her baby, show her, don’t show her, while every other celeb with more $$$ then Jay and Bey put together show their children.
    Just to keep her name out there, it’s intentional that’s how she keeps herself relevant.

    Note: See JT? Bey won’t even match his sales with all this BS going on positive and negative- Super Bowl- inauguration- Opra- HBO special… Trust.
    See TS the teen ho, who can’t really sing live but the country folks love her, Bey won’t come close to her numbers.
    See Adele- no drama- and she just stands there over weight and sings.
    See Gaga, nope she won’t do her numbers either.
    It’s a sad state of affairs when you really look at it.
    After this only the ratchet and the city of Houston will download her ish for free.

  29. DC March 20, 2013

    I do not agree with Patrick.

    Michelle is not winning she is living off beyonce and kelly. Her meal ticket is destinys child.

    I agree with Keyshi, Michelle does mess the songs up.
    Her voice does not match on destinys child songs, and i prefer it when it is just beyonce and kelly that sing lead.

    I am a big beyonce fan however beyonce is a human being she is not a profit/God.

    Beyonce is representing woman sticking together so it is really odd that she singing sayings the things that a female rapper will say?
    This is not the Beyonce from destiny’s child. The old Beyonce will never say or sing a song like this with those lyrics.

    Jay Z is brain washing Beyonce.

    I am not really a Keyshia Cole fan however she does have valid points and she is being honest and saying what alot of people is thinking…..

  30. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    Lmao Some little troll has put out lies with my account. Lmao stay pressed chile, cause u and the World Know KING B CATALOG >>>>>>>>>>>> hoodrat coles catalog. I guess Keyshia is one of those little b******? KING B told to BOW DOWN! LMAO She have to b, seeming how she is the only one, other than stans, who commented on the song. This gurl just showed she is one of those weak B******, that should BOW DOWN TO KING B! #KEEP BOWING DOWN B****

  31. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    When Keyshia was a bad ass gutter b**** bac n the early 2000s. She use to dream about being n KING’S WORLD. She use to look n that broken mirror and grab a didlo and sing Say My Name and pretend to b KING B. She use to perm her hair to look like KING B’S but one day it fell out. She onced put on a blonde curly weave and make up and told everybody at school. She was KING’S long lost sister. But no one believed her and riddculed her ass and said” Lord these crack babies. Every nite before bed, she would pray to KING B. Fastfoward 13 years later. KING B releases BOW DOWN. Keyshia hears it and says, why is Beyonce talkin about me. I have all of her albums and have attented all of her concerts and I was one of those girls. Who use to dream being n her World. #EXACTLEY

  32. Gabriel March 20, 2013

    Patrick said everything!
    I loved his comments! LOL
    Keyshia should be working on her album (which I listened only one time ’cause it sucks) instead of messing with the queens. I hope she doesn’t say anything about Kelly ’cause is the only who’s she didn’t commented a stupid s*it!

  33. ERIN March 20, 2013


    • Taeys March 20, 2013

      I was expecting horror. I actually enjoyed it. Her breathing was off and so was the wig but she did good and slayed Ms Alicia Off Keys.

  34. fatusankoh March 20, 2013

    keyshia is opputiuntst looking for fame so she have to come for bey she is angery and better lpersion she know when she twite that trash her fellow hatters will come for bey that hate bey for no reason bey you are love by god good people and we your fans for life long live queen

    • w March 20, 2013

      Pause so because keisha cole didn’t like a song all of a suuden she’s not blessed by god.really? Sometimes reading some of you ppls comments is like god where have you been all their liiiifffee in my rhianna voice they are both blessed let’s let that be known we are all blessed to be healthy and living.get yo life

  35. laytee March 20, 2013

    hey patrick, i thought you were a keyshia fan?

    i like keyshia’s music and i have all of her cds (just like you is a CLASSIC). i don’t really care for her as a person, but she had a point. a lot of REAL beyonce fans were basically saying the same thing. miserable twitter people just wanted someone to bully and keyshia is paying them dust lol. i like bey, but i feel like jay-z is in her ear telling her to be this way. beyonce grew up in the suburbs of houston, with two parents in a large home. her dad was a xerox salesman bringing in six figures a year, while mama tina owned a high-class salon in the city. she was pretty privileged growing up. i didn’t mind “diva,” because she kept it classy, but “bow down” was straight ratchet & condescending. but i am not here to argue with anyone, especially beyonce stans. just stating my opinion.

    • Gabriel March 20, 2013

      Hey man, I understand your point.
      I really loved Keyshia Cole songs but I think artists shouldn’t be talking about other artists but focus on their work. I love Beyoncé ’cause we don’t see she doing nothing crazy or something stupid like she’s trying to be nice with a scandalous life, she almost never talks about her personal life or talking s*it about other singers. We always loved Beyoncé, Michelle, Kelly (DC-3) for their work, for their music. We don’t like Beyoncé because of her personal fife, which we don’t see she’s talking about that! What Keyshia did was stupid and a HUGE mistake. She messed with member of the most sucsessful girl group EVER! She gave a shot on her own foot! People didn’t talked about her album and we’re listening about Keyshia Cole only ’cause she made these declarations. We’re ot listening a thing about her work. Patrick said exactly that! Keyshia must stop looking around and giving opinios about Michelle or Beyoncé’s businees and take care of her carreer and music, which are not really nice. bad album Keyshia, bad album…

  36. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    Lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooo That was a HOT PISSY SHITTY ATROCIOUS MESS! I can’t believe they let her Ratchet Gutter ass butcher the NA and get away with it. She should’ve got dragggggggggggged until her ass was unreconizable. Lmao Christina version >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> billygoat s*** >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Keyshia Hot boiling s*** Coles version

    • w March 20, 2013

      Gurl sit down aense you don’t make ain’t nobody dragggiiinnn nobosy nowhere she still gone continue to be safe in her bey safe in her mansion.keisha from the hood she probably seen morw than any of y’all writing these thinks she scared of a beyhive whatever the f*** that is who writes words on a computer. What’s the wrost that’s gonna happen to her u not buy a album I’m sure she made enough to live comfortable for the rest of her and her son life so she still won because she could be broke still in the hood so hey couple million bettwr than no s*** round of applauda baby make yo twitter tweet in waka voice like yal can say what u want rather her album flop or not she still make more money than you and me so who really mad not keisha.she had an opinion she voiced it bey felt whatever she made bow down.I personally like it I know I got some b****** I want to sing it to.but I think it was a skit.but who cares bey do you keisha do you.everybody calm down y’all act like she said she will f*** beyonce beyonce don’t care why do u.

  37. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    Its so funny how when KING B released Diva, stating ” Been that #1 Diva n this game for a minute” ” I know u read the paper and the one they call the queen” “Ever radio around the world know me, cause that’s where I be”! And the Keri put her 2 cents n but Lmao KING B won without even replying bac. Diva said to Keri…..B**** sit yo ass all the way down! I’m QUEEN BEY! Who are u? Then KING B let’s everybody hear BOW DOWN, stating ” I know when u were little girls , u use to dream of being n my World Respect That “Don’t forget it “BOW DOWN B******” I took some time to live my life, don’t think I’m his little wife” don’t get twisted” This my s*** s***” BOW DOWN B****** BOW DOWN B******! Keyshia Gutter Coles then puts her 2 cents out. But. KING B has won this also without replying. The words BOW DOWN B******.apply to Gutter Coles lmao. These H*** isn’t ready! #2013…….THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

    • w March 20, 2013

      Nobody won because clearly the fight isn’t over. Keisha didn’t address beyonce before she made bow down is unless she said we implying her kelly and michelle is where you wanna be but she didn’t so how could ppl take it as a keisha diss when keisha original comments was about michelle and she stood for bey. But she still talking bey ain’t respond so to me she didn’t win.its like beyonce is that popular little sister that can’t fight so her sisters (fans) fight her battles for her.smh I just want beyonce to tweet one tweet nothing else like girl go sit down or have several and then it will be a yes b**** you bettwr read.but she chose to sneak diss and keisha ain’t scared of that or no damn beyhive like come on she is from the gutter and them b****** don’t scarw easy.bey you my girl but come harder than that.a hood chick can always spot a suburb chick trying ro play hard.and she called that s***. And hit it on thw head.but I likw the skit or intro only because I can relate it to some h***.

  38. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    Lmao @ W. B**** BOW DOWN! And next time when u want to reply bac to me. Make sure ur comments are understanding and not chicken scratch h** lmaoooooooooooo. And Yesssss WE THE HIVE WILL F*CK Gutter Coles up and u too. #BOW DOWN TO THE HIVE

    • w March 20, 2013

      Stay laughin at the corney hive. Man like keisha I’m from the gutter so we can spot a suburb chick playing hood.chicken acratch i

    • w March 20, 2013

      b**** bow down to what you. lmao your a whack chick or dude hiding behind someone else identity. you rep for bey off the simple fact that shes on top. none of you are loyal because whenever yall talk about her you always talk about how relevant she is never about the music never about a favorite song just beyonce sold this beyonce sold that. i’m a fn of music. i’m a real fan i like good music no matter who made. favorite bey song i care favorite ciara song like a surgeon favorite kerri song tell him the truth. favorite keisha song enough of no love. why the hell would i miss out on songs that are good because of a beef that has nothing to do with me myself and i riddle me that troll on the bridge. the answer is i would never. a fan is someone who would bump yo s*** when no one is on you because the music is good not someone you jump on the banwagon because you the hottest. you understand that. i know they didn’t teach you how to comprehend like they didn’t teach me how to spell. but hey who you gone blame#supportgoodmusic #notapopularartist get it together.

  39. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    I see one of Gutter Coles stans are here. Lmao B**** we can’t understand a word u type. Lmfao Ur ratchet ass trying to come for someone. Hoodrat please return bac to school and learn how to put togather words. Lmaoooooooooo Gutter and her bottom of the barriel ghetto stans.

    • w March 20, 2013

      here we go you wack internet suburb h*** wanna play internet tuff guy. destroy me how how exactly are you someone online is gonna destroy me. that’s why i will never be a bee b**** i’m a wasp. there’s no bee that will ever be able to beat me why because you h*** aren’t logical you b****** attack off of emotions while the wasp is just laughing like you dumb corny wanna be hard ass don’t you know you die after you sting.smh wow so if anybody support keisha we automatically hate beyonce that’s like saying both yall my friends but i’m on her side and the other friend saying then we aint cool no more. it makes no sense. like you fake gangbangin well i should say fake internet banging beehives trying to so called hurt my feelings via internet.lmao ppllllleeeeaaaassseee understand your hurting no one ove the internet and just like keisha im also from the gutter and we can smell a fake hood h** from a mile away you want to be a good suburb girl when it comes to being classy but then turn into a hood ghetto chick with hood slang when you get tried. but then turn around and make fun of the hood by saying oh you ratchet witch is a word that means nothing because anything is ratchet in this case being me siding with keisha cole. and saying we gutter witch to me is a compliment but be so quick to use our slang and act like us on the flip side.smh bey i love you i have all your albums but the main reason i don’t rep beyhive is because most of your internet gang members is lame as hell all talk no action.i bow down to god aint scared of no man keisha do you say wtf you want these whack h*** do.

  40. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    Lmao Gutter Coles is hurting. The thing is she is one pressed hoodrat lmao. I have noticed, every since her career has been n the dump. She has been on twitter ranting about something. Whether its her sis Neffie, her husband or the DC girls. The h** is mad and pressed she’s not going platnuim bac to bac. Those days are over. So what way to get ur feelings out. Bash others. Misery lus company. And that’s Gutter Coles. And child I don’t listen to no ratchet ghetto ass Keyshia. She has a few songs I like but I don’t own none of her albums. I stan for talent. Kesyhia is an studio b****. If ur ass can’t sing live than u aren’t the business and that’s Gutter. I don’t care how many good songs she have. And Gutter is smart. I see her ass didn’t get out of line with THE HIVE. That b**** isn’t crazy. We will Draggggggggggggggggg her ass till she thinks she’s n HELL! #WHO GONNA TAKE THE HIVE OFF? NO ONE

    • w March 20, 2013

      TyWake up beyonce don’t know you.last time I checked every iconic artist in history came from the gutter including the QUEENS not king husband so you dissin your girl while at the same time trying to diss someone else.who care about a hivett s*** gets knocked down with pesk control.lmao b**** u ain’t no lion not a tiger you not even a horse.u only dangerous to ppl allergic to you. Kerri was but clearly keisha not that’s why she still said what she said and then some. Your biggest threat is words.and according to you hood b****** can’t read so how is she going to be insulted.come on now u are a disgrace to music you make fun of gutter music but dc main audience was gutter.I bet you dance to tyga wayne ross and many others from the gutter whitney gutter all of motown micheal jackson all hood.but you not talking bout them right.girl do your research a lot of people beyonce pay amageto is from the streets so how can you diss someone from being from a place where the slang you use came from.ghetto ass trash that’s hood talk all your post is slanged either you a fake hood b**** or you fakin classy either or you fakin.and you don’t have to own albums to like songs. You suppose to relate your life to songs or know what its about. Not oh keisha made it I’m not gone hear it because she dissed beyonce.what would y’all do with no internet writenasty letters.oh no not a letter.lmao#rollupE

  41. w March 20, 2013

    Its clear that it is now become hood verse middle upper class. Yo u suburb b****** kill me so quick to call somebody ghetto and ratchet witch is by far the whackest word alive. But stay on hood dudes faces stay trying to talk in slang like us trying to pop off like us but then talk about us but you want to be hood chick wants to be a stuck up suburb girl.everyrime I hear ghetto trash I think how many people do they actually know from the hood and would they say it in their face.its now become a separation between black people.I bet if keisha was from beverly hills her culture would not be made fun of.but she from the hood and proud of it. And y’all can’t take it.smh.ghetoo girl for life I love my hood I love my culture its good and bad everywhere.but y’all need to stop trying to b ough ie yal goje f*** ome ht up.only thinng y’all f****** up is your keyboard for typing with anger.lmao

  42. RICHANDBLACK11 March 20, 2013

    “Welp! *tears* RT @RealMichelleW @KeyshiaCole I’m Destiny’s Child and you are Frankie’s Child… You do the math

    This was too funny for me .

  43. va gal March 20, 2013

    Pleae keyshia cant even dance

  44. cocobutta March 20, 2013

    Lets just be clear!
    Not all WOMEN & LADIES are b******, so Baddie Bey wasn’t coming at the women.

    She told B****** to Bow Down, and what happens one b**** came and really showed up

  45. JER March 21, 2013

    Patricia stand down

  46. Dev March 21, 2013

    Funny. Kelly could’ve only said that line in the context of we. No ain’t checking for her solo ass either.

  47. tera March 21, 2013

    every b******* bitchance throw out the goats eat it up she is like the devil goin around tryin to deceived others

  48. Jonathan Gardner March 22, 2013

    Michelle’s vocals >>>>>>>>>>>

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